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Чит-файл для Man Enough

Man Enough

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This file contains the "solution" for Man Enough by TSUNAMI.

If you have this game but never had enough patience to make it through to the
end, the lines below will provide enough information to get you through to
the "big surprise" ending with as little pain as possible.

Sorry, but this still won't help you get your money's worth out of this game.
But, by always selecting the "correct" response listed below, you'll have to
endure as little of it as possible.

110315 - Blair
sell me a new set of tools
bigger biceps than me
like one of us guys
do my workout and leave
country-club sports
call my buddies
I know what I like
real weakness for the truth
should love country music
side of life that you've probably never seen
lift a few sometime
personal guide to the simple life

out the door to Aspen
watching the game
trendy places
not flying to Aspen
little different
girls like you
been there, done that
just do what makes you happy
go hiking

nice equipment
manifold pressure
like the open road
like lots of power
a lot of ground
see the trails from the air
engines don't run cheap
high-performance guy
lifting weights to lifting dates

love gauges
five-point harness
sitting on top of this horsepower

flight plan
don't fly very much
light it
smooth pilot
power management
trail stands out
plan our hike
mechanical favor
full-time mechanic
listen to that engine run
I'm learning to fly

110325 - Erin
dumbells have all the fun
man's greatest invention
effort into workout
what drive
bend the rules
use handcuffs
sacrificed a few pawns
enough of a challenge
rock 'n roll

sitting at my chess board
illegal maneuvers
pretrial motions
get away from work
sequester ourselves
let's talk dinner
first date boring
wine, strawberries and cream
no pressure for a verdict

short dress
look at the stars
floral print
picnic needs rock 'n roll
eating with your hands
time we sat down

old favorites
forbidden fruit
heat you up something
anything else I could get
stylish on a picnic
where the picnic's headed
favorable terms
honor contracts
be deliberate
give me your hand

standing at the threshhold
where we go from here
discipline me
deviant thoughts
use my nightstick
any place this side of jail

110335 - Fawn
romance-novel heroine
respect for women
you must be in sales
sales is tough work
what sort of products
I like mysterious women
I'm intrigued already
spend quality time with a woman
I'm a real romantic
romance-novel passion
next fantasy adventure

is your voice really that sexy
Romance to Go
deluxe package
talking respect for women
women are more heavenly
lost art
study her for a lifetime
are you convinced yet
shopping for quality merchandise
schedule a meeting
bowing like a gentleman

Civil War calvary officer
godess of romance
two godesses
brought sunscreen
good shape
undercover cop
20th century romantic heroine
can't tell me what you sell
romantic scenery
bicycle built for two
I like riding with women
side by side

waiting for you
you're hot
like a vision
how do I romance you
didn't perform very heroically
if I win I get to romance you

it was great
a guy can still ride tall
tell me what kind of products you sell
let's do business
the sale of a lifetime
negotiate some exclusive rights
bring my job home
business deduction
friendly takeover

show you everything
I know just what it takes
most romantic
romance-novel heroine
the heroic thing to do
fantasy adventure
always be a romantic
realized what's important
ride off into our future

110345 - Quinn
could I lift those barbells
a woman who can keep up with me
pretty enough to be on TV
dating high-profile women
camera loves both of us
incredible things in front of a camera
could your big story wait
Oswald wasn't alone
it's a conspiracy
talents are quite abundant
got the videotape
I'd climb through the screen

sound like you're very wet
physical activity
contact sports

middle name is Action
could get pretty sticky
may not be safe
body is insured
camera crew
start loading up

shootouts with jealous wives
paintball gun in TV news
exclusive interview
ground rules
multiple encounters
simultaneous deal
know exactly where I'm aiming
target range of love
establish the stakes now
if I win
don't want any second gun theories
ready to hunt you down

(paintball game)

you're the one who's Man Enough
right in my goggles
going network real soon
big TV interview
eating my words
has the winner decided
pay you off in installments
see if my ATM card is working
need help washing this paint off
it'll just be multiple choice
shall I remove thy breastplate
my white steed awaits
paintball was my idea
I'll take a couple of rounds
guns are holstered
here's my exclusive
best at cable installation
time we go inside

bedposts are quite inspiring
camera and microphones are hidden
won't need as much help in this sport
prefer a longer response
nobody ever complains
keep going until you're satisfied

is this a conspiracy
if you did the news like that
forget about the networks
very fluent in body languages
you'll like it when I talk
talk with my hands
dirty from a fight
multiply by a million
talking about it forever

110355 - Kellie
swimsuit issue
I'd rather meet you
if you're a member
back country fishing trip
motivational psychology
outhiked your share of men
hope you don't think I'm coming on to you
soul searching
deep intellectual-psychological exchange
roping the wind
curious in a clinical sort of way
nice talking

rope you at the health club
Dr. Freud
volunteer to be one of your research subjects
strictly professional
Jeep's fixed
been working out
dream about what you're wearing
get together
want me for my mind
professional relationship should come first

Rorschark test
New Mexico sunset
difficult to concentrate
start the project
give me a general idea
women in black dresses
deep dark secrets
want me for my mind
intimate details
respect me in the morning
better be careful
continue this in the car

love convertibles
a tight curve or a long straightaway
country stations
lost without music
getting what you need
every researcher
take any notes
sexual imagery
drive through lane
calls you a different name

what Freud would say
lights and windows
$5 bills in my underwear
already intoxicated
really pretty
how am I doing?
progressed beyond professional

table is OK
ocean spray
bullet holes
getting what you need
hidden camera
tell you anything
for your research
professional relationship
fantasize for you
sit down and get serious
let me help you

have some wine
recommend something
nice thick steak
pasta is quite sensual
what will it be
I'll have the steak

may not be the right time
mix a little pleasure in here
physiological aspect
telephone research project
incredible urge
personal feelings aside
clinical special
kissing on the job
research is one thing
patronizing you
physical stimuli
made me hungry
need my energy
can't wait to find out
make research our dessert
one thing left to say

assertive women
on her own terms
continue our research
remain objective
allowed anyone else
stimulate you
lead the way
all for the research
more than your research
where to from here

full physical exam
highlight of the evening
my favorites
good night
years to come
gone quite a while
this one's personal
invite me inside
forget about every other research subject

if I accomplish my mission
date insurance
what did your clients say
If you have any advice
I move up to the pros
go to the edge
anything that's risky
I'm talking adrenaline
I love surprises
ready for anything
you're driving this date
I'll need my rest

be in the black soon
nailed it on the way over
When I heard a Harley
must have insurance
sailing the ocean
nothing like the sound of a Harley
fly a lot higher with you than I did with Blair
ride with Fawn was pretty short
grown a lot lately
don't spoil the big surprise
as much fun as possible
ready for the ride of my life

great surprise
skydiving tradition
amazing women, but you're the best
after Quinn shot me
skydive on the first date
not so worried about the landing
guys don't really care
out there with Quinn
Fawn was like a good book
listening to what women tell you
Thank your clients
Any other advice

jumpsuit's form fitting
view's always great at altitude
just push me away
review emergency procedures
need a little refresher course
could perform my emergency procedures
Line twists
Slider hang-up, at canopy
Slider hang-up, pack closure
Rips and tears
Canopy malfunctions in general
real emergency

Try to free canopy
Cut away main
Toggle left and follow Jeri
Watch Jeri go
Do 360's
Prepare for landing

stopped thinking of you
really wanted to survive
emergency procedures really saved me
thrill of jumping with you
best date ever
another big surprise

The ride of my life
seat behind you
did a lot of living
Kellie would say
Quinn might put us on TV
never learned as much
dating service owner
lifetime guarantees
another adventure
speed it up again
thrill of freefall again
tell you exactly what I have in mind

I'm real hot
take a few risks now
waited sooo long
looks great on you
definite pattern of behavior
happy I survived
looked good in black
rest of your life
No complaints
taught me a lot
jumped once today

talk about emergency procedures
broken steering line
Violent spins
my reserve never opened
much sweeter now
mixed business and pleasure
lace would be better

Is this a set-up

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