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Читы для Noir: A Shadowy Thriller

Чит-файл для Noir: A Shadowy Thriller

A Shadowy Thriller

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
by Heather Champ http://www.jezebel.com


Originally written by 1997 Heather Champ
Updated by Fugazi - April 25, 1998, Considerable text corrections and other
by Steve at Gamer Grand Central http://www.bigbear.u-net.com/frame.htm

Note: Accuracy of detail in this walkthrough has been verified. While the
order of play below is recommended it may not always be possible to exactly
follow it to the letter. With luck this will not affect the enjoyment or
outcome of your game.

Note: According to the manual, you should be able to solve all  six cases in
random order. This is not completely true.
Some cases can be solved at once but some cases can only be solved when a
certain progression is made in another

If you follow the order of solving cases in this walkthrough, you won't get
If necessary, I  mentioned the progress you should have to make in another case
in order to progress.
If this  doesn't work, I suggest you play the game from the beginning in the
same order as this walkthrough.


Starting investigations

Case 1 - The Mysterious Death Of  Pegasus
Case 2 - The Chinese  Connection
Case 3 - The Case Of Max's Rare Book
Case 4 - A Breach Of  Security
Case 5 - The Mystery Of Wo-Tan The  Wonderdog
Case 6 - The Case Of The Missing  Heiress

To whom it may concern, For starters, I'm not going to reveal my name. To stay
alive you've got to work on a
need-to-know basis. And you don't need to know. As you are reading this you will
be caught up in the mystery
concerning Jack's disappearance.

Well...let's not beat around the bush; he's probably dead. OK? Ten to one I am
as well by the time you get to this...I just thought it might be a good idea
to write down those things I've discovered, so that someone else can take over
the investigation, if need be.

Jack's Office It's probably best that you start where I started; in Jack
Slayton's office. During your search through
Jack's desk, Marjorie, his secretary, will probably call you. Turn around and
switch on the intercom with the left button. Also, listen to the radio, which
is left of the intercom, and find out about Wo-Tan, the missing dog of former
movie star Agnes Simon.

Sit behind Jack's desk and search the drawers. In the upper left you'll find a
key marked 'Joan'. She was Jack's girl at
the time, and there's a key with a label, numbered '135'. In the lower left
drawer you'll find a journal which keeps track
of your actions and your inventory. Check it frequently. It might jog your
memory about something you've seen but overlooked. In the top right drawer
you'll find a small key which unlocks the Rolodex on the desk top. There's a
handy flashlight in the second drawer. Now check the large double drawer at
the bottom. Those are the six files Jack was working on before he disappeared.
I was working on them too, now it's your turn. Good luck!

In the centre of the desk is another drawer. You'll find a magnifier there and
a wallet with coins for pay-phones. There's no limit to the amount you can
use. Also don't forget to look in the dark matchbook on the left, it's one
from The Sheherazade Nightclub. There's a useful message on the inside cover:
'Knock Twice, Knock Once'.

Now check Jack's desktop. Start by reading the newspaper but the news isn't
exactly fresh... As I said before, there's a Rolodex with telephone numbers.
You have the key so you can open it. Use the wheel on the left to turn the
cards. It contains five important numbers. One of them is your informant. No
names again, but let's say this guy is looking out for you. To call someone,
select their card by clicking on it until the phone appears. It will call the
number you wanted automatically when you click on the phone. To the right of
the desk are some papers. Check them out. There's a leaflet from the Americans
For Freedom In Europe, some anti-Nazi group.

Now, back to my story: Sitting behind the desk, I reached for the slide out
drawer, which has a small rim just above the upper right drawer, and pulled it
twice. It revealed a note with the combination of Jack's safe. After that I
looked behind the painting with the bowl and the five apples. I knew his safe
was hidden there! Using the combination, the safe opened to reveal a lot of
interesting stuff. There was a big roll of dollars. Not exactly an amount
you'd expect a guy like Jack to have. You'd better take it with you, like I
did. Be sure to take the gun with ammo, the security badge for Jack which had
been given to him by Philip Watkins (it could prove useful to get into
Watkins' office). Leave the other stuff in the safe for now.

Case 1 THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF PEGASUS a.k.a. The Charles Winthrop Case:

I selected Charles Winthrop's file and studied it carefully. A mystery
surrounding the death of a perfectly healthy racehorse. Nasty. From the office
I used the map on the wall to get to...

The Race Track There I entered and found my way to the stables. I took a look
at Pegasus' stall, which is through the door, turn right and half way down the
wing on the left. I didn't find anything important. I turned around and met
Eddie Ranchero, the jockey. He was devastated by Pegasus' death, as was
Charles Winthrop, he declared. Eddie gave me permission to look around the
stall; even handed me the key. I returned to Pegasus' stall and unlocked the
door. I turned on the light near the door.

Inside I found a hypodermic syringe in the straw beneath the saddle. I took a
good look at the feeding schedule and the newspaper article on the wall. I
also found a business card from Mannie's Used Book Shop on the notice board.
As I was leaving and waiting for the taxi to turn up I happened to look down
at the ground. Call me suspicious but I had one of my 'feelings' when I found
a clear boot print in the soft mud.

The Winthrop Mansion From the stables I went to Winthrop's mansion. I imagined
Winthrop had some kind of built-in security, but I was determined. I entered
the garden through the gate and looked up at the illuminated tower of his
house. When the lights were out I sneaked through the window near the door and
found my way to the study. By the way, don't forget to bring your flashlight
or you'll see nothing!

When I found Winthrop's desk I found several interesting items. First of all I
switched on the desk lamp... err... I took a big cigar from the shiny box to
the right. I can't afford these big boys from my expenses so I figured this
would act as some kind of job perk! Then I read the note on the old man's
desk. It turned out to be a prescription for Calcium Diazaline, a medication
for Pegasus. It was strongly recommended not to give too large a dose. Growing
more suspicious by the minute, I checked both drawers and found a letter from
Winthrop's insurance adjusters telling him not to worry about the money so
long as Pegasus died of natural causes.

Besides that I found a copy of some contract concerning the Manorwood real
estate project. Then I noticed the letter lying to the left of his desk in
which Winthrop was thanked for his dedication and donation for the Refugee
Rescue Fund, located at 2430 Gower Street, Los Angeles, California.

From there I went to the kitchen door and overheard a conversation between the
maid and butler. It was clear from what they said that Winthrop was extremely
upset at the loss of his horse, and wasn't the same man he used to be...

Manorwood Real Estate Project Having found the lead for the real estate
project, I went straight to Manorwoods. Despite it being after dark I still
walked toward the shack...but got sent packing by the guard.

Back at Jack's office my informant rang to tell me the guard was real partial
to booze. This gave me an idea: I remembered Jack kept some hooch on the top
shelf of his closet (for emergencies...). I turned on the closet light and
grabbed a bottle of fine firewater.

Then I headed back to Manorwoods. This time I entered the shack without any
bother! In no time I found Mr Pollock's desk out back. For some curious reason
I decided to check out the wellington boots all neatly stacked in a row by the
door. I've not got the journal here, but five gets you ten I found a match
with the second set of boots from the left. Pollock was the guy with whom
Winthrop had made his real estate deal.

I sat down at his desk to do some serious reading. First, I found a letter
from Ackerman Geological Survey explaining that crude oil had been discovered
at Pollock's Manorwood site. This was clearly a much bigger deal than building
a bunch of crummy houses. Pollock probably got greedy. After that I found a
letter from the bank telling Pollock his credit limit had expired and not to
expect any more loans, clearly leaving the guy with serious financial
problems. No need to add that the original of the letter Winthrop had written
Pollock, in which he resign from their deal, was here, thus leaving Pollock as
sole beneficiary, as stated in the contract between them.

Everything considered it was clear that Pollock was prime suspect for the
death of Pegasus. And there to clinch the situation was definite proof; I
opened the middle drawer and found the used medicine bottle! Pollock was
definitely responsible for the untimely death of Pegasus. Suddenly the phone
rang and my informant warned me that Pollock was on his way over. I hid in the
closet and watched as he and the guard talked about the medicine bottle, then
left the building. Later, I read in the paper that Pollock had skipped off out
of the country to England. Case closed.

Note A: There are three endings to the Winthrop Case. Instead of hiding in the
closet, you can also choose the following options, marked as B and C.

Ending B: If after you receive the warning about Pollock coming you attempt to
leave the shack without the gun Pollock will see you and the guard will shoot
you. Back at Slayton's office you will read a newspaper headline saying
'Detective found in Gutter'.

Ending C. If after you receive the warning about Pollock you attempt to leave
the shack with the gun, Pollock will see you but you will win the shoot-out
with the guard. Back at Slayton's office you will read a newspaper heading
saying the same as in option A.

Case 2 THE CHINESE CONNECTION a.k.a. The Charlie Kwan Case:

Jack's Office I listened to the audio tape Jack recorded with Kwan. I also
read his file which I found in the briefcase below the main map.

Chinatown I took off to Chinatown, then realized what a maze it is there! To
make it easier for you, let me say that you should take a 45 degree left turn
and then go forward. From there go left, take a 45 degree right turn, then
turn 45 degrees left twice. Take three steps forward and go through the wire
mesh gate. Go forward twice and see the special mark Kwan mentioned (and which
was in Jack's file).

I went through the door and then forward, turned right and take three steps
forward, go right, 45 degrees left once more, forward again. In my case, I
reached the second door. I went through this door and entered the storage
room. Then I walked forward, 45 degrees to my right, forward twice, through
another door on my right, passed a third door and finally entered the secret

I found the broken vase and dish of illicit opium on the table. Then I met
Charlie Kwan. When he had finished his story, I checked his calendar for the
warehouse address: Eastern Pacific Warehouse, 1301 Beach Avenue, San Pedro,
Ca. I left the building and returned to Jack's office.

Warehouse I checked the briefcase once more and found the map in there. I
picked the warehouses as my destination. On arrival I walked towards the
abandoned truck and opened the door. I reached over and released the
hand-break. The truck rolled backwards and stopped conveniently below the open
warehouse window. I then climb in back of the truck, looked up and sneaked
through the darkened window.

I walked forward and climbed down to find the missing crate Charlie had been
so concerned about. Just my luck, it was empty! Beside the crate I found a
small case with a Geiger counter in it. I used the counter to check the crate.
Wow! Some noise there in the straw! I examined the top of the crate, looked at
the labels and discovered it had contained 26 Ming vases. Sure...and my name
is Shanghi Lil.

I left the warehouse the same way I entered and walked toward the phone booth.
Inside I noticed a prominent taxi
advert and rang them. I walked back toward the truck. My cab was waiting and
took me back to Jack's office.

Shipyards of Los Angeles On the crate label I'd found the name of a ship:
'Huangshan'. Again I took the map from the briefcase and this time selected
the shipyards. From there I went to the ship, up the left gangway and entered
the ship. I went below until I found the cargo hold.

This is the exact route I took: Twice up the gang plank to reach the ship,
turned right, went forward, right again, forward again, then a left turn,
through the door and one step forward once more, turned right, went down the
stairs, turned 45 degrees left, another 45 degree turn to my right, a step
forward, a turn right and another step forward. I waited until my flashlight
clicked on, then took three more steps forward. Another turn to my right, a
step forward and two turns left.

I found the crate under a heap of tarpaulins and netting...and boy did it make
a racket when I pointed the Geiger counter at it! Label said it contained
humanitarian aid. Sure...and my name's James Cagney! It's for sure this crate
contains Uranium. Since when did the organization 'Americans for Freedom in
Europe' have their offices at Peenemunde, the German Wehrmacht V-1 rocket

I looked around and found a closed hatch... after making these moves: forward,
turn left, forward, turn right, open door, forward, turn right, forward, which
led to a room with two circular tap valves. I turned them both once and then,
turning right to see a third valve, I turned that once as well. Suddenly the
valves started pumping water into the ship. I made a quick escape and found
out later (by reading the Los Angeles Dispatch newspaper) that the Huangshan
had sunk! Oops! So much for Germans launching rockets at the UK! Case closed.

Case 3 THE CASE OF MAX'S RARE BOOK a.k.a. The Max Englehart Case:

Jack's Office I took out the file on Max Englehart. There were three other
things: Jack's typed report on the case, the note from Max that Jack had
mentioned and, one other thing: A business card advertising 'Mannie's Used
Book Shop'. I suddenly remembered seeing a similar card in the stables at the
Race Track. Of course! I quickly took Max's book from the safe. I was curious
as to why anyone should want such an insignificant red book. I flipped open
the cover. Inside the jacket was a really ornate pattern. In the centre was
the Roman numeral I and a curling tail, seemingly pointing to the letter 'G'.
Curious. I didn't really understand it but jotted the info inside Jack's
journal all the same.

Max's House I went to visit Max to find out more about his book. I knocked on
his door but there was no reply. I had an uneasy feeling and just knew I
needed to get inside to see his place, then, I looked up and noticed the fire
escape. Brilliant! I pulled it down and high-tailed it all the way to the top
and entered Max's place through the unlocked window.

I found Max inside...stiff as a board. I knew it was him because I found his
wallet in his pocket (this wasn't some cheap burglary for money then). I also
found a note still clutched in the guy's hand concerning this notorious book.
The note had been written by Philip Watkins - but was he really desperate
enough to kill Max? I also found something in the bathroom trash can: a ticket
for the Moonliner train, bound for San Diego from Los Angeles. I figured it
was of more use now to me, than Max. I climbed back out the window and headed
down to the street.

There I took a trolley bus back to Jack's office. Note: When you're in Max's
apartment where you find his body, you can hang up the telephone receiver.
Your informant will then call you to warn you about the bad guys...and leaving
fingerprints! You don't need to replace the receiver to successfully complete
the game.

Union Station Back at Jack's office I decided to follow the train lead. I got
to Union Station and, remembering the key with '135' on it I searched out the
lockers just right of the 'To All Trains' sign. The '135' key fitted the
locker far left on the upper row. Inside I found a note from Joan to Jack. She
told him she couldn't wait any longer but had bought him a Moonliner ticket -
for tonight.

I made a 180 degree turn and walked to the trains. At the sign for Tracks 5
and 6 I turned left. There I found a conductor who told me he had seen Joan
talking to Max. More importantly; he saw her give him a book which must have
been the one I found in Jack's safe! Maybe she also gave Max the Moonliner
ticket, which is how I found it in his bathroom trash can.

When I got back to Jack's office I discovered the death of Max Englehart had
made front page news.

Joan's Apartment In the lobby I went forward twice, then turned 45 degrees
left. I opened the ornate shiny door. Behind was an elevator which I activated
with the 'Joan' key from Jack's desk drawer. It fitted the lock below the
elevator buttons snugly and I gave it a quick turn. The elevator took me to
the 13th floor.

On opening the gate I took two steps forward, turned 45 degrees to my right,
stepped forward again and turned 45 degrees to my left. Then again one step
forward, a right turn, forward once more and walked toward the telephone. I
examined the phone and noticed a drawer to my right (with a white square
button). As I nosed through Miss Goldie Locks' stuff, I stumbled on her diary.

Inside she;d jotted down all her reasons for leaving LA and things she had
found out about Myer Goolsby, her boss at the Scheherazade Nightclub. She even
said he was blackmailing the clients right there in the Club. When she left
Jack was supposed to follow her but...well, let's say he must have missed his
train... After reading her confessions, I put everything back and went forward
twice, turned 45 degrees to my right, forward again, left turn, forward, left
turn again, forward, right turn and forward again.

Besides her secret diary I found some half-burned letters in the bath. They
were love letters...not from Jack but from Philip Watkins (him again?). A
couple were decidedly out of tone with the rest demanding that Joan return
'the book', which I guessed was the same book that had gotten Max killed and
everybody else was running their butts off to get hold of. And guess who had
it in their safe all the time? :o)

Note: From Joan's bathroom you can turn left and go through the left black
door. You now enter a secret hallway full of Hollywoodland pictures. There's
also some kind of a safe house. No known use for this place, it's just great
fun to look at.

Watkins' House With the help of Jack's wall map I found Watkins house. I
thought it was time to confront him with the truth about Joan. He quickly
buckled and confessed his dalliances with her. He thought she might give him
back the book, which contains codes if he went along with her special request.
He certainly never expected her to up and leave so suddenly. After spitting
out the rest of his sad story, he wandered back inside the house; he was
clearly a broken man.

Case 4 A BREACH OF SECURITY a.k.a. The Philip Watkins Case:

It was now clear that Watkins wasn't responsible for Max Engelhart's murder,
so who was. However, I was now really interested in Watkins. He clearly wasn't
good at keeping secrets, and for a government hot-shot that was serious!

Jack's Office I read the file he had on Watkins. I also listened to the tape
in the safe, made double sure I had Jack's security pass on me and headed for
Watkins office at the Bradbury Building.

Bradbury Building I took the stairs to the fifth floor and used the security
pass Jack had left. On my way to the Bradbury I had studied this pass and
found out that Watkins uses a different code for each day of the week. The
numbers 1 to 7 indicate the days of the week (1 is Sunday) and the white and
black boxes besides them indicate the 5 switches. A black box indicates that
switch is to be pressed down. Standing in front of the door, I pressed
switches 1, 3 and 5 because after all, it was a fine Saturday evening. A short
buzz and I entered Watkins' office. [See note below if you can't get in]

I turned on the light and examined the room. First I checked the quilted
leather door and found some sort of vault behind it. I didn't have the
combination so I left it. In front of the desk I looked all the way up and
noticed a hole in the skylight!

I rushed out of the office, turned right, stepped forward once and turned
right again. Then I made a 45 degree turn to my right. I climbed the stairs
and got onto the roof by walking straight ahead.

Roof Of The Bradbury Building On the roof I stumbled toward the illuminated
skylight and looked down. Sure enough, it was Watkin's Office...and there were
some tiny footprints on top of the bookcase...like those a dog might make. My
theory about no-one climbing through this skylight just took a dive... Wo-Tan
The Wonderdog could have made the trip dead easily!

Note 1: If you cannot get past the office door code puzzle into Watkin's
Office inside the Bradbury Building, despite having the special security pass
with you, it's probable you've hit the bug connected with the clock in your
computer. The door code can't be made to work on English computers. The date
stamp is different from American machines [ddmmyy instead of mmddyy] so the
game cannot recognize it or be made to work as a result. To complete the game
you need to visit this office three times. If you are having problems getting
into the office e-mail me at rsvp@bigbear.u-net.com and I'll send you all
three files.

Note 2: To proceed beyond this point you have to get a confession from Watkins
and the picture of Niles from Agnes Simon.

Case 5 THE MYSTERY OF WO-TAN THE WONDERDOG a.k.a. The Agnes Simon Case:

I rushed back to the office to read the Agnes Simon file and listen to Jack's
tape recording of her. After all, the radio had informed me that Wo-Tan was
her special dog and this little barking movie star was becoming more
interesting by the minute!

Agnes Simon's House After giving a firm knock on the door her rude butler,
Kurt Von Manheim, let me in. He wanted to throw me out at the same speed but
Agnes hailed me as one of her adoring fans. I was to come in and look around
while she powdered her nose. I played along with the charade, ignoring the
butler's opposing request to NOT look around. After some minutes admiring the
faded beauty of the house and its contents I discovered an illuminated picture
of Wo-Tan.

Agnes returned looking radiant and grabbed this moment to tell me all about
her clever pet. Interesting facts emerged about Niles, her previous butler who
was killed in a swimming accident. She showed me his picture, which she
allowed me to take as a possible piece of evidence. Then Agnes told me she
didn't trust her current butler, von Manheim threw me out on my can.

Note: You can't proceed until Myer Goolsby kicks you out of the Secret Room at
the Sheherazade nightclub, or until you
see Wo-Tan steal the code book from Watkins' office.

Jack's Office I'd just returned to Jack's office when the phone rang. My
informant told me to get my ass over to the Bradbury Building immediately! I
didn't hang around.

Bradbury Building I entered Watkins office for a second time [See note below
if you can't get in]. The phone rang and my informant warned me that someone
was on their way right now to the Office. I turned off the light and hid in
the closet. Peering into the room I watched as Wo-Tan climbed down from the
skylight onto the book case, then the table and chair before grabbing a red
book. It looked a lot like the one Max had died for. Wo-Tan's 'masters' called
him back using a distinct German accent. They then sneaked off with the third
code book. I left the closet and turned on the light.

Again, my informant rang. He told me I had to find a way to open the security
lock behind the quilted leather door. To get into those special archives I
needed a three figure vault combination...

Note: If you cannot get past the office door code puzzle into Watkin's Office
inside the Bradbury Building, despite having the special security pass with
you, it's probable you've hit the bug connected with the clock in your
computer. The door code can't be made to work on English computers. The date
stamp is different from American machines [ddmmyy instead of mmddyy] so the
game cannot recognize it or be made to work as a result. To complete the game
you need to visit this office three times. If you are having problems getting
into the office e-mail me at rsvp@bigbear.u-net.com and I'll send you all
three files.

Jack's Office On return to Jack's office I took Max's book from the vault and
examined it. There was a strange drawing on the inside cover. It showed a
Roman numeral for I and a special curl pointing toward the letter L. I decided
it was time to go check out Mannie's Used Book Shop. Everything now seemed to
point to this damned book. I needed to know more about it. It's easy to find
the book shop. Leave the office building by the main door (no map reference
needed this time), and turn right. Take five steps forward and turn right

Mannie's Used Book Shop Inside the shop I met Mannie who was most excited to
see me (okay, he was more excited to see I had Max's book with me). He offered
to appraise the book...even before I asked him. He showed me two more
identical books. I noticed one was slightly damp and had teeth marks on the
cover. I casually flicked open the covers of both books and examined the
inside covers very carefully. Sure enough, two more drawings...just like the
one I'd brought. I memorized the letters, they had curls pointing toward the
letters: the one with the Roman numeral II pointed toward the M and the curl
in the book with the Roman numeral III pointed toward R. Pictures of these
appear in Jack's journal for you.

When Manny saw me examining the books a bit too closely he got a bit snappy.
Next, he offered me a whole bundle of money for my book. He was really excited
and mumbled something about all three being a set, and that they were really
special. I wasn't particularly attached to the book, and Max was already dead,
so I accepted the big wad of money. Far more use to me!! After selling Mannie
the book he almost turned light-headed and told me to look around the rest of
his shop at my leisure.

After a while I found a door with the notice 'Employees Only' on it. Just at
that moment I suffer severe visual amnesia and somehow pushed the door open in
my distress! Inside, I found a storage and book packing room. On the wall was
a switch and I just had to pull it! Nothing happened right away but when I
looked around a bit more I found a bookshelf that could be easily moved. I
pulled it and the shelves swung back to reveal a hidden door. I opened it.

The Secret Nazi Map Room I'd found some sort of Nazi map room, with
Swastika's, eagles and Adolf's picture on the wall. On the main table were
blueprints for the Bradbury Building and they'd marked Watkin's Cryptography
for special attention. Looked like it was their target. They also had maps for
tracking troop movements in the war in Europe and a short-wave radio on which
to gather information. NOTE: A word of warning: don't touch this radio or it
will alarm the Nazis!

Also in this secret lair was a printing press for making propaganda leaflets
such as the one I found in Jack's office. The very same one supposedly printed
by the 'Americans For Freedom In Europe' campaign. Although it was a different
fake organization, the leaflet I found at Winthrop's place, 'The Refugee
Rescue Fund', was nearly identical in concept to these... it also carried the
same address...THIS book shop address. The book shop is clearly a front for
this anti-Nazi movement in order to raise funds for those fascists!

Probably the most important item was the telegram I found on the table. It was
written in German but had been translated, it read: 'Message concerning the
search for the American decoding device. Priority: urgent. Colonel P. Hansen'.
I also found a classified drawing of a German V-1 rocket. They wouldn't be
building those for some time, as I had sunk the ship carrying the necessary

I also found Agnes Simon's dog Wo-Tan behind a further closed door. Funny
place for that dog to turn up but as it would have been difficult walking out
of the shop with a highly excited dog, I left it there.

NOTE: Do not investigate the box with Wo-Tan in or the Nazis will deal with

Jack's Office Back at the office, my informant phoned again. I needed to
return to the Bradbury Building immediately!
I arrived at Watkin's office for the third time and used the security pass
[See the note below if you can't get in]. I went straight to the quilted
leather door. This time I had the secret code so set the three combination
dials: top one to G middle to M and bottom one to R. Then I spun the wheel and
entered the secret cryptography vault.

I turned left and examined the stuff there. I found a lot of bits including a
paper clip. Absentmindedly, I picked it up. Then I looked around, examining
all the strange de-coding equipment. Suddenly the phone rang...I nearly jumped
out of my skin! My informant had an urgent message: the Nazis were on their
way and now they had all three books (and all three codes) they were heading
for this vault! I was still fooling with the paper clip and stabbed myself
with it...that gave me an idea... I turned toward the vault door and clicked
on the mechanism. Then I jammed the paper clip firmly between the cogs. Just
in time! I heard the Nazis squabbling among themselves just the other side of
the door because they couldn't get inside.

Hey, with just a simple paper clip I stopped that Herrenvolk! I also solved
both the Max and Watkins cases. Two cases closed.

Case 6 THE CASE OF THE MISSING HEIRESS a.k.a. The Harrison Smythe Case:

It was time look closely into the mysterious disappearance of Alicia Smythe,
daughter of Harrison Smythe.

Jack's Office I took the film reel and the audio tape from Jack's wall safe.
First I listened to the tape which gave me an impression of Alicia's
over-protected up-bringing. Then I went to the closet and opened the door. I
turned on the light examined the movie projector. I soon found how to put the
film reel in place and switch on both switches to get it going. It clearly
wanted to show the film through that square cut in the wall to the right. I
went left out of the closet and took the picture off the wall to expose the
square cut hole and then watched the movie.

The film showed Alicia's birthday party...some party...say, that was some
brooch her old dad wanted to pin to her breast...mmm. Seems there is more here
maybe than just a doting father and shy daughter. Next I read the case file
and picked up the picture of Alicia.

Bar at the Sheherazade Nightclub Alicia had last been seen hanging around the
Sheherazade, so I figured it was a good place to start. The Bar can be reached
by turning to your right when you're facing the front door of the Sheherazade
Hotel. Use the secret code: 'Knock Twice, Knock Once' (from the matchbook in
Jack's desk).

Inside, I walked to the bar and showed Ernie the picture of Alicia. He'd never
set eyes on her but told me that someone looking that innocent wouldn't remain
so innocent for long at Scheherazade. I walked toward the poster of Joan La
Fontaine, the club torch singer. Y'know, there was some kind of resemblance
between her and Alicia.

Joan's Apartment The poster in the bar triggered something. I rushed back to
Joan's apartment the same way I did before. In the bedroom closet I took a
closer look at her brooch. I remembered now...Harrison Smythe had given Alicia
an identical one for her birthday. I touched the brooch. For sure, both girls
were in fact just one.

Jack's Office When I got back to Jack's office the mystery of the missing
heiress had already hit the front page; Joan and Alicia were indeed the same
person. Now, if Joan was the torch singer at Sheherazade, and the last
sighting of Alicia had been at the club too, I decided it was time to talk to
the owner, Myer Goolsby. I knew Jack owed Myer for some gambling debts so I
took the IOU's from the briefcase under the wall map. I'd already lifted all
that cash from the safe, looked like the perfect cover: pay my respects to
Myer by also paying off Jack's debts... check him and his joint out a bit. See
what other stories Scheherazade had to tell!

Sheherazade Hotel I entered the main hotel, paid the IOU's and got Myer
Goolsby's approval to look around. I went upstairs and immediately ran into
one of Myer's goons while noseying around the landing with the stuffed lion on
it. So, things were hotting up: they were keeping an eye on me. I searched for
the best room in the house. A sort of luxury suite with a mirror closet in it.
I opened the closet door; by now I knew Joanie's perfume anywhere. Then I
returned to the landing area with the lion. I looked around until I discovered
the hanging tapestry. The thing with Egyptian designs worked on it, and pulled
it back. I opened the door and went in.

Secret Two-Way Mirror Room The place was all set up with a spy camera looking
into the best suite in the hotel complete with a high class sound recorder. I
examined the recorder and amplifier, then switched the tape deck on. I heard a
conversation between Joanie and the Mayor, Julian Higgins. They were playing a
bedroom game called 'Mayor and Councillor', mmm... There were also a load of
film reels. Looked like previous clients had already become 'movie stars',
speaking of which, I noticed one reel labelled 'E. Flynn 5/23/40'...well, I'll
be... I decided to leave the room in a hurry but just as I got out the door
Goolsby caught me. He seemed pretty embarrassed I'd found his dirty washing
but was brazen enough to throw me out on my can anyway. Whew...close!

Jack's Office I turned on the radio and heard a load more about the scandal at
Scheherazade; how Joan had stolen money from Myer before leaving in a hurry.
Well, that explained both Joan's disappearance and solved the Case of the
Missing Heiress.

The only thing left to do was get Agnes Simon's dog back for her. The best
lead I had was the story about Niles.

Sheherazade Nightclub After my little run in with Myers I made sure not to go
to the Hotel. Straight round to the bar again and showed Niles picture to
Ernie. He told me Niles had been Agnes Simon's butler [which I knew of course]
but it was pretty clear to him Niles was also her lover. Besides his personal
opinion about the late Niles, he also told me that the death was quite
suspicious. Niles' body was never found after he drowned on Santa Monica
Beach. Ernie thought somebody was trying to get at the old lady by getting rid
of Niles.

Could this mean Kurt von Manheim had forced his way into the butler job by
murdering Niles and giving excellent but false references to the agency? Never
liked the creep anyway.

Jack's Office As I walked in the phone was ringing. It was Agnes, clearly
agitated...and she was whispering. She told me a messenger had brought a
ransom note and I was to call on her immediately.
Agnes Simon's House I threw myself into a cab. Von Manheim, reluctantly let me
in. I went to the living room and after looking at the picture of Wo-Tan and
his empty little bed, Agnes started telling me about the ransom note. She then
put the note on the table. I snatched it up. The bad guys stated that if she
wanted her dog back that she was to come to the Griffith Observatory alone
that night, with big bucks, and to tell no-one. Agnes wanted me to go in her
place and she was about to hand me cash, stocks and securities to cover, when
Von Manheim caught us and kicked me 'raus'!

Jack's Office My informant rang and warned not to go to the Griffith
Observatory empty-handed. He reminded me that Wo-Tan responded best to His
Mistresses Voice. I went to the safe, found the audio tape made by Jack of
Agnes 'calling' her dog. I also picked up the tape recorder and headed for the

The Griffith Observatory I headed toward the building and took the stairs to
the left of the entrance. On the roof I walked toward the small telescope,
took two steps forward, made a 90 degree turn to my right, another two steps
forward and immediately recognized the crate with Wo-Tan in it.

Note: If you examine the crate, the Nazis will grab you and you'll be

I left and made a 180 degree turn. Then I took two steps forward, a 45 degree
turn right and forward again. There I found the tape recorder. I pulled the
switch but nothing happened! I was just wondering how to get power to it when
Myer's goon, the one I'd seen at Scheherazade, turned up. Jeez, that's all I
needed! Curiously he warned me that the Nazis were a nasty bunch of thugs! He
told me his boss had sent him and that Mr Slayton wanted me to have something
special. Slayton? I thought he had disappeared? Well, anyway, the guy handed
me an electric cable for the tape recorder! I played the tape and Wo-Tan, who
always comes running at the sound of his Mistresses voice, soon escaped from
the crate.

Agnes Simon was at last re-united with her beloved dog. Another case closed.

Jack's Office I read the Los Angeles Dispatch headlines. Sure enough the paper
told it just like one of those old-fashioned Hollywood films! Nice caption
about Wo-Tan 'saving himself' - great twist!

Then I switched on the radio and heard about the five hundred thousand dollar
reward Smythe wanted to give to the person who found his daughter.

Things Come Together Then someone switched off the radio. It was Jack! He told
me he'd been lying low for a while to get Goolsby and the Nazis off his back.
Joan was there too. They were both leaving to catch the Moonliner for San
Diego. I reached in my pocket and gave Jack his ticket. Before he left, Jack
also asked if I was interested in solving some future cases... Well, why not?
After all, he told me himself... I'm pretty good at this! - The End

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