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Читы для Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes

Чит-файл для Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes

Metal & Lace:
The Battle of the Robo Babes

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:MegaTech Software
Издатель:MegaTech Software
Жанры:Arcade (Fighting)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Hints for play of ML:

 a) There are a lot of different things to click on in the bar,
    many of which aren't mentioned in the manual. The special
    messages give a bonus or penalty only once each time you
    start the game or have a combat, so you can get them again
    and again if you either keep battling or quit and restart the
    game. They are part of the random sequence of messages that
    each item in the bar has. Changing to a different character
    will not restore the bonuses. You can save after a bonus, try
    to get a special  message, restore if it is a penalty, and it
    won't appear again in that sequence. For the penalties, if
    you don't have enough money or armor so that the penalty
    could be applied, it won't appear.

 b) The Keg (bottom center of screen) has several special
    messages: get $150, lose $1000, get one Neural Amplifier, and
    damage one armor.

 c) The Bartender has several special messages: pay $100, get
    $250, and (if you don't mind stolen goods) pay $1500 (or get
    them for free if you don't have that much) for 3 Battery
    III. Note that this is a bad deal for you unless you have
    less than $1500, so while it could be a penalty, if you go
    and spend money on things first it is a bonus.

 d) The Floor (on either side of the Keg and Posters) has several
    special messages: get $200, get a (random type) armor, damage
    an armor, lose an armor. Note that the armor that you get
    will have only 1 HP, so sell it to Al if you don't want to
    recharge it and keep it.

 e) The Mirror (top center of screen) has several special
    messages: get $20, duplicate an armor you already have, and
    (after you have been in combat once) send you to the combat
    opponent select screen for free. Note that the duplicated
    armor will be the cheapest type you have, and will have only
    1 HP and no power-ups installed, so sell it if you don't want
    it. This message can also take a long time to show up, so
    don't count on it. Also, the "teleport your ass out of here"
    can appear multiple times if you "chicken exit" until you are
    ready. Even though it may take a while to appear, I prefer
    using the mirror instead of clicking on the Generic Babe or
    double-clicking on the Other Posters.

 f) The Ashtray (on the bar to the left of the Generic Babe) has
    several special messages: get $200, pay $75, and (after you
    have been in combat once) add one win to your record. The
    effect of the last one can only be seen by clicking on the
    "CASH" box (see below).

 g) The "DT" (or is it OT?) sign to the left of the "!" sign has
    a sequence of messages: click on it (then wait for the
    message to clear) to get 15 messages which act as an internal
    credits list for the game. After sitting through all of them,
    you get $1000 the first time through, $500 the second, $250
    the third time, and so on. The counter is apparently separate
    for each fighter, and this is one of two bonuses you can get
    as many times as you like in one sitting, if you want to sit
    that long. If you are persistent, it will eventually go down
    to $5 and then back up to $1000, but it appears to "decay"
    twice as slow on the second cycle. There are much easier ways
    to get money in the game. If you really want to see the
    credits list, its in the endgame anyway.

 h) The Tough Guy (sounds like AHHHnold to me) has several
    special messages: get $250, get $500, get 3 Batteries (a I, a
    II, and a III), and damage all your armors.

 i) The Radio (towards the upper left of the screen) has several
    special messages: get $500, have 1/2 price sale at Armor Al's
    (if you go right away), and lose an armor. Ed said you only lose
    an armor if you have more than one.

 j) Jaimee (the short brunette standing next to Gordie & Mudd)
    just tells you the same thing they do. You pay $25 to enter
    two player mode; there must be at least two fighters with
    armor available. Her name is also used as the password for
    the Old Man, but you only need it the first time for each
    player. Ed said that if you tell the Old Man "Jaime" (missing the
    final "e") the first time, you get a different message, but
    nothing really different happens.

 k) The Generic Babe (the blonde at the bar) can be paid $100 (a
    Big Ben) to tell you that the Old Man wants to hear "Jaimee"
    as a password, or paid $150 to send you to the "select a
    combat opponent" screen (battle a Robo Babe). You should
    never need to do the first, and you only need to do the
    second once. After one fight, use the Mirror to save the
    money, and ignore her for the rest of the game.
    Ed said that if your character is male, tip the Generic Babe
    twice, and "Cobra Mission" players will get a surprise.

 l) Note that if you go to the "next battle" after a combat with
    a Robo-Babe, you will pay $150 for registration. Avoid it by
    going back to the bar so you can get more bonuses, save the
    game, and then come back through the Mirror for free.
    Tournaments are a different story, since you must do all the
    combats in one session without returning to the bar.

 m) The Crate (below the Mirror) just has the "Metal & Lace"
    magazine in it. I never saw it change the whole game, and
    couldn't find anything I could do while in it.

 n) The Other Posters (of mecha on the pole in the center of the
    screen) have several messages, which are not really bonuses
    or penalties. When the game starts, they just have a single
    message from Gunder. After fighting a combat, you get some
    advice from them: "Don't jump, it will lower your max energy
    - Gunder", "Be defensive and let the enemy punch you and tire
    out", "Keep punching and kicking to raise offensive power",
    and "Gunder is a liar!" are the only useful ones. But, if you
    double-click on the "Other Posters" you will go to the combat
    screens, automatically paying $150 if fighting a Robo Babe,
    or for free to a tournament with a champion if you are at
    that stage.

 o) The Girl Poster (also on the pole) is the gateway to the sexy
    stuff in the game. When the game starts, or just after a
    champion is defeated, it is just a single message. After
    defeating at least two girls completely (so you can no longer
    select them on the combat opponent screen), the defeated
    girls start to appear behind the poster. You pay $50 for each
    girl you want to see. Their clothes are all on at first, but
    they have extra screens with less clothing (only one more
    with mostly clothed for the NR-13 version) for each level you
    achieve in the tournaments. Why a female character would want
    to see them is beyond me. If you are the Ultimate Champion,
    you get to see them for free.

 p) Armor Al's has (1/2 price shown):

Name      cost($)  Offensive  Defensive  Max Energy   Power
                     Power      Power      Level   Efficiency
MIMI      1500        11          9         160        85%
ROGUE     1000         8         11         165       100%
ANNA      2200        10         11         175        65%
MISTRESS  2000        11         10         180        70%
SKY HOUND 3000        11         11         180        55%
  DRAGON  4800        11         11         100        50%
SUN C     4000        12         10         190        70%
   There's no explanation anywhere of what the power efficiency
   number means. I used a Sun C for all my combats because it has
   the highest number of HP to start with (that's what "Max
   Energy Level" is) and otherwise reasonable numbers.

 q) The Towel Girl (Mia) can give you information about your
    upcoming opponent in combat. For $50, you get the name of the
    opponent's armor type. For $100 you get full information
    about the armor including installed power-ups.

 r) A Booster III lasts for 5 to 10 seconds each, depending on
    the armor type. Unused fractions, measured in seconds, are
    retained after combat. Maximum Booster time is 60 seconds.

 s) An AI chip lasts for 5 to 10 seconds each, depending on the
    armor type. Unused fractions, measured in seconds, are
    retained after combat. Maximum AI time is 60 seconds. The
    MIMI type can apparently never use AI, whether you buy one
    from Al or find it through a bonus. I've found that exactly
    when you activate the AI does make a big difference to the
    outcome of combat; a fraction of a second can apparently make
    the difference between winning and losing, and how long it
    takes. I found this only by going into the tournament with
    Gunder many times, and have no other explanation for why I
    can either win or lose the same battle even if I don't go up
    levels in the meantime.

 t) A Neural Amplifier adds 6 to 10 HP to an armor, depending on
    the type, over and above the usual maximum. If the armor
    doesn't take any damage, or enough damage to use them up,
    they stay until destroyed in combat. Absolute maximum HP for
    any armor, with any combination of Maximum HP levels or
    Neural Amplifiers, is 250.

 u) A combat lasts for up to 60 seconds. Money is given for
    winning (only $10 or so for losing), and a bonus is given for
    time remaining. A draw is if both combatants are still
    standing at the end of time, or they kill each other at the
    same time, which is pretty rare. As said above, you're
    usually better off going back to the bar after each fight, so
    you can get the bonuses, rather than continuing with another
    fight, except for a tournament with a champion. Those have to
    be tackled as three or six sucessive fights, so make sure you
    have lots of supplies before heading into one.

 v) If you collect lots of bonuses, you can easily acquire one of
    each of the seven (7) types of armor, lots of batteries, and
    the cash to support your combat supplies. I don't think it's
    necessary to try to match your armor according to what your
    opponent has, e.g. that a Rogue is the best thing to use
    against an Anna (which I doubt). I just used a Sun C with a
    lot of power-ups, and let the AI do all the work! Even though
    some combats were lost, the character gains levels often
    enough to eventually beat all opponents, who apparently
    don't. The only really tough opponents for my Sun C were the
    Silver Dragon and Sun C types, and the tournament with Gunder
    wasn't won until I got to comparable levels.

 w) Unlike Boosters, Neural Amplifiers, and AI chips, the Shields
    are apparently NOT used up in combat, even if they activate
    (the humming column of light that acts like a force field for
    a few seconds), that is, if that's what is happening. Shields
    are apparently lost only when the opponent would have killed
    you but for the shield. But, all armor types can only carry 3
    at most, so make them the best ones (type II). I don't know
    what turns on a force field, but your AI can do it, and so
    can your opponent, sometimes for no apparent reason.

 x) Another thing in the bar that you can click on is the "CASH"
    box. It will show a summary screen until you click on it
    again. The win record affected by the magical Ashtray is
    here. "Credits Now" is some sort of counter for how many
    tournaments you have won, and how many Robo Babes you have
    beaten at this level.

 y) The beer mug (but it looks more like a can to me) in Jaimee's
    hand is the biggest special in the game. While in the "down"
    position, it has several special messages: gain money (random
    amount $100 to $500), recharge all armors, damage an armor,
    destroy an armor. While in the "up" position, it will always
    grant a random amount of money from $100 to $500 (in $50
    increments) each time it is clicked on. This will work once
    if you click on it before clicking on the mug in the "down"
    position, but after the first time, you must click on the
    "down" mug before the "up" mug will give you more money. In
    practice, click on the "up" mug, save the game, then click on
    the "down" mug lots of times until it either goes up or gives
    you a special message. If a penalty, restore, then click on
    the "up" mug and save, and start again. If a bonus, click on
    the "up" mug, save, and start again. Once you have been
    through all the penalties for the down mug, you can either
    click multiple times while down to get the bonuses too, or
    just click once down and once up as many times as you like to
    get as much money as you need. Nothing happens if you click
    on the empty space where the mug would be but for it being in
    the other position, or on the mug when up after you get money
    once, and there seems to be no way to click on the mug when
    it is moving.

 z) The pole behind the tough guy also has several messages. If
    you double click on it while a "hand" cursor appears, except
    for where the mug appears when up, you will get $500 the
    first time each player does it. There are several different
    messages on the pole, none of which seem to be really
    important, but in contrast to the rest of the things in the
    bar, these messages appear to be determined strictly by where
    on the pole you double click. Single click gets you nothing.

 aa) Characters gain levels in Offensive Power, Defensive Power,
    and Maximum HP in each type of armor for combat, whether
    successful or not. Levels are gained even if the AI does
    everything. Fractional levels don't seem to help, but when a
    whole number is reached it adds to the appropriate quantity
    (1 for power, 5 HP for Maximum HP) and any fractions are
    lost. These levels apply to all armor of that type, but
    there's usually no point in having more than one of each type
    for long anyway. In practice, if the AI is doing all the
    fighting, you will gain levels in Maximum HP, Offensive
    Power, and Defensive Power, in order of frequency.

 bb) Each player can have at most 99 items of any type. The game
    will not let you get more than that, so you might as well
    sell them if you accumulate close to that many through
    accumulation of bonus items. This is particularly easy with
    Battery IIIs, since you can get up to 4 each time without
    ever using any.

 cc) Let's talk about Wolf McGirt. I've ignored him up until now,
    because there is really no need to borrow money with the
    bonuses available. The amount you can borrow apparently
    varies with combat experience and character inventory
    somehow. I have a character who won all 4 tournaments and is
    trying to beat Gunder, and hasn't been able to borrow any
    money at all for a while. Another character has Credits Now
    of 32 (has defeated all 7 Robo-Babes in the first level) and
    hasn't won the first tournament yet, and could borrow up to
    $16,000. A character just starting out is not able to borrow
    anything either, so I guess you have to go into combat to
    have a reputation first.

 dd) Anyway, if you do borrow any amount, interest is added on at
    what looks like 5% per combat, which are apparently
    considered to be one per day, and Wolf takes a portion (1/2?)
    of your winnings to pay off the debt. If you don't borrow the
    maximum amount, you can "be funny" and try to borrow a
    negative amount of money. In that case, Wolf will take 10% of
    your cash as a penalty, but it doesn't go into paying the
    debt! Using a combination of this and other ways of losing
    money, it is possible to attempt to pay back more money than
    you have. If you "go negative", the cash amount will
    apparently wrap around to $4,967,295 (as -$1) (this is
    5,000,000 - 32705 !?) and go down from there. While this
    might seem wonderful at first glance, the amount is
    apparently treated by the game as a negative number, and you
    can't buy anything! I've also found that if you make one or
    more payments on the debt, you can't pay more than you have
    or borrow negative amounts again, until you pay the whole
    thing off and can start again. I haven't been able to make
    this work as a source of essentially unlimited cash, but
    somebody else might.

 ee) A reply on the Megatech BBS mentioned that you can also pay
    $25 to Gordie & Mudd to go negative. The reply also implied
    that this was a bug in the program. If so, then this is not
    the way to practically infinite riches in ML.

 ff) I haven't tried fiddling with the save game file in ML,
    since the game can be successfully played (albeit tedious)
    and won with AI chips and getting money from bonuses. Patches
    available from the Megatech BBS add an experienced character
    and an easy mode, but I never needed them.

 gg) Megatech did add a cheat key to version 1.42a and later:
    press Shift and F11 and F12 in combat "recharge your powers".
    This regenerates hits up to normal value, but doesn't affect
    AI or booster time. Only works for "easy" mode characters?

 hh) Apparently "Cheet Sheets Issue 35" had a contribution by
    Otaiba Sheikh which had two different items for Metal & Lace.
    The first one said that if you click on the top poster, then
    the bottom, then 2nd from top, then 2nd from bottom, you
    would be invicible during fighting. Well, there was a mention
    of a middle poster too, and there isn't one! And I couldn't
    get this one to do anything special; not fighting after doing
    this means you die just like always. Anyway, the second one
    said to click on the "C" in "Lucky Winner" to see a naked
    character. Sorry, this one didn't work either. All I got was
    the usual sequence of images. If this was for a different
    version (I tried with both my original disks and the 1.42a
    update in both NR-13 and NR-18 modes), please let me know!

 ii) Ed said these are the Robo-Armors that the various Champions
    (the girls) use. Normally, you only fight each one twice, but
    the third Armor is there for the last fight in the Tournament
    Jamaal Wilkerson: Anna, Silver Dragon, Rogue
    Eileen "Bombast" Ballentine: Sky Hound (all 3 times)
    Skuzz MacAlfie: Silver Dragon (all 3 times)
    Rachel Sapperstein: Mimi or Sun C

 jj) Ed said these are the Armors that Gunder uses in the 6 rounds
    of the final Tournament.
    1: Rogue             2: Anna             3: Sky Hound
    4: Mistress          5: Sun C            6: Silver Dragon
    Make sure you go in with enough Neural Amplifiers to maximize
    HP each round, at least 18 Shield IIs (3 per round), at least
    6 Battery III to repair after each battle, and enough Booster
    III to have a full 60 seconds of extra power in all 6 battles.
    You'll also need enough AI chips, if you're using them.

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