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Читы для Metal Gear Solid

Чит-файл для Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Konami Computer Entertainment Japan и Digital Dialect
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 22 сентября 2000 года
Жанры:Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth
Похожие игры:Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Deus Ex

Даты выхода игры | Раскрыть все

вышла 20 октября 2000 г.
вышла 24 сентября 2000 г.
вышла 26 февраля 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Disc 1, Part 1

Area 1: Dock

At the start of the game, Snake will emerge from his scuba dive in the dock
You will be near a large box-like structure with no apparent way to get past it.
Strangely, this is a part where some people seem to have gotten stuck right off
the bat, when in reality it is pretty simple. All you need to do is crouch down
and crawl under the pipe.

After the pipe, stop at the corner and press yourself up against the wall, as
there is a guard that patrols the area nearby. Run to the right, while avoiding
the puddle on the floor (it will alert the guards) and run to the farthest box
and wait. Use your radar to monitor the movements of the two guards, and then
wait until they are not looking in your direction. Run to the middle "hall"
between the boxes and run all the way to the left until you reach the farthest
wall. Then run towards the top of the room, at which point you will receive a
call from Campbell who will inform you of the elevator. Run over to the upper
right hand corner of the room to find a ration behind the forklift, and then
for the elevator.

As soon as the elevator arrives, wait for the guard to exit it and move away
it, then run aboard to view the title credits and enter the next area.

Area 2: Heliport

As soon as you enter the area, Snake will witness a Hind-D taking off. After
that, you will receive a Codec transmission from Campbell where you will be
briefed and introduced to Mei Ling, who can save you game by contacting her on
frequency #140.96. She will also explain to you how your radar works, before
handing you off to Naomi Hunter and Campbell.

You need to enter the base, but the front door is too heavily guarded. To get
you need to make your way to the small air duct on the left side of the
Run to the right, and slither your way along the air conditioner boxes to find
another ration. Be careful here, as there is one guard patrolling the area.

Up near the last box, is a security camera that will alert the guards if it
you. Quickly run to the truck, jump inside and you can find your Socom hidden
behind a box. You are now able to bust a cap in any guard who happens to notice
you. Run up near to front door, and slide along the wall until Snake notices the
surveillance camera. There is a guard snoozing in front of the vent, but crouch
down and crawl inside to access the Tank Hanger.

Area 3: Tank Hanger

While crawling through the dark and dank tunnel, Snake will receive a call from
Master Miller (Codec: 141.80). He and Snake will chatter for a while, and you
will then be able to continue on your crawl through the tunnel.

You need to be very careful when you reach the end, as your radar does not work
inside the confined space, and there are two guards in the room that you need to
enter. Wait until you see a guard pass by the vent, and then exit and run to the
bottom part of the room. Campbell will call and tell you about the elevator, but
ignore that for now, as you need to get one crucial item from this area.

Walk along the bottom part of the room until you come to the left side. Slither
along the wall and wait until the guards pass out of range. Then run up the
stairs, and wait for the camera to move out of the way so your can get by. You
need to slide yourself along the wall while waiting for it to move in the two

Run along the catwalk to the right side of the room. Enter the small closet and
run to the back of the room (careful, there is a camera here) to find the
Goggles. These will be extremely useful very soon.

Return to the main floor (while avoiding the camera and guards on the way), and
push the button. It takes a minute or two for the elevator to arrive, so quickly
skirt over to the area under the stairs to find some Socom bullets, and a nice
corner to hide until the elevator arrives. Get inside it, and press button B1 to
go down to the Cell.

Area 4: Cell

When you enter the Cell, Mei Ling will contact you to say that the DARPA chief
showing up on your radar. Unfortunately he is locked away in a cell, and you can
see no easy way to get him out. Thankfully, you are Solid Snake and that means
there is nothing you cannot do. Run down the hallway and turn at the end of it
find a ladder. Campbell will call you and tech you how to climb it, so do that
and enter more air ducts.

Down the first left tunnel in the ducts, you will find some Socom bullets, as
well as a grate where you can spy on a guard while he is sitting on the toilet
(why you would want to do this is you own business…).

Continue down the shaft to the end, where it turns once again to the left. The
first vent shows you the first glimpse of Meryl in the game, and the final vent
will give you access to the cell holding the DARPA Chief.

The chief will explain a lot to Snake, including some details on Metal Gear Rex.
Throughout their conversation, Meryl will be listening in, and plotting her own
escape. Toward the end of the scene, the chief will have a sudden heart attack
and drop dead. Thankfully, he gave Snake his keycard as right before he died.

Once you have control again, you will hear some commotion outside, and you will
also be able to find a ration under the bed (if you need it). Exit the room to
encounter a very nervous "guard". After a short confrontation, an elite group of
soldiers will burst in and open fire on the two of you. Use your Socom to mow
down the enemies, and pick up the ammo and rations they drop as needed. When
toss three grenades into the room, move up into the doorway to avoid the blunt
the blast.

Even though you have the Level 1 keycard, you only able to open one of the doors
in this area and it happens to be the one you just left (however there is some
ammo in there if you need it). Enter the elevator and press B2 to go down one
more level into the Armory.

Level 5: Armory

This is the first time where those Thermal Goggles will come in useful. There
tap doors down a couple of the halls here, and they will kill Snake instantly if
he steps on one. If you put on the Thermal Goggles, you will be able to spot
before you step on them. Run to the entrance of the top middle building, and use
the Level 1 keycard to enter it. Inside you will find two cases of C4, which you
will use very shortly. The lower middle building holds some Socom bullets, so
grab them if you need ‘em.

There are three places in this area where you can use the C4. To the right and
left of the elevator are to blue-ish patches of wall that bow away to reveal
(one has two trap doors in it – so use Termals and be careful). The other area
the crucial one. In the lower left hand corner of the room is a large blue patch
of wall, planting C4 there will give you access to Armory Sth.

Area 6: Armory Sth

In this area, you will need to use C4 two more times. The first is on the right
wall, and the second is on the top wall once you go through the newly opened

Once you enter that last hole, you will find Kenneth Baker tied up to enough C4
to level a small country. You will also meet Revolver Ocelot, and have your
boss fight of the game.

This fight isn’t incredibly difficult seeing as it is your first big battle, but
it still requires a little strategy. At the top of the screen you will see your
life, Ocelot’s life and ammo count, as well as Kenneth Baker’s life. You must KO
Ocelot while protecting Baker from any harm.

The way to fight Ocelot is to run around the room in circles while taking one
shot at a time at him when you have a clear shot (more than one shot is a waste
of ammo, as his is invincible for a few seconds after getting hit once). Also,
keep an eye on Ocelot’s ammo, when he runs out he needs to reload, which leaves
him vulnerable. If you run out of ammo, three containers of bullets are located
in the area to refill your stores.

When Ocelot is down, the Ninja will appear and chop off his gun hand. After
Baker will be freed and will give you another keycard before dying just like the
DARPA Chief did.

The door at the top of the room is still locked to you, even with the Level 2
key, so return to the Armory, where you will be able to access some new rooms.
The lower left one holds grenades, which you will want to snag to use in the
boss battle that is on the way very soon. The lower right one holds the FA-MAS
gun and ammo for it, but it is guarded by two laser trip-wires. To get past
these, put on your thermals, and crawl under them.

Exit that room, avoid the two new guards, and enter the elevator. Return to the
first floor, and run to the right-most wall, and enter the door. At the end of
this little room is a Socom Supressor (silencer) that is guarded by a snoozing
guard. You can either use a Stun Grenade or choke him from behind to grab it and
then exit.

As Baker told you, there is a codec # on the back of your CD case. The number is
140.15, and it puts you into contact with Meryl. After a conversation, Meryl
say that she is able to open the cargo bay door, which will give you access to a
new area. While waiting, you can go upstairs and finally enter the left door
you passed earlier to find the famous Cardboard Box and some Chaff Grenades.

Once the door is open, you need to use your Thermal Goggles to pass by the laser
beams. If you touch one, the gas will enter the room and you will die. Wait
each beam is moving up before passing under it, and then use the keycard to open
the door at the end of the hall.

Area 7: Canyon

In the Canyon you can either use a mine detector (if you found one) or your
Thermal Goggles to locate the mines and avoid them. Follow the left wall and
about halfway through the area, you will view a cut scene that introduces you to
your next boss – Vulcan Raven.

This battle can be very annoying if you did not pick up those Chaff Grenades
earlier. From behind some cover, toss a Chaff to scramble the tanks sensors so
cannot fire its cannon at you. Then run up and start tossing normal grenades
the center area of the tank. It should only take four or five hits, and both
soldiers inside will be killed and you will gain the 3rd keycard.

Area 8: Nuke Building

From the entrance, run up the catwalk to the left to find a ration (since you
now carry three at a time), then crawl under the door at the top of the room.
Inside there are guards to avoid, and you cannot use weapons in this room due to
the nukes scattered about.

Run along the bottom of the room to the left, and climb up the stairs. There is
guard the patrols the catwalk near the elevator, but you can crouch down in the
middle of the staircase to avoid detection by him and the guards on the lower
level. When the coast is clear, call the elevator and go down to floor B1.

Enter the room directly across from the elevator and carefully watch the guard’s
movements. Your goal in here is the middle office on the right side of the room,
where you will find the super fun Nikita Missile Launcher and some ammo for the
cool weapon.

Exit the room, and re-enter the elevator and head to floor B2. This is where the
Nikita comes into use. The room is filled with gas, and the floor is
You need to fire off a Nikita and control it in first person mode to blow up the
fuse box that you saw in the cut scene. To do this, fire the missile, hit the
first person key, and turn right at the end of the hall. Guide it through the
office, and through the two glass doors. Turn right sharply and enter the small
room, then turn left to find the box and blow it up.

Once that is taken care off, you can walk down the hall. The first door on the
right has a ration inside, while the third door has a very helpful gas mask
guarded by a camera. Grab the gasmask, and then take the right fork of the hall
to enter the next area, and face the Ninja one on one.

The Ninja fight is much more complicated than your previous battles, as the
has a couple different ways of attacking, which are explained below:

You will just be fighting the Ninja using normal 1 on 1 hand to hand techniques
(no weapons).
After a while of pounding, his attacks will increase, including a jumping stomp
that is easy to avoid.
Next, he will zip around the room while invisible. Use your Thermal Goggles to
find him, and punch him. After a couple hits he will teleport again. Repeat
the next step.
After that, he will teleport, stop, and then take one HARD swing at you. Dodge
the swing and punch him. This is how you need to fight him until he gets down to
a sliver of life.
Once he is almost dead, he will zip around the room in a globe of electricity.
This is the only time when a weapon will damage him, so use your Socom or FA-MAS
to take off any remaining life.
When Ninja is defeated, Snake will meet Otacon though a very long story
Toward the end of it, Otacon will offer Snake his assistance and will provide
with the Codec frequency to reach him on (141.12) as well as the Level 4 card.

Return to the elevator and go back to floor B1. When you enter the room across
from the elevator again, a guard will notice you and immediately run out. Follow
it into the room to the right of the elevator to reveal that it is really Meryl.
After a little chat, you will receive the Level 5 card, which will give you
access to a door at the end of the hall.

Area 9: Commander Room

As you approach the door, Meryl will begin to act strangely. The reason for this
will be revealed as soon as you enter the room at the end of the hall. Inside,
you will encounter Psycho Mantis – FOX HOUNDS resident psycho-kinetic bad dude.

Of course, you must fight him and it becomes one of the most unusual and unique
boss confrontations in any video game – console or PC. At the beginning of the
fight, Meryl will be under Mantis’ control, and you must knock her out (but not
kill her) in order to get to him. Do this by throwing her instead of punching
use a Stun Grenade), since she won’t take that much damage.

Psycho Mantis can read YOUR mind, which means that he can tell what button you
are about to press on your controller, thus he is able to react perfectly and
your weapons are useless. The way to get around this is plug a second controller
into the system and use that one to fight him once the words "HIDEO" appear on
the screen.

When Mantis throws objects around the room, drop to your belly and wait until
sky is clear. Then jump up and pelt him with bullets from your FA-MAS. After a
few rounds of this, he will once again take control of Meryl, and again you must
KO her to continue. Immediately after you KO her, he will take control of her
again and place her gun against her head. You’ll have to KO her VERY fast or
he will force her to kill herself. After that, you simply have to continue
blasting him when you have a clear shot.

PC Strategy: Since Psycho Mantis required a very PlayStation-specific tactic to
defeat in the console version, the battle will naturally be different in the PC.
When the battle starts, switch over to using the keyboard (or gamepad if you are
already using the keyboard) to defeat him.

Once Mantis is out of the picture, Snake and Meryl will travel together for a
while. In the next area, you will need to travel through a short cave full of
Wolf Dogs. They don’t really like Snake much, so use your Thermal Goggles to
your way through the cave quickly at which point you will arrive at the
Underground Passage.

Area 10: Underground Passage

When you enter this area, Meryl will say how she knows that it is mined. Follow
her footprints to safely pass the dangerous explosives that are hidden under the

After that short little scene, Meryl will be shot down by a sniper, the long
distance sharpshooter of FOX HOUND – Sniper Wolf. Unfortunately, Snake does not
have a sniper rifle of his own, but you can easily find one. All you need to do
is run all the way back to the Armory and take one from there.

Once you have the PSG-1, return to where Meryl was shot to find her missing, but
Sniper Wolf is still there waiting for you. Run over to either upper corner of
the small square area and arm your rifle. To steady your shot, use Diazepan, and
aim carefully. You can actually get two or three hits into her before she will
move on. If you happen to run out of ammo, you can find more on each side of the
small area you are in.

Even though you have depleted Sniper Wolf’s life bar, she is not done with you
yet. Run forward, and climb up to where she was shooting at you to find some
1 ammo, and then run to the door in the corner of the area. As soon as you
approach it, guards will arrive with Sniper Wolf to take you captive.

When you awake you will find yourself strapped to an electo-torture device
by none other than Revolver Ocelot. It appears as if he is still holding a
for your little skirmish earlier in the mission, and he wants to take it out of
your hide.

This torture sequence is a turning point in the game. If Snake survives it, you
will go on to view the "good" ending when you complete the game. If Snake gives
up, the "bad" ending will be shown. Finally if Snake dies, it is GAME OVER with
no option to continue.

To survive the torture, you must rapidly tap the CIRCLE (O) button over and
The easiest way to do this will vary from person to person, but one way is to
brace the controller against something like a controller and pound the button
using your index or middle finger. Also, you cannot cheat by using a Turbo
Controller, the game will know and will instantly fail you.

Once the torture is complete, Snake will find himself in a cell, and you need to
escape. While waiting in the cell, you make be taken for more torture sessions
depending on what difficulty you are playing the game on.

To escape from the cell, you can do two different things. The first is to call
Otacon, who will come and give you a bottle of ketchup and a scarf. When the
guard runs to the bathroom, use the ketchup, and Snake will lie on the ground
appear to be dead. The guard will come back, open the door, and Snake will be
able to KO him and leave. This tactic effects events later in the game, so the
second on is recommended.

That tactic is to again call Otacon (for the scarf as it will be useful later in
the game), and once again wait until the guard runs to the bathroom. Then, hide
under the bed until he comes back. Once again, the guard will return and open
door, allowing snake to leave.

You can find your items in a box next to the torture machine, then exit out of
the right door to find yourself in the Cell area from earlier in the game.

Board the elevator and make your way back to where you fought Sniper Wolf. When
you are in the middle of the field where you battled Vulcan Raven’s M1 tank,
Deepthroat will call you and tell you that there is a bomb in your items. Scroll
through your items (not weapons), until you see an item with a number on it (it
should be between 45 and 60). Press the O button to use it, and Snake will toss
it away.

Continue onto the Sniper Wolf tower, and enter the door where you were captured
earlier to arrive in the Communications Tower.

Area 11: Communications Tower

You have now reached the point in the game where events start to really speed up
and become much more exciting. The tower run is one of the fastest paced
sequences in the game, and is very cool.

As Snake enters one of the outer rooms of the tower, a camera right above the
doorway will spot him, and alert the guards (you will also find a Rope and Stun
Grenades here – grab both). Unfortunately, Snake has no where to run and hide,
he cannot evade them, and thus he must fight. If you want bloodshed, equip your
FA-MAS and fire while you run. On the other hand, you can avoid a lot of battle
if you just use Stun Grenades. When you reach the first doorway, Otacon will
you that it cannot be opened, but you can still reach the other tower via the
roof, so continue your way up.

When you finally reach the roof, Liquid Snake appears in the Hind-D that you saw
earlier in the game. After blowing up the walkway to the other tower, he taunts
Snake for a while before Snake realizes that the only way off is to repel down
the tower using the rope that you found at the bottom.

You need to repel down the side of the tower, while avoiding Liquid’s gunfire as
well as the hot steam. When you reach the bottom, you will be at the door that
you could not open earlier. On the walkway ahead of you are three TOUGH guards
that you cannot see in the darkness – so do not run ahead just yet.

Pull out your PSG-1 and drop to the ground. Snipe and kill all three guards
before running down the walkway, or else you will be in for a world of hurt.
they are taken care of, continue forward and Liquid will appear again to taunt
you. Dodge the fire from his cannons and run into the door to the left, where
will find the Stinger Missile launcher.

Once again you will need to run up more stairs to the top of another tower. This
time, you won’t have to deal with guards, but rather cannons. About every other
corner has cannons that will shoot you. The first has one; the second has two,
and so on. The easiest way to get past these is to toss a chaff grenade as you
come to each corner.

When you reach the top, exit onto the roof to battle Liquid Snake in his
helicopter. Arm the Stinger and get ready for his attack. Liquid’s main attack
the cannon on his Hind-D, but you can avoid the fire by hiding behind either the
small building or crates on the roof. In between attacks, fire off a Missile
whenever you get a lock on. After a few hits, Liquid will fire off a missile of
his own, which will strike in the lower section of the map. Once again, continue
to pummel him with Stingers, and he will eventually run low on life. When he
fires off a second missile, you will know that he is dead.

After the battle, Otacon will call you on the codec telling you that the
in the tower is once again working. Go back inside and run down the stairs
using Chaff Grenades to disable the turrets), until you get to the elevator.

Once inside the elevator, Otacon will call Snake on the codec. They will both
realize that the lift is too heavy, which means that Snake has some company in
there with him. This will be a short battle against four enemies using Stealth
Camouflage. You can use Thermal Goggles to spot them if you need to, but they
actually pretty easy to spot as they will be moving quite a bit. Use your FA-Mas
to mow them down, and Snake will exit on the ground floor.

As you run through the last couple tunnels, be sure to use Chaff Grenades as
there are turrets in a couple corners.

Area 12: Snowfield

The next area you will arrive in will be the Snowfield, and it is also the final
area of disc one. As soon as Snake enters the area, you will see him knocked to
the ground through the scope of a sniper rifle. Once again, you will have to
off against Sniper Wolf in armed combat, and this time you must make sure you
it once and for all.

Instead of using the PSG-1 against the sniper, run over to the far right corner
of the area. From here, you will be safe as you are behind a hill and she cannot
hit you. Arm the Nikita Launcher, and guide missiles to her one at a time until
she is dead.

With Wolf down, Otacon will come out and there will be a little cinema scene and
then you will have control of Snake once again. Enter the door to the north,
avoid the turrets, and run down the stairs to end disc one.

Disc 2

Area 1: Blast Furnace

A super-heated metal refinery greets Snake as you begin disc two of the mission.
Inside you will find that you are unable to reach the stairway on the other side
of the room due to a large metal object blocking the ledge on the left wall that
you need to inch along.

First, take out the guard on your side of the room by any means necessary. Then,
arm either the Nikita or Stinger launcher and fire off two missiles to take out
the metal bar that blocks your path. Finally, inch your way along the left wall
ledge to reach the staircase on the far side of the room.

Once down the stairs, you can either enter the north door to access the next
area, or explore the small doorway to the south to find the Body Armor.

Through the north door, you will enter the Cargo Elevator, which is actually two
different elevators that you will need to ride to reach the next objective. On
the first one, three guards will jump on and fight Snake. Deal with them the
way your fought the cloaked enemies in the tower elevator, and then wait for the
trip to finish.

At the bottom, be very careful of the turret in the doorway, and then run to
right to get on the second elevator, and make your way down to the next area.

Area 2: Warehouse

The frozen area of the warehouse is where you will face off against the final
boss before the ending confrontation. Vulcan Raven has returned to terrorize
Snake, only this time he will be armed with a very painful chaingun.

To defeat this walking tank, use either Stinger or Nikita missiles to hit him as
he runs down the halls or is coming into view from the other side of a box (see
images). Use the boxes for cover, and then pick up any items that fall as he
blows up the boxes.

With Raven down, he will give you the key that you need to access the final area
of the game.

Area 3: Underground Base

As you run down the entry hall to the Underground Base, be sure to avoid two
doors in the center of the halls. After that, the walls will be lined with many,
many turrets. Toss a Chaff Grenade to knock them out, and then run through the
door to the north.

When Snake enters that door, he will get his first glimpse of the impressive
Metal Gear Rex. You need to use the ladders (the first one is to your right as
you enter the area) to climb up and over the walking nuclear missile launcher,
and reach the control room where you will be able to use the PAL codes to disarm
the missiles.

Upon approaching the control room, a cinema scene will be triggered where Snake
will spy on Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot conversing. When Snake is spotted
one of the cameras, the PAL disc will be knocked out of his hands, and into the
water below.

Avoid or kill the guards that will be alerted when he is spotted, and return
to the bottom of the room. The PAL disc is in a random location in the stream.
Also, the water will damage Snake, so you don’t want to be in it too long. In
addition to that, there is a chance that Snake will pick up another timed bomb
while running around the water, which you will need to dispose of the same way
you handled the last bomb.

Another thing that can happen to the PAL disc is that a rat may pick it up. If
that happens, you will need to kill the rat to get the disc back.

Once it is back in your possession, return to the control room and use it on the
first computer. After Snake does that, he will find out that he will need to
the key before using it on the second computer. If you remember, the last cold
place you were at was the Warehouse so you need to run all the way back there to
cool the key. When you enter the room, equip the key and wait until it turns
in the item description screen before returning to the control room.

In order to use the key on the final computer, Snake needs to warm it. Return to
the Blast Furnace and equip the key until it turns red in the item description

Before you use the third key make sure you are prepared for the final battle.
most important two things are:

Be maxxed out on health and rations.
Have full Stinger Missile ammo.
As soon as you use the key on the final computer, a cinema scene will start
Snake confronts Liquid Snake. From that confrontation, Snake will be tossed
directly into the battle against Metal Gear Rex. This battle comes in two
split in the middle by a very surprising revelation from one of the most popular
characters in the game.

For the first part of the battle, your target is the small round radar dish on
Metal Gear’s left shoulder. Equip your Stinger missiles and fire whenever you
have a clear shot (sometimes you will be able to fire off two missiles before he
moves). When Rex starts launching missiles at you, do not run away. Rather, run
towards the space between the mech’s legs. The missiles will not strike there,
you will be able to avoid them 85% of the time. Also, you can use Chaff Grenades
to confuse the radar on the mech, and cause the missiles to miss you. Next, he
will begin to fire machine guns at you. When that happens, run away from the
(because he will try to follow that up by stepping on Snake).

Once you have depleted its life once, a cut-scene will begin with a very
cool "save the day" scene from one of the more popular characters in the game.
When combat begins again, use the same tactics to avoid damage as before, but
this time fire your Stinger Missiles at the mech’s face.

After you defeat Metal Gear Rex, you will have to fight Liquid Snake one-on-one
using your bare hands, and no rations. Both of you will have the same amount of
health, so the fight is pretty even. Tapping the attack button three times will
get you a punch-punch-kick move when attacking, so use that in a hit and run
fashion until he is dead.

This is where a major spoiler comes in. What happens now depends on weather you
submitted or survived the torture sequence, andsince it is SPOILER material,
highlight the following text to read:

If you submitted during the torture: Meryl will die and Snake will escape the
complex with Otacon.

If you survived the torture sequence: Meryl will live then she and Snake will
escape the complex together.

Even though you just fought Liquid Snake, you still aren’t through yet. Your
escape companion will jump into a Jeep, and Snake will take control of the
on the rear. You need to blow away all the enemies, and blast a hole in the
grating to continue.

After the two escapees blow away two barricades, Liquid Snake will arrive in his
own jeep and begin firing at you. Keep shooting him until his car swerves in
front of yours, and you will have completed the game.

Now, sit back and enjoy the ending, and be sure to sit all the way through the
credits for a cool little surprise at the end.

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