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Читы для Mega Man X

Чит-файл для Mega Man X

Mega Man X

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Rozner Labs Software Group и Capcom Entertainment
Издатель:Capcom Entertainment
Жанры:Arcade (Platform)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.


Информация актуальна для
Mega Man X FAQ
By X

Story: On a dig, Dr. Cain unearthed a capsule containing the amazing robot
Mega Man X. When Dr. Cain found the capsule, he also found this included in a

Mega Man X's Specifications:
HEAD – Broad-range Eye Camera, Ultra-sensitive Voice Recognition System,
Voice Generation System made by HAYATOM, Inc.
CHEST – Accumulative Energy Generator, Micro-fusion Fuel Tank, Central Joint-
controlling System,
ARMS – X-Buster (Mega Buster Mark17), Energy Amplifier, Variable Weapon
LEGS – Gyroscopic Stabilization System, Emergency Acceleration System
INTERIOR SKELETON – Reactive armor skeleton which reduces damage by 93
BODY SKIN – Lightweight "Titanium-X" Alloy.

WARNING: "X" is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an
innovative new feature – the ability to think, feel, and make their own
decisions. However this ability could be very dangerous. If "X" were to break
the first rule of robotics, "A robot must never harm a human being", the
results would be disastrous and I fear that no force on earth could stop him.

Approximately 30 years will be required before we can safely confirm his
reliability. Unfortunately I will not live to see that day, nor do I have
anyone to carry on my work. Therefore, I have decided to seal him in this
capsule, which will test his internal systems until his reliability can be
confirmed. Please do not disturb the capsule until that time.

"X" possesses great risks as well as great possibilities. I can only hope for
the best.

                                           September 18, 20XX
                                                     T. Light

Unfortunately, Dr. Cain did not heed the warning and thus placed X's design
onto an assembly line, mass-producing "Reploids". Unfortunately, these robots
decided to turn against their creators, believing that they were superior to
the humans, and ended up going "Maverick". X has decided to stop these
"Mavericks" as they are called, and sets out after them.

Mega Man X's controls:

A – Dash (Requires the Ground Dash upgrade, but don't worry, you won't be
dashless for very long).
B – Jump (Longer you hold it down, the higher X will go).
      Wall Jump (Performed by touching a wall and you will climb the wall,
able to be done multiple times)

Dash Jump – Performed by hitting the Dash button and the Jump button at the
same time. This will let you jump much farther than a regular jump.

Y – Shoot X-Buster shots. Hold down for more powerful (charged) blasts.
Longer you hold it down, more powerful the shot will be.
L or R – Cycle through the weapons you have earned from the Mavericks
(explained below).
Start – Opens the Status Screen. Here, the game is paused, and you will be
able to select which weapon you wish to use (convenient if you don't have
time to use L or R to cycle), absorb a Sub-Tank, or activate the Escape Unit.

Basic Things for Beginners:
- If no enemies are around, take the time to charge up your X-Buster. This
will make it quite easier when enemies come, as charged shots keep going
after destroying an enemy, whereas basic shots will not. Your X-Buster can
reach three levels of power:
1)	No charging. Small yellow sphere fired forward.
2)	Charged to blue level. Larger, green rocket-shaped shot fired forward
(does not stop unless multiple hits are required for enemy).
3)	Charged to orange level. Even larger, blue, circular shaped shot fired
forward (does not stop unless multiple hits are required for enemy, much more
powerful than the previous two shots).

- Wall Jumping will be necessary to complete most levels. Be sure to get the
hang of it, it's not that hard.
- Sliding down walls will also help. To slide down a wall, touch the wall and
press the direction of the wall on the control pad.
- The Escape Unit can be used when you return to a level in which you have
already defeated the Maverick there. Activating the unit will cause you to
teleport out of the level.
- There are five main different power ups you will see on the ground:
White and Yellow Capsules – These will refill X's energy meter. There are
small and large ones. Obviously, large ones will refill more life than small
Blue and Red Capsules – These will refill the Maverick weapon's meter. There
are small and large ones. Again, the large ones will refill more.
Extra Lives – These look like X's head, and are glowing. They will give you
an extra chance to play the game. You can have a maximum of nine.

Level 1: The Highway

Nothing much to say here, just continue through, blasting enemies and
recharging as they come. When those big helicopter-like enemies come, just
stand as far back as possible and blast it. Just don't be under it when it
falls. Eventually, you will reach an airship.


Vile is not able to be defeated at this time. His robot walker will make it
impossible for him to take damage (at least from you right now anyway). When
your energy gets low enough, he will fire energy spheres from a cannon, which
will paralyze you. Then Zero will step in to save you just in time, but
cannot destroy Vile either (who runs off). Now you will go to a stage
selection screen. I suggest Chill Penguin first.

X           X
X           X


(Note that the above X's and * refer to where the boss is located at on the
selection screen.)

This is a very simplistic and relatively easy level. Just continue through
until you find the first capsule of the game. You can't miss it (literally,
it's blocking your path). After Dr. Light gives you his little speech, step
inside to receive the Ground Dash upgrade.

GROUND DASH: By pressing the Dash button (A) X will slide on his stomach. The
longer the button is held, the farther X will dash. You can also combine the
button with the jump button, allowing X to perform a Dash Jump, a much
farther jump than before. This can also be combined with wall jumping,
allowing you to kick off farther. You can also use this enhancement only on
the ground by tapping left or right twice in a row. The longer you hold the
button down, the farther X will dash.


Chill Penguin is quite easy (though for beginners, may be a bit troublesome).
Try to walk into the level with a fully charged X-Buster shot, and release it
right away. Also, spend this whole battle touching one of the walls (not
necessarily going to be the same one the entire fight).  If you see Chill
Penguin move, you know you're gonna have to react fast. His attacks:

-	Chill Penguin will slide on his stomach in your direction. Just jump up
the wall while charging, then come back down and blast him.
-	Chill Penguin will start blowing icy breath a fair distance. If you are in
it's path, climb the wall, or you will be frozen. Two ice statues of penguins
will appear then. Touching them causes damage. His next move will be to grab
the handle in the ceiling. This will bring on a snowstorm, sliding the
statues to you. Climb the wall or destroy them before you get hit.
-	Chill Penguin will simply jump up and try to land on you. Dash away if
this happens.
-	Chill Penguin will begin spitting ice shards at you. You cannot destroy
them, and nothing will stop him at this point, so basically just climb the
wall until he stops, and blast him when he's done.

Charge up whenever possible. If you are forced to climb a wall at any point,
use that time to charge.


This weapon will fire an ice shard forward. If it hits an enemy, multiple
smaller shards will ricochet backwards, which can also do damage. Charged up
(see later), this weapon will create an ice platform, which will shoot
forward, allowing you to ride it.

The next Maverick I suggest you go after would be Storm Eagle.


X           X
*           X

In the beginning of this level will be platforms constantly moving on
conveyor belts. Make your way to as high as possible as you can on these.
Once there, do a Dash Jump as far left as possible. You will land on a green
section, which will have a Heart Tank.

HEART TANK – There are eight of these in the game, (one for each level). As
you may have noticed from the fight with Chill Penguin, X has about half the
energy of the Mavericks he fights. Each time you pick up a Heart Tank, X will
permanently gain two unit capacity spaces to his energy meter.

Next, continue on until you see an enemy shooting fireballs on top of a
rising platform. Destroy the enemy, and then get on the platform, which will
rise. Climb on the green-blue wall there, and shoot it. It's glass, which
will shatter a doorway for you. Destroy the enemy inside, which will shatter
the rest of the glass. At the end of this small room, is your first E Tank.

E TANK – There are four of these in the game. If X has full energy, and picks
up an energy capsule, the energy will instead go to the E Tank. E Tanks, when
used, will transfer the energy stored in the tank to X's energy meter.
Continue on in the level. Eventually, you will come to a tall tower of metal,
which you have to climb. Slide down the right side of it. Once you have gone
about half way down, dash jump right. Shoot the tanks with the fire symbol on
them (don't worry, the explosion won't hurt you), (it'll take quite a few
hits) and then go through to Dr. Light's next capsule upgrade.

POWER HELMET: With this on X, he can break certain blocks with a head butt,
or by wall jumping off of them. Practice a bit on the blocks that are
provided there.

Continue on to finally meet the boss.


This boss is another easy one. Again, try to enter this with a charged up
blast, but don't release it when the battle starts, since Storm Eagle will be
blowing you away. Using your Ground Dash will combat this. Keep dashing
towards Storm Eagle until you are in firing range and then unload on him.
Basic attacks include:

-	Storm Eagle will begin flapping his wings, blowing you away from him. Use
your Ground Dash to get back closer to him.
-	Storm Eagle will use his Storm Tornado (the weapon you will soon receive).
This weapon will blow you faster than his wings can. Also dash under this.
-	Storm Eagle will fly up and stop in mid-air, dropping a sort of egg, which
will shatter on impact, releasing four small birds. These birds will come for
you. Shoot them as soon as they come.
-	Storm Eagle will fly up and try to clip you in an air-dive. Just keep
walking around and charging (or dashing) when you can't see him on screen. If
you keep dashing, you'll have to wait until he lands again to start
inflicting damage. If you keep walking and charging, wait until you see him
come down, then quickly turn and fire.


You may have seen Storm Eagle use this already. Basically, you will fire a
small, ringed tornado forward. Charged up, it becomes a true, large, vertical
tornado, covering much more ground, or air for that matter.

The next Maverick to tackle is Flame Mammoth.

X            *
X            X

I'll bet you're probably wondering why a fire-type enemy would have an icy
level. He doesn't usually. You see, because you have already defeated Chill
Penguin, his level freezes over, making it easier and possible to gain an
essential item. You may freely walk on the icy floors, but before this
would've been fire, an instant kill on contact. First off, go through the
level until you have to fall. Then you will start seeing icy floors again,
with a walkway above it. On the ceiling you can see some weird grayish
blocks. This is extremely hard to do, but stand on the very edge of that
walkway, and dash jump over there. Once you can see yourself near those gray
blocks, start wall jumping. Your Power Helmet will destroy those blocks.
You'll have to get through all of them and up to the top to receive Dr.
Light's next capsule upgrade. However, if you destroyed some and fell, you'll
either have to kill yourself to come back, or complete the level and come
back, because it will be impossible to get back up there. Or, you can wait
until close to the end of the game with an alternative to reaching this
power, but it will mean missing out on one of the best weapons in the game.

X-BUSTER UPGRADE: With this in your possession, X's X-Buster can now reach a
fourth level of power, a pink level. When you fire off at that level, pink
snakes of energy are shot forward, and a half sphere of pink energy appears
behind X's back, providing some protection behind him momentarily. Much more
powerful and longer lasting. Also, the weapons you have earned from Mavericks
may now be charged as well.

Now keep going right again. Dash under all of the walkways you see. At the
end, on that icy floor, you will come to the second HEART TANK.

Now climb up the right wall, and then jump left onto the walkways that are
higher than the others. Go to the leftmost and highest one (you will see an
extra life on it, then Dash Jump left. You will hit a wall. Wall Jump until
the blocks are broken, and pick up the second E TANK.

Now finish the level and you will encounter the next boss.


This guy is huge (hence the name Mammoth). It helps to come in with a charged
shot. Your best attack to use is the Storm Tornado. You'll also have to
adjust to fighting him on a constantly moving conveyor belt. When the battle
starts, Flame Mammoth will jump up and try to land on you. Dash under him to
prevent this from happening. If you entered with a charged shot, you can
release when he's over you to strike him. His attacks include:

-	Flame Mammoth will start throwing small fires at you. Just keep going in
the opposite direction, then climb a wall because Flame Mammoth will try to
land on you again.
-	Flame Mammoth will often shout, then try to land on you. When this
happens, climb a wall, causing him to miss you, then Dash Jump off to avoid
getting hit by him. If you're not on a wall when he lands, you will fall to
the floor and not be able to get up for a couple of seconds, making you
-	Flame Mammoth can also shoot oil from his trunk, which can end up being
ignited. Avoid it.

In addition to these, just shoot a Storm Tornado at him whenever possible.


You can hold down the Y button to continually have a wall of fire in front of
you. Charged up, flame will hit the ground and keep traveling until it hits a
pit or a wall.

At this point, return to Chill Penguin's stage. Continue through the level
until you find the Robot Walker. Keep traveling with it until you can see
some ground above you. Jump with the Robot Walker then jump out of it (Up and
A) and Wall Jump onto that area up there. Switch to the Fire Wave and use it
to destroy the metal things that enemies come out of, and inside the first is
the third HEART TANK.

Now go to Spark Mandrill's stage.
X        X
X        X

This stage has also been altered. It has been wrecked due to the demise of
Storm Eagle. Lights will dim making it impossible to see anything but
yourself at times, but I prefer it to having electrical sparks shooting at
you. When the lights go out, I recommend you stop moving, you're probably
headed for a pit. Go through the level (when you come to the first ladders,
take the one up, not down, because you won't have to go there until later)
until you come upon a multi-colored turtle launching rockets. After that,
don't go down the ladder at first, Wall Jump up instead. You will see the
fourth HEART TANK above you. You'll have to Dash Jump off the wall at the
right time to be able to jump onto the ledge to obtain it. Takes a bit of
practice. If you are having difficulties doing this, you can come back here
later when you have the Boomerang Cutter and retrieve it that way (see
later). Also, at some point you will fight a mini-boss in this stage. You
cannot see an energy meter for it. Your best bet against it is to use the
Storm Tornado on it and get on the walls whenever it launches a sticky
substance onto the floor.

Continue through the level until you reach Spark Mandrill.


This boss is a joke. Pull out your Shotgun Ice, and definitely do not charge
it (it will take too long to use then). As soon as the battle starts, shoot
him with it. He will be frozen. Once he breaks out, hit him again. Repeat
this process until he dies. Since I have always used this strategy, I never
really found out what his attacks are, but I do know that he can do the

-	Spark Mandrill will create two Electric Sparks (weapon you will receive)
which will travel on the ground and up the walls. Jump over them.
-	Spark Mandrill will try to ram into you. Freeze him to stop this.

There may be more, but I am not sure.


This weapon will fire small purple spheres of electrical energy forward.
Charged up, walls of electrical energy will shoot both left and right.

Your next Maverick to defeat is Armored Armadillo.

*        X
X        X

This level will begin with a platform that will shoot forward, which will
kill enemies on the way, just be sure to jump off before it lands in a pit.
Eventually, you will fall down, but slide down the right side of the wall,
and stay on the bottom of it, until a machine breaks out. Go to where that
machine started to get your third E TANK. Continue on again. Eventually, you
will fall down again, and another machine will be there. Hold the Fire Wave
on it until is destroyed. Continue on and Wall Jump up to get your fifth
HEART TANK. (If you hadn't destroyed the machine, you wouldn't have been able
to jump high enough to get it, as the machine would have destroyed part of
the walls.) Keep going on, and eventually you will reach the next boss.


This Maverick is not too hard. The Electric Spark will have a unique effect
on him (you don't have to enter charged). He will start out by becoming a
ball and ricocheting around the room. Dodge until he lands. At this point,
fire off your weapon, and his armor will be blown off, making him much more
vulnerable. You can now hit him when he is in ball form. His attacks are:

-	Armored Armadillo will become a ball and ricochet around the room, dodge
and hit him when he lands.
-	Armored Armadillo will open a  cannon in his head and then fire four
energy blasts at you. Climb the wall when this happens.

Just shoot him when you can and dodge the above attacks.


This weapon will fire a shield on the ground, which will roll forward.
Charged up, it becomes a true shield protecting you for the time being.

The next Maverick you should face is Launch Octopus.

X         X
X         X

This is the first water level you will encounter. In water, X can jump higher
than normal. Go through the level, and you will fight small mini-bosses that
are ship-like, that will try to suck you towards them and they also throw out
tentacles. After destroying the second one, use the second tornado like thing
in the water to jump up to a submarine. Destroy the submarine with a single
shot of the Storm Tornado, then when it sinks, stay on it. Eventually it will
crash through the spikes in the bottom, and you will be able to enter a
chamber to the right and fight a dragon-like mini-boss. You can stand on it's
scales, and only it's head and tail are vulnerable. Simply walk into there
with a fully powered Storm Tornado and it will be a one-hit kill, provided it
is held onto him long enough. After killing it, go to the very right to find
your sixth HEART TANK. Continue on through the level, and you will eventually
fight the dragon-like mini-boss again. This time he is a bit harder, as he
digs into the sand beneath him. Use the same strategy as before. Finish the
level and come upon the next boss.


This boss is a little hard. Turn on your Rolling Shield, but do not charge it
up. Trying to hit him with it will only hurt yourself most likely. In the
beginning, Dash immediately. Like Flame Mammoth, he will try to land on you.
His attacks are:

-	Launch Octopus will fire torpedoes at you. Jump up to dodge them.
-	Launch Octopus will create small enemies to attack you. Destroy them with
a Rolling Shield.
-	Launch Octopus will leap up and create a whirlpool. Walk in the opposite
direction to prevent getting sucked in. If you are, Launch Octopus will latch
onto you and steal some of your health.

Hit him with a Rolling Shield whenever you can. Quickly you will claim


This weapon is a missile that is heat seeking. Launch it for a guaranteed hit
on an enemy on screen. Charged up, four projectiles are released instead.

Now head over to Boomer Kuwanger's stage.

X        X
X        *

There are no enhancements that you can get in this stage right now, so just
go through the level until you reach the boss. There is a small hard part in
this level. Eventually you will come to a platform that constantly rises.
Floors with spikes beneath them are constantly appearing as you go up. Your
best bet would be to jump on top of these floors as soon as you can. When the
platform stops, instead of risking getting hit by the spikes by jumping, just
Dash to your right.


This boss is not too hard. Use your Homing Torpedo. There is no need to
charge up. His attacks are:

-	Boomer Kuwanger will throw a Boomerang Cutter at you (the weapon you soon
get). Just jump away from it and fire a Homing Torpedo.
-	Boomer Kuwanger will lower his head, clasp you with the pincers on his
head, and hurl you into the ceiling. Just stay away from him to avoid this.
-	Boomer Kuwanger will teleport. Jump around when he's gone and fire as soon
as he returns.
Other than that, just get in a shot whenever you can. Soon you will claim


This weapon describes itself basically. Use it, and a boomerang will fly out,
cutting away. Charged up, four much larger, green boomerangs will orbit you
for a second. You will not lose energy for this weapon, as long as the
boomerangs come back to you when used. However, if you charge it up, you will
lose the energy. The boomerangs will not come back if it takes more than one
of them to defeat an enemy, and you can also use the uncharged ones to
retrieve objects (E Tanks, Heart Tanks, energy capsules, and weapon
capsules). This will be important to retrieving some items later.

At this point, return to Spark Mandrill's stage. Take the down ladder in the
beginning, and go through the other ladders, except for the last one. When
you see the E Tank on your right, jump and use your Boomerang Cutter. It will
give you your fourth and final E TANK.

Now go back to Boomer Kuwanger's stage. Go through most of the level again,
until you can see the HEART TANK above you. Again, use the Boomerang Cutter
to retrieve. Stand back until you can barely see it, and throw.

Now go to the final boss, Sting Chameleon.

X        X
X        X

This level has also been altered. Since you defeated Launch Octopus, the are
has become flooded. This will help you receive an essential item. Go through
this level until you see the walls and floor change from brown to gray
(stone). Slide down the wall below you, and go through the hole to the bottom
(you will see water at this point). Wall Jump to destroy the blocks on the
right. You will see water all over in this area. On the small platform that
is below those blocks, Dash Jump to the right (the water will keep you up)
and collect the eighth and final HEART TANK. Dash Jump back to go back and
this time, Dash Jump up to the wall above you when the walls and floors first
change color. Wall Jump up, and then rocks will close you into the area, thus
forcing you to fight a mini-boss. This boss is not hard, just jump over his
hooks and blast him with the Electric Spark. You do not have to wait for that
even, you can jump up and hit his head with it. Smoke is a sign of his
destruction close at hand. When you run out of Electric Spark, use Fire Wave.
The boss can jump over you (just Dash under him then) and can fire hooks at
you (simply jump over them and then shoot him). If the hook hits the wall,
sometimes the boss will pull itself towards it. Wall Jump over him then.
Sometimes if the hook hits you, the boss will pull you towards it and injure
you. Once he is defeated, Dr. Light's capsule will rise out of the ground.

BODY ARMOR: This armor upgrade will prevent half of the damage you originally

Once you take the enhancement, the rocks shatter, opening your way up again.
Head back, and finally take the right passage now. Continue through the level
until you reach the last boss.


This boss is very hard. It might be wise to enter with a charged weapon. Use
your Boomerang Cutter for sure. Basically, he can blend in with the foliage
around him and then reappear somewhere else (you can follow the wrinkle you
see, though). The ceiling is lined with spikes, so watch out. If he reappears
near you, his tongue will be lashed out at you. Fire Boomerang Cutters when
you can. Other attacks include:

-	Sting Chameleon will hang from the spikes with his tongue, and spikes will
rain down. A certain are will be untouched, stay there, and try to hit him
with a Boomerang Cutter. Do not jump in this instance, as if you fire from
the ground, the Boomerang Cutter will head back toward you and hit him on the
-	Sting Chameleon will be holding onto the foliage and kicking green spikes
at you. Charge up your Boomerang Cutter and launch it to hit him while
avoiding the spikes.

After this difficult fight, you will earn your final weapon.


This weapon will let you shoot three green spikes forward, diagonally upward,
and diagonally downward all at once. Also, when charged up, you will flash
colors, allowing you to pass through enemies without either you or the enemy
being damaged. This will also make you immune to spikes.

Only one more thing is left for you to get (though it's not required, it will
help a lot in the long run).
Return to Armored Armadillo's stage. Here, go through all of it (and make
sure you have a high amount of lives. If you are low, don't get on the first
moving platform that's in the very beginning, and instead kill the Bubble Bat
repeatedly for lives) and then get on the third and final moving platform.
While on it, fire constantly (this will clear out enemies that will otherwise
hit you) and then it will be launched into the air. When you see it begin to
descend a bit, quickly Dash Jump to the right and grab the wall, Wall Jumping
to the top. Take the energy capsule. Now jump left and kill yourself off in
the pit. Repeat this process three to six times (that's why you need a lot of
lives) and eventually the last capsule will appear. You must be at full
health for it to be there, and you must have collected every Maverick weapon,
Heart Tank, and E Tank. Dr. Light will be projected, this time wearing a
karate suit instead of the usual lab coat. You will receive the Fireball.
This weapon is not found on the status screen. You must be at full health to
use it, and it is used by hitting Down, Down and Forward together, Forward,
and then Y (you might want to practice this move). Though it doesn't sound
that great, you will find good uses for it eventually.

Now that you are armed to the teeth, you will notice that a new face is in
the center of the selection screen. It is Sigma, the ultimate foe. Proceed to
his levels.

X       X
X       X
   XX   *

Sigma's Fortress: Level One

Since there are no enhancements after this point (with the possible exception
of one) I will only be including boss strategies past here. Eventually you
will reach a boss door, and Vile will teleport down, as well as Zero. Zero
says he will handle him, and he walks in the door after Vile. Enter as well,
and you will hear signs of a scuffle. If you remember the first level sounds,
you might recognize the sound of Vile's Robot Walker. Go through the next
door, to see Vile in his Robot Walker again, and Zero in an electrical
prison. Now you start fighting again. The difference between this battle and
the one from the first level? The fact that it's in an enclosed room, Zero is
there, and you are more powerful really don't make a difference, because you
end up being paralyzed like last time. Then Zero breaks free and self-
destructs, destroying Vile's Robot Walker, and himself in the process. X
absorbs the energy from the electricity paralyzing him, restoring his health
meter to full, and finally you can fight Vile for real. If you want a quick
win and you are good at the Fireball, Dash once quickly, turn around
immediately, and pull off the move as fast as you can for a one hit kill. I
told you it'd be worth it eventually. If not, pull out your Rolling Shield.
His basic attacks are:

-	Vile will jump up over you. Just dash away, turn around, and throw a
Rolling Shield.
-	Vile will run toward you in an attempt to strike you. Throw a Rolling
Shield to stop him.
-	Vile will throw another energy paralysis bolt, causing temporary paralysis
this time. When he does this, he'll leap up and throw projectiles down at
you. Try to dodge the bolts.

It doesn't take too many Rolling Shields to kill Vile, and eventually you
should claim victory. Walk to the right to see Zero dying. If you didn't get
the X-Buster Upgrade from Flame Mammoth's stage, Zero will give you his arm
cannon, the equivalent.

Continue on through the level. When you get to the area where you must climb
up the shaft (or even right after Zero's death if it's hard enough for you) I
suggest you power up your Chameleon Sting to pass through all the enemies,
and reactivate it at good stopping points. You will open up another boss door
eventually, for a rematch with Boomer Kuwanger. Same strategy as before, use
Homing Torpedoes. Keep going, and finally you'll reach the last boss for this
part of Sigma's fortress. This boss is a very big spider. The spider will
either go very fast and try to land on you (usually succeeding), or it will
drop down four mini spiders, then it will do the previous attack. The best
way to fight this thing is to Dash twice in a row in one direction, turn
around and then do it again. This will fool the spider making it land away
from you. Turn around immediately and fire a Shotgun Ice. It is only
vulnerable when it's center is red. May take some practice, but eventually
you'll get the hang of it. You will probably have to use a couple of E Tanks
for this fight. After this battle, X will teleport out.

Sigma's Fortress: Level Two

Select the same thing as you did before on the selection screen, and you'll
go to the next level. Now you will fight Chill Penguin again. Although the
Fire Wave is his weakness, since it is a short-range weapon, I find it easier
to use the X-Buster instead. Or, you can use the Fireball for another one hit
kill. The best time to use it is after you dodge him when he slides on his
stomach trying to hit you. However you do it, beat him and continue on. I
suggest you have a full-power charge shot ready when you leave the battle,
because a robot walker will soon be there, with it's rider. If you can
destroy the rider in time, you can inhabit the robot walker instead. But if
you don't, you'll have to have a fight with it similar to Vile's attacks, but
it can be destroyed. When you are confronted with two ways to go (the left
side or the right side), I suggest you take the right. Next comes the rematch
with Storm Eagle. I wouldn't recommend that you use the Chameleon Sting,
because you'll need it soon. Use the X-Buster again, though you can't seem to
hit him by turning around when he swoops anymore, because he'll hit you
instead. I think it's because of the time required to release the pink blast,
so just Dash this time and fire when he's on the ground. Keep going after
this fight, and you will come upon the final boss of this stage. This boss
has two eyes, and a central core. When the core is open, one of the eyes will
open at a time, firing energy balls at you. Shoot the Chameleon Sting at the
eyes. When the core closes, The walls will close in, and the core will bounce
around, most likely about to hit you. You must destroy the two eyes, at which
point the walls will permanently move in, and you will have to destroy the
core, which is not easy. You'll have to jump off, turn around, fire, and then
get  back on or else you'll land on spikes. You may need an E Tank for this
fight. Eventually you will win and teleport out.

Sigma's Fortress: Level Three

First on this level you will right away fight Armored Armadillo. Same
strategy, shock off his armor with the Electric Spark, then pummel him with
it until he explodes. Next comes the fight against Sting Chameleon. The
strategy isn't different here, just pummel him with the Boomerang Cutter.
After that, keep going (you'll have to use the Boomerang Cutter to retrieve
the two capsules in the enclosed room). Now fight Spark Mandrill again. The
boss is no less of a joke than he was before. Shotgun Ice is all it takes.
The room after Spark Mandrill is an excellent place to refill E Tanks if some
are empty. Keep dropping back down and defeating all the enemies to quickly
recharge them. The next door will lead to Launch Octopus (you should've
figured that out from the water part you just went through). This time
around, though, you might want to launch about four Boomerang Cutters at him,
because it will cut off his tentacles, depriving him of his whirlpool ability
(and making him look silly). However, the final boss of this level is
vulnerable to that particular weapon, so I suggest you don't in that respect.
It's your choice, make a wise one. Either way, just use the Rolling Shield
again and keep going. The next Maverick to face again is Flame Mammoth. Like
Launch Octopus, fire off a few Boomerang Cutters to cut off his trunk, making
him look like a pig and depriving him of his oil shooting ability. Use the
Storm Tornado again to quickly dispose of him. The last boss door is next. In
this room, you will fight a sort of vehicle that can split in half. When they
do join together, they will create a gigantic energy ball headed toward you
(Dash under it if that occurs). Also, the car part will ram you, and the head
part will also try to hit you. When this happens, jump between the two and
try to escape onto the other side before they collide to hit you. The
Boomerang Cutter will do the most (aim for the head part). If you run out,
try using Homing Torpedoes, though they don't do extra damage, they are a
guaranteed hit. Finally, you may have to use an E Tank for this battle.
Eventually, you'll win (may take a lot of practice though). X teleports out,
and you go to the next level.

Sigma's Fortress: Level Four

Just climb the walls as soon as you enter this stage, and avoid the hole-
shaped enemies jutting out. Once you reach the top, Sigma himself will
teleport down with his dog. The dog is your fight. If you want to quickly
dispose of him, don't move when the battle starts, it'll leap right over you.
At this point, get a Fireball ready. When it lands, the Fireball should
connect for a one hit kill. If not, constantly dodge the dog's leaping and
blasts, and fire the Shotgun Ice whenever you can. Use the walls to your
advantage to dodge the dog. The dog will constantly run across the room, and
sometimes pauses to fire ice balls at you. Constantly climb the walls, and I
recommend that you cross over from each side when the dog reaches your side.

After that, Sigma teleports down again. This time he throws off his cape to
fight you. Jump up in the beginning and climb the wall. You will definitely
notice a pattern to Sigma here. Learn it, and then return to the floor when
you know Sigma won't hit you. A one hit kill, again, will be a Fireball.
Launch it before Sigma hits the ground. If you can't do that, then use the
Electric Spark, because it's the only weapon that will do twice as much
damage as the others will. If you can charge it up (I recommend doing this
while you are on the wall) it will do three bars of damage. Plus, because of
the range, it is much more likely to hit Sigma, though it puts you a little
more at risk. Stay on the walls to avoid his attacks, and don't fire when his
sabre is blocking. Stay on the left wall, and drop down once he has crossed
to that side. Then he should land without hitting you, and launch an Electric
Spark before he hits the ground, because if he does, his sabre could be
blocking. After this fight, Sigma's body explodes, but his head remains.

The head attaches to a much larger machine. The final fight begins. The
machine in the center can emit huge balls of energy, which will fire
continuously across the room, from one side to the other. If your timing is
right, you can Dash under them. Also, a continuous jet of fire can erupt from
the center, which will also sweep the screen. For this, you'll have to head
to the side you can. You'll also notice two claws, one on each side. Every
few seconds, each will open up. If it glows, lightning will strike vertically
from them. If it doesn't glow, the claw comes down for you. Use this to your
advantage. Jump out of the way when this happens, then get on the claw. The
claw will lightning strike the moment it returns, so get ready. Jump at the
right height and fire a Rolling Shield at Sigma's head. Try to stay on the
claw as long as you can, by being on the edge, where the lightning will not
hit you. The claws will not come down for you when the machine is using fire
or the energy balls. Repeat this process until Sigma runs out of energy.
Don't forget about your E Tanks, because you'll most likely need them.
However, if you die to any of these last three bosses, then you will have to
restart with Sigma's dog. However, you can refill your E Tanks and weapon
energy by using the enemies that come out of the holes. It will take awhile,
but it is better than facing the three bosses again with no E Tanks handy.
Once Sigma's energy is depleted, you win. Watch the ending sequence, and feel
good about your win. (After all the credits, wait about a minute on the
screen where you can see the monitor in the background. When the song ends,
you will see an additional ending.)

This FAQ is by me, X. I welcome all comments and questions at

If you wish to place this FAQ on your site, please send me an E-mail first. I
will most likely give you permission, I just want to know where it's headed.

I will not respond to E-mails that have excessive cussing, or people that are
rude. Be polite, I'll be polite. Be rude, you'll get ignored. It's as simple
as that.

This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by X. Thank you to all those that took the time to
read it.

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