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Читы для Martian Memorandum

Чит-файл для Martian Memorandum

Martian Memorandum

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
By Dave Timoney


Martian Memorandum a  DOS/Windows Game is published and distributed by Access
Software, Inc.

Shaking the cobwebs from my head, I decide to get back to business. I GET the
mail laying by the door and find
$1,000 cash. I remembered to wash my gun last night, so I GET it from its hook
to the left of the door, then GET the
bullets sitting on the top shelf behind my desk. Figuring I should check in with
my girl-Friday, Stacy, I GET the
comlink from the chair by the window. What I didn't need was a new case, but I
USE the comlink and Stacy has a
client -- one of the biggest. Before heading out, I GET the red lockpick kit
from the shelf behind the desk, too. Then,
I TRAVEL to Terraform.

 Terraform #1

 I walk into the reception area. I take a second to look at the secretary; she's
a professional all the way, until you see
the smolders in her eyes. Her name is Rhonda, and she is worth some time, but I
had a client. I TALK to her using
Response 1, and GO TO doorway once she opens it. It's dark in Marshall's office;
I can barely see the man sitting behind
the desk, let alone TALK to him. He promises to fax me some leads, so I exit by
GOing TO the left edge of the room.

 Back in the reception area, I decide to talk to Rhonda, but after I clean up.
The door to the left is obviously a
washroom; I MOVE the button to the door's right, then GO TO open door. The place
is cushy; the towels are so plush
I MOVE one just to see whether it floats away. An earring drops out, which I
GET. I GO TO doorway, and TALK to
Rhonda. I OFFER her the earring and use Response 1. It's a date. I USE the
comlink; Stacy gives me the address for
Rockwell Bache, Jacques Sparrow, Mac Malden, and Alexis Alexander. I TRAVEL to
the scene of the crime.

 Alexis's place

 I LOOK at a piece of paper to the left of bed; it has TMS written on it. One
side of the bed is messy. I MOVE the bed's
right edge, then OPEN the card file box and LOOK in it to find Chantal Vargas's
address. There's nothing else, so I
TRAVEL to Jacques Sparrow's.

 Jacques Sparrow

 Having the lockpick, a locked door doesn't stop me. Guy's a pervert; I've dealt
with this type before, so I give him
Response 3 1 1 1 1, and he starts to cooperate and let me TALK to him. I learned
that Chantal, ex-roommate of Alexis,
was heavy into drugs. Something about Chantal's address rang a bell; on a hunch
I OFFER Jacques some cash and
purchase a roll of film, then I TRAVEL back to my place.

 Tex's Office

 USEing the comlink, Stacy tells me that TMS is the Mars shuttle. I GET my
camera (sitting on the right file cabinet),
and GET the red cylindrical lens from my desk. I USE the camera on the tripod to
the right, then USE the film on the
camera. Finally, I MOVE the switch just to the left of the file cabinets. This
raises the blinds so I can see the building
across the way. LOOK camera.
 Using the 4 arrows surrounding the words SHOOT PHOTO, I move the view. I pan
the camera down 1 level, then go
to the right 2 windows. My hunch pays off: on the right there's a smaller window
with a girl dancing. But it's the larger
window, where I see her giving something to two men, that I SHOOT PHOTO. I
suspect that is Chantal, making a drug
buy. I EXIT the view and GET the developed photos on the ground by the tripod,

 Chantal Vargas

 She's giving me problems, but I give her Response 2 2, then OFFER photos. I
ignore her comments knowing she'll
TALK now. I ask about Alexis and learn about Rick Logan, her actor boyfriend.  I
decide to TRAVEL to Mac Malden's.

 Mac Malden #1

 Mac and I go 'way back, we work well together, but have this schtick about
verbal abuse. So, I use Response 2 2 1 1 2.
Well, I got the name Angelo Andretti. I'll check around and see if I can help
out.  Rick Logan's being an actor reminds
me of Jacques, so I TRAVEL back there.

 Jacques Sparrow #2

 I ignore his questions and ASK ABOUT Rick Logan. Then I ask about Galactic
Pictures. I TRAVEL to Galactic, but it's
a dead end. I'm getting nowhere fast on this case. Maybe I could get somewhere
with Rhonda. TRAVEL to Plaza Hotel.

 Plaza Hotel

 I GO TO the right doorway, GET ROSE, and USE CASH on Woman. GO TO LEFT to get
back to the foyer then GO TO
left side to enter restaurant. Rhonda looks a lot wilder than in the office, and
I suspect she's not the quiet, demure type.
I use Response 1 1 2 3, and since it seems appropriate here, OFFER rose and then
use Response 1 2 1.

 Later, when she is more "amenable," I ASK ABOUT Marshall and learn that
Marshall has acted strangely, and that
Alexis was arguing a lot with him. Alexis hated her mother, so I figured Mom
would be no help. Rhonda thought
Logan was suspicious. I ask her about Galactic, and she gives me the address of
Guy Callabero, the owner. It's time
to move on, so I TRAVEL to Guy Callabero's.

 Guy Callabero

 Guy knows of Logan, that he has a place somewhere in the jungle, and that Logan
hung around with some toad
named Johnny Fedora. Didn't know much else, but I hit pay dirt when I ask about
Angelo Andretti; Guy gives me a
film about Andretti. Keeping my hopes up, I TRAVEL back to Mac Malden's.

 Mac Malden #2

 This is important enough that I ignore Mac's caustic remarks and just OFFER
Andretti film. In Mac's typical fashion,
his face doesn't exactly light up with joy, but at least I can ASK ABOUT people.
Mac doesn't know where Rick Logan
is, but Johnny Fedora is currently residing in the morgue. Fortunately, Mac
gives me Fedora's old address and I
TRAVEL there.

 Johnny Fedora

 Fedora's place is a dump, literally. There appears to be a hole on the roof of
the boxcar, so I look around for some
way to get up there. I walk to the right, being especially careful not to step
in the radioactive red puddle. I keep
walking to the right, and eventually find a shack next to a gray car, OPEN
SHACK, and GET ladder. I notice a small
metal cover on the metal box sitting to the left of the gray car. I OPEN cover
and find boots suitable for walking
through radioactive water. I nonchalantly head back to the boxcar, and while
standing to left of the boxcar door, USE
ladder on boxcar. GO TO ladder (when standing next to it), I get to the top, and
GO TO hole on right side of roof to
get inside the boxcar.

 It's even more depressing than my office. I GET the knife on the left dresser,
then I OPEN the dresser's drawer and
GET the cat food I find. LOOKing at several papers around the dresser, I learn
of the Stanton Expedition and Collier
Stanton. The wall behind the large, right dresser looks funny, so I MOVE it and
find a large tear in the wall. I OPEN the
tear and get shocked by the protecting electric charge. I remember seeing a
cable going from the boxcar to the shack
with the guard dog. OPENing the door on the right, I GO TO door and then GO TO
ladder to get up to the roof again.
The dog seems more interested in the cat, and the cat looks starved. It's a
dirty trick, but I USE the cat food on the cat.

 With the dog gone, I GO TO ladder to get down, then walk over to shack and OPEN
door on left side. I move the red
lever to shut off generator and GO TO boxcar doorway where I can now OPEN the
safe. Aside from $500 cash and
some of Jacques work, I get Rick Logan's jungle hideaway location. Stacy calls;
I figure I'd better go cover my butt,
so I  TRAVEL to the murder scene.

 Murder Scene

 I TALK to Malden, standing on the left. Spotting something in the dirt to the
right of the corpse, I GET Marshall
Alexander's key ring. By MOVEing aside the crooked bucket in the lower right
corner, I find and GET a dagger -- the
murder weapon. I'm not sure why, but I withhold the keys and give Mac only the
dagger by USEing dagger on Malden.
I decide to leave, TRAVEL back to the office, and do some heavy drinking (with
no client, so much for the Big Case).
But once I start traveling, Rockwell Bache -- Alexander's lawyer -- calls and
retains me to stay on the case. I decide
to follow up with the key ring, and TRAVEL to Marshall Alexander's office at

 Terraform #2

 I GO TO Marshall Alexander's office and look around. When I MOVE the left
painting, I find a safe that can be opened
if I USE keys on safe. I LOOK in safe and I find payment vouchers of $250,000 to
a Lawrence Barkley and a note from
one Ferris Collett. I GO TO the left edge of screen to go back to the lobby
where I USE the comlink to research Collier
Stanton, Lawrence Barkley, TMS, and the Stanton Expedition, and learn about
something called the Oracle Stone.
Since all of them are on Mars, and a quick check on the MTS note in Alexis's
room reveals that the Mars shuttle won't
leave for 4 weeks, I decide to TRAVEL to Rick Logan's to find Alexis.

 Rick Logan's

 This place is booby-trapped, so I move cautiously and pray I've paid my
insurance and eye doctor (save the game
here). Just to the right of where I can see a tree trunk above my head, I notice
something funny about the trees. I can't
find anything, so I quickly run under the area and run back again. Lucky call,
because the log that drops would have
hit me if I hadn't gone back. Suspecting more traps, I GET the log and keep
going right until the dirt path ends and the
quicksand starts. I can just walk onto the first stone in the quicksand (but use
GO TO once on stone 1!). Here's the route
I take, going in numerical progression starting with 1:

         o   o   o   5   6  7
           o   3   4   o  8  o         o is a stone you don't use
           1   2   o   o  9  10
                                11  --> now, just walk off the rock

 After walking off the last rock I walk to the right, but carefully scan the
dirt path. It suddenly ends at a pile of leaves
and jungle debris; my suspicious nature makes me USE the log on the green area,
revealing a spiked pit that the log
now traverses. To cross, the only safe place to step on the log appears to be
where there is a small grass patch on the
left side of the pit. I walk across and notice a small mound on the right side
of the pit. Not having any digging tools
I continue walking to the right and find Logan's hut.

 The place stinks, but it is in the jungle so that seems natural. I head over to
the right side of the hut and find a shovel,
which I GET. As I push the white screen back from the bathtub, I wonder where
Logan and Alexis are. Then I stop
wondering about Logan. He's long gone, but there's enough of him still here to
GET the white key around his neck. As
I suspected, the key opens the chest to the left of the white screen revealing a
list with the names Big Dick Castro,
Deacon Hawke, and Lowell Percival. USEing the comlink, only Percival's name gets
me any data. Again, references
to the stone.

 The only place in Logan's hut I haven't checked is the wall cabinet by the
door; I'm not exactly unprepared when a
snake jumps out as I OPEN it. Since I am standing on the left side of the hut
entrance, as far away as I can while
opening the cabinet, I have just enough time to USE gun on snake (although
timing _is_ critical, so save before trying
this). By LOOKing at the message inside the cabinet, I get the location of a
smugglers' base where I can hitch a ride
to Mars.

 Of course, to get there I must retrace my steps back to the entrance to the
jungle. As I head back, I come again to the
pit and see the dirt mound.  I USE the shovel on the mound, OPEN the box I find,
and learn about Jane  Mansfield.
Retracing my steps on the quicksand rocks (GO TO stone 11 and walk in reverse
order and just walk off stone #1), I
walk all the way to the left end of the jungle and TRAVEL to the Smugglers'

 Smugglers' Base

 Gotta distract the guard, so I GET a stone just to the left of my foot. I
recognize the antique Mayan jug next to the logs
at the wall, so I USE stone at jug. Once the guard moves, I go through the gate
and GO TO pyramid opening to right
of shuttle. Once inside, I quickly hide behind the large crate at the lower
left, so the returning smuggler doesn't see
me. Once he leaves, I walk over to the table on the right side and GET both the
blue remote and the green and gray
boxes of food. I USE the remote control, and the crate (a refrigerator) opens
up. I quickly get inside before the smuggler

 Casino #1

 I wander into the alley between the two casinos. Laying against the wall in the
lower right corner is a board. I MOVE
it and LOOK at the wall writing which reveals what might be the Casino password
"Bombshell." I Walk to  the bottom
of the screen to exit.

 I OPEN the door to Big Dick's then GO TO doorway. I LOOK at card just to the
right of right stairway, then GET it. Then,
I OPEN doorway to left of woman in white (playing slots) and GO TO open doorway.
The man exiting the stall has left
something in it. OPENing the stall door, I find and GET blueprints. I LOOK at
the metal duct screen above the sink.
The casino holds no interest for me, so I GO TO exit and once back in the
casino, I OPEN door between stairs and
GO TO door to exit casino. Finally, I TRAVEL to Power Plant.

 Power Plant

 I enter the plant, and LOOKing at the left door, I see the name Ferris Collett,
the name from Marshall's safe. Examining
the machine by the right door, I observe that it would take a door key card to
get past the right door. So, I MOVE the
red button just to the left of the left door and GO TO the open doorway.
Ferris's back is turned, so I look around. I LOOK
at the white lab coat to my right and spot a door key card, which I GET. Then I
TALK to Ferris about Percival, Alexis,
Deacon, Castro, and the Stanton Expedition. Interesting stuff, but nothing
immediately useful, so I make a quick exit
by MOVEing the door switch and GO TO open door.

 Once back in the main room, I go over to the security machine on the right and
USE door card key on machine, then
I GO TO the now open security door. Looking around, everything looks ok. I find
a door on the right, but no way to open
it. Some worker has left a wrench on the ground by the door, which I GET. I'm
careful to walk behind the trap door, so
I don't fall in. Looking up, I see a walkway on the top of the machine with a
dark doorway. No obvious way up, but if
I stand directly under the magnet and USE monkey wrench on the huge magnet just
as it comes overhead, I get
levitated and dropped at the walkway. Walking right into the doorway, I find a
small storage room. I LOOK at the crate
in the room, finding a pair of hex wrenches and a hoverboard. OPENing the door
and GOing TO door gets me back to
the lower level. I GO TO open doorway and decide to blow this place. I'm a
little sore, but don't know if it's this nutty
case or just me. Either way, I TRAVEL to the Aerobics Academy for a chat with
Jane Mansfield.

 Aerobics Academy #1

 An attendant points to the short-haired girl in the corner when I ask for Jane
Mansfield. We TALK. Everything seems
ok, until I start to ask about Alexis and the late Rick Logan. Her eyes shift
faster than a 4-speed car on a freeway
on-ramp. She's lying, but without proof she'd never change her story. She goes
back to her jogging; I LOOK at the
counter by the window, OPEN her green handbag with her address inside, and
TRAVEL to Jane's place.

 Jane's Place

 I decide to search the place, looking for clues. OPENing the closet to the
right of the TV screen, I find luggage with
Alexis's name on it. More importantly I MOVE the pillows on the left couch and
then LOOK at the revealed letter to
learn that Alexis has a brother named Brad. That's the proof I need to make Jane
talk, so I GET the letter. While I'm
thinking about my next step, I MOVE the gray control panel on the coffee table.
The blonde on the screen is worth a
LOOK; it gets me Deacon Hawke's address. She's definitely put on my future
agenda, but for now I TRAVEL back to the

 Aerobics Academy #2

 I TALK to Jane, OFFERing her the letter. This time she comes clean. When I ask
about Marshall, she admits Alexis has
the stone and is still on Mars. Asking about Alexis and then Bradley Ericson
gets me his address. I thank her for her
help and TRAVEL to Bradley Ericson's.

 Bradley Ericson #1

 Bradley's a bitter young man; I suspect he's got good reason to be. But despite
his animosity towards his father when
I TALK to him, he obviously cares for his sister. When I ask him about Big Dick
Castro, he gives me a pair of infrared
glasses. Bradley knows Alexis is hiding, but doesn't know where.

 I've reached a dead end. I decide to backtrack a bit and TRAVEL to see Lawrence

 Dr. Lawrence Barkley

 The receptionist lets me in Barkley's office. It's a long wait, and I get bored
easily, so I start to look around. I LOOK at
the red box on the shelf and decide to GET it. The doctor finally shows up and
we TALK. Seems Barkley knows for a
fact that Marshall Alexander is Collier Stanton, but the vouchers in Marshall's
safe were not for blackmail, just an
unusual business arrangement. Not much help there, so I decide to TRAVEL to my
last solid lead, Lowell Percival. But
just as I start out, I get a call from Mac Malden back on Earth with the name of
Marshall's assassin: Nathan Bloodworth.
Nathan doesn't seem related to finding Alexis, so I still TRAVEL to Percival.

 Lowell Percival #1

 Percival's a hard case; I won't get anywhere with him unless I do the "favor"
he wants. I TRAVEL back to Dick Castro's

 Casino #2

 (Note that you can also enter the office from the ventilation shaft, by using
the hex wrenches on the duct grill in the
bathroom; see pages 9 and 13 of the game manual for information on traveling in
the ducts.) I go inside the casino
and walk right, through the casino, until I come to a door labeled "Office." No
one is watching so I quickly OPEN the
door and GO TO the open doorway. Then I find out why no one watches the outside.
I would have preferred to meet
Castro under my conditions. I realize a tight spot when I see one, so I use
Response 1 1 2. (This really _is_ a timed
event; you must do the next sequence quickly; save and restore to keep the time
down.) I LOOK at the desk and GET
the card on its left side. On a hunch I MOVE the light above Castro's painting
which reveals a passageway.

 I GO TO passageway. I'd never figure out the alarm combination, so I
concentrate on the odd-looking floor that starts
just before the lasers. Since I have the infrared glasses, I can see the lasers.
The floor is pressure-sensitive; I walk up
to the edge of the odd floor and USE the hoverboard. The route is tricky and
tight. I go between first 2 beams, in front
of the 3rd, behind the 4th, then in front of the 5th and 6th. That gets me past
the first bank of lasers, but it's never that
easy: there's a second bank of lasers. I go behind the first 3, in front of the
4th and 5th, behind the 6th (close to and in
front of number 7), in front of number 8 and I was through! I hop off the board
once I get to a normal floor; the safe
lock is the machine to my right. I USE the safe card key from Castro's desk, and
USE the facial kit I got from the
doctor's office (using Castro's picture on the trading card) for the computer
scan. The computer lock validates me as
Castro, and the safe opens.

 Walking right to the safe, I LOOK on each of the 3 shelves and TAKE the
memorandum to Collier Stanton.  Looking
at the memorandum gives me the name Thomas Dangerfield. What the heck, I TAKE
the $125,000 too, and am sure to
TAKE the marker for Percival. Time's getting short, so I reverse the procedure
back through the laser beams, and
quickly get back to Castro's office. I OPEN the duct cover on the right side of
the office and GO TO the duct. Having
the blueprints not only gives me the duct view, but also an overhead view of
where I am (see pages 9 and 13 for
navigating in the ducts). I GO TO the bathroom exit, then OPEN the Casino door,
and GO TO the exit. Once outside,
I TRAVEL back to Percival's.

 Lowell Percival #2

 He's still not exactly someone you'd wanna split a beer with, but he's willing
to TALK now. Asking about Castro, I learn
about Rocky Bulwinkle. When I ask about Rocky, Percival suggests tailing him. I
TRAVEL back to the casino.

 Casino #3

 It's a long wait; sometimes I even play around with the casino door waiting for
Rocky to leave the casino. He finally
does, and heads into the alley. I GO TO the alley myself, and quickly duck into
the doorway on the left side. Good thing,
too, because before he activates a secret door he checks the alley for a tail.
His eyes are only for the door once he
heads left; I move quickly even before he's inside so I can GO TO it before the
door closes. I spot Larry Hammond inside
and we talk. He helps me out by giving me an amulet to get in good with Deacon
Hawke; he also gives me Nathan
Bloodworth's address. I figure I've put off Nathan long enough, so I TRAVEL to
go talk to Michelle Bloodworth.

 Michelle Bloodworth

 They say love's blind, but after seeing Michelle I suspect it's Nathan that's
blind. I ask her about Nathan and she gives
me the address to a Remote Outpost. She tells me that someone goaded Nathan into
killing Alexander, and into
conning Alexis into getting the stone. There's a possible tie between Nathan and
Thomas Dangerfield, the name on
the memorandum. I TRAVEL to the Remote Outpost.

 Remote Outpost

 I get there, but I'm too late. Nathan's barely alive and fading faster than I
could get him to a doctor. I TALK to him
and make out something about a trap, but don't know what he means. I open the
door of the shack on the left and
TAKE the rebreather on the table -- a useful device for the thin air on Mars. I
see some tools next to the door, so I
TAKE them, too. It's cold in here, but the heat of the fire on the left side of
the cave seems to help. On the right side
I spy a large chest; OPENing it I find an access key card. I TAKE the card and
all hell breaks loose. _This_is the trap
that Nathan was trying to warn me about, but it's too late now. A door on the
right side of the shack opens up, and
desperately TAKE the jetpack. With no igniter, I need some other form of heat to
ignite the pack; I USE the jetpack
on the fire and take off. I'm at a dead end again. Larry Hammond had mentioned
that Deacon Hawke seemed to
know everything that goes on, so I TRAVEL to the temple.


 I'd heard that the temple gate was always closed, but it's wide open now. I get
an itchy feeling something is wrong;
I GO TO the temple doorway and look in. I'm not about to tangle with a guy
packing a laser, but this bozo doesn't look
too bright. I spot two pink, full-height mirrors and start to smile. I MOVE the
mirror on the right, then walk across the
temple and MOVE the other. The goon never notices me; once I had moved both
mirrors, I MOVE the wooden candle
extinguisher leaning against the pillar to get the goon's attention. Sure
enough, he fires his laser and the light beam
bounces off the two mirrors to come back and hit him. Some guys are born saps,
some die that way, too.

 I go up to Deacon and TALK to her. She sounds a little nutty, but gives me a
lead on Alexis: Cooper Bradbury, titular
ruler of the mutant population here on Mars. Her comments about the Oracle stone
leave me a little worried. I ask her
about herself to try and get a handle on her, but she just talks about my
destiny and gives me a location in the colonist
ruins that she claims will aid my search. I figure she's got a screw loose, but
maybe I should check out the ruins since
I don't know where to find Cooper.  I TRAVEL to the ruins.

 Colonist Ruins

 The mood of the place gets to me, so I give the place a quick search. Just to
my right I find a box of H2CL acid, which
I TAKE. I walk right and keep going until I find a real large piece of metal.
MOVEing it reveals an electronic tuning
fork, which I also TAKE. Standing around, looking at the ruins, I consider the
case. Something about Cooper Bradbury
is bugging me, and it finally breaks through: Bradley Ericson, being a fellow
mutant in a close-knit environment like
Mars, can probably help me out with finding Cooper. I TRAVEL to Bradley Ericson

 Bradley Ericson #2

 I ask Bradley about Cooper Bradbury and he gives me Cooper's address, which I

 Cooper Bradbury

 Cooper Bradbury is willing to talk; he is aware of the Oracle stone and wants
it for himself. He seems to know nothing
about Alexis, and most of what he says is just so much rhetoric until I ask him
about Thomas Dangerfield, and get a
new address. I TRAVEL to the cave at the address.


 Entering the passage, I stand at the left end of a long tunnel. I head down the
tunnel expecting booby traps, but I
don't find any. I guess Dangerfield expects the door to keep everyone out. But I
have the interlock key card from the
Remote Outpost, which I USE on the door and then I GO TO the open doorway.

 The door closes and I look into the eyes of one frightened, beautiful young
lady. I TALK to Alexis and she ties up some
loose ends to this case. The biggest thing she mentions is Dangerfield's
machine, reminding me of what Deacon Hawke
said about the Oracle stone.

 I start to leave, but notice there are no controls for the door on this side.
That doesn't make sense; this doubtlessly was
not a Martian cell, so there should be controls for the door. I notice a patch
of plaster on the wall to the right of the
door. I look around, my eyes falling on some of Alexis's clothes hanging from a
steel rod. My mind wanders, looking
at them and Alexis, but only for a split second, then I GET the rod and USE it
on the plaster once I'm right in front of it.
The metal plate surprises me, but I USE the H2CL acid I found in the Colonist
Ruins to eat the plate away. A button is
exposed and I MOVE it...only to find the trap I'd been waiting for.


 As Dangerfield walks into his cubicle, I look around. I see a control panel on
the outside of his cubicle, next to the
ground. Looking up, I see a large bolt in the ceiling of our cage. I GET the
bolt. I TALK to Alexis, using Response 1 1.
This slows Dangerfield down a bit, giving me time to think.

 They say your life flashes before your eyes when you're gonna die; good thing,
too, because it reminds me of my
childhood and gives me an idea. Looking at Alexis gives me other ideas, but only
one that is going to get us out of
here. I TALK to her and use Response 1 2 1. I GET the bra from her hand, then
USE the bra on the control panel to
smash it.

 Quickly, I walk over to the right of the glass case with the stone in it
situated on the right side of the room, and USE the
tuning fork on the glass (you have to be fairly accurate about where you click
to click on the glass). The glass shatters,
as do Dangerfield's dreams, and the stone falls. I GET the stone, and with
Alexis following, GO TO the speedster car
sitting on the right side. We take off before Dangerfield can get out of his
booth for a shot at us, and we head back to
the temple.

 I dump the stone off with Deacon. Knowing what it can do, she seems like the
safest bet. Things are looking pretty
good, and Alexis seems to think so too, so case closed.

This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1991 by Dave Timoney. All rights reserved.

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