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Читы для MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy

Чит-файл для MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy

MechWarrior 2:
Ghost Bear's Legacy

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Add-on (Standalone) / Simulator (Robot) / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в ноябре 1995 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Ghost Bear's Legacy General Strategies:

1.) Always use a 'mech you really like and that can take a beating as well as
dish one out. You can't always change your 'mech from scenario to scenario.
Its like your 'mech is loaded on the dropship with no extra 'mechs.
2.) ALWAYS have LRM20's if possible. Makes things a lot more fair.
3.) When in space STAY STILL, you don't want to fall off the ship.
4.) When under water or in caverns always use image enhancement.
5.) Missles kill Submarines and Aero-Fighters a lot faster than energy
6.) Look behind the waterfall...

The key to winning this game is knowing your weapons systems, and using the
terrain to your advantage...there are quite a few scenarios with buildings,
trees, cavern walls, and other objects to use to your advantage. Knowing what
weapons to use when will save your 'mech.

The Anti-Missile System is worth it's weight in gold. Don't forget to pick one
up with an extra ton of ammo. It's like having another ten points of armor on
ALL armor locations.

Long Range Missiles are still important, but with the introduction of the AMS,
they become less deadly.

Don't forget to design your starmate's 'mech. This is just as important as
YOUR design. Make sure you give him (your starmate) plenty of both energy and
missile weapons. Since the computer doesn't take advantage of the fast recycle
time of the autocannons, don't bother with them. Don't forget to add on an
AMS. Jump jets are also key. Max out armor.

Many of your missions take place on frigid worlds. This means that your heat
sinks are working at roughly 150% to 200% capacity. Multiple laser/PPC
combinations are now possible - PROVIDED YOU ARE ON AN ARTIC WORLD. Don't get
caught with four ER Large Lasers and only fifteen heat sinks! Some missions
are on temperate planets and your heat sinks will only work as advertised.

When you pick your 'mech from the various models listed, go heavy. Usually,
you have to use this 'mech throughout several scenarios. Make sure it is one
you are really comfortable with. (I'm kinda sweet on the 65-75 tonners for
most of my missions.)

The trial tests (for command promotions) are MUCH easier than the ones from
MW2. More often than not, equip your 'mech with a few Ultra AC10s and a couple
of pulse medium lasers. As long as you bring three tons or so of ammo for each
weapon, you shouldn't run out. These trials last maybe one minute, so be
prepared for a fast and furious fight.

'Mech design hints: Put ammo for critical weapons in both legs and head
locations. These areas rarely take critical damage. Put ammunition-dependant
weapons in the ARMS, with most of their ammo. This way, if the ammo goes
BLAMMO, you don't lose the torso AND the arm... just the arm. Put laser
weapons in the center torso and head positions. They will last until you get
"blown up". Put the endo-steel and ferro-fibrous criticals in the arms. Who
cares if you lose them when the arm gets blown away...?!?!

Balance your weapons and heat sinks on both sides of the 'mech. If you lose
one side, you should still have roughly half your weapons with a few
functional heat sinks on the other side.(If you lose both your sides, well,
then...you're in a world of trouble and NO amount of advice can help you
there! )

Don't design a slug. Make sure it can move when you need to move. Sometimes,
the best way through a fight is to "shoot and scoot".

Dealing with an Atlas:
Your only advantage against this monster is your mobility. Keep your 'mech at
full throttle and NEVER run directly toward the Atlas (see jump jet tactic
below). Armed with a Gauss Rifle, 2 ER Large Lasers and assorted goodies, it
will do more damage to you than you will to it. Always try to get behind it.
It's big, but slow.

Dealing with an Annihilator:
It's main weapons (4 AC/10s) have a range only out to about 500+ meters or so.
If you have weapons (PPC, ER Large Lasers, LRM Packs) which have a longer
range, you'll never take a point of damage as long as you STAY AWAY from it.
It's armor is relatively thin for such a large 'mech, so go for the torso
kill. If you don't have long ranged weapons, have your starmates engage it and
try to maneuver behind it. It's rear armor is vulnerable.

Dealing with a Dire Wolf:
LRM Packs help, but are not mandatory. Since it has an excellent array of both
long and shorter ranged weapons, there is no ideal range to kill it. Use the
buildings, trees, etc as cover. Duck behind something, prepare your weapons
for a full volley (allowing a missile lock through the building), hit the gas
pedal, deliver your weapons and then scoot back behind cover. Sure, I know, it
isn't the most honorable way to do battle, but hey... you'll survive! This
'mech also doesn't handle heat very well. A few well-timed INFERNO rounds will
take the fight out of it and shut it down.

Dealing with Multiple Inbound Bogies:
Go for a leg shot on the lead 'mech. Usually, the first 'mech coming towards
you is the smaller and faster 'mech. Taking out one of it's legs at a distance
neutralizes most of its weapons (smaller 'mechs rarely have long range
weapons). Take cover and prepare for the next one. Then at your leisure, you
can take apart the others from behind. Don't let them get behind you! The
battle won't go well if you are taking shots in the back. If one does manage
to get behind you, use your mobility to get it between you and the other

Battle Tips - Jump Jets:

Possibly the BEST addition you can make to ANY 'mech design is the Jump jet.
Here are some strategies which I've found to work well. (And anyone who
follows the BattleTech storyline, the lack of jump jets on the Clan 'mechs was
one of the reasons for their ultimate defeat, that combined with their sense
of "honorable" battles.)

If you have jump jets (most of your designs should have at least one or two
minimum), every couple of seconds tap the "home" key to propel yourself
forward just a bit. It throws off the computer's weapon tracking, causing many
of the weapons to target where you just were (behind you). The same can be
said for the "insert" and "page up" keys, but in the middle of a furball, you
may hit the wrong key and take yourself out of weapon range. Not a good idea.

If you are fighting a bigger 'mech, here is a quick way to get behind it,
where its armor is weakest. Run towards the enemy 'mech, using the sideways
jump jet keys ("insert" and "page up" keys) to keep your 'mech out of the
enemy 'mechs gunsights. (When viewed from above, this tactic can be compared
to serpentining). As soon as you close to within 100 yards or so, hit the "J"
key to jump ABOVE the enemy. At this point, you are travelling fast - timing
is everything. Land just behind the enemy 'mech and use the "delete" or "page
down" keys (jump jet "u-turn' keys) to quickly turn your 'mech around, bring
YOUR front weapons to bear on IT'S rear armor. Blast away. If you are using
missiles, be careful not to get TOO close, as the blast will damage you, too.
The MASC (Myomer Accelerated Signal Circuitry) is a plus if your key advantage
is mobility. By fluctuating your speed, you throw off the enemy 'mechs'
ability to target you with autocannon and laser fire. It may seem trivial, but
if it prevents even 10% of the shots from hitting you, you are ahead of the
game. Combine this with..

The AMS (Anti-Missile System) will keep you from taking punishment from all
those long range missile volleys. I usually put at least one, sometimes two in
my designs. These defensive systems turn LRM20 volleys into LRM5 volleys. MUCH
easier to deal with !

These two systems together help you evade/defeat many enemy weapon systems.

Here is a good tactic if you like missiles and have a fast starmate:
Load the starmate 'mech up with NARC beacon launchers (like three or four) and
a few medium lasers. Then you can outfit your 'mech with SRMs, LRMs and
Infernos. Have your starmate attack the enemy 'mechs, you hang back. As soon
as you see the targetted 'mech start to turn yellow (take damage), you can
rest assure that he has been "beaconed". LAUNCH ALL MISSILES! Then have the
starmate attack the next 'mech while you finish off the first one.

Love the Infernos!
Not only with several of these shut down an enemy 'mech (due to overheating),
you also get an addition chance of creating an ammo explosion in the targetted
'mech. Ammunition has a nasty habit of blowing up when it overheats. Use this
to your advantage. ALWAYS take a couple of SSRM-2 Infernos along for the ride.
Elementals HATE them!

If you have multiple missile launchers and the target 'mech has an AMS, make
sure you group your missiles in all-fire mode, NOT chain-fire. Get a good lock
and fire EVERYTHING at once. Reason? The AMS works like a machine gun, it
fires continuously until it is out of ammo. If you saturate the air with
plenty of missiles quickly, it can only take down a few in the couple of
seconds they are in the air. If you continuously launch single racks of
missiles at the AMS-equipped 'mech (line after line of missiles volleys) you
will allow the AMS to knock down many missiles in procession. Don't let your
missiles die like that - it's wasted ammo. The AMS is worthless unless there
are missiles to shoot down!

The AMS is definitely a must. In fact, your AMS will target enemy missles that
pass in your vicinity. If you and your starmate have AMS and you stay fairly
close to each other, very few missles will reach you.

The Naga is fantastic when you are out in the open! With twin Arrow IV
Launchers set to group fire, you can take out light 'mechs with a single
volley, other 'mechs in two to three volleys. Best of all, you can do this at
VERY LONG range. Combined with torso twist, you can now take out those 'mechs
armed with Gauss Rifles and PPC's at distances over 1000 meters. The downside
is that the Arrow IV missles are slow (almost like cruise missles), and cannot
possibly overwhelm mechs equipped with the AMS. As an area weapon, it seems
that you are not credited with the kill.

Certain 'mechs have all, or most of their powerful weapons in their arms. If
you can manage to destroy an arm you have damaged your enemy AND you have
limited the amount of firepower coming at you. Some people like to attack a
'mechs legs but while your destroying the legs your enemy's arms are causing
extensive amounts of damage! If your enemy has ammo in the arm and it explodes
there goes the arm and damage to the torso. Even if you miss the arms and hit
the torso your ammo isn't wasted. If fighting a single opponent and you have
jump jets, there is a nice way to confuse them and help get a shot without
being shot back. Hop over your enemy and before you touch the ground (your
opponent is turning around while you hurdle him) jump left or right. Your back
is towards you opponent but again before you touch the ground jump back. By
this time your opponent doesn't know where on earth you are and has his back
to you. Then you can take your precious seconds and blow him to bits. This
tactic is very useful if your damaged, have an ammo dependant mech and you
need your shots to count.

A good way to get at the weaker rear armor of your opponent is to aim SSRM's
behind a mech which is crossing your line of fire. The missiles will curve in
nicely from behind him. Also if you are at close range (not always a good
idea) and fire to the side of a mech that is facing you, the SSRM's will go
past him, turn around and take him from behind (though if this destoys the
mech and you're too close you're subject to damage from the exploding mech.

Reguarding Battle Suits and Elementals: These guys are fast and bounce around
alot. A general pain in the neck. If they get too close you can't see them and
they'll just hack away until there isn't much left of you. If in groups they
can be a threat but if they're all in one spot where you shoot doesn't much
matter. An SSRM is the best, and most effective way to handle these pests.
It's usually hard to get a bead on them with anything else.
Kodiaks are really mean. I recommend sending your starmates after them since
it can go as fast as a Grizzly (the Kodiak is 30 tons heavier than the
Grizzly) and it can pack a hell of a punch. This baby'll shred your armour
like there's no tomorrow so make sure you mark him as a deadly target! This is
my favorite mech in the GBL department. This baby has a Gauss rifle, pulse
lasers, and LRM-10 AND jump jets! This thing doesn't kid around, so go for the
legs. If you're customizing a Grizzly, I'd keep the weaponary the same but
move some of the lasers into the torso for protection. In the hands of a
masterful pilot this baby'll do wonders, and even if you aren't that good
you'll be able to kick butt none the less!
The I.S. Hatamoto-Chi is a mediocre mech. It's main weakness is it's lack of
armour (something you should change if customizing one of these), and it's
main weapons(two PPC's) are in it's left arm.
The I.S. Annihilator is the slowest mech around and if you can stay beyond 600
meters it's weaponary can't reach you so make sure you have something long
range. Since it is so slow it probably won't be able to chase you so make that
an advantage!

Mission: All The Trials For Rank

Use a 'mech that is as heavy as possible. Put an Ultra AC/20 on your mech with
10 tons of ammo. Back it up with a Medium Pulse Laser and you should be able
to walk right through your opponents.

Mission: Defend On Jumpship

Use a Stone Rhino chassis. My 'mech configuration for this mission has 4 ER
PPC and 2 Medium Pulse Lasers. When the enemy ship drops the Stone Rhino onto
your ship, charge him with both Medium Pulse Lasers blazing. When you collide
with him, IMMEDIATELY stop dead, but still hold your lasers down. If you do it
right, the enemy will back up until he falls off the ship and dies. Then you
can use the PPC beams to kill the Aerospace Fighters and the other ship.

Mission: Underwater Strike

This mission is a real pain in the butt. A few tricks that I have found useful
are image enhancement and light amplification. Also helpful is to engage only
one enemy mech at a time. Be very careful of getting hit as this will flood
parts of your mech making them useless. Heat doesn't seem to be a problem as
you are underwater.

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