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Читы для MechWarrior 3

Чит-файл для MechWarrior 3

MechWarrior 3

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Zipper Interactive и FASA Interactive
Издатель:Hasbro Interactive
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 1 июня 1999 года
Жанры:Simulator (Robot) / 3D
Похожие игры:Heavy Gear, MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy
Multiplayer:(8) модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
Mechwarrior 3

              Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ

                by Kasey Chang (ksc1@aol.com)

                  released October 12, 2000

0    Introduction

0.1   A word from the author

A quick browse through the gamefaq.com shows that there is
no MW3 FAQ, so here's my version.

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the
game with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease
the life of software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only
version that I have.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM
and XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

This USG/FAQ covers version 1.2 of MW3. A separate USG will
cover Pirate's Moon expansion pack.

0.2    Terms of Distribution

This document is available FREE of charge.  You are under NO
obligation to send me ANY compensation.  However, I do ask
for a VOLUNTARY contribution of five (5) US Dollars if you
live in the United States,  and if you believe this guide
helped your game. If you choose to do so,  please make your
US$5.00 check to "Kuo-Sheng Chang", and send it to "2220
Turk Blvd. #6, San Francisco, CA 94118 USA".

If you don't live in the US, please send me some local
stamps. I collect stamps too.

0.3    Distribution

This USG should be available at
  *    Games Domain (http://www.gamesdomain.com)
  *    Gamecenter (http://www.gamecenter.com)
  *    Gamespot (http://www.gamespot.com)
  *    Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
and other major PC game websites.

0.4    Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide.
After all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is
offer some advice.

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing
remark... If you find an question about this game that is
not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at ksc1@aol.com.
I'll try to answer it and include it in the next update.

0.5    The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs
when the ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots
of people like what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs)
for XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander 3, Wing Commander 4,
Fade to Black, Spycraft, and 688(I) Hunter/Killer.

You can find some of them on my KC Game Nexus website at

If you need to write me, send e-mail to ksc1@aol.com.

0.6    Copyright/Trademark Information

Mechwarrior is copyrighted by FASA, licensed to MicroProse.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by FASA or

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts. While the Prima
MW3 guide and the Gamespot MW3 guide have been used to
verify information accuracy, no information has been used
from those two sources that did not come from the game

0.7   Spoiler Warning

The USG contains spoilers about all MW3 missions. Only get
enough help to get past the hump, so you don't spoil the
sense of accomplishment.

1    Mechwarrior 3 Information

1.1   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me the game?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: V1.2.220 (V1.2 patch) for MW3. No patch for the expansion

Q: How do I tell what version I have?
A: At the MW3 main menu, look in the lower right corner.

Q: Why can't I get any repairs done at the MFB?
A: Did you order the MFBs to deploy? You must deploy them
every time you want to do repairs, even if the MFB's have
not moved.

Q: How do I get past mission X?
A: Read the walkthrough

Q: Which mech is the best?
A: Depends on your playing style. My personal favorite is
Mad Cat (a.k.a. Timberwolf).

Q: Which weapon is the best?
A: Depends on your playing style. I'm partial to ER LLAS
(and X-PULSE L later).

Q: Why can't I add any more armor?
A: Each mech has an armor limit. You can see the limit by
looking at the point allocation. If all the areas have the
max points allocated, you can't add any more armor.

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: Accuracy/skill of the enemies, and the amount of salvage
you get.

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A: This is a STRATEGY guide, not a cheat guide.

1.2   Mechwarrior history

The original Mechwarrior was created by Dynamix (now part of
Sierra), and published by Activision. It was a full 3D game
that actually runs fine on a 286. You are the leader of the
Blazing Aces, a mercenary lance. You're actually
investigating your family's death and loss of the heirloom,
and there's a time limit. You can hire drophips and
jumpships to travel among the systems in the Inner Sphere,
and maintain reputations among the five Houses. Go to fixers
and get mercenary contracts. Different houses have different
reputations (some pay little but are honest about
intelligence, others pay good, but can give you faulty
intelligence). Missions were randomly generated. It was a
very good game for its time.

As Dynamix was then absorbed by Sierra, Activision had to
start from scratch when they went on to create Mechwarrior
2: The Clans. You play as either the Wolf Clan or the Jade
Falcon Clan, as you fight each other and Inner Sphere forces
in two "campaigns". There's no role-playing, but the
graphics are much improved. Later re-issues as Platinum
Edition added 3D acceleration support and better textures.
An expansion pack: Ghost Bear's Legacy was added, and then a
semi-sequel, MW2: Mercenaries was released. In this game,
you take a mercenary lance through missions, where your
performance affects salvage and payments to keep the company
afloat. You will also participate in some of the famous
battles both for and against the Clans.

FASA, holder of Battletech license, have then somehow
awarded the license to MicroProse, but the game was actually
developed by Zipper Interactive, with help from FASA
Interactive. Thus Mechwarrior 3 is born.

1.3   Mechwarrior 3 requirements

Based on the box, the requirements are:

I would personally recommend: 400 MHz CPU, 12 meg 3D
accelerator, 64 megs of RAM, 500 megs of free HD space.

Latest patch is dated September 29, 1999, MW3 V1.2.
(V1.2.220 inside the game).

1.4   Some Mechwarrior 3 Background

MW3 takes place roughly in the "Twilight of the Clans" era.
Clans have been contained, but not fully defeated yet. Inner
Sphere have learned from their experience, and have managed
to incorporate a lot of the Clan technology into their
latest Mech designs. The first major counter attack will be
against the Smoke Jaguars, and Operation Democles, headed by
the Eridani Light Horse, will take on the Smoke Jaguar
garrison at the planet Tranquil. You, Connor Sinclair, have
been assigned as a lance commander on this raid.

1.5   Bugs

1.5.1     I want another mech!

In the next-to-last mission (Op 4 Mission 5), where you
tackle the underground facility alone, you can't use your
lancemates' mechs. You can only use one of the unassigned
mechs or your own.

1.5.2     Occasional "drop to desktop" error

Sometimes, as you play, you simply get dumped to desktop.
The music still plays in the background. This occurs esp. if
you are short on disk space.

1.6   Bloopers

If you know of more bloopers in the game I want to know
about them.

1.6.1     Goofy Names

Brandon Corbin, or Brandon Corbitt? You can't tell from the
pronunciation. Sometimes they say one, other times they say
the other.

1.6.2     Goofy Names 2

While initial movie stated the op was on the planet
Tranquil, the ending movie stated planet Tranquility.

1.6.3     Taking a bath?

In the next to last mission (Op 4 Mission 5), one of the
last Elementals you kill seems to be stuck in one of the
lava pools.

1.7   Expansion packs? Sequels? Related titles?

1.7.1     Expansion pack Pirate's Moon

After surviving operation Democles, your lance have been
assigned to the planet Veil, to protect Federation
Commonwealth Germanium deposits against a new threat called
"The New Belt Pirates".

1.7.2     Mechwarrior 4

Since Microsoft bought FASA Interactive, Microsoft will
publish Mechwarrior 4. So far, things look good. Subtitled
Vengeance, MW4 will have a more involving story and a longer

1.7.3     Related Titles

MechCommander is a relative of MW3. It is a semi-realtime
isometric-view strategy game with some RPG elements. A new
edition, MechCommander Gold, adds new set of maps and

1.8   Caveat

Please note that with multiple versions of the same game out
there, the enemy count CAN be a little off from version to
version. If you find some discrepancies, please note which
version you are using.

2    Common Tactics

2.1   Go for the Limbs

Chopping off limbs of enemy mechs is the quickest way of
taking them out of action. Taking off the arms will reduce
firepower significantly, as most weapons are arm-mounted.
Taking off a leg and the mech's considered killed. Best of
all, the limbs are not as heavily armored as the torso area.

The less you damage the mech, the more likely you'll salvage
it for your own use.

2.2   Keep the Range Open initially

Most enemy mechs are armed with a mixture of weapons,
usually leaning toward medium range. If you are armed with
primarily long-range weapons, you can shoot them before they
can shoot you. The longer you can keep the range open, the
most unanswered volleys you get.

2.3   Keep moving laterally

It's true in any form of combat. If you're moving, you're
less of a target, esp. if you more laterally. Doing so
complicates the other guy's firing solution, so keep moving

2.4   Circle of Death

Most of the mechs in the game has the ability to torso
twist, i.e. walk in one direction and point the weapons in a
different direction. Circle of death is basically turn 90
degrees off the enemy bearing, then torso twist to face the
enemy, and start moving. This is extreme lateral movement.
You're generating lateral movement so the enemy will miss,
while you constantly correct the course so you end up
circling the target, pouring in fire. In First-Person
Shooters, this is known as circle-strafing.

2.5   Patience

MW3's AI is based on trigger points and ranges. If you only
trigger one enemy at one time, you then only have to fight
one at a time. Unless there's a timed objective (like
chasing a convoy), you can often retreat to the MFB's for
repairs, then resume the advance.

2.6   Use the Lancemates Smartly

Your lancemates are relatively smart, as they know what to
shoot when they see red on the scanners. However, they
always attack all out, even when it's best to hold the range
open, if you ordered them to attack. Therefore, be careful
when attacking enemy mechs. Most of the time, just have them
join on you and they'll shoot at anything within range
automatically. Only if you need a specific target taken out
quickly should you order them to attack something else.

Similarly, if you need to spare a certain target, do NOT
bring your lancemates into range. Remember also to order
them to get repaired if they're damaged. They do not ask for

3    Salvage and Mech Design

3.1   Salvage

MW3 makes you keep track of the mechs, the weapons, the
equipment, and ammo you want to keep. This is collectively
known as salvage. Each of the MFB's can carry 300 tons, so
you should have 900 tons carrying capacity unless you lost
one or more of the MFB's (which CAN happen if you're not

You gain salvage by disabling mechs, usually by blowing a
leg off. Sometimes you get salvage when you "capture" an
enemy base of facility, but that's mainly scripted and
depends on difficulty level.

Managing the ammo and weapons and equipment are a real
nightmare in MW3, since the weapons are NOT sorted in any
fashion, and often there's multiple variants of the same
weapon (Clan vs. Inner Sphere, for example). Most weapons
have their own type of ammo pack. As you capture more and
more weapons and ammo, figuring out what to keep and what to
dump can be a real problem.

Your first instinct is probably keep everything. That is
fine until you run out of room. Then what do you keep and
what do you dump? Here are some suggestions.

3.1.1     Keep the Heaviest Mechs

As you advance through your campaign, the lighter mechs will
become useless. The enemy always outnumbers you, and you
will need the heavier armor and weapons to survive. Keep the
heaviest mechs you can find, and dump the lighter ones when
you run out of slots. Refer to the technical supplement for
the mech tonnage.

3.1.2     Don't keep too much equipment

Armor, in its various forms (FF, regular, FF Clan, Regular
Clan) can take up a lot of room unless you clean house
periodically. You don't need more than 40 tons of each,
probably less.  The same goes for heat sinks and other sorts
of equipment. Keeping more than 40 of each is not necessary.
Some you'll almost never use, like C3 Computer, BAP, NARC
etc. Keep one or two around just in case. Keep the Clan CASE
though. Those don't take up any space. You'll need to keep
all types of heatsinks. Some mechs can only use regular

3.1.3     Just keep enough weapons and ammo

Keeping 30 medium lasers is a waste of space when you don't
ever use them. Similarly, there's no reason to keep six
AC20's when you only have 10 rounds of ammo for them. You
don't need 1000 rounds of SRMs when you hardly fire 100 in a
single battle. Keep just enough weapons to be able to use
the ammo, and vice versa.

3.1.4     Dump the useless weapons

There's some weapons you'll probably never use. Small lasers
are a joke. Machine guns. Forget it. SRM2's? Too light.

If you have the Clan version of a weapon, you don't need the
Inner Sphere version. The Clan version takes up less
critical spots and weighs less.

3.2   Mech design

Mech design is usually a lot of compromises. Usually you
want a certain objective, like minimal of 70 kph, or at
least 2 ER Large Lasers, etc. After that, it's just a lot of
back and forth as you determine how much armor vs. weapons
you are willing to trade off. It depends on your playing
style. Here's some suggested configs:

3.2.1     Sniper Design

Snipers generally equip themselves with LLAS or PPCs, and a
lot of heatsinks. LLAS has longer range and is generally
preferred. Gauss Rifle is also good for sniping, esp. if you
can go for the head. L PLAS is also pretty good, but you
need to hold down the trigger and keep the target painted.
Speed is not important.

3.2.2     Slugger Design

Sluggers are designed to fight it out at close range, so
you'll need lots of heavy-hitting weapons. Usually you want
a heavy autocannon (any type, Ultra, AC, or LB-X), maybe two
if you can fit them, plus a cluster of MLAS or MPLAS for
limb work. Lots of armor in the front, and a decent speed.
If you can fit in some LRMs, they're useful to soften the
enemy up.

3.2.3     Knockout Design

Knockout designs carry some extremely heavy weapons for
their shock effects. AC20, Ultra 20, or LB-20X are good, as
are ER LLASs and/or ER PPCs. Go in, knock them down.

3.2.4     Chopper Design

Choppers are designed to shed enemy mech limbs. First soften
up the enemy with some LRM salvoes, then close in and
concentrate MLAS salvoes on a limb to take them off fast. Or
even skip the LRMs completely.

4    The Mechs

You may not get access to all the mechs on the list. This
depends on your salvage, which is semi-random.

4.1   Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker is a medium mech that is pretty balanced. It
carries enough weapons to fit a wide variety of styles. On
the other hand, its default config is too much of a mix to
deliver a true knockout punch, and the ER Laser can give you
heat problems. Consider replacing the MGs and ER LLAS with
ER LLAS and more heatsinks instead. The LRMs can stay,
though the AC20 can run out of ammo really fast.

4.2   Annihilator

An old assault mech, its main problem is you can't fit too
many energy weapons on them. There's not enough room to hang
the heat sinks, and it can't use double heatsinks. Keep the
default autocannon config and it's quite deadly, until it
runs out of ammo. It's also hard to fit in enough weapons
and armor to make it really deadly.

4.3   Avatar

Impressive piece of reverse engineering, the Avatar is heavy
enough to go toe-to-toe with most mechs, while fast enough
to run, and versatile enough to use most weapons. It has no
significant weaknesses except it's smaller than assault

4.4   Blackhawk

Looks like a shrunken Supernova, it's another jack-of-all-
trades. Default config of 12 ER MLAS can be a real killer in
the right hands, but rookies will overheat constantly. Use a
more balanced config is needed.

4.5   Cauldron-born

With twin gauss rifles plus a mix of other weapons including
AC, LRMs and LAS, it has heavy long-range firepower. Use
GAUSS to snipe at enemy mech's vulnerable parts, then take
them apart with the rest of weapons.

4.6   Champion

Old mech that should have retired a while back. Autocannon
is useful, but it can't really use much of the latest
technology successfully.

4.7   Daishi

Assault mech, this thing is HEAVY, and very well protected.
Fortunately it's also slow, so you can avoid most of its
firepower if you stay far away. The default config of 4 PPCs
can be a real killer, as you keep shooting double.

4.8   Firefly

A scout mech, it's extremely fast, but not that well armed
(at least compared to heavier mechs).

4.9   Mad Cat

Known as Timberwolf by the Clans, this is one o the most
balanced and overwhelming mechs ever on the battlefield. The
default config has too many weapons, but the alternate
configs, like the PPC plus LRM combo are extremely deadly.

4.10  Orion

Ah, the venerable Orion. The old favorite, and still around.
The problem is. It's too old to use things like double-
heatsinks and FF armor. The lack of heatsinks means you are
REQUIRED to put in cannons to make it useful (until it runs

4.11  Owens

Just slightly heavier than the Firefly, you should have no
problem killing it the same way.

4.12  Puma

Light mech with quite a bit of armor, but no torso twist.
They're low and it's hard to get at the limbs if you're too
close. Hit them from a distance and they'll go down easily.

4.13  Shadowcat

A medium mech that's well balanced for normal use. The gauss
rifle can be surprising in some configs.

4.14  Strider

Basically a bigger Owens, treat them the same way. LRMs can
be annoying.

4.15  Sunder

Inner Sphere version of the Thor, it's bigger and less
efficient, but still a very power assault mech. Gauss Rifle
can be useful on this mech.

4.16  Supernova

Supernova has lots of lasers, but not enough heatsinks, esp.
if you don't shoot as accurately as the computer does.
Remove a few of the lasers, or learn to fire them only two
at a time.

4.17  Thor

Named because it yields a PPC and Autocannon like thunder
and lightning, this mech has excellent mobility for its
size, and big weapons with big shock effects. On the other
hand, the armor is a bit thin.

4.18  Vulture

Generally armed with 2 LRMs, 2 LLAS, and 2 MLAS, it's a bit
light, but still well balanced. The LRM's are good for fire
support, and there's still enough lasers to chop up any
enemies that comes closer.

5    The Weapons

The weapons in MW3 falls into three basic types: cannons
(use ammo), energy weapons (lasers and PPCs), and missiles
(fires salvoes, limited seeking). They each have their uses.
Optimize the loadout depending on your availability and
tactical needs.

5.1   Guns and Cannons

There's a lot of different projectile weapons, ranging from
the exotic gauss rifle (the one area Clan are not too far
ahead), to autocannon series, LB-X series, the Ultra series,
and the machine gun. They cause quite a bit of damage when
they hit, but when you run out of ammo, the weapon's
useless. The heavier cannons use ammo like water, and it's
VERY easy to run out. However, when they do hit, they do
HEAVY damage.

5.2   Energy Weapons

Basically different lasers and PPC, these generate a lot of
heat, but otherwise can fire unlimited times subject to heat
and recycle time. PPCs have great shock effect. Pulse lasers
have a LONG pulse and it's rather hard to keep on target,
but causes a lot of damage if you can keep the target
painted. If you don't track well, use regular lasers. ER
lasers have longer range for more heat generation. If you
have a lot of energy weapons, look for water. Standing in
water allows you to fire the weapons as fast as they

A mech with all medium lasers can be very deadly. Fire them
three at a time and you'll take a limb off in no time, esp.
with a lot of double heatsinks.

5.3   Missiles

Short range or Long range, they come in different sizes.
SRMs come in 2, 4, or 6 pack. LRM's comes in 5, 10, 15, or
20 pack. Each launcher can fire that many missiles on one
salvo. LRM's run out really fast. SRMs on the other hand
have short range (less than 500 meters) so you'll have to
get close. Otherwise they rarely run out of ammo. There's
the Streak SRM, which has a better seeker which almost
guarantees a hit if locked. Launching them produces serious
heat, and their damage spread all over the place. However,
the LRM's are great for softening up the opponent. With
enough LRM's, you can chop off some arms before you even

6    Campaign Op 1 Walkthrough

MW3's campaign is a nice piece of work. The missions fit
together quite well. You are Connor Sinclair, part of the
elite Eridani Light Horse. Assigned to a raid into Clan
Smoke Jaguar's remaining assets. As expected in war, nothing
ever goes right. Your other drophip was shot down. Some
mechs made it out, but the op is FUBAR.

I'm not going to list the objectives since you can easily
access that during the mission. Just make sure you complete
all objectives that you can before quitting the mission.

6.1   Op 1 Mission 1

Your drop pod has landed, but not in the target area.
There's no response from the other drop ship. You have no
lancemates at this time, as they're spread all over the
place. You'll need to fight back into the target area,
disrupting the enemy, hopefully rendevous with the
lancemates in the area.

In this mission, you'll take out the missile emplacements in
the area, and remove the comm center.

Your mech: Bushwhacker. You must use the default config as
you don't have access to config screen yet (and there are no
parts there either).

Enemies include: 2 APCs, 2 SRM turrets, 1 Owens, 2 SRM

As the mission starts, you can see the two APCs immediately.
Take them out. One LLAS shot each should do. Head west and
you'll see the SRM turrets. SRMs range is only 500 meters,
so you can take them out easily from long range. You'll see
some trucks. As you approach, they move onto the bridge, and
they explode, destroying the bridge.

As you approach the broken bridge, an Owens will appear. Let
the Owens come to you, as you need some room to maneuver.
Kill it. Once Owens is gone, keep going west, you'll see the
comm center protected by two more SRM turrets. Take them
out, then destroy the comm center by shooting out the dish
way on the top.

Head for Point Baker, summon your MFBs to rendezvous, that's

6.2   Op 1 Mission 2

You need to go north, but the way's blocked by two heavy
missile platforms, so you need to take them out, and escort
the MFB's over. Those HMPs can be really annoying though.

Your mech: Bushwhacker again. More enemies this time, so you
may want to use a somewhat more powerful config than the
default. Take out the MGs and replace them with a MLAS. Then
regroup the weapons. If you have a Clan LRM 10 with ammo,
use it, as it's just barely heavier than your LRM 5. The
saved tonnage is best used on more heatsinks.

Enemies include: 2 APCs, 1 Owens, 4 APCs, 2 Bulldog tanks, 2
heavy missile platforms, 1 Strider

Follow the path out of the depression, and destroy the 2
APCs and the Owens that pop up. Continue toward Point Able,
be careful about coming into missile platform's range. There
should be some hills that block their firing arc in some
places. Watch the radar for the incoming missiles. Find a
good place where you can spot the 4 APCs while not get hit
by the missiles. Kill the APCs. If you're damaged, go back
for repairs.

Keep going toward the next nav point. You'll run into the
Bulldogs, kill them. If you see the Strider, kill it too.
Remember not to expose yourself to the missile platforms. If
you're damaged, return for repairs, then come back. Do NOT
call the MFB to you before the missile platforms are

Once the Bulldogs are gone, you should be in the missile
platform's blind arc. Head up to them and wipe out the two
heavy missile platforms. Once they're gone, you win.

Fun thing to try: step on some of the people walking around
in the barracks area at Point Able.

6.3   Op 1 Mission 3

You're still moving north and more enemies bar your way.
Remove them and escort the MFB's north.

Your mech: Bushwhacker again, though this time you need bit
more firepower. You'll also need some LRMs for long range

Enemies include 1 Firefly, 2 Bulldogs and 2 APCs, 1 Strider,
2 SRM turrets, 2 Bulldogs, 1 Bushwhacker.

A Firefly pop up almost immediately. Kill it. Follow the
road. When you see the two Bulldogs and two APCs, destroy
them. Follow the path to Point Able. When you see the
Strider, backup and kill it without getting any closer. If
you're seriously damaged, this is a good time to repair.

Head for Point Able, and take out the SRM turret that pop up
from the ground. Point Able should be clear. Point the mech
at the structure, hit Q multiple times as you "scan" across
the structure. When you find something you can target,
destroy it. (You're looking for the six support columns
holding the three sections up. Destroying one in each pair
will collapse that section. Destroy all three sections and
the objective is met.

Continue to next Nav. Take out the Bulldogs and Bushwhacker.
There may be two LRM turrets, take them out too. Run your
cursor over the structure. Whichever part turns the target
cursor yellow is not destroyed yet. Wipe out the structure
at Point Baker.

Go to Point Charlie, tell the MFB to come over. When they're
here, your job's done.

6.4   Op 1 Mission 4

You've found the "problem", two laser towers on the island.
Those towers shot down the other drophip. If they're still
operational, you'll never get off this planet. God knows how
many more are out there.

Your mech: Bushwhacker again, but you finally get a
lancemate: Dominic Paine. He'll join the action as you start

Enemies: Firefly and Blackhawk, 4 SRM turrets, Strider and
Owens, Orion

Head toward Point Able to the west. Firefly and Black Hawk
should appear. Take them out. Destroy the five greenhouses
near Point Able with lasers only (don't waste ammo!).

Head toward Point Baker. Take out the power station when you
come to it (Dominic may beat you to it). Take out the 4 SRM
turrets around the bridge, then head toward next Nav.
Strider and Owens should challenge you. Stop in the river,
and let that help you fire lots of lasers and take them out.
Now's a good time for repairs.

Go to Point Charlie over water, then remove the Orion
guarding there. Try to take out the legs only as it'll
probably be your heaviest mech for a while. Take out the two
laser towers there, then the Mech factory, and your job's

Congratulations, you've survived Op 1. That was the easy
part though.

7    Campaign Op 2 Walkthrough

Op 2 has increased difficulty, but by now you should have
learned how to chop mech limbs, maybe not with ease, but you
can do it. You'll need to do that a lot in this scenario.

7.1   Op 2 Mission 1

Dominic Paine has finally joined up, so you get a lancemate.
The Commandos that dropped in this area wiped out the dam,
revealing an underground facility. In the first mission,
you'll secure the elevator that reaches down there.

Your mech: If you salvaged the Orion from the previous
mission, use it. Otherwise, the Bushwhacker works fine.

Enemies: 4 Harassers and 2 Bulldogs, Strider, Owens, 3
Elementals, minefield, 2 laser platforms, 2 AC platforms,
Shadowcat, and Thor (the local commander)

The Harassers and Bulldogs are close enough that you should
attack immediately. The Strider and Owens may join the fun
as you take care of them, so be careful and not to let MFB
come under fire. Once they're all destroyed, you'll probably
need some repairs. Do so now.

Approach the lakebed slowly. Move up the path slowly and
take care of the fixed weapon platforms. When you see the
Elementals, don't panic. Stay at long distance and nail each
one using zoom mode. Do the same to the weapon platforms.
You may have to take a few shots from the AC platforms. Go
back for repairs.

Now scan carefully the ground around Point Baker. See some
silver rectangular objects on the ground? Try shooting it.
Boom! Yep, minefield. Clear the path toward Point Charlie.

You can do a long-range fire exchange with the Shadowcat,
but you'll probably have to charge in. Just as you approach
the elevator, a ship takes off, and a Thor pop up. The local
commander decided to come out and play. Take a few shots at
him while he's still on the platform. Try to chop off his
legs, as you can use a Thor. Let Paine take care of the

Once you clean out the enemies, sweep the area again for
mines, then summon the MFBs to Point Charlie. When they
arrive, go to Point Charlie yourself, and the mission is

7.2   Op 2 Mission 2

You're going underground, and things can get dark pretty
quickly. The trick here is NOT to do things the expected way
when there's alternate ways available. And there's a
surprise underground. Be careful.

Your mech: You probably salvaged the Thor and/or Orion back
there, use it (them).

Enemies include: Orion, Shadowcat, 2 Laser turrets, 3
Elementals, Firefly, 2 Bulldogs, Bushwhacker, Blackhawk,

As you start, Orion in front will charge you and a Shadowcat
will charge in from your right. Go forward and take care of
the Orion together, then take out the Shadowcat. You'll need
repairs after this fight.

Now head for the tunnel the Shadowcat came in through.
You'll probably notice two laser platforms. Kill them from
long range. Scan around, and you'll see a Firefly that's not
powered up yet. Kill it. Do so, then turn back toward where
the Orion came from.

As you approach, the enemies will probably retreat with the
trucks. Follow them at a distance. If any one stop to fight,
take them. You'll probably take out the 2 Bulldogs with long-
range laser shots. Then the Bushwhacker will patrol the
Barracks Area. As you walked by the shuttle area, Paine
should destroy it automatically. If the Bushwhacker attacks,
kill it. Repair if needed.

Approach the Barracks area, and you'll see the 3 Elementals.
Kill them with LLAS shots. Walk up to the Barracks area,
which you had previously swept of enemy presence. Go up the
ramp, then take out the trucks.

Come back down, then go toward Point Charlie. The Blackhawk
will attack, kill it. The radio suddenly warns you that the
Clanners are going to take out the toxic gas storage. Charge
toward point Charlie, and distract the Orion that's trying
to destroy the gas storage. Kill the Orion, and your job is
almost done.

Head for that "door" in the wall just beyond the toxic gas
storage, destroy the door, go inside, get into the elevator,
and the mission's over.

You MUST prevent the destruction of the toxic gas storage
(that green glowing thing) near Point Charlie. Don't even
bump into it. If the gas storage goes, you have to start

7.3   Op 2 Mission 3

Back to the surface again, as you didn't find the mech
factory. Apparently it's in this next area, but first you
have to survive to get there. Also need to capture the
storage yard for salvage.

Your mech: you should have a Thor by now. If you got the
Orion, use it. Otherwise use the heaviest mechs you got, and
assign the second heaviest to Paine.

Enemies include: 2 Fireflies, 3 Harassers, Strider, 3 Donar
Choppers, 3 APCs, 2 Pumas, 2 Pumas, Champion.

As you start, the 2 Fireflies charge you. Assign Paine to
kill one while you work on the other. The Harassers would
join the fight. Kill them too. Repair now if needed. Paine
should kill the elevator shaft at Point Able as he passes.
If not, take it out yourself.

Continue toward Point Baker, and you'll see a Strider
powering up. Stop, and kill it before continuing.

As you continue toward Point Baker, you'll see the APC's
milling around the hills, and multiple Pumas running around.
As you snipe them with your long-range weapons, 3 Donar
choppers makes an attack run at you. You can kill them
easily with lasers or missiles. Continue sniping at the
Pumas until you damage them and you wiped out the APCs. If
you need repairs, do it now. The Pumas won't attack unless
you get really close.

When you're ready, close in and take out the Pumas. Paine
should take out the structure at Point Baker from long
range. If not, do it yourself.

Continue toward Point Charlie, the Champion should power up.
Snipe at it as it approaches. Then chop its legs off, and
that's all the enemies. Head toward the tunnel at Point
Charlie, go inside, and that's the end of this mission.

7.4   Op 2 Mission 4

Underground again, you're about to take on the guards at the
mech factory. This is a good salvage mission, but you'll
meet up with an Annihilator, so be extra careful near the

Your mech: the heaviest you got, probably Thor or Orion.
Second heaviest mech goes to Paine (Thor or Champion,
depending on your salvage). You'll need some heavy hitting
weapons, range is not that big of a deal, since the tunnels
are quite crampy. There will be no long range sniping shots
in here.

Enemies include: Owens, 2 Thors, 1 MLAS turret, 1 Puma, 1

Go down the tunnel. Despite the briefing, there is no
ambush, just that Owens as guard. If you're fast, you can
kill it before it runs away. In any event, it doesn't matter
that much. The path leads to the opening of the mining
cavern, where the path turns right.

As you approach the opening, two Thors power up (plus the
Owens if you haven't killed it), one to the left and one to
the right. Have Paine join in and kill them all. Be careful
not to destroy the conveyor belt, you'll need it to get to
the next area.

Once the enemy mechs are taken cared of, you can summon the
MFB and perform repairs. Then turn toward the end of the
cavern, the side to your left as you entered the opening.
There's a ramp there (and one of the dead Thors should be
there too.) Have Paine follow closely, as if he did not
follow you, he'll likely bump against the rocks and destroy
his mech.

Follow the ledge, and you'll see the opening where the MLAS
turret inside the complex is shooting at you. Kill the
turret. Go in, and there's a door to the left. Open it with
a few shots.

Follow it in, as it makes a right turn. There's the mech
factory, along with a Puma, and Epona Rei (in a Bushwhacker)
playing tag with an Annihilator. You can probably take out
the Puma in a few shots as it's busy dodging Epona. Charge
into the cavern, and while the Annihilator is distracted by
all three mechs, take its leg off. That's all the enemies.
Destroy that big column in the sky, and the mech factory is

Congratulations, you have completed Op 2. There's LOTS of
salvage here, esp. if you're careful with your shots.

8    Campaign Op 3 Walkthrough

Epona Rei joins the lance, after surviving that Annihilator.
Unfortunately, you now get into really hot stuff. You're now
taking on targets that original planning had assign two to
three lances of heavy mechs. And you'll need six missions to
get through this op. You should have some pretty heavy
hitters by now, and you can get more in this Op.

8.1   Op 3 Mission 1

You're approaching the training grounds of the Clans. You'll
need to take out the HQ, eliminate the opposition, then make
your way through the tunnel and secure the other entrance.

Your mech: If you have an Annihilator, do NOT take it
yourself. It's hard to fight that mech well. Take something
you're comfortable with. I use a Thor with 2 LLAS, 1 MLAS,
and 1 AC10 with extra ammo.

Enemies include: 2 Striders, Orion, MLAS turret, Avatar,
Bushwhacker, LRM turret, Vulture, Mad Cat

You start in a valley, while the target you want is over
that other valley. As you head for the valley entrance, you
notice an Orion, then two Striders charge the MFB's. Take
them out, then take a couple shots at the Orion, who'll
retreat beyond that ridge into the NEXT valley over. Take
out the laser turret next to the "platform". You'll see a
lot of mechs, but those are holograms. Ignore them. If you
have jumpjets, jet to the top of the platform, and you can
snipe at the enemies on the other side.

Otherwise, head around the corner. If you can snipe at the
enemy, do so. If you can't, and keeps getting hit by
missiles, retreat, repair, then come back and charge in as a
group. Take out all the defending mechs (Bushwhacker,
Avatar, and Orion), and your lancemates will take out the

Head for the next nav point, through that tunnel, and you'll
emerge on the other side. There are no more enemies behind
you, so you can order the MFBs to MFB 3. Repair now if you
need it.

Continue east, then north, as you approach Point Charlie. In
the distance are the last two defenders: a Vulture and a Mad
Cat. Star Commander Drake, in the Mad Cat, challenges you to
single combat. Feel free to ignore him, though you can
probably take him on, even in a Thor. Send your lancemates
to take out the Vulture, while you take care of the Mad Cat.
After that's done, confirm all enemies are destroyed, then
order the MFBs to Point Charlie. When the MFB's arrive, the
mission is done.

8.2   Op 3 Mission 2

You need to capture this base to the north. It's too
dangerous to leave behind, and you could use the supplies.

Keep the same mechs from the previous mission, reequip as
necessary. Consider a lot of medium lasers, as you'll be
fighting point-blank a bit.

Enemies: Mad Cat, Annihilator, Shadowcat, Mad Cat, Thor,
Shadowcat, Vulture.

As you attack the base, you find the three defenders, Mad
Cat, Annihilator, and Shadowcat. The Annihilator is
dangerous with the quad autocannons. Stay far back and snipe
it to death. Let your lancemates deal with the others.

As soon as the last mech go down, the other four mechs
charge in, trying to destroy the base, while Alan Attila
also charges in with a Sunder to help out.

Assign one mech to each enemy mech, and you take on the last
one personally. You must protect the captured base. Once all
four enemy mechs are down, the mission ends.

8.3   Op 3 Mission 3

Allan knows where the wreckage of the Black Hammer dropship
is, and there was a lot of useful stuff in it. Though
probably by now the Smoke Jaguars have carted off most of
the loot. Still, it's worth checking out.

You should have a Mad Cat by now, so use it. If not, you can
take Alan's Sunder. You need a bit of speed, but not too
much. Others can keep their slow but hard-hitting mechs.

Enemies include: Avatar, 3 Striders, 5 Elementals, 3 Donars,
2 Owens, 2 Avatars and 1 Orion.

Three Donars will harass you throughout the mission until
you shoot them down. They will appear randomly without
warning, at almost any time.

There's actually TWO WAYS to accomplish this mission.

The normal way: Just as you head over the bridge, an Avatar
charges over the hill. Two Striders appear on your left
(south) as you face the Avatar, and a third Strider appear
to your right (north). All the Striders are actually heading
for the drophip. Your lancemates will join in as you take
out the Avatar from long range. Jump into the river if you
need to deal with the heat. Assign one mech to each Strider
and you'll get them in no time. If you don't chase down the
Striders, they'll retreat a bit, then circle back, so you
can always get them later. Repair now if you need it.

When you cleaned out the area, approach Point Able, and as
you get close, you'll see five Elementals approach the drop
ship as well. Just blast them from a distance. Go ahead and
summon the MFB's in. Just as the MFB's approach Point Able,
two Owens attack from the South. They may hit the MFB's a
few times unless you're REALLY quick. Send two heavy mechs
to deal with them (one each), but you MUST stay just north
of Point Able, since a second attack is coming. The Owens
are just bait.

Another attack is coming from the north down the valley, and
they start as soon as the last Owens is destroyed. If you're
out of position, expect to lose at least 1 MFB, which is BAD
NEWS. (Alternate approach: You can take out one Owens, then
leave one mech to deal with the other while you set up the
reception just north of Point Able.) When the Owens is gone,
the main attack consisting of 2 Avatars and an Orion will
roll in. With four mechs at your disposal, you should have
no problems taking care of business. When all the enemy
mechs are dealt with, the mission ends.

The easy way: Start by dealing with the Avatar and the
Striders the same way. Then go ahead and clean out the
Elementals at Point Able. However, at this time, do NOT call
the MFB's in. Instead, head north along the path.

You'll come to a ridgeline, behind which are the attack
force consisting of 2 Avatars and 1 Orion. As you get close
enough they'll activate, but they won't come out until you
get really close. (You can see the ridgeline better if you
use the map mode instead of the radar mode). Take your
lancemates up there, then take them out, leaving your MFB's
out of danger. Now head back to Point Able, go south a bit,
THEN summon the MFB's, and deal with the Owens that come to

8.4   Op 3 Mission 4

There is a convoy with the goods you need. You can prevent
it from escaping by zapping a few bridges, or by eliminating
all the enemies before they get out of range.

You'll need mainly long-range weapons this time. Lots of
LRM's, ER LLAS, etc. You'll also need some speed, so use 75
tonners instead of the 100 ton behemoths. At least 70 kph
top speed would be good.

Lots of enemies around this time: Shadowcat, AC turret, 2
SRM turrets, Blackhawk, Cauldron-Born, Mad Cat, Vulture, AC
turret, Thor (Ratashe Osis)

The trick of this mission is deal with all the targets
swiftly. While it would be ideal to trap the convoy by blow
up the bridges before they escape, you can "capture" them by
blowing up all enemies before they escape off the map.
However, keep in mind that you won't have time for repairs
in this mission.

Don't get too close to Point Baker or your lancemates will
destroy the convoy. Stay well away from the convoy.

You start near Point Able, as the Shadowcat will hand around
a hill. A few shots should convince it to retreat, or you
can kill it where it stands. Approach slowly, and wipeout
the turrets in the area. Blackhawk and Cauldron-Born is in
the distance. The convoy itself should be near-by, guarded

Send your lancemates after the two smaller mechs, while you
handle the Mad Cat. Once that's done, your lancemates should
have wiped out the structures at Points Able.

Approach Baker and take out the Vulture there, and the
turret. Take the group toward Point Charlie, and Osis in his
Thor should pop up. Kill him, then end the mission before
the convoy makes it off the map.

Alternate approach: When starting, drive off that Shadowcat
on the ridge, then head for Point Charlie. Take out the
bridge, then head back to Point Baker, take out the other
bridge. Head south, then east, and take out the enemies at
Point Able. Now you can take your time about the objectives,
as the convoy is now trapped. Leave your lancemates behind
as you take out each enemy one at a time. If you're damaged,
go back for repairs. Finally, take the lance to Point
Charlie and take out Osis.

8.5   Op 3 Mission 5

You will need to break through the gate using a TAG laser
after you made it through the city. The city of Durgan is
heavily defended, of course. Spaceport is just beyond, and
maybe the ride home.

No speed is needed in this mission. Use the heaviest mechs
you got, with lots of armor and long-range weapons. You WILL
need to take a TAG though. Save room for it. NOTE: SOME
versions of the game allow you to blow apart the gate with
conventional weapons, but you really SHOULD bring along a
TAG just in case. I am partial to Mad Cat, so I used a Mad
Cat with 2 PPCs, 2 Streak SRM6 with extra reloads, TAG, and
lots of double heatsinks. My lancemates get 2 Annihilators
(with AC10's, LRM15's, and 2 MLAS) and a Sunder with Gauss
Rifle and 2 LLAS.

Enemies include: Annihilator, Vulture, 2 Owens, Puma, 2
Bulldogs (at Point Dog), 3 Bulldogs (at Durgan), 2 Pumas,
Annihilator, Avatar, Vulture, 5 turrets, Annihilator.

As you start, you're near the fortress, and lots of Mechs
will attack ASAP. Walk toward Point Able a little, and
Vulture and Annihilator will attack. The Owenses (from left)
and Puma (from Point Dog) may also join the fun. All mechs
should stand in place and engage with long-range weapons.
You should take down all the enemy mechs in no time, though
you should concentrate on taking out the Annihilator first.
Those autocannons can be real killers. Vulture is your
second priority. Your lancemates should take care of the
rest easily.

Once that's clear, repair yourself. Then order your
lancemates to stay in place and get repaired one at time
while you take out the 2 Bulldogs at Point Dog and capture
the dock.

Now head toward Point Able, stop before you start climbing
it. Order your lancemates to stop, then climb up yourself,
watch out for that hole near the summit. From that high
vantage, it's perfect to take out those three Bulldogs that
want to come out and play.

Once the Bulldogs are gone, Head down the other side, then
have the lancemates to join on you. Line up near the eastern
entrance to the city. Take out the Puma that keeps walking
back and forth. Your lancemates may beat you to it. If the
Vulture across the river starts to shoot LRM's at you, take
it out. Repair as necessary.

See if the other Puma will come and play. If not, you'll
need to head into the southeast corner of the city. Line up
there, and start sniping. When the Puma retreats, heat north
through the entrance, stop before you go two blocks. You
should be able to destroy the Puma from long range.

Now line up facing WEST on the most open area you can find.
There's some building to the west you can take out. When you
do, the Annihilator and Avatar should appear. You should be
able to snipe them from here. If not, walk back and forth a
little. If Annihilator receive heavy damage, it'll retreat
toward the gate. Usually the Avatar will attack and you can
kill it. When there are no more enemies in the city, kill
all the buildings, and the city's destroyed.

 Now head for the gate by crossing that bridge. Those
autocannon turrets will have range on you, but be careful
not to hit the bridge. It may collapse and dump you in the
river. Take out the turrets from long range (LRMs or ER LLAS
are very useful, PPC slightly less so). You can then summon
the MFB's to repair you just south of the gate.

You should be able to snipe at any enemy mechs that
retreated to the gate after you get repaired. The last
Annihilator is hiding in a cul-de-sac next to the gate, you
don't have a shot at it yet. Go in slowly. When the
Annihilator decided to come out and play, back up and keep
hitting it, and order your lancemates to attack. With 4
against one it won't last very long.

Now aim the TAG at the gate, fire one shot, and watch the
artillery destroy the gate.

Fun thing to try: go into the pyramid base at Point Able by
shooting the gate or drop in from the top. Shooting the
poles, cranes, and lights inside Durgan city, shooting
anything else that blows up in the city (lots of them)

8.6   Op 3 Mission 6

Ah, the spaceport. And Osis returns to make your life
miserable. Can you make it off this planet or not?

No speed is needed in this mission. Use the heaviest mechs
you got, with lots of armor and long-range weapons.

Enemies include: 5 Strikers, 4 Elementals, Avatar, Madcat,
Avatar, LLAS turret, 2 Cauldron-borns, and Supernova
(Ratashe Osis).

This mission is not hard, just tedious. Leave most of
lancemates at the startup location, as you (and maybe one
lancemate) approach Point Able slowly, take out the Strikers
and Elementals from the distance. LRM's works best, as they
have a lot of splash damage. When you get close to Point
Able, Avatar and Madcat should appear behind you. Take them
from long distance. Once they're down, clean out the
Elementals at Point Able, then wipe out the base. Repair

Approach Point Baker slowly, take out the enemies from long
range. As you approach, 2 Cauldron-Born should join the
fray. Let your lancemates take care of them. Kill the Avatar
first. Continue toward Point Baker, and you can take out the
turret. There's another Avatar in the spaceport. Take it out
too. Take out the laser towers in the distance. Take out the
rest of the spaceport, and Ratashe Osis, now in a Supernova,
will appear from the North. He also tells you the bad news:
there's no drophip around here. Take him out, for the last
time, and you win the mission.

Unfortunately, there's no ride home from here. Brendan
Corbitt is now really mad at you. With more Clanners
arriving soon, chance to escape is shrinking.

9    Campaign Op 4 Walkthrough

The Jags are getting really mad at you guys. Brandon Corbitt
himself is leading a group to hunt you down personally.
There's a lot of Clanners around, mostly heavies. Can you
make it out alive?

9.1   Op 4 Mission 1

This one needs speed. Use 70-tonners. Madcat would be best,
Orion, Thor, or Avatar are good also. Fit long range
weapons, with some mediums in the mix. LRMs, PPCs, ER LLAS,
etc. The hard part is to survive the fight until you destroy
the train. After that, you can retreat and repair as needed.

Enemies include: 2 Cauldron-born (patrol), 2 AC turret
(Point Able), 3 Harassers (Point Able), 2 Thors (Point
Baker), 1 Thor and 1 Avatar (train guard), Avatar and
Bushwhacker and Shadowcat (Point Charlie), Bushwhacker and
Shadowcat (Point Dog)

Power up and move out toward Point Able at a decent speed (7
or 8). You'll run into the 2 Cauldron-born patrol group.
Take them out.

Cross the river, and go straight at Point Baker at 90%
speed. 3 Harassers and 2 Thors will meet you in the middle.
Wipe out the Harassers, and the Thor retreats toward the
train station at Point Baker. Approach and take out the

If you're fast, you'll see the train moving toward Point
Baker, escorted by an Avatar and a Thor. Take them out.
Otherwise, just head toward Point Baker, they'll be there.
Blast the train (your lancemates may beat you to it), then
wipe out all the resistance in the area. Now, you can summon
the MFBs for some needed repairs.

After that, things are much easier. When all the mechs are
repaired, approach Point Charlie. You'll find Shadowcat,
Bushwhacker, and Avatar, retreating toward Point Charlie.
Keep shooting at them from long range, and kill them slowly.
If you take a lot of damage, retreat, repair, then come

When you clear the area, wipeout the comm tower at Point

Approach Point Dog, just a Bushwhacker and Shadowcat stand
in your way. Wipe them out, takeout the laser tower, and the
mission's complete.

9.2   Op 4 Mission 2

While the mission says attack, you'd better off just stay in
place, maybe even crouch, and just keep shooting. Most of
the enemies will charge you. Go for the legs if you can.
It's best to use ER LLASs. Leave PPCs or L PLAS and the
large cannons to your lancemates. Try to salvage the
Supernova and the Daishi.

Enemies include: 2 AC turrets, Champion, Madcat, Madcat,
Annihilator, Champion, Supernova, Supernova, Daishi.

Take out the AC turrets nearby, then move away from the MFBs
a bit so stray shots doesn't hit them. Then Champion will
attack, followed by 2 Madcats from the other direction. Take
them out from long range. You may have just enough time to
repair one mech before Annihilator comes in from the North.
Kill it, and you've earned a respite. Repair all mechs.

Walk toward Point Able. Stop just as you crest the hill.
Take out all buildings in the village. One PPC shot per
building should do it. A Champion and Supernova will stay on
the other side of the river. Repair all mechs, then approach
and take them out.

Repair all mechs again, then cross the river and head for
Point Baker. Supernova should pop up. Kill it.

Continue approach, and the Daishi should power up. Kill it.
Take out the tower at Point Baker, and that's it for this

9.3   Op 4 Mission 3

You need to capture some supplies. Patience is needed on
this next mission. All the enemies stay in their area, so
you can take on each group slowly and individually. Repair
when you can, and you should make it through.

Enemies include: 2 SRM turrets, 2 Vultures, 4 Strikers, 3
turrets, 2 Supernovas, Orion and Annihilator, 5 Elementals,
2 turrets, 2 Annihilators

Move toward Point Able. Take out the SRM turrets. Two
Vultures will pop up. Backup toward the river, let your
lancemates take some damage, while you take them out with
long range lasers. Repair now if you need it, as taking on
those Vultures with LRMs can be painful.

Continue toward Point Able. There are 3 AC turrets, 4
Strikers, and 2 Supernovas. There's also an Annihilator and
Orion to your southeast. Approach just close enough to
engage one mech at a time. Take them all out slowly. Repair
if you need to. Retreat if too many enemies start shooting
at you. Then try a different angle of attack. When you wipe
out all the enemies, the supply depot's yours. Repair now.

Continue toward next nav point, and you'll see 5 Elementals
coming out to meet you. Gun them down.  Then take out the
turrets from long range. Repair now.

As you finally get to Point Baker, the shuttle you're
thinking about borrowing flies away. And two Annihilators
attack. Start backing up, and keep shooting at them from
long range. Annihilators are slow enough so you can keep the
range open if you back up fast enough. When you destroy
them, you win the mission.

9.4   Op 4 Mission 4

You're fighting in cold climate, so emphasis on energy
weapons would be a good idea. You'll need lots of heavy
mechs again. Annihilator, Madcat, Sunder, etc. are good.
Your first priority is to get to your MFB's. Once that's
done things are simple if tedious.

Enemies include:Thor, 2 Madcats, Thor, 2 Orions, AC turret,
AC turret, Thor, Madcat, 2 Daishi, 3 Elementals, AC turret.
3 Donar choppers.

You start in the middle of snowy plains. Elementals to your
west, then Thor and 2 Madcats will attack. Stay in place and
kill them. Do NOT approach Point Baker, as that will trigger
more attacks.

Once that's done, run for Point Charlie (skip Point Baker
for now). Even if you notice a Thor and 2 Orions powering
up, do NOT stop. Keep going.

As you get close to Point Charlie, you'll notice an AC
turret near your MFBs. Take it out. Go into that valley.
You'll be safe there as those three mechs won't come close
enough. Repair all mechs.

Once all repairs are done, take out those three mechs (2
Orions and a Thor) loitering around. Repair all mechs again.

Continue toward next nav point, the fortress. You may or may
not see the turrets. Those turrets tend to pop up once you
get on top. A Thor and a Madcat patrols the top of the
fortress. Use lasers and kill them from long range. The Thor
has LRMs so you may need to go back for repairs if you got
hurt bad. Your lasers outrange their PPCs, so you should not
take too much damage once you kill the Thor. Repair all

Find the ramps that allow you to walk to the top of the
fortress. Stop at the bottom, tell your lancemates to hold
position, as you don't want them to fall off or wander into
the arena and get blasted. Go up alone. If you see turrets
pop up, kill them.

The Daishi's are inside the "arena", and you're up on top.
Walk to the west, and you'll find a hill, from where you
find a good place to shoot at the Daishi's top part. Kill
both. If you want to salvage them, go forward, take a shot
at the legs, back up. Try again. If you're damaged, retreat
and repair. Those Daishis aren't going anywhere. When
they're gone, find a ramp that allows you to walk into the
Arena, or just drop in. Kill the generator. Behind you is
the door out. Repair now.

There are 3 Donar choppers making random patrols. Kill them
when they do. Go down and summon your lancemates. Approach
Point Baker, kill the Elementals and the AC turret, and you
win the mission.

9.5   Op 4 Mission 5

You're doing this one solo, no repairs. You're taking out
the Jag geothermal plant by taking out the 4 core taps. A
heavy mech with lots of MLAS and heatsinks are good. You
can't afford to blow up the bridge you need to walk across,
so no missiles, and watch your shots. Consider a targeting
computer to help your accuracy. At least 1 AMS would be good
as those Elementals tend to shoot a lot of SRMs.

Enemies: 3 Sunders, and 10 Elementals.

You're in a corridor leading into the cavern. The cavern is
pretty big, but the middle is all lava. You can only travel
along the ledges and the bridges. The Elementals walk around
a LOT. Shoot Elementals as they come into view.

When a Sunder appears and coming toward you, kill it. With
the 10 MLAS you should take out legs easily. Take out a
couple more Elementals if you can.

When there's no more targets, it's time to venture out of
the corridor. First check the MAP for the position of the 2
Sunders. Walk up to the first nav point. Take out the Sunder
and a few Elementals visible from there. Then do the same to
the last one, probably by heading to the next nav point.
Then just clean up the Elementals. (Why is one of them stuck
in lava?)

With all enemies gone, shoot the core taps at the four nav
points, then head for Point Echo, walk through the elevator
door, and you're done.

9.6   Op 4 Mission 6

You've made it through the caverns. And Brandon Corbitt with
his elite team is waiting in the arena. The shuttle is up
there. If you win, you get to go. What will it be?

Your team should have all heavy stuff now. The fight will be
in a dry volcano bed. Use the best weapons you got. You
probably salvaged a Sunder or two from that last mission.
Use the heaviest mechs you got, and the best weapon/ammo you
got. There's no saving it for next time. AC20's, Gauss
Rifles. Bring them all out.

The Jag forces consists of Madcat, Supernova, Cauldron-Born,
and Daishi.

You start far away from the Jag forces, but you can't stay.
The shuttle's next to you, and Corbitt will gladly shoot at
the shuttle instead of you. You have to head out there and

There's no trick to this mission. Just go out there and kill
all of the Jag mechs. There's some volcanic rock on the
lakebed that can slow you down. Use the map to avoid them as
you move around. Concentrate your fire upon one enemy mech
at a time. The Madcat will charge in first, then the
Cauldron-born. Daishi and Supernova will loiter a little as
they get stuck on the rocks. Your lancemates should take
care of things. The only trick is to survive until they do,
and that means NOT being in front.


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