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Читы для Origamo

Чит-файл для Origamo


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Destiny Software Productions
Издатель:Quantum Quality Products
Жанры:Logic (Puzzle)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Origamo from QQP is somewhat dissapointing. The four disks account
only for 6 hours of gameplay (time it took me to go through ALL the puzzles).
This is a puzzle game bringing back memories of Tetris. You need to match
the shapes on the screen with smaller tiles, before you run out of time.
The process is extremely repetitive and involves, at times, too much luck as
opposed to wits or dexterity.

The graphics are, well, interesting... You will feel like you took off
to Nepal or something, and are watching colorful murals. I sincerely
believe some major weed was involved in the designing of the graphics.

The music is on the same tone, taking full advantage of a wide array of
sound cards. After a while it gets monotonous and somewhat soothing. But
once again, there was some serious Karma-Pondering involved in the making
of the game, to give it a pseudo-spiritual atmosphere.

You can enjoy this game for the puzzles. The Maze enigma is worthless.
If there is such a thing as stuff coated in candy, this is candy coated in
stuff. The designers of this piece of software made a pitifull attempt at
inflating an OK strategy/dexterity game into something it is not...

The Options

- BASIC : You have infinite lives and no time limits to complete the puzzles.
One puzzle completion needed to move one, and puzzles left behind
can not be completed later. You can dump up to 50 pieces only.

- MASTER : Little difference from Basic. except for scoring considerations.

- ADVENTURE : You are limited to three lives, and can earn one more for every
500 points you collect. The other difference from the previous
options is that you can return to a location and complete
the puzzles you left behind.

The Controls

- Left Mouse button: pick up, position or dump a tile.

- Right Mouse button: rotate the tile you have already selected in order to
have it feet your requirements.

- ESC: Leave or pause the game.

- F3: Display the High Scores.

Notice that your game is automatically saved under the name you entered.
When done playing, just leave the game using ESC and to restart just select
the name under which you have been playing.

The Tiles

- Blue : Smallest unit, most useful to fill in the blanks between larger
blocks. Do not use them unless you absolutely need them, for
they do not come across in large amounts.
- Purple : These are cubes. They can come in handy but mixed recklessly
with angled pieces or angled corners, they create a lot of
loose holes that, in turn require a lot of the Blue tiles.

- Orange : These are large triangles that are very useful when used in
conjunction with all other angled tiles.

- Yellow
& Bown : These are angled composites, one being the mirror image of the

- Green
& Red : These are basically cubes with an extra blue. They mirror one
another. They are the best building tool, covering the most
space, and freeing the most space once cleared from the incoming
flow of tile. Use these in priority when possible. They tend to
be more frequently available.

The basic strategy in placing the tiles is to aim at filling up a given
background pattern. Whenever a grey pattern is filled, the current tile
load at the bottom of the screen clears up, giving you time to complete
the puzzle and giving you a shot at a new set of tiles.

When you want to allow more tiles on the screen, or want to get rid of a
tile selected by mistake, just drop them on the Dump portion of the screen.
Notice that you will not be able to dump any more tiles until the one you
just dropped is flushed away. Also notice that tiles fushed away do come
back after being flush. So if you want to see new tiles, allow a small
delay after removing the tile and before dumping it... It all will become
easy after a while.

The Rooms

- Puff & Stuff
- Dragon's Den
- Dragon's Head
- Happy Buddha
- Gatekeeper
- Two Sisters
- Totems
- Pyramids
- Pharaoh's Curse
- Sphynx
- Knowledge
- Elronian Pillager
- Sheba's Mish
- Ignorance
- Wise One
- Fruit of Death
- Fruit of life
- Wonderland : All starts here.
- Sydney's World : Need Mad Hatter's Tea from Alice in Wonderland to enter.
- Mentor's Castle
- Breathing Water
- Mound of Evil : Need Shades from Sydney in Sydney's World.
- Mummy
- Tut's Brain : Need Skull from Mound of Evil to enter.
- Viscious Viper
- Tut's Lungs
- Tut's Heart
- Storyteller
- Overseers
- Burial Grounds : Need Tut's Brain to enter and resurrect Tut.
- Long House : Need to have the Spirit from the Burial Grounds to grant
you passage.
- Haji's Hungry : Need Food from the Long House.
- Future World : Need to be Haji's friend to enter.
- Last : Need Orb of Time from Future World to enter and end the

As mentioned above, only a few of the rooms are relevant to the game. In
order to obtain the needed feature of a room, you need to solve at least one

The other rooms are just obstacles standing in the way. You also need
only solve one room to be able to pass through, although the game's only
interest are those puzzles.

The Puzzles

The puzzles are:

#   Desc.       Points   #  Desc.          Points   #   Desc.     Points
-- +----------- +------ +-- +------------- +------ +--- +-------- +-----
1  Forgot       -?-     51  Framed         300     101  Arrow     150
2  Forgot       -?-     52  Rubik's Cube   100     102  Diamond   100
3  Forgot       -?-     53  Teeth          300     103  Crate     225
4  Painting     275     54  Tee Pees       300     104  Apple     325
5  T             50     55  Snow           300     105  You       375
6  Mild One     225     56  Lines          275     106  Triangle  300
7  Chicken      150     57  Woman in Sun   300     107  Stop      100
8  Cat          100     58  Desert Storm   375     108  False     200
9  UFO           50     59  R              -?-     109  Mini Van  225
10 Mask         225     60  Photos         -?-
11 Mrench       375     61  C              -?-
12 Happy        275     62  Space man      300
13 ---------------      63  Wise men       225
14 Pig          425     64  Forest         200
15 Shoe         300     65  Snake          200
16 A             50     66  Gun            100
17 Brontosorus  200     67  Port           300
18 Snake        225     68  Pyramid        225
19 Question     -?-     69  Basics         375
20 Transform    225     70  Storm          300
21 Jump         225     71  Hell           325
22 Bricks       200     72  Very Easy      200
23 Bug          300     73  Legs           375
24 Yin & Yan    325     74  Moebius        425
25 Ninja        275     75  Giraffe        325
26 Crossword    300     76  Up             275
27 Eye          275     77  Golf           150
28 Fish         150     78  S.E.T.I.       200
29 Space        225     79  Pack Man       275
30 Gulls        200     80  Heaven         325
31 Rooster      325     81  Left           225
32 Fishes       425     82  Right          325
33 Porcupine    300     83  Pair           425
34 Pyra         275     84  Fire           375
35 Flag         275     85  Easy           100
36 Dragon       375     86  Serpent        425
37 Diamonds     425     87  Ladder         225
38 Serpent      200     88  Gulls          300
39 God's Eye    425     89  Alien          300
40 Felix        325     90  Sidewalk       375
41 Born         275     91  Spray          425
42 Puzzle 1     275     92  Skier          375
43 Puzzle 2     275     93  Babel          275
44 Puzzle 3     200     94  Skyline        100
45 Difficult    325     95  Click          -?-
46 Puzzle 4     325     96  Fractal        -?-
47 Puzzle 5     225     97  Teeth          -?-
48 Puzzle 6     150     98  Peace          150
49 Trident      325     99  Origamo        300
50 Ship         200    100  Pegs           225

There are 108 Puzzles. The makers claimed 113, but they lied. Moreover,
it is interesting to notice that these superstitious morons skipped #13.
Sorry for the few entries reading ? or Forgot... I got lost in my notes...

You will discover that the difficult increases with the bonus rating.

- 0 to 250 : Easy
Those puzzles require no skill or effort whatsoever.

- 275 to 350 : Hard to EXTREMELY HARD (*)
I believe that the hardest levels are within that range and
NOT within the next range. In this range, the tiles go by
relatively fast and close to one another, enough to let you
think where to put them, but too close to allow you to
dump them fast. As a result, you must rely on cheer luck
to get the tiles you need, especially the Blue tiles.
The puzzles: 55 Snow 300
and: 23 Bug 300
Are probably the HARDEST of them all, for you need several
blue pieces, and they come by randomly. You can not
sustain the flow long enough to get all you need unless you
are in fact very lucky. This, of course, sucks, and is a
flow that lowers the game overall gameplay.

- 375 to 425 : Very Hard
Those puzzles aren't that hard. They will take you a couple
attempts to succeed, but only because of the speed or little
spacing at which the tiles flow.

All the puzzles are feasible. I played them ALL through, skipping NONE.
Estimated playtime: 6 hours in BASIC mode, standard difficulty.

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