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Чит-файл для NHL Hockey

NHL Hockey

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:EA Sports
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Sport (Hockey)
Multiplayer:(2) head-to-head

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.


Информация актуальна для
				  v 1.0

				Written by
				Andy Wang


			   Part 1: General stuff

- Q: What is NHL Hockey '93?

It's an IBM version of the Sega game.  However, it's being licensed by
NHL and NHLPA, therefore it has all the real team name, logo and player

- Q: What's so great about this game?

Smooth graphics, GREAT sounds (fan-o-meter :-), great atmosphere, real
players.  There will be speech to announce every goal, every penalty etc.
Also the award ceremony at the end of the season is quite nice.

- Q: What's not so great about this game?

This game is very unrealistic.  You can get 100 shots on net if you want
to.  The computer players aren't very smart.  The league play is just
individual games put together.  There are not injuries longer than "rest
of the game", no draft, no aging, no free agent.

- Q: What should I do first thing when I start the game?

Select a team, I recommend Calgary Flames.  They are definitely the fastest,
thus best team in the league.  Regardless of your team, you should check
out the players who are riding the pine.  You can find some damn good
players there.  Like Randy Burridge of Washington or Jake Sklade of New
Jersey, some guy of the Flyers(?) has over 300 endurance.

- Q: Can I trade players?

Yes, but only between human owned teams.  Go to "manage team" under file
to do it.  There is a trading deadline just like the real league.  If
you want to trade with computer team, you have to add it to the league

- Q: I played a game, how come the stats remain the same??!!

Well, you have to go under file and choose merge and update database

- Q: How come I am seeing only 1992-1993 stats?

Go under statistic and set "statistic type" to the one you want.

- Q: How do I see replays I saved over the season?

Go under "file" again, choose view highlights.

- Q: Any patches for the game?

Yes, there is an update to this game.  It fixes a video display bug, and
(unconfirmed) the GAA computation bug.  It can be found at ftp.uwp.edu.
There is also an editor that lets you edit player stats etc.  It's
floating around somewhere.

- Q: What does each button do in NHL hockey?

Each button has multiple functions within the game.  Although the best
is Gravis Gamepad, which has 4 buttons.  It has the same feel as the
Sega controller.

Press #1 and direction to pass on offense; on defense it will let you
control the player closest to the puck, you also poke check with this
button.  You also use this button to win faceoffs.

Press #2 to shoot(see part 2 for more info).  On defense you use it to
body check someone.  You can also use this button to give player
without the puck sudden accelaration.

Press both to change line, though I suggest you use the function keys.
F1 to F4 if you are the home team, F5 to F8 if you are on the road.  F10
to pull goalie or put him back in.  Press TAB to see all player numbers,
press "r" to see replay; and press ESC to get to the broadcasting booth.

I am getting reports that on some machines, you have to do both with
button 1.  I have no idea what's with that, sorry.

- Q: Can I control some player other than the guy who has the puck?

Nope, you always control the puckhandler.  If no one on your team has
the puck, you can control anyone, but your goalie will always be
controlled by the computer(even though you see the star under him).
There is also a cool bug that lets you control the ref, though I still
haven't been able to reproduce it. :-)

- Q: Can I check the goalie?

Yes, but you probably will get whistled for it even outside the crease.
Besides, the goalies in NHL Hockey '93 are indestructible M-2 tanks in
disguise and will knock anything over in their path!  Also if the goalie
injures someone there's no penalty.

- Q: How do I start a fight in this game?

You can't, fighting has been removed for better image of the league.

			Part 2: Offense

[note: all plays here work to various extent against the computer, I
only have 1 human competitor and he doesn't play much, so I can't tell
you how they will work against humans.  My bet is they would know about
most of them, after reading this FAQ of course :-)]

- Q: How do I tee up a slapper, and how do I do a one-timer?

Slap shot - a hard, fast shot at goal.  However, player have to wind up,
thus taking quite a bit time.  This is usually used for long distance
shot by a defenseman.  To do this, keep on pressing down the shot

Wrist shot - slower, but more accurate than slap shot.  Player do not
have to wind up, so this is great for close range when you are going to
get checked!  To do this in EA Hockey, press the shot button then
release it quickly.

One timer - Player shoots the puck as soon as it is passed to him.  This
is the most useful shot IMHO.  First, press direction and pass button,
then before the pass gets there, press the shot button.

- Q: OK, I did those things, but my players just shoot at the goalie's
   mid-section, what the...

When shooting, you can also try to aim at a certain part of the goal.
Although said player will not always be able to shoot at the spot you
pick, it all depends on his shot accuracy ability.  For example, push
the joystick upper left corner then shoot will result in the player
trying to shoot it at the upper left corner.  (espeically useful on one
timers, since the shooting player will not move when you aim - the pass
hasn't got there yet)

- Q: I still have trouble scoring, are there any plays the computer has
   trouble defending?


There are quite a lot set plays in this game (not very realistic, hockey
is a high turnover game).  Besides the computer defensemen are just
awful, from Ray Bourque to Ken Hammond.

A few that I find are most successful are:

[I recommend beginners try the first 4 methods, they are more standard
and reliable...]

1) fast break, 2 on 1.  A fast winger rushes down the ice, when he
reaches the top of the circle, pass to the center, who should be
trailing the play for a blazing one timer.

2) fast break, 1 on 1 (or 2, doesn't matter :-).  This works well with
all players, but the success rate is higher with fast players.  A player

usually winger, take the puck down the ice.  He should go toward the
other side of the goal(if you are left winger go toward right side of
the goal).  During this process the goalie will move horizontally with
you.  When you reach the top of the crease(the blue half-circle area),
suddenly change direction then immediately shoot at the empty side of
the net.  Someone(sorry don't have your name) else also suggested the 5
hole is a good place to shoot.

3) Around the net slap shot.  This works only with player with high shot
power and accuracy.  Said player starts with the puck behind the net,
then he skates a half circle to the front of the net and shoot a slap
shot to the far side.

                                         y         .
                                          P     GP .
                                                1 .

You get the idea, P are the goalposts, G is goalie, 1 is where you
start, 2 is where you should shoot the puck.  Remember to use slap shot

Following is a slight variation contributed by Howie:

From howie@VNET.IBM.COM

Another play that I have used with fairly good success is this:
Your player (preferable a winger) skates down the wall behind the net, does a
u-turn and skates just across the crease firing into the far side of the net...
This works really well and it's very easy to set up.  It's just very important
to watch the timing....  When you get good, you can actually tell that the
goal will go before you get off the shot so you don't lose possession.

4) Across the goal mouth tap in.  Different from 3).  When he reaches x pass
to y, if your winger is any good he should be there for a easy one timer
into any empty net!  This works really well, even better than #2.

5) Rebound.  Computer defensemen are horrible in clearing the crease and
other defensive duties(like when you are behind the net).  Try to
anticipate the rebound and tap button 2 real quickly, this way you can
shoot as soon as you get the puck.

6) Long distance goals.  From Nguyen-Anh D. Le.

'five-hole': This is mainly an outside shot.  When you shoot, aim down, and
it will often go between the goalie's legs.  The best positions for taking
it are on the blue line.  Make sure your player is squared up for a forehand
shot.  Players with good power should take slapshots, while players with good
accuracy should take wristshots.  This shot beats the best goalies in the game,
including Belfour, Roy, Potvin, and Joseph.  Some other goalies, such as Moog,
LeBlanc, and Fuhr resist it pretty well, but these are about it.

7) Bizzare goals.  Try tapping button 1 really quick on faceoffs at
center ice.  If you center wins he will clear the puck right at the
goalie, and sometimes it will go through his legs! (pretty realistic

8) Even more bizzare goals.

From Juha Ruotsalainen:

When the going gets tough, and I need desperately goals, here's what I do:
Attack with your Left Wing and stay close to the boards on the left side. When
you have passed the blueline you make a shot (slap/wrist). The goalie for some
reason starts to back up, sometimes he backs up so far, he won't even
touch the puck, and sometimes ( most of the time ) he backs up adequately, so
that when the puck hits him, it bounces off into the goal.

9) Stupid goals.

Sometimes you will see a computer defensemen, facing the goal from close
range and playing with the puck.  Check him hard and the puck might end
up in the net!  Sometimes the defensemen will just simply slip, even

10) Laughable goals.

Do the thing like #2 just don't shoot.  Instead just before you think
the goalie is going to hit you change direction toward the empty part of
the net.  When he hits you, you will lose the puck as it heads to the
goal.  The goalie meanwhile will be "blocked" by you and unable to make
the save.  Sometimes you get called for "interference", haven't figured
out how to avoid it yet.

- Q: My winger is on a breakaway, but he has no one to pass to, how come
the other guys don't rush forward?

Could be of several reasons.  i) they are too slow.  If Bure has some
guy from Ottawa as his center, this could happen. ii) Check out the
offensive and defensive awareness of the offending player.  A defensive
minded forward might opt to stay in the zone instead.  iii) They got
checked by someone and is down on the ice complaining.  iv) They are
stupid and got tangled up with your goalie :-)

-Q: I have mastered the game, I score so many goals with the Senators
it's not funny, what can I do to make it more competitive?

Several things to consider:
1) Play like real hockey, dump and chase etc.
2) Don't pass the puck to your wingers with goalie.
3) Don't take advantage of computer's line selection.
4) Don't use the set plays described in this FAQ, at least not too much.
5) Do a del/s and save up some disk space.

			   Part 3: Defense

- Watch some hockey games, and see how the real defensemen act.

- From Jonathan Schmitt:

1.   Do not attack with defenseman.
2.   The goalie does fine with the first shot if it is not a one timer.
	Get the defensman or center and ride the guy with puck toward
	the end board.  By ride I mean cut off his angle toward the
	middle of the rink and let him keep going done the ice.
	Once the guy has gone to far he will flip up some
	shot the goalie can save easily.
3.   Always keep someone around to pick up rebounds.
4.   Using the defense to try and come up and check guys is bad unless
	you make sure you get them.  By making sure you get them, I mean
	trip them.

- From: Roberto Divia

against the computer:

   body check the player with the puck as soon as he enters in your defense

   get control of a non-defender and move it in front of the goalie, but not
   too close
      if you get too close, you will disturb him and you have big chances to
      cause a goal

      if you are in the right place, you will:

         1) intercept passes made to the center

         2) catch rebounds

         3) be facing the computer's goal, ready to breakaway: if so, skate
            almost directly towards the other end, but "bend" a bit around

            the computer's bench. There is a good chance that the computer
            will change its line and you want to avoid the fresh players
            (and at the same time have a good breakaway chance)

agains the human:

   get someone 100% of its time in the center of the defence zone. Never
   switch player unless this looks really safe

- From: Orlando De La Cruz

	As far as defense goes, the best thing I find is to trip often.
The computer doesn't call tripping very often, especially if the player
tripping has a low aggressiveness rating (Lady Byng winner Pierre Turgeon
might be a good choice), as aggressiveness is what the game looks at when
deciding whether or not to call a penalty.  The poke check/trip is much
more effective and less risky than a body check, as a missed body check
usually lets the target slip past you.

                           Part 4: Other hints.

- From Darin Ranger Jason:

  We like to dump the puck in, then forecheck and try to get it back to
  the defensemen for a slapper.

[note: poke check are extremely effective along the boards, it
will often knock the guy over(no penalty) and get you the puck]

- Go near the computer goalie everytime he(or she :-) makes a save,
computer goalies are quite conservative so he won't pass the puck.  You
will get a faceoff in their zone.

- On the contrary, pass the puck with your goalies to your wingers.  Your
goalie is a great passer and that talent should not be wasted!  This is
a great way of getting a fast break started, too bad the game doesn't
count how many assists your goalie has.

- Computer don't put injured player back to the game.

- On faceoffs at the circles in the other team's zone.  Press down the
direction of your point man and tap button 1 really quickly.  You will
get it back to him as soon as you win and shoot a one-timer.

- From: Roberto@suds01.cern.ch

  Between-the-legs shots are incredibly effective. Use the "pass" button
  during breakaway (works MUCH better then the "shoot" button) whenever you
  are alone in front of the goalie

- When you are on the road, the computer get to choose lines after you do.
So he will try to match up his 3rd line(checking line) with your 1st
line; and its 1st line against your 2nd line.  So you can edit your
lineup, change your 4th line to 2nd and 1st to 3rd etc.  So you never
have to play against computer's first line.

- Edit your lines, make sure right hand players play on the right side and
vise versa.

- Get your best *offensive* players on the penalty killing teams.  The
already bad computer defense sucks even harder when it's on power play.

- Do NOT change lines during game play, no matter how tired the line is.
If you do change during play, you risks a possible breakaway.  Try to go
intentionally offside if you want to make a line change.

- Personally, I find there is very little incentive to dump the puck, you
are better off just skate into the zone.

- Practice your body checks when there is a stoppage of play.  The
computer players won't mind if you knock them over :-)

- Long distance shots have a much better than real life chance of going
in.  Try it with someone who has good shot accuracy and power and aim at
the lower corners.

- I find there is very little need to pass back to your point man, one
reason my defensemen get very little points.

- From: Orlando De La Cruz

	The FAQ says that a player that checks the ref gets a 10-minute
game misconduct.  I thought the player gets a game misconduct and an
ejection.  I've done it several times, as it's hard to do, and gratifying
when you get it (notice how the crowd goes crazy when the ref gets checked
or smacked in the noggin with a puck).
	To check the ref, watch him during a game.  He has a pattern as to
where he skates in relation to the puck.  He usually stays on the other
side of the rink (which is why it's so hard to get him).
	Once you get a sense of the ref's "pattern," you sort of know
where to be to attempt a check.  A lot of times, you can only check him
"off-camera."  In other words, the puck is on the other side of the rink,
and you're down there all alone with the ref...
	At this point, you need to guess which direction to launch
yourself for the check.  However, this is made easier by knowing his
pattern.  You know you got him if the crowd cheers and/or the penalty is

	I also just wanted to add that most of the techniques stated in
the fact are enhanced by a player with a high shot power, like Brett Hull
(100), or Mike Gartner (90).


I'd like to thank everyone who has given me suggestions and feedbacks.
Also special thanks goes to my computer for taking a pounding every
game without ever complaining. :-)

email nwang@black.clarku.edu

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