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Читы для NHL 2001

Чит-файл для NHL 2001

NHL 2001

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:EA Canada
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 28 сентября 2000 года
Жанры:Sport (Hockey) / 3D
Похожие игры:Actua Ice Hockey 2, NHL '98, NHL '99, NHL 2000
Multiplayer:(6) head-to-head, модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в сентябре 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
NHL 2001 Unofficial PC FAQ v0.2 - 12/12/00
(c) 2000 Seeker Silverhawk (skrshawk)

(A nice ASCII logo would be well appreciated and make this look like a classic
FAQ :)

DISCLAIMER:  Anything you do in life is at your own risk including reading and
using the information contained in this FAQ.  Seeker Silverhawk is in no way
responsible for your use or inability to use this information or the game
described herein.  Seeker Silverhawk is not and never has been an employee of
Electronic Arts or any of its affiliates.  NHL 2001 is (C) 2000 Electronic
Arts.  If you do not accept these terms please discontinue reading and remove
this FAQ from your hard drive.

Please contact me with any submissions, updates, or corrections you may have.
My Email is skrshawk@localnet.com .  Please put "NHL 2001" in the subject line
so that I will catch it easily.  If you have a question that's not in the FAQ
it will appear in the next version if I can answer it.  Otherwise the question
will be published as "unanswered" and when someone responds to it will be
placed in the appropriate section.

If you submit material and would not like your email address posted, please
say to that effect.  Otherwise I am considering your submission implicit
permission (how funky sounding is that!) to include it.

A complete version history can be found at the end of this FAQ.

Table of Contents
1.  General Information and Q&A Regarding NHL 2001
2.  NHL 2001 PC Specifications and Hardware Recommendations
3.  Modes of Play
4.  Tips on Rules and Settings
5.  Control Configurations and Suggested Keyboard Map
6.  General Gameplay Tips and Strategies
7.  Known Cheats
8.  Multiplayer/Online Play and Hints
9.  Related Websites
10.  Unanswered Questions
11.  Version History and Plans
12.  Copyright Information

1.  General Information and Q&A Regarding NHL 2001

Q.  What is NHL 2001?  What does it do?

A.  NHL 2001 is the latest hockey game released by Electronic Arts.  It
features all 30 NHL teams, special NHL teams (such as All-stars), and 20
international teams.  Included are rules and rink specifications for NHL and
international rules play.  Customizable AI allows for control over teammates'
and opponents aggressiveness and strategy.

Game modes include single game, season, tournament, playoff, and shootout.
Season play can include any of up to 30 teams for as long as a full 82 game
regular season schedule.  Tournament and playoff mode are essential the same,
the only difference being the Cup is on the line in Playoff mode.  Shootouts
are the classic international rules shootouts.

Two types of drafts with variations are available.  A full complement of
coaching tools are provided to edit lines, make trades, and set strategies.

Online play is also supported, although many people have mixed opinions on its

Q.  What platforms is NHL 2001 out on?

A.  NHL 2001 has been released on the PC, Playstation, and Playstation2.  This
FAQ covers specifics to the PC version since that is what the author plays.

Q.  Is there a demo out for the PC?

A.  Yes - you can download it from the EA Sports site - not the official NHL
2001 site.  This seems to be the best repository of official files for the
Q.  What is the latest version of NHL 2001?
A.  The latest upgrade will patch your game to v1.02.  Use the auto-update
feature in the game's Start Menu folder as I have not seen a file download to
do so.

2.  NHL 2001 System Requirements and Recommendations

EA sayeth you must have a computer with this to play:
Windows 95/98 (not NT/2000)
200MHz processor
4x CD-ROM using 32-bit driver (most do)
100MB free hard drive space + space for saved games, DirectX, and swap file
Direct3D or Glide compatible video card with 4 MB RAM with DirectX compatible
DirectX 7 compatible Sound Card
Keyboard and Mouse

EA reccomendeth this for better gameplay:
400MHZ Pentium II
600MB free hard drive space + room for goodies
16 MB or greater video card

EA sayeth you must have this to play in multiplayer mode:
56K modem, up to 2 PC's
Cable modem, DSL, or Faster for up to 4 PC's
IPX Network for up to 8 PC's
1 CD per computer, up to 5 players per computer

For best gameplay (and maximum detail), Seeker recommends this:
600MHz Athlon, Thunderbird, or Pentium III
1.2GB free hard drive space (for full install)
32MB NVidia chipset Graphics Card w/ TV-Out (great for get-togethers)
DirectX 8 (available from Microsoft's website and most major download sites)

3.  Modes of Play

Single Game - plays a single game between any two teams.  For a real good
time, make the two teams the same and give them the same jerseys :).  Very
useful for balancing the game to your ability and preferences.

Season - The long (or short) haul.  Play your team up to 82 games with a
league of up to 30 teams.  Set your lines based on player abilities, hot and
cold streaks, injuries, and personal tastes.  Place players on and off
waivers, make trades, sign free agents, and scout the best talent for next
season.  Assign offensive, defensive, powerplay, and penalty kill strategies.
Play up to ten consecutive seasons.

Tournament - Play an 8, 12, or 16 team tournament to find the victor.

Playoff - Go for the cup!  Select your teams and rules and battle it out for
Lord Stanley.

Shootout - An international rules shootout.  Pit five guys and your best
goalie against any other team and see who can find the back of the net.

Internet/Online - Basic gameplay over the Internet or an IPX local area

Online League - Season mode gone online.  I suggest shortened seasons unless
you belong to a clan or regular league.

4.  Tips on Rules and Settings

These settings are suggested for players that enjoy a full-length, 60 minute
battle.  The downside with this is that it is hard to make such a long affair
in this game represent scores similar to NHL standards.  The goal is to bring
scores down to reasonable levels while not making the goaltenders seem like
supermen and the players like slow motion.

I've personally found the game to be the most balanced vs. the computer with
the level set on Pro, goalie boost notched two steps higher than player, and
the team I am playing notched one higher each.  Start four clicks from the

Under the AI, I suggest setting aggressiveness to the maximum.  Hockey is a
vicious checking sport and this simulates that beautifully.  Hitting power
should be about the middle, and fall recovery should be about 3/4 to the max.
I swear, sometimes these guys are pansies.  Injury settings are up to you.
Regular seasons will get much grittier as time goes on if this is set high.
Also note that harder checks have greater chances of causing severe injuries
(of course).

I make the puck elasticity and goalie rebounds a bit higher as well as make
the goalie hang onto the puck less.  NHL goalies use strategy in choosing when
to hang on (such as heavy coverage or needing a line change).  The computer I
think rolls the dice, but passes it out less if you cover his outlets better.
Pass Accuracy is off and Pass Speed it a notch higher.  Setting rebounds to a
high level also has an increased chance of causing the puck to go out of play.

Rules... get to know hockey if you don't already.  I could not imagine a game
without calls against offside, 2-line passes, and icing.  Here's the gist of
it.  If you have an attacker in the other team's zone and pass or carry the
puck in before he comes back, that's offside.  A 2-line pass is simply passing
the puck across two of the center lines (also an offside pass).  Icing is
shooting the puck past your opponents' blue line and goal line and they touch
it first.  So don't do these things :).

Penalties and fighting... I set these to about 2/3, however you may want to
lessen them a bit if you want more 5 on 5 hockey.  I like playing more
shorthanded and powerplay situations than the average is for the league, but
midway represents the average.  Overtimes... play by NHL rules.. if it's
regular season, single OT (4 on 4), playoffs, continuous OT.

5.  Control Configurations and Suggested Keyboard Map

I'm not here to replace the manual, so I'm only going to cover the keyboard
map that works best for me.  Gamepad designs can vary so if you have a
favorite controller map please share it and you will receive credit.

Movement - Arrow Keys (As Mapped)
Player With Puck - As Mapped
Player Without Puck - As Mapped
Goalie Without Puck - As Mapped
Goalie With Puck - As Mapped
Face-offs - As Mapped
Fighting - As Mapped

Select Goalie - G
Drop Puck In (offense)/Last Man Back(defense) - B
Line Change - F (use arrow keys or F1-F8)
Spin Left/Right - L/R Shift
Pull Goalie - P
Deflection/Block Shot - V
(note: this allows players to dive and causes teammates to dive)
Skate Backwards - D

One-timer - Pass and hold Shoot
Fake Shot - Hold Shoot and tap Pass
Give and Go (Passback) - Hold Pass
Shot Aiming - Arrow Keys as shot is released

6. General Gameplay Tips and Strategies

By and large, if it works in the NHL, it will work here (a credit to EA for
the authenticity).  Here are some of my favorite tactics.  Young hockey
players might want to take some of this advice to the rink with them - it'll
do ya good ;).

Manual shot control works like this (as submitted by Zac Couture
"Manual Shot Aim works like this. As you release the shot button, press the
control pad / keyboard button in the direction of where you want the shot to
go. So up = top shelf, down = on the ice, and left and right = left and right.
To put it in the corner, press both buttons, i.e up and left."
Given a far better game next time I played I was convinced and am completely
sold on this kind of shooting.  However it does add to the busywork of
controlling your player.
Hit everything that moves.  You'll take more penalties by using the "Big Hit"
button but over time will develop players' hitting ability (represented by
their hammer).  Same goes with firing on net.  Not only will this help you
score goals (obviously) but doing dekes and spin moves will increase this.
Set up odd-man rushes and pass the puck back and forth before you shoot.  This
has scored the majority of my goals.  Having two players in the net vicinity
is the most effective way to beat the goalie.  Pass it across or back and have
the recipient do a onetimer on it (very effective).

Behind the net plays are not as effective in this game as they are in the NHL.
Try the same thing with the odd-man rush - pass it in front and one-time it.

If the goalie is down, you better capitalize on it.  It's almost like cashing
in on an empty net.  I find the game much easier on auto-shot aiming for this
reason.  If he's outta position (such as being forward and a player is behind
him) - easy knocker.

If you don't have a play where you can get a reasonable shot off, dump the
puck in along the boards.  This buys time - it gets your players in scoring
positions and makes the defenders chase after it.

It is an accomplishment to beat a goalie one-on-one.  Here's a couple of
tricks to help you (great for penalty shots too): Skate straight, slightly to
the left or right, depending on which hand your player uses.  Cross just in
front of the crease to the other side, deke, and shoot a forehand wrister.  A
spin move may also fool him with a backhand.  Use combinations including
faking shots (a tough skill to master in this game) - if he goes down and you
have the puck he's toast.

On defense the best thing to do is everything you can to get it out of the
attacking zone.  Carry it behind your net to take some heat off when there's a
heavy attack and send it out on the wings.  It's hard to get in the habit of
attempting shot blocks but it is one that will pay off.  However given the
choice between a block and a check, take the check.

In the readme with the patch it mentions that on defense you can skate
backwards and do a sweep check by hitting the shoot key.  Great for stopping
an even-man rush.

It's tough being a goalie (I know, I played two years of youth hockey wearing
the pads).  However it can be a very rewarding game if you end up with a
shutout, or that feeling of satisfaction when the opponent fires again and
again and you shut him down.  Proper timing (and holding down) of the save
attempt is critical.  Quick punches will go for sprawls, longer holds for
dives; use this especially if the goalie is caught out of position.

More on goalies:  As the rule book says, a goalie is not "fair game" if he
leaves the net.  Resemble Dominik Hasek in not only stopping every shot, but
being the 3rd defenseman. Use your switch to goalie button to have him pick up
loose pucks and fire them back into the fray.  This is a tremendous help to
the odd-man rush and will get your goalie some assists.  But needless to say,
use discretion in utilizing him.

Use discretion in passing and clearing the puck.  Sometimes its far less risky
to have the face-off in your end than to set up your opponent's goal.  However
if you're not the goalie, and especially when on the powerplay - clear the

Another note is that you will never get penalized for intentionally sending
the puck out of play (unlike the NHL).  Shooting it from your zone will often
do this.  If nothing else it will send it fully down the ice, and half the
time the opposing goalie won't go out of his net if you send it around the
boards in this fashion.

Fighting - rely mostly on your high punch, throwing an uppercut in there when
you want some extra hit (such as to knock him down).  I haven't noticed any
pattern to how the refs call instigator and game misconduct penalties (it's
funny when the person that loses also gets the misconduct, talk about adding
insult to injury!)

Manual line changes are very important to the strategy of your game.  The
computer tends to have an uncanny ability to place out a dead-tired line in a
key situation.  It takes more adjustment to call your changes on the fly but
is easily done and well worth it.  I suggest just using the default Fkeys to
make your calls (first press brings up the list, second activates a line).

7.  Known Cheats

These cheats were taken by permission off of http://vgstrategies.about.com .
The only problem is none of them seem to work!  I could use some confirmation
from anyone regarding the status of these cheats.

During Gameplay type in (case sensitive):
HOMEGOAL - Home team scores a goal
AWAYGOAL - Away team scores a goal

In the Credits screen type in:
Broken tomato - Turns on BLOOD
starsrus - All players can do all dekes
Magnet - Loose puck goes to goalie if using manual goalie

Typing in the names of the programmers from the game will give you super-
players.  (has not been tested)

Pressing V during an off-play situation will activate a taunt (works only in
multiplayer or not at all?)

8. Multiplayer/Online Play and Hints

Many people are somewhat disappointed by the implementation of multiplayer
play in NHL 2001.  I personally feel that this game should be able to run on a
28.8 or 33.6 modem for up to 4 players.  My personal success has been very
limited because I am on such a modem.  Cable modem or DSL is unfortunately
(and perhaps unnecesarily) the de facto standard for multiplayer play in this
game.  For what seems to be the need for a very simple transfer interface it
is very bandwidth and lag intolerant.

As an unfortunate tribute to poor MP implementation, I've heard more reports
of those having high-bandwidth connections having some of the same problems as
modem users.  I can only hope that EA can patch this as it is really the only
weak link in a very well done hockey game.

EA.com's Matchmaker service (installed as an option with the game) is their
reccomended method of taking on the world.  It requires the latest version of
NHL 2001 to use.  Some people prefer to use this service to arrange games and
then connect via direct IP as these games seem to be more stable, although I
haven't personally noticed a difference.

To make the game run better on slower modems I suggest setting the game to 15
packets per second with a peer to peer connection.  If one of the players has
a high-bandwidth connection and a powerful computer client-server does run
nicer (I have the powerful computer out in the middle of nowhere :).

Network play, like most games that support local networks, is quite smooth and
stable.  I have yet to see any serious issues or problems provided IPX is
installed on both machines and configured correctly.  TCP/IP should work too
if your network is configured for the Internet or placed on the 192.168.x.x

9.  Unanswered Questions

This section is for questions that I have or that I have received that I am
looking for answers to.  Please email me questions or answers to these
questions (you will receive credit for either).

How does manual shot control work? (ANSWERED, under section 7)

I can't seem to find the Free Agent signing section.  Help!

Answer either of those, or ask something that should be here, get in the FAQ

10.  Related Websites

My sole discretion is what decides what makes sites appear here, and I refuse
to add crappy sites.  So if yours doesn't make it, too bad, so sad.  Email me
with your site suggestions.

http://www.nhl2001.com - Perhaps the best site currently online
http://nhl2001.ea.com - Electronic Arts' official website
http://www.ea.com/rivals/games/mm_nhl01/home.jsp - Much nicer page from EA
(with direct links to files and multiplayer play)

11.  Version History and Plans

v0.2 - 12/12/00 - 22k - Added information on online play, revamped the cheats
section, as well as cosmetic improvements and other minor (but important)
additions.  Many sites have shown interest in hosting it except for sites
actually devoted to the game.

v0.1 - 12/10/00 - 15k - First released version.  Complete and good-looking,
but hardly comprehensive.

In future releases I hope to have information on using user-created addons
such as ditties (you know, the music they play at the games) and use of the
draft functions.  Of course your suggestions and submissions are more than

If there is a significant interest I will expand this FAQ to cover the
Playstation versions of NHL 2001.  However I do not own a PS so it will mostly
be based on user submissions (I'm strictly a PC gamer and my money is where my
Thunderbird and GeForce are :).

12.  Copyright Information and other assorted legal

This work is copyrighted 2000 by Seeker Silverhawk (John Tuttle).  NHL 2001 is
copyrighted by Electronic Arts.  Any other products or names mentioned in this
document are the copyrights of their respective owners.  Use of this FAQ is
limited to non-commercial private use and may not be used for direct profit
without the expressed consent of the owner.  It may not be posted on any
websites without the expressed consent of the owner.  Its use in any print
publications is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the owner.
These terms are subject to change with only notice being in the most recent
version of this document.

Sites authorized to have this FAQ posted are:
http://vgstrategies.about.com/ (hosted on http://www.gameadvice.com)
http://www.neoseeker.com/ (gotta love this name! :)

If you see this FAQ on any other site please email me and let me know.  You
will be richly thanked and appreciated and possibly rewarded for doing so.

Please reference the disclaimer at the beginning of this document.

----- END OF FILE -----

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