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Читы для Operative: No One Lives Forever, The

Чит-файл для Operative: No One Lives Forever, The

No One Lives Forever, The

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Monolith Productions
Издатель:Fox Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 9 ноября 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:SiN, Thief 2: The Metal Age, Thief: The Dark Project
Multiplayer:(16) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в ноябре 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This walkthrough assumes that you have selected the default weapons and gadgets
for each mission. If you need a particular item in order to complete a mission,
and you haven't brought it, you can always find that item somewhere on the level
in an obvious place. All scenes at headquarters are omitted, as are some of the
more self-explanatory sections in each scene.

In each level, there are more spots where intelligence items can appear than
there are intelligence items. Each time you play the game, you will find certain
intelligence items in different spots. You will not be able to find some items
until you possess a gadget that only appears in later missions; in order to get
perfect score, you must replay these mission later.

Some levels feature alarm systems, and it is satisfying to attempt to beat these
levels without setting off the alarms. One of the tougher alarm levels (Berlin
Night, Scene 1) is covered in detail, just in case you want to enjoy a no-alarm

Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 1
After Bruno asks you to switch locations, you should open the right-hand window
in room 13 and stand back a bit from the windows so you can cover the area more
effectively. The overturned table in room 13 will provide protection when you
attacked through the doorway.

Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 2
When violence frightens civilians, they take on a characteristic pose—cringing,
usually kneeling down, with their hands up by their faces. You can make your way
to Bruno without alerting any civilians, but it takes some cunning.

The woman by the soda machine is in a difficult spot, as is the receptionist who
tells an enemy about nice vacation ideas. Up the stairs from the soda machine is
a red-coated guard who does not patrol. If you sneak up the stairs and toss a
coin past him, you can creep up behind him as he begins to walk.

The receptionist will not cower if you dispatch the guard with a karate chop,
after he has concluded the conversation and taken up his post. You may need to
distract him with some noise so that he leaves his post momentarily; when he
returns to it, he may face in a more helpful direction.

When you run into the woman who complains about the "goons in the hall,"talk to
her until she agrees to distract them for you. Take the outside route to avoid
this pair. The ensuing pair should be taken out with karate chops when the
suited fellow is facing the same direction as his red-suited brother.

After the cut scene, make your way back to the room with the shallow rectangular
pool. On your way there, explore thoroughly and kill all enemies before they
shoot their hostages. Keep an ear open for ticking, which signifies bombs
attached to walls.

Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 3
After the first fight, go to your right so that you end up above the people that
are talking about the monkey. A guard runs into the clearing, looks around
warily, and then moves into the nearby alley. Drop down quietly from the
corrugated metal and distract him with a coin. Slip past him into the door, then
climb the stairs and chop the guard there in the neck. You will have to dispatch
one more guard above you on a balcony before you can move on.

In the final courtyard, pick off the guards below with your rifle before
venturing across. Stepping over the broken wooden bridge at the far side of the
courtyard will end this scene.

Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 4
Along the valley is a minefield. Next to the van is the fire extinguisher; it's
worth a few trial-and-error runs across the minefield to acquire this item.

Just around the corner is the smugglers' hideout, where your mission objectives
will update. In front of their hideout is a ruin that contains a well. Leap into
the hole to the water below.

When you emerge from the water and climb the stairs, you will have a choice of
climbing more, or entering a large courtyard. Climb the stairs. Lure the two
guards above you down into the stairwell to kill them. Continue, and when you
hear the guards discussing a ship they have seen, sneak by to their left and
descend the stairs.

Pass by the humming machine, take a left, and go out into the courtyard just
ahead to your left. Watch out for the guard lurking in the entryway. Along the
left-hand wall is the entrance to a series of rooms connected by keyhole-shaped
doors. At the far end of the series of rooms, the mission ends with a cut scene.

Berlin by Night, Scene 1
This scene is very difficult to beat without setting off the alarm, but it can
done. Speak with the gentleman standing in front of you. Your updated mission
objectives will lead you into the hotel to room 205, where a knock will prompt
the fellow inside to slip a note under the door. Continue following your
objectives until you have entered the main gate.

The first pair of guards can be quietly dispatched if you wait for them to begin
patrolling, then shoot them with your silenced weapon when they are out of
view. Near the armored truck is a locked trapdoor that leads down to a sewer and
then up to a small building that contains the inner gate switch.

Stand to one side of the door, open it, and lure the guard outside with a coin
toss. Kill him with one shot, and flip the switch without the camera seeing you.
Sneak to the trap door and deliver three shots from your silenced pistol into
sentry up in the tower behind you. Now go through the sewer and circle around to
the gate.

Toss a coin just inside the gate to lure a guard out to you. Kill him with one
shot. When the patrolling guard's back is to you, run along the wall to your
until you are beneath the sentry in his tower (you may need to toss a coin to
your right as you run, to distract the man in the tower). Toss a coin over the
shoulder of the guard by the crate, so that he comes down off the platform to
stand on ground level by the crate. While he is doing that, backtrack to the
area and deliver three silenced shots into the tower guard. Now the remaining
guards in this area can be stealthily dispatched.

Sadly, you must shoot the dogs in the next area, after you have shot the tower
sentry and the guard on foot. Lure the guard from his office with some noise,
sneak in. A button in the next room turns off the security cameras. Kill the
patrolling guard, and then lure the stationary guards from their post by the
exit, one at a time.

Berlin by Night, Scene 2
Right around the corner is a truck, and near the truck is a gate in a dark
You may find this fairly secret route helpful if you are trying to beat this
scene stealthily. One of the detonators may be in the storeroom at the end of
this alley.

You must photograph a pair of books on this level's library, and set the timers
on three detonators that are positioned throughout the level. The position of
detonators varies from game to game; you will always find them attached to a
small pile of barrels, however.

Werner von Haupt is standing at the end of an outdoor alley. Take out your
cigarette lighter and use it on him. The entrance to the facility is inside the
building to your left, down a set of stairs you find just inside the entrance.
Find the swiveling bookshelf to end the scene.

Berlin by Night, Scene 3
To reach Doctor Schenker, locate the elevator on the main floor. At the top,
forward a bit and crouch beside the bookshelf, waiting for the patrolling guard
to pass you. Slip behind him and run straight up the hall to the dark stairwell.
The doctor is within a room viewed from the hallway via three large square
windows. Once he is following you, go down one flight and locate the dimly lit
door beside three file cabinets.

If the doctor is alarmed by gunfire, holster your weapon and reassure him (hit
the use key while pointing at his huddled form). Once you and he exit the dimly
lit door, a cut scene will end the mission.

Unexpected Turbulence, Scene 1
Look on the floor for a hatch that allows you to bypass the blockage in the room
in which a seat blocks the door. On the far side, climb the steep stairs and
enter the cabin. You will be knocked unconscious, but left alive.

Unexpected Turbulence, Scene 2
Retrace your steps to the back of the plane, using the hatches as before to
bypass the blocked doorway. You will encounter one final guard who is blown
backwards out of an opening; shortly thereafter, you too will be sucked from the

As you fall toward the fellow below you, shoot any other falling enemies, but do
not shoot the man you are chasing. Once you are near him, steer yourself onto
back, and you will steal his parachute and land safely.

Rendezvous in Hamburg, Scene 1
Speak to the woman standing in front of you. Open and climb through the window
the right of the bouncers when your friend distracts them. The manager's office
is up the spiral stairs; beware his security camera as you inspect his desk.

After you talk to Goodman, walk to the ladies' room (past the fish tanks and
the stairs). Enter the room and watch the cut scene.

Rendezvous in Hamburg, Scene 2
To your right, as you leave the bathroom, is a hallway that leads to a storage
area. Fight your way through this area until you reach the stage, where Goodman
will contact you.

A doorway leads from the stage into a room with an open crate on the floor. The
window next to the crate opens, allowing you to jump through. An assassin will
kill your contact after the cut scene ends.

Behind you is an alley that leads to a dank stairwell. Follow it down to a
courtyard that overlooks a waterway. Get on the barge that is floating down the
waterway to end this scene.

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 1
Make your way inside the gate and around the corner, where you will see a pair
tall tanks with a valve between them. Turn the valve, which brings a guard from
nearby building to investigate. Enter the door from which he emerged to

Walk through the steam vent room, avoiding the steam, and go downstairs past the
electrically charged ladder. Below, two guards are discussing the missing valve.
A switch in their room turns off the electricity that blocks the ladder.
the ladder takes you to a valve that drains the acid from a pool in the room
below the walkway that passed through the steam vents.

Get the valve handle from the drained pool of acid and insert it onto the stem.
Go downstairs to the switch room and exit the double doors to find Goodman.

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 2
The four detonators are spread around the warehouses, each one attached to
several barrels. The position of the detonators varies from game to game, but
will always find them on the sides of a small pile of barrels.

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 3
In the room where a blue car is parked in an alcove, look above you for a
hook; leap the wooden beams to reach the earplugs. Back on the ground, walk
beneath the yellow metal stairs to continue. Make your way through the rest of
the warehouses and hallways until you reach the railroad cars. A small cage
contains a ladder that leads up to a walkway far above. Pick the lock and climb
up, jumping to the next available crate and riding it into the ship.

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 4
The chemicals that you need to photograph are stored in colored barrels that are
placed conspicuously throughout the ship. The positions of the barrels will vary
slightly from game to game; you will recognize them by their bright colors (they
are blue, yellow, red, and green respectively).

There are two large warehouse areas on the ship—the one you start in, and one at
the far end of the level. Hunt for barrels in quiet corners of both warehouses;
you will find another barrel somewhere in the hallways and rooms between the two
areas. In the second warehouse, some stairs and a mechanical lift take you to
final barrel.

At the far corner of this massive room is a vent cover that has been pulled from
the wall, revealing an air duct. Follow it and take the final right hand turn,
pushing open the grate at the end. Drop down and open the locked section of the
cage. Climb ladders until you are knocked unconscious at the top.

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 5
Fish around in the water until you find the cigarette lighter. Use it to torch
your way past the lock on the door. Take all right hand turns until you come to
the room with an electrically charged walkway. A switch at the top of a ladder
turns the charge off. Climb on the railing near the switch and jump to the beam,
and then to the walkway.

Drop down into the bunkroom and find a pistol, and a silencer for the
in the water. Use it to kill the guard outside the door, and to destroy the
shaking valve in the room beyond. As the ship floods, swim up through the hole
the walkway and hurry through the door, closing it behind you to stop the flow
water. Walk past the bridge and into the radio room. Hit the use key as you face
the radio, and the mission will be complete.

The Dive, Scene 1
Make your way through the hotel hallways until you hear a couple of fellows
discussing the blocked elevators. A complaining maid will emerge from a doorway
behind you, after you fight the guards.

Inside the doorway is a room with two windows. Open the one on the left and
out onto the ledge. Follow it around to your left until you arrive at the fire
escape. It is blocked, but you can use your belt buckle to zip over to a hook in
a window across the street from you.

The Dive, Scene 2
A window at the far end of the attic opens onto the rooftop. Crawl out and shoot
the guards. A window along the roof opposite opens into another attic. Climb the
stairs and enter the air duct, emerging over a street. Leap from the gutter to
the trellis across the street.

Jump to the ground and climb the ivy-covered trellis at the end of the street.
Scoot along the gutter to the piece of roof that is gently sloped; climb up
underneath the tank that sits on the roof. Sneak along the gutter up here all
way around to the air duct.

The air duct will collapse, dumping you into a kitchen (and usually into a vat
beer as well). Follow the hallway, killing the guards above you; this opens the
door, allowing you to exit the scene.

The Dive, Scene 3
Enter the ship through the blasted hull. Swim up through the hole in the ceiling
beside the flashing light. Enter the door and take a right; the next door on
right is an office, where the manifest hovers above the desk. Back out in the
hall, go to your right and swim out into the warehouse (beware the sharks).

Move through the vent system and subsequent rooms until you can swim up through
hole in the ceiling beside a flashing light. Up on this deck, you will pass the
kitchen on your left (the antitoxin is in there). Keep going straight, then take
a right and find the captain's bedroom. His log is floating above the bed.

Once you snag the log, several enemy swimmers will appear along the route behind
you. Follow the trail of enemies to a newly opened door that leads into a
warehouse. Swimming along the walkway to the other door allows you to bypass the
shark area. As you approach the final hallway, wreckage will fall into your
Swim straight back down the hallway and into the warehouse, turning to your left
and swimming down. A door has opened here, leading down to a hallway. Again,
wreckage will fall into your path, but an air vent going up behind you allows
to proceed. Follow it to a room crisscrossed with steel beams and swim to the
of the chamber.

A Man of Influence, Scene 1
Walk past the desk and into the yellow-carpeted hallway. Turn left and duck
around the corner. Wait for the woman in the cafeteria to walk to the window,
then run inside the cafeteria and stand under the camera for a moment. Now walk
across the hallway into the open bathroom and light the trashcan on fire with
your lighter.

Knock down the three boards near you and sneak through the storage area to the
other door. Open it and dash into the security office across the way. A switch
here turns off the cameras. Dumas' private office is out in the hall to your
right; the door is beneath the camera.

A penholder on the desk lowers the bookshelf, and a switch in the next room
lowers some stairs. Open the curved door and go upstairs. Outside you will find
switch along the wall to your left. This opens a circular sliding wall
surrounding Dumas' private quarters. Use the remote on the coffee table to raise
a hidden model. Return to the front desk to end the scene.

A Man of Influence, Scene 2
Let Goodman knock on the guardhouse door to lure a guard away. Sneak behind the
guardhouse and open the gate. There are three ledgers sitting on desks
the level. Locating them is not tricky, but keeping the alarm from sounding is.
Once you do locate them, take snapshots of them with your sunglasses.

A Man of Influence, Scene 3
The man in the courtyard presents no threat. Pass him by and ring the doorbell.
Speak to the butler, and he will usher you in to see the Baron. This fellow is
quite full of himself, especially where hunting is concerned. In your interview,
stick to this subject, and you will do just fine.

Safecracker, Scene 1
As the scene opens, you are facing a courtyard. On the other end, to your left,
is a locked gate. Pick the lock and get on the lift. Now step off and go around
the crates to the door under the camera. Continue until you find a forklift that
you can use. It rumbles across the floor and opens a door on the far wall.

Jump the wooden barrier and take an immediate right, going down the stairs. At
the far end of this massive work area is a locked gate that protects a switch
that restores power to the lift, which you should now ride to the next scene.

Safecracker, Scene 2
Inge is thudding around the area practicing her sword swing and her warbling.
Locate her tape player and turn it off. Behind you down the hallway is a switch
on the wall that electrifies the puddle beneath the tape player. Flip it while
Inge is turning the tape player back on. Repeat until she is defeated, and then
find the nearby lift to end the scene. Note that while she is belting out a
your enemies are not able to fight you.

Safecracker, Scene 3
Cross the pair of I-beams and continue until you hear a guard asking another
guard for a pair of nail clippers. Jump down to their location using the step-
like wall. Down here there is a locked wooden door with a garage door behind it.
Enter and look up. Use your zipcord to haul yourself up to the hook.

Take a right and circle around to the stairwell, where you will see another hook
above you as you stand on a pair of boards that span the well. Climb the crates
to the roof. A long rafter leads to a horizontal metal sheet below, which you
jump to in order to reach the roof below you.

From this roof, leap to a girder that leads to a lift. Ride it down to an area
where you can access the ladder that climbs up to the crane.

Safecracker, Scene 4
If you wish to be stealthy, take out the first patrolling guard with a silenced
weapon. Duck quickly into the nearby door if you need to buy some time. Walk
through the locker room and find the ladder that leads down. Shoot the red
barrels in the corner to signal Goodman.

Enter the door at the bottom of the ladder and open the door on your left.
around the machinery, locate the window-washing closet and push the switch
inside. Now return to the red barrel area and climb some crates to an air vent.
Shoot the grating at the end of the vent, and jump to the top of the machinery.
Again shoot the grating, and climb the ladder that is inside.

Push open the grate and circle behind the elevator shaft, opening and pressing
the emergency door release. Go back around the shaft and jump onto the ladder.
The elevator will rise and stop beneath you. A hatch in its ceiling allows you
drop down into it and exit onto a grassy area.

Go to your right and take the walkway across to the area next to the window-
washing platform. Push the switch here and board the platform. Activate the
platform to end the scene.

Safecracker, Scene 5
The items are not difficult to find; what is difficult is finding them without
setting off the alarm. Search the floor you begin on for items, and then locate
the ladder that leads down past the air vents to the level below you.

Once you have collected enough intelligence items, your objectives will update.
Locate the elevator on this lower level. Behind you and to your right is an
office with a keypad on the wall. Use a code breaker on the keypad, then board
the elevator.

Safecracker, Scene 6
Through the large area with the double-stairs is a hallway that wraps all the
around this lower level. If you follow it to its end, you enter a room with two
low tables and a soda machine. Go through this room and the subsequent cubicle
area to the stairs that lead up to a landing. Two doors exit the landing; take
the one on the right, and open the door just inside.

These are the Baron's quarters. Go up the curved stairs and through the door.
your code breaker on the keypad behind the tilted picture of a fox. Walk through
the opening, wearing your infrared sunglasses. Avoid the beams! The third room
difficult: when you can, walk along the right-hand wall halfway; turn left and
jump the low beam, running to the other wall; now turn right and continue to the
fourth room.

This next room looks ludicrously difficult, but an air vent at your feet allows
you to bypass these beams easily. Switch your glasses to photo mode, and snap a
shot of the open book.

Rescue Attempt, Scene 1
Walk toward the front of the train until you see the conductor's office. Pick up
the passenger roster from his desk. Now go to the back of the train, avoiding
conductor (hide in any alcove until he walks past). When you see the pair of
guards arguing, walk quietly to the door near them and enter the room. Pick up
the ticket.

Keep going to the back of the train, trying doors until your contact answers. He
will send you back to the front of the train, past the kitchen car you began in.
The assistant engineer is in the second room past the conductor's office. After
you deal with him, fight your way all the way back to the caboose. Leap the
circular switch, then turn and use it.

Rescue Attempt, Scene 2
A boarded-up tunnel leads from the area; shoot the boards to clear them from
path. At the far end of the tunnel, climb the grassy bank to your right, under
the walkway. A sign on the side of a building indicates that a lumberyard is
within the walls. Look for an opening in the building below and to the left of
the sign.

Crawl under the floor until you find the hole that allows you to climb up into
the building. Exit the stacks of lumber out in the yard by climbing over them.
Hop on the motorcycle and ride it through the valley. At the end of the valley
a sentry building with a button inside it. Pushing the button opens a fake
boulder below you. Applying a code breaker to the keypad activates a nearby

Rescue Attempt, Scene 3
At the base of the walkway is a sentry station; a button inside opens the large
metal door nearby. Along the hallway on your right is a windowed room with a
scientist inside; get the cigarette lighter from the desk in this room, if you
don't have one.

There are two rooms filled with crates, and a metal walkway that winds around
each one. The security office is in a small room just off of one of the storage
rooms. In the office, hit the red button to deactivate the security cameras, and
get the security pass from the desk. Use the pass to get on the elevator on the
level above you.

On the level the elevator takes you to, you will find a lift that goes down one
more level. Before you ride it down, collect the fuzzy slippers from the women's
bathroom. On the bottom level, you will find a locked door that contains

Once you talk to Schenker, get the code breaker (if you need one) and go out
the hallway. Take a left and use the code breaker to open the double doors. Be
sure to get the code breaker before you move on. Navigate the electrical bolts
running past them when they pause. Another doorway will require the code
and then Schenker will suggest a route. Take his advice.

Trouble in the Tropics, Scene 1
An office inside the building contains a radio and microphone. Another contains
the scope for the crossbow. Destroy the radio, and then walk through the very
dark storeroom to the elevator. At the top, the elevator opposite you will
explode; leap over the railing and climb the ladder to your left up to the
landing. In the next area is a door that requires the code breaker; if you did
not bring one, you can find one in a nearby office.

Trouble in the Tropics, Scene 2
As you progress down the valley, you will find your way blocked by a chain link
fence. A small passage to your right leads across a little bog and over a
At the entrance to the temple, go up the right-hand ramp and down into the
stream. A pipe far above contains a hook; use your belt buckle to ascend to that

Trouble in the Tropics, Scene 3
Descend into the water and take either tunnel to the blast test area. During the
countdown, use the welder on your cigarette lighter to pop all eight locks
the walkway. Jump back into the water, and the blast test will proceed,
destroying the test area. Climb up the two ladders and jump through the window.
door with a keypad next to it exits the scene.

Trouble in the Tropics, Scene 4 (Stealth)
Although you must not allow any alarms to go off, the mission will not be
compromised if you can kill guards stealthily. Wait for the worker near you to
make his way out toward the open space. Pass behind him and make an immediate
right, taking cover behind the first pile of crates. When the coast is clear,
continue this direction, taking out guards quietly.

You will overhear a conversation about the antidote; take cover behind the green
crates, and let the scientist pass you. As you peek out, you will see a pair of
guards in the next area, on patrol. The radio is in the office behind the guard
on the upper level walkway. Use it to contact HQ.

Either of the two other exits leads eventually to a room where an astronaut
stands with his suit on. Dispatch him to end the mission.

Low Earth Orbit, Scene 1
In security sector Goldenrod, take a right and get the security pass off the bar
in the Pink Space Lounge. Exit the bar, taking a right, and summon the elevator
at your first left. Up in Periwinkle, go to your left, entering the first door
you come to. Straight ahead is a door that leads to a table, on which is a laser
weapon. Pick it up, turn around, and exit. The door to your immediate right
to a code breaker; get it.

Elsewhere on Periwinkle is a hatch leading to a zero-gravity area. Float up
through the structure in the middle of the room, and up through a pair of
hatches. In Raspberry sector, locate the two command module rooms and use your
code breaker on the keypads.

Now backtrack to Goldenrod and take a lift down to Chartreuse. Continue to
Aquamarine, where you must quickly run through a glass tube before a meteorite
strikes it.

Low Earth Orbit, Scene 2
As you run through the exploding station, you will encounter a pair of
who jump into escape pods. On a table in another office is the briefcase. Take
the lift down and get the antidote from a table below. When you return to the
lift, it will collapse. Climb the shaft by jumping from one horizontal beam to
the next (or, wait for a ladder to descend from the ceiling, if you have time).
At the door, jump through and enter an escape pod.

Alpine Intrigue, Scene 1
Keeping the Baroness in sight is not essential. As long as she does not detect
your presence, the mission will go on. The end of the mission lies within the
doorway of a house just past a phone booth and colored lights. On your way,
explore the house next to the folding sign that advertises beer; you should find
a scope for a Bacalov Corrector inside on a shelf.

Alpine Intrigue, Scene 2
Inside the building to your right is a silencer for your 9mm SMG. The keypad
controls the security gate is inside one of the buildings, in an office. Once
open the gate, you can most easily enter it by returning to your start position,
then running up the nearby alley and ducking around the corner. Open the heavy
metal doors by using the switch to their right.

Alpine Intrigue, Scene 3
In the small courtyard that is being swept by a pair of searchlights, open the
square grating in the middle of the yard. Drop down and you will break through
the ice. Swim for a bit, and you will discover a hole you can climb from.

Alpine Intrigue, Scene 4
A scope for your AK-47 is in the orange trunk near the radio in the cabin. Go
outside and ride the snowmobile down the valley to the locked gate. When using
the snowmobile, you might want to stop periodically and scout ahead on foot;
easier to take out bad guys at long distances this way. Shoot the red barrels
across the chasm by the building to turn off the electricity that helps bar the

At the minefield, use your sunglasses to navigate. At the bottom of the valley,
jump over the electrified fence, using the crate piles to help you. The tunnel
ends at the gondola; flip the switch next to it, and ride it up the hill.

The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 1
There is an inoperable lift on this level; in order to reach the switch, you
locate a ladder in the office adjacent to the room with humming machinery. Open
the hatch at the top of the ladder and look for a crawlspace to your right.
Traverse the roof and enter via another crawlspace. Unlock the gate, and find
technician standing in front of an electric box. The lift below will become
operational once you throw the switch on the box.

The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 2
The level begins with a fight with Magnus; use your mobility and your jab (dash
in, hit him, and step back). Alternatively, just jump on his head; he can't hit
you there, but you sure as hell can whomp him good. After the fight, as you walk
down the hall that has three crosses on three pedestals, look for a coin on the
floor. Use it to distract the guard around the corner so you can knock him out
and take his gun. Your gear is behind an impassible gate; you can reach it by
jumping through an open window and heading to your right along a couple of
ledges, out in the open air.

Now find the log pile Magnus mentioned. You will know you have found the right
pile when you see a log poking out of its middle

The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 3
When the pair of guards trap you in the poison-filled room, look above you for a
hook to use your zipcord on. Haul yourself up, enter the door, climb down the
ladder, and switch off the gas.

In the room that surrounds a glass-enclosed area, find the red button on the
upper walkway that operates the mechanical arm that lifts the antidote onto a
small moveable platform. Follow the antidote to where it stops, and use the
touchpad to open the glass door. Claim the antidote to stop the timer.

Go out into the surrounding hallway and find the stairs. Look for a square grate
on the ground; shoot the lock and descend. The scene ends as you approach a door
down here.

The Indomitable Cate Archer, Scene 4
When you find yourself being pushed into the water at the "Have a nice death"
sign, jump in and swim through the hole in the wall to the adjacent cavern,
has a platform near the water's surface. Ignore the shark; he's not terribly
hungry. In the private lounge, look on the bar for a switch by a cup of coffee.
Pulling it opens a door nearby. In the office with the fancy chair, push the
button on its right arm. Use your code breaker on the safe that is revealed,
exit the door to the helicopter pad.

A Very Large Explosion, Scene 1
In the room with the fireplace, look for a grating near the floor in one corner
of the room. After you fight the first of the three mod women, look for a tilted
picture in one of the upstairs hallways; use it to open a secret panel. To the
left is the Bacalov Corrector; to the right is a room with a fireplace. A button
in the fireplace allows you into the blue room. To the left of the bed is a
in the wall that opens when you use it.

To get down to the friendly soldier, use the nearby lift (a switch on the wall
raises the lift to you). After you fight the pair of women in the courtyard,
climb a leaning beam up to the awning and follow it around to the far corner; a
damaged portion allows you to drop down and end the scene.

A Very Large Explosion, Scene 2
When the helicopters shoot at you, take cover behind the sides of the gondola.
Shoot the gunners who fire at you from the open helicopter doors. Shooting the
rotors of a helicopter will also down it. White Phosphorous ammunition works
wonders here. When the gondola stops, use your zipcord to gain access to the
nearby cable tower.

To kill Volkov, you must reach the gun shown to you in the cutscene. Shoot him
while using the ice pillars for cover.

Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 1
To get civilians off the streets, approach them and hit the use key on them. You
can do this even if you are holding a gun. All civilians are on the ground
and are not hidden (although one fellow is standing on a little deck behind a
tree, and is easy to miss at first).

Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 2
When you battle Goodman, look for armor and boxes of bullets around the area.
Watch out for his grenades if you get close, but do get close; it's the best way
to get your licks in. Now swallow a couple of aspirin and try to keep track of
the twists and turns in the final cutscene.

by By Dave Perkins

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