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Чит-файл для Microcosm


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

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Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Program Overview

Microcosm  has  been  designed to be  the  most graphically stunning and
entertaining  interactive shooting game ever. Microcosm employs over 500
megabytes   of   graphics  data  played   back   through  our  exclusive
FractalEngine  technology. For best results,  Microcosm should be played
on a system with a 386DX 33 or better, a mouse, a 16-bit sound card, VGA
display, and stereo speakers.

Operating Instructions

Microcosm may be controlled via joystick, keyboard, mouse, or any
combination of
the three.

Mouse Control:
Aim the crosshairs and steer the ship by moving the mouse.
The left button is the primary fire button.
The right button enables power-ups.

Joystick Control:
Aim the crosshairs and steer the ship by moving the joystick.
The first trigger is the primary fire button.
The the second button enables power-ups.

Keyboard Control:
Aim the crosshairs and steer the ship by using the arrow keys.
The space bar is the primary fire button.
The control key enables power-ups.
(These keys are the defaults, feel free to change them using the SETUP

In  addition,  you  may  press ESC at  anytime  to  exit the game or the
PAUSE/BREAK key to pause the game.

Mission Objectives
You  play  the  part of an  elite  Cybertech  agent. Your objectives are

1. To clear the body of the 'alien' invasion
2. To destroy the VO Capsules
3. To locate and remove the unit that is controlling Korsby's actions:
Grey M.

Gameplay Guidelines
There  are  a  few basic rules of  play  which, if followed will greatly
enhance the Microcosm experience.

When  moving  through  the body, always  keep  your  eyes focused on the
"deepest" areas of the screen. This will allow you to see any junctions,
power  ups,  or enemies in time to react  to them. If you are looking at
the  "middle"  of  the screen, then you  will  probably not have time to
steer/aim properly.

While  this may seem like a  minor consideration, it will vastly improve
the feel of the game.

Power  ups  are essential to finishing  this  game. When in the Carotid,
Brain,  and  Vena Cava sections, you  must move your vessel to intercept
these packages. Some power ups must be activated with the secondary fire
button, others are automatic.
Power  ups take many forms, only practice  and a good eye will allow you
to grab them every time.

Conserve  your power ups as much as  possible, as they can come in handy
when  fighting the Guardians. Keep in  mind, however, that power ups are
not  transfered from one vessel to the next  so you must use them by the
end of each section.

A  Guardian will be present at the  end of each level. The Guardians are
nearly impervious, but can be defeated. To defeat the Guardian, you must
determine its weak spot and concentrate your fire on that area. The time
availible  to defeat each Guardian is limited, so develop a strategy for

Constant blasting is not always the best way to win.

Torus (Cephalic) Guardian:

Shoot  the moving ball. Try to keep  the crosshairs centered on the ball
as  much  as possible. You do have a  time limit here, and if you do not
destroy  the  Guardian  quickly,  your  ship  will  be  overloaded  with
radiation.  By the way, this would kill you and end your mission - so be
careful to watch the overload meter.

Swinging (Femur) Guardian:

Shoot  the  white glowing area. This  one is particularly tricky, as the
guardian  is always moving. Time your shots carefully, and you will find
that this Guardian is not that hard to finish off.

Spider (Vena Cava) Guardian:

Shoot  the area which is underneath the rotating lid. The timing on this
Guardian is very critical, although it requires less damage to beat.

Grey M (Brain) Guardian:

To  defeat the Grey M requires excellent  aim and patience. You can only
damage  the  Grey  M by firing into  its  open  mouth or the highlighted
plasma area on its top.

Other enemies

While  in  the body, part of your mission  is  to destroy as much of the
invading  force  as possible. Any non-organic  items  should be shot. Be
careful  to avoid shooting the red and white blood cells. Shooting these
will reduce Korsby's life expectancy.

The  VO  capsules are Axiom's way of  killing  Korsby in the event of an
attack. You must destroy all of the VO capsules to finish the game. Your
tracking  computer  will  help you here -  watch  it  closely and try to
follow  the  VO's  as much as possible.  If  one reaches the heart valve
before  you have destroyed it and its missiles, Korsby dies and you will
lose the game.

This  is the docking station. To enter  the station, you must align your
ship  with the sequence of squares  emanating from the docking ring. Use
the  mouse for best results. Once inside the station, use the arrow keys
for  fastest  movement to the transport tube.  You may go either left or
right at the juncture, either way will work.

In  the brain, you must defeat Grey M's defensive screens before you can
attack  the droid itself. To disable the  screens you must shoot out the
power  points on either side of the screen. This can be very tricky. Try
using  the  mouse to aim, and the  keyboard to shoot. This will increase
your rate of fire, and the likelyhood of a hit.

That's  it.  If  you  need  more  detailed  instructions, please contact
Psygnosis for hints, or the Microcosm Hint book with spoiler.

Thanks to Christopher W. Caprio
from Psygnosis Technical Support.

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