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Читы для Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure

Чит-файл для Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure

The Wizardry Adventure

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
The Town of Galican
Your adventure begins in a cinematic introduction of you being kidnapped
by the Shadow. You are saved by Rian the Sage and brought back to his
chamber. He informs you of the seven Talismans and the mysterious evil
associated with them. As you look around you'll see a desk in front of you
with a crystal globe, some books, scrolls, and other stuff cluttering the
room. Right-click on the book to read more of the Hargani. Turn left and
go to the Initiation chamber. After you go down you will hear a voice say
"To all thing there is an order."

You must click on each symbol on the 4 walls in the proper order to
achieve the spell categories needed for using the spell scrolls that you
acquire throughout the game. The correct order is starting with the symbol
that when you left-click on it you say "A flock of golden birds soars
around a crested letter 'A'". then get the rest in a clock-wise pattern by
R-clicking on the symbol and then R-clicking on the glowing scroll. "A
letter 'F' surrounded by golden filigree flames" "A chalice stem forms a
'W' circled by the life of the sea" finally "A gold crested wooden panel
gilded with the letter 'E'." When you have all of the spell categories go
to the centre of the room and go back up. Now you can open the cabinet on
the opposite side of the room, left of the door to exit. Inside the
cabinet you will need to get the jar and the healing potion. Exit Rian's
chamber and he will tell you more of the plight of the land and give you
your first spell of water (heal/fog).

Head South to the well and pick up the broken crank. Turn S and go towards
the cathedral to read the two notes on the ground (you don't need to keep
them just read and leave where you found them). Then head N to the
blacksmith shop past the well and next to Rian's chamber. Give the broken
crank to Tala the blacksmith she will fix it for you, give her some time
or she'll get upset. Turn right (E) and check out the weapons. You can
only take the old rusty blade but try to take the finely crafted blade on
the left. Tala will tell you, if you bring her something to make it worth
her while it's yours. Exit the shop and go E, S, E, and S to a tin of oil
on the ground get it and then enter the tavern. Take the dagger sticking
out of the barrel in front of you. Turn right go left to the ladder. Go up
to your loft. Go W and get the leather jerkin and put it on (you can drop
your white shirt) and go back down the ladder. Go back to the entrance and
talk to the drunk (not much of a conversationalist, we'll come back later)
Now go back to Tala and get the fixed crank. Return to the well and use
the crank on the well, use the oil on the crank and then turn the crank to
raise the bucket and get a golden key that you'll need later in the game.
Now go to the cathedral and speak to Benerous the priest. He'll tell you
of the forest to the East, your next destination.

The Taarian forest

To get to the Taarian forest just keep heading east to a sign with a
picture of a forest on it (duh). Walk up to the hut on the left, there's a
tree blocking the door. You'll need something to get past it. Follow the
path leading east and pick up any bugs you find on the ground. Go past the
fork in the road and be cautious, there's quicksand around here. If you do
get stuck in it just R-click on the tree branch to pull yourself out. To
go around it torn right and move your cursor to the trees until it turns
into a hand, then R-click to go around the quicksand. Go across the bridge
Quickly or it will collapse. Go right to the fountain and stand in front
of it. When you're facing the fountain, on the part sticking out to the
left you can R-click on the water to get a stone carving (key to the
Haargani underworld).

Go back across the bridge and back across the quicksand to the hut. Stand
in front of the tree and go to your inventory screen. Put one male and one
female bug into the jar you got at Rian's chamber, exit your inventory
screen, then return to it. You'll notice now that the jar is full of bugs.
Use the jar on the tree and they will devour it. You will then be greeted
by the leader of the Haargani, listen to his story of the Nitheran
talismans and his trapped people (if that's what you want to call them).
He'll also give you a lockpick and a spell scroll of Air (poison/refresh).
When he's done yapping give him the stone carving that you found at the
well and he will let you into the hut, then use it on the door to enter
the Haargani underworld level 1 (CD-2). Save your game.

Krith's Haargani world level 1

Go straight, and then right through door on left. Go to he wardrobes on
the right of the room. The one on the left has an emerald wand to use for
emergency healing (save it), the one on the right has gloves and boots.
Turn around and go to the tubs. Stand between them and turn to the left
one. R-Click on the water and you will get jewels. The other one has
nothing. The next two rooms you can look around in, but there's nothing of
importance in there.

Go back to the main hallway, turn right and walk up to where there's 3
doors. Go through the door on the right. Get the lockpicks and the rusty
sword. Go to the next room. Get the crossbow and the quiver but be careful
not to waste the arrows, they break if they don't hit an enemy but hit a
wall. Go back to the hallway and take the east door. The beds have some
jewels and gems, but nothing exciting (riches are pretty much useless in
this game). Go back to main hallway to the door on the right. Go down hall
to the end door (bathroom) kill creature in there and get the stuff he
drops. Exit bathroom and turn down right hallway. The first door on the
right is the library. Read any books that can be read and take any books
that can be taken. Go to the bookshelf with the parchments that are hung
to dry. One of them is a Scroll of Fire (firestorm/resist fatigue).
There's also a box on the shelf with a puzzle lock on it. R-click on the
box, R-click on the right square, left square, centre square, right
square, right square to open it. You will get a Sphere of Intelligence
(cool). Now go to the bookshelf on the left. There's a book on there that
opens a secret passage. Go on in.

Now you're in a room with a bunch of pits and walls covered in spikes. One
possible sequence is in the Tour Guide. Go to the first pit on the left,
jump in, flip switch, climb ladder, sidestep south twice, jump in pit,
flip lever, climb north ladder, turn east, jump in pit on right, flip
lever, climb north ladder, north one step, jump in pit on right, flip
lever, climb east ladder, you're through. Now save your game. Go to end of
hall, read parchment, and R-click on wall between the two vertical wood
beams. This room is infested with Shadow Creatures so don't try to kill
them all because you can't. Go to the third platform on the left and
left-click on the opening in the ceiling to see the ledge up there. Step
on the pentagram on the floor to go up to the next level.

Go to the pentagram in the south-west corner of this room to go to yet
another level. Go to the south-west corner of this room and R-click on the
west wall to open a secret passage. Get the studded leather armour and all
of the healing and energy potions. Go back out where you came in (secret
one-way door at other end takes you back to library and you'll have to go
through all of this again) and go to the north-west corner of the room and
R-click on the west wall to open another secret passage. Go down hall and
go through the wall at the end to a room with a tree in it. Get the rusty
sword on the left (if you need it) and go to the tree. The tree has
'living' keys on it. Get a key and head down the hall, turn left, and go
down stairs to the door with the tree on it. Use your living key on it.

You're now in a room with a frozen floor. You can use a firestorm spell on
it to get a shield or go around corner and get one of the fire globes on
the floor to use on it. Go through the door at end of hall to a four way
intersection. Enter the room to the west with a tree surrounded by
engravings. Look at each symbol around the tree and notice which direction
you're facing (draw the symbol on a piece of paper with the direction so
you can remember which symbol stands for which direction) Go through the
archway to the west to a large skull. Each side of the base of the skull
is on has a secret compartment. The north side has a scroll and the south
side has a bag of charcoal dust (I never figured out what this was for).
Exit room go across hall to the room with the horny pillars. Go around to
the south side of room and get arrows on the floor. Go back to the horny
pillars and on the opposite side from the doorway to get in here, there is
a strange mirror. R-click on the mirror and it will ask you a question
(the answer is sky). When you

answer the question correctly, a hand will emerge from the mirror and give
you the Sphere of Intelligence then shatter. Pick up the fragment on the
floor in front of the mirror before you leave. Exit room and head south to
the end of the hall. Use your lockpicks on the door and go in. Go around
the table to the west side of the room. Get and read the book on the floor
then inspect the bookcase. There is a pressure plate on one of the
shelves. Put the book you just found on the pressure plate to open a
puzzle lock. Use the symbols that you drew to get the symbols on the
puzzle in the right directions. R-click on the lever to the left when you
get the symbols in the right order.

A door to your left will open up but don't enter it yet. Go to the other
door in the room and go down the hall to the door on the right. Enter, get
scale armour beside the stairs and exit. Go to the next door on left,
enter and DON'T DRINK THE WATER it poison, but if you do just get the cure
poison potion from inside the oven (fine place to put it). Exit, enter the
last door and get the arrow. Go back tot he room with the puzzle door you
opened earlier and go through the secret door. Go down the ladder and save
your game.

Krith's Haargani World-level 3

You're now in what looks like a sewer (the sewer level comes later). There
are barrels in almost every corner of his level and some of them are full
of fresh water (safe) and some have murky water that have leaches in them
which will poison you. Don't worry about getting poisoned because there is
a cure coming up in a barrel with salt in it, but we'll get to that in a
minute. Go east then south to check barrels, then north, east, and north
to the first bone archway. On the left after the archway is a sword
sticking out of a skull. R-click on the sword. ZZAAAPPP don't be so

We'll get the sword later. Go to the end of the hall and in the barrel
with the fresh water in it there's a jewelled hilt. You need this to give
to Tala so she will give you the finely crafted sword. Go back out to
intersection and head east, and south. You'll see a switch on the wall to
the left and a barrel of salt (the salt kills the leeches and cures your
poison). Go east from here, south, west, south, and east. Check this
barrel for a lever then go south, west, north, west, north, and west.
You'll run into a set of jaws that you can't go through yet. You need to
find something to prop them open. Go back to the switch and the barrel of
salt. Go east of the switch to see the trapped Haargani then go back to
the switch and use the lever on it and just throw the switch. The gate
will open and the Haargani will flee.

Go to where they were and go around the corner. To the north is a pile of
bones. Get one and then talk to the dying Haargani. He will tell you about
the Sword Destructica (sword in the skull) and he will give you a Sphere
of Discourse. Turn toward barrels and get the page and use it on the book
you have about weapons. Now go back to the sword in the skull. R-click on
the SKULL not the sword and it will rise up and expose three impressions.
Put the three spheres you collected into the impressions in the skull (no
particular order that I know of) and put the skull down. NOW you can
R-click on the sword to free it from the skull. ***(CAUTION)*** As the
book on weapons states; the Sword Destructica can be very jealous of other
weapons. Do not use it in one hand while you have another weapon in the
other hand, and do not un-equip it once you have equipped it. Else you
will have to fight it in another dimension in battle, and it's no easy
foe, but a really neat part of the game just remember to save your game
before you try to battle it.

Now go to the jaws trap and use the bone you found by the dying Haargani
on the jaws just left of centre (when the word "USE" is yellow). When you
go through the first jaws you have to turn around and get it to use on the
second one. In the room on the other side of the jaws trap is a very
powerful creature. It is a good idea to use the Sword Destructica on him,
but make sure it's the only weapon you're holding and you don't take it
out of your hand! Once he's out of the way, go to the two barrels and get
the TWO healing potions in EACH barrel. Then go to the blue force field.
Use the mirror fragment on the blue force field and take the Talisman
inside (Talisman of Massive Strength). The exit is through a secret door
in the south-east corner of the room on the south wall. When you go up the
ladder, you will be facing a Skull door. Don't go through it yet. Turn
around and go up the ladder some more to the Taarian forest (CD-1).

At the top of the ladder you have to click on the forest near the path to
get through the trees. At the intersection turn right and go to the bridge
and just stand on it or keep walking over it until it collapses. In the
trench is a key, get it for later. Now head west to get back to Galican,
which is no occupied by Shadow Creatures. Go to the cathedral and give the
Sword Destructica to the priest. He will ask you for more information
regarding the curse of the sword, so give him the book on weapons that you
had to put the page into, then give him the sword again.

He says he will pray on the soul of the sword and he disappears. Now go to
Tala and give her the jewelled hilt and she will let you take the finely
crafted sword. Go back tot he cathedral and get the un-cursed Sword
Destructica, which is now just a finely crafted weapon. Use the cathedral
for storage. Equip yourself with the Sword Destructica and the finely
crafted sword from Tala and dump the rest of your weapons or whatever you
don't need except for the mace. Go back to the Taarian forest and down the
hole you came up to the skull door. R-click on the door to enter the
sewers. (CD-3).

The Sewers

You start out facing south and the door straight ahead won't open, so turn
east and go down hallway and down a slope to a four way intersection. Go
north and go through a strange looking door ( just walk right into it, it
will open). You'll see a green glowing indent in the floor in the centre
of the room. R-click on the indent and a large cube will rise up out of
the floor. If you left click in the centre of the cube you'll notice it's
an illusion, so R-click on it and you'll get the Talisman of
Invulnerability. Go around to the other side of the cube and push the
button it to retract it back into the floor. Go north down the ramp to the
skull door with the three coloured buttons next to it. You need to find
out what the correct sequence is for pushing the buttons and opening the
door. Go around the outside of the room (along the walls where the sewer
drains are).

You'll find a note from Rian and a new weapon, Claws of Death (not very
good in my opinion). Exit this whole room and go back to the four-way
intersection. Head south and east until you see a button on the south
wall. Push it and go through to another four-way intersection facing
south. Go east then south to end. (by the way watch the ceiling for
snake-like creatures hanging down, they're kind of a pain but the crossbow
works good on them, just stand back a couple of steps and it takes between
3 and 5 shots to kill one, just remember to pick up again what arrows
don't break.) go west to end, north to second left then to small button
about half way along the wall. Push the button and enter. Get and equip
the chain leggings (drop your leather leggings to save space) walk forward
and R-click on the barrel straight ahead behind the pipes and next to the
skulls (Fire spell blind/enhance attack). Side step right then R-click on
opening in coffin get Claws of Death if you want them. Exit. Button north
wall doesn't work. Go east to end, south to intersection, and east to the
two buttons on the wall. The button on the north wall opens a door to a
room with nothing you need in it.

Push button on south wall. There's two cure poison potions on the left and
if you R-click on the big skull on the right you will get a Ruby Wand (not
sure what it does). Exit and go west, south, east to an engraving of the
letter 'A' on the north wall. R-click on it and enter. There's nothing to
do in here, but notice the pattern of the colours coming out of the
fountain. Yes, that's the code for the Skull door with the three coloured
buttons. Exit, go east to end, north to end, and go through wall (it's the
one you came in here from) Go east, then north to get the healing potions.
Now back track and go to the room that has the skull door. Push the
buttons in this order: blue, yellow, blue, red, red (or orange, orange if
that's what colour you think it is) Go through door. Your now at the
Gondola Station. (CD-4).

Gondola Station/ Jaren's Keep

Go through the gate (don't go to the gondola yet, also pick up the ram's
horn if you didn't get the one from the statue earlier) at the big bug
picture on the wall there are two stairways going down take the left
stairs and look at Jaren's collection of stuff on the walls (cool eh?) Go
east to the end of the hall and enter room. Get the butterfly on the floor
and there's three green mushrooms in the garden you can take if you want
(haven't found any use for them).

Exit room and go to the collection of butterflies and bugs on the wall.
Put the one you found in the collection and a bee key will fall out onto
the floor. Now go west to room with big dragon skeleton in it. Walk around
to the front of the skeleton. OOPS sorry I meant back of the skeleton. It
didn't hurt too much did it? Go through doorway on other side of room and
head west to the next room on the right. Get healing and cure poison
potion, exit, and go east to end to the room on the left. Read any books
that can be read, and take the book Progeny's End (hint, hint) the desk on
the other side of the room is also a vital part of the game, but you don't
have the key yet. Go outside and get the arrows, then exit the room and
head west to end, south to end, and east to the room on the right. Go
around the corner and up the stairs. Hmmm a door with a giant bee on it, I
wonder how to get through it (duh the bee key). Go down the hall take the
first left and go around the bed to get the crossbow pistol. The large
cabinet has a healing potion, an amethyst globe, and an energy potion. See
the water, you'll need to come back here later to de-poison some

In the next room there is a large wardrobe but you can't open it. Go down
the hall to the outside where you'll see a large telescope and Jaren. When
he gets done telling you his BS grab the key and the broken tablet that he
drops, then head east, south down the hall to where you came in from. Push
the small button on the west wall to the right and go downstairs and back
to Jaren's room (north to the poster of plants, east to stairs, up and
down the stairs, east to room at the end). Use the key that Jaren dropped
on the desk. R-click on the desk to get a closer look and you will see a
large tablet with strange symbols on it (Ultima fans will recognize the
Runic alphabet, although it's a little different) and a box to the right
with the letter 'J' on it. R-click on the 'J' to open the box and get a
Water Scroll (ice storm/cure poison). You'll find the code to the tablet
later on in the game (this will be your last stop before the final level).
If you mess with the tablet Jaren will boot you out it's the easy way back
to the gondola, which is where you want to be anyway, so go there and get
in the gondola and use the ram's horn on the cable of the gondola (where
the word 'USE' turns yellow). When you get to the other side enter the
cave and you will go to Venomire Marsh (CD-1).

Venomire Marsh

Get the two arrows that are in front of you, then fight the pod plant
creature to the right and get the tentacle it drops. Go forward one more
step and fight another and get the tentacle it drops. Use one tentacle on
the other to make a length of vine.

You are now poisoned don't bother using any cure poison potions or spells
because you will just get re-poisoned again for having the tentacles in
your possession. Go back to the gate that you came into Venomire Marsh
from and enter Gondola Station again (CD-4). Take the gondola back to
Jaren's keep, enter and turn left at the giant bug down the stairs, turn
right down hall, take left down next hall to the go upstairs through the
bee door (you don't need the key since you already unlocked it, just
R-click on the keyhole) go down the hall and take the first left to he
thing with the water in it. Use the length of vine on the water to
de-poison it and now you can use a cure poison potion on yourself and
maybe hang around awhile to heal if you don't want to waste spell points
or potions. Now you need to go back to Venomire Marsh. When you get there
enter the tower and use the gold key that you got from the well in Galican
on the shaft door and go down the ladder.

Burned Bones Corridor

Welcome to Burned Bones Corridor (save your game). Go to the hallway and
turn right to the door with the yellow symbols on it in a circular
pattern. Use the broken tablet piece that you got from Jaren on the bottom
section of the pattern where it looks like it goes. Then you need to push
the symbols in this order; R-click on the left symbol, right symbol,
bottom symbol, and top symbol. The door will open and you can enter. Go to
the room ahead of you and get the chain mail and the jade wand. Turn right
to the cabinet on the wall, R-click to open it and get the armet, healing
and energy potions. Now go to the painting in the centre of the room and
R-click on it. A woman's face appears in the painting and tells you some
stuff. When she disappears so does the painting and there is a shelf in
its place with a curved sword and a book called Acta Sanctorum, read it.

Exit this room to the main hallway turn right and go to door. Open door
and go through the next door. The next room has two doors, so which one do
you choose? Ask the residents of the room for help. L-click on the
skeleton torch wall-hangings, they will "point" the way to go. Same for
the next room. In the following room turn left and go through the ornate
door, go down the stairs and save your game before going through the next
door. In this room you are faced by a Minotaur. Use the curved sword from
the painting and the sword from Tala on him. He's pretty tough but these
two weapons are far superior than his. You can get his whip if you want,
it's a cool weapon, but not too powerful. Now use the length of vine from
Venomire Marsh on the railing on the left side of the room to descend into
the pit. (now when people tell you to go to hell, you can say you've been

Fire Tunnels/ Mushroom Tunnels

Go down the left tunnel, turn at corner going left, turn right at fork,
straight at next fork, and right at next fork. (pretty simple) Now you're
in the Mushroom Tunnels, the sorceresses are kind of tough so use the
ornate sword on them. Go straight through water and mushroom tunnel
checking the walls for loose rocks (they can be very useful). At the end
of the tunnel it splits left and right, the left tunnel has a locked door
that you will need to get the key for later, so go through the right
tunnel to the Desolate Castle.

Desolate Castle

The first door to the castle is no problem, but the second door will crash
down on you. Turn left and get the rock an the floor then go back to the
second gate. R-click on the gate to open it then 'use' the rock you just
found on the upper right-hand corner of the doorway to jam it open. When
you get through the door, it will crash down behind you. Turn right, go
forward one step, turn left, and then forward two steps. Get the scroll in
the rubble for your first Earth-based spell (sandstorm/resist magic). Turn
right and go to the desk. A net will trap you, but just go into combat
mode and cut your way out (what was the purpose of this?) make sure you
pick up the rope coil at your feet from the cut net. At the desk R-click
on the books on the desk to read them.

Now go to the stairs and walk around the right side of it. There are three
chains hanging to your right of the stairs. Yank on the middle one and the
ceiling will fall in. Pick up one of the pieces of wood Now go around the
other side of the stairs get the Banded armour and put it on (you can drop
your old armour). Next go up the stairs. SURPRISE ATTACK, don't worry he's
not too tough, now go upstairs. When you yanked the chain downstairs, you
also destroyed the walkway up here. Now what? Use the rope coil from the
net that fell on you on the chain hanging over the gap in the floor.
R-click on the chain and you will swing across to the other side. Go up
the ladder to next level. Walk towards the desk but be careful not to
touch it or it will collapse and the candle will burn the book (which you
need). So next to the stairs you just came up is table with a pair of
rusty scissors on it, get the scissors and 'use' them on the candle on the
desk. This will put out the flame and you can get the book without it
burning up. Now you have the translation for the tablet in the desk in
Jaren's room (it's written in your journal), although you still don't have
the right word to use on it... or do you? Now go up the next set of stairs
to Zalena's room.

She will attack you but then realizes who you are. R-click on her to let
her apologize and tell you to meet her downstairs near the entrance of the
Castle. When she leaves get the Bloodstone Cloak (equip), the silver wand
(not sure what it does), and the book contains a scroll of Air
(windstorm/sound shield). Go downstairs, down the ladder, swing across the
gap in the floor, and down the first set of stairs and talk to Zalena
again. She'll tell you about her brother she had to kill, give you the
Talisman that drove him mad and a dragon scale. Open the gate that you had
to prop open to get in here, and jam a piece of wood into the upper
left-hand corner of the doorway. Open the outer gate and exit. Now your
back at the fancy looking door in the Mushroom tunnels. Use the dragon
scale on the door to open it and walk through. You then come to a huge
chasm with an enormous tower in the distance and a voice calls out to you
to "...cast yourself upon the wind..." So cast your windstorm spell out
towards the tower. A cinematic sequence shows your windstorm picking you
up and carrying you to the tower, throwing you into a hole.(CD-5).

Ystalin's Lair

When you arrive inside the tower your facing what looks like a well with
uuggghhh a meat hook down in it. Turn around and go through the doors
behind you. Walk forward and pick up the gauge. At the end of the room is
a mechanical door, which of course, you have to put all the pieces
together in the right order to open it. Turn left at the door and walk
down the hallway to get all of the stuff there (large gear, small fuse,
piston, a pump, and a drive belt). Now go to the south-west corner of the
room near the door you came in from, and go to the drafting table to your
right. Read all of the blueprints on the wall and check on top of the
table where the rolled up papers are for a hidden fuse for the door. Go
back to the mechanical door and sidestep twice to the left. Here you have
to put the pieces together in this order;

1. put the large gear on the peg at the upper left of the wall.
2. put the drive belt on the large gear.
3. put the piston on the large gear.
4. put the gauge on the power conductor.
5. put the big fuse and then the small fuse in the fuse system.
6. put the pump on the two white pegs to the right of the fuses.

Sidestep back to the mechanical door and just R-click on it to open it and
go downstairs. Open door at the bottom of the stairs and you are now in a
very ugly room with a big statue in the middle. Turn right and get the
note from Gamel of Kienderan on the floor. Walk up to the front of the
statue and get the scroll on the left (note from Tala) and the diamonds on
the right. Walk around the left side of the statue to the display case
with the finely crafted chainmail in it. Use a weapon to break the glass
and take the chainmail. Now walk around the right side of the statue north
to the big double doors. R-click on the rectangle on the door and oh boy
another puzzle. R-click on the red button and you'll see four squares with
different arrangements of swords in each box. You can only R-click on the
box on the right so go ahead and do it until the three swords are pointing
down (hilts up) then push the red button again and R-click on the door to
open it and go down the stairs through the Dragon doors. You are now
standing in a beautiful room filled with gold, diamonds, weapons, armour,
shields and riches beyond you imagination. DON'T TOUCH! But if you do
don't worry you'll be notified soon.

At the far side of the room is a small staircase. As you go up the stairs
you are then greeted by Ystalin the dragon. Since he calls you
untrustworthy you might as well give him back the stuff you stole,
including that cool finely crafted chainmail from the glass case in the
other room.(he might boot you out if you piss him off, but if he does just
go back to him and he'll think you've learned your lesson). Now that you
have proven your worthiness, Ystalin will tell you all about the seven
talismans, Nithera and about the medallion you now hold. When he finishes
telling his tale he will give you the Talisman of Basilisk and a ride to
Nithera itself. (save your game).


When you arrive in Nithera you will be in a garden labyrinth and the
finely crafted chainmail you gave back to Ystalin will be on the ground on
front of you (that was nice of him). Head north, then west and pick up the
two-handed sword. Then go west, north, and west to a small dark room.
There's a bottle of lamp oil on the ground to the right that you will need
later. Head east and north around the garden and get he sextant on the
ground then head south and west to the end. The wall has a pillar going up
the middle of it and two torches on either side of it. R-click on the
right torch and the pillar will open up to a doorway.
The room before you has for pillars in the middle of it and a red rug
between the four pillars, a stairway on the left and a gate on the right.
DON'T WALK ACROSS THE RUG. It will poison you permanently (as long as you
are in this room) and the statues around the room will come to life and
attack you if you go near them. If you turn right from the doorway you
entered from there's a plate chest armour, if you still have the armour
from Ystalin then you don't want this one. Walk around to the south east
corner of the room enter the gate there and go downstairs. Go south, east
and north to room with a large kettle in it, exit to the east to the next
room (dining room) and get the fire iron on the floor to your right next
to the fire pit. Take two steps north and walk east to the wall past the
benches. The torch on the wall is moveable but too hot to touch, so use
your fire iron on it and a secret door will open up. Go up the stairs and
you come to a room with knives flying across it, the fountain puzzle
should have deactivated it? If it didn't then just walk up to each set of
knives and take a step forward after they fly by your face. At the end of
the room is a large green sphere and two potions. Get the potions and then
R-click on the base under the sphere to deactivate the knives trap. Turn
right (west) and go down the hole in the floor through a tunnel to a room
that was behind a door that you couldn't unlock from the other side. Go
west to the room and get the amber wand.

Go back down the hole to the room with the sphere and exit through the
gate at the end to get back to the dining room. Exit to the hall and go
through the silver door with the snake engraving on it. Go through this
room to the north door, locked, the south door leads to a hallway with
several doors. Enter the first door on left and you'll see a fountain with
three different sized beakers in front of it. First get all of the beakers
and put them on your ready belt for easier access. Walk up to the fountain
and R-click on it, it will turn around and have just one face with water
pouring out of it. R-click on the fountain again to get a closer view of
it. There will be three small pillars of different heights in front of the
running water. The object here is to balance the pillars using the
beakers. You can fill the beakers half way by holding them in your hand
and R-clicking on the running water, and completely filling them by
R-clicking again on the water. If you want to dump the water out just
R-click the beaker on the floor. To balance it half fill the medium beaker
and place it on the left pillar, completely fill the large beaker and
place it on the centre pillar, and put the empty small beaker on the right
pillar. The three pillars will all go down completely and you won't be
able to pick up the beakers again.

This is supposed to de-activate a trap in another room with flying knives.
Exit the fountain and head north to the next room. There's nothing in the
room to the south. Go down hallway to the gate and the swimming pool. Get
your sword ready jump in the pool and turn left to battle the electric
water creature in the water. After you kill the creature go down into the
water some more turn right (south), take two steps forward, turn right
again(west), and go underwater and into a cave While your underwater you
will loose health so quickly turn left and use your shovel on the mask in
the wall twice to free it, and take the mask, turn left again and exit the
cave. The mask is nothing you need, but it is interesting. Turn left
(north), two steps forward, turn right (west), forward (up steps), turn
right again and exit room. Go back to the fountain, turn left and exit
back to hallway. The door directly across the hall (in front of you) has
nothing of interest, so head south down the hall. The first door on the
right also has nothing so go south to the next room. Nothing here either
so go through the door to the east.

Now your in the main library (this might be a little confusing). Read the
book two steps east of the ladder on the north bookshelf, fourth book to
the right of centre on the bottom shelf. Do not read book on the bottom
shelf to the left, it will make you fight yourself (and you are one tough
dude now) you can try it once if you want, but there are a bunch of these
books in here and after a while you start to get annoying so turn left to
where the ladder is, go up, slide left twice and go up the south ladder.
Slide the ladder until it goes around the corner, and from the corner
slide left twice and read the book between the top two ladder rungs. This
book will de-activate the book that makes you fight yourself Slide back to
the right and return to the original position. Go down to the first floor.
Go to the book cases on the south wall and start at the east end near the
table. Two steps west read book on the bottom left side, Palli Manus
(remember the statue before Ystalin).

Go back to the east wall and up ladder. Slide to the right four times and
read the book on the centre shelf far right it's a book on weapons, keep
it. Slide back tot the left and go to where the two ladders are on the
second level of the library. Use the lamp oil from the Nitheran gardens on
the bottom of the ladder to get it unstuck, now it will slide. Go up it
and slide it right and get off of it, walk to the end, get book on the
floor as you go, and examine the south wall, you'll notice it's a little
strange. Turn and walk west two steps and turn around facing east. The
lamp on the corner of the wall on your right is loose, go ahead and
R-click on it and you will see the strange wall move. Go R-click on the
wall to open up a secret area. Go down the stairs and down the hall to an
eerie glowing blue gate. I've never found a key or a spell that worked on
this gate, but if you try to open it, it will go through you and a glowing
blue demon dog will appear from the gate. He's pretty tough too so be
careful or save your game before touching the gate. Inside the room past
the gate to the right is a new weapon, a Kris, and a great weapon. Go to
the bookshelf on the east wall and get the book on the lower right. Turn
right and R-click on the book on the desk, you find out Jaren is not what
he seems to be. Now back to the blue gate, when you go through it this
time you will be attacked by two of those demon dog creatures. Use the
Kris to kill the one blocking your exit and run like hell back down to the
main floor of the library to avoid the one behind you.

Now exit the library, the door might be stuck so keep walking away from it
and trying again, it will open eventually. Go right (north) down hallway
to the next room and exit west (the door in front of you is locked). Head
west, north, and west back to the stairs leading up to the main entrance
hall with the red carpet. Go around the carpet to the stairs on the other
side of the room. Go through the gate and down the hall to the hall on the
right. It's in poor condition and the room at the end is on fire, so go
back through the gate and jump down to the floor (straight from the gate
south) you will be standing in front of a large cauldron with a fire
burning in it. Turn around facing the stairs and a large horn.

To the right of the horn is a secret room with three levers in it, R-click
on the three levers so that they are all down (the pilot lights on the top
and bottom will be lit but the middle one won't be). Go back around the
carpet, up the stairs, through the gate and back to the hall that was on
fire, you can now go into the room. Head north, east and south to door.

Go to the south end of the room and get the book on the bottom centre
shelf. Exit room and go north down hall then east to the end and south to
the door with the gold star and the letter 'F' on it, use your Jade wand
on the door and enter. On the south-east bookshelf is the Talisman of
Restore Energy, exit room and go down the east hallway. The hall has
collapsed but you can dig it out with your shovel. The wall you just dug
out has an impression of a sextant on it, use the sextant you found in the
Nitheran gardens on the impression. You are now in a hallway lit with blue
blobs of light, follow hall to a room that is in shambles with a crater in
the centre.

This is where the Ystalin the dragon said the Nitheran mages combined the
seven talismans in a cataclysmic explosion of power that destroyed them
all. The Talisman of Heal-all is still in the crater for you to get. Now
turn left and follow hallway to the outside. You will be attacked by a
small, but powerful, dragon here. When you kill him then you can get on
the ship. Turn south facing the stern of the ship and use your sextant on
the rudder system, if you don't you'll just fly in circles. Now you can
R-click on the ships wheel to return to the Gondola Station (CD-4).

When you get back to Gondola Station enter the tunnel to the east to go
back to Venomire Marsh. Once in Venomire Marsh Head south, don't bother
with the attacking plant life just run past them. Go across the bridge and
back to Galican. While you're here visit the drunk in the pub for a little
info, then head north out of town to the Forsaken crypt. Save your game
before entering. (CD-3).

The Forsaken Crypt

Entering the graveyard in front of the crypt can be hazardous to your
health. The gargoyles that you saw in the cut-scene come to life and they
are very evasive. Heal completely after the first one before you take on
the second one. Enter the crypt and go down the stairs the entrance will
be sealed behind you. R-click on the barrel where the hallway begins to
get a crowbar.

The pile of bones in the middle of the hall will come to life and attack
you so watch out for them throughout the crypt. Go west to the room and
get the arrows on the ground, the north-west corner of the room on the
north wall there's a hole in the wall with a skeleton sticking out of it.
R-click on the skeleton to get his gold tooth (another useless piece of
wealth). The next hole to the east on the north wall has apiece of cloth
that you can use later in the crypt to mark a trail to find your way back
out if, or when, you get lost. Head east down the hall, the last hole on
the south wall before the corner has another piece of cloth. Go around
corner, three steps south on east wall is a door with a picture of an
eagle on a shield, open it to get a silver cross. The next hole south on
east wall has another piece of cloth.

Follow hall and on the east wall there's another door, but you have to use
the crowbar on it to open it. Inside you will find a battle axe. The hole
in the west wall where the skeleton is sticking out has another piece of
cloth. The first door on south wall has your last Earth spell
(paralyse/enhance protection) use the crowbar to open it. Next hole east
on south wall has another gold tooth, north wall has a not from Teirian to
his wife, head east around corner to hall leading north, south wall has
cloth. The door on east wall has the spirit of Seldin who asks you to
return his bones to this grave (remember where it is). Head north to the
wall on the right that is falling apart, just slash at it until it
crumbles. There's a zombie on the other side of the wall (it's Tas) kill
him and he will drop the Talisman of Bird of Prey. You now have all seven
Talismans (cool), head east and north until you see a spirit fly by you,
that means that the walls have moved around. Every time you see a spirit
fly by you the wall have moved somewhere, so the way you came from might
not be there anymore.

This can be really confusing but have patience. Drop a piece of cloth here
to mark the exit and go east, south, east, and south to a barrel, turn
east then north, a spirit flies by. Return to the barrel and go north,
east, north and west. Drop cloth and head north to intersection. Go east
north west, south to end, a spirit flies by, go north, east, south, turn
west to end, south, west to end, north to end, spirit flies by go south,
east, north, east......DAMN I got lost.....just keep trying to go west
until you get to a room with a huge pile of bones. Seldin's bones are here
along with chain boots, a chain coif, and a page to Seldin's diary. To
find your way back just keep heading west and eventually you'll come back
to the wall you had to break through. The first door on the left after the
broken wall is where you need to return Seldin's bones. Now the entrance
of the crypt is open and you can return to Galican. In Galican you need to
go to the west exit and return to Venomire Marsh and go through the gate
at the far end to go to the Gondola Station (CD-4).

Enter Gondola and blow your horn to get across. Enter Jaren's Keep and go
right a the big bug, east at the hall and go through the first door on the
left. Go to the desk where the tablet is R-click to open it and R-click to
get a closer look. Now you need to figure out what the code is for the
tablet. I don't want to make it too easy for you but look in your books
that you have and see if you can get it. Hint: look in a book about
families. If you get the right code for the tablet it will glow blue and
you will hear a growl in the distance from another room. Now you need to
go to the dragon skeleton. Exit from the tablet, exit room, turn right
(west) and go to second door on left. Now walk in front of the dragon
(don't worry he won't hurt you again). R-click on him and he will walk
forward, roar in your face then he will pull on the chains to open the
floor under his pedestal to the final level.

The Final Level

Walk straight down hall to the dragon throne. A voice will give you a clue
on how to defeat the Nithos god (or whatever it is). Go back to where the
stairs are and turn north, then turn west. Go through the first door on
the right and into the next room to get a bascinet (best helmet) and a
Topaz Sword. There's nothing else to do in these two rooms except look at
the sickening torture devices and experiment tubes with people in them
(yuck). Exit to hallway and turn right (west), go around to the other side
(south to corner, east) to a doorway on the right (west) enter and go up
the ladder in the next room. At the top of the ladder, turn around and
there's a globe of your planet, if you L-click on it you will notice it is
an illusion, so R-click on it and it will open up, exposing a key. Get the
key and head back down ladder to the main hallway. Turn right and go east
down hall to the last room. In here you will see a huge machine and a
control device in front of it.

If you walk up to the controls and turn facing the machine so that the
controls are between you and the machine, you can R-click on the levers to
move them. Bring all three levers to their forward position and the
machine will fire up and an electrical creature will come out of the
charge going across the lens. He's pretty tough so kill him and get out of
the room because more will come out after you, but won't follow you to the
hall. Now that you turned on the power, if you go back to the room with
the three tubes with the bodies in them, one of them will also attack you
(optional). Head west down hall, take the first right (north) to the end
and turn right again (east) to the foggy room on the left. This room is
also optional, the creatures in there are extremely difficult and also
never-ending numbers of them, but there are potions hidden in secret panel
in the centre of each of the three walls of the room (not worth it
though). Now go to the gate on the east wall on the far west side of the
level (if you look on the map it's opposite of the stairs you came down
here from).

Before you use the key you got from the planet to open the gate, make sure
you are at full health, save your game and use the Talisman of Massive
Strength and the Talisman of Invulnerability on yourself (and if you want
a cheaters way of defeating the Nithos demon use the Talisman of Basilisk
on yourself. But try killing him first, without using it to see if you can
defeat him on your own.) Now enter the Gate for the final confrontation.
The rest of the game is mostly cinematic sequences listening to Jaren's
evil scheme, the Nithos creature absorbing Jaren, Zalena appears and
attacks the Nithos creature and collapses and then your battle with the
Nithos creature, and finally the endgame after you do defeat him of you
picking up the fallen Zalena and watching the tower crumble

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