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Читы для Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure

Чит-файл для Nemesis: The Wizardry Adventure

The Wizardry Adventure

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Note: The Tour Guide gives you a complete walkthrough for Galican, the Forest,
and the First Hargani level. This walkthrough therefore starts with Hargani
Level 2. You don't have to do this in the order given. For example, you can do
the Crypt at any time. The order given is the quickest possible way.

Hargani Level 2:

Examine the floor when you'll enter: there's something frozen in the ice. Cast
a fire spell at the wall and the explosion will melt the ice. This reveals
some non-essential items.

In the room with the mirror, the correct answer to the first riddle is SKY.
(If you answer the first riddle wrong, the mirror will ask another). Answer
the riddle correctly, and you'll receive the Sphere of Creativity. Pick up the
mirror piece when it breaks. This is used to get the Talisman on Level 3.

Take the ram horn from the altar: it's used make the gondola move to get to
Jaran's Keep.

Place any book on the bookshelf. A puzzle will appear. The key to the puzzle
is that symbols are compass directions. To find out which symbol goes with
which compass direction, go to the tree room on this level, and check out the
symbols on the base.

Once you have solved the puzzle, an exit appears that takes you down to Level

Hargani Level 3:

Some of the barrels contain leeches. Leeches will attach themselves to your
arm and suck away your health. To get rid of the leeches, find a barrel filled
with salt and plunge your arm into it.
Note that the Cure Poison spell will NOT get rid of leeches.

One barrel contains an ornamental hilt. This can be traded to Tala in Galican
for the fine sword she has in her shop.

Another barrel contains a lever. Place this lever on the switchbox found on
this level and pull it. This will release the Hargani who were imprisoned
behind iron bars. Talk to the remaining Hargani and he'll give you the Sphere
of Discourse. Pick up a bone from the pile on the floor.

Near some chomping jaws, you'll find a skull with a sword in it. To get the
sword, place the Spheres in the skull. The Sphere of Discourse goes in the
mouth, while the Sphere of Intelligence goes on the right side and the Sphere
of Creativity on the left (left brain/right brain, get it?) I forget at the
moment whether it's your right or the skull's right, though.

The sword you get is the Sword Destructica. It is quite powerful, and the only
weapon available at this point in the game capable of taking out the Mandragon
that you're about to meet. However, the sword is cursed. If you try equipping
anything else in your hands (including your amulet or a shield), the sword
becomes jealous and attacks. You'll have to beat it into submission again.
(You can remove this curse by taking it to the Priest in town, along with the
Weapons Anthologia book you found on Hargani Level 1. But once the sword is
uncursed, it becomes just a plain sword.)

Now head to the area with the chomping jaws. Place the bone between the jaws,
slightly to the left, as the jaws are closing. This will jam the jaws and
allow you take one step forward. Turn around, take the bone out of the jaws,
and then repeat the process to get through the other sets of jaws.

Kill the Mandragon with the Sword Destructica. In a recess protected by a
force field, you'll find a talisman. Use the mirror piece for Hargani Level 2
to break the field (it reflects it) and take the talisman. Head out the exit.

Galican Sewer Tunnels:

At this point you have the option of returning to town or entering the Sewers.
Return to town if you're badly beaten up, otherwise enter the Sewers.
Examine all the areas of the sewers, and push all the buttons you find. You'll
come across some useful items, including the Blind/Enhance Attack spell.
You'll also find a fountain that emits colors. Make a note of the sequence
that the color appear in.

In the big room, examining the floor in the middle (it's glowing a bit). A
case will rise up. If you press the button on the front of the case, it will
open, revealing a talisman. Trying to take the talisman like from the front
will get you into trouble, unless you have spoken to Jaran first.

Examine the back of the case instead: it's illusionary. You can take the
talisman this way and not set off Jaran's alarm system.

In this same large area, you'll find a door with a color coded lock. The key
to this lock is the sequence you observed in the color fountain. Blue Yellow
Blue Red Red is one combo that will work. There are others (such as Yellow
Blue Red Red Blue, etc.) The exit here leads to the Gondola/Jaran's Keep area.


If you reach the Gondola area from the sewers, you arrive on the Jaran's Keep
side. If you arrive from Venomire Marsh, though, you have to travel across the
chasm to reach Jaran's Keep. Use the Ram's horn to activate the magic gondola
(a book in the Hargani area explains this).

Once at Jaran's Keep, enter and explore a bit. You'll find a dead butterfly
near some plants. Pick it up and search for an insect display case. Place the
butterfly in the insect display case and you'll receive a butterfly key. Use
the butterfly key on the wall with the butterfly on it to enter the depths of
Jaran's Keep.

In this area you'll come across a laboratory, Jaran's study, and a dragon
skeleton. There isn't much you can do with the dragon skeleton at this point,
but you'll get back to it later. You'll get a spell from Jaran's desk. You'll
also find a runic tablet that you can't do much with now.

Head upstairs, meet Jaran, and take the key he drops when he leaves. Before
you leave, make sure you get the broken button piece.


The crypt is a "stand alone" area. It can be done at any time, though you
willhave to be fairly tough to survive the combats. It's also an area aimed at
the old-time Wizardry player who enjoys a mapping challenge.

In the first room in the crypt you'll find a crowbar. This can be used to open
locked crypts. In one such locked crypt, you'll meet Seldin's ghost. The ghost
tells you that you will be trapped in the crypt until you return his bones to
his crypt.

The valuable items you find here and elsewhere--coins, jewelry, etc.--can be
traded to the Priest in town for healing. Best of all, if you make donations
to the Priest when you're fully healed, he'll increase your maximum hit points
for you!

In one area of the crypt you'll notice a crumbling wall. Hit it several times
with a weapon to break through. On the other side, you'll encounter Tas, the
cryptkeeper--or rather, what's left of him. When you defeat him, you'll get a
talisman and a diary explaining Seldin's fate.

Once you reach this area, navigating becomes difficult--your automap no longer
functions and the very walls shift! (The walls shift when a ghost appears)
Drop items (such as rags) to mark areas you have already visited. Somewhere in
this area you'll find Seldin's bones. Return to Seldin's crypt with the bones,
and you will be free to leave the crypt.

Venomire Marsh:

Tour Guide says it all.

Burned Bone Corridors

If you look at where the skeletons are pointing, they will lead you straight
to the minotaur. However, that's not where you want to go first! Instead, look
at the door with the broken button in the entrance area. Fix the button with
the piece you found in Jaran's Keep. To open the door, press the buttons in
the following order: O-P-E-N (well, it wasn't supposed to be hard).
Inside examine the painting. A spirit of one of the minotaur's victims will
give a sword to slay the minotaur with.

Now follow the skeletons' directions and descend the steps to the minotaur.
The sword you received from the spirit is the best weapon to use here, though
Destructica will work as well. Once the beast is dead, you'll want to descend
into that giant hole in the ground.

To descend, use a rope made from tentacles of the plant-things outside the
tower. Note: these tentacles are extremely poisonous! Be prepared to cast
several Cure Poison spells after climbing down. An alternate solution is to
dip the tentacles into the basin in Jaran's Keep to neutralize them (it's the
basin that "smells like evergreens" --Pinesol, maybe?)

Mushroom Tunnels/Fire Tunnels:

No puzzles.

Desolate Castle:

To keep the second door from crashing shut when you open it, jam a rock (found
in the entrance hall) under it.

If you get caught in the net, cut it with your sword. Take the piece of rope
you cut off.

Head up the stairs (the critter is easy to beat). To get across the collapsed
floor, tie the rope you cut off to the chain, and swing across.

You'll find a book on a desk next to a candle. If you try to read the book,
the desk will collapse and the candle will scorch the book. To avoid this, use
the rusty scissors (found nearby) to cut off the wick of the candle before you
read the book. The book contains runes you'll need for the tablet in Jaran's
Castle. These runes will be copied into your logbook (which, incidentally,
contains loads of hints for these puzzles).

At the very top of the Castle, you'll meet Zalena, who will promptly ask to
meet you downstairs (no, I don't know why). She'll explain how a talisman
drove her brother mad and give the talisman to you, along with a dragon scale.
Grab the cloak and spell after she leaves.

The door will still crash on you when you leave. To prop it open, go over to
the hanging chains and pull one. Some timber will come crashing down. Use the
timber to prop the door open as you leave.

Ystalin's Lair:

From the Desolate Castle, head to back to the mushroom tunnels. Here you'll
find a locked door with a dragon on it. Use the Dragon's Scale on the door to
open it.

Getting into Ystalin's lair is a complicated process. First, cast a Whirlwind
spell at the rock ledge to get across.

Once inside the first area of the lair, you'll find quite a lot of machine
parts, along with a door you can't open and some machinery on the wall. Don't
forget to search the area near the drafting table!

To get that mechanical door open, you'll have to assemble the mechanism. Here
are the steps:
1) Place the large pulley onto the peg above the small pulley.
2) Fit the drive belt onto both of the pulleys.
3) Connect the drive shaft to the large pulley.
5) Place the needle on the power meter.
6) Pop the fuses into their respective positions.
7) Place the pump into the energy output source at the right.

You can now open the door. You will now find yourself in a nasty looking
scorched area. Don't take the armor in the case! Instead, concentrate on
opening the next door. When you try to open this door, you'll get a puzzle (it
seems the inhabitants of this world are fond of complicated combination

You're given 3 symbols. You can manipulate the last symbol. The goal is to
make the last symbol the next in the sequence. In the first puzzle, you're
given the following symbols:
Upright Tower, Upright Axe, Upside-down Tower...
So the next symbol should be Upside-down Axe. Turn the fourth symbol so it
isan upside-down axe, and press the button. The door is now unlocked and you
can open it.
(If you get this puzzle wrong, you will be given other puzzles to solve, all
of which have the "what is the next in the sequence?" theme)

Once past this door, you will find yourself in a hall filled with treasure.
Don't take any of it!

At the end of the hall you will meet Ystalin the dragon. Ystalin is looking
for someone who is brave and honest. When he first appears, don't attack: this
will convince him you are brave. When he asks you if you've been honest, give
him back any items of his you may have taken, such as the chain mail. If you
are honest (haven't taken anything or have given it all back), Ystalin will
reward you with the chain mail and a talisman. He will tell you more about the
talismans and Nithera. At the end of his speech, you will climb on his back
and fly off to the ruins of Nithera.


Note: Many of the puzzles in Nithera are optional, and are noted as such in
the walkthrough.

You are deposited in the Nitherin Garden. Explore around and pick up the lamp
oil and the sextant. Then head over to the indentation with the torch next to
it. Use the torch and a secret door will open. Enter and you will be inside
the Nitherin archives.

In the entrance hall, don't step on the carpet. If you do (optional), you'll
activate poison gas in this room. You'll also activate a wall of fire and the
lamps upstairs. To deactivate them, you'll have to search the entrance hall
for a secret door. Inside you will find some pipes. Turn off the left and
right pipes and leave the middle one alone.

Instead of going upstairs, find the stairs leading down. This will take you
into the main area of the Nitherin archives. Search around the general area:
the only thing you actually need from here is the shovel found in the large
living area with the cauldron.

Dagger Room/Fountain (optional):

In one area you will find a fountain. If you search the base of the fountain a
puzzle involving columns and flasks will appear. The goal of this puzzle is to
make all the columns the same height by filling the flasks with the right
amount of water to even them all out. You can fill the flasks by clicking them
on the water and empty them by clicking to the right of the screen. Once you
have all the columns the same height, they will sink to the ground. You have
now triggered something elsewhere in the archives, specifically . . .

In your search of the main living area in the archives, you may find an
unusual torch that's too hot to touch. Use the poker on the torch to activate
a secret door. Inside the secret passage you'll find a room with daggers
flying everywhere! With the proper timing, you can make it through this
hallway. If you have solved the fountain puzzles, after the daggers you will
find a switch that turns of the daggers and an area with some useful, but not
essential, items.

Pool (optional):

Near the fountain, you will find a pool. Descend into the pool and you'll
fight a nasty water creature. Beyond the creature you'll find an underwater
cave. Dive down and you'll find a mask embedded in the rock. Use the shovel or
a dagger on the rock (don't swing the dagger, use the Use icon) to get the
mask out. The mask is a pretty good piece of armor, and is also tres chic.

Nitherin Library (optional):

In the Library you'll find several ladders, including one that is stuck in its
track. Use the lamp oil on the stuck ladder, and you'll be able to move the
ladder to the right, giving you access to a brand new area. In this area
you'll notice several lamps hanging within reach. Pull on one of those lamps
to reveal a secret door (the Nitherins sure had a thing about light sources
and secret doors, huh?). Beyond this secret door, you'll find a very unusual
dog and the Kris dagger. The Kris dagger is supposedly the best overall weapon
in the game (though I stuck with the Sword Destructica, curse and all).

Nitherin Archives Upper Level:

Once you've done as much of these optional areas as you want, go back to the
room with the carpet and head upstairs (remembering to keep off the carpet!)

If you haven't messed around with the carpet, it will be dark up here. Search
around till you find your way blocked by dirt: use the shovel to dig your way
out. In the next area, you'll come across a locked door. Use the repaired key
to open it. (What repaired key? you ask. Well, remember when the bridge
collapsed in the forest and you found that key? You did take it back to Tala
to get it repaired, right?)

If you don't have the repaired key, don't despair. You can also cast a
Sandstorm spell at the door to batter it down. Inside this room you'll find a
book with a talisman in it.

Now leave that room and look for a wall with a strange imprint. Place the
sextant in the imprint to open the door. Past this you will discover a round
room filled with rubble. In the center you'll find yet another talisman. (This
area is where the original explosion that destroyed Nithera took place,

Once you have both talismans, take the other hallway out of the round room.
This will take you outdoors. It will also take you to a red dragon (the
Sirtech dragon, in fact). After defeating the dragon, you will be able to
board the magic airship. If you try using the steering wheel right off, you'll
just go in circles. To steer straight, place the sextant in the holder
directly opposite the steering wheel, then Use the steering wheel. You're
headed home.


Once back from Nithera, return to Jaran's castle. Head up to his bedroom where
you found the runic tablet. The runic tablet controls the dragon skeleton. If
you've been playing close attention, you should be able to enter the password
to disable the skeleton's defense mechanism. You'll need all SEVEN talismans
before you try this, though, or Jaran will boot you right out.

The password you want to enter is PROGENY (by this time you should have found
the Book of Progeny that mentions this; there a couple of other references
scattered about as well). Use the entry from the Desolate Castle in your
logbook to translate PROGENY from English letters to Runes. (If you burned the
book in the Desolate Castle and don't have a complete logbook entry, I found
the runes given in my Webster's Dictionary worked pretty well!) Enter PROGENY
on the tablet, then head to the dragon skeleton. By clicking on it, you should
be able to activate it so that a stairway down opens up.

You will find a whole new level down here, with some optional puzzles your
readers can tackle themselves (in other words, I never did 'em!) You'll also
find a locked gate and a ladder going up. The ladder up will take you to an
area in Jaran's rooms you couldn't reach before. Search the spinning globe to
get a gate key and head back down the ladder.

You can now unlock the gate and enter the endgame. Make sure you're healthy,
and you have your best weapons equipped!

Once you enter the endgame, you'll get a long animated sequence where Jaran
explains what he's up to. He summons the Nithos with the talismans (which he
steals from you). Both Jaran and the Nithos will tell you your amulet is
useless, but this is not the case! When control returns to you for your final
battle with the Nithos, use the amulet on the Nithos first. This will weaken
him so he can be slain by ordinary means. Then whack away with your favorite
weapon and/or spells until you defeat the Nithos (too late for Zalena,
unfortunately. . . )


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