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Читы для Need for Speed: High Stakes

Чит-файл для Need for Speed: High Stakes

Need for Speed:
High Stakes

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:EA Canada
Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 мая 1999 года
Жанры:Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Похожие игры:Need for Speed 2, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed, The
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
VERSION 1.0730
30 July, 1999
Updates available at http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest
Best viewed at 800x600 in Notepad with Word Wrap on


1. Introduction
   1.1 What's New?
   1.2 What have you done before?
   1.3 Didn't you say you weren't going to write a NFS:HS FAQ?
   1.4 Versions
   1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
   1.6 Contact Information
   1.7 Contributors

2. Game Information
   2.1 What is Need For Speed: High Stakes?
   2.2 What type of game is NFS:HS?
   2.3 Are there versions based on the country where you buy it?
   2.4 Who are Electronic Arts?
   2.5 What are the minimum requirements?
   2.6 Which 3D accelerators are supported?
   2.7 What other peripherals are supported?

3. Modes
   3.1 Single Player Race Modes
   3.2 What is the difference between career and classic race modes?
   3.3 Multiplayer Race Modes

4. Tracks & Cars
   4.1 What tracks are included?
   4.2 Can I download new tracks?
   4.3 What cars are included?
   4.4 Can I download new cars?

5. General Questions
   5.1 When was NFS:HS released?
   5.2 Where can I buy NFS:HS, and how much does it cost?
   5.3 Can I damage the cars?
   5.4 What is EA Racing?
   5.5 How come EA Racing doesn't work?
   5.6 Are there any patches to download?
   5.7 Why haven't you bought the game?
   5.8 How do I get the dashboard to light up?
   5.9 How do I play my own music CDs?
   5.10 Why won't the game run?
   5.11 Is the game better than NFS3?
   5.12 Where can I download the demo?
   5.13 Is NFS:HS available on any other system?
   5.14 Are there any cheats?
   5.15 Any word on Need For Speed 5?
   5.16 What are some good sites to go to?
   5.17 Where can I find reviews for NFS:HS?

6. The End
   5.1 Coming Up Next

1.1 What's New?
    * Patch version updated
    * Links added and edited in good links section
    * Need For Speed 5 and Playstation information added :)
    * It isn't really NFS4, so all mentions of the game have changed to NFS:HS
    * No free game in the post :(

1.2 What have you done before?
    This FAQ is the third one I have written. Call it a trilogy if you wish. The
first FAQ was for the previous version, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. It was, and
still is, very popular, as I receive email relating to it every day.
    The second FAQ I wrote was for Cricket World Cup 99, by EA Sports. Although
not as popular, this can be attributed to the smaller number of cricket game
players around. It is still updated. You may notice that the format, and certain
sections of this FAQ, are similar to the CWC99 FAQ.
    I am considering writing a FAQ for another driving game which is to be
released in the near future.

1.3 Didn't you say you weren't going to write a NFS:HS FAQ?
    Yes, I did. But a lot of people have been asking me about it, and seeing as
though I have experience in NFS3, I thought I would give it a go. But remember,
I don't own the game (which may seem strange), so I can't fix any problems you
are having. So far, nearly everyone has ignored this though.  ;)

1.4 Versions
    This is the third version of the NFS:HS FAQ. The previous versions were
1.0717/1.0722. I have adopted the same numbering system as the CWC99 FAQ.
    I have made up the version number using the following guidelines (1.0717 as
an example) -
1   - The year it was written (1999 is 1, 2000 is 2, 2001 is 3 etc.)
.07 - The month it was written in (eg. 07 is July)
17  - The date of the month it was written on.

1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
    Need For Speed 3 & 4 are copyright of Electronic Arts. All other trademarks
are property of their respective owners.
    Information in this FAQ is correct to the best of my knowledge. However,
errors occur. If you find something wrong in here, or have something to add,
please contact me at the address below.
    This FAQ is the property of Nathan West. You may freely distribute this FAQ
as long as the content is not changed. Feel free to include this FAQ on your
website, although your URL would be nice. (C)1999

1.6 Contact Information
    I can be contacted at west_nathan@hotmail.com .It may take a few days for me
to respond. You can find more information at FAQWorld, a site I created to house
my three FAQs. This can be found at http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest.
    If possible, please use the subject NFS4 or NFS:HS, so I know which game you
are writing about without having to read the message.

1.7 Contributors
    Nathan West (west_nathan@hotmail.com) - FAQ Author
    Glenn Edgar (Gedgar@pacaccess.com) - Review Links

2.1 What is Need For Speed: High Stakes?
    Need For Speed: High Stakes (by Electronic Arts) is the sequel to the very
popular Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit. It first came out on the Playstation,
where it received rave reviews. It is the fourth main version of the series,
which has been around for several years. The last version was released less than
a year ago.

2.2 What type of game is NFS:HS?
    NFS:HS is an arcade game which allows you to jump into a luxury sports car
of your choice, and try and outrace the opposition (whether it be human or
computer). Like previous versions, the cars have been licensed, and sport all
the official logos and names. If you are interested in simulation racing games,
then this is the wrong game for you.
    A couple of new race modes have been added to the series. Modes found in
NFS3 are also included, with the popular hot pursuit mode being one of them.
More detailed information relating to these modes can be found later in this

2.3 Are there versions based on the country where you buy it?
    As I know of, there is only one version that has been customised depending
on the country of sale. Like NFS3, EA has made a version which includes Holden
and Ford cars, and this is sold in Australia (and possibly New Zealand). The
cars included in the Australian version are -

* HSV SV99 (Series 2)
* Pursuit HSV GTS
* Holden MHRT
* Ford Falcon Xr8

    Some versions have also been written depending on the language you speak,
and so far, I have not heard of another version which includes extra cars. But
you can correct me by writing to me at west_nathan@hotmail.com .

2.4 Who are Electronic Arts?
    Electronic Arts are an international software publisher, which is one of the
largest in the world. Bullfrog, Westwood, and EA Sports are studios owned by
Electronic Arts (EA). Bullfrog are the makers of Dugeon Keeper 2, Theme Park
World, and Theme Hospital. Westwood are the creators of the Command & Conquer
series, with C&C Tiberian Sun expected to be released soon. EA Sports produce
games such as FIFA Soccer, Triple Play, NHL, NBA Live, Madden NFL, and CWC99,
which are best sellers in their categories.
    The Electronic Arts website can be found at www.ea.com . For a more
Australian taste, go to www.easports.com.au . Although it is mainly based on
sport games, there is also information on other EA games.

2.5 What are the minimum requirements?
    The minimum requirements are very similar to NFS3. They are -

* Pentium 200 or Pentium 166 with 3D card (or AMD, Cyrix ...)
* 50Mb hard drive space + space for save games
* 32Mb RAM
* 4x CD-ROM
* 2Mb PCI or AGP video card, DirectX 6.1
* Windows 95/98 NOT NT
* Keyboard/Mouse/16-bit soundcard

     It may be possible to run the game on a slower computer. The recommended
requirements include a P2-266 and 350Mb of hard drive space. See the section on
multiplayer race modes for information on multiplayer requirements. The demo
runs smoothly on a P2-233, 32Mb RAM, 16Mb Riva TNT video card (V550).

2.6 Which 3D accelerators are supported?
    3D acclerators which support the Glide and Direct3D APIs are supported by
NFS:HS. If you do not own a 3D card, then you can run the game using the
software renderer. However, degradation in graphics quality and speed is
    Video cards which use 3Dfx or nVidia chipsets are officially supported
(along with several others). It is recommended that the latest drivers have been
installed. Although some video cards are not officially supported by the game,
they can be used using the default Direct3D renderer. See the "Why won't the
game run?" section if you are having problems playing the game with a Voodoo

2.7 What other peripherals are supported?
    Force Feedback controllers and 3D audio cards are supported in the game.
These devices can be configured in the options menu found in the game. Like
NFS3, Creative's Environmental Audio is supported, and I am unsure of Dolby
Surround Sound.

3.1 Single Player Race Modes
    The single player race modes are divided in to three categories - Classic,
Hot Pursuit, and Career.

The Classic modes are Single Race, Knockout and Tournament.
* The Single Race is the basic mode, where you select your track and car, and
race against the computer.
* In Knockout, you start with seven other competitors, and try to finish the 2-
lap races as high in the ladder as you can. The last placed car after each race
is eliminated, until their are only two left.
* In the Tournament mode, you race in all the tracks and try and finish with the
greatest number of points.

The Hot Pursuit modes are Classic, Getaway, and Time Trap.
* The Classic mode was in NFS3, where you either be the cop and try and arrest
the computer for it finishes, or try and outrun the cops for a certain number of
laps. As the cop, you can use road blocks and spike belts to apprehend the
offenders. If you are on the other side of the law, then you must finish the
race ahead of your opponent, without being arrested.
* Getaway requires you to evade the police as long as possible, or as the cop,
you must arrest the cars as quick as possible.
* Time Trap requires you to complete a certain number of laps within the
specified time. Each time you get a ticket, the amount of time left drops. If
you choose to be the cop, then you must arrest the computer in a certain amount
of time.

The Career modes are Tournament, Knockout and High Stakes.
* The Tournament is the same as the classic one, where you accumulate points
depending on where you finish in the races.
* The Knockout is the same as the one found in the classic modes.
* The High Stakes mode is the cause for the new title. In this mode, you race
for "pink slips". You select your vehicle, and compete against one competitor.
If you beat your opponent, then you get to keep his car. However, if you lose
the race, then you lose your car. You must have at least two cars to race in
this mode.

See the next question for an explanation on how the career mode is different to
the classic mode.

3.2 What is the difference between classic and career race modes?
    The classic race mode is the same as the one found in NFS3, where you can
choose any car you like (if available), and race against the computer. The is
the most simplest race mode, and is ideal if you wish to have a quick game of
    The career race mode is new to NFS:HS. Starting with $20 000, you try to win
races so that you earn more money. You can use this money to buy new cars,
upgrade your car, or pay for any damage. You can earn the most money through

3.3 Multiplayer Race Modes
    It is possible to race against a friend on the same computer, using a split-
screen.All of the modes in single player are available in both types of
multiplayer modes. Warning - Split Screen mode affects the performance of the
game, slowing it down. It is only recommended if using a high-class processor or
3D card.
    A maximum of two players are allowed for modem and serial play, and up to
eight are allowed for a network game.
    The minium requirements for multiplayer are -

* Pentium 266 or Pentium 233 with 3D card (or AMD, Cyrix ...)
* 1 CD per computer
* Network - IPX compliant network
* Modem - 28800bps or faster modem, high speed serial port
* Serial - Null modem cable, high speed serial port
* Internet - 28.8 or faster internet connection (currently in beta)

4. Tracks & Cars
4.1 What tracks are included?
    The following tracks are available in the game -

* Celtic Ruins
* Dolphin Cove
* Durham Road
* Kindiak Park
* Landstrasse
* Route Adonf (also in demo)
* Snowy Ridge

    I am unsure if there are any secret tracks (such as Empire City in NFS3).
The Adrenaline Vault review mentions 19 tracks, and I have heard that the tracks
from NFS3 have been included.

4.2 Can I download new tracks?
    At the moment, there are few few, if any, tracks available for download for
NFS:HS. A track editor was recently released, and can be downloaded at the World
Track Studios (http://trackstudio.racingsource.com/index.html).
4.3 What cars are included?
    The cars officially released with the game are -

* BMW M5
* BMW Z3
* Chevrolet Camaro Z28
* Chevrolet Corvette C5
* Ferrari 550 Maranello
* Ferrari F50
* Jaguar XKR
* Lamborghini Diablo SV
* McLaren F1 GTR
* Mercedes CLK GTR
* Mercedes SLK 230
* Porsche 911 Turbo
* Pontiac Firebird T/A
* HSV SV99 (Series 2) - Aus version
* Pursuit HSV GTS - Aus version
* Holden MHRT - Aus version
* Ford Falcon Xr8 - Aus version

     The are several pursuit cars also included. They are -

* BMW M5
* Chevrolet Camaro
* Chevrolet Corvette
* Lamborghini Diablo
* La Nina
* Porsche 911 Turbo

4.4 Can I download new cars?
    Cars can be downloaded from the official web site, and from third-party
sites. The Ferrari Modena 360 is currently available at EA Racing
(www.earacing.com). This is the first of several official cars which will be
released in the following weeks.
    Cars made by general players are available at various sites, and the best I
have found so far is Hacked Stakes (http://www.hackedstakes.com).

5. General Questions
5.1 When was NFS:HS released?
    NFS:HS was released on approximately the 15th of June, 1999. The playstation
version was released several months beforehand, which is usually the case with
the NFS series. The game slowly made its way around the world, and should be
available at any good software stores.

5.2 Where can I buy NFS:HS, and how much does it cost?
    As mentioned, all good software stores should have the game, as well as many
online stores. If you wish, you can also buy the game direct from EA (link as
yet unknown). In Australia, the game retails for approximately $69.95, which is
$20 dearer than NFS3. I am unsure of pricing in other countries.

5.3 Can I damage the cars?
    Yes, and this is one of the main features of the game. EA have finally
listened to our requests, and included a damage model. One of the reasons why
this feature took so long to appear may have been the refusal of the automobile
companies to see their valuable machines smashed in to little pieces. The damage
can affect the car's performance, and it is usually wise to avoid as much damage
as possible.

5.4 What is EA Racing?
    EA Racing is an attempt by EA to make a site that will allow NFS:HS players
to log on, and find an Internet game to take part in. This feature is currently
in beta, and testing has not started yet. You can sign up for the program at
www.earacing.com . I do not know when testing will commence.
    The site also allows you to download extra cars (such as the Modena 360).
You must register with EA Racing before you can download any files.

5.5 How come EA Racing doesn't work?
    A *lot* of people are having trouble registering and downloading the new
car. One possible fix is to enter your date of birth as 00-00-1900. This will
allow you to complete the registration, and download the Modena.
    Another possible workaround is to enter all the information required except
for the optional information. This may also allow the signup to continue.

5.6 Are there any patches to download?
    Yes, and they can be downloaded using the auto-patcher provided with the
game. They can not be downloaded normally, although this would be the preferred
method for many gamers. The latest patch version is 4.23, which is approximately
1.8Mb in size.

5.7 Why haven't you bought the game?
    There are several reasons why I haven't bought the game -

a) The price has risen $AUS20 since NFS3 was released. EA must have seen how
popular that game was, and decided to make more money off it. Although this is
still cheap compared to other games, I don't like spending money on games just
for the sake of it.
b) Reviews on the Internet have not been favourable (although this may have also
been the case with NFS3).
c) NFS:HS looks too similar to NFS3, with only small changes in graphics and
general gameplay. If I did not own NFS3, then I would probably buy the game. But
this isn't the case.
d) I want to wait and see how Driver, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Midtown Madness
are received by the gaming community. MM looks particularly good (and is
available now).

    However, if a representive from EA reads this, and notices that all my FAQs
have been based on EA games, they may wish to send me a copy :) .

5.8 How do I get the dashboard to light up?
    A feature which is new to NFS:HS, you can actually activate the lights on
the dashboard. They turn on the same time that you turn your headlights on
(default key - L). They look pretty snazzy in the demo, and is one of the
features that were on many gamers wishlists.

5.9 How do I play my own music CDs?
    Although I am unsure if this is correct, you should be able to insert your
own music CD once the game has loaded, and if you chose the Full Install option
when you installed the game. If you leave the NFS:HS CD in the drive, then you
will hear the default techno/rock music.
    This was one of the features advertised by EA, and seems like they are
stating that their own music isn't good enough, and you had better play your own

5.10 Why won't the game run properly?
    There are many reasons why the game won't run. Here is a rundown on possible
causes -

* Says the CD isn't in the drive when it is - This often occurs on computers
with multiple CD drives, especially when one is CD-R. The only real fix for this
is to remove one of the drives. I do not know if there are any other fixes for
this problem. If you don't have more than one CD drive, then make sure that you
have actually inserted the correct CD.

* The game won't use my Banshee video card - The same problem was in NFS3, and
other EA games (especially the EA Sports brand). To fix this, you can either
download a D3D patch, or do the following (taken from Hacked Stakes) -
- Install the Banshee reference drivers from the NFS:HS CD or 3dfx's website.
- Install the absolute latest copy of DirectX you can find (Got mine when I
installed Alien v Predator)
- Edit your 3ddata file (in the 3dsetup directory) by adding '/M:d3d' after the
entry for the Banshee
- Run 3DSetup and pick the Banshee. Run NFS:HS, and it should work.

* The graphics are funny on my Riva TNT - makes sure the texel alignment is set
to the top left-hand corner. This can only be changed using the Detonator
drivers. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display icon/Riva TNT tab/Additional
Properties/Direct 3D Settings/Advanced (in that order). If you need more help
finding it, drop me a line at the usual address.

5.11 Is the game better than NFS3?
    Well, I can't say for sure, as I have only played the demo. It seems that it
is better, with better graphics, more cars, and damage. I will try and conduct a
poll and add the result here in the next edition or so.

5.12 Where can I download the demo?
    The demo can be downloaded from most gaming websites, or at
www.needforspeed.com . I will add more links as I come across them. It is 14.3Mb
in size.
    For Australian readers, the demo is on the current edition of PC Powerplay.

5.13 Is NFS:HS available on any other system?
    NFS:HS was released on the Playstation before it reached the PC. There is
some kind of deal between EA and Sony which means that certain games produced by
EA are released on the Playstation before the PC. At the moment, there are no
plans to port it to the Nintendo 64, or the upcoming Sega Dreamcast. Although,
it would like nice and pretty on the Dreamcast.

5.14 Are there any cheats?
    There sure are, and hopefully these are more correct than the ones in my
NFS3 FAQ. It seems that you first have to download a cheat enabler (available
from camelot.warzone.com/hs3/stakes/filearea.shtml), and then type the following
cheats anywhere in the menu. I will confirm the use of the cheat enabler at a
later date. Many only work when you are racing in arcade mode.

* cars - all cars
* tracks - all tracks
* gofast - upgrade engine
* monkey - upgrade transmission
* moon - low gravity
* madland - computer AI improved
* buy - free purchase
* up0 - no upgrades
* up1 - Level 1 upgrades
* up2 - Level 2 upgrades
* up3 - Level 3 upgrades
* gates - boosts your cash
* alltiers - activate all the tiers (??)
* tr## (where ## is 00 to 14) - drive as a traffic car
* %car (where % is A, B, or C) - bonus car
* &cop (where & is D, E, or F) - bonus pursuit car
* outmyway - closest opponent's tires explode, causing them to stop (doesn't
work for Ferrari or Mercedes cars)
* resetya - resets all cars in front of you (remember the R key?)

5.15 Any word on Need For Speed 5?
    So far, EA have not announced a fifth game in the series. Due to the success
of this version, it would not surprise me if they whipped up a sequel. If they
do make a fifth game, then it should be revealed in the next few months or so,
based on the time difference between NFS3 and NFS:HS, and the fact that the
playstation version was released several months ago.

5.16 What are some good sites to go to?
    Here are some good sites to go to -

* Need For Speed: High Stakes Official Site (http://www.needforspeed.com)
The official EA site for NFS:HS. Here you can download screenshots, view
information on the various cars and tracks, and even visit the old NFS3 site.
One of the cool features is the number plate generator, which allows you to
create your own Need For Speed number plate with the text of your choice. Go
here for the official word on new cars and any updates to the game.

* EA Racing (http://www.earacing.com)
Another site by EA, which allows you to download new cars and participate in
Internet multiplayer races (currently not available). Many people are having a
lot of trouble registering, which is necessary before you can download any
files. Hopefully the site will be fixed before the beta testing begins.

* Hacked Stakes (http://www.hackedstakes.com)
From the creator of Hacked Speed 3, this site is the ultimate place to go to
learn of new third-party addons. From cars to tracks to utilities, all your
download needs can be found at the one site. Go here to learn the unofficial
word on what's new in NFS:HS.

* Onlineracing (http://www.onlineracing.de)
This site allows you to find multiplayer opponents for Need For Speed 3 & 4.

* FAQWorld (http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest)
Need to download the latest version of this FAQ? Interested in playing Cricket
World Cup 99? Need to find a review for a FAQ you have found? Then this site is
for you. Of course, there is no bias towards this site just because I created
it. But I couldn't resist adding it to my good sites list. Tell me what you
think of my site, using the address in the next sentence.

* Want your site here? Send me an email at west_nathan@hotmail.com .

5.17 Where can I find reviews for NFS:HS?
    Reviews for Need For Speed: High Stakes are slowly appearing. The following
URLs are online reviews of NFS:HS. The overall mark given by the web site is
provided after the address.

* http://www.sharkyextreme.com/games/reviews/ea/nfs4/ - 4.5/10
* http://www.gamespot.com/driving/nfshigh/index.html - 8.6/10
* http://www.gamecenter.com/Reviews/Item/0,6,0-2949,00.html?st.gc.fd.act - 9/10
* http://www.next-generation.com/web/ngo_review_one_jsmid?game_id=11350 - no
overall mark
* http://www.cdmag.com - 4 stars out of 5
* http://www.avault.com/reviews/review_temp.asp?game=nfshs&page=1 - 3 1/2 stars
out of 5
* http://gamesages.com/reviews/pc/highstakes.html - no overall mark
* http://pc.ign.com/reviews/11562.html - 7.5/10

6.1 Coming Up Next
    Hopefully some of the vague facts in the FAQ will be confirmed/rejected, and
the cheats will be proven to work. Any secret cars and tracks will be added, and
more general information.

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