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Читы для Operation Crusader

Чит-файл для Operation Crusader

Operation Crusader

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Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Some  conversations  about strategy and  tactics in Operation Crusader's
Campaign  Game. I, for the most  part have been playing the Commonwealth
side.  Not until recently have I started  with the Axis units (only into
day  one in a PBEM scenario). I play my units aggressively but I keep on
coming  up  against a re-occurring problem. I  would like to know if I'm
missing something. I am aware of the "Arty Bug" that takes out of action
from  50%  to  75%  of  a  critical  British  artillery  asset  but more
disturbing  seems  to  be  that  the  Commonwealth  units are constantly
running  out  of  supplies.  At first I  thought  I  was driving them to
hard...so  to correct this in the more recent games I have kept over 95%
of  the  movement to >1/2 movement  and used strategic movement whenever
possible.  Yet by day two no new supplies seem to arrive. All my HQs are
within green distance, fatigue is nil & dido for disorganization. I have
clear  supply lines to my dumps with no  enemy in sight. The AI seems to
be  able to trace clear supply routes but by day three my army must come
to a complete standstill. All units are in red for supply. I have waited
a  couple  of days and the available  stocks never move from 49 tons for
the entire ARMY except for Tobruk. It seems to me that the Axis have one
Hell  of a Strategic bombing campaign. My  adversary has told me that he
has  had no units behind my lines  and more than once I have surrendered
my  sword ... for lack of food water and bullets. Is their a way to tell
if  supplies  arrive  each  turn. I  do  realize  that  the supplies are
delivered  on  the 6 am turn but  the depot should steadily increase its
stocks during the day...shouldn't it? In one PBEM scenario I am playing,
all  Tobruk  units start out at no  supply.  How is that? I have already
court  martialed 2 supply officers and had them executed the next one we
will bury alive in the sand. Jon


 The   anti  tank  companies  are  meant   to  increase  the  anti  tank
capabilities of other units, ussually infantry battalions.

 Initially  I  send  my  anti tank  companies,  you  know  that they are
companies  by  the slash in the lower  right hand corner, behind my main
lines.  Whenever a strong armored or recon  unit shows up infront of one
of  my infantry or artillery battalions I will send an anti tank company
to  increase  the likelyhood that my infantry  will be able to resist an
overrun attempt.

 After I have constructed the fortified line that I intend to hold I put
my anti tank companies in the fortifications and send my infantry to the
rear  area so the infantry units can  respond to any large formations of
enemy that appear at my defensive line.

 I  have seen some people us the anti tank companies in a recon role.The
do  get  where they are going faster than  any  other unit on the map. I
think  that unless the situation warrents you will waste them if used in
this  maner.That doesn't mean that I never  do it it just means that you
must really need an objective to risk an anti tank company like that.

 Anti  tank  companies  are very susceptible  to  artillery fire and air
strikes. They have a high servivability rate in fortifications.

 Two anti tank companies and an HQ make a very good defensive unit..

 An  artillery battalion,an infantry battalion  and an armored battalion
is  a  very  very  good defensive  stack,but  that  is another story all

 Anti-tank  companies  are you most mobile  units.They can rush from one
end  of  the  map  to  the  other. If  you  ever  have  to  deal  with a
breakthrough  you  can extend your  flanks  with fast strategic movement
from  anti tank units.They will ussually be able to survive most initial
attacks  if in fortified positions.If they  get wiped out upon the first
contact with the enemy well at least they bought you time.

 As  the allies in the campaign game I have never experienced a breakout
by  the  germans. This is due to  anit  tank units AND artillery running
around to seal up the holes.

 Some  might say that using your artillery as foward entrenched infantry
is  not  realistic, but I quote:  "German  artillery, which, because the
danger  from the air had not been great in the past, was stationed close
to  the  front  in open emplacemnts  that  haved  wide fields for direct
antitank  fire  but  no protection  against  air strikes." Stalingrad to
Berlin, Zemke

 British  25 pounder guns were great anti  tank guns. Don't be afraid to
use your artillery as mobile reinforcements.

 They  can  attack dummy units with  great  success and an infantry unit
that is nothing more than a shell.

 In the Crusader campaing game, playing e mail, I have lost the southern
pass  to the italians and with three infantry battalions an anti air and
one  tank  battalion reinforced by 7 anti  tank  companies I was able to
stretch the axis out so far that they gave up the encircling move.

 Try  and  keep  as  many anti tank  companies  intact  as you can. If a
situation  is really hairy for the allies  send an tank battalion in for
armor support and withdraw the anti tank company.

    Eric Sposito

 I've  played To the Rescue [Operation Crusader] as the Allies against a
human opponent and won big time. The key to the scenario is this:

 Use  ground support on the Via Balbia  west of Sidi Rezegh _heavily_ on
turn  one  to  slow down the Eyeties.  Send  one tank brigade to Sidi R,
strat  mode  and occupy the outlying  hexes. Send 7 Support Group, strat
mode,  to  Sidi R and fortify there,  and  retreat the tank brigade when
that's done.

 Send  4th Tank to Gambut, strat mode, on turn one and make at least one
attack during day one. Send 22 inf brigade there too, strat mode to take
over  the  assault  during  day  two  while  4th  brigade  fortifies the

 And  check the Italians issuing from Bir el Gubi. The key to victory is
quick  caapture  of Sidi Rezegh and Gambut.  If you can't take Sidi R on
turn  one, you're dead meat. If you take Gambut on day two, you can send
one brigade as reserve to Sidi Rezegh later on.

 I  think  the  scenario  is fairly  evenly  balanced  as  is. The South
Africans  are well equipped to meet the Italians, who in turn are almost
able  to fight the Brits as long as  they only need to grapple with part
of their forces. Supply is evenly distributed IMO, as is ground support.
I  might  consider promoting "Strafer"  Gott  though. Perhaps it's _too_
easy  for  the  Allies to win  this,  as the German reinforcements enter
quite late in the game, and are initially hampered by low supply status.
What do you say about awarding the Axis Malta?

 As  I said, the key to this  scenario is ownership of Sidi Rezegh _and_
Gambut.  It  is  not entirely certain  that  the  Allies will succeed in
taking  the latter, although the former is almost a foregone conclusion.
However, there remain ample scope for surprise, no?

    Johan Kylander

 The  OC  campaign scenario is one of those  that begs for a tweak on VP
adjustment  in favor of the Allies.  The Axis 'hold the passes' strategy
is almost impossible to beat.

    Robert D. Logue

 I've  played  some 40-50 Campaign games,  mostly as the Allies, and the
best  I've  done  was to demolish the Axis  army  at the cost of my own,
losing   the  game  on  victory  points.  The  key  is  a  swift  Allied
smash-and-grab  strategy that Eric Sposito does  so well. Allow the Axis
to dig in and get into a trench line situation, and you may as well give

    Peter T. Szymonik

The whole problem with the Crusader campaing game is this:

The Axis, in order to win the game, must hold onto the objectives in the
east,  Fort  Capuzzo, Sollom and Sidi Aziez.  If the axis can hold these
and all of the escarpment passes there is nothing that the allies can do
to win.

With  this knowlege you, as the  allied player, must limit you frontage.
Without  giving away my strategy for the campaign game you must run hell
for  leather,  as Peter says, toward  the  escarpment passes. If you can
engage  the  axis  in a fight in the  open  you  will be able to win the

Clear  up the axis south of Bardia while holding with the south africans
in the west and you will have the makings of a victory.Take advantage of
the  italians in the outpost positions and  look for ways to bypass axis
resistance wherever possible.

I have had people try to run up the escarpment pass due south of Tobruk,
the one all the way in the south western portion of the map. As far as I
am concerned this will do nothing but dilute the allied forces and leave
them open to a shattering counter attack somewhere else.

Use  your  infantry to establish a line  and  have your artillery dig in
right  behind  them. The leave the  artillery to guard any quite sectors
with some mobile forces in reserve whenevery possible.

My  idea of a balanced campaign game is allied air superiority and south
africans are veteran with Gott is promoted.

All  in all if you run up  against an experienced axis commander you are
going to be in trouble.
Start the Campaign from the allied side and then print out this message.

We will go from east to west.

In  the  East,  east of Halfaya pass  you  use  the 11th indian infantry
brigade to assault and try to bypass the italians in the fortified hex.

Bring  5th  Indian infantry brigade northwest  and  have them engage the
Italians on the west side of Halfaya pass.

Bring  1st tank directly north in order  to engage the likely retreat of
the Italian outpost infantry.

Send  the New Zealand Divsion like an  arrow, lead by 4th brigade in the
middle 6th Brigade on the left flank and 7th Indian on the right flank (
reattached  to 2nd New Zealand Division),  between the two roads( on the
right  leading from Libyan Omar to Fort  Capuzzo and on the left leading
from Gabr Saleh to Sidi Aziez)

4th  brigade  moves in between Fort  Capuzzo and Sidi Azeiz, 6th brigade
heads  for Sidi Aziez and leaves its trail of artillery and HQ to screen
their left rear and 7th Indian heads for Fort capuzzo.

5th NZ brigade surrounds anything left in Libyan Omar and performs flank
protection to the rest of the divsion.

The Anti tank companies attached to 8th army HQ move as a group into the
middle  of the advance of the second NZ division ready to plug any holes
in  the  advance  and  offer  anti  tank  support  to  the  NZ  infantry
battalions.  Artillery, especially the heary british artillery arer very
effective  in stopping armored attacks by the germans. Even more so when
dug in.

4th  Armored  heads directly up towards  Gambut and the dummy units that
are near it make up its flanking cover,streching to form a line from the
right  most  4th  armored battalion towards  Libyan  Omar,  with one hex
between  each dummy battalion and no more  than two hexs to their front.
They dig in on the second turn.

7th  Tank Brigade heads up towards Sidi Rezege with 7th support group in
its wake.

22nd  Tank  Brigade moves up to cover  the escarpment pass south of Sidi

1st  Brigade south african division moves  up the road towards Bir Gubi(
move battalions on both sides of the road as well as on the road itself)
and  5th  Brigade heads up the road  through  Gabr Saleh-Bir el Essem to
deploy south of El Guitinat.

29th  Indian brigade moves up to the escarpment pass and demonstrates to
the north, but not to far.

Do not move on Bir Gubi. There is nothing there for you.

Once you have made contact with the enemy you must try to take advantage
of  the  italians  in  the Fort capuzzo  area  and  go  on the defensive
everywhere else.

Position  you HQs and artillery units  behind you infantry and armor and
orderthem   to  dig  in  pronto.  Have  the  dummy  units  on  the  line
Gambut-Libyan Omar dig in at once.

If  you  have  a quite sector pull  your  infantry  and armor out of the
fortified  positions  and  replace  them  with  anit  tank companies and
artillery  units.  This will allow you  to  keep a mobile reserve behind
your  front  lines. They will be able  to react to any enemy actions and
will give the impression to your opponent that you are stronger than you
really are.

Eric Sposito


I hope that you got the jist of what I was trying to show you.

It  is  most important to dig in behind  you front line in a manner that
will  allow  your fortified line to have  one  hex inbetween and no more
than  two  hexes  in front of  every  defender.  Artillery and anti tank
companies are most important to your defense.Do not leave your artillery
in the rear, you will need them to firm up your front lines.

HQ  units need to dig in constantly.  Idle HQ units are not doing anyone
any good. The Larger HQ units, ie 8th army and XXX corps HQ, are exelent
in  a  defensive mode, especially if  you include an artillery battalion
and or anti-tank company.

Good Luck, Eric.

For  you Crusader problems. What kind of  advice are you looking for The
Allies  are  kind of hard to master.  You need to establish a continuous
front  of some sort and dig in in  order to withstand the attacks by the
africa  corps. Put as many units in  attack supply as you can right from
the  get go and send them in strategic movement to there destinations on
the  first  turn.  Don't  worry about  ambushes  when  you are in attack
supply, they will do little harm to your units.

The best way I can describe playing World at War is that it is just like
chess,  but  you are not only moving  your  units through space but also
through  time. In other words as you  plot a brigades movements you must
realize  that they might come into contact  with the enemy in the middle
of  the  movement. So plan your  spearheads with flanking units that are
not  ordered to move as far as the units that are to reach an objective.
Advance  a  brigade  with two units up  front,  the HQ and two anti tank
units in the middle, about four hexs behind the spearhead and cover your
flanks with artillery units reinforced with anti tank companies.


>>  Thanks for the reply. You've given  me some very good ideas. I think
what  throws me off with Crusader is  the run and grab w/o visible means
of  support  scenarios. Most of the  games I've played previously in the
atomic  line  have  clearly  defined fronts  from  which  you can manage
organized  breakthroughs and encirclements. I  also have not been paying
close enough attention to the supply rules in the game. <<

OC does develop a front line after a few chaotic initial turns, but once
the front line develops, it can be tough going for the Allies.

 - Peter T. Szymonik, Scribed 26-Feb-1995 @ 17:02:33

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