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Чит-файл для Pit, The

Pit, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This file is designed to help you learn to play The Pit, based on
Version 3.52.  It is entirely free.  You are under no cost or obligation
with respect to this file.  You are free to destribute this file in a
limited fashion.  However, you may not sell this information.  If
distributed on a disk, a reasonable fee for the disk and/or shipping may
be charged.  This file may not be mass distributed on disket without
specific written permission of the author.  I retain all rights to this

Ok, that is most of the legal BS I see at the start of files that I
could come up with off the top of may head.  Although I want the wording
of the above to be followed, basically, what I want is:  For you to
understand that I spent quite a few hours gathering information,
designing this hint file, and putting it together.  And that does not
count the time I spent playing before I got around to making the file.
I specifically became Immortal three times during the writting of this
file to test information and correct errors.  However, I give the
information to you freely to help you learn this enjoyable game.  But I
do not want you to make a profit on my efforts without getting a cut for
my time and effort.  Basically, I'd like you to be reasonable.  Fairly

Now of course, I am not really giving you this file without a catch.  I
do ask on thing of people who find this file helpful:  Please leave me a
message saying thanks and/or that you enjoyed the file.  In the Atlanta
area, you can find me {Brian Grove} on Android II, or R's BBS, or
Commport with regularity.  Outside Atlanta, leave me a message in the
the RIME or UNI net Games conference.  If you get desperate, you could
write to me @

                Brian Grove
                2072 Howard Cir N.E.
                Atlanta, GA 30307

That address should be correct through July of '94 or so.  Then I'll be
moving to Texas.  You'll probably see an update to this by then anyway.
Also, please try to get me any errors, corrections, suggestions, or
strategies you use that are not included in this file so that I may
correct/add them in/to future versions.  Thanks.

Ok, that's it.  Now the information you wanted:

Ok, here I am playing this strange door game - The Pit - and I don't
        even know what I am doing.  How do I get started?

        Here is how:  You start with 100 Gold Pieces (GP).  Go to the
        weapon shop and haggle for a long bow (90 GP after haggling) and
        ten arrows (1 gp each if you haggle for 1 arrow and then buy
        them one at a time.) Don't worry about buying armor or hand
        weapons EVER in this game.  Go to the Arena and fight a trainee.
        Use the bow to kill him from a distance.  Take their armor and
        hand weapons.  As needed, buy more arrows after each fight or
        few fights, trying to keep around 50 arrows.  Keep this up until
        you have 900 GP. Then go back to the weapon shop and sell your
        long bow. Haggle for a Great Bow (900 GP).  Remember, you can
        sell off any armor and hand weapons you accumulate from your
        opponents if you wish. I usually don't bother, and I recommend
        having some armor before you attack heros.

        Start on warriors level 4.  They still should not be too
        difficult with the Great Bow.  Just stay back and think of them
        as pincushions.

        Attack Veterans around level 7-8. You may lose some by starting
        at 7, but not many.  Here you should pick up the +1 Plate Armor
        and +1 hand weapons.  I'd sell these until I decide to fight
        stronger enemies, as they are not very necessary here, but are

        Somewhere around Level 10, consider attacking humanoid Monsters,
        but not without a magical hand weapon, or you will be unable to
        hit the were-creatures.  Sell the amulets you get from medusa.
        Her gaze weapon has a very limited range, so if you stay back,
        she is easily killable. Beware the King with the Trident, he is
        deadly with it, and you do NOT get it as a weapon for killing
        him.  You can pick up several +3 weapons here.  The +3 Halberd
        is the best, but it really isn't worth hunting for.  You will
        not use hand weapons much until you fight heroes, and then you
        wish to paralyze.  With gods, you want the occasional damage
        bonus a weapon capable of a critical hit yields.

        Start on Heros around level 13 or 14, (I sometimes start around
        level 12, but realistically the risk is too high then. You'll
        still die or need to run pleanty fighting at level 14. ). I
        have included additional (and more detailed) hints on heros in
        the hint section at the end of this file. Later editions of this
        hint file will improve it still more. Beware of Elric, who
        weilds Stormbringer, and Kargoth who weilds Soul Shatterer, and
        Yykroon who weilds the MournBlade, as they drain levels.
        Immediately run to the exits when you encounter them, unless you
        are sure you will not get hit by their hand weapon. (The exit is
        the break in the wall surrounding the Arena.)  When you are
        finished fighting Heros, you should have acquired the Silver
        Shaft as your range weapon.  Try to get the Shadow Blade for
        fighting heroes or sorcerors as the paralysis is helpful.
        However, as Elementals and Gods are immune to paralysis, get a
        vorpal weapon when you are done with heroes.  This occasionally
        do extra damage to elementals and gods.  Additionally, you
        should have the following before mmoving on:  the Supreem Plate
        Armor, the Old Dusty Boots, Helm 'Skitoon', Leather Gauntlet,
        Gold Arm Band, and the Bronze Bracelet. You will get even better
        Weapons and Armor later, but these are VERY GOOD for now.

        At some point around level 25 - 30, and considering your
        armorment, you may consider fighting Creatures. Dragons tend to
        be worth more money than heros. Beware the Fang Dragon, as it
        drains levels.

        Don't bother with Elvin Heros at any point.  They just aren't
        worth the trouble, as you always fight at least three of them.
        Some people like to fight them and try to kill one to get his
        stuff at a fairly early level.  It just is not worth the risk
        and number of losses.

        Sorcerors should probably not be fought before you have 200 hit
        points, and then only if you really want magic items. I usually
        don't bother, as I just sell the magic items I get, and I
        dislike fighting them. (If there is an item I really need, I buy
        it at the magic shop when it becomes available.)

        Fight Random Encounters aroung level 45, but you'll lose
        sometimes.  The dragons here are especially tough.  Also, some
        creatures here do drain levels.  I believe that those the do
        weild swords I have listed with the Level Draining ability so
        you should be able to recognize them and play accordingly.  You
        should get the Bow and Sword of the Ancients here.

        Fight Elementals when the number of Heros or Randoms become
        excessive.  Fight these from a distance.  Try to move out of the
        line of their range weapons when you cannot shoot, and let them
        step to you when you can.  Take you shots (and let them shoot
        you), then move out again.  Do not get into a battle of hand
        weapons here, as they tend to win those.  Just accept the fact
        that you will sustain damage and fight from a distance.  Two
        Elementals are worth a special note:  Moon Deva - RUN!  This
        enemy drains multiple levels with his RANGE weapon. Do not let
        him hit you.  He just isn't worth it;  Sun - His range weapon
        blinds but does no damage.  If you have the Helm 'Skitoon', just
        let him hit you from a distance and shoot him repeatedly.  But
        do beware, as he drains levels in close combat.
        Start on Gods aroung level 250-300.  At 250, you will only be
        getting 4 attacks at a time whereas at 300+ you get 5.  Until
        you are confident in you ability to use the pattern, wait until
        level 300.


           Aesir    - Weak God.  Uses his sword and an Invulnerable
                      Wall.  Use the standard pattern discussed in the notes at

                      the end of this file.

           Baldur   - Weak God.  Weilds his sword and +5 Plate Armor.
                      Use the standard pattern to slay him.

           Frey     - Weak God.  Has his sword and Rune Armor.  Use the
                      standard pattern, and he will die fairly easily.

           Heimdall - Weak God.  Rune armor and his sword.  Just stay
                      back and use the strategy for killing unarmed
                      opponents discussed in the notes.

           Hel      - Very tough God.  Hel is very fast.  Typically, he
                      isn't worth the damage and risk. Just suck up the
                      damage and head for the exit.

           Loki     - Tough God.  Loki has his dagger and bow and a Wall
                      of Demons.  You are rewarded with an Extra Special
                      Item for killing him.  Just suck it up, stand next
                      to him, and fight.  If necessary, run.  He will do
                      a lot of damage with his range weapon, so avoid

           Magni    - Weak God.  Weilds a Hammer and +5 Plate Armor.
                      Use the standard pattern and kill him easily.

           Modi     - Weak God.  He gets the occasional with his sword,
                      but does not posesses a range weapon.

           Mordred  - Extremely high probabilty of him scoring a
                      fatality.  This is frustrating.  I reccommend
                      running unless you are short on time remaining in
                      that session, and do have more sessions remaining.
                      Mordred is tough but killable.

           Odin     - Tough God.  Fight him with hand weapons.  Avoid
                      allowing him to hit you with his range weapon as
                      it does vastly more damage than your range weapon.

           Sif      - Weak God.  Weilds his sword and +5 Plate Armor.
                      Use the standard pattern and he dies easily.

           Thor     - God of Gods.  Just run from him.  The only way I
                      have found to kill him is to fight up close, use
                      the Glass Eye of Tyr when you have less than 100
                      hit points left, and NEVER get hit by his hammer
                      as a distance weapon.  Unfortunately, no magic
                      item is awarded for the killing of this amazingly
                      deadly foe.  He just isn't worth it.

           Thrym    - Weak God.  Weilds his Axe and wears +3 Plate
                      Armor.  Use the standard pattern and kill him.

           Tyr      - Fairly easy, with the best Extra Special Item.
                      Advanced idea:  if you already hold the Eye, when
                      you have nearly killed Tyr use the Eye to heal
                      yourself before finishing him.  This limits the
                      amount of damage you have to heal at the end of
                      the match.

           Vidar    - Weak God.  Has his Hammer and +4 Plate Armor.  Use
                      the standard pattern and he dies easily.

What about all the choices of magic items?

        If it doesn't heal you or return some number of drained levels,
        and is not a Miscellaneous Item, I sell it.  I usually don't
        bother with protection items as I'd rather have the cash.  Also,
        read the notes at the end of the file.  Selling an item at the
        magic shop gets you only ten percent (10%) of the item's value
        (plus any addition you get for haggling).  Not good, but better
        than nothing.  And that is pleanty when selling an Extra Special


        A:  Yursheen            Resistance to Fire                      12,000
        B:  Wozitkis            No Effect                                4,000
        C:  Vulate              User Teleports                          38,000
        D:  Penchand            User has Invisibility                   25,000
        E:  Trouband            No Effect                                5,000
        F:  Erigin              User Regenerates                       240,000
        G:  Drakton             Dragons do Double Damage                12,000
        H:  Diltif              No Effect                               10,000
        I:  Goolfate            No Effect                               22,000
        J:  Tulfevl             No Effect                               43,000
        K:  Tulfuchs            No Effect                                2,000
        L:  Gratfing            User Hits More Effectively              20,000
        M:  Fergitchu           User Becomes Confused                    7,000
        N:  Winris              User Hits Less Effectively              30,000
        O:  Soltak              Level Drain User                        13,000
        P:  Yikson              User Gains 5-20% Health                 35,000

        A:  Purple Liquid       True Seeing                              5,000
        B:  Dary Grey Liquid    Cure Blindness                           6,000
        C:  Red Brown Liquid    User Becomes Confused                    3,000
        D:  Yellow Liquid       Blind User                               1,000
        E:  Black Oil           No Effect                               10,000
        F:  Ruby Red Liquid     Disease User                             5,000
        G:  Pink White Liquid   Poison User                              8,000
        H:  Brown Elixir        No Effect                                3,000
        I:  Dark Blue Elixir    User Becomes Drunk                       4,000
        J:  Dark Blue Liquid    Gain 10-20% Health                      42,000
        K:  Dark Brown Oil      Immunity to Paralysis                    9,000
        L:  Dark Grey Oil       Poison - Kills User                      6,000
        M:  Healing Elixir      Gain 5-20% Health                       80,000
        N:  Bright Red Liquid   No Effect                                6,000
        O:  Dull Brown Goop     No Effect                                4,000
        P:  Bubbly Red Goop     No Effect                               12,000

        A:  Helm 'Skitoon'      True Seeing                            320,000
        B:  Belt - Giganto      Decrease User Movement                  54,000
        C:  Silver Metal Rod    Nothing                                 32,000
        D:  Gold Arm Band       User Does Double Damage                 12,000
        E:  Silver Feather      Nothing                                  1,000
        F:  Crystal Lens        Innumity to Blindness                   35,000
        G:  Bronze Bracelet     User Takes Half Damage                  15,000
        H:  Golden Key          No Effect                                2,000
        I:  Wooden Wand         Fire Shooting Star                     240,000
        J:  Obsidian Horn       3 Effects (Good, Bad, and None)         25,000
        K:  Jade Statuette      Protection VS. Dragons                  40,000
        L:  Ruby Wand           Protection VS. Demons                   50,000
        M:  Old Dusty Boots     Increase User's Movement                42,000
        N:  Red Ruby Slipper    Decrease User's Movement                80,000
        O:  Leather Gauntlet    User Gets One Extra Arrow Per Attack 2,300,000
        P:  Jeweled Necklace    Poison Needle Hits User                 42,000

        A:  Awesprae            Protection from Demons                  38,000
        B:  Ritogan             Restore User's Lost Levels              76,000
        C:  Zaptoyd             No Effect                               11,000
        D:  Deiltone            Fire Acid Arrow                         80,000
        E:  Yelwing             Fireball                                95,000
        F:  Levato              User Teleports                          12,000
        G:  Laguepay            Fire Insect Plague                     105,000
        H:  Oyveay              User Loses Half Health                  11,000
        I:  Degenty             Protection vs Undead                    95,000
        J:  Protoct             No Effect                               50,000
        K:  Otreoni             Lightning Bolt                          65,000
        L:  Wilotyp             User Takes Half Damage                  22,000
        M:  Rotuero             Protection from Elves                   74,000
        N:  Spetuy              User Slips on Oil                       23,000
        O:  Igorist             User is Paralyzed                       13,000
        P:  Uiresol             Paralyze All Monsters                   32,000

        A:  ??????              ??????????                              ??????
        B:  Opal Amulet         Fire Lightning Bolt                    400,000
        C:  Topaz Amulet        User Fails Attack 20% of Time           90,000
        D:  Emerald Amulet      No Effect                              110,000
        E:  Ruby Amulet         Resist Cold                             25,000
        F:  Pearl Amulet        Fire Force Blast                       120,000
        G:  Stone Amulet        Cause Fear (1 Opponent)                 85,000
        H:  Gold Medallion      Sheild User                            170,000
        I:  Silver Medal        Fire Ice Spear                         270,000
        J:  Amethyst ?Amulet?   Fire Magic Missile                     230,000
        K:  Bronze ?Amulet?     No Effect                              890,000
        L:  Platinum Scarab     Demon Gate Blocker                   1,000,000
        M:  Gold Sphere         No Effect                               78,000
        N:  Blue Glowing Orb    Permanent Paralysis Immunity           115,000
        O:  Golden Chalice      No Effect                               21,000
        P:  Light Green Orb     No Effect                              110,000

        A:  Sceptre of Law      Lightning Hits All Monsters         99,999,999
        B:  Sceptre of Chaos    Shoot Power Beam                    99,999,999
        C:  Glass Eye of Tyr    User Totally Healed                 99,999,999
        D:  Crown of Heroes     User Gains a Level                  99,999,999

      I have not ever seen Amulet A, and do not know what it is or
        what it does.  If you find out, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
        I am starting to doubt it even exists.

      All the actions I have listed are activated by use in combat,
        except the Miscellaneous Items.  The special abilities of those
        work by having the object in your possession.

      I sell all the Extra Special Items because they are not all the
        effective IMHO.  The Glass Eye of Tyr has the added ability of
        regeneration while you possess it.  However, it will never
        regenerate 9,999,999 worth of damage.  Maybe keep one after you
        have sold a couple of Extra Special Items, as then money will
        not be an object.  Also, you seem to regenerate even though you
        have sold the Eye.  This may be a bug, I am not sure.


      HAND WEAPONS                    BONUS    DAMAGE   SPECIAL
          Dagger                        + 0     d 4        -
          Short Sword                   + 0     d 6        -
          Hammer                        + 0     d 7        -
          Long Sword                    + 0     d 8        -
          Battle Axe                    + 0     d 9        -
          Halberd                       + 0     d10        -
          Great Sword                   + 0     d12        -

          Death Kiss                    +60     d 9+6   Vorpal Weapon
          Dragon Slayer                 +60     d12+6   Dragon Slaying
          Excaliber                     +50     d 8+5   Vorpal Weapon
          Giant Slayer                  +60     d 8+6   Giant Slaying
          Grim Reaper                   +70     d10+7   Vorpal Weapon
          Hammer of Thunderbolts        +60     d 7+6      -
          Moon Sword                    +60     d 6+6   Cause Paralysis
          Shadow Blade                  +70     d 6+7   Cause Paralysis
          Soul Keeper                   +70     d 8+7   Level Draining
          Soul Shatterer                +70     d 7+7   Level Draining
          Sword of the Ancients         +80     d12+8   Vorpal Weapon
          Terminator                    +70     d 9+70  Vorpal Weapon

          Throwing Knife                                   -
          Sling                 30'     + 0     d 4        -
          Short Bow             40'     + 0     d 6        -
          Long Bow              60'     + 0     d 6        -
          Short Composit Bow    80'     + 0     d 6        -
          Long Composit Bow    100'     + 0     d 6        -
          Great Bow            120'     + 0     d 7        -

Note:   For Regular +X weapons, the Bonus is X * 10, and the damage increases
        by +X.  I.e. a Battle Axe has a bonus of 0 and damage of d 9.  A
        +2 Battle Axe has a bonus of +20 and damage of d 9+2.  It works the
        same with bows, and the + does not alter the range of the weapon.

          Archer's Hand        100'     +70     d 6+7      -
          Bow of Second Sight   40'     +60     d 6+6      -
          Bow of the Ancients  140'     +80     d 7+8      -
          Death Reaper          80'     +70     d 6+7      -
          Demon Bow             60'     +70     d 6+7   Demon Slaying
          Dragon Flight         80'     +60     d 6+6   Dragon Slaying
          Grim Tooth            40'     +70     d 6+7      -
          Heart Bow            120'     +70     d 7+7      -
          Night Hawk            60'     +60     d 6+6      -
          Seeker               100'     +60     d 6+6      -
          Silver Shaft         120'     +60     d 7+6      -

        Armor                Armor Value
          Padded Cloth           5
          Leather               10
          Studded Leather       15
          Ring Mail             20
          Chain Main            25
          Plate Mail            35
          Field Plate           40
          Plate Armor           45
       +1 Plate Armor           55
          Demon Armor          120
          Armor of Ancients    140
          Holy Plate Armor     150
          Supreem Plate Armor  160
          Cube of Force        170
          Dealnar's Ring       180

        There are quite a few more armor variants, but this gives you an
          of what is out there.  Dealnar's Ring is the best on I
          believe, but is gained by fighting the Moon Elemental.  Not
          worth it, but if you challenge someone with it, GET IT!  

        1. Please understand that I have not contacted or consulted with
           the author of Thie Pit while creating this file.  I therefore
           cannot gaurentee the accuracy of the information in this
           file.  It is accurate as far as I know.  Should you find
           errors, please attempt to contact me so that I may get them
           corrected.  Thanks.

        2. To hit an opponent with your Range Weapon, they must be more
           than on square away from you.  Shots at an opponent in an
           adjacent square will be blocked by your opponent.  To hit
           them with your Hand Weapon, they must not be more than one
           square away from you.

        3. The Pattern:
           Once you get fairly high in levels, opponents typically pause
           aftering hitting you.  This gives you a free move during
           attacks.  That couples with the fact that you do more damage
           with your Range Weapon (on average) than you do with your
           hand weapon gives yields a way to increase you damage to
           opponents who do not weild Range Weapons.  When the round
           starts and you realize that your opponent does not have a
           rande weapon, do the following:  1. Shoot him with arrows
           every time you get the opportunity;  2. When you do not have
           the opportunity, move backwards trying to keep you opponent
           near the maximum of you range;  3. When they get to you, do
           not just stand in place and hit them.  Instead hit them, then
           step away from them, but stay in line with them.  Then shoot
           them with the bow.  If they step to you again, then hit them,
           step back, and shoot them.  Those are the basics of the
           pattern.  Play with it some to perfect it.

        4. Computer played opponants have a bit of a blind spot in
           their strategy against range weapons on diagonals.  If you
           line up horizontally to shot your opponent (who cannot fire
           back either because he is out of range, not currently capable
           of firing, or does not possess a Range Weapon) he may move
           towards you at a diagonal so you cannot shoot him.  However,
           if you line up on a diagonal, he will move towards you on the
           diagonal.  This allows you free shots if you line them up on
           the diagonals.  Again, play with it some and you'll see what
           I mean.

        5. Challenging other players can be VERY profitable.  Since the
           computer is not a very good opponent, you can defeat
           opponents that are stronger than you are.  Also, a player
           that  ends the day having gotten killed by the computer in
           the arena has around 20% of his max hit points when you
           attack them.  However, DO NOT GET KILLED WHEN YOU CHALLENGE
           an opponent.  Run instead.  If you are killed when you
           challenge someone, you lose ALL your magic items.  (Of
           course if you win you may take any of theirs you do not
           already have.)

        Ok, that was it.  I'm sure there is more, and I am the type of
        person who would keep playing with this forever (I've been
        holding it for two weeks to add less than ten lines even as I
        write this), but it is good enough for now.  Please do let me
        know your opinion, and suggestions for improvement.  Especially
        quiestions that you have that are not covered in this file.
        Also, try to be nice about it when you point out spelling errors
        that probably exist.  Neither spelling nor typing are my stong
        suits, and the combination leads to some unfortunate results.

                                Thanks and ENJOY!

                                Brian Grove


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