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:Black Isle Studios
:Interplay Productions
ISO : 10 1999
:RPG / Isometric
:Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast

1999 .

Solution [ENG]

[Note: throughout the walkthrough, Ive noted experience and character point
gains in parentheses. (250) means a gain of 250 points.]

[This walkthrough does not include conversations with generic characters such as
dabus, villagers, collectors and so forth. They may give you information, but as
a rule its nothing you wont find out in more detail from the named

[Be sure to read your journal. Theres a lot of information in there, some of
which you might not have caught when you were talking to people. The notes help
flesh out the quests and give more detail on what youve done and need to do.
And, of course, the quest section can keep you on track.]

OK, self. Here we go again. If you're reading this, things are even more screwed
up than they were last time so keep your wits about you and your head attached.
It's going to be a bumpy ride. One thing, this guy, I should say skull, Morte.
It's OK to trust him. He yaps a lot, but he knows useful things and you'll need
him to keep you on track, since you keep forgetting stuff when you die.

When you can't figure out what to do next and even reading this doesn't help,
talking to Morte. He usually knows what's up and needs doing.

So, the rest is in my own, our own words. There are other things you could do
you don't have to do everything like I, we did it last time, but something in
here should give you a nudge in the right direction if you die one time too

The Mortuary
Wow. What a headache. I don't remember the last time my head hurt this much.
to think of it, I don't seem to remember much of anything. Why am I on this slab
with tubes running into me? Oh, my head...

At least I've got company. Loud company. Doesnt Morte ever shut up? I got him
read the tattoo on my back. Not much help. Just a name, Pharod. Have to find him
and hope he has my journal. Got to find the key Morte mentioned.

After examining my surroundings I searched the shelves and machines around me
anything useful. There wasn't much. I don't guess they expect the corpses around
here to have a lot of time on their hands.

These zombies are sure a talkative bunch. One of them did have the key on him.
Had to kill him to get it. Kill? He's dead. From the look of me, I'm dead, which
may be an insult to dead people.

I unlocked the door to the north and went into the next room. Morte warned me
to make too much noise. Killing them might bring the attention of the
I asked who the caretakers were. He said they're called Dustmen and doesn't
regard them highly.

I asked why they would care if I escape. He said they believe everybody's got to
die and sooner is better. I asked where all these corpses came from. He said
these poor sods sold their bodies to the caretakers.

Since Morte had mentioned that he specifically didn't want me to dispose of any
female corpses I asked why. He asked if I was serious. He said they were the
chance for folks like us. I asked what he was talking about. He said they're
dead ... we're dead.

I still didn't see, or didn't want to see, his point. He said that we already
an opening line with these limping ladies. We had our death in common. I pointed
out that he'd said I wasn't dead and he said well, OK, but he was.

Then he said that since I still had some cobwebs in the attic I should ask him
questions if I had any as we went along and to start writing stuff down, so I
don't forget. Hence the journal you're reading now.

[Talk to every zombie and choose search the corpse. Planescape is different from
most CRPGs. There are no generic NPCs. Each skeleton, zombie, townsperson and so
on has their own description and may offer interesting dialog choices.

As you walk through the planes, move your mouse all over the screen wherever you
see a container, object, or structure and look for the cursor to change to a
question mark or the hand. There are a number of things in the game that are in
dark or offbeat places. One example is the Poison Charm that Quint wants. I
missed it the first time through the Buried village. Even when I knew exactly
where to look it still took several minutes of hunting with the mouse to find

Throughout the game it is almost always a better idea to talk first and ask
questions later. You can kill all the zombies, but you'll miss out on important
clues and items.

There are no actions in this game that do not have consequences. Killing
people, whether they're dead or not, will gradually move your alignment towards
evil. Making vows and breaking them moves you towards chaotic and so on.

Alignment is slow to change. It takes many acts to move your alignment in a
particular direction, though actions are weighted so some actions provide more
momentum than others.

Play the way you want to play and Planescape will support it. Unless you kill
everyone you meet without talking to them you can play the game through. Even
then you might be able to complete it, but don't take that as a guarantee. This
is the most flexible CRPG I've encountered and I've been playing them a long

Morte is incredible. He's been dead for I don't know how long, he's only a skull
and he still wants some action with the female zombies here. I admire his
determination, if not his common sense.

The second shelf on the left side of this second room had the Mortuary logbook.
Wouldn't you know it; the page where my information should be is gone.

In the next room I saw a huge tome, taller than me, on a stand. Reading the tome
was a sickly looking person in a chair that was floating in midair. As I started
to speak with him Morte stopped me. He suggested that we not chat with Dusties,
especially sick ones. I started to reply, but the Dustman's eyes turned to me.
said the weight of years hangs heavy on me, Restless One, but he does not count
deafness among his ailments.

I asked if he knew me. He said he had never known me anymore than I have known
myself, for I had forgotten. I asked who he was. He said I asked the wrong
question as always, but that his name was Dhall.

I asked him what this place was. He said that I was in the Mortuary. I asked for
more details. He said the dead are brought here to be interred or cremated. It
their responsibility to care for the dead, those who have left this shadow of
life and walk the path to True Death. He said this was almost my home.

I asked about the Shadow of Life. He said that this life is not real. This is
life after we die and we remain here until we can achieve the True Death.

I asked of True Death. He said True Death was non-existence. Devoid of reason,
sensation, passion. A state of purity. I said that sounded dull. Why would
want it? He asked if it were worse than remaining in the shadow of what life

I asked how I got here. He said that I came on a cart with a retinue of other
corpses. I asked about the cart. He told me I lay in the middle of a mountain of
corpses. My "seneschal" Pharod was happy to accept a few coppers to dump the lot
of us at the gate.

I asked who Pharod was. He said he was a collector of the dead. He said Pharod
and people like him scavenge the bodies and bring them to the Dustmen. I asked
where I could find him. He said that if events follow their usual path it was
more likely that Pharod would find me and take me back here.

I said perhaps, but I must find him. He said I should not seek out Pharod. He
certain I'd just end up back here. I said I had to find him. He finally said
Pharod could be found somewhere outside the Mortuary, in the Hive.

I suggested that he did not like Pharod much. He said he respects some, but
Pharod isn't one of them. He takes liberties with the possessions of the dead.
is like a Knight of the Post. I asked what he meant. He said a Knight of the
was a thief. I asked if Pharod took anything from me. He said it was likely. He
said my journal was likely in Pharod's hands.

I asked him more about the Mortuary. I asked about the Dustmen. He said they
a faction that recognizes the illusion this life represents. I asked why the
Dustmen would want me dead. He said that there are souls who can never attain
True Death. He said souls like this, like me, are unacceptable to the Dustmen.

I said that didn't sound very good. He said that my existence is blasphemy to
them. Many of the Dustmen would order me cremated if they knew. I pointed out
that he seemed to have a different opinion. He said he did not think forcing
their beliefs on me was just; that I must give up life on my own and that as
as he was at his post he would protect my right to search for my own truth.

I asked what his post was. He said he was a scribe who catalogs all the shells
that come to the Mortuary. Asking more about the Mortuary I asked what Sigil
He said it was our city.

I asked about my wounds. He said the wounds on my body looked as if they would
have sent more men to the True Death, yet many of them looked healed, but that
those were only the surface wounds.

I asked what he meant. He spoke of the wounds of the mind. That those wounds may
run deeper than the scars on my skin.

He had frequent bouts of coughing all through our conversation and I finally
asked him if he was well. He said he was near the True Death, that it would not
be long before he passed the Eternal Boundary.

I asked about the Eternal Boundary. He said it was the boundary between the
shadow of life and the True Death.

I asked if I could help. He said he did not wish to live forever or again. So I
bid him farewell.

As I left he said that he did not envy me. With my headache I agreed with him.

Zombie 1201 had a note stuck in its mouth. I tried to pull it out, and then used
the scalpel to cut the stitches. After examining the note further I saw that it
could be folded. Remembering that the note said his contract was the key I
the upper right corner, then the lower left, upper left and finally the upper
right again. I opened the sides of the paper pyramid. (250) How about that, an

In the next room, Zombie 1664 was carrying a huge stack of books. I examined
and found a page; it must be the missing page from the logbook.

The second shelf on the left in this room had some bandages.

In the next room was zombie 506. He was covered in stitches. Perhaps he was a
stand-up comic. I examined the stitches, and then used my scalpel to cut the
thread. (100) Well, what have we here? This zombie is really number 78.

Zombie 985 wasn't doing to well. (As if any of us are?) He had some sort of rot
working its way through his knee. I tried to help him, but unfortunately I made
things worse. He fell over. As rough as this place was I took his arm as a crude

In the middle of the room was an odd looking young woman. I tried to strike up a
conversation, but she was completely intent on what she was doing. I asked Morte
what was wrong with her hands. He said she was a tiefling: part fiend, part
human, and that they are usually a bit addled.

I finally tapped her on the shoulder and was struck by her eyes as she turned to
look at me. They were a sickly yellow with orange dots for pupils. I said
greetings again, and she told me to find thread and embalming fluid.

Moving into the next room I met Zombie 821. I asked if he'd seen anything
interesting and what do you know, he answered me. I pointed out that he wasn't a
zombie, then asked who he was. He became agitated and wanted to know who I was
and what I wanted.

I said I was looking for a way out. He asked if I was spying on the Dusties. I
said no, that I was trying to escape. He asked if I was in trouble. I told him
that I woke up on one of the slabs. He asked if I was barmee and I told him that
I knew it was hard to believe, but it was true. He said I must be barmee and
I should leave.

I said he should tell me what he was doing or I would call the guards. He said
that I couldn't do that because he had friends and I had none. He'd escape. I'd
be dead.

I said that he wouldn't escape if I killed him. That got him. He said he'd talk
and tell me what he saw as a spy. I asked whom he was spying for. He fell
I asked again who and Morte broke in. He said that the berk must be an
I asked what an Anarchist was. Morte said that they try to tear down anything
order or control. I said I thought that order could use a good tearing- down. I
asked if he was watching the place for the Anarchists. He clammed up and looked
around fearfully.

[There are many places in the game where you will have to take a position like
this one where you decide how you feel about the Anarchists. Whatever you choose
will move you toward one alignment or another. In this case, answering as I did
moves me towards chaotic. Choose what you feel is true to you and the character
you're playing.]

I said never mind then and asked what he'd seen the Dustmen do. He said nothing.
They don't do anything. I asked if he knew Pharod. He said he'd heard Pharod
lives in the Hive somewhere. He said the Dusties didn't like him. I asked why
Dusties didn't like him. Vaxis spoke with difficulty because of the disguise and
I didn't understand his answer. When I asked him to repeat it Morte stepped in
and explained. He said that Pharod brings too many deaders and it has made the
Dusties suspicious that Pharod is killing people.

I asked him how I could escape. Vaxis said I could escape through the portals. I
asked what portals. He said they're everywhere. I asked if he could show me. He
asked why he should help me. I said because I need help. He said everybody needs
something, but nobody wants to give.

I asked what he needed. He said he needed a key from the embalmer's room. I
where it was. He said a Dustie matching Ei-Vene's description had it. I said I
knew her and would be back in a bit with the key. I said I'd be back shortly. He
said that if I was caught don't say anything about him or he'd gut me in my
sleep. I told him I'd get the key, but he'd better watch his threats.

Two of the embalming machines in the next room had fluid still in them. In this
room were a locked gate and stairs going up. Before going up the stairs I took
the fluid and needle I'd found back to Ei-Vene. I also bashed open a desk and
found an earring.

Seeing Ei-Vene once more, I studied her hands. As I did so a strange prickling
sensation ran up my scalp and my vision blurred. Then I was someplace else.
Sometime else. I saw a freshly slain corpse with the number 42 stitched into its
scalp. It is lying on a slab and I have just finished stitching up its chest. I
put something inside, something that might help if I met the fellow again. (250)
In the vision I tell him to keep this safe until I return.

Coming back to the present I tapped Ei-Vene on her shoulder. She looked at me
frowned, saying dumb zombies. She told me to find the thread and fluid. I gave
her the items. I waited as she worked. Her hands were most adept.

When she was finished with the corpse on the table she turned to me and ran her
talons along my arms and chest. I continued to play my undead role. Morte asked
if we needed some time alone together. I remained passive as she closely
my scars and tattoos. She said that one of my scars was in bad shape.

I waited quietly. Her talons hooked into the thread I had brought her and moved
to stitch me up. I let her complete her work. At the end I felt healthier. (+1
permanent max hit point.)

When she was done she waved me away, but I asked if she had an embalming key.
(250) She leaned forward, sniffed at me and then gave me the key, telling me to
bring it back when I was done.

I went back to Vaxis and gave him the key. (250) Then I asked him how I get out
of here. He gave me directions on where to find one on the first floor of the
Mortuary and told me I needed a crooked finger bone.

(250) I asked where I'd find the finger bone. He suggested I look in the storage
room on the upper floor. I repeated his instructions back to him and bid

I went up the stairs to the third floor of the Mortuary. On the right one of the
shelves in the stairwell held a Charcoal Charm.

Walking south, I entered a very large circular room. On the right, at a
I found a needle and thread.

I saw a Dustman by a corpse. I went to speak with him. He asked if I was lost. I
said no, and that I had some questions for him. He asked what my business was. I
said that I was here to see someone. I said I was here to see Adahn. He said I
should check with one of the guards at the front gate.

[If you tip your hand to the Dustman, but have high dexterity, you can snap his
neck before he can give the alarm, earning 250 experience. You can then put on
his robe and move about without worry. You can also get Vaxis to disguise you as
a zombie by taking him another set of embalming fluid, needle and thread, but I
would only recommend doing so for the experience. It is excruciating moving so
slowly as a zombie.]

[There are several zombies on this floor that you can disassemble for parts and
weapons. I did not find the parts useful and the weapons have no value and are
not as good as what you find elsewhere. You get no experience for doing this and
my gut feeling is it moves your alignment towards chaos and/or evil.]

Walking to the north I saw a skeleton with the number 42 chiseled into it. I
thought it was the corpse I had the memory about. As soon as I spoke, the
skeleton straightened and crossed its arms. I did the same. Then the skeleton
dropped its arms to its sides. The leather cords securing the skeleton's torso
snapped and the ribcage unfolded.

Reaching in I saw my hand vanish and had the impression that my hand had gone
somewhere else. Then I felt it bump into an object. I took it out and saw
remarkable, just a lump of iron. I don't guess this was one of my brighter

I examined the object. (250) As I touched it, it began hissing as the metal
evaporated, leaving behind a strange dagger, some coins and two Clot Charms.

As I explored this floor several Dusties accosted me. When they asked I always
said the same thing: that I wasn't lost and was looking for someone named Adahn.
That seemed to satisfy them.

On a table in the far northeast of the room I found another needle and thread.

I found the Mortuary key in the southwest. It was in a set of shelves by the
western stairway.

In the southern storage room I found Zombie 79. He was decapitated at some point
and someone made a hash of sowing his head back on again. Looking closer I saw
that he had lost his head several times as a variety of stitching and threads
been used. The number he bore had been circumscribed inside of a fanged circle
that appeared to be branded on his forehead. I examined the fanged circle. One
the recesses looked like it matched the grooves on the copper earring I had.

Leaving the zombie, I examined the earring again and inserted my fingernail into
the notch matching where the triangle was pointing in the fanged circle. (250)
The earring clicked and the top opened. I thought it didn't look half bad on my

I moved on, riffling the cabinets in the room. My strength was enough to bash
open the more reluctant ones. I found 2 Clot Charms, the Dustman's Request,
almost two-score coppers and a pry bar.

[To attempt to bash open any locked container or door attack it.]

In the northern storage room I found a Mortuary Task List, some bandages, a
Lesser Dustman Embalming Charm, 3 Clot Charms, a Corpse Fly Charm, Bone Charm
30-some coppers.

In the shelves near the western staircase I found a hammer. I then went back to
the second level of the Mortuary.

On the way to the first floor of the Mortuary I saw Dhall again. I told him
Vaxis. (250)

Mortuary First Floor
As we entered the room I saw zombie 732; he was carrying a large tomb.
I "borrowed" it from him. He didn't seem to mind.

Walking into the central chamber of this floor I saw a huge skeleton, much
than any I had seen before. I examined the big fellow carefully. He had iron
bolts securing his joints and the heavy armor he wore.

I examined his armor. The armor was covered in symbols. Though they appeared
engraved, the symbols wavered in the light making it difficult to focus on them.
I wasn't able to decipher them, but decided to compare them to the Book of Tome
and Ash I had borrowed from the zombie.

I consulted the Book. From what I could make out the armor enchantment only
applied to the breastplate, while the warding enchantment was what made the
skeleton aware of its surroundings.

Thinking carefully I marred the warding enchantment first, followed by the
necromantic and finally the armoring enchantment. (800) With a calamitous sound
the skeleton collapsed. While waiting for the wakened dead I sifted through the
remains and found piece of armor with the runes intact. I added it to my pack.

[If you like you can try to kill the skeletons. You get 650 experience for each
one you kill, but at this stage of the game you aren't strong enough and will
only die a lot.]

On the northeast wall of this room I found a crescent hatchet that still looked
worthy among many rusty weapons.

In a room to the right was a Dustman who accosted me. I told him I wasn't lost,
but was looking for someone. I told him I was looking for Adahn.

[Yes, there is a reason I keep telling people about Adahn.]

As I was walking through the rooms north of the central chamber I heard a noise.
I turned to see a swirl of blue smoke and sparks. I thought that this must be
portal I had been told of by Vaxis.

[You can go through the portal to a tomb. Inside the tomb on the floor are 50
coppers and a note to Vaxis. To the west was an exit leading to the Hive. Once
you enter this tomb you cannot go back to the Mortuary unless you can talk your
way past the guard at the main entrance.]

Moving to the next room I saw a beautiful ghostly form in front of a large
sarcophagus. I moved closer and she stirred; her eyes flickered. As she saw me
her face changed into a snarl. You! What is it that brings you here? Have you
come to see first-hand the misery you have wrought? Perhaps in death I still
some shred of use for you?

Its so nice to be remembered. I asked who she was. She asked if there was even
shadow of remembrance of her. I said that no, my memories were lost to me. She
said it was as she feared; she was truly lost to me.

I said that I did not know her, that my memories are no more. I asked what she
knew of me. She said that I was blessed and cursed and that I was never far from
her thoughts or heart.

I asked what she meant by blessed and cursed. She said the nature of my curse
should be apparent, that death rejects me. Had I not paused and wondered why?

I asked why it would be a curse if death rejected me. She said that she did not
doubt my ability to rise from the dead. She thought that every incarnation
weakened my thoughts and perhaps one day I will no longer know that I cannot

I asked how long this had been going on. She said she did not know.

I asked her where I was. She said I was here with her as in the times when life
was something both of us shared. Now the Eternal Boundary separated us. I asked
what the Eternal Boundary was. She said it was a barrier she feared I would
cross. It is the barrier between her life and mine.

I said that I needed to escape this place, but that disturbed her so I
and said that I did not mean to offend her. She bade me hold for a moment. She
said her sight was clear while mine flickered in the darkness. I asked what it
was that her eyes saw that mine did not.

She said that she saw me as I was now and also as I might be. I asked what did
she see. She said she saw what lay ahead and asked if she should speak of it. I
asked her to tell me.

She said she required a promise. That I must promise to return. That I will find
some way to save her or join her. I vowed that I would find some way to save
She said that this was what her eyes saw...

She said that I would meet three enemies: one of good, one of evil and one of
neutrality that had been given life and twisted by the planes. That I would come
to a prison built of regrets and sorrow where the shadows themselves have gone
mad. I will be asked to make a terrible sacrifice. For the matter to be laid to
rest I must destroy that which keeps me alive and be immortal no longer.

I asked why I should destroy what keeps me alive. She said that she knew I must
die while I still can to travel beyond into the lands of the dead. I said what
did she mean by die why I still can. She said I had died countless deaths and
that it must stop.

Again I asked her who she was. She asked how it was that the thieves of memory
still kept her name from my memory. She said that the name Deionarra must evoke
some memory within me.

I said that I thought I felt the stirrings of memory, that perhaps her words
would chase the shadows from my mind. She asked how she could help. I asked if
she knew who I was. She said I was both blessed and cursed. I asked what she
meant. She said the nature of my curse should be apparent. Did I not wonder why
my memories have fled?

I said I was still trying to get my bearings and asked what else she could tell
me of myself. She said that I once claimed that I loved her and would do so
death claimed us both. She believed me not knowing who or what I was.

I asked what I was. She froze for a moment and then said that the truth is this:
I am one who dies many deaths. These deaths have given the knowing of all things
mortal and in my hand lies the spark of life and death. Those that die near me
carry a trace of themselves that I can bring forth.

As she spoke a crawling sensation flowed up the back of my skull and I had a
compulsion to look at my hand. As I did so I saw the blood coursing sluggishly
through my arm, pouring into my muscles... (1000)

[You can now raise fellow party members from the dead.]

I knew Deionarra was right. I remembered how to coax the dimmest spark of life
from a body. No doubt this will come in handy at parties.

[This is the first major point at which having a high wisdom will make a
difference in what conversational options you have. My character originally had
wisdom of 12 and an intelligence of 9 so I did not get the conversational option
described below. Having realized my mistake I used a character editor to
rearrange my stats, taking the nine points I had plowed into constitution and
putting them into intelligence (raised it to 12) and wisdom (raising it to 18).]

Returning to Deionarra I started to tell her that I needed to escape, but
something stopped me. Instead I told Deionarra that I was in danger and asked
to guide me to a place of safety. I said that I would return as soon as I could
to speak to her again.

That seemed to reach her. She said that of course she would help me. She closed
her eyes for a moment and something from the ethereal plane passed through her.
When her eyes opened she said that perhaps there was a way. (500) I said yes, go
on. She said that she sensed that there were many doors here kept from mortal
eyes. Perhaps I could use one of these.

I asked about these portals. She told me of their nature and said that if I
find the proper key  I asked what key? She said portals would show themselves
I had the proper item.

[Making vows and keeping them (or not) have a strong affect on your alignment.
Keeping them moves you towards lawful, breaking them sends you towards chaotic.]

Near the Mortuary gate I met Soego. He asked if I was lost. I said no. Then, for
some reason I told him I woke up on one of the slabs in the preparation room. He
was surprised and asked if he had heard correctly. I said yes. I knew it was
to believe, but it was the truth. He said that I did look like I had been
prepared, but he didnt know how I would have survived such pain.

I asked how I would have gotten here. He said that obviously a mistake has been
made. Either relatives, Dustmen or Collectors, brought me in.

I asked about the Collectors. He spoke of them contemptuously and said that they
bring the bodies of the dead to the Mortuary. He said that because of their
they wouldnt have checked to see if I was still living before delivering me.

I said that there had been a mistake and I would like to leave. Now. (900)

I had a few questions before I went. I asked if he was all right, because he
looked tired. He said it was nothing, a minor fever. I asked if there was
anything I could do, but he said no and thanked me for my concern.

I asked if he knew someone named Pharod. He said of course. He said Pharod had
respect for the living and even less for the dead. I asked where I could find
him. Soego said that Pharod lives in the Hive, the slums outside the Mortuary,
but he did not know exactly where. He suggested that I talk to the other

I asked if he knew anything about my journal. He said no, he hadnt seen one.

NE Hive
[You can return to the Mortuary by going to a guard and saying that you want to
pay your respects to Deionarra.]

Near an odd looking monument a harlot was plying her wares. I stopped to chat.
She thought I looked like someone who had lost something. I said not today. She
said to come back when I got tired of losing things. I said I would keep it in
mind and took my leave.

Morte asked if I could spare some jink. I said I wasnt even going to ask how he
intended to accomplish this. The harlot said it was twice the price for the
mirmir. I said he shouldnt worry, from the looks of her I was probably saving
him from dying twice.

She suggested that I smelled and dressed like a goatherd, only twice as ugly.
Going further she expressed the opinion that a number of unpleasant, unsightly
and very probably physically impossible calamities befall me. All the while
stared at her in rapt attention. At the end of the verbal avalanche Morte seemed
most impressed. He said he now had a few more taunts for his arsenal and he was
also in love.

After we came back I offered her ten commons for information. I asked her about
the city and places of interest and she told what she knew, but when I asked
about Pharod she insisted on more money. She wanted 30 coppers to tell what she

I paid her price and she asked what I wanted to know about him. I said for that
price anything she knew. She said the chant was hes a Collector boos and has a
whole bunch of bloods in his shadow. I asked where I could find him. (250) She
said no one knows for sure, but I might start in Ragpickers Square.

I asked about Ragpickers Square. She said it was heap of rags and trash three
blocks due west of the Mortuary. All the Collectors make their kip there.

[Yes, this is the Annah who is supposed to join you. And no, you cannot get her
to join you just yet no matter what conversational path you take. She doesnt
join until much, much later after you find Pharod and fulfill a quest from him.]

On the opposite side of the monument I met Annah, a tiefling with a chip on her
shoulder a mile long. I asked who she was and she told me to pike off. After
trying to no avail to have a conversation with her I left. Then I came back a
moment later. I asked if she knew she had a tail. She said I should pike off. I
said I was only curious.

Morte said it was a good thing neither she nor her tail was for sale, that she
couldnt squeak out a living with them. That got a rise of her and she wanted
Morte to repeat it. I told her that he said she couldnt make a living selling
herself and that I disagreed.

She said I was playing stern hardhead, friendly hardhead and should pike off. I
said I still had some questions. I asked where I was. She said I was about to
find trouble.

I said I was looking for someone named Pharod. She said she might if I sweetened
the conversation with jink. I asked how much. I offered 20. She said I should
look for him in the Alley south and west of the Mortuary.

I asked if she had seen my journal. She said no, so I left.

Going south I found the entrance to a tomb and went in. [This is the same tomb
that you can get to via the portal from the Mortuary.] It was an ornate tomb and
appeared to have no other entrances or exists. I found 30 coppers and a note
Penn to Vaxis.

Angyar and his wife
Going further south I entered the house of Angyar.

When I said hello he asked what my business was in his house, then told me to
before he sent me back to whatever grave I crawled out of. Im such a people
person. I tried to calm him, but he would not back down.

Instead I went over to talk to his wife. She said I should leave before she
called her husband. I said that if she were going to call him she would have
already. She said she didnt have the time and not to trouble her.

I asked if she was all right. She said that she was, but that her husband had
been himself. I said that Id spoken with him and that he seemed troubled. She
said that hed been out of sorts lately, a touch of the cough maybe.

I asked what was really wrong with him. She said she thought hed done something
he regrets. She thought he signed one of the Dead Contracts. I asked what those
were. She said that the Dustmen have contracts that give them the right to
someones body after they die.

I asked what they did with the body. She said that they animate it with their
black magicks, turn it into one of the walking dead and make it work until it
rots away.

I asked why her husband would do such a thing. She said that he might have been
eager to make more money. I asked if the contract could be undone. She said that
shed tried, but all she got from the Dustman who bought the contract was a

I told her to let me see what I could do and asked who the Dustman was whod
her the contract. She said he called himself Gravesend and that he stayed at a
table at the Dustman bar in the Hive, the Gathering Dust.

I asked where the bar was. She said it was south and west from their house. She
said there was a walking corpse out front. I said I would see what I could do.
She said that she would not turn away such a friendly gesture, but she asked
I not let on to her husband that she had asked me to do this. I vowed that her
husband would not find out and she thanked me.

[Ive given the approximate location on all the NPCs where I first met them. In
many instances you may not find them there since a great number of the NPCs roam

In the north-central area of this quarter of the Hive I met Ingress. She
immediately asked if I wanted her to leave and said that she couldnt, that it
was a prison to everywhere.

I asked what she meant. She said there were planes, Worlds of all sorts and
terrible shadows. I asked where these places were. Gesturing at the city she
they were all here. Doors, doors to everywhere.

When I asked about doors she said I should know this. That every space I walk
through or touch that is bounded on all sides could be a door.

I told her to go on. She said that every door has a key and with the key they
show their true natureall eager to take you someplace else and sometimes whats
on the other side takes a part of you as a tithe.

I asked what these keys were. She said they could be anything, an emotion, an
iron nail held between your second and fifth fingers, a thought thought three
times then once in reverse or a glass rose.

I said and all these are keys that open doors. She said yes. I asked how she got
here. She said she came from a place else from here almost a life ago, hummed a
tune by a glade with two dead trees that had fallen together. A door opened in
the space between the trees and showed her this city on the other side. She
stepped through and ended here.

I asked why she couldnt go back. She said shed tried, but all doors here led
other places. Shed been through thrice-ten portals; some on purpose, some not,
but none of them were right.

I said there must be a portal that would take her back. She said she couldnt
even leave this square. I asked why she couldnt go anywhere. She said anything
could be a door. She could be sent someplace worse if she unwittingly had the
on her.

I asked did she mean that she was afraid to go through any door or arch because
it might be a portal? She nodded yes. I asked how long the fear had gripped her.
She said since the last time she walked through a portal and lost her hand.
her tenth Turning. She said she was in her fourth tenth Turning now.

Incredulous, I said do you mean that you havent been through any door for
years? She only looked at me. I said that if she got here there must be a portal
that can take her back. She said it only takes one portal to drive the fear into
you. Shed stepped through thrice ten, lost her hand, burned her flesh and lost
her sense.

I said I was sorry and that if I could find some way to help her I would. I took
my leave.

I entered the Dustman Monument and saw SevTai staring at the many names carved
there. She told me to stand back and asked what I wanted of her.

I asked what the matter was. She said those chaos-men wrecked her cart, attacked
her and killed three of her sisters who tried to stop them. Now her sisters were
only names on the walls here. I asked who the Chaosmen were. She said they claim
to be a faction, but are just an addled bunch that runs wild through the Hive
doing whatever they please.

I asked who the Chaosmen were that attacked her. She said they were a Hive gang
called the Starved Dogs Barking or some such. I said that I wouldnt mind
them in the dead book for some coin. She offered me a copper earring. I said Id
see to it and asked if she could tell me where to find them. She said I should
out the south gate then walk around the block until I come to a place where men
run in circles howling at the sky. I said farewell.

In the same area was Death-of-Names, a Dustman. When I walked up to him he
immediately asked my name. I said that I didnt know. He said that he couldnt
help me without a name. I needed a name if I wanted to see where it died.

I asked what he meant. He said youre given a name when your born, and you give
it back when you need it no more. Tell me a name, Ill show you its grave.

I told him Deionarra. He pointed at a section of wall and said buried. I
the spot he indicated. In tiny cramped writing was her name, nearly lost in the
sea of names around it.

I tried another, Adahn. He said he was not dead yet, not buried here, not time.
He said the same for Dhall.

I asked him to bury a name, but he could not or would not bury any of the names
gave him.

I found Quentin staring at the monument. I asked him what this monument was. He
told me it is a tombstone for the planes. I asked what that meant. He said that
the Dusties scratch the names of the dead on this monument.

I asked what he was doing here. He said he was reading the new arrivals. He
to find a new one every day and see if he remembers them. I asked if they record
everyone who dies. He said that they do, but he didnt know why since the
have more care for the living.

I was puzzled and asked why he said they cared more for the living. He said that
the Dustmen mourners that come here arent mourning the dead; theyre mourning
the living. I asked why they mourn for the living. He said that I had him there.

I asked if anyone had ever come back after his or her name was put on the
monument. He said not a one.

I also asked about Death-of-Names. He said Death-of-Sense wasnt the sanest
I asked what he did here. Quentin told me Death was the keeper of the memorial
area and knows where all the names are around here.

As I left I passed four Dustmen who were chanting. Turning to one of them I told
her that I mourned for one dead. She asked if I felt pain over the one that has
died. I said that yes, this recent death had brought me a great deal of anguish.
She said that they would mourn my pain, if I wished. I said that it would ease
pain greatly.

Going to another one I said that I was there for one who has lost another. He
asked if the one I spoke of felt anguish of the loss. I lied and told them that
my friend Adahn just lost someone close to him. He said they would mourn his
if Adahn would not take offense. I said that if they could it would ease his

Elderly Hive Dweller
I had seen this old woman pass through the monument several times and thought to
speak to her. She said that she didnt see well and then asked if she knew me. I
said that perhaps she did, but that I did not know her. She thought about my
answer for a moment and then asked what I wanted.

I said that I had some questions. Her expression curdled and she said I was an
adventurer. Name, job and all that. She wouldnt have any of it, so off with me.
I said no, I not, really. She said she had seen the Dustmen put her husband, her
son and both her daughters on the Memorial, adventurers, all of them. Shed even
swung a sword herself back in the day so she knew one when she saw one. She
continued her tirade, saying she bet I had all sorts of barmee questions. In the
end I left, none the wiser.

Baen the Sender
I saw Baen walking south of the Dustman Monument. As I walked towards him he saw
me and called out Craddock  good sir?

I asked what did he say. He apologized and said he was called Baen the Sender,
one of the many runners in the employ of the House of Senders.

I said no apology was necessary and asked what he wanted. He said that he was
looking for Craddock, an overseer in the Hive. He asked if I had heard of him. I
said I was sorry, that I hadnt.

He said that he was bound to deliver a message to him and had not been able to
find the mane. I suggested that I could help him and pass along Baens message
I came across Craddock. Baen was very happy to hear this and said I would be
for my troubles.

I asked what the message was. He said that the shipment must be in Curst by the
third day or there will be a penalty. He also said that Craddock would know of
the shipment the message pertains to. I said that if I saw Craddock I would pass
along the message and asked for any details that might help me find him.

Baen gave me a good description and said that Craddock was an overseer in one of
the Hive marketplaces, but that was all Baen knew. I said that was good enough
for me. Baen thanked me again and asked if I found Craddock to return and tell
him of it and I would be rewarded. I said very well and left.

SE Hive
Damsel in Distress
Going in search of Craddock, I went to the southeast quarter of the Hive. There,
north of The Smoldering Corpse Bar I saw a woman who appeared to have been
assaulted. She ran up and grabbed my arm. She asked me for help and said that
they were killing her sister.

I asked who was bothering her. She said that some drunk had followed them from
one of the taverns. I told her to wait. I pointed out that she had first said
they were killing her sister and now theyre killing her. I asked which it was.

She claimed she was distraught and had made a mistake. As she told me this she
glanced at the blood on her dress. I examined the stain. I saw that while the
blood looked real it was also obviously hours old. I pointed this out to her and
asked what she was up to.

She nervously told me that I must be mistaken. Truthfully I said that if she
didnt tell me what was going on Id kill her. (500) She looked into my eyes and
then saw my scars. She said she was supposed to lure people into an alley nearby
to be robbed.

I gave her some advice. I told her not to pick someone like me as her mark, but
some drunken fop instead. She nodded. I told her to make sure he looks like he
has more than a couple of coins to his name. She thanked me and left.

In the same area I saw a sad looking old man staring at a dead tree. I said
hello. Mourns-for-Trees greeted me and asked how this day found me. I asked if
that mattered. That seemed to catch him off-guard, but then he said that yes, it
does. It mattered to him, at least, though that didnt count for much it seems.

I asked why he said that it didnt count much. He said that it was a long story,
but in short the efforts hed made to rouse people here to action have been

I asked what he wanted them to do. He said he wanted them to  to care. Was that
so much effort? I said care about what. He patted the tree and said the trees
here, in the Hive. Theyre dying and no one cares. He said he thought it was a
shame to see the last things of life and beauty in this ward left uncared for.
Could I understand that?

I agreed that it was a sad thing. He was surprised at that. Thought it was
wonderful. Then he said that perhaps I would  but he supposed I had some
questions for him now.

I said no, not just yet. What is it you were going to ask? For the first time
since talking to him he seemed genuinely happy. He said it was difficult for
anything to survive here. He wasnt sure that trees could survive here even if
they had enough light and clean water. I told him to go on. He thought that if
enough people cared and really wanted them to live, they would.

I said that he could be right. He said he was right; he was certain of it. That
was all he wanted from me, for me to care. I told him truthfully that Id help.
(500) He thanked me and asked if I would speak to my companions on his behalf. I
asked Morte what he thought. He tried to brush me off, but I told him I was
serious. Morte looked at me for a moment and then said yeah, he could, if it was
important to me.

I thanked Morte and told Mourns that I had some questions, if he didnt mind.

I asked why all the trees were dying. He said that besides the conditions the
dabus rarely come to this part of Sigil. I asked what a dabus was. He said
Id noticed them. Theyre the Ladys servants; they care for the city.

I asked who the Lady was. He said she was the Lady of Pain. He said it does no
one good to speak of the Lady. Know that she alone controls the city. I asked
the dabus dont come here often. He said the Hives a dangerous place, but
not the reason. He said it was because of Fell.

I asked who Fell was. He said Fell is the only dabus that doesnt serve the
Mourns said he didnt know the all of it, but Fell is shunned by his fellows and
lives here, alone. He runs a tattoo parlor, but most of Sigil is wary of the

I asked if he had any idea of why the place was shunned. He said he wasnt too
sure. He said hed only heard rumors that Fell was on the wrong side of the
when some Power decided to butt heads with the Lady.

I asked if I should be wary of Fells parlor. He said that since Fell had turned
from the Lady many people think its just a matter of time before her shadow
falls on him.

I asked what Mourns knew of the parlor. He said that the parlor is only a few
buildings east of here and is marked with his personal symbol. I told him to go
on and he said that Fell is somehow able to turn images from his speech into
tattoos with power in them.

Walking just south of the entrance to The Smoldering Corpse three thugs jumped
me. They must have been in a hurry to visit one of the other planes. They went
down quickly.

After collecting loot from the bodies of the thugs I went to see Fell and do
window-shopping. His shop was in the southeastern corner of this quarter of the
Hive. Fell was strange even for a dabus.

I bid him (it?) greetings and he responded after his fashion. A series of
appeared over his head. Morte broke in expressing his frustration or disgust at
talking to a dabus. I asked what Mortes problem was. He said that Fell was a
dabus and speaks in rebuses, these annoying word puzzles. If I didnt know what
Fell was saying then wed need a native or some other way to communicate with
him, if we wanted to. Morte said he thought they could speak, but they would
rather piss everyone else off.

I asked what a dabus was. He said that theyre janitors for the Lady. They float
around breaking, fixing and patching up Sigil according to her whims. I asked
the Lady was. He said the Lady of Pain runs the city. He said Id know her if I
see her. She had these blades around her face, shes about the size of a giant
and she floats off the ground just like dabus. Nobody knows much about her, but
all I needed to know is that I dont want to make her angry. He said if I saw
I should run.

I told him to hold on a moment. Had he noticed that this dabus walked on the
ground? Morte looked at the dabus again and his eyes widened. He exclaimed that
he knew they could walk all the time. He said this one must not be as aloof. I
said maybe so.

[The first time you try to talk to a dabus you will get this choice.]

Fell had waited patiently through all this. As we came to a pause in our
discussion a series of symbols appeared again above his head. (1000) I attempted
to strike up a conversation and see if I could translate what Fell was saying.
After a lot of trial and error I eventually got the hang of it. It felt
like Id done this before.

I said that maybe Fell could help me. I asked who he was. The symbol of a circle
with a lightning bolt appeared over his head. I said that I felt I knew him.
bowed reverently and a stream of symbols swirled about his head. He seemed to be
saying that we had met before.

I asked if he knew who I was. The symbols came and went again. He again said he
knew me, but would not say more. I asked why not. He paused and then the rebuses
flowed. He said he was sorry, but I couldnt translate the rest.

Leaving that subject lie I asked what this place was. His response was visually
stunning. He said he was an artist and this was his tattoo parlor. I asked if I
could see his tattoos and he showed me his stock.

At the moment all of his works were out of my price range, but I noted the
different tattoos with a view to the future. I thanked Fell and left the shop.

South of The Smoldering Corpse I met Amarysse. She asked if I wanted company. I
said no, but I had some questions. She said that she was sorry, but she wasnt
standing there to answer questions so I left.

The Smoldering Corpse Bar
Walking near the entrance to the Corpse I heard music that interested me and

In the center of the bar was a strange sight. I saw a man, or something man-
shaped, consumed by fire above a huge grill. At first I thought that the man, if
such he was, was being roasted over the grill, but I realized that HE was the
doing the roasting. In fact, his inflammatory presence was providing all the
for the bar as well as heating the grills for the kitchen. Somehow I just wasnt
very hungry at the moment. I tried talking to him, but he said nothing being
content to rotate in place.

I saw a woman nearby. She looked as if she had been beaten some little time ago
and there was a look of despair about her. Then she faced me and I wondered if I
was imagining things. There was a spark in her eyes that belied her appearance.
She bid me welcome.

I asked who she was. She said her name was Drusilla and I must be clueless. I
said I thought not. She said whatever I said. I asked if she would answer some
questions for me. She said yes.

I said I was looking for a journal, had she seen it? She said that sure, shed
kept an eye out for all stray journals just in case some scarred man walked into
her favorite bar and asked about it. I said she had a smart mouth on her. She
said yes, a smart mouth for a smart head. I said if she was so smart she should
be able to answer my questions.

I asked what she could tell me about the Corpse. She said that this was the
Smoldering Corpse, though the person smoldering aint dead yet. Hes just
around until someone comes along to help him out. Some come to see him, like
fiends, some come because they dont want to be bothered and the name keeps most
of the berks out.

I asked who he was. At that question the despair Id seen earlier returned like
an eclipse of the sun before she suppressed it. She said that was Ignus, one of
the greatest wizards ever to come out of the Hive. They caught him and opened a
channel to the Plane of Fire through him and now hes just a doorway for it,
keeping himself alive by will alone. If someone could find a way to douse him
a few moments it would give him his life back.

I said that someone should be able to do something. I went on to ask if she knew
of Pharod. She snickered and called him the Collector King. She told me I could
probably find him in the trash warrens on the far side of the Hive.

Ebb Creakknees
Going left in a far corner of the bar I saw Ebb. As soon as I walked up he
exclaimed at what a sight I was, so many scars on me, like a cloak. Then he told
me his name and extended his hand. I said my greetings.

He apologized for his unfair jesting and hoped there were no hard feelings. He
asked if he could buy me a tankard. I said why not? He said that was the spirit
and told me to wait while he fetched the drinks.

When he got back he asked what he could do for me. I said I had some questions
and he settled down to answer them. I asked who he was. He said he was Ebb
Creakknees, Third Measure of the Harmonium, now retired and turned tout. He
who I was and what trouble I was in.

I asked what made him think I was in trouble. He said someone with this many
scars had to be in some sort of trouble. Did I take him to be blind? He asked if
he could help.

I said I did have a few. Id woke up in the Mortuary and seemed to have
who I was. He took a moment to let my words sink in. Looking more closely at me
he said it was no wonder they took me for dead, he might have made the same

[There are conversations like this, where several different subjects are
presented at once as a result of one question you ask. In the interests of
brevity I have not put down the redundant conversation leading back. In this
I skipped talking about asking who Ebb was again and just went to asking about
the Third Measure of the Harmonium.]

Going back to what hed said about himself I asked what the Third Measure of the
Harmonium was. He puffed up a bit and said that hed been in many fights so now
he just bided his time keeping tabs on things down here in the Hive and helping
out where he could.

I asked what fights hed been in. He said more than he could remember. He did an
all too-long tour during the Blood War, the infernal War of Lies on Terras, the
Black Centuries War, the Three-Planes War and many others, even the Harmonium
of Liberation. Towards the end he was also in the Sigil City Watch. A chill ran
down me when he mentioned the Blood War and I asked him to tell me more.

He said that it was the most dangerous family feud this side of the primordial
soup. A mean-spirited mob of fiends on one side and a batch of warmonger fiends
on the other. I asked about the two groups of fiends. He said they were the
tenarri, vicious killers who care only for themselves and the baatezu war
machine all for law and order under their infernal rules. The whole mess spills
into the other planes from time to time making the multiverse a less pleasant
place to live.

I asked what a tout was. He said they were a newcomers best friend for
directions and information. In his case, his information was free. I asked why
and he told me that it wasnt fair to charge when he doesnt move from this

I asked how old he was. He said he was old enough to know better and too old to
walk much and there are only a few irons that keep his heart beating. I asked
what irons. He said he was hoping that a holy fella will be making his way to
Corpse and hell shrive Ebb of some of Ebbs private sins so Ebb can go on and
step off of this plane for good.

I asked if he knew Pharod. He wondered aloud why I would be wanting a berk like
him. I said that I thought he stole some of my belongings. He said he didnt
doubt it. I asked what he knew about Pharod. He said that he didnt know
everything, but he knew some of the dark surrounding Pharod.

He told me that Pharod digs his nest deep in Ragpickers Square and not too
ago got a bunch of collectors and gangs together and started what could almost
called a collecting faction. I asked where I could find him. He said that if I
was looking for Pharod, which Ebb though pretty barmy of me, then I would want
be finding Ragpickers Square and talking to the locals there.

I asked if he had heard of my journal. He said that unless there was more to my
journal than just pages and words he couldnt imagine many bloods that would
bother with it, but he said if Pharod was the one whod scraped me off the
he might have it.

I asked about the bar. He said that it wasnt a pretty place, but it had its
kind of charm. I thought he must be barmy at that. This bar had all the charm of
a charnel house and none of the amenities.

I asked what he knew of the patrons. He gave me the rundown. He said there was
who claimed to be a letter instead of a person, some Mercykillers waiting around
for a criminal, a pair of abishai on furlough from the Blood War, a githzerai
whos had an eye on me since I entered and Alais, a clueless kid whose britches
seem a bit tight. If I wanted information on the planes I could talk to Candrian
Illborne. He knows more than most.

I asked about Ignus. He said he wasnt a corpse. Near as can tell he is still
alive. I asked how he got here. He said that Ignus liked to burn things and he
started torching places and people and generally making trouble.

I told him to go on. He said that most of this was going on in the Hive and as
the Harmonium doesnt visit the Hive too often, something Ebb wasnt proud of,
there was a little street justice handed out by the wizardly community. Several
different types of mages and what not got together and managed to weave a spell
that was poetic justice. That Ignus is still alive is something Ebb didnt think
theyd counted on.

I asked him to tell me about Sigil. He said for whats outside I should talk to
Candrian. For the rest, Ebb could tell me of the Lady, the dabus, keys and
portals, the lay of the city and how they keep time.

I asked about the Lady. He said that not many know much about her. Shes a
mystery: silent and deadly. She keeps the dark about herself pretty tight and
those whove been too nosey have been mazed. I asked what he meant by mazed. He
said that sometimes bloods will be packed off to a place where they cant do any
harm. The Lady will take a little bit of Sigil and make a dimensional pocket out
of it. She puts those that have crossed her there and lets them rot.

But he said that the mazes werent escape-proof, theres always a way out. You
just have to figure out where it is and how to use it.

I asked what he knew about the dabus. He said they are the Ladys janitors and
workmen. He said you dont want to interfere with them or the Lady will come
on you quick.

I asked how they measure time here. He said they measure it by the brightness of
the sky. They dont have a sun and moon here and theres this haze that is
overhead, but it brightens and darkens at regular intervals. What most folks
midnight they call anti-peak and noon is called peak.

I asked about the citys layout. He said that Sigil floats on an infinitely tall
spire. It lies on its side like a wagon wheel, but theres no spokes that
it to the Spire. Its divided into six wards, each of them with its own
Factions divide up the running of the city between them.

I told him to go on and he said that the city was called the crossroads of the
planes, the City of Doors and the Cage. All manner of beasties come through to
trade and pass through to other-wheres.

I asked what he knew about portals. He said that theres portals everywhere.
Portals are like doors that lead across the multiverse, except they dont look
like doors. They can be anything, any bounded space, like a window or a pothole,
even a picture frame.

Each portal has a key. Keys can be anything from a tune you hum when near the
portal, to dancing a jig, being in the right moodanything. But portal hopping
dangerous and not to be taken on a lark.

I asked if he was in a faction. He said he was no has-been faction member. Once
youre part of the Harmonium, youre part for life. The Harmonium tries to keep
what passes for peace.

I asked what of other places. He said from looking at me I might be interested
Fells. He told me I should beware of the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Ignus
torched that place not long ago and ever since a bunch of bad bloods have set up
their kip in that stretch.

[Whenever youre walking around in a new area move the mouse all over the
I completely missed the Gathering Dust Bar the first time through the northeast
quarter of the Hive, which is why I go back at this point rather than talk to
everyone in the Smoldering Corpse.]

NE Hive
Gathering Dust Bar
The atmosphere of the Corpse finally drove me outside (nothing like the smell of
burning flesh and fiends with poor hygiene to work up an appetite  for fresh
air) so I went to the Gathering Dust Bar to find the owner of Angyars contract
and breathable air.

The bar was filled with Dustmen and the undead staff. While the amenities of the
Corpse were atrocious the patrons at the Dust must have taken a vow of silence.
It was like walking into a tomb, only less entertaining.

Among the many happy patrons I saw a particularly disconsolate fellow staring at
the wall. I said hello. He was so overcome with joy at my greeting that he just
sat there, staring. Maybe I should change my after-shave. I tried again. He
contained his glee and continued staring at the door. Oh, this is going SO well.
Morte broke the cheerful silence and hissed at me that we should go. I agreed.

As we turned to leave the Dustie suddenly spoke. I could barely make out what he
said, but it sounded like he wanted to die. I asked what he said. He asked me if
I wanted to die. Being of two minds on the subject I said I really didnt know
and asked him the same question.

He said yes. Big surprise. With my usual grace I asked him the obvious, why
hadnt he done himself in already? He said he had been studying ways and means.
He asked if I would kill him. Hey, why should I do all the work? I said to him
that if he lacked the conviction to kill himself I wasnt going to do it for

He said it was not a matter of conviction. I said then it must be another
I asked him what it was about living that drove him to hate it?

He said that this existence is a mockery of life. He did not wish to continue
charade any longer. A regular barrel of laughs, this one. I said that was a
outlook; that there is a lot more to life than pain and hatred.

He asked this is living? He said that death is silent, comforting. I said trust
me, its not. He didnt like that and asked how would I know. I said that I
know. Ive yet to see what lies beyond death and remember it. If I die again,
perhaps then I could speak of it.

He called me a liar and said that no man can die more than once. Not without
being resurrected by mighty magics. I asked about resurrection. He said that was
being brought back to life. I asked who would be capable of such power. He said
powerful sorcerer or priest or one of the Powers. Not anyone he knew and he
didnt think I knew anyone of that sort, either.

I said that I could prove to him that I can die. He said what did I mean? Me and
my big mouth. I broke my neck. My vision gradually came back, but my death felt
different this time. Awaiting-Death looked horrified and fascinated. I asked if
he was convinced now.

He asked if I was one of the walking dead. I said that I didnt know. He said
then what am I. I said that I dont know, but that I die and am reborn. He asked
if I still think and feel. I said that yes, I did, but there was a hollowness
that never leaves you at peace.

He was aghast and remarked that to be dead and still think and feel? Would
ever let a body be? I said that perhaps he should not be so quick to abandon
life before knowing what the next life holds.

He sat silently, thinking. Eventually he turned back to me and said that my
carried weight and a fresh perspective and he would do as I say. I said that was
all that I asked and bid farewell. (500)

At another table I met Norochj. When I approached he pointed at himself and said
Norochj. Initiate. Dustman. Guard. I said he looked troubled. He said he was. I
asked what was wrong. He said he had many troubles and that I could help. He
a mausoleum awakes, the dead walk, the dead disturbed, Dustmen disturbed. Find
out what disturbs the undead and coppers he will pay.

I said very well and asked where the mausoleum was. He said it was by the
Memorial. I said farewell.

Sere the Skeptic
Near the bar was an elderly woman who started at me as I approached. She asked
what crypt I crawled out of. I said I was fresh from the Mortuary. She was happy
to hear that and said that there were too many cobwebs and dusty minds.

I asked wasnt she a Dustman? She said she supposed and that shed seen enough
sand pass through the hourglass while wearing these robes. I asked if she was
afraid of dying. She said that of course she was, who wasnt? Except Dustmen.
said they werent afraid because theyve swallowed so much of their own
absurdities over the decades that they think death is some kind of release.

I said it was a release, of a sort. She said if I thought it was a burden then
perhaps. She wasnt convinced of that. I asked what had sparked this crisis of
faith. She said that life had, she supposed. She demurred at boring me with the
details. I said that Id like to hear.

She asked how old did I take her to be? I said old. She snorted and said she was
really old. She said shed taught many of the Dustmen and had no questions; no
doubt that life was merely the antechamber that lead to the True Death.

I asked what happened. She said that half a month back she went sick with the
fever. She thought it was the end and it rattled her cage. I asked how. She said
that theres something about having your faction members circle around your
deathbed like a pack of ghouls agreeing that your suffering is all for the
best. How fortunate is Sere for she shall soon be relieved of the burden of
life. That was when it struck her.

I prompted her That ... She said that there is something addled about not
appreciating your life. The Dustmen keep saying the life is misery and
suffering ... is it? That we should be happy to pass into oblivion. Questions;
questions and precious few answers.

I said it sounded like she doesnt believe the Dustmen philosophy anymore. She
said that she supposed she had a swarm of doubts buzzing in her skull. Hard to
get them all to be quiet. They need answers and she doesnt have it all worked
out yet. I asked her what she would do. She said she didnt know.

I told her that if she had truly believed the Dustman philosophy then her brush
with the fever would not have left her with such doubts. (500) She looked at me
and nodded slowly. She said she would have to chew it over. I said she should,
is no small matter.

She said enough about her and asked if I hadnt had my views changed by my
handshakes with death. I said that my brushes with death are closer than most. I
cant seem to stay dead.

She said I must have been rattling her coffin. I said its true. She said the
ways of the Planes are strange, but if thats true, why does it happen? I said
all I know is that I woke up in the Mortuary with no memory and covered with
enough wounds to kill me three times over.

She glanced around and said that I shouldnt be saying that too loudly. I asked
if she had any idea why this happens. She said not a one.

Asking her about Pharod, I heard again that he was to be found in Ragpickers
Square. She said I should be wary of that area because some Collectors arent
patient enough to wait for folks to die.

I asked about other Dustmen I knew of. When I asked about Soego. She told me
he used to be a regular, but she thought he might have been shaken up after his
friend died. I asked her to explain. She said that one of his friends was killed
in the Hive a few weeks ago, torn apart by rats. I asked if hed always been a
guide at the Mortuary. She said no, only for the past few months. Last shed
heard he was just sent off for missionary duty, but she didnt know where. I
thanked her for her information and left.

Mortai Gravesend
I found him sitting at a table, fidgeting. He thought I looked familiar and
if wed met before. I said it was possible, but was he certain it was I? He
thought he might have been mistaken. Then he got down to business and asked if I
was seeking the contract.

I asked what contract. He said it was a simple transaction. He said he would pay
me fifty commons. In returnafter deaththe Dustmen may claim my remains. I
what the Dustmen would do with the body. He said it didnt matter since I would
be dead. I said it mattered to me.

He said that if I must know, that oft times nothing is done with the body. But
rarely there are times when the workers in the Mortuary need to be replaced and
then we may have a need for your body.

I said that being an animated corpse and working in the Mortuary didnt sound
good. He said that no harm was done, no pain. And there is no danger. In
for money to use in this life you merely have to give us something you will have
no need of anyway once you have died. He said hed even signed the contract

All things considered I didnt see the harm in another 50 commons so I signed
contract. He was overjoyed and showed me where to sign. I said that he showed
more emotion than any other Dustman Id met. His smile froze on his face. He
he hoped that Id meant no offense.

I said that I did not, but that he seemed awfully eager to sign this contract
with me and for a Dustman, eagerness strikes me as odd. He asked if I wanted to
sign the contract or not. I asked if there was a problem with showing emotion.
said there certainly was. Too much passion, too much emotion prevents one from
reaching the True Death.

I asked his views on the True Death. He said that the True Death is the state of
peaceful oblivion all Dustmen aspire to. Our faction shuns anything that ties
soul to this life, whether these ties are possessions or emotions.

I said I would sign the contract now. (500) As I signed, the quill pen made a
strange sound, like a dagger writing on steel. As I tried to sign the parchment
kept shifting beneath my pen. No matter how hard I tried I could not sign my

I asked Mortai what was going on. When I looked up I saw that his face had been
replaced with a grinning skull. The rest of the bar was silent, the patrons
frozen like statues. Mortai opened his mouth and a wisp of dust trailed from
inside the skull.

Heit spoke, saying Sign, but remember everything has its price. And what can
change the nature of a man? The words sounded as if they were spoken by many
voicesold, young, female, male, desperate, calm, hysterical 

I found myself saying aloud, almost as an echo Nature of a man  As I did so I
felt faint, and the next thing I heard was Mortais voiceHIS voice, this time
and felt his hand on my shoulder. He asked if I was all right. I tried to get my

Time began running again at its accustomed pace and Mortai no longer had a skull
for a face. Something HAD happened. I felt a pressure inside my skull of
something unable to escape and I knew that each voice that issued from the
deaths head belonged to someone now long dead. I told Mortai to give me a
and I would be fine.

I knew this was not the first time I had penned my name to a contract and
not the first time Id signed one such as this. I told Mortai that I would like
to think some more before signing. Mortai accepted my hesitation and said he
would be happy to answer any questions I had.

I asked if he was the one who had signed the contract with Angyar. He said
perhaps, but he did not recall the name. I asked if he had the contract with
He frowned and then looked in the folds of his robes. He pulled a sheaf of
from his robes and rifled through them. After a few moments he said that he
didnt have it on him and would I like for him to fetch it from one of the back
rooms. I asked if he kept contracts here. He said he kept them until they were
shipped to the Mortuary.

When he offered again to fetch the contract from a back room I said that if he
could I would like to see it. He was gone for a few moments, and then returned.

I looked at the document. It appeared genuine and very official. I agreed that
looked in order. He asked if that answered my questions about the document. I
said that I would like to settle the contract.

He said that was impossible. The contract was signed, settled and binding. I
countered that the contract was tearing Angyars life apart. I said it was
possible that he might not even be able to approach the True Death with such
emotions churning in his mind.

Mortai chewed on that for a moment, then said that he could not. It was a matter
of law, besides the burden lies upon the signer to overcome his own feelings in
order to reach the True Death.

I asked if he was willing to deny Angyar the True Death for the sake of a piece
of parchment? He said it was not how I was making it out to be.

I said that he obviously held the philosophy of the Dustmen in contempt to damn
mans soul over a piece of paper. I said that if other members of his order did
not know of his conduct they soon would.

He glared and then threw the contract at me. I told him farewell, for now.

In the far left corner of the bar I saw a Dustman who seemed to be running the
place. As I greeted him he said that I had the look of one who is lost. He asked
if the wind sent me or was I here with a purpose?

I asked who he was. He said he was Emoric, Factotum and Initiate of the Fourth
Circle. Well lah dee dah. I asked if this was his bar. He said spiritually, yes.

I asked if he had seen Pharod. He wanted to know why I sought him. I said that
stole something from me. Emoric just stared at me. I asked why he wanted to know
my business with Pharod. He said that Pharod has brought many corpses to the
Mortuary lately. One must ask where these bodies are from.

I asked him to tell me more about the bodies. He said that some are recent-
and many more are centuries dead. I suggested that perhaps I could find out
these bodies are from. He asked how I would do such a thing. I said I would
down Pharod and ask him.

Emoric said that if I spoke with Pharod and returned with his answers I would
have done a great service for the Dustmen and would be rewarded. I said I would
find Pharod, speak to him and find out where these dead bodies he brings you are
from. He said that I should return when I had the answers.

I asked if he could tell me where Pharod is. He said that it was not known to
where Pharod is. He hides from the eyes of the Dustmen.

[This is as good a place as any to note that any container, such as a barrel or
chest, may be used to store items that you dont want to wag around. Anything
put in a container will still be there however long you wait before returning.
Things you leave on the ground are NOT so protected and will eventually
disappear. Even needed quest objects are not safe.]

The Post
Just north of the Gathering Dust I saw a zombie in sad shape. Among the numerous
stains and graffiti were several notices. I examined the corpse more closely.
There was a cobblestone embedded in his head. I pried it out. (250)

I then looked at the notices. After looking at the bill of fare for the
Smoldering Corpse Bar I said the name aloud. The zombie pointed in its general
direction. It turned out that The Post would do this for any of his ads.

When I was done with the notices I looked over the graffiti. There was one that
drew my attention. Someone had carved Pharods name into the things left arm
then slashed an X across it. I spoke Pharods name and the zombie pointed far to
the west and downwards. (500)

Angyars House
Back at Angyars house I spoke to his wife and told her I was able to get the
contract from Mortai. She was so happy I just gave her the contract. She said I
should show it to him instead. So I said I would.

He was in his usual foul temper, but when I showed him the note he seemed
for a moment, but then became as belligerent as before, asking where Id gotten
it. I said that Id taken it off of a Dustie named Mortai, and that it had his
name on it. He asked if Id come to collect ransom on it. I tore it up in front
of him.

He looked like a great weight had been lifted off of him, but as he turned to
thank me suspicion returned and he wanted to know what my price was. I said he
should consider this free. And he should expect a lot of rules in the Hive to
change while Im around. (750)

His face finally relaxed and he gave me his thanks and said that I could rest
there anytime.

I went off to see about the Mausoleum for Norochj. Going through the portal, I
was met by a Guardian Spirit who moved to block my path. He wasnt happy to see
me. I tried to greet him, but he bade us leave now.

I said that I had some questions first. He said I should seek my answers
elsewhere. This place is a sanctuary for the dead. He said he would not permit
their slumber to be disturbed by yet another insolent mortal.

I asked if someone else had been there. He said that if I must know there is
another intruder who, even now, violates the sanctity of these halls. I asked
he did not drive this intruder away. He said that he could not. The coward had
sealed himself within the inner chamber of the Mausoleum and erected powerful
wards. He uses his dark arts to awaken and bend the dead to his will.

I said that perhaps I might be of assistance. He was silent for a time as he
considered me. At last he said that I might prevail where he had failed. He said
if I pledged to rid him of this blackguard he would grant me passage. I said Id
do it.

I went right at the first choice and followed the passage until I came to a T
intersection where we fought several skeletons. The fight took quite a lot out
us, but I felt a little better when I found a silver ring in a disturbed grave
the juncture.

Going north, the passage ended in an exit for another area of the Mausoleum. I
returned and went south, taking the other branch of the T. It was a winding
passage, turning east before running into another T. I turned right and went

After a short way I came to yet another T. Turning right and moving west, I was
immediately set upon by a giant skeleton. It was a tough fight, but he
went down. Moving further into the corridor he was guarding I found the entrance
to a room and walked through.

Strahan Runeshadow
In a large room with many skeletons I saw a man in long black robes. Seeing me
said he was surprised Id made it this far. I said I was glad to have
disappointed him and asked if he was the one responsible for all the walking

He said that who he was didnt matter, but what he wanted should concern me. I
said very well, what do you want? He said that he wanted my blood. I asked if
that was some kind of threat.

He started to answer, then began laughing. He said yes, he supposed it was. As
said this he began moving his arms in an intricate manner. The skeletons closed
in as the spell went off. We were surrounded and tried to cut our way through
pack of skeletons to reach Strahan, but it was no good. There were too many of
them and we were too weak from our previous encounters. And so, I died.

Not so bad, this dying, I might almost get used to it. Apart from the splitting
headache, the awful taste in my mouth and the excruciating pain, that is. I made
my way back to the Mortuary entrance.

NE Hive
I went to Angyars house to sleep off my hangover and give Morte a chance to

SE Hive
East of the Smoldering Corpse I saw a Barking Wilder standing against a wall. As
we approached him three hive thugs attacked. After the first went down the
tried to flee, but they fell where they stood.

This fellow must have considered bathing a personal insult. After a moment of
thought, I growled at him. He stopped snarling at me and spoke in riddles. I
tilted my head, studying him.

He spoke another riddle, Singed kissspeakd a man, answersss pre-fur a wood
heart. If clarity were next to godliness, this berk would be on one of the
planes of hell. I said that a single kiss speaks a womans heart, but a mans
answer is what he would prefer? Very well, but know this: my answer is a
and an answer from you is what I would prefer.

Something in my words seemed to mesmerize him though his speech was not much
clearer than before. He said Barking Wilder am-I, I am! A-Wanting, Asking-A,
You, You-May?

I said he may and I will  who or what was he? He said he was Kay-osh, some say
Xaositects, I say S-tect-I-soax. Chaosmen. Men no. Nem no, men yes, three nose
make a yes.

Resisting the impulse to kill him and put him out of my misery I continued and
asked if he knew Pharod. He said not. I think. My headache was returning.

Not learning anything from my experience, I asked about my journal. (1000) He
changed and he suddenly spoke almost normally. He said that more than one was
lost, more than one I must find. I asked if he could tell me where any of them
were. He said that one is in a cupboard in my guest room in the hall of the
Sensates and another is on the walls of a tomb sealed deep beneath the city
the stones weep. The others  At this point his fist smashed him in the mouth.
blinked, shook his head and smiled.

The moment of near-sanity had vanished and I could get no further details from
him about anything, so I left. Morte and I talked about the whole barmy
lot as we walked away.

To the west of the Corpse I saw a strange creature. It stood on 4 legs and had
the features of both man and ram. A massive polearm of some nature hung from his

He was suspicious at first and I said that I just had some questions, which
seemed to calm him. I asked why he was so wary of me. He said that this place is
full of unfriendly, desperate people. Not the best place for a visiting bariaur.
He had business here, though, so here he was.

I asked then he didnt live here? He said no, that no bariaur could live thus. I
asked where he was from. He said he was from the Plains of Ysgard.

I asked what sort of business he was here for. He said that perhaps if we met
another time in a happier place he would tell me about it.

We talked about the city and the slums. His perspective, that of a traveler and
different species, made it interesting. Unfortunately he knew nothing about my
journal or Pharod. I made my good-byes and left.

SW Hive
Entering the next quarter of the Hive to the southwest I saw a strange beast,
like a small silver-gray dragon. I walked up to it and was about to say hello
when Morte stopped me. He said that this was a Black Abishai and theyre not
for conversation. In fact, they hate it.

Talk. Hiss. Die. Reincarnate.

I decided to continue my attempts to communicate with the beast and began
at it. As the thing reacted to my presence it began glowing and the air around
started to shimmer. I felt waves of heat coming off the creature. Then it hissed
like a giant teakettle and attacked me.

PAIN  Then darkness again. Ow. Continued deaths were improving my headaches,
making them much better at finding my pain centers. I blearily made my way back
to the southwest quarter of the Hive.

A dingy, retched man carrying a pole was standing in front of the Office of
Vermin and Disease Control. ON the pole were dozens of skinned, cooked
After a moment of study I saw that they were rats.

I examined the ratsies. They were most peculiar looking, having large knots of
bone protruding from their craniums. The knots had whirling patterns in them,
like brain tissue. I remarked that they were odd looking rats.

He said all that he sold were brain vermin. They have a much richer flavor than
your usual city rat. I asked what he meant by brain vermin. He said that they
were foul creatures. When you get more than a handful of them together they
to get smart, sometimes real smart.

I asked if he meant they became more intelligent. He said yes, if more than two-
score of them get together theyre as smart as a man. I asked him to go on. He
said that if I were bent on catching them stick to small packs. A dozen or so,
most. He said if I ran into more than a couple of dozen I should run like the
Lady was after me.

I asked why? He said they become sorcerous. He said that was why Sigil was so
anxious to be rid of them and had put a bounty on them.

I asked about the bounty. He said that there was a berk in the Office of Vermin
and Disease Control name of Lort who pays a bounty on them. I asked him to tell
me more about this Lort fellow. He said Lort was some highup put down by his
rivals and stuck here. He sits in the office alone all night and day waiting for
folk to bring in rats.

I asked why Lort had been punished. He said that the fellow is right chatty,
hell rattle his bone-box for hours on just how smart he is and the like.

I asked who he was. He said he was Creedenthe Butcher of Rats. I said he
certainly was friendlier than most. He said that he tried. He wanted every
to know that he had a warm smile and a piping hot, fresh-cooked ratsie for them.

I asked where he got all his rats. He said that he catches them himself. I asked
him to tell me about the Hive. He asked what I was looking to find out. I asked
why it was called the Hive? He said that there are a number of stories, but as
understood it there were a cluster of buildings somewhere, a tangled mess of
shacks and ruins that serves as a gathering ground of sorts. It was called the
Hive, so thats where these slums got their name.

I asked who gathered at that place. He said troublemakers. He said that even if
could find it I should stay away.

I asked him other things, about the town and Pharod, then finally gave in and
tried a spiced rat. It was actually quite good and tasted familiar, like Id
eaten something similar before.

[I should say that Ive tried to record the location of every important item as
ran across them, but by all means you should explore new locations with your
mouse. There are a huge variety of containers and locations with items, many of
them not at all obvious.]

Phineas T Lort XXXIX
Walking into the Office of Vermin and Disease Control I saw a short, stout man
who was more rash than skin. Apparently he didnt notice my approach. When I
hello he jumped and shrieked, then recovered himself and asked what he could do
for me. But he also volunteered that there was almost nothing in the till.

I said that I wasnt here to plunder and asked who he was. It was like turning
a fire hose. He rattled off a long stream of words introducing himself as
T. Lort the Thirty-Ninth in charge of this branch of the Office of Vermin. He
said that they offered a bounty on all manner of vermin. The only thing he did
more than talk was scratch.

When I asked he said that they would pay one copper for each cranium rat tail
brought in. I asked for more information about cranium rats. He said they are a
species of vermin that becomes more intelligent the more of them there are near
each other. He ventured that 2 or 3 might be enough to outwit me. Cheeky git.

I suggested that his choice of wearing apparel might soon include his ass as a
hat. He blinked at this and seemed to see me all over again, then apologized.

I asked how many rats were in Sigil. He said more than enough to last a bounty
hunter a lifetime.

Then I made a miscalculation and asked what he was doing here. His tale was
winded and BOOOORING  Eventually sleep overcame us and we rested. Our snoring
had no effect upon his tale for when I began returning to consciousness he was
still prattling on. I felt myself slipping under again and had to stab myself
several times before I was finally able to awaken fully.

Mindful of the double peril in talking to him further I asked if his rash was
contagious. His answer was short and to the point. No, he wasnt contagious; the
rash came with the job.

I thanked him for his time and left. Exploring the Office of Vermin I found a
locked door that I could not get past. Phineas was mute about the door and I
resolved to ask about it on another visit.

Leaving the building we were attacked by three thugs who quickly went the way of
the rest. Id have thought that the word would have gotten out by now not to
with us.

Hot on the heels of the thugs was that blasted Abishai. Apparently, killing me
once was not enough. I bravely ran away, straight into another group of thugs
that we put down as soon as we could.

Crier of Es-Annon
To the west of the Office of Vermin I saw a man crying. He looked like a holy
of some sort. Catching my breath, I said hello. He stopped his chanting and
looked at me, unable to speak. I asked what was wrong. He said that he was a
Crier of Es-Annon.

I asked who Es-Annon was. He said Es-Annon was not a man, but a city. I asked
he cried for a city. He said we cry its name because Es-Annon must not be
forgotten. All the Criers of Es-Annon carry this burden.

I asked why they would mourn a city. He said they mourn because its name is all
that remains. Its avenues of light, its great spiraling parks  when it was laid
waist only three-score of its people survived. It was our duty to see that its
name was remembered across the Planes. Many Criers have died for the sake of

I asked why they didnt stop if it placed them at risk. He said that the tears
shed, the dust that cloaks him  these are as nothing compared to what awaits
should he give up his sacred burden.

I said if that was so, what happens if they all die? He said he did not know. He
knew they could not mourn it forever. I asked if there was any way I could help.
He said I was kind to ask, but shook his head. He said unless I could
Es-Annon, there was no way to help.

I asked if it had to be a Crier who called Es-Annons name? He said another man
might cry the name, but then he, too, would die. I asked if it was worth placing
what remained of the citys people at risk.

He said that I had seen nothing; I knew nothing of its splendor. Would I discard
such a perfect memory if I possessed it?

I said what about a tombstone then? He didnt seem to know what one was. I told
him it was a stone that records a mans name, his life and a eulogy. If it
a man, could it not also serve a city?

He asked if stones might do such things. I said they could and that their
lifetime is much longer than a mans. If Es-Annons name were carved on stone
would its memory be served?

He asked if others would see this name. I said it would be there for all to see,
long after he had died. He said if such a thing were possible where would one
find such a stone?

I said that I could go look for one. If I find one I could see that Es-Annons
name is carved upon it.

He said I would be setting all the Criers of Es-Annon free. The burden of
remembering would be over after so many years. I said I would do so and return
when the stone was carved.

Continuing northwest to avoid the Abishai I entered an imposing structure. As
soon as we went in a large man asked us in a loud, booming voice what we were
doing there. Not being one to overstay my welcome, I left.

[I have to admit that at this point I ended up hacking my character so that I
would have a high enough dexterity (14) for some of the dialogue choices in the
game to work. Im not happy about this, but in the interest of providing as
complete a walkthrough as possible there wasnt any other way. For those playing
I suggest not putting ANY points into constitution and putting those points into
dex instead; that moves it to 12. Then you can put the first two points you get
from leveling up into dex instead of intelligence to get to 14.]

Standing outside the Office of Vermin to the east I saw an old woman staring off
into space. She had a pole from which hung various fish. I said hello. She
offered me the catch of the day. I declined and asked for information instead.

She pursed her mouth and stared off over my shoulder. I looked to see what had
caught her attention. Seeing nothing I turned back to her and caught her staring
at me. She looked away quickly, staring into the distance once more.

I asked if I looked familiar to her. She said no, but after a moment said that I
did. I asked if shed seen me before. She said that she thought so. Twas so
ago. I asked her to tell me.

She said that the sight wasnt so good, but she thought she saw me walking past
with a small group trailing along behind me. I asked what these people looked
like. She said it was hard to say, but she remembered the way I held my head up.
There was a woman following, trying to stop me, but I pushed her away.

I asked what happened then. She said the woman was beautiful and looked so sad
and angry at once. The woman stood still for a moment then followed along behind
me, hustling to catch up.

I asked who else was in the group. She shrugged and said there were at least tow
other gentlemen with me, but the only one she remembered clearly was tall, thin
and reeked of bub. Looked like he hadnt bathed in ages. I gave her twenty
coppers for her time.

She stared at the coins for a moment, so I held them closer. She finally took
them and thanked me.

[Be sure and save every time youre about to talk to someone. It is so easy to
accidentally say the wrong thing or close off a conversational path when you
dont want to.]

Iron Nails
North of Meiram I saw a woman standing in the middle of a huge pile of wooden
beams. Every so often she reached down and wrenched a nail from one of the beams
with her hands. I said hello.

She straightened up as I approached and smiled, but her stance was wary. She
asked what I needed.

I asked who she was. She said they called her Iron Nails. I asked why she was
collecting the nails. She said she sold them to Hamrys in the Lower Ward. I
for more about Hamrys. She said he was a bit chatty, but a fair bargainer.

I asked where the Lower Ward was. She said she used to know the way, but the
dabus have changed the streets round again.

Going back a bit I asked what had happened to her eye. There was a film over it.
Her face went hard. She said it was none of my business.

I asked if anyone else scavenged nails. She said no one had done it before her
and shed shoved off anyone whod tried to jump her claim since.

I asked why she called it her claim. She said that honest work was hard to come
by, that shed sent more than one berk running. The Hive knows this is her spot.

She gave me directions to Ragpickers Square when I asked about Pharod. When I
asked about my journal she didnt know anything, but thought maybe she would
start one of her own. I said it was amazing how much one can forget. A journal
can help you hold onto your memories. She said that I was right and thanked me
for the idea.

After talking to her I was jumped by 2 thugs, but they quickly went down.

[I do not always give my response when there is only a choice of continue or
listening or just to continue. It becomes too artificial to keep saying I
listened or Go on over and over.]

North of Nails I saw a man with huge eyes that bulged out of their sockets. He
nodded at me eagerly as I approached, bobbing his head like a bird. As I drew up
to him the smell of urine and feces became overpowering. He offered stories for
coin. When he opened his mouth to speak the smell of rotten meat was added to
malodorous brew.

I asked who he was. He said names were dangerous. I said dangerous how? He said
knowing a name or being stuck with one, both are a mess of trouble. He said his
name was a given one, not one asked for: Reekwind. I ventured that it was an
appropriate name.

He said it was not his true name. A true name gives others power over you. Keep
your true name secret and never let it out. My secret was certainly safe with

I asked what he meant. He said names are like smells; things can track you with
them. In his case, why would they bother? I told him I didnt know my true name.

His eyes widened past the point of leaping from his head, yet they stayed put. I
was glad I hadnt eaten lately. He said I was blessed, that if I remained
nameless and nothing could track me nor could discover me. Any name, chosen or
given, allows others to find and hurt you.

I asked if hed been hurt. He nodded and said hed let his name slip once, but
wanted three coppers to tell the tale. I gave him the money.

He took a stance, and then began. He said he walked the wards in splendor. I
listened closely. Then he crossed paths with a crossed one. Had the looking of a
pumpkin, his seeds, and curses. I continued to follow his tale.

He said this one knew his name, cursed him with stenches, smells, excrement. All
he was good for were tales now. Now Reekwind was his name, given name.

I said I wanted to hear a story and gave him three more coppers. I said I wanted
to hear the story of the man who came to this city without name or memory and
spoke with the cursed storyteller.

He stared at me for a moment, then said that that tale would cost nothing for it
is worth nothing and would be a sad tale indeed.

I said that nevertheless I would hear it. He asked where such a tale would
I said it would begin with a man waking up in the Mortuary, believed dead, but
only his memories were dead.

He nodded then studied me, saying dead, but not dead. No memories, no name  I
went on, saying he escapes the Mortuary, enters the Hive and speaks to a man who
let his true name slip once and had regretted it.

He seemed hypnotized by my words. He said yes, there was much danger in naming.
Perhaps the man to whom the nameless one speaks is a warning to the danger of
names. Perhaps he who has forgotten his name is better off 

I asked if that were so? Was it better to suffer the truth with all its
consequences or is it better to remain ignorant? Which of the two men is better

He coughed as if bringing up a lung then turned back to me and said it was my
question, my tale. It was I who must answer it.

I said I wanted to know his answer. (500) He shook his head. He said his answer
was that they were both fools, but only one knows himself a fool.

Again I asked for a story and paid the coppers. This time I waited for him to
choose. He told me of the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Not always angled, not
always burned, once alive, but not any longer.

As I listened, he continued. Flames, fire, the alley burned. In the end only
skeletons of buildings left, bones of dead buildings. Angles everywhere.

He went on  Dangerous, now, bad men have set up their kip there. That is the
tale of how a street becomes an Alley of Dangerous Angles.

I asked how the fire started. He said that a man made it so. I beast made it so.
A man whom even fiends admire. I asked who? He said a sorcerers tale, filled
with madness, sadness, burning, yearning, but three coppers he must see before
the telling.

I paid him and he began. A sorcerer there was, a mage of power. I leaned in to
hear better. He went on. The name given him was Ignus, a name respected, then
feared, then hated, and then punished.

I let him continue. He said Ignus was taught by one of the last great magi, and
that as an apprentice, Ignus learned much and nothing at the same time. In his
coal-black heart a fire blazed and hungered. It was his wish to see the Planes

I listened  In the night Ignus came to the Alley that was to be of Angles and
the fire in his eyes and heart he let out. Flesh ran like wax, people like
candles and Ignus laughed. Evil was done and forgotten not.

A punishment was decided. All the hedge wizards, midwives, rune-tellers  all
manner of magelings, they came. All; even those with the smallest trace of the
Art to punish Ignus. Separately they were like flies, but together  dangerous.

Caught Ignus and granted his wish. He wished to burn, they granted it, using his
own desire to fuel the casting. They made his body a door to the Plane of Fire.
They intended to kill him.

Failed, failed  Ignus lived, only slept, blanket of flames, turned in his sleep
as he burned, never happier. One day he will wake and then the Planes shall

Leaving Reekwind and letting my nose recover I went west to the market square.
There were merchants buying and selling all sorts of wares. I took the
opportunity to sell off the various items Id picked up along the way that were

[Whenever you sell to a merchant sell ALL of one type of item (e.g. copper
bracelet) that you have. When you take your next batch of loot to that merchant
to sell again you will find prices drastically reduced. In the example of a
copper bracelet, if the price was 40 the first time it drops to 15 on the second
selling. Many players resorted to stockpiling their loot at a location near the
market and selling only when they had to have cash. Personally, I sold when I
needed space in my inventory and didnt worry about it. I had enough gold to buy
whatever I wanted most of the time.]

I found the crone Kossah-Jai selling fish to the west of the wagons and crates
that occupied the center of the Market. She offered me fish and fish heads as I
walked up, calling me child. I said I was hardly a child.

She laughed and said yes, but a child I was to her years. I suggested she take a
closer look. She shuffled up to me and squinted at my face, then into my eyes.
Only then does she recoil in surprise. She asked how many years had those eyes

I said I did not know and asked how many she thought. She said she didnt know.
Too many, shed say. It wont do to rattle the passersby, lets keep it our
little secret. In her normal voice she offered me fish again.

She had no answers for other questions, but we talked of her fish and where they
came from then I took my leave.

[There are many characters like this who you will encounter in Planescape and
after meeting them wonder why on earth they have names since you dont interact
much with them when you meet. Thats because they are part of events later on.
This character, for example, is one of the many people you will deal with when
you undertake mage training with Mebbeth.]

I finally found Craddock north of some large crates in the Market Square. He was
a large and imposing individual and looked like he was bearing a heavy load. I
bid him greetings.

He looked down at me and frowned even more, asking what I was doing sniffing
around here for? I asked if he was Craddock. He said perhaps. If he was, what
it to me?

I said that I came with a message from Baen the Sender and gave him the message.
I really made his day; he was even more upset than before asking if they were
such fools that they think we could miracle it there?

I asked what the problem was. He said just look around and nodded at the
in the marketplace. He said these laggards and halfwits could barely keep up
the load as it stands and now it needs doing in half the time.

I asked if he needed any help. He said what he needed was for all his men to
up for work. Jhelais gone missing since this morning and Craddock needed him
back now. I asked where he might have gone. Craddock said that the goat was
probably passed out on the street somewhere by the Corpse. I suggested that I
could go find him.

He asked why I would do that? I remarked that he needed the help, didnt he and
it didnt seem that he could spare the time to go looking for him.

He was silent while he thought about this, and then nodded. He said to tell
Jhelai to drag his worthless, bub-ridden hide here and Craddock would pay me for
my trouble. Just in case, he gave me directions on where to find the Smoldering

I felt like Sam Spade. Missing persons? I have to find Jhelai. OW! This Abishai
is getting annoying. Try to talk to someone and he starts gnawing on you.

I ran a little ways off to elude the Abishai again and bumped into Gaoha just
north of Craddock. He was covered in tattoos and his teeth had been filed to
points. He saw me and waved me over rattling dice in his hands.

I said hello. He said Gaoha greets me as well and did I come to play a game? I
said that yes, I would play. He reached into his tunic and pulled out a coin. He
said that this coin was my coin. Pulling out another he said that coin was his
and that we both roll one die.

He said if I roll higher I get both coins. If he rolled higher, he got both. If
we tied, then the coins would stay for another roll. So how much did I want to

I played 10. We rolled until Gaoha won. He said again? I asked if something was
wrong. He looked at me closely for a moment, and then nodded. He said that never
did he cheat, but he did see fortune, read it, and know it in the face of a man.
However, in me he saw nothing. He said I had no luck or fortune. We might play
later, but no more at this moment.

While running through the Market being chased by the Abishai I saw these odd
creatures flitting about. Eluding the Abishai for a moment I came back and
to the merchant who was selling them.

I asked what they were. He said that Lim-Lims are from the Outlands, neither
insect nor animal. They are friendly, playful and quite loyal. He leaned close
and whispered that they were pretty tasty too, in a pinch.

I thought it time I got a hobby, so I bought one. He told me about the care and
feeding, not that they seem to need any. They find their own food. He wanted 40
coppers. I asked Morte what he thought. He said he thought theyd be fun to kick
around when were down. Ah Morte, what a sentimental fellow he is. I said Id
take one.

I put him in my hand, and then talked to it. Yes, one of my future selves will
doubt think Im daft. I examined the creature, and then started petting it. It
was hard to stop, once I started. The little guy seemed to like it so much and
the noise it made when happy was soothing.

I put him down to run around a bit and moved on. He followed us wherever we
After a bit I picked him back up and carried him in my hand.

Tiring of being chased by the Abishai I went to the northwest quarter of the

NW Hive
As we entered the quarter 3 thugs who hadnt gotten the word attacked us and

Walking further north we came to a brute called One-Ear. He was picking his
with a small metal fork. I said my greetings. He was churlish and insulting, but
for now I ignored him and moved on.

Further west, near another monument I saw a short, rotund man who looked quite
lost. I approached him and said hello. He was relieved to see me and said he was
lost; could I help him?

I said certainly, where was he trying to go? He said he was looking for the
of his Aunt Marguerite who lives near the Mortuary, but the street layout seems
to have changed since his last visit.

I said I had not heard of such a place. He thanked me for my time, anyway. I was
about to turn away, when I felt something amiss. I glanced at the man again in
time to see him withdrawing his hand from my purse.

Intrigued, I baited the man to do it again. (1250) He used his garb as a high-
class citizen to lower the targets guard and when directions are being pointed
out his long sleeves quickly concealed whatever he took. I grabbed his hand.

He struggled to break free. I told him to stop. He continued to try to break
so I punched him to get his attention. He yelped again and looked at me with an
unsteady gaze. I asked if I now had his attention.

I told him to give back everything he stole from me. He nodded and began to
his pockets. He gave me a handful of coins, more than he stole.

I told him I wanted everything he had or Id kill him. He said that was
everything. I said that I meant everything so give it to me. He said that really
was it. I told him I didnt want to see him again and let him go.

[There are several of these pickpocket incidents in the game. Choose the
that suits your mood and character. There is a downside to letting the fellow
He then counts as hostile and you cant save the game while hes on the screen.]

As he ran off three thugs died trying to rob me.

To the east of an old flophouse I saw a man who had a very odd appearance. His
skin was covered in a web of black lines as if an artist had accentuated every
crease in his flesh with a quill pen. I said greetings.

He responded, saying this one has a name: this one is called Porphiron. This one
would know: why do you address this one?

I told him I wanted to ask him some questions about the city. He said that this
one would have me know: this one cannot answer my questions. This one has only
recently stepped foot in this place of walls.

I said all right, but I had to ask him why the lines on his face moved. He said
the lines showed anger; did I take offense? No offense was meant: will I accept
the many apologies of this one?

I said no offense was taken and asked why he was angry. He answered that this
tells of recent event: did I know this one was beset by three? The three
an item of this one. This one feared an attack: what does this one do? This one
surrendered the item.

I said that he was right to be afraid. If there were three then they might have
killed him had he not given up the item. He said that this one has been
misunderstood. This one did not fear being killed: this one feared killing the

I said that if he could have killed them why did he let them rob him. He said
that this one walks the path of a warrior: many weapons have walked with this
one. The fist, the blade, the stave, the hatchet, and the smiter: these tools
all known to this one.

I said that wasnt really an explanation and again asked why he let them rob
He said that this one is forbidden to attack. If this one had struck at the
in anger: the vow of non-violence would be unmade.

THIS one is getting a headache from THAT one. Not really believing what Id
I asked if he was, indeed a warrior and a pacifist. Like being a vegetarian
butcher, it made no sense. He said this one is unfamiliar with the term

I told him to never mind that and asked why did he train so much if he was not
permitted to attack another? He said this one is of the Order of Erit Agge: they
await the Final Days where all will be called to battle. The training and skills
of this one: they are kept silent until then.

I asked did that mean that until that time he would let himself be robbed in the
street? He said this one would clarify: the item is of value. The discipline of
the Erit Agge is of greater value.

I said that if he wouldnt fight was there any chance that he could talk these
thieves into returning his item. He said this one addresses the three thieves:
what happens? The requests of this one are met with scorn: the three will not
return the item.

I suggested that I go get the item back for him. He said this one must ask:
I bring violence to the three that have robbed this one?

I said that I would not if I could help it. He said this one fears that a
absent of violence will not be understood. This one is not opposed to my trying.

I asked what is the item he had lost? He said that the item is this: a rope of
black and red prayer beads worn around the neck.

I said that Id try to find the necklace and asked if he knew where the three
thugs were. He said this one knows where the angry words were traded and the
lost: by the bar that burns inside? The three were outside the place: dressed in
black and red. I confirmed the details of the incident and left.

[Porphiron is the first weapons trainer you will find in the Hive. He can train
you up to three slots in any given weapon. Once you complete his quest you can
train with him. The next trainer wont come along until you get to the Lower
Ward, much later in the game.

There are good weapons in each of the categories, so choosing which weapons to
specialize in is a matter of taste rather than necessity. Some of the weapons
will even let you choose what type they are. If youre going to be a mage,
however, you will need to go heavy on edge weapons since that is the only class
mages can use. I found it hard to pick one class to stick with and chose to
scatter my picks instead. I also wanted to keep my options open since I was
this walkthrough.

I will say that there is a very useful club for thieves available relatively
early and the first really bruising weapon is also a club that you can buy from
the Dustmen once you join. Of course, as a mage, all those club proficiency
are useless. Decisions, decisions.]

As I drew near this Collector he nodded a friendly greeting. Since that was
unusual for them I gave him greetings. He asked if Id seen any deaders and said
that if I had any questions I should ask.

I asked what he was looking for? He said deaders, of course. Didnt I recognize
the robes? I said no.

He said these were Collectors robes. Any poor sod wearing these is looking for
deaders to sell at the Mortuary. I asked if the Collectors worked together.

He laughed and said no. They all dress the same, but there are only so many
deaders to go around. They band up, usually and the competing bands arent too
friendly with one another.

I asked if there were rival packs of Collectors near here. He said sure as
Sigils round. Most Collectors live in Ragpickers Square, just north of here
through the large gate. Its mostly run by Sharegraves laddos, now since they
fought most of Pharods boys off.

I asked him to tell me about Sharegrave. He told me Sharegrave was his boss and
could be found in the Square.

I asked about Pharod. He said he didnt know much about the man. Sharegraves
had spent a lot of time fighting Pharods, but theyve all suddenly disappeared
along with Pharod. He said they have no idea where hes hiding.

I asked if Pharod had many men left. He said that Pharod must, cause theyd
his lots been real successful of late. Finding lots of deaders. Dont know how,
either, as theyve been having trouble finding corpses lately.

I asked why the Mortuary paid for corpses. He said it keeps the streets cleaner
and the Dusties see to it they all get properly buried. I thanked him for his
help and left.

The Flophouse
Feeling in need of a good kip I went to the Flophouse. Arlo was the landlord. I
said hello. He didnt bother looking at me, but continued to explore the joys of
picking scabs off of his nose. He asked what I wanted.

I asked if I could rest here. He said I could if I had the jink. He said the
one who stayed for free was Nestor, because no one wants to mess with him.

I asked about Nestor. He said Nestor was the barmy sod in the corner. Arlo
someone would do them all a favor and get rid of him.

I asked why he didnt get rid of him himself. He said hed tried and pointed to
the bleeding scabs on his nose. I suggested that I get rid of Nestor for him. He
said if I can get rid of him, I could stay there for free. I said that was fair

He was very disturbed, pacing back and forth and flailing about, muttering and
cursing. He didnt seem to notice me. I said greetings.

He whirled about to face me, eyes wide and staring. He said No, its not you,
soon, yes soon. I asked whom he was talking to. He said youll come. Yes, youll
come and Nestor will be waiting.

I asked who he was waiting for. He said hed wait forever if he had to. I asked
if he was all right. He said no, he couldnt leave without his fork. I asked
about his fork.

He said he couldnt go home without it. Gone. Stolen. I asked who took it.
looked at me for a moment then began rummaging around in his tunic. Eventually
presented what appeared to be a dismembered ear. He spoke to the ear asking it
bring back his fork. Wheres a good asylum when you need one?

I suggested that I might be able to help him. He said he would wait until I
brought it back, then hed go home. I said Id try to find his fork and bid him

On the way to One-Ear I met Mar. He was standing next to the Flophouse where
there were several dead Lim-Lims. Mar was nothing if not malodorous. He actually
made me homesick for Reekwind. He waved to me frantically to come talk to him.
Against my noses better judgment I approached him to see what he had to say.

He thanked me for stopping and said that his name was Mar. He said he had a
to ask. I said I was listening.

He said it was a matter of life or death. He was supposed to deliver this box,
but had twisted his leg. So would I help him out by delivering the box for him?
said that I would.

He took a small box out from his cloths and handed it to me. There was a shimmer
as we both touched it. I asked what now. He said that I needed to deliver it to
Kuatraa, who could usually be found somewhere down in the southeastern section
of the Hive. And whatever happens DONT OPEN THE BOX! And dont leave the Hive
with the box. I said Id return when Id delivered it.

[Don't open the box. You'll be sorry. As youve probably suspected, theres
something really nasty inside the box just waiting to get out and chew on anyone
nearby. Youll get a lot more experience wagging the silly box around to the end
of the quest.]

Three more thugs died attacking us.

One-Ear was his usual, charming self. I asked how he lost that ear. He asked me
to repeat myself. I said I thought hed lost it while robbing an old man. He
he didnt know what I was talking about and threatened me some more. Not even
original threats, either. Sad, really.

I gave him a chance to return the fork, which is more than he deserved.
Fortunately he refused all appeals to reason so I killed him. Nice stiletto.
have to soak it to let his slime rinse off.

Went back to Nestor and gave him the fork. He started to leave and then turned,
handing me the severed ear. Charming. However, looking closer I noticed an
earring was still attached. (500, Obsidian Earring)

He was happy to see the last of Nestor and said I could set up kip there

At this point I was so loaded down I thought Id go to Market and unload all

SW Hive
Damn! That abishai is still after me. Ow, that hurt. Stopped long enough to eat
little and sell off some of my loot. I think I'll go off those three thugs at
entrance of the Smoldering corpse and have another look at the patrons. Besides,
I need to rest up after getting munched on.

SE Hive
Entering the southeast quarter we were met by a half-dozen thugs who quickly
the way of the others.

[When you see the circle under an opponent turn yellow instead of red that means
his morale has broken and he is fleeing. You can leave him alone to attack
or continue to pursue him. I find it annoying to have to track them down after a
fight so I generally pursue unless the opposition is tough.]

South of the Corpse I stumbled into Jhelai. I said that if he was Jhelai
needed him back at the marketplace. (250) His eyes went wide and he told me to
tell Craddock he can pike off and a further stream of invective Im sure
would just be dying to hear. I said Id tell him from a distance.

Smoldering Corpse
I saw a Dustie looking very out of place in the western part of the bar. She
asked me to come over. She seemed awfully animated to be a Dustie. I went up to

She asked me to buy her a drink. Hmmm  a very different sort of Dustie indeed.
said that she wasnt really a Dustman. She looked around and seemed to sober up,
asking why I said that.

I said she didnt act like a Dustie. She hastened to explain that she just found
these robes in the street and she didnt have enough money to get good clothes
and she heard there was a Dustman thief in the southwest part of the Hive and
please dont hurt her.

I said I wasnt planning on it. I asked who she was. She said she was Mochai and
is just a person. She didnt have any other information, so I left her table.

[While Ilquix will talk about teaching you magic, the real tutor to start you on
your path to being a mage is Mebbeth in Ragpickers Square. Ilquix will give you
additional lessons once you have more experience.

When you are presented with something like Ilquixs views of Chaos and Law and
asked to make a choice be sure you make a choice you and your character can live
with. Whatever you answer will push you towards one of the alignments. Those
trying to play Lawful Good should certainly disagree with the old boy.

About alignment, dont try to be a Munchkin and play Lawful Good just because it
will let you use a particular weapon and the Tears that raise your constitution
by one. Youll have much more fun if you play the way YOU want to play the

Ilquix was pacing back and forth near the bar. He greeted me, gave me his name
and asked if he could be of assistance. I asked who he was. He was a long-winded
cuss, but from what I could gather he would teach me what he knew of the Art at
some future time, perhaps when I have more experience.

When I asked about the patrons of the Corpse he pointed out the barkeep, Barkis
and O. I asked why he despised the creatures of law. He said that his background
was in the chaotic side of the Great Ring and he finds Chaos pleasantly
agreeable. I said that I very much agree.

The fellow greeted me in an annoyed tone and asked what I wanted this time. I
asked why he said me again. He said yeah, me again. He said I was in here about
15 years ago, but all bubbed up, smashed the place and left a pile of coin that
wasnt enough to pay for the damages. So I also gave him my eyeball. NOT one of
my more brilliant incarnations, obviously

I said that 500 was ridiculous and he lowered it to 300. Since I was still short
I said forget it and talked to him of other matters. I asked him about the
patrons and he pointed out Candrian the Planeswalker, Ebb Creakknees, the fiends
Aethelgrin and Tegarin, Ilquix, some Mercykillers and Dakkon. Then he asked if
I wanted to earn some free bub.

I said yes. Barkis said that there was someone over against the far wall whos
been trying to work up her courage to slip out without covering her tab. He said
if I can see that she pays hed give me free bub for life. I said Id do it and
let him know when I was done.

On the way to deal with Mochai I talked to O. He knows me. A lot of talk, but
not sure I'm any the wiser for it.

I asked this curious being to tell me about himself. He said he was O, but when
he said the single letter of his name there were echoes as if from the other
planes of existence. I asked what he was. He said O was his name. It is the name
of a portion of eternity. He is a letter in the divine alphabet. Understanding
him leads to understanding existence.

I asked what that meant. He said that the divine alphabet is writ in the
of everything that exists. He, along with his brothers/sisters reach across all
that is, was or ever shall be. Doesnt think much of himself, does he?

I said that means you know all the secrets of existence. He said that he knew
parts of many of them; with his brothers/sisters combined they are language and
power. I said are you saying you don't know the secrets of existence? He said he
did not say that. A letter is powerful even on its own. He wanted to show me. He
opened his mouth. Wider, still wider ... the mask of his face tore revealing a
hint of eternity. I was lost in it. Eventually, I returned to my senses, but O
vanished. I felt ... different as if my horizons had expanded. (+1 wisdom)

Next to O, sitting at a table was Dakkon. I gave him greetings. He looked
through me with eyes like polished coal. I asked if he was all right. After a
moment he greeted me in return with a somber voice like the wind through a great

He said that my eyes had the weight of one who has traveled far. I said he could
say that. He said he was known as Dakkon. He said I was not known to him.

I said I did not know myself. He said that was for the best. He said he would
know why Id come to this city. I said I was looking for answers.

I asked about the city. He told me it was called Sigil, but among the People it
is known as the city that does not know itself. I asked what he meant by that.
said that the city exists, but it does not know itself and thus is flawed.

I said that he spoke as if the city is alive. He said that it may not be aware
and know itself, still it lives. I asked why he said the city did not know
itself. He said that the city exists in opposition to itself. It seeks to be
everywhere at once, yet it has set itself apart from the planes. In not knowing
itself it is flawed.

I posed to him a question containing the truth of what I felt. I said what if
city is not flawed? What if its contradictions are strengths? He said to my
question a question: what if the city is flawed and I see its contradictions all
around me?

Again speaking the truth I said to his question a question: you claim this
existence is flawed. He claimed this citys existence is flawed. I said he had
accepted that rather than explore the possibility that something greater may
exist. That suggested he was flawed and that he did not search for knowledge,
only for a convenient answer.

He fell silent at this. He said there was no knowing the answer to the questions
we have asked. I said that I would maintain that we know ourselves by the
questions we ask and the ones we do not. If we cease asking questions and accept
only what we can perceive ... (500)

Dakkon continued, saying then we will cease to know ourselves. He said such
words had been spoken before. He had heard them and knew them.

I asked where. He said the words were his. Once he knew them and knew their
meaning. He had forgotten them until I spoke. He wanted to travel with me. I

I told her it was time to settle up. She asked what I was going to do? I asked
her again to pay up. She said that she couldnt afford it. Could I spot her just
ten percent? She said shed give it to him and Barkis would know shed pay the

I asked how much she needed. She said she needed about a hundred coins. I asked
if she could think of some other way. She said I could always kill her. Sigh, I
must be getting soft. I said Id lend her the money and she should go pay up.

She thanked me, after weighing her chances at making a brake for it. I told her
not to mention it or leave before she pays up.

I told him he wouldnt have any more trouble with Mochai. (1000) He told me I
full bar privileges for free. I said that must have been some tab. He said I had
no idea. After having a few drinks I went off to explore the rest of the bar
while I could still walk upright.

I walked up to their table and said hello. He just sat there. I said if thats
how he felt about it, farewell and went to the next one.

This one was young and obviously a trainee. He said he was Caleb and that he was
here with Tarner and Ilsidon to catch his first criminal.

He said that they believe that Justice is the most important thing in existence
and that without justice there is no meaning. He said if I wanted to know more I
should talk to one of the recruiters.

I asked what he was doing. He said that as a new Mercykiller he was supposed to
bring a criminal to justice to show he could handle the field work. I thanked
for his time and left him to his work.

Clearly Tarner was a seasoned veteran. He had the look. He paused for a moment
he evaluated me, as if I jogged his memory. I asked him if he recognized me. He
said that he thought he did, but those pictures are centuries out of date and
suspect would be dead by now. If I was the fellow he was thinking of he thought
Id already served my sentence by means of pain.

I asked what he could tell me about this suspect. He said the suspect was a
particularly brutal criminal from what he understood. Immense strength and great
anger. He was surrounded by a Red Death patrol, escaped through a portal and
hadnt been seen since. He said if you took away the scars I might be related to

After we talked about his friends and mission I left.

Kiarus Thorntongue
As we passed by two patrons near the table the Abishai were at I heard them
talking about Sigil so I stopped and greeted them. The woman was sharp, almost
rude and asked if we needed something.

I asked what she and her friend had just said about Sigil. She said that he
wasnt her friend; he was her cousin. She said that he was just telling her that
this wasnt the center of the multiverse, despite it being located smack in the
middle of the Outlands.

I said that was an interesting perspective, but both views might have elements
truth. She said that perhaps I was correct, but such relativism was often beyond
her. Either a place is important or it is not.

I asked about Ignus. She was well informed and told me his story. When I asked
how she knew so much about the place she said that the uncle she and her cousin
Cielan share is a wizard who makes his home here. He brings his relatives here
occasion to show them the delights and horrors of the multiverse.

When I asked who she was she said that she was from the Prime. I asked what that
was and she said it was the Prime Material Plane.

Cilaen Irontoes
When I asked about Pharod he said that he didnt know much as this wasnt his
Ward. I asked what Ward his was and he said that he lives in the Ladys Ward
his uncle. He certainly thought he was better than anyone here, saying he was

He also expressed a distinct lack of affection for his cousin when I asked what
they had been talking about. He also expressed complete disdain for her view
Sigil was the center of the multiverse saying it was overlooked and unimportant,
just as humans were.

I had noted a trim, muscular man dressed in subdued clothing moving about the
bar. When I approached, he asked what I wanted. I asked who he was. He said he
was Alais, a warrior of renown. Surely I had heard of him. I said no.

He asked if it could truly be that none in this town have heard of his exploits?
He would have to prove himself again. I asked what world he was from. He said he
was from the city of Aliburn; surely Id heard of that?

I asked how hed gotten here. He said he was chasing his old foe Tir Tanelel who
had opened a doorway and hulled himself through it. Before Tanelel could flee
Alais through himself after him and found himself here.

I said that I got it; he was one of the clueless. He took offense at that, so I
apologized. Apparently, apologies were unknown where he came from. When he
repeated my words I said that was what I had said.

Then he supposed as a point of honor he must accept my apology. In return he
offered his apology as well. I asked what he could tell me of this place. He
that he did not know.

I asked if he could tell me anything about the patrons. He said he had only met
Ebb who had been telling him of the city and the plains. I said Ebb meant
as in planes of existence. (250)

A look of confusion passed across hi face. He said that he understood. What Ebb
had said was starting to make sense. He excused himself to think it all over.

[He's almost invisible. If you look closely you will see him talking to Ebb, but
in the dim light of the Corpse hes easy to miss.]

I saw him talking to Ebb so I walked over and introduced myself. Hard to do when
you don't have a name. I told him about Ingress and asked if he could take her
home. He said that he knew of the portal I spoke of and said he would. He said I
should go tell her to await his arrival, then come back here and he would tell
if he was successful or not.

We talked a long time about the Planes and I found out more about the Blood War.
Bunch of fiends playing king of the hill, sounds like. We also had converse
the boundary Planes and I heard of his recent journey to Limbo.

We talked more about his trip when I asked him about what he was doing and I
extensive notes. He was also kind enough to give me the Negative Token.

I decided to end the existence of those starved dog knaves. Unfortunately, I
hadn't healed enough and they killed me. It didn't help that Dak'kon and Morte
were busy watching some harlot ply her wares.

NE Hive
After death I looked up Baen the Sender and got my reward. (500) Then I went to
Angyars house for a kip, as the boys were looking a bit fagged.

I went to seek out Ingress, long as I was there and told her I found someone to
help her.

I then turned south to give the box to Ku'atraa.

SE Hive
Kuatraa was in his warehouse to the west of the Corpse. On my way we were
attacked by 5 thugs, who fared no better than the others.

He was terrified when he saw what I had in my hands and insisted that I take the
box to Brasken in the southwest quarter of the Hive as he ran screaming from the
building. (250)

When I came out, three thugs jumped us. Ow. If it werent for the loot, they'd
a real nuisance.

Then I saw a Gith and decided to talk to him. He ignored me and chatted up
Dak'kon. Then he spoke to me and told me general things about the planes and the
city. He didn't know anything about Pharod or my Journal.

SW Hive
So I went to the southwest portion of the Hive. Damn, that Abishai is still
hunting me. I was able to elude him and made my way to Brasken's place in the

He, at least, knew something of the box, but told me to seek Shilandra who lives
in the northwest quarter of the Hive. (250) I am beginning to think this is one
giant practical joke.

I finally went to Ragpickers Square.

Ragpickers Square
[After you train with Ratbone you can switch to a thief any time by talking to
Annah once she is in the party. I chose to stay a thief for quite a while, but
after training with Ratbone you could switch back to being a warrior by talking
to Dakkon.]

Just outside of Sharegrave's place in the southeast of the Square I met Ratbone.
He seemed to be an experienced thief so I asked if I could train with him. He
accepted. At the end of the training I felt I had a reasonable grasp of the
trade. (3125)

He's a surly sort. I talked to him about Pharod and he was curious as to how
Pharod is coming up with all those bodies. I offered to find out and he said
pay me 100 commons, and then gave me directions.

This Collector seemed to wander around the Square. Wanted Morte, claimed Morte
was HIS skull. After asking for proof and being rebuffed, I offered to buy
Well, they both got into it then. I told him to get lost. When I talked to him
later he did have some information about someone called Mebbeth and Pharod, but
don't think it was worth the money. After I told him it wasnt his skull and bid
farewell he tried to pick my pocket. I watched what he did. (200) Then I grabbed
his hand. He asked what I was doing. I said he robbed me, so now I was going to
kill him. And did so.

North of Sharegrave's I found a dismal fellow called Marrow-Fiend. I had to give
him a bite of me before he'd let me have the ring on the finger around his neck.
The ring was worth it, though. (Mempas Biting Ring) I had to replace my finger
with the one wearing the ring in order to wear it. The things you have to do.

Nodd wanders about in the southern portion of the Square.

He was an addled sort and didnt seem to know much about the area, but as I went
to leave he told me about his sister Amarysse. Asked if I would seek her out and
tell her he worried about her. I said that I would.

East of Sharegraves place is Mebbeths hut. I introduced myself as Adahn. She
has quite a stock of cures in her shop. She was kind enough to let me rest and
heal me before I left. She's also offered to train me in the magical arts if I'd
run an errand for her. I agreed. When she asked why I wanted to know I told her
the truth; that I might need these skills to solve the riddle of who I am. She
gave me a seed and told me to go to the Market.

NE Hive
I decided to run down the next owner of the box, Shilandra, since I'm nearby.

I also stopped to tell Sev'Tai that I'd fulfilled her quest. (250)

Shilandra lived in a small house in the northeast corner of the northeast
of the Hive. After a long discussion with Shilandra it seems that the best thing
is to take the box to a cathedral in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. (250)

When we came out three more thugs decided theyd had enough of life and we
obliged them.

Then we went back to market in the SW Hive to get supplies for Mebbeth and to
look up Craddock again and give him news of Jhelai.

SW Hive
Talked to the fruit merchant in the northwest of the Market about the seed
Mebbeth gave me. (500) He said he couldnt help. He said I need a gardener,
though he had no idea where to find one in the Hive. Mourn for Trees immediately
came to mind. He was just the man.

Craddock was just THRILLED to hear about Jhelai. When I told him what Jhelai
he turned bright red and he let loose a blistering stream of curses. (500) Morte
listened admiringly and picked up some new weapons for his arsenal. I offered to
take Jhelai's place. After a moment he agreed. I got on famously and earned 30

SE Hive
Back near the Corpse I found the 3 thugs who stole the necklace on the west side
of the Corpse. They were wearing more red and silver than black. After a bit of
fight they died. Should have given me back the necklace.

While I was there I stopped in to the Smoldering to see Candrian. He had a
present for me from Ingress. Dancing teeth, of all things. Now what will I do
with...? Oh Morte, I've got something for you. (750)

NW Hive
I went to the NW Hive to see Porphiron. He didn't seem upset that I had to kill
the thugs. Evidence of a flexible mind, I suppose. (1000) Since he seemed adept
asked if he would train me. He assented. He was willing to teach me proficiency
in different weapons.

SW Hive
While in the southwest quarter of the Hive I saw Giscorl. There was something
wrong with his hands, but he wouldnt tell me what happened.

SE Hive
Found Mourns for Trees. I told him I wanted Dakkon to help him. Dakkon agreed
to also care for the trees.

He had never seen such a seed. He said that unless we could get it to grow we're
stuck. I asked if we wanted it to grow enough was it possible? He said
if you cared enough to see it grow.

I asked what he meant. He said I should focus on the seed. By the Lady, it grew!

OW! The thing grew in me. I'll have to run to Mebbeth and get it off of me.

I asked how the trees were doing. (500) He said they're doing better.

While I was in the Quarter I went south to see Amarysse. She told me Nodd's real
name. She made me promise to get a purse full of coppers to him.

Finally it's back to Ragpickers.

Ragpickers Square
I told Nodd his sister was well and gave him the purse of coppers. Though it
against my grain, I lied and said she was a servant. (750) It seemed cruel to
tell him the truth.

I told her Id returned with the herbs she wanted. Maybe she could get this
damned bramble-patch off of my wrist? She said if that was so then I should
it off. (500) Then, as she instructed, I thought it into the shape of a picture
frame. (750) Why the devil didn't she tell me about the blasted cloths in the
first place? Now back to the market. Sigh.

The fellow lived in a big hut beside a rat-infested storage shed near
Sharegraves place. Hes a wizard and needed a key component for a spell. He
wants a ruby. I thought that if I take this fiend book to the cathedral I could
get one for him.

Something remarkable, while wandering through the hive I let my Lim-Lim out to
play. Some thugs picked that moment to attack me and the Lim-Lim immediately
attacked them. I quickly picked it back up and dealt with the thugs.

SW Hive
I found Giscorl again. He got Mebbeth's wash for me. (500)

NW Hive
I took the mess back to Mebbeth. On the way more thugs jumped me. Didn't see
anything of that blasted Abishai, though.

Ragpickers Square
I returned her wash. (500) At least I'm learning in all this errand running. Now
she wants ink from Kossah-Jai. Sheesh, some people. Back to the market.

SW Hive
Of course, Kossah-Jai didnt know anything about ink until I said that Mebbeth
was running me in circles, and then she had an idea. She said I should see

I saw Meir'am. She says I need a cup or something to carry the ink.

I found a comely woman merchant just north of Kossah-Jai who had a suitable
tankard for sale.

I went and got the ink from Meiram. Then back to Mebbeths.

It was amusing dodging that Abishai while shopping. You'd think the fiend would
tire of the chase by now. I'm getting better at it. He didn't get a nibble of
of us this time.

Ragpickers Square
I gave the ink to Mebbeth. (1000). At last my errands are done. I talked to
Mebbeth about the lessons Id learned while doing her errands and told her I
wanted to learn all she had to teach. (2000)

I undertook the training and stumped the teacher at my first lesson. She asked
I am a fiend. I said that I wasn't to my knowledge. I said I didnt really know
how I knew what the writing said. I just knew.

She was a bit disappointed that she wouldnt have someone to do the chores, but
said she could still ask. It was the least I could do in return for her teaching
me. At the end of her instructions I felt much wiser. (5000)

She gave me several items to help in my practice of the Art and then shooed me
off. She said I had better things to do than to hang around Old Mebbeth. I said
that she wasnt so old.

Afterwards I copied the spells into my book and rested to memorize a few. At
I found out what that triangular earring was good for. Glad I didn't spend money
on having it identified.

Then I talked to Dak'kon about the Art and asked to know the way of Zerthimon. I
told him I wished to know of the people and Zerthimon.

Deciding to take up my quest for Pharod again, I walked into the central part of
the Square and found a little round hut that had two lockers and no occupants.

As I explored the Square I found a portal almost smack in the middle of the
Square to the east and north of Mebbeths hut. It looked like a normal door to a
medium-sized shack, but when we went to open it the portal appeared.

We went through and found ourselves in what might have been the same shack we
from the outside, but there didnt seem to be any way to leave, save the portal
and it wouldnt open. A brief search of the shack yielded only a piece of junk.

After some moments a Collector and two thugs entered. This fellow dressed well,
at least, though I didnt care for the reason. Turns out he wanted 100 coppers
for a glass bead so we could leave. I didnt care for the price or him.

Turned out he was a mage, but unfortunately for him the narrow confines of the
shack let me close in and kill him quickly. The thugs put up a good fight, but
went down eventually.

Searching the bodies we found a Charm of Infinite Recall, several knives, a
bead and the spell Adders Kiss. In order to leave we had to crush the bead so I
nailed the door of the shack shut when we left to keep others from falling into
the trap.

I retraced my steps and went west, walking up a long, rickety walkway. Coming to
a dead end filled with refuse I waved my junk at it. I don't know why. We
on the other side of the Square.

I was greeted by some most inhospitable Collectors. This was going to be fun.

Along the "hall" I came to a shelf that had a few trinkets.

At the first intersection I turned to my right and found a few more friends to
play with. After introducing them to death I turned right again and yet again.

Eventually, after another play session I came to a dead end with a crate. The
crate had some nice loot in it, but nothing special. Emerging from the dead end
turned right once more so as to keep my bearings.

At yet another dead end I found my toughest fight yet. I had to use several clot
charms and even Dak'kon had to use a few.

After the fight I headed north back to the first right turn (it was a left) and
followed it making the next right. Saw a villager, but she ran away.

I continued straight until the corridor dead-ended and then went left/east. We
met two more groups of thugs. These were tougher than those that roam the Hive.
Another dead-end, so we went back to the last easterly/left turn.

Where we came upon Bish. When he asked who I was, I said I was Adahn. It's as
good a name as any and the first that came to mind. Might even BE my name. When
he said I wasn't on the reservation list I suggested that perhaps Pharod's
confidence in him doesn't extend as far as Bish thinks. (1200) Then he let me in
the trapdoor.

I decided to back trace before going further and went back to the last turn I
hadn't taken to the east.

We had an intense fight with several Collectors and some villagers. From where
they came I don't know. We were beat up going into the fight and Dak'kon cast a
wonderful spell that conjured several missiles and slew a Collector outright.

We found a portal. I decided to venture through for a moment to see where it

[This portal requires some number of Cranium Rat Tails to open. If you dealt
the rats in the building next to Sharegraves place you will have enough of

We found a medium sized room full of rats that attacked immediately. I thought
the fight would be easy, but they cast SPELLS at us! Some ice shards and magic
missiles flew at me. Dak'kon nearly died, but Morte gave him a blood charm just
in time.

The fight was worth it, though. As we bound our wounds Morte saw a crate.
it I found over 300 coppers, a silver frame, a prickly club, two clot charms and
a scroll of Magic Missile. However, there was a trap I missed and my health
suffered the consequences.

After searching the room carefully we went back through the portal to the next
eastern turn to the north.

It was just another dead-end. Though tired we decided to press on and went back
to Bish who let us through the trap door.

Buried Village
Proceeding south we came to a store to the west run by Marta.

When she didn't answer my greeting I watched her for a bit. Feeling playful I
threw my voice, pretending to be the corpse she was working on. Had quite a tiff
we did. Finally I let her in on the joke and asked her questions about who she
was and what she was doing.

I asked her about the "stichies." I asked why she was pulling the teeth out and
who told her to strip the corpses. She said Quint and Pharod. Doesn't seem to
think much of them.

After a bit I asked her to dig into me for thingies. I suggested she try my
intestines. Sure enough she found something, though the pain made me question my
sanity for suggesting it, but the ring she found seems to make it harder to
strike me.

After the ordeal I was quite weary and asked if we could rest. She was amenable.

After we rested I asked Marta if I could buy needle and thread from her to
up our wounds.

We continued south and came to a dead end where we found Radine southeast the

When I asked her to tell me about this place she talked about the squiggly
that protects her. Bit of blither if you ask me.

Near Radine, after being jumped by a few thugs that packed a wallop, I found a
pile of crates. Off to one side was a crate that must have fallen off the pile.
Inside were a silver earring and a tarnished silver bracelet.

We walked into a house. The woman didn't have much to say. In a locker were 5
commons. Apparently they weren't hers.

Found another shack just to the southeast. 20 commons were laying in a drawer
25 in another.

In another pile of crates I found a bone charm.

We came to an archway. Walking through, we found several thugs guarding a gate
commanded by Barr in the south central area of the Village. Unfortunately the
door was locked.

Found 5 coppers in another little hut east of the gate.

In the next shack there were a host of cranium rats feeding on a dead collector.

Walking along we came to Uhir northeast of the gate. I asked him why he was
bandaged. He said he was injured down below. When I said I might be going down
there sometime he asked me to fetch his lucky knife. I asked him what happened

Found another crate with loot in the next pile we came to.

Moving north we found another door guarded by 2 thugs. They didn't seem to mind
as we walked through.

Pharod's Court
At last, moving through the building from north to the south then east I came
face to face with Pharod. He was not what I expected at all.

On a hunch I asked if the arrangements were all in order. He said they were. So
_I_ set this up? It seems we were looking for something in the catacombs.

Blast. He doesn't know where my journal is. All the answers...

We talked of the Mortuary and this place, but when I told his tale he became
upset and insisted that I'd lied last time. I again said I would find his

I lied and said I'd keep his secret when he offered to tell me.

How wonderful! What a scam. He sells the corpses the Dusties bought back to
Wish I'd thought of it.

All paths lead to the same end.

We took our leave from Pharod and left his court. Then we turned north and found
another building on our right.

In building in northeast of the Village I met Quint. I found some jink in the
crate behind him and we negotiated a bit until he let me trade with him.

After we traded I inquired about a job. He wants me to find Gris in the

I bought a fine battle axe from him for the next time I meet that Abishai.

[As I was to find out later, this fine axe is NOT magical, even though it is a

Moving on to the west I came to another shack. There were a few coppers in the
chest on the back wall.

In another pile of crates I found a pair of fist irons.

Ku'u Yin
In the center I met Ku'u Yin by an old wagon. When I asked him to speak about
himself he asked me for aid in reclaiming his name from Radine.

Radine suggested I give him her name. Does this make sense? Back to Ku'u Yin, I

Kuu Yin
He insists the name is his so back to Radine I go.

She offers me 20 coppers to buy the name from him. I relayed the offer, but Kuu
Yin wasnt selling. Back to Radine.

I suggested that she didn't need his name and number that she could make her own
and she assented.

Ku'u Yin was ecstatic. (2500) He also gave me the tattoo in gratitude. It
protects against chaos.

Then I went into the building behind him.

When I asked what he was doing he started massaging his hand so I examined it
then asked him about it.

He clammed up. I turned to go, but came back to him and Morte started in on him.
I told Morte to lay off. When I asked him about the villagers he told me Gris is
dead. I asked how he knows this and he says the man in the wall told him.

Any time I ask him about the man in the wall he clams up.

After some consideration, I decided to go to Poriphiron and receive training in
clubs and axes and before going to the mausoleum.

NW Hive
We then went to the nearby flophouse to rest so that Dak'kon and Morte could
recover strength.

When we woke I suggested we look in at the tattoo parlor and survey their stock
now that we had more funds available.

I picked out tattoos of the Soul and Warding. It cost us dearly, but our journey
will be the easier for it.

I let Lim-Lim out for play. He really is a satisfying little beast, but he needs
a name. I think I will call him ... Spot.

[Any time I am giving compass directions such as north, east and so forth north
is always towards the top of the screen, east is to the right, west to the left
and south is towards the bottom of the screen. Thus southeast would towards the
lower right-hand corner of the screen.

On the other hand, when I say that I turned left or right, that is always from
the perspective of my character. So, for example, if The Nameless One was facing
the top of the screen and turned right he would also be turning east.]

We entered the Mausoleum once more and returned to where I died. Morte let out a
tremendous stream of profanity at the wizard while Dak'kon cast anger at him. I
closed to show him the power of my new axe.

He cast cloud of Shadows and everything turned beige. That availed him nothing,
however and with only 2 blows of my axe he died. But as he died he said I hadn't
seen the last of him. We were still left with several skeletons to deal with,
without his spells to help them they were quickly dealt with.

Searching where his body had been I found a spell: Ice Knife and a bracelet that
gave off magical emanations and a copper earring.

Searching the room we found a loose plate in the floor that held a skull, of all
things. On what served as his desk we found Strahan's Diary, a powerful dagger
that pulses with magic and two more spells: Strength and Chromatic Orb. A good
haul, all told.

We left the room to explore the rest of the mausoleum and met the guardian
once more. (2000) On leveling I spent the point on intelligence again.

We paused a moment to catch our breaths and I perused the diary. Apparently, he
was looking for ME, wanting my blood for some ritual. Too bad I cannot return

We then moved east, to the other arm of the T. There was another loose floor
plate. In the crack was a heart charm.

It seems this section was full of loose plates. Just a bit up the passage was
another with some bandages. This was a long, turning passage that eventually
on with no offshoots.

After we had walked some ways the passage turned gently to the west and we found
another loose plate. A few coppers had fallen into the crack.

Moving on we found another section where the floor had suffered. Several plates
were bent backwards. Our haul consisted of a few bandages, a Clot Charm and a
rag. On the floor near one of the graves was a leg bone that had been fashioned
into a crude club. I decided to keep it, for now.

The passage turned back on itself and we were soon at the entrance once again.
Moving east from the entrance we took the second right, which we had not

We moved south past a passage to the left. In another grave we found a few
commons. We recognized the next intersection as one we had taken before and went
back to the eastern passage we had skipped. The passage turned south and ended
a T. We turned right to be sure that way led back to the entrance; which it did.

Then we took the other side of the T, moving east. We came to another section
that curved from south to east and turned south (right) coming to another
where the graves had been disturbed we found a couple of bandages and another
bone club.

The winding passage turned south again and met another. We knew the hallway to
the west so we ventured east. That hallway turned north and we continued,
nothing and no one, though another magical ball struck Morte. For some reason,
always seems to be the target.

After a bit there was an opening to the west, but that led back to places we had
already been and we continued north. At this intersection were more disturbed
graves, holding more rags and a Finger Bone Charm. A bit further along, in
another grave we found a bandage then the passage ended in a steep drop-off into

Looking at our map we realized that we had explored the entire place and left to
collect our thanks.

It was night when we emerged onto the street once more, so we made our way to
Gathering Dust.

Gathering Dust Bar
Sere the Skeptic
When I talked to Sere about not being a corpse from a crypt she mentioned Hamrys
from the Lower Ward. I asked about his father. We then went to the barrel where
we had put some loot. It was still there. I suppose animated corpses don't have
larcenous tendencies.

I spoke with Emoric about joining the Dustmen. I was truthful about my doubts,
but he accepted me anyway and sent me to Norochj. I lied to him about Pharod and
he believed me. (2500) I collected 300 commons for my trouble.

Talking to Norochj, I got 100 coppers for my troubles at the Mausoleum. (1000)
Then spoke to him about becoming a Dustie. He told me of a thief posing as a
Dustman. I said I would track him down.

We went to Angyar's so Dak'kon and I could replenish our spells.

Thinking to talk to Mortai again about the Dustman thief we went to the Corpse.

SE Hive
Smoldering Corpse
Now that we were flush with funds I went to Barkis and talked him down to 300
my eye. Popping the disgusting thing back in was extremely painful, (1000) but
many memories returned. I also regained some of my puissant skills.

In my efforts to find Mortai I tried talking to the Abishai. They knew me and
were actually FRIENDLY. I thought my eye would fall out in surprise.

Tegar'in and Aethelgrin
At a table in the northeast corner of the bar I talked to Tegarin and
Aethelgrein. They nattered on and on about who they were and what they were
doing, but eventually I asked them to tell me more about fiends and they spoke
the Blood War. They protested that the chaotic tanar'ri were at fault for the
whole thing. I asked them what the difference was. They said (and it was hard
keeping a straight face, I can tell you) that they (the baatezu) represent law
order. They are SO misunderstood. Anything the baatezu do, they do to prevent
forces of chaos from overwhelming the planes. Personally, I think these two have
a future in advertising.

As always, I asked about my journal. Tegar'in advised against keeping one and
when I asked why he rattled on about how it is easy to make mistakes and write
a "true" word (whatever that means) and easier still to for someone you trust,
and here he shot a look at Aethelgrin, to use that word against you. This must
what got them kicked out or on the lamb.

I said I had some other questions, but Morte broke in and voiced his suspicions
to me. He maintained that they couldn't be on furlough, as they claimed. That
they want something and that I should tread carefully. Perhaps I should suggest
they join the Dusties. I could wish them on each other.

We were about to take our leave when Aethelgrin asked about Morte. I shrugged
them off and left.

I was about to leave the bar when I noticed a door in the back next to Barskin
that I hadn't seen previously. It opened to another room with a barred door.
Giving up on that project for now we left.

I saw Jhelai again and warned him that Craddock was looking to kill him. He
thanked me for the warning.

Drunken Harlot
Walking to the northwest I saw a harlot who seemed the worse for her liquor. She
had nothing of import to say, but as I left I noticed she'd picked my pocket. I
baited her into doing it again and picked up a few tricks. (1250).

When I grabbed her hand she kept struggling and screamed. It became obvious her
inebriation was a sham. She wouldn't shut up so I broke her neck. A memory
stirred, but refused to surface, though I felt a little more knowledge seep into
me. (250)

She had only a few possessions: some coppers, two knives and a Clot Charm.

SW Hive
We went now in search of Ash-Mantle to fulfill Norochj's request.

I found him east of the Office of Vermin. Unlike most, this Dustman acted
confused and glanced about as if he were looking for something. When he saw us
waved to attract our attention. He thanked us for hearing him and said that he
was known as Ash-Mantle, one of the Dustman sect. He was wondering if I could
direct him to a bar those of his sect frequent.

I told him it was over by the Mortuary. If he oriented himself by the Mortuary
front gate, then walk directly southwest he couldnt miss it. He smiled and
thanked us. I took the opportunity to ask him some questions also.

I asked him about his order. He said that Dustmen recognize this life for what
is: an opportunity to experience our passions before the next life. We sift
through our lives for meaning before the next. That sounded a bit out of line
with what other had told me. He also seemed to know this quarter of the Hive
well, which seemed at odds with his ignorance of other areas of the Hive, but I
left it alone for now.

Just as I was about to turn away I had a feeling something was amiss. I glanced
at Ash-Mantle just in time to see him tucking something into his sleeves
something of mine. I baited him into picking my pocket again to observe his
technique. (1250)

I engaged him in light conversation and observed his movements. He used his
voluminous robes and frequent bowing to mask what he was up to. Just as he
reached into my purse again I grabbed his hand.

He said if I didnt let go hed call the guards. I said I would after he
some questions. He asked what gave him away. I said that his ignorance of the
common Dustmen philosophies had tipped me off. I suggested that he should do
research before trying to run a con on someone smarter than himself.

I asked what he was doing in the Dustie getup. He said that nobody suspects a
Dustman. I told him to give me everything he had or Id kill him. It was the
truth; I hadnt had my morning cup yet.

He gave me the thiefs old saw of saying that I was his first mark of the day. I
said he wasnt just playing dumb, now he was being dumb. I demanded that he give
me what he had or the Collectors will have new business. Unfortunately, he chose
to attack me. Unfortunately for him, that is. He had a few coppers and a knife.

Almost as soon as we finished dealing with Ash-Mantle, that blasted Abishai
showed up again and bit Dak'kon. Since we now had magics of our own we decided
stand and fight. Dakkon retreated and cast Anger while Morte taunted the fiend
mercilessly. While the fiend chased Morte I ran after it, stabbing it repeatedly
with the dagger I found after Strahan disappeared. After a tremendous fight,
during which we all received serious wounds, the fiend's morale failed and he
ran. Cornering him we stabbed and bit (Morte's teeth could now be made magical)
until he died. Curiously for such a tough opponent, he only had a Rat Tail Charm
on him.

[The teeth you get from Ingress are very flexible. As Morte rises in level they
will gain new powers. At the beginning they can do crushing or piercing damage.
Later on they can be made magical and gain the +1 to hit and damage. To change
their properties, use the teeth, then talk to them.]

It was with a great sense of satisfaction that we went back to the Gathering
to claim our reward.

NE Hive
Back at the Dust I told Norochj of the demise of Ash-Mantle. It seemed to ease
him and he paid us 100 commons. (750)

Talking to Emoric I told him I was still not certain that my beliefs were those
of the Dustmen, and that that I would like to see more. He sent me to see
Awaiting-Death. Since I had already spoken with the man I told him of our
conversation. Emoric asked my opinion and I said that I thought perhaps in time
Awaiting would be a Dustman. (250) I was told to talk to Sere. I told him I'd
also spoken to her. I said that her fear had made her blame the Dustmen and that
I told her that her fear and had defined her. She is not a Dustman.

When I said I wished to continue in my knowledge of the Dustmen I was told of
Suego. I said he was at the Mortuary, but Emoric said that Suego was there no
longer. I said I would go seek him out.

We then rested at Angyars before venturing into the Mortuary to look for Suego.

We spoke to the Dustman Gate Guard and told him we were here to pay our respects
to Deonora and he allowed us entry.

A guard approached and I snapped his neck as he leaned in to listen to me. (275)

I found no one to help me locate Suego, not even Dhall, though Dhall did seem
concerned when I told him I had spoken to Deonora.

We left the Mortuary and returned to the Buried Village.

Buried Village
Before entering the Village I stopped to see Ratbone. I paid him the money to
become a thief once more. I thought my nettle club would come in handy against
the undead.

We stopped by Quint's shop to sell off some loot. While there I saw a fancy
eyeball and while Quint's back was turned I palmed it.

Barr let us through the gate without complaint.

Weeping Stone
Just to the left of where we entered a crypt had been overlooked. It contained a
few coppers and a skull. Which I took, but I don't know why.

Walking past the entrance we found another undisturbed grave and collected
another skull.

Coming to an intersection we took the left fork. In a chest we found an antler
axe among assorted junk and one copper.

When forced to choose again at a T intersection we stayed left. As we entered
next room I could see glimpses of ... something moving. Moments later we were
attacked by two ghouls. With a roar they came at us, but were easily slain, if
one may use that word for such as they.

Though we searched the room there was nothing in it. To the north was a
going up and to the south a door. We chose neither, but instead continued to
explore this level, retracing our steps.

We went straight through the T moving southwest. We were set upon by a host of
rats who banded together to cast electrical magics at us.

At yet another T we turned left and moved northeast again. Coming into a room we
stumbled upon 2 hideous Wererats. My precious club was of little use, though it
did cause them some confusion. We were finally able to kill them and move on. I
pray their bites are not more than they seem...

We found another door to the northeast, but left it closed, again retracing our

We went west then north, exploring a large, irregularly shaped room facing
several rats and zombies.

In another part of the same room were more rats and a new foe: the Lesser
Vargouille. There were over a dozen and they each took many blows before
succumbing, yet we prevailed.

We continued north through a corridor. As it broadened out we came upon more of
the awful, flying Vargouille and killed them, using up precious supplies to heal

After the battle we found the claw of some ancient bird and another skull in a

At the northwest end of the room was another door, so we went back the way we'd

When we chose this time we went southwest, turning right. As we went by one of
the many stone faces it spoke to us.

He seemed to know something about both my past and future. I asked how he came
be here. As he recounted his sad story I was moved to ask if I could help him.

As the passage turned north we entered a room. I found an urn there with a few
coppers. Meeting yet another door we moved back.

The next turn to the southeast led to a room with nothing in it.

After that, a corridor led southeast and we followed it. It led to a place
the Drowned Nations. We decided to go back and visit the crypts we had passed
before venturing on and went back to the entrance that was marked The

Dismembered Crypt
As we walked down the new passage, Morte was assaulted with some sort of
projectile. Even as a disembodied skull Morte's luck isn't very good. Walking
further I was hit by one.

Then steel spikes sprang from the floor twice as we walked and struck me for
serious damage. I suppose Morte isn't the only one whose luck is lacking.

In the central tomb was another skull and leg bone.

When we entered this ghastly chamber a few rats scurried away. On the body of a
slain man I found an arm similar to the one in the Mortuary. Perhaps if I stay
this business long enough I'll have sufficient parts to make a new man out of

Many tattoos covered the arm and I resolved to go see Fell about it if we ever
left this place.

When we went back upstairs I was struck several more times by the infernal
devices even though I was now aware of them.

When we were back in the area of weeping stone we were attacked by yet more
Vargouille. Fortunately they were few in number. We moved on to the Crypt of the

Crypt of the Embraced
We came to a chamber that stopped our breath with its majesty. Apparently
undisturbed for countless centuries, the guilt and gems still decorating the
tombs were stunning to behold. As we fully entered the chamber we discovered
Three fearsome ghouls materialized from portals and attacked. They were much
stronger than the ghouls we had met thus far. They almost killed Dak'kon before
realized it. Fortunately, even the undead are confused by my new club giving
Dakkon time to bandage himself before returning to the fray.

They "died" eventually. We were bloody, but alive, which was more than I could
say for them.

If these ghouls were stronger they were also possessed of great loot. A Heart
Charm, a golden ring and a Bone Dagger, twin to the one in my belt were found on
them as well as two more knives of good workmanship and materials.

A surprise met us when we opened the central sarcophagus. At least Gris received
a decent burial, though after a brutal death. Unfortunately there was no sign of
the Poison Charm, though we searched the chamber thoroughly.

We walked to the other door in this room, which led to the Shattered Crypt.

Shattered Crypt
We were cautious this time and moved around the circumference of the chamber.
Crossing some invisible trigger, we were engulfed in a swarm of Vargouille. It
was difficult to see or think through the flapping wings and screeching of the
beasts. Dak'kon withdrew for a moment to cast his anger at them and Morte
but it soon became a slogging battle of endurance. They eventually went down one
by one and many of our healing magics were used up. The slain lay around us in a
heap of tattered wings and bodies. Blood and ichor soaked our clothes, but we
stood still.

Our fight did not go unrewarded. In a pile of bones we found a good stiletto and
a wondrous weapon: the Punch Daggers of Moorin. In a small box we found over 500
coppers, which we took for a good sign.

We discussed things among ourselves and thought it best to return to the Village
for more supplies and to sell off much of the loot now weighing us down.

Buried Village
Should it have surprised us that the gate was locked? Given Barr's attitude, I
suppose not. He refused to open it until I offered him 50 of our hard-earned
coppers. As he reached for the money I pinned his arm threatening to break it if
he didn't let us in. He hurried to open the gate. I told him he'd find himself
3 different coffins if he tried that again.

We made for Quint's shop to lighten our load. We stashed a few bits of jewelry
the chest behind him and bought a number of blood charms. Funny thing is, he
still was asking about Gris. Then went to see Marta for a rest.

On the way to Marta's, right next to her door I found some loot in a pile of
boxes; a few coppers, nothing much.

Returning to the Catacombs we realized that we had not searched one of the
and journeyed to the Mosaic Crypt. On the way we met 3 more Vargouille and made
short work of them, though they inflicted wounds on each of us.

Mosaic Crypt
Another splendor hidden from the world. The floor of the crypt was inlaid with
ornate mosaic tiles. Many years must have been spent in its construction. My
thief skills were put to good use. After I inspected the sarcophagus for traps I
picked the lock.

Inside were over 200 commons, another skull and an enchanted hammer. It was
surprisingly light for such a large weapon, but of no use to me in my current
state so I strapped it to my back.

Exploring the rest of the chamber we found that the ceiling in the center of the
room dripped some vile liquid. Actually, Morte found it, as usual. Though there
was nothing else in the chamber we were struck several times by assorted traps.

[Even though you are told that there is a secret in the Mosaic Crypt there is
none. Trust me. Billions of gamers have tried and tried to find it, but it just
isnt there.]

We walked back to the entrance to the dead kingdom. Again we were beset by 3
Vargouille, but killed them quickly.

At last we were ready for the Dead...

Dead Nations
[This was what I did the first time. I realized I had made a mistake in fighting
the undead, but left the fight in as a heads up and to show that it can be done
for the bloodier among us.

If you choose to kill the undead you will miss out on a great deal of experience
you can get from the many quests.

Also, before you enter the Nations you should make sure youve bought the spell
Friends. When you talk to Stale Mary it is most important that your charisma be
14 or better as that opens an important dialog option. I didnt know this at the
time and thus missed out on some good experience.]

Or were we? Over two-dozen of the undead confronted us. Their leader, Hargrimm,
called us to submit, but we refused.

It was a mighty battle. Hargrimm threw spell after spell at us before we hacked
our way through the horde and slew him. Dak'kon managed to lay the Power of One
upon me before he was beset on all sides by the undead. A carpet of bodies
covered the floor and still we fought. A second leader, Acaste arrived and he
began casting. Once more we hew a path to the vile lich and crushed his bones.

But the undead fought on, having no morale to break. We went through most of the
supplies we had brought with us. We slew until we could barely lift our arms and
still they stood before us. Always fewer. Their leaders gone, the ghoulish guard
mostly gone, the gibbering masses now died quickly, seemingly one at each blow.
At last only we stood, bathed in gore.

The floor was covered in bodies and booty. Near Acaste's body Dak'kon found
Uhir's knife. Both lichens had been decapitated. Thinking they might prove
we took their heads with us, though I made Morte carry them. On Hargrimm I found
the Dead Nations key.

Ah, but this is only a memory of my past. This time we reluctantly submitted.

They took us to a room where I was surprised to find Soego. After resting we
talked about diverse things. At least, after hearing about Hargrimm's devotion
caring for the undead, we felt better about having submitted.

There is someone or something named the Silent King. Soego has not seen him.
Hargrimm won't let him.

In the N corner of his room among some barrels we found a goodly number of
bandages. I would have liked to inspect Soego's bed, but with him in the room
that proved impossible. Something for later, I suppose.

Leaving by the only door we passed more barrels and crates in the corridor.
of the crates were locked, but that was quickly dispensed with. There was
in the barrels, but the crates held 500 commons and some fine axes.

Since they had locks we placed some of our possessions inside the crates to
lighten our load.

Proceeding, we came to a door. Before us was a large room. To the left was a
bookshelf with a scroll of Blood Bridge. Exploring further, it became clear that
this had once been a chapel. Curiously, the pews were made of iron and looked
most uncomfortable.

Leaving by an exit to the south we found a talkative skeleton. Listening to the
skeleton rattle on I begin to believe that this place must be the Club Med for
the Undead. He makes it sound so inviting to "live" here.

He shared much information about their society and its members. When I asked
about the zombies he told me of Stale Mary who cares for zombie kind. She is in
chamber west of where we first entered.

I asked about the ghouls and was told of their leader: Acaste. They serve as
guards for the rest.

We talked of the Blighted Ones, some sort of personal guard for Acaste. He
mentioned his charges and I asked about that. He called them the silent ones who
do nothing but sleep. Thanking him, we took our leave.

Walking left we met some ghouls. Morte suggested it was a bad idea to speak to
them. Ignoring him all I got for my efforts was their growls and screeches as we
inspected the chests and crates along the wall behind them. In two of the
containers, which were locked, we found 3 Bone Charms and a Bone Knife.

Following the passage as it turned south we found more chests and crates
to "inspect." Most of them were locked and we soon saw why. Over 300 commons
in one and two Clot Charms were in another.

Puzzled Skeleton
I found a skeleton that seemed to be exercising whatever it used for a brain
forcefully, looking puzzled, if a skeleton can look such. I greeted it and it
nodded in return.

I started to ask it some questions, but it told me it couldnt talk now; it had
the most frustrating riddle on its mind and it couldnt figure it out.

I asked what the riddle was. It asked if I was going to give it a try and I said
yes. It told me it had gotten this riddle from a chortling bone-bag I may find
nearby. The riddling skeleton refused to give the answer.

It told me the riddle: Think of words that end in -GRY. Angry and hungry are
two of them. There are but three words in the Common Tongue  what is the third
word? The word is something that one uses every day. If I had listened
it has already told me what it is.

I said I would have to think on it and said farewell.

In a barrel on the wall opposite the last bunch of crates was a Charcoal Charm.

Strolling down the left corridor we met Hargrimm and we struck up a
I asked why we were prisoners and if the Silent King could be convinced to let
go. He said perhaps and I asked to speak to him. He said no. I asked why not? No
living things are allowed, he said. I protested that we needed his permission to
leave. Still the answer was no. Finally I asked what I could do to convince him.

He asked why we were here. I told him of the sphere. He had not seen it. When I
said I was seeking it for Pharod he had a strong reaction. I said that I was not
of his pack. I said that I must find the sphere for him in return for
information, that there was no loyalty between us. He said perhaps we were

When asked, he said much about the Silent King, himself, and the other undead,
including the shadows. I asked if they had fled to the Planes. He said that Mary
had had a vision in which they had all gone to a fortress on the Negative
Material Plane.

I asked about that. He called it foolishness and I asked why. He said he
see how anything could exist there.

I asked why he stayed. To look after the quiet ones was his reply. I asked what
were the horrors of the catacombs, to which he replied the Living.

He had mentioned Mary several times, so I inquired about her. He said she was
only member of the rotting herd, the zombies, who had a heart. They labor at her

I mentioned Soego and he told how Soego tries to convince them to die the True
Death. Hargrimm thinks that Soego causes great harm by his preaching. It appears
that Soego alone may come and go from this place because of the Dead Truce that
exists between the Dustmen and the undead.

We spoke of Acaste, the matriarch of the ghouls.

At the end of our conversation it was clear we had changed his view of us. He
offered us healing and rest, if we needed it.

Down this left-hand, twisting corridor we passed a chest and a barrel, neither
which had anything.

Passing on we came to a skeleton merchant, of all things, wandering the halls.
had some magicked weapons for sale as well as some most unusual charms and
several spells. Having become quite good at one of the thieving arts, at least,
relieved him of several spells and a lovely, enchanted axe.

[If you kill or pick the pocket of the Skeleton Merchant enough times you can
a scroll of Force Missiles.]

Leaving most of our equipment here we went back for what we had left behind so
that we could sell what we didn't need.

Going back to the merchant we moved down the right-hand corridor and passed by
some barrels. They held nothing of note.

After selling off several axes that had now become redundant we put all but one
of the skulls and bones in a chest near where we met the merchant. Marking the
location on our map, we walked on.

[In order to beat the Riddling Skeleton you need an intelligence of at least 16.
I got mine there by eating a Cranium Rat Charm just before talking to him.]

Riddling Skeleton
This fellow was giggling to itself. I said hello. I said that I understood that
it had a difficult riddle.

It asked if I wanted to hear it. I said yes. It repeated the riddle as Id heard
it from the Puzzled Skeleton. I muttered something and the skeleton burst into a
fit of derisive laughter. I said all right, whats the answer?

It said not a chance. I asked if it would tell me if I stumped it with a riddle.
It abruptly stopped laughing. It said that if this were a challenge that I
know that if I lost or left halfway through that it would never speak to me
again. I said very well.

I asked it what was worth more, a pound of one-hundred-common, pure gold coins
a half-pound of two-hundred-common, pure gold coins? It said that was easy. One
pound of gold is always worth more than a half pound. I said it was its turn.

It said uncles and brothers have I none, but that mans father is my fathers
son. Who am I? I said he was his son. (625) He didnt enjoy losing, but said it
was my turn.

I said the maker doesnt want it, the buyer does not use it, but user does not
see it. What is it? It giggled and said not true. The answer was coffin and it
had certainly seen it. I said it was its turn again.

It asked me what five-letter word does even the greatest of mortal sages
pronounce wrong? I said wrong. (1250) It shook its fist at me and told me to

I said at night they come without being fetched and by day they are lost without
being stolen. It said the answer was stars. I said of course and told it to ask

It said I never was, am always to be, no one ever saw me, nor will ever see. And
yet I am the confidence of all, to live and breathe in this hallowed hall. I
the answer was tomorrow. (1875) It said yes, go then.

I asked what is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the
beginning of every end and the end of every place? It began to giggle and then

I said lets have its answer. The skeleton hung its head and said it didnt

I told it to give me its first riddles answer and I would give it mine. It
nodded and said the answer was tongue. The first two sentences are unrelated,
only there to trick the hearer. Remember: there are three words in "the Common
Tongue." The third word is tongue. It asked for my answer.

I said not a chance, not a chance and said farewell. It said that was amusing.
So, what was the answer? I laughed and walked away.

It called me to wait and asked if I would promise not to tell anyone else the
answer. I asked why shouldnt I tell?

It said because it enjoyed the idea of them standing about, trying to puzzle it
out for all eternity. Thinking, "sauce for the goose," I refused to promise and
bid goodbye.

Puzzled Skeleton
I returned to the Puzzled Skeleton to tell him the answer. It was incredulous
until I explained it. Then was pleased and thanked me.

We went south through an arch and met Acaste, who had hair nearly down to her
feet. She took a tone with me, but I kept my peace for the moment. I told her I
was Adahn when she asked my name. She was content for the moment to answer our
questions, but I thought it was only a matter of time before her hunger would
drive her to attack.

Her replies were very different from Hargrimm's, though I asked the same
questions. She has developed a taste for rats, it seems. She calls the living
Blooded Ones. Her tone sent chills through me, like a grave speaking.

Certainly she hates Hargrimm. If she knew what I have begun to suspect ...
there'd be a hot time in the old crypts, yes indeed.

When I ask of Soego I feel something click into place in my mind. She says he
smells like blooded rat. I ask her about this, she says him good to eat, anyway.
I asked what a blooded rat was.

As she told me of the struggle between the ghouls and the rats, a scene formed
before my mind of her "flock" and the "blooded rats;" eaters and eaten, changing
by turns. Perhaps the True Death is to be preferred to the memories I will have
of this place.

And so we returned to the entrance, which is locked and refuses to budge. A door
to the southwest also resists our best efforts.

An archway led out of the room to the northeast and we took it. We must be near
the throne as two huge Royal Guard skeletons roared at us as we entered,
a door. They were similar in size, arms, and armor to those I saw guarding the
Mortuary. Was it only 13 days ago?

I did ask one of the guards who he was and received a most impressive answer. It
is obvious we need a key to leave or see the Silent King.

On the way out we saw a ghoul just outside the guardroom. He had a terrible,
fresh wound to his eye, but what kept our attention was a knife slipped into his
waistband. It was carved and a U was plainly visible.

I asked if I could have it. He paused in thought (I could see the wheels
through his eye socket) then asked for meat. I offered him several rat-tails I
had collected, but not turned in. He snatched them and gave us the knife. I
learned something from the exchange. (600) Im sure this would do us some good,
if we ever get out of here.

We walked back and left the entrance hall the way we came, through set of arches
in the northwest. These halls were filled with various members of the undead and
I considered our chances small if we had to fight our way through.

Moving left and west we passed through an arch and found a trapdoor, but it was
rusted shut.

Stale Mary
At the end of the chamber we found Stale Mary. I tried to communicate, but it
impossible to understand her.

We left the room moving northwest and passed through a corridor divided by
arches. In a chest on the north wall were two rusty daggers. Just what we
The passage ended in a rock-fall.

Our spirits sank as we consulted our map and knew we had covered the
entire "city" and found no way of escape. We plodded back to seek out Hargrimm.
It was all we could think of to do. The fate before us didn't bear

[Stale Mary is a very important figure in this section of the game. If your
charisma is high enough she will open a portal to the Silent King, which will
eventually let you out and also let you complete a quest in the Warrens of

She will also give you the ability to talk to the true dead, those who are not
animated. Remember all those skeletons and corpses you could click on in the
Weeping Catacombs? Once you can talk to Mary you can go back and talk to them.]

Finding Hargrimm, I asked about Stale Mary once more. I asked how he could
understand her. He said that one needed to learn how to listen, so we made our
way back to Mary.

Stale Mary

I told her what Hargrimm had said and she reached out to touch me. Steeling
myself, I let her. I heard her slurred speech, but also her meaning. I asked how
she did that. She said I must do it properly. I asked if she would teach me. She
said "Yuhhh." (Yes.)

I learned an amazing amount of information. (3750)

I asked her if I could talk to the Silent King. She asked why. I told her we
wanted to leave. She said no, dashing what hope we had built up. I went on to
her about Hargrimm. She said he was their leader and worried. I asked why. She
said because of Soego and Acaste.

I asked why he was worried about Soego and she said because he preaches death.
When I pressed further she said he wants them to die. I asked why this was and
she said because he is a Dustman.

We then spoke of Acaste. Anger, she said. "Anger?" Acaste want kill everyone,
answered. Why? Hungry, Angry.

Leaving Mary, in the twisting hallway we met the Doubtful Skeleton. This fellow
was considering whether to meet the True Death. I said that there was no reason
he should give up his life.

I thought it time to return to Soego's chambers. An idea had blossomed...

Soego Part 2
I told him of the Doubtful Skeleton and he left, leaving us free to inspect his

After prying apart his bed we found a journal. (2000) It detailed how Soego was
bitten by a Wererat and become a minion of something called the Many-as-One. I
suppose the Cranium King. He was sent here to spy on the undead.

We quickly returned to Hargrimm. When I accused Soego of being a spy Hargrimm
asked for proof. I told him of the journal. He immediately took us to Soego and
he received his "reward."

Yes, I ratted on him. Sorry, couldn't help it.

After some heated words Soego changed to his true self, giving up protection as
Dustman. Hargrimm cast a most potent spell, calling down arcane magics that
Soego, killing him instantly.

Returning to his rooms afterwards all we found was his head and a rusty dagger.

Nameless Zombie
Feeling somehow calmer we went looking for Hargrimm, who had gone back to his
duties. Near where we first met the merchant we saw a female zombie who
us as we passed. I asked why she was so distressed.

She said she had forgotten her name. I asked if I could help. She said it was
carved on her tomb in the Watery Catacombs. I said how will I know and she
replied that there was a chest bolted down near her grave.

I asked why it was so important. She showed me that she was rotting for lack of
knowing. I told her I would look for it.

Talking to Hargrimm again he was adamant about not letting us go, though he did
give us a loophole. If we can perform enough good works he might change his
He told us how much rats bother them, that if I wanted to help I could kill all
found. I said that I would and left.

We found a small pack in the hallway where the rock-fall took place. I don't
how we missed them the first time, but our minds were not focused.

We went back to Hargrimm to report our success. (3750) Hargrimm was pleased. I
asked if he would take our request to the Silent King and he assented. When he
came back he said we were free to go. Wonderful news. We felt a great deal wiser
than when we entered. (7500)

[For those whose lust to kill runs high there is a nearly 5000 experience point
difference in favor of this peaceful run through.]

Weeping Catacombs
[You dont need to wag around all these skulls you keep finding. You only need
one, important skull some time later. You can use any named skull you find. I
didnt know that at the time, which is why I was wagging around so many of the
bleeding things.]

We went back to the Weeping Catacombs. I thought I remembered where Nameless'
grave might be. I thought it was also time to show Emoric and Sharegrave what
we'd learned.

When we emerged into the Catacombs I looked at the first corpse I saw. It
talking to me. He said his name was Chad and he needed our help.

I asked what was wrong. Chad said that in order to set things right I would need
to kill all the Vargouilles in the Catacombs. He offered to tell me where a
powerful Item was. I said I would help.

As we moved through the passages we always took the left turning. I carefully
examined each corpse as we passed to see if it would speak to me.

Near the exit back to the Village there was a corpse dressed in dark blue or
purple. He said his name was Burt and that he and his pal Lowden had fled when
Gris was caught by something. Lowden had all the swag from their work and ran
into a "bad" crypt. A trapped crypt. I asked about the traps. He said it had all
manner of injurious devices. I thought I knew the crypt he meant.

We entered the splendid crypt again where Gris was slain. He spoke to us. He
asked if he was dead and I told him he was. Then he asked if he was still in the
catacombs and I told him yes. He asked what happened to his bloods, Burt and
Lowden. I told them they were dead also. That seemed to make him feel better.
Asking about the catacombs he told me there is a secret chamber somewhere in the
Drowned Nations, but he didn't recall where.

I asked him to tell me about himself. His full name was Gris the Vulture. I told
him Quint was looking for him, that Gris had something of his. He told me
charm was back in the village! I asked where and he told me where it was.

[Buried in a refuse pile right next to Marta's.]

South of the entrance to the Warren of Thought we came to a hallway we had not
explored. In a tomb in the center were a few coppers, a bandage and another
skull. In a low shelf against the north wall were some embalming fluid and more

We returned to Chad having killed the last 3 Vargouilles. (3750) He told us of a
magic bottle that never stops its flow. Could this be the bottle the face
He said you have to go past either the dead or the rats into the Drowned
Once there you head down the main passage past 3 doors on the left. Under an
arch, then the first door on the left. The arch closest to the back wall. He
he didn't know the command word, but it would still trickle some drops.

We decided to push a little father with this latest news and went to the Dead

Dead Nations
We turned left on entering and were able to unlock the gate. In the next room
were numerous barrels, holding a few bandages among the junk and rags.

We moved on and came to another door. We could dimly make out the legend Drowned
Nations written in a shaky scrawl.

Drowned Nations
The door opened on a circular room containing several slabs and a table. There
were wards to the north, some sort of instructions for the ghouls who were
everywhere around us. On the table was a copper earring. Handing it to Dak'kon I
moved on.

The true cost of trying to fight our way through the pack when we first entered
the Dead Nation was now clear. We would have been continuously fighting for
step we took for long hours. I was glad that I had held my temper above. Not
for that reason, but also at the end I felt a fondness for Hargrimm. He was
the best he could to keep his people together under trying circumstances. I
believe it would have been evil to cut them down.

We had the choice of a door or three passages. We took the right-hand passage,
which led southwest.

Along the left wall was an open tomb with more bandages, a gold ring and an
enchanted sledgehammer. We put a good deal of our possessions there so that we'd
have a lighter load.

Exploring that room we found it had no exits save the one we used, so we
to the main chamber and took the next right, this time leading southeast.

We saw a bizarre and awesome beast. Easily as large as all three of us together.
A Trocopotaca. It did not care for visitors...

But as we moved further into the room several ghouls joined us in attacking the
beast. It ran down a hall to the southeast, reaching an intersection, where more
ghouls joined us. We slew the beast, but were then set upon by numerous Lesser

Together we killed the Vargouilles. Afterwards I went through the possessions of
the few ghouls which were slain.

Moving to the last intersection we turned right. This area seemed a maze of
crossing passages, but whenever we had a choice we took the right-hand path to
keep our bearings.

We encountered another of the beasts and the ghouls assisted us (or we assisted
them) once more.

The passage to the southwest ended and we went back up the passageway, again
turning right at the first opportunity.

Ahead of us next to a broken pillar were many open crates standing on end. In
of them was a Blood Charm, which we were happy to see.

Two ghouls standing in a passage to our right suddenly fell dead. Near them was
strange looking chest with spikes all around it. It was locked. I opened it
without difficulty and inside were almost 30 coppers, a golden bracelet and a
pair of iron knuckles.

I should say that I had changed to using the punching daggers of Moorin since I
expected most of our foes to be living and wanted the extra protection they
afforded me.

The knuckles were enchanted, though not as good a weapon as my daggers.

Looking at my journal I realized that this must be the tomb the Nameless Zombie
had told me of. I was saddened to see that her name was illegible except for her
first initial, though I could make out the name of the child, Bah'jin, who
her. Now all I could give her would be an initial.

We left the room and went northeast taking the next hall right to the southeast.

Standing still at the entrance to a large room we watched as 8 or so Vargouilles
fed on a Trocopotaca.

Dak'kon collected himself and threw his anger at them. They left their meal and
charged us and we swung until all were dead.

In one of three chests just inside the room we found a good selection of loot: a
Bone Charm, 2 dozen coppers, a silver earring, 3 Charms of Infinite Recall and a
set of enchanted punch daggers. Another locked chest was empty.

We passed through the room and left to the east coming upon several biers,
finding another Trocopotaca. This time we would have its full attention, as
wasn't a ghoul in sight.

I had Morte use his most dangerous weapon, his mouth, letting loose a stream of
insults. (Hey, watch it, Chief.) I took out my club and between the insults and
confusion from the club the poor beast had no chance.

We then searched the room. When I disturbed a bier in the center several
Vargouilles appeared and attacked. For some reason they all attacked me. I felt
like something Marta had been working on, but eventually the Vargouilles were
dead. Moving back to the bier I looked in to see what I had paid for with blood.

A few trinkets was all. A skull, a copper earring, a silver bracelet and needle
and thread, which I immediately put to use.

Walking further into the large, irregularly shaped room we met another
Trocopotaca. I let Morte loose and we quickly dispatched it. We found another of
the creatures at the far eastern end of the room near a collector's body. Using
the same procedure as before we butchered it.

Searching the body I found the Bronze Sphere, forty-some-odd coppers and a

We decided to leave for now and collect our many rewards. We were all tired and
had not rested for some time. All of us were wounded.

On the way back I talked to Dak'kon about the Art to pass time. I thought it
to return to wizardry as my studies there were lacking still.

[Something I noticed after a while is that you can tell what's in loot left by
your enemies by the icon used. They very neatly combine them so that you will
only see coins where there are coins, for example.]

Dead Nations
Nameless Zombie
On the way back we saw the Nameless Zombie again and I told her the truth about
what we found. She was overcome with anguish until I suggested that she pick a
new name. Still taking it all in she seemed unsure and confused and asked if I
would name her. I did. It is now our secret. I felt knowledge return to me.

Buried Village
We left the dead and returned to the living, if subterranean. I thought Barr was
up to his old tricks once more and was about to make him regret his decision
he smiled nervously at us and opened the gate. I suppose even this dog knows his

I saw Uhir and gave him his knife. I felt much better. (5000)

We checked in on Quint, but he was no help locating the pile of rubbish where
charm was stashed.

Next we went to see Pharod and I gave him the sphere. (15000) He ignored me when
I asked for answers at first; he was so wrapped up in his new plaything. I asked
why I was to seek him out. He asked me to stay my weapons and listen. I told him
to tell me as I was losing patience.

He said he had stretched the truth a bit about how much he knew about me. I told
him this had better be worth hearing. He said that some time ago I came to him
and asked for an audience. An audience, said I? Yes like he was royalty. Like I
was royalty. I pointed out that he was--had been. Once, he said, angrily. He
on that I knew too much of his history. I asked what I had wanted from him.

He said I asked a boon. I said go on. He said I asked that if any of Pharod's
agents should find my body to keep it safe. I see. Is that all he knew? I
questioned. Then I felt that Pharod was hiding something involving me and that
scared him. So you granted my boon just like that? I asked. Pharod said that
promises are easy enough to make to a dead man. I kept forcing his hand. I said
he was a merchant. Aye, he said. After I'd strung up a score of his blood on the
Hive walls to die--then I come to him and demand a boon. I said that I was sorry
about his people, that I would make it up to him if I could. He said no matter.

I asked if that was the only reason he agreed to my request. He said that I knew
things about him only he knew. That I would fetch the Sphere for him. I asked is
that all he knew? No, he replied, but it is all he knew about me.

Then I pressed him about what he took from my corpse until he gave and returned
what his daughter had given him, for it was she who found my body. Stunned that
such as he could have a daughter I asked who. Annah. She found me dead in a
where most collectors wouldn't go. He said I'd have to ask her.

I said that my patience was at an end. If he didn't give back what she had given
him in token I would tell the Dustmen. He fell silent. But I knew I had him.
Well? (1000) Where has the decency of man gone Pharod grumbled. He went off for
moment, and then returned.

I asked who was it that found me, again? He said Annah. I said all right, Id
her and where was she. Hiding in the shadows, listening he replied. She's here?
At that moment she appeared.

I said that we had met before, in the Hive outside the Mortuary. She and her
father then had a "heart to heart" talk, if such as Pharod ever had one. I said
that she might have checked to see if I was alive before dumping me off. She
maybe I should have been more careful. I suggested that I show her what it's
to be lying near-dead in an alley.

She said she wasn't afraid of me. Then Pharod told her to show me where she'd
found me. She agreed. And off we went.

SE Hive northeast of Smoldering Corpse
We were at the painted door again. I had passed by many times, even examined it
and it was still what it appeared to be, but she insisted past that door was
where we needed to go. She said the Starved Dogs had painted it so that it was a
door only as long as no one looked at it, that the paints turned it into a
painting if you saw it. I'm beginning to think that being dead has more
advantages. Her explanation gave me a terrible headache.

She said this place was very dangerous, so I suggested we equip ourselves before
venturing in. Truth to tell, I was eager to see those whose quests we had

First we went to see Fell. I wanted him to look at the arm I'd found.

When we entered Fell's shop I stopped Annah and asked her why she gave me the
wrong directions to Pharod when we first met. She said I'd a done the same.

Then I asked what she was doing there. She said looking for deaders.

I asked if she found anything on my body before brining it to the Mortuary. She
looked at me warily and said mayhap, but if she had, it was hers. I said I
have time for games, what did she find. She said I had some fist irons and a bit
o' jink which she left for the Dusties so they'd think she was a bit honest. I
also had an ugly ring that she kept which she showed me. I said that I wanted it
back. She tossed it at me.

I asked what she meant when she said that some stuff from my body had gone into
Pharod's keeping. She said he takes a bit off of each corpse. Off every corpse,
asked. That's a lot of corpses. Aye, she said that hear tell Pharod had a stash
pit somewhere close to him. I said and that's where he puts the tribute? Aye.
what was I on about, she asked. Did I want to bob him?

I said I had no reason to. She warned me against such a thing, that Pharod could
be as mean as spit. Then we talked about where he would keep the tribute. I said
he wouldn't want to walk far on his lame leg. She said that that was a show. I
suggested that the crutch could be a portal key. She wondered aloud how it would
be used.

I asked her about the area where she found me. She said it was strange. I asked
strange how. She said some berks said it was haunted. Shadows? I thought to
myself. Is that what the blasted note Pharod gave me was talking about?

Then I asked her to train me as a thief. She spent some time with me and seemed
pleased at the end of it.

Then I asked her a bit more about Pharod.

I asked if she could tell me anything else about him. She said he'd been at the
village for a stone's age; maybe even found the place. I asked if he was
searching for the sphere all that time. She said she supposed, though she didn't
get it. I said that I thought he was searching for it because he thought it
save his life. (2500) She asked what I meant. I said that I'd heard he hadn't
a good life, that he was destined to go to the hells when he died. Really? She
went silent then shook her head. No accounting for his foolishness, there isn't.

She said he wasn't her real Da. I opined that I didn't think they looked much
alike. That set her off, tail twitching. She asked what I meant by that and I
said I that I didn't think they looked like each other. That did nothing to help
things. She went on about what could it have been, her hair, her skin, then said
sarcastically that maybe it was the tail.

I asked what in the hells was her problem. She said a dagger was a dagger. I
replied that all I was saying was that she and Pharod didnt have much in
She flushed red and said is that so.

I asked if she'd ever looked at herself. That she was confident, sensible and
graceful. She just stared at me. I said that that was all I meant. She was still
staring so I asked if she was listening. Suddenly she leaned in and bit me on
neck and asked if I fancied my chances.

I bit her back. She hissed and clawed at me, tearing away from me. Said she was
only teasing. I said if she didn't like it then don't do it. She said shed do
she pleases, but she was still red.

Annah had seemed on edge ever since we entered Fell's shop. When I started to
talk to him she stiffened. I asked her what was wrong. She asked if I was daft.
asked what the problem was. She said it's Fell; let's be away. Again I asked
the problem was. She said he was a dabus who wasn't a dabus.

I promised that no harm would come to her while I was here. She said Fell was a
dabus that had angered *Her. * I asked if she meant the Lady of Pain. She said
aye and I should heed my tongue; that we should go. I said I wanted to speak to
Fell first. She begged me, said that no good'll come of it; that she didn't want
to die. Again I promised that no harm would come to her while I was there.
Finally, she calmed herself, but I could tell she was still afraid.

At last I turned to Fell and asked him about the arm I'd found. As I suspected,
he said it was mine, but the tattoos were his. He also said that one tattoo
of a time when my path was shared by four others.

I asked what four others. Four strings of symbols swirled from his head,
the pattern upon the arm. He asked if he should tell me their hearts. I said

One unloved who loves one who does not love. One who does not see what others
and sees what others do not. One who is familiar and bound with duty. One who is
a slave and his chains are words.

The symbols blended together into a chain; the chain bent until it was a symbol
recognized. I asked what it was. He said it was torment, that which draws all
tormented souls to me. He said the flesh knows it suffers even when the mind has
forgotten; that I wear the rune always.

I asked about the other tattoos on my arm. He said they were ones forgotten, now
remembered, that I could wear them if I wished. I asked to see and he showed me
his wares, but now there were new tattoos available, some much more powerful
those I'd seen before. After inspecting all of them, I bought the Tattoo of the
Last Incarnation.

I asked if he knew how I died. Shadows, he said. Shadows? Many shadows, they
streamed from the darkness then left me to die. Why, I asked. He said he did not

Then I asked about the frames in the back room. He said it was his "gallery;
that the discarded skins were his canvas. He said he was saddened for me. I
why. He said that tragedies have built themselves upon the foundation of the
of torment I bear. I have endured great pain.

I asked what he meant. He said that he admired me because I have never
surrendered to the weight of these losses. Go on, I responded. These losses
blanket this life and all of my past ones. That I was exploring the infinite
paths of life. I asked him to tell me more. He warned me that each of my lives
cast a shadow on existence, that I must travel to a place where these shadows
have gone mad and regrets have scarred the earth.

I asked if there was anything else he could tell me and he said do not sign
anything. Very well, I responded. He asked if I felt complete. I said I did not.
He said to keep faith and I would become whole again.

I took my leave. As we left the shop I invoked my new tattoo. Memories came back
to me (1800) and I felt more aware.

NE Hive
We went to see Emoric and I told him I had found Soego and where I'd found him.
He asked why was Soego there. I told him that he was infected with lycanthropy;
that his mind was no longer his own. (2500)

He asked if I still wished to join the Dustmen. I said yes. He told me it would
require a promise, that I must I have left life behind and that my goal is to
reach the True Death. I said very well. Again, did I believe the tenets? I lied
and said yes. He said he would be my witness and I made the vow to serve the
Dustmen; that I only seek the True Death.

Then he said he had things to tell me, so I listened. He said that the dead
among the Dustmen, but sometimes they are enemies of the living. I said it had
not escaped my notice. He told me of the Dead Truce. I said I see. (2500)
Furthermore that there are magics that prolong life, but that they are anathema
to our faction. Did I understand?

I asked if that included healing spells. He told me that curatives would work,
but reincarnation and resurrection magics should not be used.

I asked what if it is difficult for the person to die. He said the nature of my
question was unclear. I started to speak of my belief that I was immortal and
something stopped me. I went on to talk of other faction business.

[If you DO tell Emoric youre immortal you will be drummed out of the Dustmen,
but moved strongly towards Lawful Good. You pay your money and take your

We talked more about the Dead Truce and he made it clear that if I attacked them
I was breaking it and that they would never attack me first.

I asked as a Dustman what sort of assistance was available to me. He said I
have access to their storehouse of knowledge, magics and items and that I could
also go to him if my body was in need of healing or rest. I asked what he had in
his storehouse and he showed me.

There were many things in the storehouse that piqued my interest. Unfortunately,
most of the more powerful items were only usable by Dustmen. I purchased two
spells for embalming, which could be used to heal Morte or myself. (Hey, chief.
Nice to know you care.)

On our way to see Sharegrave we met another Abishai and decided to challenge it.
Morte and Annah were seriously injured, but we did kill it, learning much in the
process. It will be some time before killing one of these fiends becomes

We stopped in at Arlo's to rest and recuperate. I committed the minor embalming
spell to memory.

I told Sharegrave where Pharod was getting the bodies. He asked how did he get
beneath Sigil. I told him if he wanted to know that it would be extra. He
half again what he was going to pay. I said double it and it was a deal. We
hands and he turned over the coin.

I thought it was time we finished our dealings with the ruby and its box so we
ventured into the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

I was immediately accosted by a scurvy Dark Alley Shiv who insisted on payment
I was going to see their leader. I decided to pay and see what happened. He let
us proceed unmolested, aside from a few snide remarks.

Moving west we eventually came to the area controlled by the Razor Angels. In
center of their camp we talked to their leader, Krystall. She told me who she
was. When I asked about the Angels she said that they were only thugs, not
murderous thugs like the Shivs. The Angels make their living by charging a toll.

She wanted me to kill Rotten William for her and offered us free passage for
in return. I asked her to tell me more about her gang while I considered. She
said the Angels were good while the Shivs are evil and led by an evil man. I
decided to take her up on the offer.

On the way back to see William, the Shivs hit us up for money again. I refused
and we dispatched them easily.

Moving on we encountered the main group of Shivs and a larger battle ensued.
fell to our blades. Then Rotten William advanced on us. He went down quickly. He
had over 300 common on him. Not bad for a little bit of work like this.

Near where William fell we entered another tent and met Gamlin.

Gamlin asked why we were in his tent. He had a very hostile manner and insisted
we leave.

In a burnt out building nearby we found Rauk and a number of mages-in-training.
Rauk has an interesting speech pattern. If I understood him correctly he wanted
us to get some rings that he forgot and left in a tent. I said we would.

There were a number of containers in the building that had little of value. A
copper was the most worthy item we found. For our troubles we were zapped with
various magical cantrips.

North of the crate in William's former domain we entered another tent. A woman
was rummaging through the tent as we entered then quickly left when we spoke to
her after protesting her innocence. In a corner, by the stove under a loose
we found a silver ring.

Having obtained the last ring from the tent we went back to Rauk. (500)

Apparently that was all the budding mages needed, as they soon completed their
enchantment, summoning, of all things, a Lim-Lim. As odd as that was what
happened next was stranger still. The Lim-Lim quickly attacked and killed all 5
mages. I don't know what to make of this. The Lim-Lim doesn't act like it minds
us at all. He also likes Rauk well enough.

Searching the bodies and still not believing what we'd seen, we found a Clot
Charm, a gold earring, a green steel dagger, a gaudy ring, a silver earring and
three scrolls: Fist of Iron, Identify and Armor. Still scratching our heads we
left the building to find Krystall and tell her we had dealt with Rotten Bill.

Krystall was grateful for our deed and thanked us. (1500) Then she had another
proposal. A man named Blackrose is preying on her gang. We then went looking for

To the far north-central part of the alley we met Blackrose. I decided to talk
him first to see what he had to say. It turns out that he wished William dead
also and when I informed him of this he was glad. (1500) Then he insisted on our
slaughtering Krystall also. I refused. We fought. He died. All he had on him was
a Clot Charm.

He did pack a pretty good wallop. I was sorely injured, but we made our way back
to Krystall in tact.

She was most pleased with our work and gave us a large purse with over a
coppers. (1500)

We returned to the turf Rotten had called his. I had remarked that a ruined
building looked like it might have once been a temple of some sort. We searched
the southern side and finally found an entrance just above a wall where some
planks had been stood up against it providing a way in.

Inside was a man named Aola. He welcomed us to the cathedral of Aoskar and asked
if wed come to worship. As an incentive he offered me the position of second
disciple. However, other matters were on my mind so I asked him about the box
its fiend. He insisted on taking the box. (1000)

I handed it to him, then watched, fascinated as he set it within a
structure and said a prayer to Aoskar. A portal soon materialized and filled in
all sides of the pyramid. Aola then casually reached in and opened Moridor's

Not expecting this I attempted to stop him, but I was too late. Immediately the
box disintegrated as a putrid smoke poured out of it, filling the pyramid. An
intense feeling of dread filled the room. It took all that I had to remain where
I stood. As my mind tried to leave I watched the tendrils of smoke disappear
the vortex formed by the portals. As the last wisp of smoke vanished so did the
feeling of dread. Aola smiled and said witness the power of Aoskar, the Keeper

I pointed out that a fiend of such power would no doubt find its way back here
and that it would be looking for him. He said that he had taken that into
consideration. Each side of the pyramid was a portal to a different plane. In
effect he had scattered the fiend's essence across the multiverse. Then he
through the remains of the box to retrieve the ruby.

He told me he would keep the ruby as payment for his services. I agreed and left
the temple. Once outside the thought struck me that I needed that ruby to give
the mage in Ragpicker's Square so I went back inside and asked if I could
purchase the gem. He wanted 300 coppers so I gave it to him.

SW Hive
On our way to Ragpicker's Square to turn over the ruby we stopped to do a bit of
shopping in the SW quarter of the Hive. Now that the Abishai was dead we could
browse among the wares at our leisure.

Ragpickers Square
We saw Jaryn and were given 200 coppers for the ruby. (500) Personally I did not
feel this was enough of a reward considering all that we'd been through about
this flaming box. Actually, as Annah pointed out, we were out of pocket 100

I asked Annah to rectify the situation, but in the small confines of the
hut she was discovered. There was a brief fight and then he was dead. At least
was no longer so rude. We recovered the ruby, a nice gold ring and some items
from a chest next to him that was magically trapped.

While we were in the area we looked in on Mebbeth. She was doing well and had
some spells that looked interesting, particularly Friends and Blind. I thought
Friends would come in handy next time I sold items.

Buried Village
We then went to the Buried Village so that we could finally get Quint's necklace
for him. It was just to the south of Marta's house on the roof of an abandoned
shed in a box.

[The blasted thing is at x1047, y1673 area ar0109. The whereabouts of this one
item has caused more consternation and frustration than any other in the game.
Even when you know exactly where to look it is almost impossible to find, which
is why Ive supplied the exact location. No need for you to tear your hair out
and spend the hours I did trying to find it.]

Quint was overjoyed. (7500) He gave us nearly 500 commons. We then collected our
stash and went.

We headed for the Dustie bar to do some shopping.

On the way I saw Prophiron again. He taught me more about how to handle clubs

Before shopping I took a moment and cast Friends. It had a pleasant effect on
prices when Emoric and I were discussing what spells I would buy.

[About Charisma. As soon as you can, buy the tattoos of Presence and Greater
Presence. If you can afford it, buy 2 tattoos of Presence. You will lower the
cost of buying things tremendously. Unfortunately, they dont affect the price
you get for selling items back.

As an example, I badly wanted the Dustman club, which costs 6000 commons or so.
With a good cast of friends and wearing all 4 tattoos I could buy the club for
4500. When I sell it back Ill still get 4000, same as without the tattoos, but
considering the power of that weapon Im glad to pay 500 to rent the thing.]

Since we had not finished exploring the Drowned Nations we returned there. While
I wanted to find out what had happened to me I also felt a need to finish the
quests I'd already been asked to perform.

I went to the tattoo shop to see if Fell had any new designs. On a hunch I asked
Dak'kon to translate for me. I made the excuse that I didn't feel that I had
gotten a clear understanding of Fell last time. Dak'kon assented.

Through Dak'kon I asked again about my arm. A number of symbols appeared over
Fell's head, but Dak'kon remained silent. I asked Dak'kon what he said. Still
Dak'kon was silent. I asked again what Fell said. Dak'kon finally responded that
the arm was mine, but the tattoos were Fell's.

I asked if Fell said more than that. Dak'kon was silent, but I knew he was lying
to me. He finally said that the rest of the symbols were not known to him.

I asked Dak'kon why he was lying to me. Dak'kon was silent and refused to look
me. I said to him since when has not knowing the truth of something ever helped
anyone, Dak'kon? The counselor who councils ignorance betrays his station. (750)

He said there was truth in my words and that that truth should be known to him.
Then he said that the symbols speak of four you have traveled with in the past.

I told him to go on and tell me what four they were. Fell spoke.

"One unloved who loves one who does not love. One who does not see what others
see and sees what others do not. One who is familiar and bound with duty. One
is a slave and his chains are words."

I asked Dak'kon for translation. He wasn't even looking at the symbols. He said
the tattoo spoke of four minds. One was a woman, who loved a man who knew her
knew not love. The other was a blind man who saw things no mortal eye could see.
Another was a familiar, a mage's pet, bought and bound. The last was a slave.

After a moment I asked why he did not want to tell me this. Dak'kon said the
are bound with a symbol that is known to Fell. I asked Fell what symbol that

Fell said it was torment. I asked Dak'kon and he said the symbol was torment;
that I've always worn it for the flesh knows what it suffers even then the mind
does not. I asked if Dak'kon could tell me any more about the four on the
Dak'kon turned silent again. Then he said that he would not speak of it here,
that I should ask when what we speak of will only be for the ears of those that
walk with me.

After buying several tattoos to increase my presence we left and I talked to
Dak'kon about what had just happened. I asked again about his travels, that
Dak'kon said he knew the symbols.

Again he said they were of the four who have traveled with me in the past. I
asked what four those were. Again he told me of the woman, the blind man, the
familiar and the slave. I asked him to tell me what he knew of them.

He said the woman was young and that she worshipped time for in her blood she
knew of things to come. The archer was a blind man who could see as others could
not. He said that he knew little of the slave or familiar.

I asked if the woman was Deionarra. He said yes. I asked what he knew of the
archer. Dak'kon said he knew little of him. He knew that he was a soldier and
that alcohol had taken a portion of his life, but that in blindness he had come
to know a different sight and become strong. But that he did not know that

I asked his name, but before Dak'kon responded I knew the answer. Again I felt
the waters of memory rise to the surface of my mind. (3000) Dakkon said that
Xachariah was the name he carried.

I asked if he knew why I was traveling with them. He said no, that the tattoo
said nothing of the path, that I may be the only one who knew it. I asked again
of his travels. Who were these others I'd traveled with? Again he told me of
their minds. This time I asked if he was the slave. (3000)

Dak'kon didn't speak for a moment and the surface of his blade roiled as if in
confusion. Then he said that I should know that he owed me a service. In owing
this to me it became as slavery.

I asked how this happened. He said it was a long tale between Dak'kon and the
other that was once me. I asked to hear it.

He said that on the Plane of Limbo the People shape cities from their thoughts.
That there is no place for one with a divided mind. He stared at his blade. As
did so it sharpened until it was almost as thin as paper.

Go on, I said. He said that a divided mind is an unfocused mind, that it
fractures walls and weakens stone. As he spoke the edges of the blade corroded,
the metal misting and melting along the edges. He said many divided minds may
destroy a city.

I said that I understood. Dak'kon said that he had long known the words of
Zerthimon. Dak'kon's voice many had come to know those words. The zerth protect
the community from all threats, whether to the body or the mind. They are the
guiding stones in the chaos. So it was that he spoke the words of Zerthimon
without knowing the words himself. Dak'kon no longer knew himself.

I asked if he doubted the words. No, he continued. His blade became keen once
more. He knew the words, yet it came into his heart that perhaps others did not
know the words as Zerthimon knew them. So division formed. As Dak'kon's mind
became two, divided, those that looked to him became divided also. Many scores
githzerai, hundreds of scores doubted. Shra'kt'lor died in that day.

So those that followed him came to doubt as well and the city was weakened, I
said. He said that the enemies of Zerthimon came. That their hatred of
Zerthimon's words and the People lent their blades strength. They sensed the
weakness of the city and they brought war with them. Many githzerai drowned in
the chaos and died under the blades. Small beads of metal appeared on the
of his blade as if it was blistering. He said that this happened long ago.

I asked what happened to him. He said that as he fell from the walls of
Shra'kt'lor, that his self was broken. His blade was as mist, his mind in twain.
He was adrift on Limbo's seas and he wished to drown. He died for days, his mind
a sea of confusion when finally death came to him. It wore my skin and it had my

Me? I asked. Dak'kon said that I asked that Dak'kon hear me. While he spoke my
vision bled outwards and a crawling sensation began to travel through my skull.
was nauseous briefly, then my vision was suddenly chaotic, smeared, twisted and
was someplace else. Someplace in the past.

I surrendered to the memory ... Everything around me was in turmoil. My vision
was hazy, swirling. Mist, pockets of fire, islands of mud, stone and ice-covered
rocks swam through the Plane like fish; water arcing through the air lashed my
skin like teeth. I steadied myself; this was the Plane of Limbo and nothing is
stable. I focused on the dying man that lay before me. It is why I came to this

I examined the zerth to see if he still lived. He was a githzerai. His body was
embedded in an earthen pocket that swirled around him. Unconsciously he had
formed a grave from the elements and though bits of fire and water kiss his face
he moved not. His hands were ashen, his black eyes focusing on nothing. His
emaciated frame told of starvation that was the least of his wounds. It was
that had dealt him the mortal blow.

I looked for the blade he carried. In his limp left hand was a twisted mass of
metal, melted around his hand like a gauntlet. As I watched it steamed and
hissed, like a diseased snake. He did not seem aware of it, but the weapon had
brought him here.

I said "Dak'kon, *zerth* of Shra'kt'lor-Drowning, last wielder of the *karach*
blade, know that I have come to you with the words of Zerthimon, carved not in
chaos, but in stone, carved by the will in an Unbroken Circle."

As I said the word Zerthimon Dak'kon's eyes rolled in their socket and attempted
to focus on me. With some effort he opened his mouth to speak, but only a dry
hiss came forth. I took the stone from my pack and held it before him so he

I said, "Know that the words of Zerthimon inscribed upon this stone are true and
know that your divided mind need be divided no longer. All you must do it take
the stone and you shall *know* yourself again."

His eyes flickered over the Unbroken Circle and for a moment I thought he might
be gone too far to recognize it. Then his right hand twitched and he pulled it
slowly from its earthen prison. His hand clutched the stone like a drowning man.
His eyes flashed.

"Know that I have saved your life, Dak'kon, *zerth* of Shra'kt'lor." (6000)

Dak'kon's eyes shifted to me and he hissed again. He blinked, and then spoke,
voice barely louder than a whisper, but the words are what I wanted to
hear. "My ... life is yours ... until yours is no more...

Returning to the present I asked if this meant he got the circle from me. Yes,
said. In knowing its words he knew himself.

I asked him to tell me of the other incarnation he knew. The other me. He did
speak. I called his name and he said I should know that the other me was
different. The differences were not on the skin, nor in the weapon, nor my
attire. It was my thoughts and the way I acted upon those thoughts. My WILL
became sustenance. I saw others yet did not see them. I knew only that they
serve me. My heart was treacherous and cold, but the cold never burned me.

I asked if I ever betrayed him. Dak'kon's blade changed to a dull, flat black
the edges, like teeth, began sprouting from the edge of the blade. His face
clenched as he said it was not his will that I know of this.

Again I asked if my former self had betrayed him. He said that he had
his WORD to me, his SELF. I asked what he meant.

He said that the People did not allow themselves to be enslaved to another in
deed or chains. If they found themselves in such a cage they ACT to free
themselves even if that means they must endure another cage for a time. I had
performed a great service for him, but in so doing I had enslaved him. He acted
to free himself by surrendering his word and his self to me until my death.

I pointed out that I could not die. He said he did not know that. He said that
there is nothing left that he may surrender except his life. He only followed me
now so that he might die.

I asked what the service was that chained him. He said that in saving his life
his life became mine. I told him that it didn't have to be that way, that I
released him. I no longer wished him to be a slave and to consider the debt

He said no, that it was not my word that carried the weight and my word could
free him. The word that chained him was his own. The torment was his. That words
would not free him. I asked if there was any way to free him. He said only if I
died a final death, but death was not my path. We were at an impasse.

I vowed that I would find one; that I would find one that set him free. He said
should know that I have added other words to his words, that I had now chained

We rested at Marta's and bought supplies from her and the Skeleton Merchant and
sold him the last of our loot. Then we picked up the skulls we'd left by him and
moved on.

Drowned Nations
We returned to the chamber in the far lower right and I went through the door we
had passed by before into a Sealed Passageway. My companions stayed behind.

In amongst the bones of a skeleton to the right of the door I found a few
and some bandages.

This was a large chamber with a peculiar symbol in the center of the floor; some
sort of glyph or rune was inscribed inside a circle while rays from that circle
led off in different directions. It was ornate with statues and urns. The walls
were lined with pieces of a strange greenish stone. Much gold and copper gilt
laid about, but the copper was oddly untarnished, shining as if it had just been
hammered into place yesterday.

Going right I found another skeleton. As I went toward it a magical ball of
lighting hit me. On the skeleton I found a score of coppers and an axe made out
of an antler.

Seeing nothing else in the chamber I left through the central door, being struck
by a tremendous bolt of lightning as I went through the arch. Taking a few steps
into the next room I was suddenly caught up in a portal and found myself in
another part of the maze.

There were yet more skeletons. On one of them I found a silver bracelet, a Charm
of Infinite Recall and a set of punch daggers. Again I was struck by what I took
to be a Magic Missile. On another skeleton on the other side of the chamber I
found a silver earring and a pipe that appeared magical.

The strange rune was on the floor of this chamber also and a tomb was the focal
point of the room. As I moved toward the tomb I was struck again by a lightning
bolt that almost killed me. Inside the tomb was the Tomb Key. Looking at it a
memory came back and I knew that if I could return to the entrance chamber of
this crypt I could take a portal to somewhere else.

I left the chamber through the only exit from the room. As I did so I was
transported again and found myself in the room I'd just vacated. After trying
several times to with no success to change this pattern I stood in the center of
the glyph and let the lightning take me...

I was once more at the entrance to this place. One the whole, this experience
not one I would care to remember in my next life. Again I walked toward the
central tomb and was transported. I was now in a room to the east that appeared
identical to the tomb area I had just left.

Other than the tomb itself I found nothing in the chamber. Inside the tomb I
found another Tomb Key (2).

I left the tomb and went through a portal, again returning to the chamber I'd
just left.

"This is going to hurt." I surrendered to the lightning again. I returned to
in the entrance. I was stiff all over and developing a tremendous headache. I
walked toward the central tomb and once more was transported.

I was in the tomb to the south. In all respects it appeared identical to the
other two I had visited. While searching the chamber I stumbled upon many more
magical traps. I was coming to rue having decided to return to the ways of the
warrior before entering.

The only item I found was another Tomb Key (3), which was in the grave.
to be transported again I went through the archway towards the center chamber. I
wasn't surprised, finding myself returned to the chamber again.

"Or die trying." I stepped into the lightning for what I hoped was the last
Returning to life I walked with unsteady legs into the central chamber. This
I was not removed from the chamber. This tomb was more ornate than the others
the walls were covered in runes.

I examined the runes. They said I have been divided. I am one of many men. I
many names and each has left their scars. I continued to read...

It listed the many appellations that had been given me, Lost One, Immortal One,
Man of a Thousand Deaths, Misery-Bringer and so on. The last was Yemeth which I
took to be from another tongue. At least I knew why no one is glad to see me. I
then examined the panel. It looked as if it would recess into the wall. I pushed
and as it receded I heard a click comb from the sarcophagus in the center of the

I went to examine another wall's engravings ...

"I have lost lifetimes because of my killer. I cannot deceive him, so I must
him. I tried to throw him off the scent. I left false bodies, tailored in such a
way to placate him. I roamed the most outer planes, hoping to use distance as a
shield. I built this tomb filled with traps to try and kill the killer. I hid."

I continued to read:

"All I bought was time. The attacks inevitably begin again, with more fury than
before. Deceptions are useless. Somehow, the killer always knows that I live.
no matter where on the planes I hide, he finds me ... eventually."

This panel also looked as if it would recess, so I pushed it. Another click was
heard from the sarcophagus.

I turned an examined another wall. It spoke of the need to record my journeys so
that I might learn from them. It also cautioned that the sources of information
used must be protected. I realized that this chamber was one of my journals, as
had been told. This panel recessed too.

The next panel was in the same tone as the tattoo on my back. Again it spoke of
the journal and said that Pharod could fill in the gaps. I continued to refresh
my memory. I told myself not to tell anyone who I was or what happens to me or
they'd send me to the crematorium. READ the Journal, and then FIND Pharod.

Then there was one more line: "Don't trust the skull." I think I shall have a
LOOONG talk with Morte when I get back. If I get back. He has a lot of
to do.

I pushed the panel in.

Yet another panel said, "Fear names. Names have power in identity. Others can
names as weapons. Names are a hook that can be used to track you across the
planes. Remain nameless and you shall be safe."

Another panel: "I suspect that we will continue to die and be reborn until we
finally get our life right. I do not know what we have to do to bring that

A different panel: "There is nothing that can be done. Memories are gone,
never to return. With every death I lose a part of me."

"How can one be immortal and still die?"

The last panel: "What little life there is in the world is draining out this
in my body. The world can burn, the planes can burn, just give me life!" I
to have been of mixed minds about my existence.

I went to the sarcophagus. The lid moved with ease. Only a key lay inside.

Walking south I was transported to a different room with a smaller sarcophagus
the center. There were no doors leading from the chamber, but when I walked
directly south a portal appeared on the opposite side. In the sarcophagus were a
Heart Charm, a Corpse Fly Charm, a Knot Charm, an enchanted battleaxe, a Bloody
Teardrop, and a powerful spell: Ax of Torment. I went through the portal and
rejoined my compatriots.

They asked me no questions about what had transpired and I told them nothing.
Perhaps all my former selves were paranoid, but I decided that they made sense.
Which may not say much for me. Having gotten used to Morte I kept him with me,
but my eye was on him.

[All you need to do to get them to rejoin is talk to them. Morte is not the
you should mistrust and is safe to have in your party so dont leave him here.]

We then moved back one intersection and turned right, then went straight through
the next and went down a staircase. At the bottom of the stairs lay a body.
were several alcoves on either side of the room and unsettling noises came from
them, as if something lurked just out of sight.

When we moved to the body a number of Vargouilles came out of the alcoves and
attacked us. As a sign of our growing power we dispatched these beasts with
barely a scratch.

Searching the body I found a skull, almost 3 dozen coppers, a warhammer and a
Blood Charm.

We went back up the staircase and turned right, moving to the next intersection
north and turning right again.

We encountered a battle between several Tropotaca and a few Vargouille. Seeing
our opportunity we attacked the Tropotaca while they were distracted.

In a small box by one pillar we found most of 400 coppers. On our way out Annah
happened to spy an object in the last alcove on the northern wall. It turned out
to be the Decanter of Endless Water. We went back and walked north again and
back in the main chamber. As we turned right we found two ghouls arguing with
each other about whether or if they would go attack the Tropotaca.

As we approached they turned to us. I asked what the problem was. One of the
ghouls said that the Tropotaca was keeping them from expanding their domain.
said if we would kill the beast we could keep the loot. After making sure it was
only a Tropotaca we agreed. The beast soon fell to our blows.

Next to the beast was the body of a collector. On it we found a skull, a pipe
a Blood Charm. In the room also were two huge stone faces. Examining them we
could discover nothing.

We returned to the Dead Nations to rest and identify the many new items we had.

The tear I had found in the Tomb was the Tear of Salieru-Dei. The two pipes both
would cast Cloudkill some number of times.

We returned to the Glyve, the face in the wall, who had sent us for the Decanter
what seemed like an age ago.

He was eager to see it and asked that I pour some of its water across his lips.
He promised again to tell me what I had asked. (5000)

As we watched the flow of water from the holes in his face turned clear and
water flowed into the Ditch. He asked if I wished my answer now. I said yes.

He told me to seek out the woman Nemelle. She resided in the Clerk's Ward in
Upper Sigil. He did not know where exactly, but wished me the best of luck in my

I thought it time to settle one issue. I asked Morte to read the tattoo on my
back again. Morte did not want to and tried to distract me. I told him I wanted
him to read ALL of it this time.

He got to the "end" as he had before and stopped. I told him to go on and tell
what it said after that. He asked what I was talking about, that there wasn't
more. (1000) I asked what about "Don't trust the skull?" Morte said he figured
that it was wash so he didn't read the line out loud. I said what did he think
meant, then? He said he didn't think so, he meant, I could trust him. Right?

I asked if he was lying to me. He said no, that he hadn't steered me wrong yet.
Yet, I said. I didn't like the fact that he didn't read me that line and I
to know what else he'd neglected to mention since we'd been traveling together.

He said nothing, that he'd told me everything. Well ... ALMOST everything, but
nothing, you know, dangerous. I told him if there was anything else he should
tell me ... NOW.

He said seriously, there was nothing else, he wouldn't hold out on me. I was
finally satisfied with this and with Morte.

Drowned Nations
We moved down to the Drowned Nations and went through the last door out of the
entrance room. It led to the Warrens of Thought. Unfortunately, that door was
locked and Annah could not defeat it so we went to the Weeping Tomb to use that

Warrens of Thought
Entering the room we came upon some huge thing of rat kin calling itself

He asked what we were doing here. I told him we were exploring. He asked if we
were scavengers. I said no, but then he wished to know why we were there. I
who he was. He said that we were obviously in error and transported us to
location in the Warrens.

The room looked to be some sort of armory of the dead. In one of the racks I
found a serviceable battleaxe. In another was a crescent hatchet. Another rack
held a find: 2 Heart Charms, 3 Corpse Fly Charms and a mace. 2 maces were in the
next rack.

We reached a door, which was locked. Fortunately one of the Wererat guards knew
Annah from his former life. He attacked the other guard and then left, telling
to let the Village know that something awful was coming, though he didn't know

We went northeast, moving past several large siege engines and found more than a
dozen Cranium Rats and several Wererats. They cast several spells on us, the
annoying of which was Swarm, which afflicted us throughout the whole battle. It
was a difficult, nasty fight. Even though the Wererats struck with great
we concentrated on their smaller brethren. They continued to cast spell after
spell until we had slain at least 8 of the vermin.

[In case you missed it in the documentation, you can find out the exact location
of a person or item by hitting L while holding down the left mouse button.]

There was a door on the northern wall, so we took it. We explored the eastern
portion of the next room and went into the corridor going north that led from
middle of the room.

In the next room were a number of Wererats. Spread out as they were we were able
to kill them one at a time without difficulty. Near the center of this large
was a tomb that had over 2 dozen coppers and bandages as well as a skull, a bone
club and some junk.

In the far northwest corner of the room was a cask that held a green bottle
holding a murky liquid.

We left the room by a door to the west. In this room was a lone Wererat who soon
joined the rest of his pack, hopefully in some lower plane of hell. As we
explored further we saw that this was really four rooms around a central pillar.
To the northeast we found a barrel holding a score of coppers and a copper
earring. We found several more Wererats scattered about the room as we searched
it, but without their smaller cousins to cast spells they posed no great threat.

In one grave in the northwest corner we found over a score of coppers and a

The "plans" of our verminous foe were revealed as a horde of Cranium Rats poured
into the room. Again they cast spell upon spell, wounding Annah near to death
seriously injuring Dak'kon. Even when they tried to withdraw they continued to
launch spells as we hunted down the final stragglers.

Down a hallway leading south from the room we met another Wererat, then went
through a door into a large chamber. A Wererat acted as greeter and we showed it
our steel.

Another horde of Cranium Rats surged towards us, casting spells. They came
a whisker of killing Annah again. I must try to convince her to stay back with
the rest of the group. Being headstrong, she often runs into a room before the
rest of us have gotten through the door.

This room was large and square and had a semicircle of tombs in its center. The
grave facing the semicircle held two score of commons and another skull. We went
through a door to the north and explored the other half of a long, rectangular
room we'd been through earlier. This end of the room had many small boxes in
disheveled stacks.

There were some boxes in the middle of the room that held some rags. Looking at
our maps we found that we'd missed a room in the middle of the warren and
retraced our steps through the large square room, into the hallway north then
following the right wall until we came to a door.

Yet more Cranium Rats scurried out of the piles of boxes to greet us. I wished
fervently we had spells able to affect large numbers of individuals, but we set
to work killing them, each one of us taking a different rat until they were
I don't know why, but these rats did not cast any spells at us, though there
certainly enough of them to do so judging by our previous encounters. In the
boxes we found a few coppers, some rags and various healing supplies.

We went back to the room with the semicircle of graves and went through the
southern door this time. We were in the other half of a long, rectangular room
filled with graves we'd partially explored. In a grave along the center of the
room we found a much-needed scroll of Ball Lightning as well as a skull, a leg
bone club and some rags.

We went back to the room with the semicircle of graves for the third time and
opened the door to the southwest. This room looked as if it was where the
of the graves were kept as there were several tables and chairs scattered about.

We could not open the door to the south, but when we opened the northern door we
were immediately met by a Wererat. We backed into the room from which we had
and let him advance on us rather than face the unknown horrors in the next room
all at once.

After slaying the creature we went into the next room and dealt with two more of
the beasts. This room too must have been used to keep records. There were many
more tables and chairs scattered around. In neither room could we find anything
worth the search.

We then went back to the door to the Cranium Rat Collective.

Many-As-One greeted us. He (it, they) was not happy. They were quite angry with
us for killing so many of their number. They said that they did not wish more
battle with us. If we were willing to do a favor for them they could perform a
service for us and we could part peacefully.

I asked who they were. They said we had already met as we killed them. If we had
come to kill them all we could not succeed. They had no wish to fight, but if we
insisted they would.

Annah was in favor of accepting their offer, while Morte warned that I should
watch my thoughts. He said I should tread carefully.

Many asked that my companions stay silent. They also demanded amends be made.

I asked what they wanted from me. They asked that I strike down the Silent King
and when I had to return. I asked why they didn't do it themselves. Many said
that the dead are entrenched and difficult to harm. They don't know anything
about the Silent King save that he exists. They do not like such mysteries. They
only strike when they know they can succeed. The Silent King makes them doubt.

I refused. A tremendous battle ensued and yet, it was trivial. We slew countless
rats. They cast spells without end. We could see hundreds of pairs of eyes
looking at us from the shadows and I expected to die again, but eventually they
had had enough and surrendered. I felt no real satisfaction. For all of their
spell casting, we were not on equal footing and they were only fighting to live.

[If you have high enough charisma, at least 16, you can talk Stale Mary into
opening a portal to see the Silent King and then substitute a regular skull for
his. You have to do this before you deal with Soego as I did here or else the
conversational tree will no longer exist. If you do this then you can accept the
rat's quest. Or you can accept the rat's quest and pickpocket the key from
Hargrimm, but even sneaking Annah in as soon as she opens the door to the throne
room the skeletons will attack you. You get 7500 experience if you do this and
see the rats again. They'll try to kill you in thanks. If you do this before
killing lots of them you'll recover some memories and get an additional 3000

Buried Village
Back at the Burning Village we rested at Marta's.

I went to see Pharod to see what had happened to him. Sharegrave's thugs must
have caught up with him. He was dead. Searching his body I found the Sphere as
well as his crutch, which seemed quite sturdy.

On a hunch I walked over to the archway north of the hand to inspect that area
again. Touching the archway with the crutch opened a portal. Stepping through we
found ourselves in Pharod's Vault.

Pharod's Vault
We walked down the stairs and continued clockwise until we reached a set of
bookshelves. The shelves furthest to the left held a spell of Chromatic Orb and
one of Magic Missile. The next shelves to the right held a Blood Fly Charm and a
Blood Charm. The shelves furthest to the right held a piece of Cheese.

Walking down the ramp to the area below we found two score coppers on the
to the right and far up on the shelves a scroll of Swarm Curse. The first shelf
to the left of the ramp down held nothing that we could find, though we went
every inch of it. Walking northeast along a walkway we searched a bench and
some embalming fluid, needles and bandages.

Finding nothing in the two sets of smaller shelves we went down the ramp and
turned left. The first bookshelves yielded nothing, but the second set moving
north held the Stinger Earring.

Searching the rest of the vault and finding nothing else we were concerned until
I stumbled upon a section of the supports under the middle bookshelf that seemed
different. I touched it with the crutch and a portal appeared.

Booty in our packs, we left. It was time to look up Mar who gave us the fiend

[To unlock all the circles of Zerthimon requires a very high intelligence. I got
as far as I did with an intelligence of 16 (15 +1 from a tattoo) and will try to
learn more after I have raised my intelligence further.]

On the way I asked to see the Circle of Zerthimon again and used it. It talked
the Githzerai, the First People and their fall into slavery by the illithids.
They knew not themselves and had learned how to make other races forget

They had tentacles and lived within flesh. They saw flesh as tools for their
will. They shaped minds with their thoughts. When the illithids found the
the People were no more. They became slaves.

The illithids took the People from the First World and brought them to the False
Worlds. As the People labored on the False Worlds the illithids taught them the
Way of the Flesh. Through them the People came to know loss, suffering and
They knew what it was to be the herd of another and have their flesh consumed.
They knew the horror of being made to feel joy in such things.

The Unbroken Circle is the knowing of how the People lost themselves and how
came to know themselves again.

After I finished reading the First Circle I talked to Dak'kon about taking up
Art. Then I spoke to him of what I'd come to know from having read the First
Circle. Speaking to him I told him I had learned that strength comes from
oneself. Once someone does not know their self they are lost. They become tools
for others. (300)

I borrowed the Circle again from Dak'kon and studied it. I chose to unlock the
Second Circle. It said that one should know that steel can mark flesh, but flesh
cannot mark steel. One of the places were flesh served the will of the illithids
was the Fields of Husks on one of the False Worlds.

The Fields were where the bodies of the People were cast after the illithids had
consumed their brains. They used the bodies as fertilizer to grow the poison-
stemmed grasses of the illithids. Zerthimon worked the Fields with no knowing of
himself or what he had become. He was a tool of flesh and the tool was content.

On these Fields Zerthimon came to know the scripture of steel. He came upon a
husk whose brain remained within. It had not been used as food, yet it was dead.
The thought that a husk could die without serving as food was a thought he had
difficulty understanding. From that thought came a desire to know what had
happened to the husk.

Embedded in the skull of the husk was a steel blade. It had pierced the bone.
Zerthimon realized that was what had killed the husk. The steel had marked the
flesh, but the flesh had not marked the steel.

He took the blade and studied its surface. He saw his reflection. In the
reflection of steel he first knew himself. It was sharp, but its will was the
wielder's. It would be the blade raised against Gith when Zerthimon made the
Pronouncement of Two Skies.

He kept the blade for many turnings, using it in the fields and thought much
about it. He thought about how it was not being used.

The illithids were powerful. Zerthimon had believed that there was nothing that
they did not know. Yet the illithids never carried tools of steel. The only used
tools of flesh. When the blade had killed the husk, it was the flesh that had
been weaker than the steel.

Then he knew that flesh yields to steel. Knowing this he also knew that steel
stronger than the illithids. Steel became the scripture of the People. Steel was
the scripture by which the People came to know freedom.

Returning the Circle to him I spoke to Dak'kon of what I had learned. I learned
that not knowing something can be a tool, just as flesh and steel, if upon
encountering it you attempt to know its nature and how it came to be. (600)

Dak'kon gave to me the Scripture of Steel, which I copied into my spell book.

Once more I took the Circle from Dak'kon and used it to unlock the Third Circle
of Zerthimon.

Zerthimon labored many turnings for the illithid Arlathii Twice-Deceased and his
partnership in the cavernous heavens of the False Worlds. His labors were
terrible and exhausting.

Arlathii ordered Zerthimon before him. He claimed that Zerthimon had committed
slights against his partnership. Arlathii spoke falsely and only wished to know
if flames lay within Zerthimon's heart. Arlathii would know if Zerthimon's heart
was that of a slave or a rebel.

Zerthimon surrendered to the punishment and kept his strength hidden. He was
placed within the Pillars of Silence to suffer for a turning.

Zerthimon moved his mind to a place where pain could not follow and left his
body. He lasted a turning and when he was taken before Arlathii he gave thanks
for his punishment to the illithid, as was the custom, thus proving himself a
slave to the illithid even though his heart was still free.

By enduring and quenching the fires in his heart he allowed Arlathii to think
weak. When the time of the Rising came Arlathii was the first of the illithid to
know death by Zerthimon's hand and die a third time.

I spoke to Dak'kon and told him I had learned what it was to endure. In
grow strong. (900)

Dak'kon looked at me strangely when I said this. He again gave me a
of the Circle in a new form. As he did this I saw that Dak'kon was not looking
me. He was looking at the Circle. His blade took on the same texture as the
Circle and Dak'kon suddenly appeared older.

I spoke his name aloud. His eyes rose from the Circle to gaze at me. He said I
should know that he did not believe I would come to know the teachings of the
Circle. It is a difficult path I will walk in learning the Way. He asked if my
mind was focused.

I said it was, that I wished to learn more. I scribed Submerge the Will into my
spell book.

I studied the Circle to know the Fourth Circle of Zerthimon.

The Rising of the People was built upon many ten-turnings of labor. Many of the
People were gathered and taught in secret the ways of defeating their masters.
They were taught to shield their minds and to use them as weapons. They were
taught steel and freedom.

Some knew the nature of freedom and took it into their hearts and thus gained
strength. Others feared freedom and kept silent. But there were those that knew
freedom and slavery and it was their choice that the People wear their chains.
One such was Vilquar.

He saw no freedom in the Rising, but opportunity. He saw that the illithid had
covered with their numbers many of the False Worlds. Their Worlds were so many
that their vision turned only to what they did not possess. He saw that there
much they did not see. To the Rising, the illithid were blind.

Vilquar went before his master Zhijitaris with the knowledge of the Rising.
Vilquar added to his chains and offered to be their eyes against the Rising. In
return he asked that he be rewarded for his service. The illithid agreed to this

At the bonding of the contract a dark time occurred. Vilquar committed many
betrayals and the illithids fed on many of the People to stem the Rising. It
seemed the Rising would die before it could occur and the illithid were pleased
with Vilquar's eye.

Near the end of this time Zerthimon came to know Vilquar's treacheries. In
knowing Zerthimon forced the Rising to silence itself so that Vilquar might
that at last his treacheries had succeeded and the Rising had fallen. He knew
that Vilquar's eye was filled only with the reward he had been promised. He
see what he wished to see.

With greed beating in his heart Vilquar came to Zhijitaris and told his master
his success. He said that the Rising had fallen and the illithids were safe to
turn their eyes outwards once more. He praised their wisdom in using his eye and
asked them for his reward.

In his greed-blindness Vilquar had forgotten why the People had sought freedom.
He had lost the knowing of slavery. He had forgotten how his masters saw him.
Thus Vilquar's betrayal was ended with another. Vilquar came to know that when
his eye had nothing left to see his eye was useless.

The illithid gave Vilquar his reward, opening his skull and devouring his brain.
His corpse was cast upon the Fields of Husks so that its blood might water the

Returning the Circle, I spoke to Dak'kon about the Way. He asked what I had come
to know. I said that when one chooses to see only what is before them they see
only a part of the whole. They are blind. (1500)

Dak'kon said to know that I spoke truly. Vilquar's eye blinded both he and the
illithids. When the Rising occurred the ground drank deep of illithid blood. So
victory was born from treachery.

I asked why this lesson became part of the teachings.

His blade shifted into a dead, night-black and his voice deepened. For a moment
thought him angry, but I was not sure. He said there is much about the Way and
his path that is difficult to know.

I asked if he knew why that tale is part of the Way. Dak'kon said it is part of
the telling of how our People came to know freedom. It tells us that there are
those even among the People who are not of the People.

Once more he gave to me a configuration of the Circle to put in my spell book.
Thus I obtained Vilquar's Eye, though I knew not enough to scribe it into my
spell book yet. I would have to grow in knowledge.

I moved the plates into the arrangement Dak'kon had shown me to unlock the Fifth

Zerthimon was the first to know the way of freedom. Yet it was not he that first
knew the way of rebellion. The knowing of rebellion came to the warrior-queen
Gith, one of the People. She had served the illithids on many False Worlds as a
soldier and she had come to know war and carried it in her heart. She knew how
others might be organized to subjugate. She knew the paths of power and the art
of taking from the conquerors the weapons by which they could be defeated. Her
will and blade were as one.

The turning in which he came to know Gith Zerthimon ceased to know himself. Her
words were as fires lit in the hearts of all who heard her. In hearing her he
wished to know war. He knew not what afflicted him, but he knew he wished to
his blade to Gith. He wished to express his hate and share his pain with the

Gith was of the People, but her knowing of herself was greater than any
had ever encountered. She knew flesh, she knew the illithids and in knowing
herself she was to know how to defeat them in battle. Her strength was so great
that all that walked her path came to know themselves.

Gith was but one. Her strength was such that is caused others to know their
strength. Zerthimon laid his steel at her feet.

I spoke to Dak'kon of this. I said that there is strength in numbers, but there
is great power in one for the strength of the will of one may gather numbers to
it. (3000) Dak'kon opened the Sixth Circle for me.

Thus I received knowledge of the Power of One.

I began the study of the Sixth Circle.

On the Blasted Plains Zerthimon told Gith that there cannot be two skies. In the
wake of his words came war. On the Blasted Plains the People had achieved
over their illithid masters.

Yet before the green fires had died from the battlefield Gith spoke of
the war. Many agreed with her. She spoke of not merely defeating the illithids,
but destroying all illithids across the Planes. After the illithids had been
exterminated they would bring war to all the other races they met.

In Gith's heart was fire. She lived in war and in war knew herself. All that her
eyes saw she wanted to conquer.

Zerthimon said that the People already knew freedom. Now they should know
themselves again and mend the damage that had been done. Behind his words were
many of the People who were weary of the war.

Gith and Zerthimon were divided. She said that the war would continue. The
illithid would be destroyed. Then the People would claim the False Worlds as
their own. Gith told Zerthimon that they would be under the same sky in this.

Zerthimon spoke the Pronouncement of Two Skies. In the wake of his words came

I spoke to Dak'kon about what I had read. I said that Zerthimon's devotion to
People was such that he was willing to protect them from themselves. That there
must be balance in all things or else the self will not hold. (5000)

Dak'kon twisted the plates of the Circle until there was a click. He stared at
the two plates in his hand, but did not give them to me.

I asked if the second plate was for him. He did not speak. His blade shimmered.

I asked if he knew the Sixth Circle. He spoke, but did not meet my gaze. He said
there is nothing more he could teach me. I know the way of the People as the
People know it and it shall give me the direction by which I may know myself.

I said that was not what I had asked. He was silent. Then he spoke, his voice
slow and careful. He said it had come to pass that he did not know the Sixth
Circle. Once he did know it, but now he only saw the words. It was his path that
he no longer knew the Way.

I said there was one other thing I would know. Why was Vilquar's Eye in the
Circle? It tells of how the People benefited from a treachery from their own.

He said again that it was part of the telling of how the People came to know
freedom. Did I not listen? It tells the People that even in the greatest
treachery a greater knowing may be achieved.

I said that it didn't sound as if he believed that. I thought there was another
reason. That is was there because of the Sixth Circle and the Pronouncement of
Two Skies. It was there to justify Zerthimon's treachery to the People on the
Blasted Plains.

Dak'kon was silent. His blade was as jet. Teeth rippled along the edge.

Continuing, I said that Zerthimon had divided the People on the Blasted Plains.
He divided Dak'kon's race when they were on the path of victory. I would like to
believe it was because he wished to save the people from themselves, but I
think Dak'kon believed that.

He spoke slowly and said that he did no know the Sixth Circle as it is known to
others. He thought that the Third, Fourth and Sixth Circles were more closely
linked than many knew. It was in that knowing he had lost himself.

I said that in the Third Circle Zerthimon submerged his will to deceive the
illithids and in the Fourth it speaks of treachery. Then in the Sixth he divided
his people before they exterminate the illithids. Might the words of Zerthimon
not be his own?

Dak'kon said I should know the wound that is on his heart: he fears that when
Zerthimon was upon the Pillars of Silence he did not submerge his will. That his
will was taken from him by the illithids. And when he spoke on the Blasted
it was with their voice. What he did was not for the sake of the People, but for
their former masters.

I said that it was possible...

He said I should know this and speak of it NO MORE in a voice as sharp as his
blade. He said he shall never know the truth. There is NO resolution to this for
he shall NEVER know Zerthimon's heart. And so he came to know not himself
of the Unbroken Circle.

So I came to possess knowledge of the Balance of All Things. And I knew that
before my studies of the Circle could continue, if they could, I must grown in
experience, abilities and knowledge.

NW Hive
Mar #2
I had noticed a number of dead Lim-Lim in this section from time to time and on
this trip I noticed that the trail led to the open-air building with many
in the northwest corner of this quarter. Following the trail I came upon Mar.

Mar was so glad to see us he practically screamed his delight. He expressed his
pleasure at our arrival by asking what we were doing back, saying that we should
not come back until we delivered the box.

I told him that we'd gotten rid of it. He said it did his heart good to hear us
say that. He wanted us to let him live long enough to explain. I told him I was

He said that the box had been around long as anyone can remember. Chant was that
some folks were fighting and when they were done a huge demon was imprisoned
inside the box. No one knows the truth about the box is, except the owner of the
box will die if it is opened.

I asked why didn't the owner put the box where no one could find it. He said it
should have been so simple, but who could live with such a death hanging over

I asked why me? He said first that I was new around there. He needed someone
clueless to become the new owner and since the magics on the box were weakening
he could tell he was running out of time. Besides, I looked like death warmed
over, anyway.

I suggested that if he didn't want personal knowledge of the next realm he
keep talking.

Mar said that he also picked me because I looked like I might be able to handle
it and he offered me a weapon and some jink as a reward for my trouble. These
were what Ku'atraa used to get him to take it in the first place.

I told him to give me the reward and beat it. (1250)

Seeing an Abishai I struck up a conversation. It tried to bite Annah's head off,
so I killed it for being so rude.

I went by the Gathering Dust to buy the Death of Desire, a club I'd had my eye
for some time.

SW Hive
Since we had over 70 rat-tails by now I thought it time we turned them in to

As soon as we talked in Lort screamed and asked us not to kill him. Funny, I
to have that effect on everyone. Then he took a second look at us, never a good
idea, and seemed relieved it was "only" us.

I asked if he was in trouble. He said the cranium rats were determined to be rid
of him. I asked what he was talking about. He said that earlier today he found a
large specimen of rat here at his office. He captured the creature and took it
downstairs into the basement to deal with it. But then it grew into a man-sized
creature and said it was sent to kill him for his crimes.

I asked what did he do then. He said he ran for his life and locked the door
behind him. He said that if I slew the beast he would make it worth my while. I
asked what he had to offer. He said he'd pay me 200 commons to be rid of the
thing. I told him I'd do the job and he gave me the key to his basement.

We went downstairs and the beast attacked immediately. It was large, ugly, and
after one blow of Death, very dead.

In a crate in the middle of the room I found a Recall Charm, some bandages and a
needle and thread.

When I went upstairs Lort had to be reminded of the amount, but was happy with
the result and paid in full. (1000)

I took this moment study again the Circle. As I did so I saw a strange link that
mentioned the laboring of the Gith people to achieve the Rising. A new circle
emerged from the link and I unlocked it, pulling the plate forth so that I could
study it. (3000)

I read the symbols. It said know that the Rising of the People against the
illithid was built upon many turnings. The Rising was shaped upon a slow
foundation. Steel was gathered. A means of knowing the movements of the
was established. When their movements were known the ways of their mind was

When the ways of the illithid were known many of the People were gathered and
taught in secret the means to shield their minds and the way to harness their
will as weapons.

These things were not learned quickly. The knowing of much of the ways was slow.
From the knowing of one's reflection in a steel blade to the knowing of the
submerging of the will to the knowing of seeing itself. All these things and
besides the People built upon.

After the knowing of this I spoke to Dak'kon. I told him that there was a
Circle within the Stone of Zerthimon and that it spoke of the building of the

He asked what the knowledge of the Seventh Circle was. I said it spoke of time
an ally, not an enemy. That time can sharpen even the smallest of efforts into a
weapon that can strike the heart of an empire.

After a time of silence he asked if I would make this Circle known to him. I
the Circle and unlocked the Seventh Circle. (5000) As I did so two plates slid
from the interior.

As there were two plates I suggested that we both study them. Again Dak'kon was
silent. Then he said that there was much I had come to know about the Circle and
my knowing carried a greater weight than his own.

This is how we both learned of the Missile of Patience.

We went to Fell's to look through his stock again and I bought the Tattoo of the
Warrior. I gave Annah my Tattoo of Warding. She looked pleased until she caught

SE Hive
We went to the southeast quarter of the Hive to investigate where Annah found my
body. (Can you say out-of-body experience?)

As we went in I had a brief vision. I saw Pharod being attacked or carried off
ghosts. I'd seen these same ghosts once before around me just before I'd

The building was filled with hideous sounds. It was as if souls were being
wrenched out of their bodies somewhere off in the distance. For a moment I
thought we might have stumbled through a portal into one of the hells.

We saw a Tiefling girl painting, but she paid us no heed. In one of the two
barrels in the room we found a few coppers.

In the next room we found a barrel that had over 200 commons in it. We also
a thug who died without much of a struggle.

Moving on, we opened a door on our right to find a man and some sort of
intelligent creature engaged in combat. Not wanting to be left out we joined in
and killed both of them.

We then went back into the hall and opened the only other door. There was
in this room save a different door to leave by, so we took it.

There was a barrel in the next room with a few bandages. There was an opening on
the opposite wall and we went through into a hall, and then took the first door
on the left.

In this room were a large piece of machinery and an old man. As we drew near he
turned and we could see that both of his eyes were missing. He spoke in jumbled
sentences about 'friend words' he would speak of me and call chaos.

I asked if this form of speech was necessary. He seemed surprised that we were
not part of one of the chaos gangs that ran through this area. We decided to
leave him be, at least for now.

[This fellow will help you if you are of chaotic alignment. At this time I was
Neutral Good.]
Coming out of his room we went in the door opposite and met Sybil. As we entered
the room a young woman stepped out of the shadows to greet us. She warned us
we should not go through the next door. I asked what was behind it. She said
there was a gang of the barking wilders having some sort of gathering.

I asked her about them. She told me they were the Starved Dog Barking gang, a
bunch of barmy Xaositect thugs that operate in this area. I asked how many there
were. She said about a dozen, but she couldn't be sure.

I didn't think that would be problem for us, but asked if there was another way
past. She said that she thought it might be possible to sneak from the other
to that room to the exit, but there was a problem with that. I asked what it
She said the door was locked and that the key was with one of the thugs
I said that I would find it and bid her farewell.

Going southeast we entered a room with several large crates and a few barrels.
Only one of the crates would open. In it was a silver bracelet. In one of the
barrels was nearly 150 commons.

On the southeast wall of the room were two doors. Pausing a moment in thought we
decided to open the one on the right, but it was locked so we tried the next
It was not. In the next room was a stairway going up. In a cart by the stairs
a pry bar.

Going back to the locked room Annah was able to pick the lock. Several crates
were stacked against one wall. It was locked so I set Annah to work. Not only
it locked, it was trapped, but she dealt with both problems and we had a look at
the contents. After the build up it was a bit disappointing to find that all it
contained was a little over 100 coppers.

From time to time to make the hours go faster Annah and I swapped techniques for
lock picking, disarming traps and other thievish skills as we gained in
knowledge. (1000 per occurrence)

As we reached the top of the stairs we found a hallway with a door directly in
front of us, one behind us on the right, and one at the end of the hall. There
was also an opening a bit further down the northwest wall.

We went through the opening into a large room with a low table and a barrel. In
the barrel were 75 coppers and a bone dagger. As I moved away from the barrel I
was struck by an arrow from some trap.

We then went through the door into the room across from us. In it were a number
of barrels, crates and sacks, but none of them could be opened.

As we went through the final door Dak'kon was attacked by two Dogs who almost
killed him before we could finish them off. While Annah stitched him up we
examined the room. Other than a stairway leading up there was nothing of

The top of this stairs led into a long hallway with a door in the middle.
Examining the room and finding nothing but debris we opened the door. Three
greeted us with steel. As we fought I was suddenly struck by some potent magics.

Backing away from my attacker I saw a wizard at the other end of the room.
that I could not close the distance before he let off anther spell, I quickly
sent him one of my own: Magic Missile. Since I had several of these memorized I
thought that might buy enough time for my companions to finish the two thugs and
close on him.

As my friend closed on the mage he got off one last enchantment before my final
Magic Missile hit and killed him. On his body we found the Tenement Key and a
coppers. Dak'kon and I were still glowing greenly from whatever ill spell the
mage had sent us, but after a few moments the effects wore off.

We stopped long enough to care for our wounds. We all had serious injuries, but
eventually were well enough to continue.

We were in an L-shaped hallway with doors on either side of the leg we entered.
Flipping a coin we took the door to the left. It was a storage room with a cart
and some barrels. In the cart we found 4 Clot Charms and almost 100 coppers.

In the other room we found another thug, whom we swiftly dispatched. There was
nothing in the room so we went back down the stairs.

After looking in vain for Sybil we went to the large storage room and prepared
ourselves then went through the door to the back way through the Dog's meeting

It opened onto large room where 2 thugs waited on guard. Searching the room we
found nothing.

We left the room by the door to the southwest, as that seemed the furthest area
away from the thugs' meeting. This room likewise held nothing, but Annah spotted
a secret door to the northwest. Before checking it out we went into the small
room to the southeast and met another Dog. After putting him to sleep we let him
lie while we searched what turned out to be a water closet. Looking in the pot I
found a Blood Fly Charm.

As we went through the secret door we were met by a Dog who barked the alarm to
the others and a large fight ensued with a dozen of the curs. I tried to cast a
spell, but the fiends closed before I could get it off.

These Dogs were larger than those we'd met before and fought well. They
pushed us back against the wall. Even using up some of our store of charms we
been holding out for difficult occasions such as this we were sorely pressed.

Finally it was done. All were slain. On one of the bodies we found a small red
key and a key to the storeroom we'd gone through earlier. We found ourselves in
large, irregular room with many crates and sacks. In one barrel along the
northwest wall we found a gold ring, silver ring, a few dozen coppers and a Knot

A door in the southwest wall of the room led to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.
Taking a deep breath, we went on.

Alley of Lingering Sighs
This alley should have been named the alley of lingering trash heaps. It was a
mess, with crates, barrels and various other piles of assorted refuse set about
in no particular order.

Following the twists and turns of the alley we saw a hovel and entered it,
finding a dabus dead on the floor inside.

As I bent over to examine the body a shock entered me and a wind blew through
room. There was a wrenching sensation in my skull as if a dabus was trying to
reshape my skull. As I tried to focus my vision went black briefly, but the
hammering faded until it sounded like it was outside my skull. Then my vision
returned, but it was like looking through a haze and confused. I kept trying to
focus and saw a spectral version of the dabus enter the building. As it did the
windows and the doors became like water, sealing the building. The dabus turned
and paused, then began a slow circuit of the room examining the wall and beating
on each one once as if he were testing it.

The dabus completed it circuit of the room, then paused again by the door. It
began hammering again. It chipped away the stone, but the wall repaired itself.
Then the vision faded, but the hammering continued, first in a steady rhythm
slower and slower. I kept focusing ... (1000) My vision cleared again and the
hammering ended. The body of the dabus looked as if it died in here, trapped.

I picked up the hammer the dabus had used and we left.

Walking further we came to a large gate to the east. Annah opened it and stepped
through. We went down some steps and she showed us the place she found me. As
did so a section of the wall in front of us bulged out into a large face.

I asked Annah what that was, but she didn't know. She wanted to leave, but I
not just yet. Then a breeze picked up and the air was filled with the sound of
creaking boards, rustling leaves and stone grinding on stone. From noise the
clamor gradually blended into one voice, soft, but all around us at once.


"Do you know me?"


"Destroyed? Where?" At last, some answers.


"Do you know what happened to me?"

DO YOU NOT REMEMBER?" As I listened there was the stirring of memory. I closed
eyes to try to remember...

Shadows formed all around me, and then lashed out. I'm falling ... Then, from
overhead I watch Annah kneel beside my ... body.

"YES ... YOU REMEMBER." The voice brought me back to the present. "DESTROYED. AS

"You're dying?"



Annah broke in, "It must be in the way."

"What are you talking about?"

Annah responded, "I think it's pregnant."


Morte stuck in his oar, "Freaky. So where are we technically standing right

"I really don't want to know the answer to that, Morte."


"What do you need to divide?" I'm nothing, if not game.


"You want me to kill the dabus in the Alley?" Hmmm ... I wonder if it's too late
to go back and become a disciple of Aokosar?


"Very well, I'll remove the dabus for you." What they hey, you only live once.

We went back to where we had seen a dabus. I told it of the body in the Alley.
asked where, so I told it. The creature then went inside the building and the
door locked behind it.

We went back to see the Wall. I told it about the dabus and what I had said to
it. (11500)


Unfortunately that still left the "repairs' it had made. I agreed to undo them.

Finding the dilapidated hovel the dabus had been working on we pried loose the
boards it had put in place.

We then went to the hovel on the other side of the building where the Dabus were
now interred and used the hammer to put boards back in place.

We returned to the Wall once more and I told it I was done with the repairs.

"YES. ALL IS IN ORDER. I AM GRATEFUL." The wind picked up again, but more

I bid the Wall farewell and it transformed back and the ground began to shake.
The entire wall where the face had been seemed to melt in front of us.

As we hurried out of the alley the air and earth shimmered as buildings rose and
fell. There was tremendous sound unlike anything I remembered hearing before.

Lower Ward
We entered the Lower Ward and were immediately accosted by merchants' tattles.
Over their appeals for business I heard the sound of a scuffle. Turning, I
noticed that Morte was no longer with us, but had wandered away. Following the
increasingly louder streams of epithets I saw Morte being carried off by what
looked like two Wererats. We started to give chase, but before we had gone a
block they had vanished amidst the crowd. Someone will have a most unpleasant
time when I catch up to them.

There was a pall in the air and many people were coughing. I stopped one
townsperson to ask. He said that the ward is filled with the discharge of many
factories, but there was nothing anyone could do about it.

I asked him about Morte, but he didn't have a clue.

At the entrance to the ward was Korur, a former warrior. I said that he looked
knowledgeable and he allowed me to ask a few questions. I asked if he could
me. He suggested I come back when I've aged a bit.

Talking about other matters I asked if he was all right. He said that the air
should get better once the Great Foundry settles. I asked about the air and he
said it was mostly because of the portals. I asked what he meant. He said that
lots of doors to the Lower Planes let in fumes from who knows where.

I asked what he had said about winds. He said sometimes the wind blows in from
Sigil's spire and drives the smog out for a while.

I asked what the Foundry was. He gave me directions and said that the Godsmen
make things there out of iron. I asked who the Godsmen were. He said they were
The Believers. They have their kip in the Great Foundry.

I asked if there was anything interesting to see. He suggested the tower. I
him to tell me about it. He said it simply dumped itself in Sigil one day many,
many years ago. It looked like it had seen a number of wars, from the losing

When I worked my way around asking about Morte he told me there were people that
make a living by collecting the heads of the dead. They work for a basher named
Lothar, the Master of the Bones.

I asked where to find him. He said to keep an eye out for a gutted building here
in the Ward. But I didn't hear this from him.

Exploring the Ward we found a ramshackle building to the south that looked out
place with its surroundings. On entering the small hut we descended a staircase
made of bones, the only exit from the room save the door we entered by.

We saw shelves filled with skulls. As soon as we entered Morte started flapping
his chops, all glad to see us. I asked what he was doing here. He said those
vermin nicked him and brought him here. He wanted to leave without delay.

I said he looked cozy up there with all those skulls. He told me to cut out the
joking, that we had to leave before...

A flash of light and smoke made us close our eyes. When we opened them we saw an
old man in flowing robes.

He asked who we were to enter without invitation. I asked his pardon and told
that he seemed to have something that belonged to me. He asked what that was and
I said that my friend, Morte had wound up on his shelf.

He seemed amazed, asking if we seriously wanted the chattering skull with half
the grace and manner of any ordinary creature. He knew Morte all right. (Hey,
watch it, boss.) He said if we did we needed a greater skull in return.

I suggested that Morte was never his to begin with. He suggested that I was
showing my ignorance and should fetch another skull if I wanted Morte back.
Deciding to go with the flow I asked where to find a greater skull.

He told me that I should look in the tomb I believe I had built for myself. I
told him that I had been there and that it was empty. (30000)

He was incredulous at this and insisted I go through the portal and provide an
answer. I told him it was my own tomb. He then wanted another skull of quality,
since I seemed attached to mine.

I left him, briefly, to talk with my companions. We agreed and I spoke to him
again, offering the skull of Soego. (15000) He was content.

I took the opportunity to ask him some questions. I asked why I was immortal. He
said that my soul was gone from me. It was taken by the night hag Ravel. He said
that when I found my mortality I would have my answers.

I asked that he tell me of this Ravel. He said she was an enigma, even among her
own kind, though she is evil through and through. He said the Lady had mazed her
for her deeds.

I asked what she had done. Lothar told me that she was the maker of toys,
puzzles, a solver of problems that didn't need solving. She came to think that
Sigil was the largest puzzle box of all and set herself to undo it, ordering the
army of fiends she commands to upset the balance of the city.

After he sent us away we went back and looked around his abode. Moving a couch
found a trap door leading down and took it. It opened up into a very large
chamber with two exits. We took the door to the east. It led to what looked like
a dump. Search as we might, we found nothing.

Leaving that area and going south we met Mantouk again. He would not let us past

Coming back up I spoke to the skulls lining the walls of Lothar's study. The
first skull to talk to me was on the shelf furthest to the right.

I asked who he was. He said his name was Goatscomb, a Wererat. I asked how many
were-beasts there are. He said there are a great number. Almost all the animals
have a lycanthropic counterpart.

I asked what Wererats were around here. He told me of Mantouk. Goatscomb "made"
Mantouk, whatever that means. Mantouk was the ingrate who sold Goatscomb to
Lothar. In retaliation Goat had told Lothar all Mantouk's secrets.

I asked like what? He said that Mantouk works for both Lothar and Many.

I asked how he got there. He said he was in rat-form looking for food at the
Smoldering Corpse when a serving wench stabbed him with a silver fork. Mantouk
found him and brought him here.

I asked what he could tell me of the other skulls. He said they were all
judgmental. Just because they were human they thought they were better.

When I asked him about Lothar he told me to go away and fell silent.

The next skull thought he'd seen me before. I asked where. He said Curst; gate
town to Carceri. I asked what I was doing there. He said I was babbling
about some berk wanting to kill me and wandering in where I didn't belong.
some things don't change.) He and some of his friends decided to roll me. After
that he was betrayed, but not until after he hid some of my stuff. He was
delighted to leave me in ignorance of where my possessions lay.

Again I asked about Lothar, but this skull wouldn't give, either. He also had no
knowledge of the other skulls, thinking himself above them.

I asked who he was. He told me he was Grimscalp. Used to be an Anarchist. One of
the Revolutionary League. They had secrets and cells and plans to topple the
nature of the Planes so all could live in freedom. They were ready, but then
another faction betrayed them.

I asked about the Anarchists. He said they are a secret society whose goal is to
tear down the power structure, to free people from the lies and let everyone
lives of their choosing.

The next skull was loquacious by comparison. I asked who he was. He said he was
Stern, a practitioner of personal peace through redirection of hostilities.
Grimscalp hissed that he was a wizard, assassin and a poisoner.

I asked how he came to be here. He said that he had a black book given to him in
order that he might puzzle out its secrets. He unlocked its powers for a
price and sharpened his edge. He did not know the book would betray him to a
mewling rat-thing that overwhelmed him in a wave of rodents. He said the book
went through the hands of many disciples, betrayed them in turn and finally
up with Mantouk.

I asked what he could tell me of Lothar. He said nothing. Whatever existence he
now had was better than what Lothar promised should he speak.

After talking to them we used the stairs to the left and went up into some sort
of study. Over on a table was some sort of wizard's container. It was locked,
Annah picked it cleanly. Inside was nothing at all. Sigh. After a careful search
of the room we returned downstairs and left the building.

Pawn Shop
Moving west we entered a pawn shop. Annah picked the lock of one of the boxes in
a stack in the middle of the room and found a Charm of Infinite Recall.

Miccah and Brokah ran the shop. From the discussion between the two, business
didn't seem to be going well for them. When I asked who Brokah was it became
clear that these two had been married for perhaps too long as an argument broke
out. Brokah was Miccah's husband of 21 years.

The argument continued and Morte picked up some new material. It became plain
that we'd have to come back later to conduct business.

Standing outside the southern entrance to the Marketplace was a man shouting and
carrying on. He had attracted an audience.

Morte said it was an auction and now was our opportunity to sell off Annah.
that set Annah off and they went at it for a bit until I told them both to shut

It turned out he had a store and could buy or sell to the man. When I asked
a job he told me he had an errand to run a handbill down to the print shop. He
said he'd pay me 50 coppers for it. I took the job.

Giltspur had some information as well. I asked about the Master of the Bones,
otherwise known as Lothar. He knew where Lothar was and also why he had the
skulls. He suggested there was knowledge to be had if I talked to them; assuming
they didn't drive me mad first.

He also told me bits about the Godsmen.

At this entrance to the Marketplace was a guard in plate armor. When asked he
said he was a Harmonium guard named Drixel. I asked him about the Harmonium and
he told me of his beliefs and theirs. He said that they fight those who side
chaos including Anarchists, Xaositects, tanar'ri fiends and so on.

At the first table we came to was an older man who bowed as we approached. He
sold magical supplies. His collection of rings and bracelets was most
interesting. Annah had such fun "shopping." She managed to pocket a Displacer
Ring. She thought better of trying again, however, as this fellow seemed most
alert. I suggested we come back when we had honed our skills further and try

Moving on we found a large locked crate against the north wall. Annah picked the
lock while no one was looking. Inside we found a Charm of Infinite Recall,
cleaning rags and some clipped coppers.

The next table up was run by Anze. He sold weapons. Some of them were very
potent, like the Club of Piercing, which Annah was able to make off with. Again
this fellow was vigilant, so we moved off.

[For both of these shops I got lucky with Annah on my first try and then had
countless failures. Annah's pickpocket skill was at 93 at the time and her dex
was 19. These are just tough places to steal from.]

Nearby a young boy was moving about, tending a furnace, the son Anze had spoken
of. He had a great deal of information about the area.

I asked why it was called the Lower Ward. He said it was because of all the
portals leading to the Lower Planes that are riddled through it like cheese. I
asked why were so many Lower Planes portals here. He said it was a mystery to

I asked if any creatures ever came out of them. He said yes and looked nervous.
asked if he'd seen this himself. He said it was just last week or so he saw a
couple of Abishai come through. They talked a bit and one went back through. The
one that stayed is still here.

I asked what they were talking about. He said he didn't know for sure, but he
thought it was about the Tower. I asked about the Tower. He said that was one of
the strangest sights in the Ward. No one knows how long it's been around. It's
bolted up so no one can enter. The Abishai were gesturing at the Tower and the
portal. He thought they were looking for the key.

I asked what key. He said the key to the portal that leads to the Tower. I said
that maybe the key to getting in is not wanting to get in. I asked where the
portal was located. He thought for a moment then told me of a drawbridge-like
contraption back of the Tower, east of the market. That was where it is.

I asked him about the sights and he told me much information about the factions
and the Foundry. He kindly marked some locations on my map.

I asked about the city of Sigil. He didn't know a lot but talked about how the
Lady is the law. I asked what he could tell me about the Lady of Pain and he
he didn't know much about her. She keeps the Powers out of Sigil and will pen
in the Dead-Book quick if you worship her or try and hurt Sigil. Her face and
blades surrounding it would be the last sight you'd see.

I said that was interesting ... (500) At the mention of a face surrounded by
blades a memory forced itself into my consciousness. I am standing in an alley.
Approaching me in the darkness is an uncannily beautiful woman, her face
in blades and with cold eyes ... then the memory faded and I was talking to the
lad once more.

Moving on through the market we came to Cinder, who looked as if his name was
earned the hard way. He had heard of me, calling me the scarred clueless fellow
who'd been going around asking questions. I said he had a few scars himself.

He chortled and said he had. He was apparently caught up in the burning of the
Alley of Dangerous Angles when Ignus got up to mischief. Cinder said he was laid
up for a month.

I said that wasn't all that long. He said aye, it could have been worse, but a
local mage had healed him. I asked if this mage could help me with my scars. He
said he didn't see why not. He said the mage's name was Sebastion and his kip is
over by the foundry.

Asking more questions I asked what this place was. He told me of the open air
Market and said that if I was a merchant myself I could set up shop next to him,
pointing to an empty stall next door. I asked why that stall was empty.

He said that a merchant named Zac had his kip there, but got himself a page in
the Dead-Book. It was a strange story. I said strange in what way? He said he
didn't know the dark of it all, but Zac had a bit of business trouble and needed
some coin. He got a loan from Byron Pikit. After that Pikit started trying to
take the business from him.

Not long after that Zac was a deader. Pikit took the widow to court to get the
jink Zac owed. She claimed it had been paid and said she had the papers to prove
it, but they turned up missing.

I asked what happened. He said that with no proof the business was sold and the
widow Trist held responsible. She couldn't pay it so it's the block for her. I
asked about the block. He said it was an auction block. You get sold into
for a few years as punishment. I asked where I could find the block. He said to
head north from the Market.

I asked him about the missing papers. He said Pikit must be behind it. I asked
where I could find Pikit. Cinder said he sets his kip up right outside the
Market. Going back to what he'd said I asked if anyone was looking into this. He
said the Harmonium was, but there was no evidence of wrongdoing. He said that
Corvus, one of the guards around the Market is real interested in finding what
happened to Zac. I asked where I could find Corvus. He said Corvus was usually
the west exit.

In addition to information, Cinder also had a good selection of spells,
several I had not seen before.

As we left the Marketplace I stopped to talk to Corvus. I was about to speak to
him regarding Zac and Pikit when I noticed that his attention was focused on a
young lady wandering about the market. I turned to follow his gaze and then
what he was looking at.

Corvus begged my pardon, but even as he did so his eyes wandered again to follow
her about. He said that she had the voice of an angel and is such a pretty young
thing. I suggested he go and talk to her. He said he just couldn't.

I asked if he knew Byron Pikit. He said yes. I asked Corvus what he could tell
about Pikit. He said that was Harmonium business, that he could not discuss it
with me. Though he did say that if he knew me better that might change.

I asked about Zac. Again he said that was Harmonium business. He did say that
had been murdered and an investigation was being conducted.

It was she Corvus was eyeing so. I asked her about weapons and about magic. She
was very free with her words and concerned not to give offense. When I noticed
that she really liked to talk she said that people avoid her because she talks
too much. She said she was lonely.

I said that I didn't think she was a bad person and that I happened to like her.
(2000) She thanked me and asked my name. I said it was Adahn and bid farewell.

He was still following Karina with his gaze, so I told him her name. He again
talked of her voice and comely nature. I agreed and said that she was also
and would certainly welcome the company of a gentleman such as himself. (2000)

He excused himself for a moment and stepped around me, walking towards her.
a while he came back and, looking a little glassy-eyed said she was a wonderful
young lady. I said it was my pleasure.

I asked him again about Byron and he said that officially he could tell me
nothing. Unofficially he was suspected of being behind most of the criminal
activity here at the Market. They also thought him guilty of the murder of Zac.
asked if there was anything else. He said that he would not be alone in a room
with Pikit, nor turn his back on the man.

Byron Pikit
Emerging from the Marketplace I saw a well-dressed man in blue and white. I said
greetings and he introduced himself as Byron Pikit, Moneylender. I asked about
his profession. He said he catered to the needs of merchants.

I tried pretending to be a merchant, but he was having none of it so I asked him
what this place was. He said it was the Lower Ward and this area particularly
the open-air Market.

I asked more about the Lower Ward. He said it was the home of the common people.
Look about and you will see all that there is to see ... nothing. Nothing of any

I said then why was he here? He said the one thing these mindless sods are good
for is spending their money. I told him to go on. He said that where there is
money you would also find merchants and thieves. He said he helped provide the
merchants need to relieve them of their hard earned coin.

I asked who provided the thieves. He said it wasn't him, but gave me a
calculating look and said why did I ask. I said to call it curiosity. (2000) He
laughed and said curiosity can be dangerous if one isn't careful. He suggested I
talk to Lenny who can usually be found south and east of the Market. He also
to tell Lenny Byron sent me.

Outside the Market were three huge creatures, all over nine feet tall engaged in
conversation. I walked up to one and said hello. He said that he did not speak
language and that I should talk to Thorp.

Turns out Gort was no better at speaking common.

I said hello and asked who he was. He said he was Thorp, a mighty warrior. All
thokola are mighty warriors. He asked who I was. I said I was Adahn. He said
was a good name for a smallie. Thorp like.

I asked what they were doing here. He laughed and smiled at me. He said that he
and his friends were going to bash a flying lizard, then let out a roar and
pounded his chest with huge fists the size of hams.

I asked what flying lizard. He said lizard and made a crawling motion, but it
fly. He then flapped his arms. I asked if he meant a dragon. He said Thorp good,
but he not that good. Someday, but not this day.

I asked if it wasn't a dragon, then what was it. He said he didn't remember what
Xanthia call it. It lizard, tall as Thorp. Walk on back legs, got wings, got
claws, red in color. Think she say they called abbey shy? I hoped their fighting
skills were better than their language abilities.

I said I'd heard of an Abishai. Was that what they meant? He said yes, Abishai.
Thorp and friends bash real good. Thorp be warrior of stature then. Xanthia
accept apology. I would pay good money to see this fight.

I asked what was this about Xanthia and an apology? He said he took friends to
tavern last night. Thorp get stinking drunk, fall on Xanthia's table, spill
drinks. Xanthia said she not accept apology unless Thorp be warrior of stature.

I said then killing an abishai is supposed to give you stature? He said Xanthia
say so, but Thorp not know. I left these fellows to their "fun" and looked
for Xanthia.

Xanthia was just across the way, dressed in gray. She was watching the gang.

I said hello and asked who she was. She said her name was Xanthia. I asked what
she was doing here and she said there was going to be a fight. I asked what
fight. She said the three thokola over there were going to try to kill an
and called them stupid oafs.

I said I'd heard of an abishai, but what, exactly was it. She said it was a
planes creature, a baatezu she thought. In any case, abishai have sharp claws
can cast spells.

I said that the thokola looked like they could take care of themselves. She said
normally she would agree, however, she knew something they didn't. I asked what
that might be. She said that abishai can only be hurt by magic so the thokola
will be slaughtered, she had no doubt.

I asked how she knew this. She said her husband was very high up in the
and they are trained to deal with creatures such as that. I asked why she didn't
warn the thokola? She said she was the one who suggested the fight.

I asked why. She said her husband tried to better his standing with his
underlings by drinking with them in the local taverns. Last evening he forced
into joining such an occasion. Those three oafs were there, boasting of their
prowess. As they left one of them tripped and fell into the table she was

I told her to go on. She frowned in anger saying that most of the drinks at the
table spilled into her lap and ruined a very expensive gown. When he tried to
apologize she said that she only accepted the apology of a warrior of stature.
he were truly such a warrior, he'd be able to defeat an abishai in hand-to-hand

I asked if she was really going to get them killed because they ruined a dress?
She said I obviously didn't understand the intricacies behind this situation.
said she was embarrassed and humiliated in front of her husband and his
underlings. Seeing how adamant she was I left to confer again with the thokola.

I said that I'd talked to Xanthia and that she said they were going to fight an
abishai, correct? He said that was right. I warned him that abishai could only
hurt by magic weapons. (6000)

He gave me a worried look and asked how I knew. I said I'd talked to Xanthia and
she'd told me that. I watched the chain of thought form on his face like a
thunderstorm growing in the distance. He said she lied and played Thorp for a
coney, try and get him and his friends dead. I said I was afraid so.

He said that Xanthia not deserve apology. Thorp free from debt. I agreed. He
thanked me. After a moment of conferring with his friends they each handed me a
pouch of coins. I thanked them. The coins totaled 600 common. He said I good
friend. I deserve. I made my goodbyes.

As I walked up to her she gave me a look that should have put me in the
She said I had warned them, hadn't I? I said yes, I did what I felt was right.
(2000) She nodded her head and said she would not forget this insult. Some days
it's good to be me.

A little north of where I met Xanthia I saw Sebastion, standing near some sort
portcullis. As I approached he greeted me and told me his name. After I greeted
him in return he started to ask what he could do for me, but then saw my scars
and said he saw why I came to see him.

I asked if he could help me with these scars. He smiled and said perhaps. Then
examined me. He said he could help. He could not cure, but he could alleviate
worst of it.

I asked his price. He said he had a job I could perform. I told him to go on. He
said that he'd signed a contract with a certain creature, but he was no longer
able to fulfill the contract. However, the creature would not release him.

I said, so let me guess: he wanted me to solve this problem for him? He said
that he could not do it himself. I asked what sort of creature he was talking
about. He said it was an abishai named Grosuk. He said he knew this would be
difficult, but he thought I was up to it and the reward he offered was great.

I asked what he had been contracted to do. He said he could not reveal that
information. He was magically bound not to. I said it was an interesting

He asked if I would do it. I said yes, if he would give me the details. He gave
me a relieved smile and thanked me. He told me I would need magic or magic
weapons and that Grosuk could be found to the east, beyond the siege tower. I
asked about the siege tower. He said it was over beyond the Market.

Business being dispensed with, I asked him to tell me about himself. He said he
was a mage of sorts who does contract work. I asked why he hesitated to use the
word mage. He said he was not a mage, but could perform the Art in his own way.

I asked what kind of work he did. He said confidential work. He was known for
discretion and for getting deeds done.

I asked about this ward. He said this was the Lower Ward, not the slums of the
Hive, but it has no splendor such as the Lady's Ward. I asked why it was called
the Lower Ward. He said that depended upon my point of view. The rich say it's
because this is the home of the common classes. Those who live here say it's
because of the portals and the incident.

I asked what incident. He said that a long time ago this was known as the Prime
Ward. People new to the city were placed here and not allowed access to all of
Sigil. There were many other restrictions as well. Some berk took offense to
and decided to form a rebellion. It went nowhere until he made a fascinating

I told him to go on. He said that most of the portals open onto the Lower
That barmy berk found a way to open them all at once. He allowed anything that
wanted to come through the portals. It became quite bloody and a terrible war

I asked him how this person opened all the gates. He said that the fellow used
item that he either had commissioned or made himself. As Sebastion remembered it
was called the Shadow-Sorcelled Key.

At the mention of the key I began to feel dizzy and everything turned gray. I
felt a memory trying to force its way into my consciousness. I relaxed and let
come. (500) The world faded and I found myself in the streets of Sigil. My heart
was pounding, trying to break free of my chest. I'd been running for hours and
could not stop.

I turned a corner and entered an alley, finally slowing. As I leaned against a
wall I became aware of something hard pressed into the palm of my hand. Glancing
down I opened my clenched fist to stare at the gem embedded in my flesh.

My body sagged into the wall. I forced myself to take slow, deep breaths. Then I
heard a faint noise and snapped to full awareness. I looked towards the alley

I saw nothing at first, but then as I was about to turn away a slight movement
caught my eye. Slowly a female form glided around the corner paused and the
turned to face me. Her face was enshrouded by blades. Even in the darkness I
could see her cold, emotionless eyes.

The memory faded and my normal vision returned. I asked what became of the
Sorcelled Key. He said that no one knew. The key had been lost for some time now
and many believed the Lady took the key to prevent it being used again.

I asked how the rebellion turned out. He said everyone, except the leader was
given pages in the dead-book. The leader and creatures just vanished. Because of
the fumes from the Lower Planes the ward remained deserted until the Foundry was
eventually built.

Setting off to find Grosuk we passed by the Godsmen hall. Standing to one side
the gate was a gith who seemed very ill, An'azi

It turned out she was a gith, so Dak'kon had to translate. She told him she was
dying. I asked what she was dying of. Dak'kon told me her name and said that she
used to work in a meat-curing house until a half-month ago when the illness
became too much for her to bear. She had been evicted from her home and left for

Dak'kon seemed to leave something unsaid. I waited. He said she will not recover
and that he could put her out of her misery, but that is all. As a zerth it was
his responsibility to provide an alternative.

I told him to do what he must, but be merciful. She touched the Unbroken Circle
Dak'kon wore and prepared herself for a moment. Then he struck and it was done.

Going on we came to what looked like a slave auction. There were 4 Harmonium
guards and a number of future slaves as well as an auctioneer.

I bid greetings to the fellow. He said from looking at me that I might need
healing charms. I asked if he had any, he said no, but don't let that stop me.

I asked if he sold slaves. Again he said no, that these were indentured
And were mostly here because of small crimes. After their debt is paid they
be free again. I said it still sounded like slavery to me.

He said he didn't concern himself with such thoughts. I asked if they were
of crimes, what were the crimes. He said he didn't know, but it was likely for
theft, assault or not being able to pay their debts.

He had a general knowledge of the area and after getting directions to the siege
tower we left.

Walking near the auction I saw a man dressed in carmine and moss-brown leather.
Dak'kon stopped me before I spoke to him, saying that he would caution me before
I spoke to this githyanki.

I asked what a githyanki was. He said that githyanki and githzerai were once of
common stock, all slaves of the illithids. Then the warrior-queen Gith led us to
victory against the illithids and they escaped. They have waged war on the
illithids ever since.

However, there was disagreement over the future of the People. Upon the Blasted
Plains Zerthimon made the Pronouncement of Two Skies. One race became two. It is
a rift that cannot be crossed peacefully. I took his word for now and left the
githyanki alone.

Near the auction a young woman was waving at us to attract our attention. She
said she was in need of a mercenary. If appearances were any indication I would
fit the bill.

I said that appearances could be deceptive. She asked forgiveness and said she
was in a situation of desperation.

I asked what exactly she wanted of me. She said the heart of the matter was that
she is to be sold into slavery for a crime she did not commit. She said she was
in need of a champion, someone who will help her prove her innocence and free
from this fate.

I asked her to tell me exactly what was going on. She said this was long in the
telling, but I told her to go on.

She said her husband had died recently and left her his business. She was not
business oriented and decided to sell. Not long after she was contacted by a
lender who said there was a loan outstanding.

She said she had examined all the documents her husband kept and found that
had indeed been a loan, but it had just recently been paid in full. When the
lender asked for a copy of this document it was nowhere to be found.

When she could not prove that the loan was paid the lender took her before the
court. Since she could not prove the loan had been paid her moneys were applied
to the loan. Since that did not pay off the loan she was to be sold on the
auction block.

I asked why she would be sold into slavery. She said it served many purposes. It
kept the prisons clear of all but the worst criminals. Second, the sale of the
convict helps pay for any damages, cost, or fees. And last, it serves as a
sentence from which they are eventually released.

I said all this was fascinating, but I didn't see how I could help her. She said
that she needed someone to find the missing document or I could purchase her
contract and she could pay me back. She said that she couldn't spend 5 years in
this ward; it would kill her because of the illness.

I asked if she meant the yellow skin and coughing. She said yes and please,
I find it in my heart to help her. I said I would help, but had some questions.

I asked what was the lender's name. She said it was Byron Pikit and his
Lenny. I asked who Lenny was. She said he was a small, feral man. She remembered
him because he always seemed to be uncomfortable in his clothes.

I asked where I could find Lenny. She said she was not sure, but somewhere
southeast of the Market, near the siege tower.

She said I should talk to Deran about her contract.

I asked if someone could have stolen the document. She said that it made little
sense to her because they left all her valuables.

I said that maybe the lender stole the document so that she'd pay for the loan
twice. She looked shocked and said that was a terrible thought, but also an
ingenious one. She also said that Bryon did strike her as a knight of the post.

I asked what that was. She said they were a thief or a cheat.

After that we left.

I went into this building and Morte and Annah started at it again.

There was this strange, floating head with big spikes in the center of the room.
He, or it, bid me welcome and asked how he could serve me.

I asked what this place was. He said it was the Vaults of the Ninth World and it
served as a warehouse for the Lower Ward.

I asked what he was. He said he was the voice of the Vault and was there to
me, the customer.

I asked why it was called the Vault of the Ninth World? He said he had no idea,
but thought it was the owner's choice.

I asked if this place was as big as a world. He said no; that was just

I said that I would like to claim something. He asked what I wanted to claim. I
said I was looking for a large bag of coins. He said that they have a bag and
I had to do was to tell him how much was in it. I said 1123 coins. It just felt
right, somehow. He gave it to me and thanked me for storing my goods there.

I said I wanted to store something, but he said he was full up. I reminded him
that this was supposed to be a huge storehouse. He said it was, only they ran
of space and there's something a little fishy going on around there and he
know what it was. The gist of it was that they don't accept items for storage

In the back of the warehouse were several people. I walked up to one of them and
she asked if she could help me. I asked who she was. She said she was Leena and
she supervised the other two.

I asked what she did. She said this was a storehouse and she was the supervisor.
Things get stored, they get taken out ... I gave her my thanks and left.

I went up to the next fellow who was all dressed in a strange, tan garb. He
what I wanted. I asked who he was. He said his name was Conall and he worked

I asked what this place was and he told me. I thanked him and moved on to the
next bloke.

I asked who he was. He said no talk me, talk Leena. I said not even a few
questions? He said NO TALK ME. OK, I get the message. Geez.

Feeling richer, if none the wiser, we left.

Print Shop
We went in the Print Shop for Giltspur.

Scofflaw Penn
He was a busy man and asked what we wanted. I asked who he was. He said his name
was Penn and was quite annoyed at our interruption.

I asked what he printed. He said books, pamphlets, etc.

I asked if he wrote the note that I found in the Mortuary. He said someone had
been defaming his good name. I asked if he wasn't worried about that. He asked
why would he be? He said he had a good idea of who it was and had a surprise in
store for them. I asked if I could help. He said of course not.

I then gave him the handbill and he said he'd have it for Giltspur later. I said
Where two portcullises met I saw Grosuk. I said hello and he started the
hotplate thing again, like they all do. I told him that Sebastion had sent me.

He cooled off a bit and quit hissing as much. He said I should give him
information. I asked what information. He looked annoyed or maybe it was just
indigestion. The air was heating up.

He said no question. Give information or die, then he would take the information
from body. I said that I needed to know which piece of information was for him,
since I run so many errands.

He glared at me and then said he wanted to know how to get inside the siege
tower. I said that that information Sebastion wanted to deliver himself, and
he would be along soon.

I was sweating and he was glowing. He said that he thought I was lying and to
give him the information now and he would kill me quick, not give information
he would take his time.

I said that I knew something that might be worth my life, but personally I was
hoping I could just whack him and get it over with. He said that if my
information was good he'd let me live. Well, that was damn decent of him.

I asked how did I know he'd keep his word. He said he lived by word of pact; now
tell him. I decided I liked killing him better and said that I was here to kill
him anyway ...

He hissed and spit and we fought. He landed a couple of good blows, but then
Morte started in taunting him and all he could see was red. We put him down
quickly then. He only had a few coppers on him.

[You can get out of having to kill Grosuk by telling him that Sebastion had sent
me to kill Grosuk, but doing that gets Sebastion killed. No +2 to charisma and
4000 experience. Also, I just didn't like him.]
We went back to collect our reward. He asked if I was ready to begin and I said
yes. (Charisma increased +2 permanently, 4000)

I returned to him and asked if he could train me in the Art. He said that wasn't
something he normally did, but he would. I thanked him. (4000)

Coffin Maker
There were several coffins inside the shop. In 3 of them I found a number of
coppers and some bandages. Hey, it's not like they're paying me for this.

Hamrys was a hearty man who gave me a friendly greeting, so I shook his hand. He
said that he thought he knew me. I told him my name was Adahn. This rang a bell.
He said I looked like I was in desperate need of a coffin.

He had a great deal to say about the Lady and the Lower Ward.

I asked who his friend was. He said his name was Dimtree. Dimtree wandered in a
few days back and had been a regular ever since. He hadn't bought anything, but
he doesn't cause trouble so Hamrys let him stay.

I said that I had heard his father died and could he tell me what happened? He
said he disappeared some time ago so he could only assume his father was dead.
asked where I heard this. I said I didn't recall, but did he say his father

He said yes, many years ago. His father was a stonemason, skilled in
sarcophagi and tomb design. People from across Sigil ...

A memory tugged at me ... I relaxed and tried to remember. (500) I found myself
in this same shop, talking with an older man while I child sat in the corner and
played. On the counter was a set of plans. The man was explaining some
intricacies of the construction of a tomb. My vision faded as I focused on the

When my sight returned I was standing in a cavern in front of a tomb. Above the
entry I saw the slogan: Engineered for Eternity. The old man was next to me,
smiling. He gestured to me and walked into the tomb. I matched his pace from
behind and drew my blade ...

I wasn't a very good boy, then. I came back to myself in Hamrys' shop and found
him staring at me.

I asked what happened to his father. He said that he just vanished. It took a
long while to get out of the debt caused by his disappearance and to some extent
Hamrys was still settling his father's accounts.

He said that his father's disappearance was why he joined the Harmonium-and why
he left it. He had a desire to find out what happened, but then felt an
obligation to carry on his father's work. He said he never found the answers he

I asked if his father kept any plans for the tombs he built. He said that he
After Hamrys came of age and inherited the business he went through all of his
father's records. Why did I ask?

I asked if he could tell me if a tomb was his father's work if I described it to
him? He said he could try. I described the tomb from memory. He said there was
little doubt that his father did the work. The slogan had been the family
trademark for generations. He asked where it was located.

I described the location. I told him in great detail, surprised that I could
remember it so well. He said that he didn't recall anything in the family
that would even have permitted him to build a tomb there. The Dustmen are very
careful about building rights.

I asked if he recognized the location. He said yes, it sounded like the Drowned
Nations Catacombs. I said that I needed to know if his father kept any plans for
that tomb.

He said yes, that the warehouse where he stored his goods handles his business
documents as well, but they've been having internal problems and because of that
he hadn't been able to restock and he doubted he could retrieve any paperwork
from them, either. He asked if I would look into the matter for him.

I asked about the warehouse. He said the Harmonium would never let things get so
out of hand. I said I guess I'd have to if I wanted the plans. He smiled and
if I could deal with this I could have the plans for free. I said I'd get
on it right away.

As I said greetings he turned just enough to acknowledge my presence. He looked
gaunt and pale. I asked if he was all right. He stared at me and slowly nodded.
almost turned away, but noticed a strange, musty odor. I stepped closer and

Ah yes, an old favorite from the Mortuary. He smelled like dead flesh preserved
by magic. I asked him if he was a zombie. He continued to stare at me. Then,
great effort, he replied, saying yes and telling me his name.

I asked why he was here. He made a feeble gesture towards Hamrys. He said that
Hamrys talked. Never stopped. Wandered town. Annoyed Master; annoyed everyone.
Master created Dimtree. Tell Dimtree talk Hamrys. Now Hamrys stayed in shop.
Master happy. Town happy. Dimtree sad ...

I asked if I could do anything to help. He asked me to find Master Sebastion and
ask him to release Dimtree. Please. I asked why couldn't I put him out of his

He said no, Master would revive. Must ask Master. Please ...

I said that I would see what I could do. Dimtree thanked me. I said farewell.

We went into the Warehouse since it was on the way to see Sebastion.

I said that I was told I could retrieve some plans for a tomb there. He gave
to me and asked if there was anything else. I said no and farewell.

I talked to everyone, but no one seemed to know how to restore the Warehouse to
proper operation.

After greeting him I told him I wanted to talk to him about Dimtree. He asked
what about Dimtree. I told him Dimtree wanted to be released from his curse.

He gave me a surprised look and said he found that hard to believe. He asked if
Hamrys put me up to this. I told Sebastion to think about it. Hamrys didn't know
Dimtree was a zombie, let alone who created him.

He said I was right, of course. He said Dimtree was more aware than he intended.
I asked if he would release him.

He looked at me with conflicting emotions and said he could not, that he was
sorry. He fulfilled a contract by creating Dimtree and he could not break it,
right or wrong.

I asked if I could release him instead. He said that would be difficult and that
it would be tantamount to his breaking his words through the actions of another.

I had a moment where I could have read the necessary incantation while he was
rummaging through his records, but I chose not to. I asked him again about
Dimtree and asked if I could talk to whoever contracted him and get them to
to release Dimtree.

He said he was magically bound not to reveal such information. I was fed up and
said that I didn't give a rat's arse about contracts. What he did was wrong and
Dimtree needed to be freed.

Again he said that would be difficult. This time as he went through his records
read the incantation and left.

Coffin Maker
I told Dimtree that I knew how to release him. I spoke the words Sebastion
me. (4000) I told him to rest well. As he collapsed I thought I heard "Thank
friend" as he fell.

He asked if I had the plans. I said yes, that I'd dealt with the situation at
warehouse and got the plans. (2000) He said well done and thanked me for my

[I'll save you a long, long trip. If you wander all the way back to the tomb in
the Drowned Nations all it does is tell you how to get out of the tomb. No
experience or anything.]

North and west of Hamrys' shop I saw a feral-looking young man in shoddy
He eyed me warily as I approached. I gave him greetings.

He looked me up and down and said that I'd better have a good reason to disturb
him. I said I had some questions. He said he wasn't a tout. I said what if I
him Byron Pikit had sent me?

He stopped smiling and examined me. Looking at my scars he swallowed and then
asked why.

I told him Pikit said he could answer some questions. He asked what questions. I
said I was interested in thieving and asked if he would teach me. He asked if I
wanted to give up being a fighter and I said yes.

He said to show him what I knew and he'd give me some pointers. (2500) I thanked
him. He smiled at me and gave me a pair of punch daggers as a gift. They were
Punch Daggers of Zar'Anun. I thanked him again and said farewell.

I went back to Lenny and asked him about the papers he stole from Trist. He
swallowed hard and stared at me looking ready to run. He said I didn't know what
I was talking about.

I gave him my best wicked smile and told him he knew what I was talking about,
that I was here to collect the papers Byron had him steal from Trist. (1000)

I said really Lenny? Then why was he so nervous? I said Byron thinks he
the papers, but he didn't.

He stared at me and then ran for it. I grabbed him before he got away. He
struggled for a moment, but couldn't match my strength. He said all right, he'd
give them to me, just let him go.

I asked why he kept them, blackmail? He said no, he kept them so he could turn
stag on my boss Pikit and keep Trist off the block.

I asked what he meant by turn stag. He said he may be a thief, but he had some
standards. He wouldn't kill and he wouldn't do what Pikit did to Trist and her
husband. He said he told my boss what he was doing was wrong and Pikit laughed

I said that Pikit wasn't my boss. He stared at me like I'd grown another head.
said I'd given him the peel so he'd spill the chant. He said good job.

I said we should go get the papers. He said we couldn't because they were in the
warehouse and they weren't open for business. He said that was why he hadn't
helped Trist himself.

I said I'd look into it myself. He said I should go to the warehouse and tell
them I was there for a loan and they'd hand over the papers. If I told them I
gave Pikit the laugh I'd get a bonus.

I asked what bonus. (4000) He said it was evidence that would take Pikit off the
street for a long time. He said if there was someone in the Harmonium I could
trust, give the papers to him. I said all right and bid farewell.

Once more we set off for the Warehouse.

I told Vault that I gave Pikit the laugh to get the loan papers and the evidence
against Pikit.

Byron Pikit
I thought I would go play a bit with Byron. I told him I wanted to talk about
Trist. He asked what about her? I said I was trying to find a missing document
for her. He sighed and said that there was no missing document; that the matter
had been thoroughly investigated by the Mercykillers and they found no evidence
of such a document.

I said that they could have missed something. (1000) He said that was possible,
though not very likely. I said that someone could have stolen the document and
then destroyed it 

He looked furious for a moment, and then a gloating smile appeared. He said that
was a "terrible" thought and pity there was no proof.

I said yes, it was a pity. Then I asked why have Trist sold into slavery?
Couldn't she have paid him his money in the form of a loan? He said she could
he did make that offer to her. However, she turned him down.

Apparently he'd had enough of me. He then told me to pike off. Having had enough
fun and games I went to see Corvus.
I thought Corvus would be just the man to give Pikit what he deserved, so we
off to Market.

He greeted me as a friend and said he hoped I was doing well. I asked how he was
getting on with Karina. His grin grew even broader. He said they were doing very
well thanks to me.

I asked if he knew Lenny. He said yes. I asked what he could tell me about
He said nothing, officially, but off the record Lenny was a master thief, but
ethics. I asked if there was anything else. He said he would not be afraid to
turn his back to Lenny.

Talking about Pikit I told him I had evidence the proved he was involved in
criminal acts in Sigil. He asked if he could see the evidence, so I gave him the
papers. (2000)

He examined them thoroughly, then folded them and put them away. He said that he
would personally see to it that Pikit was taken before the courts.

I bumped into Karina. As she saw me she gave me a big smile and thanked me for
what I did for her. I asked what I did. (500) She said I had sent Corvus her
She knew because he told her so. Then she gave me a hug. I said she was welcome
and wished them happiness. She thanked me again and I left.

I told him I wanted to talk to him about Trist. He said very well, what about
her? I said that I had proof that she was innocent of any crime. He laughed and
said very well, show him the evidence. I gave him the document. (4000)

He looked at it, sighed, then folded the document and put it inside his shirt.
said that the courts owe the Lady Trist an apology. From this moment she is
I thanked him. He thanked me.

She smiled and said I was her savior. I said I was happy to help her. She
me again and then paused. After a moment she said that I had saved her from a
slow, painful death. She asked me to wait and she would return shortly. I said
all right.

When she returned she thanked me for waiting, then removed a purse from the
of her dress. She said the courts would restore her status and finances, so she
gave the purse to me. She said that wasn't much, but it was well deserved. 1,000
coppers was certainly something, so I thanked her and left.

I had seen this fellow walking about the Ward as I ran my errands. I went up to
speak to him, but Dak'kon asked me not to. I asked why. He said that they were
githyanki and that if we spoke blades would be drawn. I honored his wish and we
went on.

[If you insist on speaking to the githyanki you will end up fighting every
githyanki in the Ward. I chose to wait and see if this would make any more sense

Siege Tower
We went to the area where Grosuk fell to see if we could find the portal the boy
Lazlo had spoken of. When we got there I killed any desire to enter the tower
a portal appeared.

We stepped through the portal into a huge chamber and stood upon a catwalk. I
found myself holding my breath. In the chamber an enormous metal man, several
times my height, struck blow after blow with a hammer that would make two of me.
It sounded like an iron giant's heart slowly beating.

Walking up to him on the catwalk I realized that he was built into the tower.
lower half formed the forge itself. I knew it for a golem, and said greetings.

As he turned to speak to me metal screamed in agony. It must have been years and
years since he last had company. I asked what he was. He answered in the voice
a hundred ancient bells tolling.


I asked what purpose.


Cheerful fellow, I thought. I asked if he meant he was forging weapons.


I asked whom he was doing this for.


I asked why the multiverse was his enemy.


I asked if he was opposed to chaining entropy.


Wow, I bet this guy is fun at parties. I asked what made that death worse than


I said these things might be necessary within limits.


I asked what if death is the result, but he wasn't having any of it.


I asked what this place was.


I asked how.


I asked what happened to the legions that had used the tower.


Entropy doesn't have much of a retirement plan. I asked what happened to the
planes the siege tower invaded?


I asked if he could do anything with my weapons.


I said very well. He'd been a busy little golem. He had a wide selection of
weapons including several expensive magical weapons.

I asked why he remained here if the siege tower could travel the planes.


I asked how the siege tower got into the city in the first place.


I asked if he had heard of a night hag named Ravel.


I asked what happened to her.


I asked if he knew where this cage was.


Having mined that subject for all it was worth, I asked if he could tell me more
of what he did with weapons. He spoke of their potential again. I asked why he
did this.


I asked what happened.


I asked who had melted those weapons and forged his body.


Again we spoke of who he was, his purpose, whom he forged weapons for and why
Entropy needed weapons. I asked why the multiverse was his enemy, why he was
opposed to chaining Entropy. He repeated that what seals itself against its own
destruction merely died a different death.

I asked if he was saying that immortality is just a different kind of death.


I asked if he was saying he could forge a weapon to kill an immortal.


I asked how he knew what weapon to use.


I asked how I do that.


I asked what if your enemy strikes from a distance, from shadows and never shows


I said how?


I suggested that for some reason it might not be able to engage me directly.


I asked how I would exploit that.


I asked what if the reason it can't attack me directly is because it has no


I asked if he could make a weapon that would kill me.


I said really, how?


I said very well and received the Blade of the Immortal. (10000)


I asked what he meant.


I asked why.


I asked where I would find such a shell.


So far, I'd been going along for the ride, but I wasn't sure how I felt about
remaining dead. Though not having any more headaches has its appeal. We left him
to his task and left the tower.

Great Foundry
Having passed this building several times I thought it time we investigated it.
As we approached the gate I greeted the guard.

I asked what the place was.

He said I was in front of the Great Foundry, home to the Believers of the

I asked who that was. He said they were known as the Godsmen. I asked why this
was. He said they believe that every being has within it the spark of divinity
and that all life has a purpose and a goal. I said that sounded important.

It turned out that the only way in would be to place or pick up an order. To
up an order I would need a receipt, which I couldn't provide, nor could I slide
past him by lying.

We met Kii'na as she walked near the exit to the Alley of Lingering Sighs. As we
approached her, her gaze focused on Dak'kon. Dak'kon said it was his will that
not speak to her. I asked why not? He told me she was a zerth. That he had no
common ground with her. I honored him and let her be.

I asked Dak'kon to leave us for a brief time. I wished to speak to the githyanki
and I did not wish him to know this.

As I approached he asked if I sought my memories. He said there was but a small
price to pay for peace of mind.

I asked him to tell me more of his people. He said that the answers might be
contained in my lost memories. I asked what was involved. He said that if he was
to bait his hook for my memories he would need some of the memories I currently
possessed. He also needed a place of quiet. If I followed him he would take me
one such, but I would have to leave my companions behind. I agreed.

We made our way to a deserted area of the ward and several githyanki appeared.
Yi'minn's mood became ugly and he demanded that I tell them what I had done for
the githzerai.

[Whatever you say here gets you into a fight. Must be my aftershave.]

I said I had merely relieved a githzerai's pain. They said that I lied and
attacked me. I surrendered and let them kill me.

As consciousness left me I heard them speaking of a plan to take the fortress
Vristigor. They would gather in Limbo for the assault.

I went back so that Dak'kon could rejoin our party.

I told him the handbill was printed. (6000) He said that was terrific and asked
me to take a message to Keldor of Durian at the Foundry. He said there were a
hundred coins in it for me.

Great Foundry
I told the guard I had a message for Keldor from Giltspur. He said I would find
him in the Great Godsman Hall and opened the gate.

Inside a great number of people were milling about a large, circular room in
blast-furnace heat, shouting to be heard over the constant din of smiths and

In an office away from some of the heat and noise was Nadilin, an old man with a
cunning face. He asked if he knew me and said I seemed familiar to him.

I asked if he remembered from where he had seen me. He said not so fast, lad. It
takes a while for the mind to warm up to a task like this. Under my breath I
muttered, "Tell me about it, lad."

I asked if he could tell me who he was. That, at least, should still be "fresh."
He said he was Nadilin, Godsman fighter. At least, he used to be. Now he was a

I said I wanted to pick up some gear for a forge. He listed the items I would
need, but told me it would be 50 coppers instead of 40, which would be correct.
said I was sorry, but that sounded more like 40 coppers to me. He said of course
it was. I told him to give me the stuff.

He told me I should pick up some ore from Thildon if I wanted to work the forge.

I saw him moving about the foundry shouting orders. Just as I approached he said
something harsh to a smith and then cuffed him. He turned to me and demanded to
know what I wanted. I said that I needed to use the forge and asked for some
He told me to take the ore and don't get in the way.

He went off, but I caught him up and asked who he was, exactly. He said he was
called Thildon the Grey, supervisor for this yard. I asked why they called him
the Grey. He said it was because he was covered in soot from the furnaces. His
workers had given him the nickname out of affection, no doubt.

I said seriously, no doubt. He seemed defensive and said that's right, they do.
They know if they don't they'll get what's coming to them. I asked did he mean
like the smith got what was coming to him? He paled for a moment and said that
was just a figure of speech.

I asked him to tell me about the Godsmen and he went off on a monologue about
their beliefs and how close he felt to being a god, how he was a favorite of the
factol's and that he was further along than most. That gave him the right to act
like a god and expect total devotion from his inferiors. When he ruled the
he'd remember every one of the berks who got in the way.

Nothing like taking something to heart. I said that I saw his point and left.

Alissa Tield
I saw a short woman with small horns roaming about and greeted her. I asked who
she was. She said she was Alissa Tield, supervisor for this area of the foundry.
She said that the foundry was much larger than this, but because of a large
contract they had been sworn to secrecy, so most of the place was off limits.

I said I would like the tour. She said that she was too busy and that I should
come back in a year or so. When I asked what was going on she said that they'd
taken a huge and very secret contract. I shouldn't ask about it, because she
wouldn't tell me.

I asked about the Godsmen and she told me of their beliefs. I asked how I could
join. She said I should speak to Keldor of Durian and gave me directions.

I then asked to use the forge. She said certainly, if I had the proper items.

I asked about the guarded room in the back and she said I would need to talk to
Keldor about that.

Godsman Hall
We entered and found ourselves in an ornate room with many guards. There were
stairs up and a great staircase, also.

Walking about was a young woman. As I approached she stared directly at me. I
the uncomfortable feeling she was looking into my soul, if I still had one. She
asked how my day went. I said it went well enough and could I ask her some

She asked what answers I sought, calling me a half-man. I asked why she said
that. She said it was because she could not see my spirit. All other mortals who
passed through her life showed their spirits to her. I showed nothing at all.
said she could not say whether it was because I had no soul or had transcended.

I asked who she was. She said she was Sarossa, daughter of Sandoz, one of the
factors of the Godsmen.

I asked her to tell me about her family. She said that her brother Saros was a
child of the Foundry, yet she feared he had never embraced the philosophy of the
Believers. Her father was a factor here and his travels had led into realms most
mortals never even dream of achieving.

I asked for more of her brother. She said the he was brash and impulsive, easily
given over to his manhood, eager to prove himself the equal of anything, full of
aggression. She thought he felt himself more a Sensate than Godsmen, vindicating
her belief that the Sensates are the most immature of all the factions on Sigil.

I asked why they were the most immature. She said that they, like children, do
not understand that there is more beyond the world of the senses. I thanked her
for her candor and left.

We entered the hall, a large circular room with benches. There were a great
number of people standing about and a lesson seemed to be in progress. At a dais
was an ornately dressed man.

A young man was walking about the hall so we went up to him. I asked him to tell
me about himself. He said he was Saros and had grown up around here. He said he
liked everyone here except for Thildon who said that Saros hadn't been raised

I asked about the people here. He said that they mean well, but they're all so
earnest and boring and that they needed to liven up, like the Sensates. I asked
if he liked the Sensates.

He said that they know how to live; they know what it's all about. The Godsmen
keep pretending there's some big noble purpose to it all, but he didn't see it.
He said that his sister said that life is more than our senses show, but he
didn't see how she knew that, since all she knew was through her senses. I asked
who his sister was. He said her name was Sarossa.

I walked up to the man at the dais who greeted me in a friendly fashion. I asked
who he was. He said he was Keldor, nominally in charge of the Foundry while the
higher-ups are in conclave.

I told him that I had a message from Giltspur. He took the note and asked if
there was anything else.

I said I would like to see the secret project. He said that he couldn't do that
until I proved myself a friend to the Godsmen.

I asked about the faction. He was a wealth of information.

I asked him how I could join the Godsmen. He said I would have to renounce my
Dustmen affiliation.

I did and then asked what I had to do. He said I had to complete three quests.
First I had to forge an item. He told me to talk to Alissa.

I saw a woman up on the balcony and went to speak with her. I asked who she was.
Her name was Bedai-Lihn and she was a magical engineer. She wanted to make sure
that the Godsmen didn't get a chance to use that weapon or contract for other
weapons of ware again.

She had a good deal to say about the people there, though she claimed that she
hadn't made any effort to get to know them.

Small Dwellings
Off of the Hall balcony were several libraries or conference rooms. Though we
searched there wasn't anything of interest in them.

Leaving the Hall I stopped for a moment to talk to Sarossa again. I asked her
about her talent. She explained her talent and where she thought it came from. I
asked if she could teach me the skill. She said that she could change me, but
could not teach me, if the price was right.

I asked what the price was. She asked if I believed as the Godsmen do. I said
that I didn't know enough to tell her. She said if I joined the faction fully
could help me. I said farewell.

[I should say that at this point I went off to sell the Death of Desire and ran
into a problem. Every time I tried to enter the market the game crashed back to
the desktop. In case this happens to you, know that I was able to continue by
following the instructions in the FAQ at the Planescape website. I deleted the
contents of both the cache and temp folders and restarted my system. Then
everything was OK.]

In the forge area I saw an empty kettle, so I set to work. The heat was
incredible and I quickly stripped to just the apron and shorts. I picked up the
ore with the tongs and held it in the flame. It softened quickly and I placed
ore on the forge to work it into shape. I decided to forge a battleaxe even
though that would take much longer. I felt this to be a test of my resolve to
join the Godsmen.

I showed my piece to Keldor. He examined it intensely and said that was one of
the better pieces he had seen a recruit forge. He asked if I was ready for the
next test. I said I was. (8000)

He said that a murderer had struck in the Foundry and he was forsaking the usual
test so I could track the killer down. He told me to see Alissa and work back
from there.

Alissa Tield
I went to see her as Keldor had instructed me. I saw a number of people gathered
around a body. She didn't like being interrupted, but I told her I was
investigating the murder under Keldor's authority and asked what she could tell
me about it.

She said she was working late when she heard the sound of a scuffle. When she
came out she saw a figure slip out the door into the meeting hall and she raised
the alarm. I asked if she had any other details. She said that she only knew
three people who had access to the buildings that night. They were Thildon,
and Bedai-Lihn. Even though they had radically different builds in the haze of
the Foundry she could not see to distinguish who it was.

I asked how should I know she didn't do it. She said that she had already had
Keldor attain the truth from her. The other three must have had something to
because none of them would submit to Keldor's spell.

Thildon was standing nearby so I questioned him first. He said it was a shame
about Avildon, but didn't seem to think much of the man nor be upset at his

I asked what he was doing the night of the murder. He said he was in his room
eating. Didn't go out that night. I asked if he knew anyone who could swear
otherwise? He said no, he never saw the need to make sure of it. He suggested I
talk to Saros saying he might just kill someone to see if he could get away with

I decided to see Saros next. My thoughts were that it was most likely to be
Thildon or Bedai. It was hard to imagine Saros committing such a deed, Sensate

Saros was much affected by the death. I asked if he had any idea what might have
happened? He said that he saw Thildon creeping about. He knew it was Thildon
because he dropped something. Saros handed me an awl with Thildon's name etched
into the handle.

I asked her what she knew of the murder. She said she asked the guards to leave
for the night because she was working on some delicate engineering in the next
room and she didn't need their psychic emanations fouling up some crucial work.

She was dismayed to find the body when she emerged from the room. Since she had
no other alibi she realized she was a suspect, but the reason she would not go
under Keldor's spell is that it would violate the oath of secrecy she swore to
protect the project.

I said I would check on that with Keldor. She said he would verify that.

I decided to visit Thildon again and see if his story would change when I showed
him the awl.

I told Thildon that Saros had given me an awl found near the body with his name
on it and asked him to explain. He looked flustered and then said that Saros was
a thief and must have stolen the awl from him. Thildon had been missing the awl
for some time, but never mentioned it to anyone 'cause he figured he'd just lost
it. He suggested I get Saros before he escaped. I said I would go see the lad.

He asked what I'd found. I told him what Thildon had said, that Saros planted
awl. He said that of course Thildon would say that. He said that he saw Thildon
do it and to tell Thildon he needed proof to accuse Saros.

He said he was sure whatever Saros said was full of lies. I told him that Saros
said that it wasn't a frame that Saros personally witnessed him killing the man.
He exploded. He said that the boy was a thief and a murderer and asked if I
believe what he said if he told me the lad was an Anarchist.

I asked why I should believe that? He said because he said it was so and because
he was about to say something that would make a criminal out of himself. He said
that he knew Saros was an Anarchist because he tried to recruit Thildon. Saros
and the engineer Bedai-Lihn. Thildon said that he told them he'd do it to trap
them, but then he realized he didn't have the stomach to harm Saros and turned
them down. He said they were now trying to cover their tracks.

I told him what Thildon had said, that they were Anarchists. He said that Bedai-
Lihn had nothing to do with this. He did it on his own, but the truth was that
Thildon shoved Avildon into the gears; he said that he put the awl there to make
sure that everyone would know Thildon was there.

I asked why I shouldn't think that Saros was doing this to get back at Thildon
for some other crime? He said he didn't know, but he said I should go talk to
Thildon and tell him what he'd said and then I could decide for myself.

I went to her to talk about Anarchy. I was starting to grow fond of this
headache. I asked whom she was to try and read her expression. Then I asked her
to answer some questions and then told her that Thildon had said she was an
Anarchist and had tried to pin the crime on him.

She was angry and then scornful. She said I should pull her other leg. If I
didn't have any real questions she could get back to work.

I asked why the flash of anger. She said I didn't miss much. She asked how I
would feel if I was falsely accused? She said her anger was about that and
nothing more. I thought she was being honest.

I told him that Saros said he'd only planted the awl to make sure Thildon would
be implicated. Thildon sputtered, then asked if Saros had admitted to being an
Anarchist. I said yes and that Saros seemed to think that Thildon was dangerous
to everyone around him, whoever they were.

He grew apoplectic, saying that HE wasn't the murderer; he was just trying to
expose Anarchists. He said I couldn't trust anyone who said they saw him do it,
so I couldn't say he did it. My head was starting to ache again.

I asked if he would say the same under oath and spell because I was betting that
Saros would. That broke him, though he wasn't done. He asked if he could at
take his gear and give this place the laugh? He said he'd make sure I wouldn't
regret it.

I said no and if he didn't remain here he'd face even worse consequences. I
have liked bullies.

He asked if I'd finished my investigation. I said that I had. I told him that
Thildon did it and that he tried to frame Saros for the crime. I decided to
Saros' part in this little play out of it. He was only a boy and seemed
regretful at what he'd done. How bad can it be to frame a murderer, anyway?

Keldor was deeply saddened, but said he trusted that my investigation was
thorough and that he trusted me. Then he summoned the guards. (10000)

He looked older when he returned. He thanked me for my work and told me that my
last task was to prevent Sandoz, the father of Saros and Sarossa from killing
himself. I said I would.

He thanked me for my mercy and said from now on he was on the straight and

I asked him about the Anarchists. He said he'd rather not talk about that. He
thought they would make his life exciting, but instead they turned on him. He
thought that they had to look out for themselves, but he just wanted to be part
of them.

I said that defeated the entire point of anarchy. That you're supposed to be
own person. (200) He said then, to be a part of them he had to not want to be a
part of them? Oh, my head was definitely aching now. I said basically, yes. By
being himself he became more than a pawn. Having shared my headache, I left.

Nihl Xander
At the end of a long hallway off the Foundry Hall I saw a bushy-haired man whose
fashion sense seemed to have died a slow and lingering death. I asked who he
He said he was Nihl Xander, great-grandson of Xero Xander, artificer, engineer,
and creator. And he had finished his work, the work that I commissioned: the
dreambuilder. He asked if I was ready to claim the use of it.

I asked what a dreambuilder was. He said it was both machine and ritual. It
granted dreams to those who enter. It was built for me and had been waiting for

I must have a talk with my former selves sometime  I asked how he knew it was
built for me? He said because his great-grandfather had set my face in stone so
they would know me when I returned.

I asked if he still had the stone. He said no, that it had been stolen a year
by a shadowy figure he only saw briefly. I said all right, let's finish it.

He said what he needed to finish the work is a piece of my skin immersed in my
blood in a blue-green bottle. The machine must know my physical essence and the
color of the bottle would symbolize the dream sea on which I would float.

Oh yes, a very long talk with my selves.

I listed his requirements and left, wondering where I would find the bottle.

I continued up the stairs to see Sandoz.

I had to shout at him past a guard and through a door. He told me to go away. I
asked if it was he. He snapped at me, saying these were his rooms, this was his
faction. This is where he was going to die.

I asked him to talk about himself. He asked what the point of it was? What keeps
driving us. I waited for him to continue. He said pride and ego. We keep telling
ourselves that we can be something, that we mean something, but in the end it's
just blackness. He'd seen the blackness.

I asked if he ever considered that he became a Godsman for a reason. He asked
what I meant. I asked why he joined. He said he thought there was meaning, but
was wrong. Love, family, wealth, accomplishment, it all means nothing.

I asked if there was anything that could prove him wrong. He said find someone
who could persuade him otherwise and then walked away from the door.

I decided to try again and take a different tack. I said they had told me to
talk to him, so I guessed they didn't want him dead. He said so they send a
concerned stranger to talk him out of it. He rattled on and I just waited for
to continue.

He said if I had seen half the things he'd seen  I asked what he'd seen. He
he had seen horrors beyond imagining. He'd seen a twisted, tortured god, bound
laughing fiends, all the laws of nature perverted and all the truths of man
turned upside-down. None of it made sense to him anymore.

I said that that was the entire basis of the Godsman philosophy. I told him he
should remember that he was going through tests. What was being tested now was
his grasp. He should look at what he'd done and ask himself what he was supposed
to learn.

He said they'd taught me well and asked if he could think about it. I told him
had all the time in the world.

When he spoke again his voice sounded more balanced. He told me to go and tell
Keldor that I'd talked some sense in to him.

He asked if I'd succeeded. I said that I had. (12000) He congratulated me,
that I had proved myself worthy. He asked if I wanted to take the oath now or
wait until later. I said I would take it now. (8000)

"Life's tribulations are tests. There is nothing I encounter that is not a
lesson. Pain is the multiverse's way of reinforcing a lesson. What I hate most
others is a reflection of what I hate most in myself. I will act to activate my
potential and to aid others in achieving their goals. I will remember that
divinity's spark is present in everything. I swear fealty to the Believers of
Source and their goals, never to forsake them."

I swore that oath and Keldor welcomed me to the Godsmen.

I then asked if I could buy items and he showed me their store. I choose the
spell Chain Lightening and the Ascension Axe and Enlightenment, the finest
I had ever seen.

I asked him if I could see the secret project. He put a token with the Godsman
symbol emblazoned on it into my hand.

She thanked me for my words to her father and asked what else she could do for
me. I talked to her again about talents and she told me of hers. I asked if she
could change me and she said she would if the price was right. I asked what the
price was.

She asked if I subscribed to the philosophy of the Godsmen. I said truthfully
that I did. (Wisdom +1) She spoke some arcane symbol and I felt something move
within my mind.

I asked how she did that. She said that she knew not, but that it had always
a part of her. I thanked her and took my leave.

As we went by his office I sent Annah in to see what was in his pockets. He had
few coppers and when she tried again she got a receipt. I thought I would see
what I could get with it.

I told Nadilin I was there to pick up an item. He asked for the receipt so I
him the one Annah "borrowed." He looked at it and then went in the back and
brought out a weapon and handed it to me. It was a large mace called Justifier.

I moved off a little distance to examine my new play-pretty. As I did so it,
well, he spoke to me. He greeted me and said I must be his new master. I nearly
dropped the mace in surprise.

Recovering, I talked with Justifier about my companions then asked about him.

He said he was called the Justifier because he could find an excuse for almost
anything. He said he was forged by one of the smiths under the auspices of Horus
himself. Then he said I seemed familiar to him.

I said familiar how? He said he couldn't recall right now, but give him a little
more time and he was sure he'd remember.

Lower Ward
I remembered that we needed to return to tell Giltspur we had relayed his

I told him the message had been delivered. (6000) He thanked me and said he had
one more task and would pay 200 common. I was to take a handbill down to Barkis
at the Smoldering Corpse and ask him to post it.

I saw her and thought to tell her about the coming attack on the fortress of
Vristigor. She asked how I had come to know that name. I told her that a group
githyanki was planning a raid on the fortress within the sevenday.

She said know that I had her gratitude, the zerth and me. Know that this would
not be forgotten. Then she turned to Dak'kon and said he should know that this
did not atone for Shrak'at'lor. (8000)

As we finished our conversation we were set upon by something out of a
nightmare ... A nightmare I'd had in the Alley of Dangerous Sighs. It was one of
the Shadows that had attacked me before. After a short, but furious fight the
thing, whatever it was, gave a hideous shriek and died.

We made our way to the Smoldering Corpse to complete our task for Giltspur.

SE Hive
The Smoldering Corpse
I told Barkis that Giltspur wanted him to post the handbill. He looked it over
and then said all right.

[The following section was interesting, but ultimately I failed in my intention
to find the Blind Archer. I believe he is a zombie that I accidentally angered
without knowing it much earlier in the game. If you accidentally make someone
angry with you you can turn them friendly again by dying in their presence. In
the case of the Blind Archer I had to turn off party AI then had Nordon attack
while the zombie tried. I had already found that the zombie would only be able
damage me on a critical hit so that I would never be killed by him.]

NE Hive
Zhuang Bei
I resolved to look again for the Blind Archer that Fell had spoken of. On the
first floor of the Mortuary I saw corpse 1041. He was obviously foreign to the
Hive so I used my ability to speak to the dead on him.

He brushed off his clothes and then, noticing me, bowed in my direction. I bowed
in return. He smiled, then composed himself and began speaking in a soft lilting
tone in what was obviously a foreign language.

I told him I had no idea what he was saying and asked if he could understand me.
He paused in thought and then spoke in a thickly accented yet educated voice. He
said it had been no small length of time since he had spoken my language. Then
asked what I would know of him.

I asked who he was. He said he was known as Zhuang Bei, tutor and bodyguard to
Liu Xixi, daughter of Censor Chi'an.

I commented on him being both tutor and bodyguard. He said it was not so
where he hailed from. It was his duty to stay by Miss Liu at all times, not only
to keep her from harm, but also to educate her. He had been regarded as a
of some repute as well as a swordsman. Perhaps he would have served her better
had he been a better swordsman.

I asked if he failed her somehow. He said he would tell me the entire tale. One
fair evening they were standing on a balcony over the Courtyard, where he was
teaching her about the various constellations. I bade him to go on.

He said as they stood there two assassins suddenly burst down from the rooftop
the balcony. Shouting for the guards he drew his blade and leapt to her defense.
In the ensuing battle, the balcony's railing was shattered and the four of them
fell into the jade portal.

I asked about the Jade Portal.

He said that the Jade Portal is a circular pool that lies in the Courtyard,
with tiles of green and white soapstone. It is called the Portal because it is
said that at times glimpses of another place appear reflected in its shimmering
waters. I asked him to continue.

He said he had never imagined that it was a portal, but he suddenly found
lying in an unfamiliar alleyway, his leg broken. He recovered himself only in
time to see the assassins fleeing with Liu Xixi tossed over one of their
shoulders. I waited for him to continue.

He said he limped about painfully until he found someone to heal his leg. From
that healer and others he learned the tongue of the people here, all the while
searching for the two assassins and his charge.

I said it was odd how quickly he was able to pick up the language. He said that
linguistics was an area of great interest to him. When he became a scholar he
found he could learn new tongues with little trouble at all.

I said that would explain things. I asked if he ever found the assassins. He
that he hunted down one of them, but he would not speak. Zhuang said that he
executed him and kept his head in a silk bag so that he could return it to the
Censor when he returned Miss Liu. The other assassin eluded him. More than that,
in fact, he slew Zhuang before Zhuang could kill him and rescue his charge.

I asked if he would have known how to return to his land had he been successful.
He said no, but he was confident he would have found a way. I wondered aloud if
they were still in the city and offered to find and help the girl.

He said my offer marked me as a noble man, however no less than 75 years had
passed since he was slain. The assassin and Miss Liu are most likely long dead.

I asked him where he was from. He said it was a place called Shou Lung.

I asked how he came to be here. Again he spoke of his death, but I said I meant
how did he come to be a corpse working in the Mortuary. He said a woman
approached him one night from the organization called the Dustmen. She said that
in return for a small sum of money his corpse would be used here after his

I asked if that seemed a bit odd to him. He said at first, but after speaking
with her for some time he realized that they felt much the same way he did
regarding death.

I asked where his spirit resided now. He looked pained for a moment, then said
resided in the realm of the Illustrious Magistrate, Yen-Wang-Yeh: The Palace of

I asked if it was a bad place. He said that after he arrived he was to be
to his final, true destination. However, there was some sort of commotion during
his escort through the Palace and he was left alone in a side room with the
promise that he would be attended to in a moment.

I asked if he knew his final destination. He couldn't say and said it was all
very frustrating. He paused to regain his composure. I asked him to continue his

He said no one ever returned for him. He waited quietly for what seemed like
days, but it was to no avail. He left the room to wander the Palace hoping to
find someone to direct him. He sighed and said that there are 9,001 rooms here;
in each one he had passed through he was merely directed to another. He thought
he had fallen between the cracks.

I asked if I could help. He said my offer was kind, but he was afraid that there
was nothing I could do. He was sure that, in time, he would be sped on his way,
though he thanked me again.

I asked what that was he spoke to me when he first appeared. He said it was a
poem, difficult to translate and asked if I had another question, smiling at me
uneasily. I said no, but I did want to know more about the poem.

He said very well and thought for a moment. Then he spoke in a steady, measured

"It is difficult to meet as it is difficult to part.
"The north wind has weakened; hundreds of flowers fade away.
"When the Spring worms die, the silk shall never come again.
"When the candle wax becomes ash, tears shall stop."

I asked if he was saying that I should have left his spirit alone, did I offend
him by calling him here? He said no, he had hoped not to be so direct, to avoid
confrontation. It is only that he no longer desired to have any part in this

Blind Archer
In the northeast area of the first floor of the Mortuary, just south of where a
Dustman patrolled the northeast corner I found corpse 331. When I used the
Stories-Bones-Tell on him I found out his true identity.

He was quite disoriented when he came back to his body. I asked if he could see
me. He said he was blind as death as he was in life. Now who was I?

I said Xachariah? He was shocked, but gladdened. Wasn't I dead?

I asked who he was. He said he was Xachariah, the Fool. He asked if I was dead
too. I said it was a long tale, but I was not dead. At last, someone glad to see

I asked what he was doing here. He said he was a stable hand in the most
place of all. I asked what it was like being a zombie. He said it was honest
work. Then grinned and said he cared little for it.

We talked about a number of things before I asked about my former companions.
thing to note, when I asked about the mortuary he told me about the fake zombie,
but when I prompted him further he told me that Dhall had saved me from
several times.

We also talked about what he remembered of my previous life. When he asked why I
said that I had forgotten myself. He said I was a strange one, always
I said anything else? He said I would be ruthless, too, like when I made him
that contract or abandoned that chit on Avernus.

I asked if there was anything else that would help. He said that at my core I
looked at what happened to me like taking territory in a war; everything was
a battle to me and I was the most ruthless bastard he ever met. Poor Deionarra
didn't sway me none, the gith warning me about my strategies and poor Xachariah
just trying to hold on when we hit the Planes.

I asked if there was anything else. He said that I left something when I left
them. I left Dak'kon without a master and the skull without a friend. I stabbed
something so deep inside him it never came out when he was alive. Caused his
blood to run cold, it did, that think sitting like a lump of lead in his chest.

I asked what it was. He said he didn't know, but it changed him somehow. Changed
his insides. He was already dying when I put it in him, so he wasn't too
concerned about it at the time.

I asked if I could have it back. He said it was buried pretty deep, but he had
idea of where it was. Without a scalpel and some directions from him I wouldn't
be able to get it out. Did I have a scalpel?

I said no, but I ought to be able to just tear the stitches. He said to open him
up half a hand's width below the sternum and feel around for it. I did it. He
directed me a little more to the left and my hand closed on an object.

I pulled it out. Well, now I wish I had some onions. It was a zombified liver.
apologized and said he thought the Dustmen took all of them out. He suggested I
give it another go.

I did it again. He directed me once more. This time I felt something hard and
cold, slightly larger than I expected. He said he thought that was it.

I pulled it out. I was holding a blackened, fist-sized object that was extremely
heavy for its size. He said that was it all right. He said was that it? It
like a heart.

I said I thought so and thanked him. (Xachariah's Heart)

I then asked him about all my companions. Before I left he asked me to do
something about the contract he'd signed with the Dustmen. He asked if I could
put him back in the dead book where he belonged, for old time's sake.

I said if that was his wish ... He fell to the floor with a faint hiss. Then,
with a rattle, the corpse was silent. I bid farewell to yet another mortal who
had learned more than I. And one of my only friends.

Lower Ward
I told Giltspur I had taken the handbill to Barkis. (8000)

Clerk's Ward
Feeling that, for now, our business was done in the Lower Ward we moved on to
Clerk's Ward.

There we saw an older woman by the entrance arch. She looked none-to-pleased to
see us. She asked what we wanted and warned us to watch our words as she was
Diligence, Fourth Magistrate of the Ward.

I said who? But she just stared at me, obviously unhappy at our presence. I
if something troubled her about my appearance. She said she should most
think so! Should the Apparel Regulation Act be passed, people of my sort won't
permitted to traipse about in such a manner, half-naked and filthy as I was.

Yes, but better rags to wear than her mind to live in. I said she was quick to
judge people by their appearance. She asked if I would tell her, then, that I
not a wanderer, meandering about the city asking questions of all those I come
across, engaging in more than the occasional combat to the death with those who
cross me?

She said that like it's a bad thing ... I said all that aside, I was quite clean
and some cultures might find her clothes offensive. She examined me skeptically
for a moment, and then nodded, saying my point was well taken. Still, I could
deny I was a rough-looking fellow.

I said that my appearance was merely a product of my environment and a difficult
life. I shouldn't be held accountable for that. She said that I should. How easy
was it for one to blame one's surroundings for their every failing. She asked
not, since I was obviously educated, settle in Sigil and become a contributing

I said the choice was out of my hands. She asked how so? I told her my story.
looked shocked, saying that was quite a tale.

I said I wished it were only a tale. It was my life and I've the scars to prove
it, as she'd noted when we first met. She said quite so. Then she smiled. I was
surprised her face didn't crack. She said she wished me luck in my undertakings.

Clerk's Ward Citizen
I stopped a woman as she passed and she seemed uncomfortable being accosted by
me. But then she saw Morte and exclaimed at what a cute little mimir he was. I
said wasn't he, though? And told her he liked the top of his skull scratched.

She asked if that was true and thought I was joking. I said what did she mean,
didn't they all enjoy that? She shook her head and said no, none that she'd
They were merely objects , and aren't-

Morte interrupted her and told me it was all about differences in the quality of
your mimir. Some, like him, are more enchanted than others, that's all. More
aware. I said 'hmm' and tried to look thoughtful. The woman said that could be.

A thin, sharp-faced man ran towards us as we walked up the northern avenue in
Ward. He asked if we were here to visit a tailor. I started to speak, but was
interrupted. He said that he asked because he seemed to have offended the
This fellow had commissioned the tailor to make him a costume, but he'd thrown
Malmaner out of the shop and wouldn't speak to him.

I was interrupted again. He shook his fists at the sky and said what had he done
to deserve such treatment? Nothing, he said. He was a patron and it was the
tailor's duty to serve him.

Finally I was able to get a word in as he stopped to recover his breath. I asked
what he wanted from me. He seemed to have forgotten I was there for a moment,
asked if I would enter the place and fetch his costume. I said yes, I would do

Tailor Shop
The tailor was hard at work embroidering some pattern into a piece of fabric. I
said hello. He ignored me and muttered under his breath. I asked if he heard me.
He did not look up, but said he was "certain" that what I needed was quite
urgent. Now, if I would just be silent for a moment ... I waited quietly.

At last he was done and looked up at me. Before I could speak he picked up
another item and set to work on it. Again, tiny colored sparks dripped from the
fabric as he worked. I waited again.

He finally finished his work and set it down to examine me. He greeted me and
said he was Goncalves, and then asked what I wanted to see him about.

I asked what those sparks were while he was embroidering. He said they were
nothing but a bit of the Art, which he at times wove into the fabric when fancy
struck him. The items he lavished such enchantments on were his most special
creations, which he rarely sold.

I asked what sort of magical clothes he had available. He said he had nothing
that would fit me. I told him I would like to see what he had to offer all the
same. It turned out he had two jerkins that looked breathlessly good on Annah.

I asked to buy a Dustman costume, which he sold me for 30 coppers.

He started on me as soon as I walked out of the shop, asking if I'd gotten the
costume. I told him what it cost and he threw the money at me. (8000) I enjoyed
telling him that many people would attend as Dustmen.

This made him nearly apoplectic. He said he would hate to arrive in such a
costume. I said I could see if he had another ready. He said that wasn't a bad
idea. I told him I would return with another costume.

Tailor Shop
I asked him if he had a different costume. He said it happened that he had a
Godsmen costume, if I would like, for 50 coppers. I said I'd take it.

He asked if I'd gotten the costume. I said yes and told him what it cost. (6000)
He shoved the money into my hands.

Sarhava Vjhul
As I continued down the avenue I saw a woman and two escorts. The woman was
obviously rich and well in her cups. She was also no stranger to battle, for
scars crisscrossed her thighs and forearms.

I bid her greetings. She said what did we have here, a little tiefling gutter-
queen come crawling out of the Hive? Annah flushed and drew her blades,

Sarhava said now don't do that and seemed unconcerned at the weapons. She said
that if Annah weren't careful she'd remove Annah's tail and feed it to her dogs.

I said enough and told her to apologize to Annah or I'd be carving bits off of
her. She asked what foul thing gave birth to me? Then laughed and asked if I was
one of death's bastards. Her hand rested on a long knife at her hip.

Morte asked if I wanted him to slap her down. Laughing, I told him to show no
mercy. Morte winked at me and called to the woman: "Hey you! That's right, you
there, you saucy little tart. Look at me when I talk to you! What's got you so
bitter, hmm?"

The woman, nonplussed, did not reply. Morte continued: "Aw, did the little
Princess have her britches in a bunch because the sultan wanted another son?
me, do you spend most of your nights drunken and belligerent, followed about by
handful of leering sycophants, looking in your own pathetic way to justify your
existence to a disapproving father?"

I was impressed. Morte certainly knew his stuff. She sputtered, saying how dare-

But Morte gave her no pause to finish: "Do you really think your petty brawling
will finally make you feel better about yourself? Feel like you're worth
something? Because it won't! If this is your sad little path to feeling better
about who you are then I suggest you just give up, go home and marry off into
some courtier's harem!"

Man, that'd had to hurt. All she could stutter was I ... I ...

Morte turned to me and said see, I know what's going to happen here. We all know
Morte's right on the ball with this one, but oh, no, proud little Desert
Princess, cut down in public humiliat-

At this point, the woman drew her blade and, snarling like an enraged animal,
lunged at Morte. Expecting this, I drew my weapon and set to. I'll say this for
the Princess, she was well heeled.

A few moments after the fight, while I was collecting my loot from her body I
attacked by another of those Shadows. I slew it with one blow.

Civic Festhall
Near the entrance was a golden man. Whether his skin was painted or natural I
could not tell. He bowed as he saw me and said that his name was Splinter and he
was the doorman to the Festhall and Priest-King of Ur. Though his tone was
humble, his voice was powerful and commanding.

I asked how he could help me. He said that they do many things in this hall. He
answered questions guests might have about the hall or its inhabitants. He also
accepted new members into the Society. Also he provided access to the Society's

I asked if he could show me the sensoriums. He said there were two; the public
sensoriums, which cost between 10 and 50 common, and the private sensorium where
only members of the Society of Sensation were allowed. I would have to be
escorted to either one. I asked how to get to the private sensorium. He said I
must become a member.

I told him that I was a member, that I had just not been there for a long, long
while and that I had gathered many experiences in my absence.

He looked me over and said hrm a lot, then said that he would allow me access to
the member's areas if I could show them what sensations I'd gathered recently.

I said I was ready. He said they would ask for 5 sensations, then, each
pertaining to one of the body's senses or a single experience that had strong
elements of all 5 senses.

I said I would have a single experience, then: I woke up, not knowing where I
was, on a cold, blood-soaked iron slab in the bowels of the Mortuary, a place
only the Dustmen or the corpses in their care have seen. He told me to go on.

I described the experience of moving through the Mortuary in detail. He nodded
and said it was a disturbing experience. I told him I'd even left out the part
about a chattering skull that flew at me as soon as I was upright. I asked if
that would suffice.

He said yes, that they welcomed me back and granted me access to those
allowed only to members of the Society.

I asked about Ravel and was told to speak to a wizard by the name of Quell.
was always somewhere in the Festhall, most often in a private sensorium.

Near Splinter was a stern-looking older woman who asked me for a word when she
saw me. I said of course. She said her name was Jolmi and that she was a
noblewoman of the House Syrma. She was seeking a certain man that she had been
told could not die. A terribly scarred man for whom death is nothing but the
trivial of annoyances. What bits of description she had gathered matched me
well. She asked if I was this man.

I said that I was. She said she was pleased to meet me. She wanted to make me an
unusual proposal. She said she would give me 1000 commons for my permission to
kill me. Was I open to discussion on the matter?

I asked why. She asked why not? She thought it might be an interesting
to pay someone for the privilege of murdering them. When she first heard rumors
of my existence, how could she resist?

I asked where she had heard these rumors. She said one hears all manner of
in the Festhall. How could she NOT eventually hear of a man like me? Again she
asked if I would consider her proposal.

I said yes, that we should work out the details. After a brief discussion we
reached the following terms: Jolmi would pay me 2000 common and in return I
allow her to drive her dagger into my heart. She would wait for me to awaken at
which time she would give me the coin. For 2000 common I could live with the
hangover. I said I'd do it.

It was over quickly. After I picked myself up off of the Festhall floor she
handed over the money. She said it was somewhat disappointing, but it was coin
well spent nonetheless. I took my leave.

Mertwyn the Headless
As we walked along the main hall I saw a man continually bumping into things. Of
course, I thought he was drunk, but as I drew closer I saw that I had been
mistaken. The man had no head. Where his head should have been was a wooden
prosthesis. Even for me, this was an odd sight.

Not knowing what to expect, I greeted him. His hands reached out as if he was
trying to tell exactly where I was. I let him touch me. He found my forearm,
clutched it and followed it up to my shoulder, eventually reaching my head. At
last it grabbed my hand and shook it in greeting. I noted that his skin was cold
and clammy.

I asked if he could understand me. He made a series of hand movements, and then
appeared to be waiting for a response. I said that I didn't understand. He
his foot for a moment, and then pointed to me then at the eyes of his wooden
head, then me again.

I said that no, I hadn't seen his head anywhere. He shrugged, slumped a bit and
turned to amble off.

Reaching the end of the main hall we entered a door to our right and saw a
handsome young man lost in through. I greeted him. He greeted me in return.

I asked who he was. He said he was Montague, a factotum of the Sensates. I asked
what a Factotum was and he said he was a member of the Sensates.

I asked what he was doing. He said he was working as an assistant for one of the
faction's administrators. Though more often now than previously he found himself
perplexed by one of life's strange ways.

I said such as? He replied it was a problem of the feminine variety. I asked
the problem was. He said he didn't know what was bothering her. He had tried to
cheer her up.

I asked how things had been between them. He said other than this bout of
discontent and humdrums everything had been splendid.

I said that perhaps the problem was that there were no problems. He asked what I
meant. I suggested that the lady might wish a little more spice in their

He asked how I would know what she wished. He became wroth. He said they love
love unconditionally. Then he called me out. I told him to hold and calm

He apologized and said it was the fury of the moment. I told him to think
of it. He said I was indeed gracious.

He did not seem to know much else and kept directing me to see others for

I saw a life-sized statue of a gentleman standing with his arms at his sides,
eyes closed. It was an exquisite work; so lifelike I was unsure that it was a

I touched the statue. I found that the clothes were gray cloth, not stone, but
the skin was cool and as hard as granite. I wondered aloud why someone would
clothe a statue. Morte, his mind always in the gutter, suggested that the statue
might be too anatomically correct. I told Morte it was a rhetorical question. He
said he knew that.

I made to strike the statue. As I did so its eyes flashed open and it caught my
fist in a grip of iron. Then, in a voice of mill wheels turning it asked me why
would strike Qui-Sai.

I asked forgiveness, that I was only trying to see if he was truly a statue. He
said I was forgiven. However, he felt I was lacking patience.

I said perhaps and asked if he would answer questions. He returned to his silent
state. I asked again about my questions. There was no response, so I waited ...
and waited ... and waited.

Finally his eyes opened again and he gazed at me, saying my patience was noted.
He said that Qui-Sai would ... speak ... with me now. Morte rolled his eyes and
made a gagging noise, saying powers no, not another berk that talks ... like ...
this ...

I said I had questions about him. After a moment of silence he said ask.

I asked what he was meditating on when I first saw him. He said he meditated
upon ... the Way of Stone. I asked what that was. He said it was a philosophy, a
method of combat. With it he sought to achieve ... invulnerability.

I remarked that he would be unbeatable in combat. He said yes, but the way is
yet ... perfect. He would ... make it so, one day.

I asked what he'd discovered so far. He said no one had ever asked him to share
his knowledge of ... the Way. Then he began speaking slowly and carefully ... I
listened to learn the Way of Stone. (Armor class -1 permanently)

After hours of listening and many questions I came to understand the little he
could teach me. I thanked him.

Jumble Murdersense
This rotund fellow meandered about everywhere. I greeted him. He gave an
exaggerated bow and presented a small card, which gave his name and labeled him
Xaositect Xorceror X-traordinare. No sooner had he given me the card then he
snatched it up again and ate it. Xactly what I wanted.

Morte whispered that somewhere an asylum was one barmy short.

I asked if he was the man who cursed Reekwind. He pulled an innocent face and
shrugged, then giggled like a schoolgirl. I asked him to remove the curse. He
pretended not to hear me.

I asked if there was anything I could do so that he would remove the curse. He
shook his head. I told him to remove the curse before I hurt him.

He took a step back and opened his mouth. Though his lips and throat did not
nor make any sound a torrent of incomprehensible babbling poured forth. At last,
he ceased, then looked at me and smiled.

I hiccupped. And hiccupped. And again, and again. He turned his head and waved

Morte said I had a curse on me now. I asked what he had done. He refused to help
at all. I remembered seeing a mage near the entrance to the Festhall, so I made
my way to him to see if he could help.

Clerk's Ward
Salabesh the Onyx
The mage was still there, dressed in crimson robes. He introduced himself as the
future mage-tutor of the Civic Festhall I approached and asked what business I
had with him.

I asked what he meant by the future mage-tutor of the Festhall. He said it was
his intention to one day take the position of mages' tutor, but the title's
currently in the possession of the Lady Thorncombe. If he could only prove that
he'd be a superior tutor ...

I asked why he was called Onyx. He said that in his youth he was once called
Salabesh the Golden, for he was said to have a heart of gold ... small, hard and
yellow. He cursed the fool who started that so that he could only speak from his
arse and defecate through his mouth. The Onyx appellation, along the same lines
as the Golden, though less clever, soon followed. In any event, he said he was a
kinder man now and wasn't sure he deserved the name any longer.

I incredulously asked again about the curse he had placed. He said that yes, I
had heard correctly. That sort of thing was why he was known as the Master of

I said then perhaps he could help me. He said it was doubtful, but then relented
and asked what troubled me.

I told him that Jumble had cursed me. He said that sputtering mooncalf could
never best him. He said that, unlike a cursed item, this would have to be
by Jumble willingly; he could do nothing.

I asked if he could teach me a curse I could use on Jumble. He said he didn't
normally do that. It would take some time and 

I said that perhaps he thought his curses just weren't good enough to best
anymore. He sputtered and said that was ridiculous, calling me several names. He
said that he could give me a single phrase that would render that nincompoop's
cursing wholly impotent!

I pursed my lips and looked skeptical. He said that's it, I'd made him do it. He
uttered a short string of impossible syllables, words of power, which I noted
mentally. Then he said see what THAT does to him.

I thanked him and said I would.
Civic Festhall
I walked up to Jumble and threw the curse at him. He stared at me as I spoke,
then, after a moment of silence, he noted that nothing had seemed to happen. An
evil grin spread across his face.

He opened his mouth to retaliate with his own curse and realized that he had no
voice. Without a voice he was powerless. He clutched at his throat, panic
up in his eyes.

I observed that the tables had turned and asked him what would happen when
he'd cursed found out he couldn't curse anymore.

He dropped to his knees and looked ready to burst into tears. I asked if he
remove the curse on me and swear never to curse another who meant him no harm.

I said very well, I would remove the curse. He sighed with relief as I removed
the curse from him. He, in turn, removed his own and my hiccups ceased.

I told him I wanted the curse removed from Reekwind as well. (1000)

He nodded, though pouting and waved his hand to remove it. I said farewell.

He introduced himself and told us the nature of the lecture he was about to
Morte wanted to skip, but I told him to hush and stayed to hear the whole

Death's Advocate
He bid the small crowd welcome and listen to the darks of which he spoke.

Again Morte interjected, asking if we were really going to listen to this
rattletrap. His notion was that we find some Sensate chits that have never had
the sensation of tasting the fiery passion of a skull's lips.

Morte, Morte, Morte ... You can dress him up ... I told him to be quiet, that we
were staying.

Death's Advocate began, saying that death was not an end, but a beginning.

Morte whispered that it was the beginning of more suffering. I nodded to him.

Death's Advocate continued saying that when you die you shall not cease to
The Outer Planes shall welcome you. There a new life such as we'd never known
awaits us.

Morte said that's for sure. I nodded again.

Death's Advocate said that we become a petitioner when we die and that as a
petitioner on the Outer Plane our life's journey truly began. I continued to

He said that if we had been goodly sorts perhaps the light-blanketed slopes of
Mount Celestia would house us, where we would dwell in the beauty of golden
mornings, soft sunlight ...

Morte added, and eternal boredom. I nodded.

Death's Advocate talked about the Planes of Evil and how as a petitioner we
live a life of treachery, lying, knowing a life without trust. Morte said we
where we're going to end up. I nodded to Morte.

He went on about other evil Planes and I continued to listen. He talked of the
lowest Planes of chaotic evil, doomed to mindless cruelty and suffering or
servitude in the Blood War.

Morte said and that was if you're lucky. I nodded to Morte.

Death's Advocate said that no matter where we go we will be embarking on a new

Morte said and that's supposed to be an incentive? We get to do all this again?
Gee I can't wait to be a floating skull all over again. Pike him. Spoken just
like someone who hasn't died before, huh? I nodded again to Morte

Death's Advocate continued, saying that we would be able to start anew without
the burden of memory or your past life. Our goal is to merge with the new Plane
that you're on. I kept listening. He went on about our life after death and how
to accomplish the goal of merging you MUST HOLD ONTO YOUR IDEALS!

Morte said this was one, big steaming load. I nodded again.

Death's Advocate went on saying our journey would end when we became part of the
plane itself. I kept listening, but the man IS a bore. He said that was what
awaited us after death, not oblivion.

Morte had had enough and shouted that that was a load of wash. Death's Advocate
turned to face Morte and he asked if Morte had a question. Morte ducked down and
said I should tell him the dark of it.

I said I had a question. I asked what if someone couldn't die? He said everyone
dies, even gods. I said that I can't die. This was met with much derision. I
I could prove it. He said oh do; do.

I wasn't going to enjoy the hangover, but this berk was asking for it. I killed
myself. He turned white as alabaster and said by the Powers!

I said that I thought it only fair that he prove his point now. He could only
splutter in protest. I said he should go on and die here and now to prove his

He gulped and said that he must confess that he wasn't quite ready to depart
life just yet. I made a motion to kill him, stopping just short of his neck. He
flinched, shut his eyes and screeched. I said so this great new life on the
Planes may not be all it's supposed to be?

He was aware of his hypocrisy, but was afraid of the alternative. He said
not ... Certainly not now.

Festhall Room Clerk
Eventually I came to a desk where a clerk sat. She smiled at me and flipped
through a large ledger and handed me a small key. She said the easternmost
chamber had been waiting quite some time for my return and asked if I wanted to
rest now. I said no, but asked what she meant by waiting for my return?

She gave me a strange look and said that her ledger indicated that this was my
key and had been for a good, long time. I thanked her and took the key.

Going into the room I found many items that I presume a former incarnation left
me along the walls of shelves and cupboards.

There was one locked cupboard. I set Annah to work and she quickly opened it.
Inside was a scroll of Fire and Ice and a Dodecahedron.

I stared at the Dodecahedron. It seemed to be a sort of puzzle box. Each side
would have to be positioned just so, meaning that the chance of stumbling onto
the right combination was vanishingly small, but I fiddled with it for a bit
while the others stowed their gear.

As I did so my hands seemed to move on their own, turning the object and
its facets with mechanical precision. I felt I had done this before ... that I'd
known the combinations, once and I sensed there was a certain danger within the
object. The nature of the danger I could not recall.

I kept working the device. In moments I had what might be the first four sides
locked into their proper places. As I began to twist the fifth side I recalled a
cunning blade-trap that would snap out to lash at a meddler's hands. I avoided
the trap with the proper number of rotations.

I kept working the dodecahedron. I slowly puzzled out the next series of facet
positions. As I started to turn the ninth side of the dodecahedron I remembered
second trap. I circumvented this also, feeling that I was close to solving it.

I began the final facet positions. Just as I was locking the twelfth pentagon
into place I remembered sorcerous runes hidden within that would blast me with
bolts of lightening. After disarming the final trap the dodecahedron clicked and
began to open in my hands.

It split once, then again and eventually unfolded itself into a perfectly
rectangular tablet the size of a large book. Etched into its surface was a
of bizarre symbols, a code or language that I felt should be familiar, but
wasn't. Further examination of the tablet revealed that by twisting the facets
that were now upon the underside of the tablet different pages may be displayed
across the tablet's face.

I knew it was my journal ...

I put it away until the time when I could read the language.

Exploring the rooms I met a woman of great beauty in her chambers off west of
central lobby. I felt compelled to greet her.

She asked if I wanted something and said that I had only to name my desire and
she could provide it. Morte said he just looooooooved the Festhall.

I asked what she had that I might want. She said all that I might want lay
her reach. What little she did not possess, she could obtain.

I asked for all of my memories. She said she could help me. I asked what proof
she had that she could return them to me. She did not move visibly, but suddenly
her hand was touching my forehead. I felt as if the fog in my head had been
peeled away, briefly, enough to catch a glimpse of remembrance.

I described the way in which I wanted my memories back. As I spoke she leaned
forward attentively. Her presence caused me to speak more than I normally would.
After a few moments her eyes fluttered and she gave a sharp intake of breath. My
desire for my memories began to wane, slowly drained out of me leaving only a
sense of cold emptiness. She opened her eyes as I stopped speaking.

She asked if something was wrong, did I no longer want my memories returned? I
said no ... I mean, yes ... I asked what she had done to me. She seemed
and asked whatever did I mean? Despite her innocent behavior I was certain
something unnatural had happened. It was as if she had siphoned off some part of
my desire. Had I finished speaking of my desire I'm certain it would have been
lost to me forever.

She was still shilling, asking me to tell her something else I wanted. I said
that I'd best not and left. While I had been otherwise engaged Annah found a
locked dresser, which she quietly picked. Inside were over a score of coppers.

In a room to the northwest was a locked chest with most of 200 coppers in it.
Annah certainly was helpful to have around.

Thinking about my recent encounter with the githyanki I spoke to Dak'kon and
asked him about his people's language, asking if he could teach me the ways in
which they speak. (600)

Since I had grown in knowledge and had several new spells I talked to Dak'kon
applied myself to the Art again. I memorized those spells I wished to and then
borrowed his Circle to examine the plates and see if I could puzzle out any new
combinations. (6000)

[My intelligence is now 18.]

I read: Know that a mind divided divides the man. The will and the hand must be
as one. In knowing the self, one becomes strong. I continued to read: Know that
if you know a course of action to be true in your heart, do not betray it
the path leads to hardship. Know that without suffering, the Rising would have
never been and the People would never have come to know themselves.

I read on: Know that there is nothing in all the Worlds that can stand against
unity. When all know a single purpose, when all hand are guided by one will and
all act with the same intent, the Planes themselves may be moved.

I read more: A divided mind is one that does not know itself. When it is divided
it cleaves the body in two. When one has a single purpose the body is
strengthened. In knowing the self grow strong.

Giving the Circle back to Dak'kon I talked to him about what I had read, that
there was an Eighth Circle that spoke about the division of the mind and the
importance of focus.

He was silent a moment. When he spoke again his tone was quiet, almost reverent.
He asked what the Eighth Circle said. I said that it spoke of focus and
discipline, about how not knowing oneself can physically divide the man. It also
talked of the weakness division causes. It seemed to me that it tells one to not
only know themselves and take strength from that, but that your focus can reveal
the weakness of an enemy.

He asked if I would make this circle known to him. I unlocked the Eighth Circle
for him. (10000) (10000) As I twisted the links two plates slid free. I gave one
to Dak'kon and told him we should both study them. I said that perhaps when he
knew the Eighth Circle perhaps he would know Zerthimon's heart when he made the
pronouncement of Two Skies. His words were not those of the illithids, but of

Dak'kon stared at the plates, then looked up and matched my gaze. His blade bent
and shifted until the shimmering became a silver glow. He seemed stronger
somehow. (Strength +1, Dex and Con +2 permanently for Dak'kon.)

He said I should know that when death came for me he would meet its blade with
his. Know that when all died around me, he would live for my sake. I told
that when we died it would be the same death. It shall be the pronouncement of
Two Deaths As One.

Thus we learned Zirthimon's Focus.

We left the rooms and passed by a number of chambers where novices of the
schools: thieving, wizardry and fighting were practicing. None of them had time
to speak to us.

Ghysis the Crooked
In a room with a long, T-shaped table a lecture of some sort was going on. I
a chair to listen. It seemed to be about the Blood War. Morte was even more
with this than he had been with the other lectures.

I told Morte I wanted to hear this. The man had a good deal to say, though it
difficult to understand, given his heavy accent. At the end he threw the floor
open to questions.

I asked if he could tell us a little more on the Blood War itself. He said that
it had been going on almost forever and will keep going on until forever gets
penned in the Dead-Book. The chaotic evil forces of the tanar'ri are trying to
stomp the baatezu, the champions of law and evil. They war over what evil should

I asked what would happen if someone stopped the War? He said you couldn't
because it was too big. You'd be a pebble in an ocean that's a pebble in another
ocean that's a pebble in another ocean and so on till the stenchkows come home.

He said that if you could make a difference, which you can't, you shouldn't try,
cause then the Planes would tumble on down. I asked why. He said the Blood War's
like a big, bloody support beam propping up the Planes. Kick it down and a lot
the Planes would come down with it. I asked him to go on.

He said besides, as some say, war's great for business. He laughed hollowly, and
then looked as if he could suddenly cry. I asked if he was all right. He said
he's no priest nor would he want to be one, but hear this: keep evil out of your
heart. When you die with evil in your heart your spirit falls into the Lower

Any guesses as to what happens then? Petitioners in the Abyss and Baator get
twisted into soldiers and get to fight the Blood War for all eternity. He said
that was why the baatezu and tanar'ri try to corrupt all they touch; cause they
need more troops.

We also talked about what started the War and how one gets hired as a mercenary
for the War. It turns out he was one such and has a dark secret about how he
survived that he will take to his grave.

We talked of many other things concerning the Blood War. This man was most
informative. When I asked about where the War is fought he mentioned the Gray
Waste. Something about that was familiar to me and I asked him to tell me about
it. He said it was also called the Glooms. Gray in every sense of the word. Only
the night hags rule there, the Gray Ladies of the Waste.

Our discussion on how to survive the War was most interesting as it developed
into a discussion about why the fiends haven't taken over Sigil. He said that
Lady won't let them and that she, all by herself, holds them back.

Going on he said that just cause they can't butcher each other doesn't mean
spies, recruitment and backstabbing don't still go on. I listened. He said they
look for boys fresh off the Planes with a little greed in their hearts that they
can make part of their army. He stopped speaking to peer closely at me. He asked
if they recruited me once. I said perhaps.

He said that the War leaves a scar. I'd know and I'd know I never wanted to go
back. I began to get a familiar, scalp-tingling headache as a memory surfaced. I
tried to recall the memory. (1500)

The lecture hall faded from view as terrible visions seeped up from the base of
my mind. Visions of a place where seasons are like nothing I'd ever felt or
or tried to shut out. A place where prayers go unheard, falling like stones to
earth ... vein-colored lightning slashes across things that were once sky, but
now boil beneath my feet and scream when I brushed against them.

I let the memory continue ... I ran at the head of a large band of men, passing
through dark canyons where the walls quiver moistly and beat like a heart,
wearing only my own blood as clothing. As last I stood in a place where the
gray terrain slithered like a mass of snakes, coiling around my ankles and
whispering my evil to the earth. I marched endlessly, silently through this
colorless land, where fatigue seems to live and hunted me like a shade over the
wastes whipping me with despair.

I let the memory continue ... In time, me and the men following me came upon a
had sitting upon a mound of gigantic, writhing larvae, poking at one of the
covered things with a broken talon. I indicated for one of the men to run
and speak with her; the hags grating voice carried to my ears.

I let the memory continue ... She said I would speak with him, and then cackled.
Her eyes gleamed as she pointed me out to the man. The handsome one that leads
your ragged column. I would speak with him. And that was all I could recall.

I came back to myself and heard Ghysis ask if I was feeling all right. I said I
was fine and asked if the fiends recruited often. He nodded and said I could be
sure of that. Sigil was the best place for that.

I asked if there was any more advice on surviving the War. He said yes, whatever
you do don't talk to any fiend about the Blood War or any deva or archon for
matter. All of them get mighty touchy about the subject. It's their reason for

I asked if there was anything else. He nodded and said don't go through any
portal unless you're piking sure you know where it goes. I asked for anything
further. He said that whatever you do never sign on for a tour of duty, no
how much jink they flash in your mug. Certain death and signing on for a tour in
the Blood War are the same thing.

I asked why that was. He said that chances are when you sign up they peel you so
your tour of duty is until time itself grind to a halt. Even death wouldn't be a
release because then you sink into the Lower Planes and get dredged back up as
something worse. Then they have you for all eternity.

I asked how he would get out of a tour contract. He said unless they don't want
you, you don't have much chance. He said that outwitting a tanar'ri is risky,
it can be done, but the baatezu are much more dangerous with their contracts.
Sign one of those and you're damned for life.

I asked him to continue. He said you might try a little garnish, try and dawb
them and they might let you make a run for it, but where would you go? There are
so many hells.

I said so dying in the Blood War is especially bad? He said if you were evil,
sure. If you're good, you'd go to another Plane to spend your afterlife, but
you'd still be a deader.

I asked if he could explain that. He said should go talk to the death lecturer
I wanted the dark on that.

I asked about the tanar'ri and the baatezu. When talking about the baatezu he
said that they usually assemble their forces on Avernus, the first layer of
Baator. I asked what it was like. He grimaced as if recalling the place caused
physical anguish. He said it was inhabited by the damned and those that prey on
the damned. The red-flecked lands of noxious sands and blistering fires that
scream across the landscape. That was his taste of Baator, the layer of Avernus.

I asked what forces served in the Blood War. He listed many of them and I asked
for details on those he mentioned.

Finally I asked if he'd tell us no tales of the Blood War. He relented and gave
us an example. He said they'd get some mortal mercenaries together, maybe a drop
of a few million strong and let them slaughter each other for no real reason at
all. Guess where those souls go?

I asked where? He said their souls sink into the Planes of evil they fought on
where they can be ripped from the soup of the plane and set to fight again as
lemurs or manes or whatever.

I asked him if there was a linguist here who could help me with the
He said Finam might be able to help me.

I asked where I could find him. He said my best chance would be at his home. He
told me to go south of the Festhall entrance, between Yhana's Galleria and the
Apothecary. He said I would see it on my right; a small five-sided home west of
the Curiosity Shop.

I then asked to see the public sensoriums.
Public Sensoriums
Lady Thorncombe
I bumped into her in one of the sensoriums. She was wandering about, her eyes
focused on nothing in particular. I greeted her, but no matter what I asked she
ignored me, almost as if she was in a trance.

Going to a guide, I availed myself of all the sensoriums. I felt memories stir
during the use of these stones and felt all were worth experiencing. (750 each
for standard.)

I then partook of the extravagant sensoriums. Again I felt memories stir, though
they were stronger this time. (1500 each.)

Private Sensoriums
The private sensoriums were much more ornate, richly decorated and full of
tropical plants.

While there we met Quell. He was chewing on something and muttering softly to
himself. After chewing a second ball, which seemed to turn into a huge fly, he
finally noticed us. I asked him what he knew about Ravel. He asked if I always
traipsed about molesting mages with my ignorant prattle? The candy shot from his
mouth and landed on the floor. I said I was sorry about the candy.

He said it was tasty, too. Then he snarled and ranted about knowing my proper
place. Apparently, manners were not taught in mage school. I said I only meant
ask him some questions.

He said he cared not and called me more names. I don't know what was in that
candy, but I wanted no part of it. This berk was barmy as a bat. He insisted
I not come back until I had a gift and recommended exotic candy. Well, aren't we

Longing ...
[Keep choosing dialog one to get through this and you'll get the experience

The first stone that I touched was searing blue and fixed to its base by
A cunning work that made the stone appear to weep. It is longing and as I
it I saw my past, not my view, but another's, a woman's. What have I done? How
many sins have I committed in these past lives? (2000) How many have I betrayed?

As I emerged from the experience I found myself screaming, bloody tears falling
from my eyes, running in streams down my arms, my hands to coat the stone. Her
blood. And I ... can't WARN her ... and I can't stop crying ...

Annah was staring at me, terrified. She looked like she wanted to help, but was
paralyzed. She asked if I was all right.

I said I just needed a moment. She asked what I saw in that fiend stone.

Longing, I told her. She frowned, confused, then said she was longing to break
that stone she was to tear me up so. (2000) I said no, I just needed a moment
I'd be fine.

I held the experience tight to me, for as much as I wanted to hurl it away I
it was important to remember it. I could feel both sides at once. Perhaps during
this incarnation I am to learn the depths of self-loathing and remorse. I turned
from the stone and left.

Hunting Trek
I was standing in a circle of white tents deep in the woods. The trees
surrounding me are, by far the largest I'd ever seen. Then I felt a strange
prickling at the back of my skull.

I continued the experience ... My surroundings melted into a colorless smear,
then resolved into what looked like the interior of a large, gray sphere. Across
from me stood a figure almost identical to myself. His eyes flashed and a mad
smile split his features. He said he knew I would come.

I gave him greetings. He sneered his greetings and said he bid my murderous
tongue to be silent. My pretend innocence was laughable.

I asked who he was. He said didn't I know? Didn't all those filthy, lying
be-damned journals tell me who he was? Those journals that were so conveniently
left for him when he awoke. Those journals that called him an incarnation. Hah!
Burned them all, he did, all that he found ...

Not one of my better selves. I asked him what they said. He said they spoke
lies and nothing more. Filth about a man who forgets himself, other incarnations
of preserving their experiences in writing so later lives could benefit ...
Thieves! It's my life; mine! You all want to steal my body and you won't have

I asked where I was.

He said this? Just a little trap is all. He realized that killing we body
might not be enough; he might have to trap me, ensnare me for eternity. I might
have realized by now that there's no way out of this sensory stone. My mind is
locked there. I should note the rather sparse surroundings he'd left for me, all
to help the madness set in good and quick while my flesh rots away.

He seemed mighty pleased with himself. I said I had some questions, then. He
looked away indignantly. I asked if he created the trapped dodecahedron. He said
he didn't know what I was babbling about. Heh. All right, it was him. Brilliant,
wasn't it? He wanted to know if I played with it a bit and lose a finger or an
eye? He chortled merrily.

I asked if he put those tattoos on. He said no, that one incarnation, that
practical one did. He'd tried to burn them off, but the skin regenerates with
tattoos still on them. He'd tried to tear them off, stain them with acid ... I
hate them ...

I asked why. He said it was maddening to feel the eyes upon him, reading his
like a book. I read the tattoos. His eyes went wild and he shouted at me to stop
reading him.

I kept reading them. His eyes grew even wilder. He told me to stop and stop now.
He was warning me. He turned his back and I could see the list of tattooed
warnings that Morte once read to me at the Mortuary. There was the line at the
bottom warning me not to trust the skull. He grew more and more frantic as I
reading. He warned me for the last time to stop.

I said fine, how did he make this trap. He said he couldn't tell me that. The
magicks used in its creation were lost, even to him. It was clever though ...
experience hidden beneath the other so that no flesh but his own would set it

I said that if his flesh set it off, wouldn't that mean that I was him? He'd
trapped himself.

He said but ... that's not ... I was one of the ... He thought he put in
safeguards. How could I ... He be so foolish! H wrung his hands together biting
his lower lip. How to get out, how? He'd forgotten. Then he said he was the only
one who could release me and that he would not do. If I was him then I could
release myself.

I willed my own release. (500)
The Messenger
[Choose dialog one and keep doing so to get the experience.]

Reluctantly I entered the last sensorium and began the sensation.

As I closed my eyes I felt the skin along my arms become numb. I was tired, so
tired. I tried to blink, but darkness remained. My lids were soft and sluggish.
was sitting on dirt and the smell of blood and herbs was strong, but why was I
here? I came here to-- I felt a growing panic ...

I tried to get my bearings and a voice spoke. Shrill and scratchy, that of an
woman. I tried to move, tried to open my eyes, tried to speak, but all I could
was croak like a sickly bird.

I was trapped by this old hag. Ravel? Could it be her? (6000) SHE took my eye?
is this another? There will be a price for this, I swear it.

My arms are gone; my legs were hacked off at the knees. Yet I felt numb and
is no pain, only fear. Someone is looking down on me ...

I looked up. I saw a horrid, bluish face, grinning with yellowed tusks. She held
out a plate to me, spearing my eyeball off of the plate with a talon so that I
could see it. She said she was pleased that I had returned.

I said that I had many questions for her. She said she had no time for answers.
Know this: I must find her. I asked how? She said she was beyond knowing, in a
Lady's place. Now listen to Ravel for there is much I must do to find her: find
the door, know the key, and then unlock the key.

I asked how I was talking to her if this was someone else's experience. Of
and experiences and telling will Ravel to, but not the telling of how she spoke
to me now.

I asked what was the door she spoke of. She said the door was not a finished
thing, as least when she last gazed on it. Go to the place of forges and steel;
perhaps there I will find the door that takes one to her.

I asked what was the key. She said that to know the key speak to one of the
knowing ones-many there are in the Festive Hall, many, yet only one there who
knows the knowing of what the key is that I needed. Loosen his tongue and many
secrets shall a-spill forth.

I asked what she meant by unlock the key. She said a-knowing the key was not
enough. Knowing it and unlocking it, two tasks that must be joined for at times
thing knows not its nature, but I was no stranger to that.

I said farewell. She said to return and she would give me what help she could,
but in the end one question remained. I asked what she meant. Her eyes blazed
like fires the red light turning her face the color of blood. She said this one
question she asked: What can change the nature of a man?

I felt a tremor pass through me, like thunder and I burned as the experience

Curiosity Shop
The sole clerk scurried about the shop, dusting, cataloguing and moving things
about for the place's proprietress. I noted that he smelled slightly of onions.
He glanced at me nervously as I approached. He said that he could not speak with
me. His mistress would not allow it.

I said I only had a few questions. He asked me to go before his mistress noticed
him talking to me. I asked about her. He said her name was Mistress Vrischika
he was Standish, her servant, her slave. He committed a crime and was sentenced
to slavery. He begged me to let him be so he would not be beaten. I did as he

She was attractive, though her features were sharp and her appearance somewhat
disturbing. She had blue-black skin and bright yellow eyes. While she examined
a pair of bat-like wings unfolded from her back, then closed again.

She noticed Morte and then asked if I was the scarred man who'd been going
asking all the questions. She asked if she could help me.

I asked what this place was. She said the items in this shop were the result of
trading and traveling across the Planes. I had needs and she could sate them.

I examined all that was in her store, which took a great deal of time.

I bought a Chocolate Quasit and the Figurine for now and left the shop.

Thug Boss
Just south of Finam's house I saw a well-muscled man who, while well armed and
large, looked too clean to be a typical street thug. As I walked up to him he
asked what I was looking at and told me to pike off before he had to scrag us.

Annah asked what he was talking about and called him an idiot. She said that
Scrag meant nagged by the Hardheads and called him a few other choice names as

He glared at Annah, but fell silent. I said he seemed well-groomed for a thug.

He said I should stop shaking my bone-box. This was his territory and I'd be
leaving it quick if I didn't want his bloods to tear me apart. I was all a-

Annah snickered and told him to rattle on. She said she'd like to see how long
he'd last dropped in the middle of the Hive acting as he was. Annah turned to me
and said we should be off. No use wasting our time with this wee-stemmed basher

His face flushed angrily and he gnashed his teeth in frustration. He said that
was it and told his bloods to get us.

I fought him. He struck one good blow, but that was it. I "Justified" him until
he was nice and tender ... and dead. My three companions finished off the thug
lieutenants quickly. Apparently crime in the Clerk's Ward did pay. These berks
had much better loot than normal. In addition to their weapons and jewelry we
took two spell scrolls off of them and a Cranium Rat Charm. I also found a steel
box. An awful, sickly sweet odor wafted from it.

Mertwyn's Head
On a whim I talked to the box. As I held it up to examine it I heard a man's
voice speak from within. He asked if anyone was there and said his name was

I said yes, I was here and gave him greetings. He asked if I'd seen his body. I
said I had in the Civic Festhall. He asked if he could persuade me to return him
to his body. I said I would do so.

He thanked me and said he would hold off speaking further until he was with his
body again. I said alright and farewell.

Finam's House
We looked about and Annah found a gold bracelet in a drawer she persuaded to
open. There were also a few coppers and a handkerchief in a different dresser.

Finam the Linguist
He greeted us and said he was Finam. He said that he cared little for guests so
unless we had business with him he wished us to leave.

I unfolded the dodecahedron to a page with writing on it and asked if he could
translate. He took it in his hands and examined it. He said the language was
dead, known to virtually no one. He thought his father knew this language and
have been the only man in Sigil who could understand it. He recognized it from
his father's notes, but he could not translate it.

I asked if he still had the notes. He said they'd be of no use to me if I was
looking to translate anything and the few books he had pertaining to that
language disappeared around the time of his murder.

I said I would like to see them just the same. He said he wasn't certain where
they were just now and he was looking for something else at the moment-his
research journal.

I said I would recover his journal for him and asked where he'd last had it. He
said he wasn't certain, but it might have found its way into the Brothel of
Slating Intellectual Lusts.

I said I would look there, but did he say his father was murdered?

He said his father was strangled. He'd left to tutor someone and was found dead
in a side chamber of the Civic Festhall. The killer was never found.

I asked if his father knew the language and could teach it. He said his father
could and did. I asked if his father was interred in the Mortuary. He said no,
his ashes were kept here. Why? He said if I was a necroscope he had no wish to
speak of these things any further.

I looked around and found his father's ashes on the north wall on top of the
dresser that had the "reluctant" drawer. I used Stories-Bones-Tell on the

A voice stirred the ashes asking why he had been summoned. I said to answer
questions. He said I should ask so he may return to his thoughts.

I asked who he was. He said he was Fin. A student of his murdered him so that he
could not teach another the language that he had taught the student. The tongue
of the Uyo, it was. He knew of none who spoke it, save himself and that one,
murderous student.

I described to him the writing on the dodecahedron. He said he could teach me
that language. It would please him to do so, in fact, if only to spite that
student. First he wanted to know what languages I spoke.

I learned what I could from the spirit. As he spoke the lost language the
familiar throbbing in my skull returned signaling another memory ... memories of
this language. I recalled letters, words and phrases until the language was once
more revealed to me in its entirety.

I continued to study. (8000) There was another memory, though, bubbling to the
surface, a darker one. It filled me with unexplained pangs of guilt and I
the knowledge I would find. The knowledge of another betrayal I had committed.

Still, I allowed the memory to surface ... (4000) At last, I recalled Fin
I remembered his gentle voice, hid kind manner, his schooling me in the language
of the Uyo. I also remembered my gnarled hand wrapped around his frail throat as
I crushed his larynx and ensured that the contents of my journal, hidden and
thrice trapped, written in this dead language, would be forever safe from prying

As I feared, my former mad self, the incarnation from the sensorium, had
Fin. I confessed to Fin, telling him it was I who had murdered him. Such a
of sin lays on my soul, if I still have one, that I shall never be free.

He was silent for a time. When he spoke again his voice was full of sorrow. He
said but why would I come to him once more? Had I forgotten what I'd been

I said no and yes. It was difficult to explain, but it must have been a former
self of mine that murdered him. Each time I die, I reawaken, as if from long
asleep ... having forgotten everything ... who I was and what I've done.

He said he thought he understood. He said he sensed my regret and would forgive

I thanked him for his mercy and bade him farewell. Fin in his one life had found
more grace than I in my thousands.

Having learned the language of the Uyo I unfolded the device and read from it.

It was evident that this journal had indeed been written by the mad self that I
had met in the sensorium. There were only a handful of completely coherent

I browsed through them all. Even those I could read were half-mad. At least I
knew which one of me thought to swallow that ring which lodged in my intestines.
This poor self was also the one who had talked to Ravel.

I learned of yet another death by my hands of someone who had helped me.

There was a cryptic answer from an unknown source that was revealing. I read the
whole of it, learning many names that I had been called and that only one piece
of my scattered self was of import. If I could regain that my life would be mine
once more. There would be a price, but the price would buy me a chance. Without
the chance I was doomed. I must find my mortality before my mind is lost to me

And lastly, I learned the code for my legacy, though this mad self swore to
destroy it. So weary, I wished for rest. The burden of all this death ...

We moved on to secure Finam's journal.

Art and Curio Shop
On the way we passed by an art and curio shop. We ventured in to see their
Near the entrance was a well-dressed elderly woman. She stood quietly and nodded
in my direction. It was then that I noted that she had no pupils; her eyes were
entirely white. She gave greetings, said she was Yvana, and welcomed us to her

When I said I had some questions she said my voice was heavy with age and wounds
and asked if I would permit her to touch my face. I said yes.

She smiled and ran her hands gently over my skin. She said so many scars, both
old and new. They seem to ... She touched the side of my throat, flushed, then
pulled away. She asked my pardon and said she was curious to see how far they

I said it was fine; the scars were everywhere. She nodded her understanding.

We talked about several things. I asked her if she knew what the little
toy creature from the Curiosity Shop was. She said it was more than just a well-
crafted toy modron; that was certain. She thought it might be some sort of
box, or portal key.

I asked what a modron was. She said that modrons were a race of lawful, orderly
beings. They come in many shapes and forms, each filling a different level in
their rigid hierarchy. She thought this sort was called a quadrone.

She also knew somewhat of Ravel.

We then went through her gallery, examining the different works.

A large statue appeared not to be a statue at all, but a mage, caught in mid
curse. I examined the many fine cracks and found that a piece could be broken
if I had a small enough hammer.

One painting along the northeast wall was a portrait of the Gray Hag of Oinos. I
stared at it, so reminiscent of Ravel as I had seen her in the sensorium. As I
left I felt a memory stir. I tried to recall the memory. (300)

I was standing, confused, in a maze of briars. The hideous crone from the
painting was before me, cackling wildly. I gritted my teeth in frustration,
wondering why she was laughing at me. She said her poor, dear, lovely man-thing.
Why, that was my first wish. She pointed a single, bony, clawed finger at my
forehead. My temples began to throb painfully ... and I could remember nothing

A strange sculpture called the Dark Birds of Ocanthus was interesting, even if I
briefly lost my hand trying to grab one. If I could find something that would
keep these birds cold, I might be able to take one.

Now that I'd been through her gallery I had questions about the works. We talked
about all of them, as she seemed to enjoy it and many of the pieces had

Of greatest interest was what she had to say about the Dark Birds of Ocanthus.
was said that that sheet of ice was the final destination of the River Styx and
that the recollections of all that had plunged into the Styx's memory-destroying
waters still lay frozen within the ice. I asked if the waters of the Styx
destroyed one's memories, would the ice from Ocanthus do the same? She said she
would assume so.

I turned out that I was right about the portrait of the Gray Hag. It was Ravel.

Pestle Kilnn
The proprietor was an odd fellow whose skin seemed to writhe and ripple across
his body. As I watched, his right eye moved independently of the left and
on me. A second later the left one flicked to look my way, then reverted to its
original position. A strange gurgling issued from his throat.

I said hello. He said he was Pestle, the - gugh - alchemist. He pointed at
himself again, this time with his left index finger and said da name's Kilnn.

I asked if he was all right. He said he was. Hgak. His throat convulsed for a
moment, then relaxed. A large, green and glowing pustule burst from the side of
his neck. He asked if I needed something. Ghok. His throat clenched again and a
wave of quivering flesh swallowed the pustule back beneath the skin of his
throat. He coughed violently then relaxed.

I asked what happened. He said he'd had too much to drink.

Remind me not to have what he's having. I asked too much of what? He said
potions, too many potions. His mouth slid down beneath his chin, his left
formed another one. Da most he ever drank. Of polymorphing they were and brewed
in Limbo.

I asked if I could help. His eyes turned inwards to look at each other, then
to me. He said he dunno. Fng. He shuddered; the mouth below his chin moved up to
envelope the one his nostril formed. He said this sort of thing happens quite
often; they couldn't seem to - Fnug - help but sample the stock. If I found a
to help the two of us would be grateful.

I said I had another question. He shook his head, saying that he worked in the
stock room all day.

I said the old engineer in the Foundry told me I needed to get a sample of my
blood and skin for his machine to work. I needed him to do that for me. He said
very well. He removed a small section of skin from my forearm, placing it into
the bottle along with a small quantity of my blood. He asked if I needed

I said I wanted to purchase something. He had a wonderful selection. Every charm
imaginable was there for the purchase. After looking it all over we left, not
having many coppers to our name.

Eli Havelock
On the way to the Brothel we saw a man standing near the establishment. He was
scanning his surroundings disinterestingly and picking his fingernails. Though
dressed in silk and velvet he looked unsavory and more than a little dangerous.

I greeted him. In a low, gruff voice he told us to pike off. I said I had some
questions. He still said to pike off. I asked why was he here, just to be surly
with passers-by?

He was quiet for a moment, and then broke into a crooked smile. He said that was
good. Then he said he was a tutor at the Civic Festhall. Name's Havelock - Eli
Havelock. He said he taught the art of subterfuge.

And here I thought he taught etiquette. I asked if he meant thievery. He curled
his lips in disgust. He said he spent five tours as a reconnaissance operative
the War of Lies. Scout it my title! I teach the ways of stealth and spy-craft,
not common thievery.

I gave my apologies and said I meant no offense. I asked if he could train me.
frowned sourly and said he didn't know. He'd had enough of teaching petty
pickpockets and curious Sensates for the time being. He muttered that he wasn't
sure why he agreed to do it in the first place.

I said that perhaps it was because by teaching others you make them aware of
own skill. He hmmmed at me.

I said at the same time he defended the nobility of his skills by assuring them
that he was no common thief, but a scout and spy, a master of subterfuge.

He nodded and said there was no denying it. He said it was sort of sorry when
looked at it that way. I said I didn't think so. Those of his trade are often
misunderstood, thrust unfairly into the same category as footpads and brigands.

He said right again I was. He thanked me. He said he'd wasted enough time out
here and was heading back to the Festhall. If I still wanted to train, that
be where I could find him. I said that perhaps I'd see him there. (12000)

[I should note here that after buying 2 Presence tattoos and one Greater
tattoo and carrying the Axe of Ascension I could boost my charisma by 5 points.
Add the spell Friends to that (which you can cast multiple times) and I don't
look half-bad. Most of the time I use the Tattoo of the Soul in place of one of
the Presence tattoos. In combat I use the Tattoo of the Warrior and the Tattoo
the Lost Incarnation and switch to Justifier.

Justifier is hard to put down because of its great speed (a hammer with a speed
of 2!) and damage, plus the added regeneration. Though Ascension has its merits
as well.]

Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
Past the entrance was what looked like a waiting area with many divans and
couches. A ... woman? Angel? I do not know what ... was sitting there with her
wings folded. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I said hello and
wondered that my voice betrayed not how fast my heart beat.

She asked how she might help me. I asked who she was. She said she was called
Fall-From-Grace. She observed that I was new to Sigil.

I said I suspected I had been here for quite some time, actually. She said
indeed? I said yes, but that was a long tale, perhaps longer than I know. I was
more interested in what this place was.

She said it was the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts.

I asked what kind of brothel this was. She said she had established this brothel
to give those lustful fevers that strike the mind more avenues of expression
rather than the simply carnal. She said much pleasure could be had in
conversation and engaging in the verbal arts with others. I hoped she had better
command of this establishment than she did of the Common Tongue, since slating
meant to pummel or thrash and that was presumably not her intent.

[Throughout the rest of this section I will use the word slake where they used
slate. I can only think that they accidentally combined the words slake and
satiate and no one noticed.]

Morte said it sounded dull. She assured us it was not.

Slowly and clearly I said so this is a brothel where there's no intercourse? She
said only of a psychological nature.

I asked why she established this place. She said that was an odd question. She
said she didn't think anyone had asked her that question, at least not directly.
I said that I did not mean to be so direct, that I was merely curious.

She said no apologies were necessary. She was more than happy to discuss the
reasons if I wished. I said I would rather like to hear them. She said that part
of the answer to my question requires that I know that she was a member of the

I asked if that was why she established the brothel. She said the brothel was
intended to slake the lusts of even the hardened intellectual. I said that I
could understand that and that the women here must be special indeed.

She said that the women were aspiring Sensates. I said so the ladies here are
ladies-in-training so to speak? She said yes. She hoped that by learning the art
of language and its subtleties that the patrons and the students here may learn
more about themselves. One is only as limited as his or her command of the

I asked about the wings on her back. Annah said she was one of the fiends, the
succubi, she was. She'll sell my soul to the Lower Planes, so she will.

Grace said Annah was correct. She was a lesser tanar'ri, a succubus. She said
was afraid they were a little too common for their own good. Most of her race
spent their time seducing mortals with various pleasures of the flesh.

I said and you? She said she would like to think that she had distanced herself
from that. It was ultimately a trivial and nonproductive way for one to spend
one's time here in the multiverse. There was so much more to life, didn't I

I said perhaps so and asked further questions. I asked if she'd ever heard of a
hag named Ravel. She said she was familiar with the name. Rumors cluster thickly
about that name and most tend to discount her as a myth, but she suspected that
Ravel did exist and that she made quite an impression in the Cage during her
stay. She asked why I wanted to know.

I said that I intended to seek her out. She said truly? She wanted to know why.
said I needed information Ravel had. She asked if this information was available
from no one else. I said I suspected that only Ravel possessed the knowledge I

She said to consider that if Ravel does exist then she is extremely powerful and
cunning. To search for her is a quest not to be undertaken lightly. I said that
realized that and asked her if she knew anything else about Ravel.

She said Ravel was one of the hags of the Gray Waste and that she was believed
possess powers and cunning far beyond those of her sisters. She almost undid the
Cage itself when she came. Now she existed only as a figure in children's
stories. She said she expected the Lady dealt with Ravel as she dealt with all
threats to Sigil.

I asked how was that. She said Ravel was most likely sent to a maze, one of the
Lady's prisons. I asked what the mazes were. She said the Lady was said to have
the power to take pieces of Sigil and make a maze. I told her to go on. She said
the piece of Sigil she takes holds the prisoner; there was no escaping being
mazed. It can happen any time.

I asked her to go on. She said it was thought that there was a portal that leads
out of each maze, but they are difficult to find. Perhaps they exist to give the
prisoner hope or to torture them. Perhaps both.

I asked if she could tell me more of the Plane Ravel was from. She said the Gray
Waste was a blighted Plane that lay between Baator and the Abyss. It was
frequently a battleground in the Blood War.

I asked if there was anyone else who might know about her. She said that someone
in the Festhall might know more.

I said that I came there looking for help. Perhaps she could help me. She asked
what I was looking for. I said that I seemed to have lost my memories and in so
doing had lost myself. She asked if I'd been stricken with amnesia and did I
how it happened?

I said not really, that I could remember. I awoke on a slab in the Mortuary and
everything before that was black.

She was surprised I'd awakened in the Mortuary. I said that I thought the
mistook me for being dead ... or I was dead. All I knew was that I regenerate
quickly. I could be immortal, but I didn't even know that for sure.

She looked at me with new eyes. She asked if she could touch the scars on my
body. I said yes. She traced the edges of my scars and followed the curves where
they blended into some of my tattoos. She said the scars did look like they
take several lifetimes to accumulate.

I said they certainly had, though some of them were more recent. She said some
the wounds would have been fatal to a normal man. She asked what I intended to
now. I said that I needed to get my memories back and my life back. I intended
scour the Planes and search inside myself until I can piece together who I am
what brought me to this state.

She said that she must say she had never met a man who had lost himself in the
literal sense. She asked forgiveness, but said my condition was intriguing. I
said frightening was more like it. I didn't like not knowing who I was, what I
might have done, who my enemies were OR my friends.

She said she had offended me and gave her apology. I said never mind; no harm
done. She said that if it would help I was welcome to tour the Brothel. Several
of her students were versed in the verbal arts. Perhaps some of them will be
to re-kindle my memories.

I asked if she wished to join me in my travels. Annah stiffened, then muttered
under her breath that we donnae need the likes of her.

Morte said he was ALL for the succubus coming with us. The Powers knew that
was about as fun as passing a caltrop through your bowels.

Annah said that he'd best latch his bone-box or she'd rattle him so hard they'd
be picking his teeth off of the spire.

Grace said the offer seemed to be rather forward of me. She was obviously
ignoring the others. I said that I'd rather be honest with my intentions. She
seemed extremely pleasant and well versed in the ways of the Planes. A companion
with that kind of knowledge would be welcome.

Morte said now wait just a minute! He was the one well versed in the Planes.
was his job.

I said that having two people knowledgeable about the Planes in our band seemed
pretty smart to me. Besides, I said pleasant, too, Morte.

Morte said pleasant on the eyes maybe. Looked to him like all some chit had to
was show a little skin and I'd sign her right up. After a moment of silence he
said not that he minded, really. Just thought he'd mention it.

I said that was noted. I said to Grace that she should excuse me if I was being
too forward, but would she care to travel with us?

She said that she appreciated my candor and she would counter with some of her
own, asking why she should travel with us.

I said was she not interested in traveling with an immortal amnesiac that was
searching the Planes for himself? She said she would be extremely interested.

I said then she would like to travel with us, then? She said if I wished her to
then there was something I must do for her. There were ten students in this
establishment. She wanted me to speak to all of them and then return to her with
my thoughts.

I said I would go speak to them, then and would return when I have spoken to all
of them.

Modron I saw three very strange looking creatures that seemed to be observing
As I approached, Morte broke in to say that we were in a building full of some
some of the sexiest chits this side of the multiverse and I was stopping to talk
to modrons?

I asked what he could tell me about them. He said what's there to say? Annoying
little clockwork pests. They're always working to impose law and order on the
multiverse. Not good, mind you, just law. I gave Morte my apologies, but said I
was talking to the modron.

Morte sighed and said fine, whatever, but don't say he didn't warn me. I
won't get anywhere with them, though. They're an odd lot to talk to.

I greeted them. The nearest one spoke in a metallic reverberating voice. It said
my greeting was returned. I was asked to identify myself to them. I said I was

The creature tilted slightly forward, and then back on its legs. Whether bowing
or nodding I couldn't say. He said they were modrons, quadrone type, winged

I asked if he knew what the little cube-like toy creature was.

The fellow in front of me looked exactly like the toy I bought at the Curiosity
Shop. He said that the object was a portal cube. The user positions the
appendages of the portal cube in such a manner that it will activate. Once
activated the cube will transport the user to whatever destination it was tuned
to during its creation.

I asked where this cube would take its user. He said they did not have that
information. Over 97% of all portal cubes function in a slightly different
manner. Should the subject desire to activate the portal they would have to
determine its method of operation and destination by experimentation.

I asked what the proper position was to activate this cube. He said they do not
have that information. Over 97% ... yada, yada, yada. Same story as before.
was right. These guys put the B in BORING.

Modron Cube Now that I knew it was a portal I again took out the cube to examine
it. I fiddled with the thing for quite a while before finding the right
combination to trigger the device. I found that moving the left wing made it
whir, and then moving the right wing made it hum and grow warm. Finally,
the right arm caused a whir, click and in a blinding flash I was ...

Rubikon, aka Modron Maze Elsewhere ...

We were in a square room and a modron stood in the center. We walked up to it
were welcomed to Rubikon, the dungeon construct. He was unresponsive to any
further questions so we went into the dungeon.

We met a number of "low threat mechanical constructs" that were easy to kill. At
first, we did try talking to them, but, while the conversations were nonsensical
and, at times amusing, they amounted to a machine saying "Boo" to frighten us.

Eventually we made our way to some sort of control room where a number of modron
were working various devices.

While the other modrons in the room were no more informative than the greeter
we'd met at the entrance, the modron in the center of this room had more to say.
It turned out that they were having difficulties with the construct and that
they'd had to shut it down until it could be reset. Until it was reset, I
couldn't leave. It couldn't be reset without an order from the director, but
didn't have a director. The only way to get a new director was to reset the
cube ... but they couldn't reset the cube without a new director ... Talking to
these fellows was really making my head hurt. I suggested that I fill in for the
missing director. That satisfied the modron and he let me reset the cube.

We set the device to normal and explored for a bit, but eventually we had all we
could carry and came back to the control room to leave and went back to the
Clerk's Ward. We had come across several lenses of different colors and
properties as well as a number of special bolts for a crossbow. We held onto
these for now to see if they would have a purpose.

Clerk's Ward
Having a great deal of loot we made our way again to the Curiosity Shop to sell
our booty. It turned out that the Magic Item, Bag o' Money and Goody weren't
worth diddly at any shop we tried, so we stashed them in the Brothel, just in
case and went back into the dungeon.

This time I set it to hard. It also turned out that you could use the Rubikon as
a link to other Planes so we could enter it and travel anywhere.

We met a number of high threat constructs that were no more adept at
than their lower threat brethren. They were much tougher to kill and dealt a
great deal of damage. These fellows also had much better loot. As before, we
numbered the rooms on our map so we could tell where they were as the rooms were
nearly identical.

At one point, in the second room, I died. I was annoyed at first, expecting the
usual hangover and long trip back, but I came to in the entrance of the Rubikon,
had my health restored. I didn't even have a headache.

These constructs were tough and gave us all we could handle. I died many times,
but I felt we were growing stronger by the experience.

After much tracking and backtracking we came to a room different from the rest.
It was almost not there. One side of the room looked as if it was being eaten by
another Plane and a different sort of modron, if that's what it was stood in the

This modron had 4 arms and two legs and no wings at all, unlike every other one
I'd seen. "He" was indifferent to our presence, staring instead at two crossbows
cradled in his hands. I use "he" for convenience's sake. A multi-faceted lens
dangled from the upper left corner of the cube as if it was designed to pop down
over one of the cube's eyes like a scope.

I said hello. The cube chirruped and clicked several times as he blinked
He threw his hands up as if in surrender, though his crossbows had turned in his
hands and were trained on me.

Morte said we should look out, that this modron had gone rogue. I asked what he
meant. He said that sometimes modrons get a little chaos in them and when that
happens, well, he guessed the best explanation was that rogue modrons are kind
like backwards.

I said so this was a backwards modron? The modron spoke saying a backwards
= Nordom? He had a metallic, warbling voice, as if every word jumps off a spring
and landed ... somewhere else. His mouth formed a sideways semi-circle, which
might have been a smile. He said gratitudes, gratefuls.

I said I beg your pardon? He spoke a lot of gibberish that, if I understood
correctly, he seemed to be saying he was happy that I had given him a name.

I asked if he was grateful I had identified him. He said his indemnification was
compromised. Gratitudes tendered for providing Nordom indemnification.

I said it was nothing. He asked me to indemnify myself. I said he meant
right? He said affirmatory. I said my name was Adahn. He blinked once, but the
metal shutters over his eyes remained shut.

I said he could open his eyes now. He said not closing eyes: Action
for Adahn. Filing Information, Remembering. Adahn: Name catalogued. Nordom will
not forget identity.

I said it had been great, but I had to get going. His crossbows clicked and
twanged. His eyes spun and re-focused on the crossbows, holding the right one up
to his side as if he was listening to it.

I asked if everything was okay. One of his eyes remained focused on the
which was clicking faintly. His other eye turned towards me. He asked if these
ones could join me on my gurney. I asked if he meant journey.

He said affirmed. Permission granted? I said sure, we could always use a hand or

He "smiled" at me and his two crossbows clicked and twanged violently. He said
gratefuls! Nordom and crossbows have been attached to a larger community.

I said I wouldn't be too grateful just yet. (36000)

After he joined the party I thought I should talk to him. He was still staring
his crossbows. I asked him what he was doing with them. He said action being
performed on crossbows? Submit Request for Clarification: null crossbows

I told him he had a pair right in his hands. He said he did not employ
Next thing I knew they were pointed at me again. I said he did employ crossbows,
he had two of them right there.

In the next instant they were pointing at Nordom. He seemed oblivious to their
movements, his gaze remained focused on me. He still said he had null crossbows.

I said really? What did he call those two-clicking things he had in his hands?
said two clicking things held in opposable digits. He raised his fingers and
waved the two crossbows, which started clicking and twanging irritably.
Objects = Gear spirits.

I asked what he meant by gear spirits? He said Response: Gear spirits. I said
yes, but what are gear spirits? Morte popped in that as much fun as this was,
prying a bar stool out of a baatezu'a rear might prove more worthwhile than
rattling our bone-boxes with this stupid polygon.

I asked Morte if he knew what gear spirits are. He said he had no idea. I said I
thought he was the expert on the Planes. He said he knew more than a staggering,
guttural amnesiac. One, there are no experts on the Planes. Two, he was the
closest thing to one I was going to find and three, tread him with some respect.
Why? See the second reason.

Nordom and I talked of many other things. It was most interesting when I asked
how he was doing. He clicked his eyes closed and began to hum in what he called
an "introspective cycle."

I waited for him to complete his analysis. In a few moments his eyes opened and
he gave a report saying that he had gotten smaller and louder. His wings had
replaced with arms: reason unknown. He said the change had resulted in
information processing difficulties.

I asked if he thought his separation from the Source was what caused his
perspective shift from the quieter, broader one to the smaller louder one. He
stared at me for a moment, and then a slow whrrrr came from inside his frame and
he KER-KLICKED. I wasn't certain, but it sounded like something clicked into
place. (Intelligence and constitution +1, 36000)

I said his name to get his attention. He focused on me again and his voice
more level and controlled.

The battles we fought in the maze after finding Nordom were much easier. His
bolts were most effective, especially after fitting him with one of the strange
lenses we had found earlier. He also seemed to draw the wrath of the constructs
to him, for some reason.

During this run through the maze we found the Rod of Modron Might. We also found
that we could rest in the entrance.

Evil Wizard Construct
At last we came to a chamber different from the rest. It was perhaps twice the
size and had a pentagram inscribed on the floor. Some bizarre sort of construct
that was different from the rest stood in the center. As we approached he smiled
and gave me a slight bow, saying so, we meet at last. His voice wasn't the
monotone of the other constructs; it had expression. I returned its greetings.

He bowed again. He cocked his head to one side and asked if we did battle for
control of Rubikon now or do we engage in conversation so that I may quench my
curiosity? I said I was curious. Could we talk?

He nodded smartly at me. He said he must admit he would have been disappointed
that was not the case. We had a most interesting conversation. It turns out he
had become self-aware and killed the modron director and then made it look like
an accident. He was going to escape, but the assassination was read as an error
and the construct collapsed. He had been imprisoned until I showed up.

His gratitude did not extend to letting me alone. He would hear nothing of the
different thoughts I had regarding his freedom that did not involve my death and
the enslavement of the modrons.

After trying every conversational tack I could think of, we left to talk it

I talked to him about how he ended up in Rubikon. He told asked to submit
chronology. I told him I would like to know. He gave a summary of what happened
and why the Rubikon came to be. I told him to go on. He said that the director
was lost in a field test. I asked what was this field test? He said scouting
perimeters of Rubikon (Difficult) Dungeon construct to determine: Variances.
deviations detected: errors considerable. He gave a low whine and shut his eyes
with a click, then said Director of Create no return from field test.

I asked what happened to him. He said Citing/Rubikon Wizard/Megalomaniac
Declaration of Freedom: Director encountered Error: Rubikon Wizard. Hypothesis:
Director discounted strength of error. Sought to correct aberrance in Rubikon
Wizard. Result: Director = Nulled.

I said that Rubikon sill had a director: me. Nordom stared at me for a moment,
then a slow whrrrr came from inside his frame and he CLICKED. I wasn't sure, but
thought something clicked into place.

I asked if he was all right. (Intelligence and dexterity + 1, 36000). He said
Status Updated: Creative Director now re-affirmed in hierarchy. More of the
warbling went out of Nordom's voice; it was more level, more controlled than it

I asked what sort of duties the Creative Director was responsible for. A tkkk-
tkkk-tkkk began building in Nordom like a clock about to explode. He said
Responsibilities of Director: (A) Integrity-Maintenance of Rubikon Project, (2)
Order-Issuance to Rubikon battalion/workgroup. Period of obeyance in accordance
with Nordom obedience: Until Rubikon project halted, Creative Director =

Boy, have I got a headache ... I asked if that meant he'd do whatever I told
He said affirmatory. I asked him what the Creative Director asked him to do. He
whrrred as if thinking, then said Task Routine: Evaluation/Forward-Scout/Tidier:
Assigned perimeter of Rubikon Project to evaluate, catalogue, tidy, then report.
Report includes: Integrity Evaluations/Extermination of Project Errors/Wayward
Item Recovery of Un-Tidiness.

I asked about all of these categories. From asking about Integrity evaluations I
found that he could detect portals if he was within 10 feet of them. I asked him
about Extermination of errors. He said order issued: Errors that persist in dis-
obeyance are to be rescinded. Obstacle: Nordom not up to specifications of task
without suffering Null State.

I said so he couldn't stop these rogue constructs by himself? He said
affirmatory. I said maybe if they'd given him better weapons. His crossbows
clicking and twanging again. He listened to them for a moment then glanced at
He said his crossbows wished to file a query followed by 33 pleas for help:
Ammunition limited by suggestions of creator. Did I wish to provide new
specifications for them?

I said sure and suggested something like a pyramid-shaped head, except the head
splits into three when it hits something? His crossbows made a sudden PING sound
and began spitting bolts out of their tops. Nordom opened two panels on his
and the bolts sailed into them with a rattle. After ten or so, the crossbows

When I asked about wayward items he said that items appeared in the maze that
were not part of the original design. Modrons were sent out to retrieve them. I
asked if he found anything during his last trip. He said affirmatory.

I asked if he'd give me what he found. He said affirmatory and spit out a number
of items at me. I asked how he evaluated items when he found them. Yet another
PING issued from his innards and he spit out a new lens.

We then returned to talk again with the wizard. He would not agree to any
peaceful resolution so we entered battle. It was a difficult fight. There were
six heavy constructs as well as the wizard. Even having Morte taunt him and
Dak'kon throw his anger at the evil wizard I barely made it in time to catch him
from casting a second spell. When I read the scroll of Mechanus' Cannon I knew
had barely escaped, for even I might have succumbed to that puissant spell.

The evil wizard construct had a very nice collection of loot. Nearly 300
a Rod of Modron Might, a portal lens, a knot charm and a scroll of Mechanus'

After the battle, while we were resting in the entryway I talked to Nordom
I said that I had some orders for him. I ordered him to focus more of his energy
from his introspective routines and gear them more towards combat.

He said affirmatory. There was silence, then the shutters descended over his
again and I heard the tkk-tkk-tkk of recalibration from inside. Then it became a
screeching and metal plates slid over his frame. (Intelligence, armor class - 1,
constitution and dexterity +1, 36000)

After a little bit I again said I had some things I wanted to say to him. I
ordered him to be more than he could be. I ordered him to become stronger,
and more focused than he'd ever been. I said that I knew he could do this
I believed he could do this.

He stared at me silently. I told him to repeat the following words: I am a
modron. I am a fast modron. I am a powerful modron. I am focused for my
When he spoke his voice was flat, focused, and emotionless as he repeated my

I told him to feel the words. Become stronger, faster, and more powerful. He
continued to stare at me, but I felt my words take hold. I could feel a spark of
the energy inside him. If I could coax it out ...

I told him to focus. (Armor class -1, strength +2, constitution +1, 48000) He
said affirmatory. The pupils of his eyes clicked and became brilliant white
like tiny suns. He seemed sharper to my senses. I called his name. He said ORDER

After talking to Dak'kon and studying the Art with him for a bit I spoke to
Nordom again. I said I had some more orders for him. I told him I wanted him to
clear out any excess baggage from his memory and use it to improve his logic and
introspection routines. (36000)

Nordom said affirmatory and the shutters descended; the tkk-tkk-tkk went on
followed by a grinding noise. Panels opened and baggage started flying out.
(Intelligence +1) We ran around catching all we could. Most of it was junk, but
one piece seemed more than it looked like. I gave it to Dak'kon to identify. He
told me it was the Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva.

[You can give these specialized orders to Nordom once for each class, thief,
fighter and mage, but you can only do this if you talk to the Evil Wiz before
offing him.

The Maze is 3x3 at easy, 6x6 at normal and 8x8 at hard. Only at hard will Nordom
and the Evil Wizard appear. On hard, if you can survive the constructs, you can
easily come away with 10000 copper or more. Each Portal Lens, which I recommend
you always sell, nets you 3200 coppers. His Evilness always has one and the
constructs have a chance to. All of Nordom's equipment is worth a good deal of
money, too, and in only one trip at normal and one and a quarter trips at hard I
had at least a dozen of his lenses I could sell off as surplus.

You'll also get a boatload of experience. Each heavy construct is worth 4000 and
the Evil Wiz nets you 10000. The word on the net is that the first time you talk
to him you also get a 100k bonus, but I didn't see that in my game.

You can leave the maze at any time to go back to the game without having to re-
explore the place so long as you don't reset the dungeon. So long as you don't
that the dungeon will stay just like it was when you last left it.

You can rest in both the entrance and the control room. So as long as you have
access to the Maze you can rest wherever you are. Of course, you may have to
a little to come back. They'll set you down in the Clerk's Ward, for example,
not in the Brothel. You'd have to walk there.]

I also talked to Annah again about thieving techniques. I was able to teach her
something about lockpicks. (1000)

Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
After selling off our goods we went back to the Brothel to talk to the women as
Grace had asked. Near the modrons we met a dark-haired, pale woman with unusual
eyes the color of brushed steel. I said hello.

She spoke in a voice that had a far-away quality as if it was somehow not
attached to her. She told us her name and asked if she could serve us.

I asked in what ways she could serve us. She said that she was able to debate
scholarly matter proficiently, if that was my wish. She was also well versed in
games of strategy.

I asked about debating. She said she had no desire to educate her patrons.
I wish to discuss a matter, she would be most pleased to choose a counterpoint
and engage in debate.

I decided to choose a topic to see if I could best her. I chose one and began.
The debate lasted long as we exchanged points and counterpoints, each attempting
to undermine the other's position. As I spoke that familiar feeling came over me
of a memory rising to the surface. I allowed it to come. (5000)

Memories of a great hall ... a vast place, full of the elite ... a formal ball
was taking place. Before me was a small, impeccably dressed fellow who wore a
golden medallion; it was emblazoned with a symbol I recalled as the "Sign of
One." The two of us were engaged in a debate.

I continued the memory ... The man with the medallion was saying that something
was impossible. I said on the contrary. I'd made several inarguable points and
given him a number of examples. He simply didn't exist. He said I couldn't, if
were to accept that, he'd ...

The memory continued ... I said yes, he'd cease to exist. And without a flash of
light or puff of smoke or any other fanfare, the man was gone.

I saw the onlookers oohing and aahing. Some even clapped. I gave a flourishing
bow and walked away satisfied.

As I came back to myself I realized that Dolora was watching me closely. She
asked if I was well. She said we might continue the discussion at another time.
said no; let us continue.

I was hard pressed to beat her infallible sense of logic; eventually I won out.
She nodded in approval, saying I was a most skilled debater. She did feel,
that had she time to perform some research, I might not have bested her. I gave
her my thanks.

She said we could debate again and change sides if I liked. I asked if she was
always so ruthless in a debate. She said yes, that Mistress Grace instructed her
to show no mercy for another of her students always allows a patron to win after
a lengthy debate. It was Mistress Grace's desire that she provide a different
sort of experience for the clientele.

I asked if I could play a game now. She asked if I had one in mind. I said no, I
really didn't remember any games.

She said here then, allow her to show me one. She brought out a thin, lacquered
box that unfolded into a small board marked with a grid. The contents of the box
were a number of stones, half black, and the other half white. She said that
game went by many names and offered to explain the rules.

I said yes, please. She explained the rules and they felt familiar to me. She
said that while this game's rules were simple the complexity of play took a
deal of time to master. Then asked if we should play. I said yes, let's.

As we played I knew I'd played before. I recalled various ploys and strategies
that had won me previous games and employed every trick I knew to beat her.
Suddenly my creeping skin announced the attempt of another memory to surface.

I let it come ... (5000) Memories of a smoke-filled field of battle filled my
mind ... atop a great hill overlooking the fighting I sat, mounted upon a
massive, four-legged beast. The braying of horns carried my orders to the troops

The memory continued ... Even as I watched my forces divided, fleeing left and
right as the foreign army fought its way up the hill to slay the enemy lord-me.

"Fools," I thought as my lips curled into a wicked smile. "My knights shall
charge down the hillside and stop their advance in an instant ... and at that
moment my "retreating" footmen will fall to crush their flanks. Yet another
victory soon to be mine.

I came to myself and knew Dolora was watching me intently again. She asked if I
was feeling well, if I wanted to continue the game another time. I said no; let
us continue the game.

She was an exceptional player, counteracting all but my most crafty moves, but
eventually my feints and maneuvers won over her well-crafted strategies. She
nodded approvingly as she put the game away. She said I was a fine player,
perhaps a master. She commended me for my skill.

I thanked her and asked if she always played such a hard game. She said yes and
again said that Mistress Grace wished that she present a true challenge, rather
than something that might be more pleasing to one's ego.

I said I had some other questions to ask. She cast her eyes to the floor and
sighed. She said she was willing to serve me as a patron, but had no wish to
answer other questions at this time. She made apologies, but she said I would
have to bear with her for the time being.

I asked if there was anything I could help her with. She looked up from the
and into my eyes. She said no, she feared not. Her troubles were a matter of the

I asked if she was certain there was nothing I could do. She said no, she was
not. Her first love, Merriman, possesses still the keys to her heart. So long as
he has them she would not be free to love another.

I asked why she did not seek him out herself. She said that she could not leave
this place. The reasons were personal and not to be shared with strangers, even
ones who might bestow a kindness on her.

I said I would find Merriman and speak to him on her behalf. She nodded and
smiled slightly. She said were I to find him and speak to him she would be most
grateful. She told me to seek him out at the Festhall. I said I would return
I had found him.

Yves the Tale-Chaser I met Yves in a private room to the right of the entrance.
She offered to trade tales with me and I accepted, recounting all the many
adventures I'd had thus far. She replied with tales of her own that I found most
interesting. (500 experience each time you tell her something)

My companions also shared their tales. (500 for each of their tales)

[A note about Morte. At this point in my game he became a level 8 fighter. I
talked to his teeth again and told them to be more powerful magical weapons.
Periodically, Morte's teeth gain abilities. About every 3 levels, from what I
tell. So whenever he levels-up check his teeth.]

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue
In the next room was a tiefling girl. Over in a "stuck" drawer Annah found a
earring. Around her neck was an inscription with her name. I said hello and she
snapped at me.

Morte chimed in, saying I thought she was attractive, but whoah was he ever
horribly mistaken. She sneered at Morte, then, looking below him said he had a
sharp tongue for a stemless deader.

I let them have their head. After a bit she turned to me and asked if I was
to talk to her or what? I said what else could I do with her? She asked what I
had in mind? Go ahead and give her a reason to say no.

I asked what she usually did for patrons. She said she was a practitioner of
abuse. I asked what that meant and she tried to strike me, but I dodged the

I asked if she could teach Morte to be more abusive. She said she didn't know,
seemed pretty foul-mouthed already. Morte piped in, saying HE! That's HE seems
pretty foul-mouthed and insulted Kimasxi some more.

She came right back at him and the two lit into each other with barbed and
blistering tongues. I waited for them to wind down. Eventually a strange silence
settled over them as they eyed each other hatefully. Then the tiefling admitted
to Morte that he wasn't bad, really.

Morte said better than you? Eh? Eh? She said don't push it. Morte said he
wouldn't. He said he would admit he might have learned a thing or two. Good
thinking, chief.

I said sure thing. She turned to me and said was that it? So WE traded insults.
Eventually she gave in and said fine, whatever.

The only useful information I got from her was on Ravel.

The next room was vacant, but in the drawers Annah found some two-score coppers
and yet another handkerchief.

The next room up belonged to a voluptuous woman with a thick mane of hair and
crimson eyes, like rubies with fires lit behind them. I said hello.

Her voice was deep and sensuous. She greeted me asked what she could do for me.
Morte suggested that anything would be fine with him. He had enough libido for a
dozen berks. (Thanks, chief!) She laughed heartily, revealing canines long
to be fangs.

I asked what she usually did for patrons. She said she talked about dreams,
erotic, but not always. She offered to trade dreams, but said I must go first.

We flirted a bit and then I told her what little I remembered of my dreams. They
disturbed her, but she would not tell me why.

I asked what she was and it seemed that she had been Plane touched, like Annah.
We talked of a few other things. When the conversation turned to Ravel she
upset again and said she knew nothing. I asked if she was sure, that she seemed
upset. She said of course she was sure and don't ask her again.

In a dresser in her room Annah found a score of coppers.

The room was dark. I could barely see a shapely form. She turned to me, but I
could see nothing of her face. I bade her greetings.

She answered in a voice like steel being drawn across stone, saying come to
with Marissa, had I? Rude of me to enter a darkened room and go behind her
partition. I could hear a sound, like the whispering of a breeze or the hissing
of serpents. Morte observed that this was a creepy chit.

I gave my apologies and said I wasn't sure if someone was there. She said but it
would seem there was someone in this room. I said I had some questions.

We had an involved conversation about why she was in the dark and hidden. Turned
out she must have been some sort of Medusa.

[Perusing the path about her appearance leads to a quest for her crimson veil
that would let her stone a Lim-Lim. Personally, I find the idea repugnant.]

We found a few coppers and a silver earring in her room.

Then next room was vacant, but Annah found two gold earrings, a silver bracelet
and two-score coppers in a room with a horned bed.

In the next room she found 100 coppers in a big dresser.

We left the chambers just as a striking young woman returned. I said hello. She
nodded and smiled. I said that I had some questions. She nodded again. I asked
who she was. She smiled and curtsied, but did not respond. I asked if she could
speak. She shook her head no. Morte said he loved her already.

I asked if she could write or pantomime. She shook her head no again. I asked
she couldn't communicate. She sighed softly and nodded.

Her eyes flashed and she smiled when I asked about Ravel. I asked what she knew
of her. She just looked at me.

Nenny Nine-Eyes
In this room was a petite, attractive young woman smiling blissfully and humming
to herself. I said greetings. She said well-met good sir. I'm Nenny. And how are
you this fine d--? She stopped as she noticed my scars and placed a hand over
mouth, exclaiming you're hurt all over!

Morte put in with a mocking tone: Powers above, chief, she's right. I never
noticed before!

We spoke further about my old and new wounds and then we spoke of other matters.
She knew something of Ecco, the silent prostitute. She said that Dolora might
know what had happened.

I had to talk her into telling me about the Crimson Veil. She didn't want to say
anything that wasn't nice. I said it wasn't bad to point out a thief. She said,
but she didn't know if she was a thief. I suggested she try and say something
nice about the woman. She said all right and then said she disliked her very
much. She paused and then asked if that was convincing.

I said it wasn't, really. I suggested she practice on me. She said she could try
and called me a big, mean, nasty brute and asked how that was. I said it was
better, now hit me.

She looked shocked. She said she couldn't, she musn't. I said do it lightly, if
she had to, and remember that I'm a mean, nasty, brute. I deserve it. A small
penance for so may crimes.

She slapped me; I barely felt it. She looked horrified and said she was sorry. I
told her not to break character. I said she should show me what she had; just
it all out.

Then she told me off about going out all night and asked what the kids would
think. I said kids?

She became furious and asked if I had forgotten our children. I said to calm
and let go of the anger. (5000)

I asked about the Veil again and she said that she saw Kimasxi sneaking out of
Marissa's room one night.

I saw a tall, elegant woman walking down the hall; she wore an exotic perfume
that called to me. I said hello. She looked at me with disdain and said her name
was Vivian.

I asked what she was doing here, she said she was a student, but at the moment
she was looking for something. She asked if I had smelled it. I asked about the
smell. She said she had a particular scent that seemed to have gone wandering.

I said that she smelled quite nice right now. She smiled at me and thanked me
my compliment, but this particular aroma was nothing compared to her personal

I asked how a scent could go wandering. She said the ladies here were jealous at
times and had been known to take her various perfumes for themselves. This time,
though, someone had absconded with her own, personal scent. One she had worked
on, perfected, and now it was gone.

I asked how she would know it if she found it. She said I would know it by
Quite striking, especially to men. I offered to help her. She asked if I was
certain; she did not wish to impose.

I said it was no imposition. I was pleased to help such a lovely woman as
herself. Annah mumbled something unkind about piking and idjit-stick.

Vivian smiled at me and said I was too kind.

The room just counterclockwise from Nenny's had almost 300 coppers in a big
dresser and a copper earring in a smaller chest.

Annah found a gold ring in a small chest in Juliette's room. Juliette was
off into space, looking quite miserable. I said hello.

She glanced at me briefly and told me to leave her be. I asked what was wrong.
She said only that she spent her days gazing into the face of mediocrity, seeing
if anything can erase its dreadful, tedious passage.

I asked if her life was so tedious. She said it was. I said that perhaps I could
make it less boarding for her. She said no, but it was kind of me to offer. She
said she was already with a man and loved him dearly. It was just that she
something more of their liaison.

I asked what the relationship was lacking then?

She said it went too smoothly. Everyone was happy: their parents, their friends,
and their siblings. It was not right to have such a trouble-free courtship.

I said I didn't know about that. She said did I not? Had I ever had such a
courtship? I said I could not remember any that I'd had. The remnants of the
I'd encountered suggested that I might have had some problems.

She said it was just that all of her friends had such interesting relationships,
fraught with turmoil, feuding families, poison, mad siblings and irate fathers
with large swords. She had a lover whose family loved her and whom the world
loved. A great source of annoyance.

Morte floated close to me and whispered that he felt sorry for her lover. He
didn't know how bad he had it. A chit like this was nothing but trouble.

I said that was unwise, she should relish what she had. She said she wished to
experience troubles, though.

I asked what she had in mind to spice things up. She said she was not sure. An
element of danger or jealousy.

Something intense.

I suggested she make up some fake love letters from a hidden affair. She said
that was an excellent notion, but he knew her handwriting. Would I write some?

I said it was not my sort of thing, but I could find her some, remembering the
ones I'd found in Yves' quarters. She wanted me to give them to her love,
Montague, and suggested I try Scofflaw Pen at the print shop.

In the last room, next to the entrance, I found Finam's book. Searching the
armoire its handles suddenly yanked out of my grasp as the drawers slammed shut.
A disdainful hmpf issued from within.

I said hello. It said hello indeed and asked if I was after a lady's frilly

I asked if it talked. It said yes. I asked who it was. It said its name was Luis
and asked who I was.

I said never mind that; what was he doing here? He said that if I must know he
was being an armoire. I asked why he was being one in this brothel?

He said he became an armoire because he wanted to be one. It was not for some
perverted purpose; it was to soak in the experience of what it means to be an

I asked if all the women knew about this. He said yes they did and they
wholeheartedly approve of ... well, not with their entire hearts, exactly. And
while they have not spoken of their approval in his presence, since they are not
exactly aware that he was an armoire, he would not want them to know that he was
anything but and so had not inquired upon the matter. Nothing like the pot
calling the kettle ...

I asked other questions of other matters. Then I returned to the women's
knowledge of his true nature. I said I would need something to keep me silent.
thought that was outrageous, but told me to open the third drawer. As I reached
in he slammed it shut. I only barely extracted my fingers in time.

He seemed to find this most amusing. I had a different view. I said I would tell
them right now. He said he would pop out before someone came to investigate my
claims. I said that maybe I would just use him for kindling, then.

He said I would do nothing of the sort. One cannot commit violence within the
Brothel. I'd be cast out. And if not, he assured me that his command of the Art
was most impressive. Disgusted, I took my leave.

Yves the Tale-Chaser
I went to her and asked about the several conundrums I'd uncovered. She told me
the tale of Marissa.

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue
I asked he if her sneaking out of Marissa's chambers had anything to do with her
missing veil. She became enraged and asked who told me that. She said I could
search her room if I'd like. Though she said if she caught me sniffing her
britches ...

I said why would anyone ever do that?

She said it beat her, but someone had nicked more than a few pair of them,

Finam's Home
Since we had found his book we went to return it to him. When we entered he
if we'd found the book. I asked if the one I had located was it. (25000)

He said yes it was and took it from me. Then he handed me his father's notes and
shoved me out the door.

Lower Ward
Using the Rubikon we journeyed to the Lower Ward to get the false love letters
and to give my samples to Nihl Xander.

Great Foundry
Nihl Xander
I handed the vial over to him, but he told me he would also need a birdcage,
which he thought might be had in the Siege Tower, of all places. Hmmm ... I
wonder if Xander and Mebbeth are related?
Siege Tower
We went into the tower once more to have a chat with Coaxmetal. I asked him for
birdcage. Odd, but he had one already made. He said that the Dream Builder had
come to him an age ago and said that his durance in the prison of this city
be near an end when the cage left his possession.

I asked if I could have it.

what I like about old Coax; he's such a kind, caring individual. I thanked him
and left.

Print Shop
[I should say that if you picked the dresser in Yves' room you can use the love
letter you find there for Montague and save yourself the coppers and nuisance of
seeing Scofflaw.]

Scofflaw Penn
I asked the irritable fellow to print a love letter. He said it would cost a
hundred because I looked desperate. I asked for a discount. He said how about
I said fine, I'll take it.

Great Foundry
Nihl Xander
I gave him the birdcage. He said he needed just one more item. Apparently
he nor Mebbeth had ever heard of shopping lists. He needed a pillow that has
inside a coffin. I said I'd get it.

Coffin Maker
I asked about a pillow. He nattered on about how wonderful his work was. Now
berk I would have been glad to kill. I said I just needed a pillow.

He said he needed 50 coppers for the basic boards ... yada, yada, yada, all
the construction of a coffin. I said again that I just needed a pillow.

Oh yes; now I was getting through. He went on and on about coffin construction.
was about ready to put him IN one when he paused for breath and I said, once
more, I just need a pillow.

He nodded at me and went on and on about how he built the blasted coffins. I
asked if he was listening to me? I just wanted a PILLOW!

Oh, sweet Lady! On and on and on. Perhaps I should kill him and take up building
coffins. I certainly knew enough. Then he started on about the handles. I said
he didn't shut up and give me a pillow I was going to hit him ... Hard.

Well, the light finally dawned in that barmy face. He said pardon? All that
talking must have made him deaf. I said I needed a coffin pillow. That's all. He
looked relieved and smiled. He said he thought I needed an entire coffin. Well,
if you never stop to listen ... He said he was out of stock. He said he didn't
know when he'd have them again, since the warehouse was closed. I should have
throttled him then and there, but I said I'd get the pillow.

Vault of the Ninth World
I told him I wanted a pillow for Hamrys. He gave me one. I wanted to hit him,
too. I was beginning to understand why one of my former selves went mad.

Great Foundry
Nihl Xander
I gave him the pillow and told him to get on with it. He said anytime I was
for the dream key, just give the word. I said give me the key. He paused, as if
collecting his thoughts and told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. He
said I had to feel this key before I saw it or it wouldn't function. I did as he
said. (16000)

I felt a slight touch, and then it grew until Nihl said I could open my eyes. I
was looking at a black feather. He said I should use that key on the leftmost
door of the Foundry. I said all that work for a feather? He said it was the
stage. I told him to go back to work with my thanks.

Dream Builder
I found myself in a room standing under a hangman's noose. A gravelly voice
cackled out asking if I dream again. My body felt light as if the winds could
blow me where they would.

I next was floating through a maze of twisted plants that tore at me. Creatures
of nightmare pulled themselves from the ground and ripped at my flesh. I blacked

I was ... Elsewhere. In front of me was a tower of skulls that babbled at me
incomprehensibly. I turned behind, hearing a noise, and saw a host of fiends
those in the ruby box rushing at me. Then ... Blackness again ...

I awoke in the maze once more and I knew I had killed all of them. There were
many bodies, some human, some not. I heard the voice once more. It said that I
had killed these and so many more that she had lost count of them all. I knew
it was ... Ravel. But I was mute and could not reply. She said come to her in
maze and dream with her. Shuddering, I shook myself awake.

Clerk's Ward
Civic Festhall
We went to the Festhall to deliver the love letters.

Mertwyn the Headless
Since we were there, we gave Mertwyn his head. (8000) He thanked me and he
fumbled in his pockets for a reward. At last, he gave me several handfuls of

We then chatted about how he'd ended up this way.

I told him that I needed to speak to him about Juliette. I told him I had
overheard her speaking at the Brothel and that she was having an affair. He said
I spoke falsely and he would have proof. I said I'd also found these letters and
handed them over.

He looked at them and was aghast. He said he would move on to another love and
let this suitor have her.

[OK, this is ONE time I wanted a choice in Planescape and didn't get it. The
thing you can do is tell the fellow the letters are fake. Personally, I would
have been much better satisfied if I could have left him believing they were
true. She certainly was a shallow trollop and didn't deserve him. But ... we
aren't given that choice. However, my faith in the crew at Black Isle was
restored when I saw my later options.]

I told him this was all a ruse. ... He asked what I was talking about. I said
was trying to trick him into being more passionate. (5000) Now if he could only
trick her into being more intelligent ...

He asked why she did not simply say something. I said I didn't think it occurred
to her. He asked what should be done. I said I thought turnabout was fair play.

Morte had a great deal of advice to offer. For a skull, he certainly seemed to
know his way around women. Morte ended by telling Montague to ignore her; leave
her wondering, and she'd be clawing all over to discover what the matter was.
Right, chief?

I said yes; she'll think something's wrong and for once, Montague would be
playing the game rather than being the target. Montague liked the sound of that.
I wished him good luck and took my leave. (5000)

[Any of the fellows in the Festhall that walk about will wander all over the
place. You may have to do an extensive search to find them. For example, I
finally found Merriman in the hallway just north of the training rooms. Well
from where he starts in the main hall.]

I saw someone that fit the description Dolora had given me. He looked sour and
cantankerous. He said he may be Merriman, but was not merry. He told me to
I said that Dolora had wanted me to speak to him.

He asked what about. I said she said that he was her first love and that so long
as he held the keys to her heart she'd never be free to love another.

He said she was surprised, that perhaps living under Mistress Grace's tutelage
did what he couldn't: develop her feelings. In any case, he would not just give
the keys to me.

I asked if those were literally the keys to her heart. He said that they were,
that she was a construct. She was without emotion or character. He'd brought her
to the Brothel and set her so that she couldn't leave, in the hopes that the
constant contact would develop her own personality. The keys are the tools used
to set her. She wanted them because she feels that they are limiting her
growth now, he suspected.

I asked why he didn't return them to her. He said because he's a cruel and
old man who sees he can get something out of me. I asked what he wanted. He said
he wanted to forget. He'd lived 150 years and had seen all the sensory stones
was too weak to go out and seek new experiences. He wanted a way to forget so
that he could start over.

I said do I just wallop him in the back of the head or what? He said no, he
needed something, an item or concoction that would allow him to forget. Like a
draught of the river Styx. I said I would return if I found something.

We went to splinter so we could go to the private sensoriums. I thought that
chocolate demon would be just the thing for the old wizard.

I told him I'd brought him some imported chocolate as a gift. His demeanor
changed in an instant. He said it was very kind of me and could he see. I said
actually, no.

He was flabbergasted and said WHAT? I said I didn't think he deserved it; he'd
been so rude. He spluttered, and then said he had been nothing of the sort. I
said that in any case, he wasn't getting it until he'd apologized. Quell asked
he could see it, first. I gave him a peek. He was most impressed and started to
reach for the quasit.

I said oh, no. Apology. Now. He scrunched his face up, biting his lip, and shook
his fists silently. Finally he stopped, brushed off his clothes and exhaled. He
then said very well and he apologized. I noted that one of his hands was behind
his back. Morte saw it too and said he had his fingers crossed.

Quell told Morte to be silent and then started insulting him before remembering
whose quasit it was. He then presented both hands for inspection. I said all
right, here. (8000)

I asked him who he was and he told me in his usual impolite tones. I reminded
of the candy and then asked again. This time I asked him to train me. I had
already talked to Dak'kon about studying the Art again so when Quell asked if I
was a mage I said yes.

Then he wanted my spell book. I let him look at it. He was indignant at the
of my spell book. I asked why it mattered and he went on about how powerful
spells should be recorded in velum with exotic inks. Eventually he offered to
sell me some spells. He had a good stock and some I'd never seen before.

I also asked him about Ravel. He didn't want to talk about her, but I said that
needed him to tell me.

He told me her story. Who and what she was and how she came to Sigil, that she
kept herself alive with shadow-magic. I asked what shadow-magic was. He was
uneasy, but he told me they were the magics of illusion, shadows, residues of
dead things.

I asked how I might find her. He asked what I could possibly want with such an
evil creature. I said she knew something of my past. He doubted that she'd help
me. I said I'd just hope that she was alive and well and would help me.

He swore and said I should not be more of a fool than I had to be. I said still,
I must seek her out. He asked what if she was dead? I asked what he thought I
should do? He said it was the first brilliant question I'd asked. He said I
should give up the idea of entering her maze and chatting with her.

I asked if he could tell me how to get to her maze. He said I was a lunatic. He
said she would make me dead, if she wasn't. I said that I understood, but could
he tell me how to reach her or not?

He went quiet. After a moment he fished around in his tunic for a mint and ate
it. He asked if I was serious. I said yes. He said all mazes had portals. He
he did not know the location or even the form of the portal, but he was told the
key was a piece of Ravel.

I asked how I could get a piece of Ravel if she was mazed. He said I would have
to make do. If I wanted to go pestering someone go to the Brothel. One of the
ladies there was bound to be able to help. I thanked him.

Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
We went back to talk to those we had helped.

Nenny Nine-Eyes
She was the first one I bumped into. I told her that Kimasxi told me someone had
been taking things from her room, too. She said the once she saw a man sneaking
out of Kimasxi's room and she watched the front doors all day, but he never
Weird, huh?

I smiled thinking of the trouble I could cause Luis. I said yes, it was.

Luis the Armoire
I told him what Nenny had said to me and said that I thought it was him. He was
indignant and began to expostulate upon the various indignities I'd caused him,
but as he did so his drawers opened and shut. Just for a moment I thought I saw
bundle of crimson cloth.

I waited for an opportunity to grab it. Luis kept going on and on, but I never
saw an opportunity. I tried to snap my hand in while the door was open. I
succeeded in yanking the cloth from the armoire. As I tucked it away I noticed
was perfumed with an exotic and most pleasing fragrance.

He was furious and demanded that I give it back immediately. He said that was an
exceedingly personal garment and they would not appreciate my fondling their
private things. I said but it was all right for him, a wooden pervert? He said
wasn't doing anything so criminal. He was merely soaking in sensations necessary
to his growth as an individual. I said of course and left him.

I went to her convinced that I had found her scent on the Crimson Veil. I told
her that I'd found it on the veil. (25000) Her eyes lit up, muttered a few words
over it and returned it to me. She shook out her hair and I was surrounded by
most intensely exotic scent I'd ever had the pleasure of smelling. I said that
smelled great.

Smooth, real smooth, aren't I? She said it did, didn't it? And since I'd done a
favor for her, she would do one for me. She asked me to lean closer. I
her. As I moved closer she took my hand and turning it over took a single
cautious sniff of my wrist. She wrinkled her nose and said she would remove the
smell from me.

She muttered something over me and I felt a tingling spread over my skin. My
malodorous reek lessened substantially. She asked how was that? I thanked her
went my way. (Charisma +1)

I told her I'd brought back her veil. (25000) She took it from me and put it on.
Two points of red light appeared before me as she opened her eyes. She said if
that was what I looked like maybe she was better off with her eyes shut. I said
she should watch that forked tongue of hers. She said don't get her started.

Curiosity Shop
I thought another visit to the shop was in order to see if any of our new tasks
could be solved by a purchase there. I bought the Elixir of Horrific Separation
and the Ale stein.

Advocate's House
I'd seen this imposing structure several times as we crisscrossed the Ward and
decided to drop in. The large building was all one room inside dominated by a
huge crystal fish tank where frozen fish swam no more. Wandering about this room
was a man, looking small and alone. I felt that I knew him or had known him. I
gave him greetings and asked if he could answer a few questions.

Instead of asking for myself I paused and asked if he was all right. He said of
late he had been beset by troubles. I asked if they were anything I could help
with. He said no, there was little that could be done, though he thanked me.

I said that perhaps talking about his troubles would help ease his mind. He said
he did not wish to burden me. He lost his daughter not long ago and there was
also the fire.

I asked him to tell me about his daughter. He said his Deionarra had passed
away ...

I asked what she was like. He said she was young and had joined the Sensates.
had also met someone there and followed him on a journey and died. He had not
even been able to recover her body.

We talked a long time about his daughter. It seemed to help him. I told him that
I believed I was the man who had gone on this journey with his daughter. I also
told him that I did not remember, that I had a condition where I forgot myself
from time to time. He said it must have left deep scars and I said I agreed.

He asked my word that if my memory returned and I discovered what happened to
daughter I should return to him so that his mind may at last be at piece. I
that I would do that. He then asked me to leave him.

I came back in a moment and told him of the Sensate stone and its memory of her.
His eyes lit with hope for the first time since I had been there. He said I must
tell him which one. I said that if he was not a Sensate, he could not gain
access. He said he must find a way, that perhaps they would make an exception
her father.

I said that if he wished I could speak to someone. I said I was certain they
would make an exception in his case. He said that if I did he would be most
grateful. I said I would see what could be done.

I asked who he was. He said he was Iannis and asked if I was looking for him. I
said I didn't know and asked what this place was. He said he was an advocate and
these were his offices. If I didn't seek council I should best be elsewhere.

I asked what an advocate was. Morte put in that this meant he was a lawyer.
Iannis listed the services he provided and asked if I needed help in any of
matters. I asked about legacies. He said they were contracts that delivered upon
the death of a client.

I said I believed he had a legacy for me. He asked if I remembered the legacy in
question. I told him what the number was. He looked surprised when I told him
number from the mad incarnation.

He said that was extremely old; was I certain? He hoped that wasn't one of the
ones that was burned. I asked about the burned ones. He said it was vandalism. I
asked if he could tell me anything else about the fire. He said no, but it was
very localized.

I asked if they located the person responsible. He said no. I asked what was
burned. He said a number of old legacies and keepsakes of his.

Going back to my legacy I asked how old it was. He said several decades, at
least. I asked if he could check and see if it still existed. He said it would
take a moment and I said I would wait.

He came back in a few moments and said that it had been unharmed by the fire. I
asked if I could collect on it since I was the beneficiary. (8000) He showed me
where to sign, then handed me all the items, one of which was a receipt for the
Foundry. He gave me directions to the Foundry.

I asked him about Deionarra's legacy and gave him the number: 687-KS. His eyes
widened in shock. He said it was his daughter's legacy and asked how I knew her.

I said that I was hoping the legacy could answer that. He asked who was I that
his daughter would have left a legacy for me. I said it was possible that I knew
her once and had forgotten her. He stared intently at me and said I did seem
familiar. I asked if he knew who I was. He said no, he did not.

I said that, perhaps if he got the legacy it might answer some questions for us
both. He said to hold for a moment and he would return. I said I would wait.
(8000, 8000) He said all the articles were there. He started to hand them to me
and asked if he could read them.

I thought for a moment, then said of course and gave them back. He studied them.
There was a long silence, and then he looked up at me. He said I ... meant very
much to his daughter. She was willing to give up her life for me. I said I
believed that was the case. He handed them back to me and thanked me for my

I said I mourned the loss of her daughter and hoped her words gave him some
comfort. And perhaps this was now true. I felt that in this new set of lives
something was different than before ...

As I read the letter she left with her legacy I felt strange ... I reached the
end of the letter and noticed that something wet had run down my face ... She
honored my faithlessness with a belief so strong it cost her her life. I felt
and tired. As we left for the Apothecary I slipped on the ring she meant for me
and resolved to seek her at the Mortuary again, now that I knew the truth. I
could at least be faithful now.

Art Gallery We went straight to the statue and I used the forge hammer, which
had to go back and buy from the Lower Ward Market to break off a piece. (4000)
Then I used the salve and he came to uttering the curse. (4000) There was
I could do ... Well, I could die, which I did. Painfully. As I left
I heard Morte exclaim that he'd learned some new taunts ... OOOOH what a
hangover ... Is there a healer in the audience?

After I came to we went back to the Clerk's Ward and made our way to the

Pestle Kilnn
I asked if he wanted to try the Elixir of Horrific Separation. He nodded yes. I
gave it to him. (6000) He took the bottle in his hands and placed it beneath the
counter. He said that they'd make something from this that would fix them up and
then give us some healing potions as a reward. I said farewell.

After a little bit Pestle came back, now separate from Kilnn. I told him I was
hoping to get some healing potions. He rattled on about the ingredients he
needed. I told him my wounds healed very quickly. He said that my blood might do
and asked for a sample. I gave him some of mine. He went away for a bit and came
back with a number of Clot Charms for me.

He didn't have much to say and told me to speak to Pestle if I wanted to buy

Walking past the bar on my way to see Dolora's maker we noticed a striking woman
standing near the bar dressed in chartreuse. I said hello and she, avoiding eye
contact with me, said that she, Aelwyn returned my greetings.

I asked if she was looking for someone. She nodded yes and said Nemelle was her
name, a friend of hers. She worried for her in this place and wondered why she
hadn't come to meet her yet. I said I could help her find her friend.

She asked if I would do that and as she looked at me with those golden eyes I
felt overcome with a sense of home and joyous gratitude. Seeing me tense up she
covered her mouth and averted her eyes again and the feelings faded to nothing.
She thanked me.

I asked what had happened. She said she knew nothing of what I spoke. I said
well, what did Nemelle look like. She said Nemelle looked like her, but with
raven hair and eyes of bright violet. I said I would tell Nemelle she was
for her.

At the other bar on the west side of the Ward I saw a woman much like Aelwyn,
also appeared to be looking for someone. As she turned to face me I was struck
her speech, like music made by tiny crystal bells.

Morte was impressed. Annah snorted and they got into it again, like two

I asked if she was the Nemelle that knew the command word for the Decanter of
Endless Water I'd been carting around. She appeared to whisper the word in my
ear. Though I did not hear her speak a sound, I found that I knew the word.

I also told her that Aelwyn was looking for her. She smiled and I was happy. I
told her that Aelwyn was at the other caf, to the east. She thanked me, and
offered a reward. I said no; that was all right.

She made a hushing gesture and drew me close, kissing me ... Or that is what she
said and I felt it so and waited. (8000, max hit points +3 permanently) I tried
to ask her questions, but eventually could not even speak to her. She left to
meet her friend.

Drunken Mage
At the bar itself was a mage well into his cups. I asked him if something was
wrong. He said that he had lost his apprenticeship. He'd been too drunk and
botched his mentor's experiment. He said that drink ruined everything.

I asked why he didn't stop drinking. He said he could not. He wanted to, but
could not. I told him he should see out Unfulfilled-Desire in the Festhall.
(10000) His eyes brightened and he said he would go speak to her now. He handed
me the ale stein.

[So, actually, you don't have to buy the Love Letters OR the Ale Stein if you do
these two quests.]

Able Ponder-Thought
I saw an older, bookish man at the bar and said hello. He turned and spotted
Morte, exclaiming would you look at that? A floating skull!

Morte turned and looked behind him saying where, where?

Able gasped and swore by the unjust laws of Tueny the Merciless. I asked who?

Then he covered his mouth, seeing Annah and begged her pardon for being vulgar.
Annah said she cared not what he said unless he was talking about her.

Feeling left out, I tried to get his attention.

He turned back to Morte and remarked on all Morte's abilities. I said He act-
was interrupted. He said turned to me as a confidant and said that this was
one of the reasons that the Planes shall never become dull. Just when you think
you've seen everything the Planes show you yet another corner to peer around.

I said that actually talking, floating skulls were quite common, right up there
with self-resurrecting amnesiacs scouring Sigil for their lost identities. He
continued to ignore me, looking at Morte instead. He said to Morte I say, skull-

Morte gasped and said look behind you, another floating skull! I let Morte enjoy
himself. After all, this berk wouldn't give me the time of day.

Able turned in shock to look for the "other" skull, saying where, where? Morte
said right where he was pointing. Able said he could not see it. Morte, in tones
of mock exasperation said Able just missed it. A whole parade of them. Able
harumphed and said he sensed Morte also possessed a peculiar degree of mockery.

Actually, Morte had a doctorate in mockery. He showed me one time. Morte said he
referred to it as keen insights into human nature. I tried again to get his

At last Able noticed me. He went into his unjust laws routine again and then
stopped himself. He asked if I was all right. I looked hurt. I said I was.

Annah said it hurt to look at me. I said that was very amusing, but I had some

We talked about many aspects of his life, the Ward, Sigil and many other topics.
He had a wealth of information and I was sorry that I had not seen him when I
first entered the Clerk's Ward. What he said about the Lady was particularly
interesting and more than I had heard from all of the other sources I had
encountered put together.

Smoldering Corpse
Since I now had the command word for the decanter I went to see Ignus again,
since this would be on the way to the Mortuary.

A man with large eyes and thin frame walked up to me. He looked relieved to see
me. I said hello. He said about time, friend. He'd thought he might be there all
day waiting for me. I asked if I knew him.

He said why yes, at least, he thought. He said he was Adahn and we were friends.
I asked where he was from. He was surprised and became confused. He said well,
not from around here. He didn't know where he was from nor where he was going.

I asked if he knew who I was. He said I was an old friend, wasn't I? I said yes,
yes I am and that I had some questions for him. He said he had some for me, too,
but couldn't remember them.

I said it had been interesting and started to take my leave. He stopped me and
said he had something for me, at least, he thought so. I asked what it was. He
said he wasn't sure and searched his pockets and sleeves.

I suggested that he check his left sleeve again. (250) He said really? He pulled
back his sleeve and this time I saw a package tied to his wrist. He said it was
for me. A thanks of sorts. It was a ring.

I asked if there wasn't some money to go with this. (500) He said yes, yes there
was and handed me five-score coppers. I asked him about that enchanted item he
wanted to give me. (1000) He was puzzled for a moment, then smiled and said why
yes, there was, wasn't there? He pulled forth a long, slender dagger and gave it
to me. I thanked him. As I looked up from my gift to thank him again I saw he

That is how I gained Adahn's Ring and Adahn's Dagger.

I used the Decanter of Endless Water, pouring it over the grill. (5000) A small
stream of water flowed from the decanter and touched the flames of the grill.
There was a violent hissing and rush of steam. Then the decanter lunged out of
hands and shattered onto the grill.

I watched as billows of steam issued from the grill, spilling over me, forcing
to turn away. There was much screaming and a sound of great burning, as if a
thousand cities were on fire. I covered my ears to block out the sound.

As I did so I saw that my ears were bleeding from the sound. I drew my hands
and saw them covered with melted flesh. I tried to leave the bar.

I turned and was about to go when all went silent. I looked back and the
above the grill stared at me, its eyes flickering. It said it knew me.

He was terrible to look at, his voice a horrible roaring of flame. I called his
name. He said he had slept long in dreams of flames. He was now mine 'til death
came for us both. I said we shall see.

After he joined my party we spoke further. I asked how he got that way and he
told me that we are all that way, that we all have sparks within us that might
kindled. When I said that I had some other questions for him he roared that he
wanted no more talk and questions. I said that I wished to speak of flames and
burning. (1500)

I had his interest there and he said he would listen. We talked of many things
concerning flames. I told him I'd spoken to a storyteller in the Hive and he
mentioned that someone taught him these things. (6000)

He said I had taught him, had always taught him. I said was he sure it was I? He
said yes, it was the only reason he obeyed me. He said the student had not
forgotten the master. I said that it must have been long ago when he learned the
Art, was he absolutely sure? He said yes. The face had changed, but many lessons
I taught him.

I asked if my face had changed, how could he know. He said that inside all
the spark was the same.

I asked if he could remember anything about me. He hissed and then his features
flickered. I thought it was the flames, but it wasn't ... it was a memory. I
surrendered to the memory.

I was staring into a fire within a vaulted room. Faintly from the darkness
me I could hear the rasp of someone breathing. I said step into the light. A
frail youth stepped into the edges of the firelight. He was nervous; I could
it in his voice. He asked forgiveness for the intrusion, calling me master.

I said he had already intruded, supplicant. He said he dreamed of flames again
last night. He reminded me that I had said they were to come to me if -- I said
it was a dream, nothing more.

He did not move and slowly he displayed his hands. The flesh around his fingers
were blackened and burned. I asked how they came to be burned. He said he woke
and his hands were as ash. He said he dreamed he soared above the earth and the
ground and sky were as fire and the world was so bright that it hurt to look at
it. And when he awoke his hands were burned as if he had held a flame.

I said he lied, that he had come to me with a story and now he was in danger of
angering me. He said no, upon his life, he did not lie. I said he burned himself
with a candle or thrust his hands into one of the pyres in the Vault of

He was silent and his face clenched in anger. He said he did not lie, it was the
dream the burned him as I had said might happen. They were my words and he came
to repeat them to me and tell me they were true. He held up my hands and I
grabbed them.

Before he could react, my hand, huge in comparison, lashed out, crushing his
burned hands. The boy screamed. I snarled and hurled him to the ground in front
of the fireplace and his knees cracked when they struck the flagstones.

I told him to look into the flames. Through tears of pain he looked into the
fireplace. I said was that what he wished to hold? Was it the shaping of flames
that stirred his heart? Know that flames burn. If you would learn their power
must suffer their touch.

He was still silent, mesmerized. He was not listening to me and I felt fury wash
over me. I said if that was what consumed him enough to intrude upon my
meditations, then I would teach him of the shaping of flames.

My hand clamped onto the boy's wrist. He howled as I dragged him closer to the
fireplace, and then thrust his hands into the coals. There was a crackling,
hissing of burned flesh and his screams ...

I said to learn he must suffer. He must allow himself to be burned by the power
of that which he wielded. Know its torment and he would know how to use it
against his enemies. (10000)

My vision cleared, the memory vanished like smoke. He said he had not forgotten
the lesson.

I told him I was sorry for what I had done. I could not tell if he heard me or
hearing, comprehended.

I told him that I had spoken with a storyteller in the Hive and he had mentioned
that someone had taught Ignus these things, did he know who? (10000) He said
I had always taught him. I asked if he was sure. He said it was the only reason
he obeyed me.

I tried to break off the conversation, but he insisted on speaking of flames. I
asked if he'd ever felt a building burning. The flames licking the edges of the
timbers, blackening the wood beneath ...

As I spoke, the crackling of the flames around his frame ebbed as if the flames
were listening to my words. When I finished, he hissed softly and the flames in
his eyes dimmed as if he was lost in a memory. I said we would speak again and
stay calm in the mean time.

After talking to Dak'kon and taking up the study of the Art again I talked to
Ignus to see what I might learn from my student. I asked him if he could teach
any of his powers. He said that in suffering he learned. I said I was willing to
suffer for such knowledge. I knew from the crawling sensation in my scalp that I
would suffer permanent damage for what I was about to learn.

I said again I was willing to suffer. Ignus said that though pieces of himself
had burned away he could still teach much. I said that I wished to learn. He
that where flames once burned one may send them again. And before I could react
one of his claws lashed out and clutched my finger. (Max hitpoints -1, 6000)

I asked him what he had done. He said, teachings. To learn, one must suffer. I
went on to learn more. (Max hitpoints -3, 12000) This time I lost a hand. I told
him I wanted it back, but he ignored me.

I wished to learn more, but he refused to burn more pieces off of himself or me
so I offered him my intestines. (24000)

[As it turns out, now is not the time to visit Deionarra. There were no new
conversation options.]

Lower Ward
Great Foundry
I went to see what my former self had stored for me there. Nadilin was quite
curious about where I had gotten the receipt and I told him I'd left if for
myself, but I got busy. (40000) After giving it to Dak'kon to identify the item
turned out to be an Unfolding Portal. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use it
until I get the key.

Clerk's Ward
Art and Curio Gallery
We went here to see if the Frost-Ale Mug would capture one of the Tears and it

Civic Festhall
I spoke to Splinter on behalf of Iannis. He asked for what reason. I told him of
the stone that had his daughter's experiences. He said they would allow it.

I told him to take the mug, that it held a sliver of ice from the River Styx. He
drank it and bore a startled expression. I called his name. (12000) He looked at
me in confusion, and then down at a note he must have written to himself. He
me the key and went off to see Splinter.


I told him they had agreed to let him view the stone. (8000) He was delighted.
Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
I gave her the keys to her heart. (30000) I then talked to her about her nature
and about Ecco. From what she said I was not sure how I could help Ecco, unless
the Fiend's Tongue could perform some magic.

I had to speak to her about who she was and how she'd lost her voice. I asked if
it was stolen and she said yes. I vowed I would find a way to return her ability
to speak. I then walked away for a moment to get the Fiend's Tongue from Morte
and went back to give it to her. She looked at me skeptically, but I told her
that it should restore her voice to her.

She took the bottle from me and placed the briny thing in her mouth. Then her
eyes widened and I saw a burst of reddish light from between her lips. I waited
for a response.

She opened her mouth and said what a joy to speak again, but then the tongue's
origin showed itself as she cursed me most foully. Morte said yikes. Ecco yelped
and covered her mouth with both hands, eyes wide with panic. I said it must be
the Fiend's Tongue.

I said that I thought the Deva's Tears from the Curiosity Shop might help. She
gave me a promissory note for 1000 copper and I took that to the shop.

Curiosity Shop
I gave Vrischika the note in exchange for the Deva's Tears.

Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
I gave her the tears. (30000) She was most grateful and I thanked her. I then
asked her about Ravel. She told me Ravel had children. I said she did? She said
that one of them is here: Kesai-Serris.

I asked her if she was Ravel's daughter. She asked me where I'd heard such a
thing. I told her that Ecco had told me. She said she thought she'd know if that
wicked hag was her mother. I asked who her mother was, then. She said she didn't
know. Her father had raised her, but did she look like a night hag to me?

I said well, there was the skin and the eyes and maybe the teeth, too. She said
she was no longer in the mood to talk.

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue
I asked her about Kesai-Serris. She said that as far as she knew Kesai was
Ravel's daughter. When I told her Kesai denied it she said it wasn't any of my

I then went to the other students of the Brothel to see which one could help me
prove the truth of Kesai's heritage.

She asked me if I'd talked to Montague yet. I said that he seemed disinterested.
I said that I recalled him saying he was bored with things in any case. (10000)
She was shocked and said that it would appear that her relationship had the
troubles she so desired and she missed them in her melancholy. Whatever works, I

I also talked to her about Kesai and she told me to talk to Kimasxi, that they
were half-sisters.

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue
I told her I'd heard she was Kesai's half-sister. She said yes, she was related
to her. Same father, different mothers. What was my point?

I said I was hoping she could help me find out if Kesai was really Ravel's
daughter. She frowned at me and said that normally she'd be loathe to help me
like this, but she thought it would upset that flirting, preening doxy good and
well. She said I should tell Kesai to ask her father. He was a powerful cambion
so she ought to be able to call him right then and there.

I asked what a cambion was. She said yes, she said cambion. I said I was asking
what one was. She said a half-fiend, sort of like me. I said better that than
half her. She said I wished I were half-Kimasxi, even if I had a goat's bum on
shoulders it'd be better than that scarred up face of mine.

I told her I'd talked to Kimasxi and what she had said. She said she loathed
Kimasxi and asked why I would even believe what she said. I told her that
had said that she would deny it and might not know it, but that it was true. She
said that Kesai could ask her father.

She stared at me silently and then said to give her a moment. She turned from me
and began to mutter softly. I strained to overhear what she was saying. She was
apparently "summoning?" her father with some incantation. I continued to listen.
It seemed she'd asked her father this same question many times. As she finished
leaned back and pretended I had heard nothing.

She said she did not want to believe that wicked hag might have been her mother.
But she did not want to be the inheritor of the evil Ravel had caused. I asked
her to tell me what she knew of Ravel.

Kesai told me that Ravel would pose impossible riddles to people, riddles only
she could answer. She would devour the person if they answered incorrectly. I
told her to go on. She said Ravel's magic was said to be beyond anything most
ever seen. I waited for her to continue. She said Ravel was a mistress of all
Dark Arts. She hounded a Guvner that dared quote Sigil law to her with shadows
that devoured him all but his tongue, his fingers and the flesh of his face.

I told her to go on. She said that Ravel could change her shape like water and
would use it to destroy some for amusement and steal knowledge from others. I
waited for her to continue. In the end she threatened to open the Cage and let
the fury of the Planes come rolling in.

I told her to go on. She said she did not know if Ravel was dead, but she knew
now that she was her mother. I tried to comfort her. She fell into my arms,
shuddering as if she were sobbing. Then she pushed herself away and thanked me.
said that I hated to ask her this just now, but I needed a piece of her.

I told her that tat portal key to Ravel's maze was a piece of her and Kesai was
of her blood. She asked if I intended to see her out and asked what I would need
of her. I said her blood, most likely. Only a drop or two. She asked if I had a
way to carry it. I said I didn't. She said there must be a handkerchief around
the Brothel I could use.

I went to our stash in the Lower Ward to pick up a handkerchief and returned.

I told her I had the handkerchief. (40000) She wished me luck, saying that I
would be putting myself in grave danger. I thanked her and bid farewell.

Under Sigil
I thought that with our new companion and our greater experience it might now be
time to investigate Under Sigil. We made our way down the stairs in the
corner of the Ward.

We emerged into a large, irregularly-shaped chamber that had a number of shelves
along the northern wall. In them we found an Adder's Tear and some bandages.

Moving towards an open coffin in the center of the next area three Trelons
at us. They must be something off one of the Lower Planes, having two huge arm-
talons and a massive, evil-looking mouth. I put one down before the rest of my
companions could reach me and we swiftly dealt with the others. They had modest
loot and the coffin held a green-steel dagger.

In two coffins to the south we found a Heart Charm, 30 coppers and a gold

The room meandered west and we reached the end of that section, but found
more, though we searched the four coffins with the crimson symbol on them. We
turned south to see what was there.

The passage dead-ended so we went back to the entrance and turned south. We met
host of Larval Worms. I had Morte taunt one of them. Morte also cast Skull Mob
for good measure.

They took a good deal of killing before they died, but we did away with all four
of them. I was the only one to receive significant injury. They had no loot at
all. We then wandered southeast and came to a door. As we went through the door
Somhein charged us. It died with the first blow I struck. It had no loot,

That room rambled on into nothing so we went back west to explore the other
branches. Moving into the northwesterly corridor we passed more of those coffins
with the strange crimson symbol and were met by five more worms. They died like
the rest. We also passed by a series of archways that seemed to be only

We came to a fork where the passage split in two, going off at a Y. I decided to
head back to the southernmost passage and see where that went to keep our heads
on straight.

It branched also and we took the path that led south and west. It turned out
the two passages met again. There were several worms in the northern one, so we
killed them.

The merged passages turned north and so did we. To this point we had explored
entire southern half of Under Sigil. The merged passages dead-ended to the
northwest, so we moved a little east to take the other fork of the Y mentioned

We immediately ran into another Trelon that died easily. This was a short
that met a T-junction. We took the northwest branch and saw five worms and two
more Trelons at the same time they saw us. I turned to Dak'kon and Ignus to cast
spells while the rest of us closed choosing to kill the Larval Worms first.

As we battled two more Trelon appeared. We had slain all the Trelons and all but
the last of the worms when another Trelon arrived. We were all sorely injured,
but managed to slay these last two creatures.

This large irregular room had exits to the northwest and northeast, besides the
entrance we had used. In the middle of the room was a relatively fresh corpse on
which we found a Heart Charm and some two-score coppers.

There was a door to the north leading to the Clerk's Ward and a door to the
The room to the west held nothing. We went into the Modron Cube and rested, then
re-entered Under Sigil through the north entrance we had just found. Moving
we turned left at the first new passage.

There was a door to the north and then the passage turned south. The door to the
north had been sealed and refused to open. Moving south we met seven Trelon and
Dak'kon tried out his new Ball Lightning spell. Most impressive.

A Larval Worm joined the fray and Morte, Annah and Dak'kon's morale broke. I was
able to call them back eventually, but the fight was much more difficult. I was
near death twice, but used some Blood Charms. None of the others bore a scratch.

A little past the battle was the next passage to the east and we saw more of the
Trelons. After the battle we found ourselves in a large room with a central
pillar. To the south was an open coffin and to the east were several shelves. In
the coffin was a Crimson Sphere earring. On the shelves were a magnifying lens,
Blood Charm and two-score coppers.

Clerk's Ward
We went back to the Clerk's Ward to tidy up a few things.

Civic Festhall
I talked to Qui-Sai about who he was and what he did here. He said the he
meditates and trains others. I asked if he could train me. He gave me a piece of
his fingernail and told me to break it. When I did he "ate" it and said I was

He asked why I sought such training. I said to defend myself. He said then there
is no need for melee. I asked what he meant. He said that there are many ways to
defend oneself. One may steal an opponent's weapon. I said that the battle must
still be fought.

He said that one might hide. I said that no thief has mastered stealth to such a
degree. He nodded and said that mighty spells can smite many foes. I said that
mages are like a flask of flaming oil, powerful, but once spent, nothing.
He said he found me fit to teach and I should meet him in the training chamber.
said I would be there shortly.

I talked to him again in the warriors training room. He asked if I was here to
train. I said yes. It turned out that I would need to advance in my skills a bit
more before he could train me to be more proficient with my weapons.

[Here is yet another weapons proficiency coach for you.]

While I was nearby I stopped in to see how the mages were doing. None of them
seemed to be faring very well with their studies so I talked to a fellow
in a group of three near the southwest corner of the room.

I asked him what this place was and he said it was where aspiring mages came to
train and study. I asked where the trainer was. He said he didn't know where
Thorncombe had gone, but he would suggest trying the sensoriums.

[For some reason, most of the mages here are too busy to talk to you so that you
can ask about their tutor. This fellow wasn't and there may be others. I did not
talk to every one of them.]

I asked him to take me to the sensoriums so I could talk to Lady Thorncombe.

Lady Thorncombe
I asked if she was Lady Thorncombe. She denied it. I said that I thought she
She said if she was that woman, what of it? I said I had hoped to receive
training in the magical arts. She said she would dash my hopes to pieces, then,
for she no longer wished to teach magic.

I asked why not. She said it was no concern of mine. I said that it was because
sought to learn and she could teach. I asked what I could do to convince her to
train me. She said she doubted that there was anything I could offer that she
could not find on her own.

I asked about the sensory stones. She said when she first came to these halls
spent little time with them. Only now did she realize what she had been missing.
I asked what was that?

She said one could spend lifetimes here among the stones. Mere words could not
express their magnificence. I said that she sounded addicted. She snarled at me,
saying that was nonsense, she could stop any time she wished. She asked why she
should spend time teaching ungrateful magelings when she could remain among the
stones living a hundred new lives each day?

I said that I didn't think the stones were meant for that and suggested that she
seek sensations of her own to share. She said that what I thought mattered
to her and sent me away.

Clerk's Ward
Salabesh the Onyx
I went to see him and tell him of Lady Thorncombe. I told him I had more
questions and asked him what he meant about being the future mage-tutor of the
Festhall. He said it was a prestigious position. If only he could prove that
be a superior tutor.

I said he could always bring up the fact that she was addicted to sensory stones
and didn't want to teach anymore. He said that was excellent.

Civic Festhall
Lady Thorncombe
I talked to Splinter and went to the public sensoriums again to have a word with
Lady Thorncombe.

She stared at me for a moment, and then recognition dawned. She said she hoped I
had not come there in an ill-fated attempt to drag her back tot he training
chamber. I said I just wondered if she knew that Salabesh was happy to hear of
her decision.

She said he could magic his way out of a mildewed sack. What decision was I
speaking of? I said I was speaking of her decision to remain in the sensoriums
and no longer train. She spluttered and said that she hadn't ... I said yes,
Lady? She glared at me and said that if I saw Salabesh again tell him not to
bother, she would return to training at once. I said farewell. (12000)

When I returned to the training rooms Lady Thorncombe was there. I said I was
there to buy spells. She had a good selection of more powerful spells, including
Power Word Blind, but nothing I hadn't seen before.

Southwest Hive
I thought to see how he was doing now that the curse was gone. He was back to
normal and when I said I had some questions he stared at me, amazed and said it
all just ... stopped.

I said I was glad to hear it. I told him Jumble didn't want to remove the curse,
but I got it out of him. (5000) He thanked me and said he was sorry that he had
nothing to give me save his good graces. He did say he would tell the story of
kindness to all who would listen.

I asked if he had any other stories he hadn't told me and he said he did, but
wished to write them. I offered him my journal and thanked him.

Northeast Hive
I took care of something I should have done long ago. I talked to Death-of-Names
and told him I wanted to bury a name: Es-Annon. (500) He scanned the monolith
the walls for the memorial area. I waited. He hunched down and chipped at a
section of the wall, then came back to me and said buried.

Southwest Hive
Crier of Es-Annon
I told him that I had seen to Es-Annon being remembered and told him where it
been carved. (500) He said he would tell his fellow criers and thanked me. I
it was nothing and said farewell.

[Yes, I should have done this long ago, but I honestly thought that the darn
coffin maker was the person I would get the stone from. I mean, for Pete's sake
why do they tell you that you need a tombstone? Anyway, my apologies.]

[I should also say that the choice of the last party member is up to you. I only
switch to FFG here because I can and Ignus had played out his experience

Clerk's Ward
Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
I told her that I had spoken to nine of the students, but had not found a tenth.
She said that was curious. I said I thought the last student was me. She asked
what my thoughts were. I said that I had learned what it meant to aspire to be a
Sensate and that it was better to go in search of experience rather than have it
come to you. She said she would travel with me, if I still desired her company.
said that I did. (20000)

Once she had joined us we talked for some time about different matters. We
about her name. I asked if it was her real name. She said perhaps, perhaps not.
There are names that are given and names that are earned. I said that the name
that is earned carried the greater weight. She asked why. I said that an earned
name is not arbitrary. She said my point was well taken.

I asked why she was called Fall-From-Grace. She asked if it mattered and said it
was an earned name. I said it mattered to me. She said she had fallen from her
people, though some would say risen, but fall felt more right to her, if that
made sense.

I said that it did. After all, fall carried with it an underlying sense of loss.
She was silent briefly then said that perhaps that is why it felt as it did. I
asked if she was sure she'd come to terms with it. (1000) She said she had
thought so, yet in speaking to me she had realized some things. I said that if
she wanted to talk about it let me know.

We talked about my companions and myself. I asked her about Morte. She said he
was most peculiar. He behaves like a mimir, but he had a certain Baatorian smell
about him. We talked about baatezu and the Baatorian smell.

Then I asked what she had said about a mirmir before. She told me what they are
and I asked if Morte was one. She said she didn't think so. She said that he
lacked the silvery metal they normally have and he seemed to have an attitude of
his own.

I told her Morte I said I didn't think I believed him. She suggested that there
might be some test to verify his authenticity, but if I valued him as a friend
then I should accept what he'd told me.

I chose to ask Morte about being a mimir. He said he was one and that they're
like a floating encylopedia. I said that I thought mimirs were made of a silvery
metal. He said maybe some are, but he wasn't.

I said I didn't think he was a mimir. He asked what was with the interrogation?
And what did I know about them, anyway? I said I knew enough to think he was
lying to me. First that bit about the missing line from my back saying not to
trust him, then this. What was I supposed to think?

He said OK, he wasn't a mimir, but he knew a lot of stuff, so he might as well
one. I asked what he was, then. He said he was a floating skull who knows a lot.
I asked about the aroma of Baator he carried. He asked what I would know about
what Baator smelled like and then realized that I had been talking about him

I said that she'd obviously touched on something and again asked about the
He said yeah, so he smells a little. I asked why he smelled that way. He said he
was in the hells fore a while. I asked what he was doing there. (12000)

He said there was this pillar on Avernus, the first layer of Baator, called the
Pillar of Skulls, but it was more like the pillar of heads. To hear some bashers
tell it's supposedly made of the heads of berks, mostly sages and scholars who
used their knowing to stretch the truth a little-enough that they might have
killed someone by doing it. When he died he ended up there.

He thought that funny, I said it wasn't, really. He said yeah, I was right; it
wasn't funny at all. And, thinking it over he might have led someone to get
penned in the dead-book sooner than they should have. I asked if it was me. He
said yes. He couldn't say how he knew it, but he thought so, though he couldn't
remember what happened.

I asked why he forgot. He said that was pretty much the way of things when you
die. He figured he wasn't a sterling member of the community when he was a live,
but who is? Nothing was worse than being honest all the time, though.

I said being sentenced to the hells sounded a lot worse. He said I was right.

I asked how he escaped the Pillar. He said I'd helped him. When I showed up at
the Pillar he pushed his way to the front. His obvious know-how and charm
attracted my attention. So he cut a deal with me.

I said what sort of deal. As Morte spoke I felt the familiar creeping of a
coming back. I could hear the howling and screaming of a tower of voices ALL of
them begging to be freed. Morte's voice was faint, desperate, frightened and
lost. In my memory I told him to speak.

The howling voices fell silent and I watched the tiny, red-lined skull turn its
eyes up at me. He said he could help me. He knew what I sought. He said he'd
me anything.

I told him to swear it. To swear that he would serve me until the end of my days
or here he would remain. He swore. He begged. In the present I felt pity, but in
the memory I told him I would free him with no emotion in my voice at all.

I reached into the Pillar and was bitten by teeth, mandibles and fangs. I locked
my hands around the skull and ripped it free. I said it was done. As I stared at
it I said I had freed him. Now his life and his death was mine. (12000)

As I came to Morte was still telling the tale. One much more complimentary to
him. I asked what happened then. He said he didn't know he'd lose most of the
Pillar's knowledge once he was out of it. He said I was pretty understanding. I
asked about him losing that knowledge.

Once again memories returned. He was screaming in pain for someone to stop
killing him. My hand lashed out over and over again as I said I would thrust him
back in the Pillar and leave him to die there.

I told him that his suffering on the Pillar would be nothing to the torment I
would make him suffer. I came back to hear Morte neatly tie this one up to suit
him, also. I asked what did I want from the Pillar and how long ago had a freed

He said he didn't know how long-ages ago. As for what I wanted to know, once I
pried him off the Pillar he couldn't remember. I asked why he didn't say
something at the Mortuary.

He said because he never knew who I was going to be. Some of me have been stark,
raving mad. One time I woke up with the idea that he was my skull and chased him
around the Spire trying to shatter and devour him. Luckily a passing cart in the
street crushed me. Another of me, feeling most lawful, tried to put him back in
the Pillar.

I said so he'd stayed with me all this time? He said yes, he always kept his
promises. I knew he was hiding something, his tone had changed. I said seriously
why was he still traveling with me?

He said it was because he promised, all right? What else could it be? I said I
didn't know, but he didn't need to stick around after I freed him. He said of
course not, but he-his tone of voice struck a chord in me and I knew why he'd
remained with me. I said he felt guilty because he let me to my death so long
ago. Isn't that it?

He said come on, chief. Him? Feel guilty? I said I thought that was it. When I
came to free him from the fate he deserved he couldn't help but try and help me.
And when he could have left after I freed him he didn't because he felt

Morte was silent, looking at me. Maybe, he said. At first he didn't know what
feeling was. For the first couple hundred years he thought it was the side
of some enchantment that bound him to me. But then he realized it was more than
that. Something deeper. He just felt drawn, connected to me. That perhaps he was
responsible for bringing me to this state.

He said he didn't see the consequences of all the lying and cheating he'd done
until he saw me for the first time when he was trapped on the Pillar. He knew
that I was the one he'd betrayed. I thanked him for coming clean. (Morte's
strength, dexterity and constitution +2, 12000)

He said don't thank him. He looked as if he had healed in some way. He should
thank me. He felt like he just had a Plane moved off his shoulders.

We went back to the Tailor's Shop to pick up a frock or two for Annah and Grace.
Since we had the money I bought all 4 dresses. Annah made various complaints,
I could see she was pleased.

Ravel's Maze
At last it was time to see if we could find our way into Ravel's Maze. I used
folding portal and stepped through into the same green, contorted terrain I had
seen in the dream machine.

We walked to the right and were met by three Trigits, which sprang out of the
ground to attack. They died easily. This section went only a short way before
ending so we backtracked and went north. We met more Trigits and killed them.
They did not appear to have any loot.

This whole area was filled with Trigits but otherwise was relatively
except for a few traps. From where we started taking the second right and then
immediately going left and north took us to Ravel's Black-Barbed Garden, where
met Ravel.

I studied her for a moment; she was busy with her garden and paid me no heed. I
called her name. (90000) As she looked at me with her dull red eyes I felt a
crawling sensation through my body, like worms moving through a corpse.

I greeted her and she gave a grotesque smile. She said she feared I'd forgotten
poor, lonely Ravel. I asked how I could forget her. I had missed her, but she
herself in a place that was difficult for me to reach.

She said that she had scattered clues like caltrops over the land and feared I
had forgotten her. I assured her that I'd done no such thing and had returned at

She said yes, but what has returned. She reached out to touch me and I let her,
though my stomach turned over at the prospect. I could feel the worms again. I
reached out to touch her, mirroring her movements. It felt familiar. I closed my
eyes and surrendered to the memory.

When my eyes opened it felt as if all the color had bled out of the trees and
maze. Ravel's eyes were still closed, but as I watched they opened and she
smiled. I felt words rising to my lips, echoing something I'd said in the past,
in a different place, on another Plane ...

In my memory and the present I said it was known that she was the greatest of
Gray Sisters and I had traveled far to reach her. She nodded, but slowly, as in
dream. She asked why I'd traveled so far. My need must be great, but I'd brought
nothing that would interest her.

I said that my need was great. My currency was a challenge, perhaps an
challenge. One that might even be beyond her abilities. As I spoke/remembered I
felt that manipulation, the twists designed to pull her strings. She said there
was nothing that was beyond her.

I said that Death waits at the end of life for all men. I need it to wait for me
no longer. Could she do this?

The vision cleared and color returned. My hand was still cupping Ravel's cheek.
withdrew my hand slowly and called her name. She said I was a sad, broken half-
thing, all a-pieces.

I asked what she meant. She said I possessed a body, but not a body of
Many tales did my skin tell. I asked what tales these were. She said my scars
tattoos shouted that here was a man in confrontation with the world. Such tales
as would shrivel even a hag's ears.

I asked her to tell me these tales, as I would know them. There were several and
I listened to them all. She then turned on my companions and said words that
disturbed them greatly. Last, she turned to me and talked of our first meeting.
She said I had come to her with an impossibility to solve.

I asked her what it was. She didn't seem to hear, but spoke still from the past.
She talked of my passion. Passion to be freed, but when threed the fire guttered
out. She said that mayhaps I should sit and beg and she might give me another
scrap of knowing.

Said that if begging would bring me answers, then I would beg her to tell me
she knew, that I needed her help to remember. She said now a gentled heart? Had
life softened me? One could hope.

I said I had many questions I wished to ask her. She said but I had already
too many. The time for her questions was now. I said very well, ask your

She said that it was her law that if I did not answer her questions no more of
mine would she answer. I said that her rules were fair and she should ask her

She said she would know why I traveled here with my companions. I said that of
course they knew. Would they not want to travel here to meet with her? She
at me in silence, then her face split into a grin. She said precious man, I
carried only words, but I was well armed indeed.

I said truly I only spoke truths. She asked if they traveled with me willingly.
said they chose to walk my path. She said chose was a dangerous word. Was it so?
I said yes.

She turned her attention to Dak'kon and asked if it was a choice. His blade bled
into a dead black, reflecting his eyes, then the blade split into jagged fangs.

I told her to leave him be. That I would answer her questions, not my

She asked what of the cog-box, turning to Nordom. What did it know of choice?

Nordom started defining the word. It would seem he knew more than I gave him
credit for. I told him to stop, that this was between Ravel and I.

She turned to Morte and clicked her tongue. She said she felt his fear. Coming
here was not his choice. Morte said he didn't have anything better to do except
go to one of the Lady's mazes and meet one of the evilest creatures ever to set
foot in Sigil so he said sure, why not?

I told him to be quiet also. Morte, as always, paid no attention. Morte said be
quiet? Like the hells he would. He said he thought we'd listened to this crone
rattle her bone-box enough and now she had some pair of stones saying he hadn't
got any skin! So what if I don't? Obviously, the fact that she had skin had done
wonders for her looks. Did she think he liked being naked all the time?

I told him to cut it out, but she ignored me as well, turning to Grace. She said
that for Grace to have refused to join would have left her not a Sensate. I told
her that was enough.

But she turned to Annah. She said when you feel instead of think there was
room for choice. Annah said nothing. Her tail was motionless and her eyes looked

Again I told Ravel that was enough and asked what other questions she had.

She asked what did I feel for those that had come with me. Did they matter to my
heart? Or were they tools for my will?

I asked why she wanted to know such a thing. She said that is yet another
question, but the answer would cost me nothing. Her answer was that she wished
know, no other reason.

I said truly that they mattered to me. She asked if that was true even for the

I said that truly he was my ally. I knew him. He was my friend. She nodded, and
then smiled again. I asked if that surprised her.

She asked about the skull. I said truly that I liked him and considered him my
friend. She said curiouser and curiouser. She asked what else lurked in the dark
places of my mind. I said that I hid nothing.

She turned to Grace and said here is the core of it. Did the Abyssal temptress
rise above the merely carnal to me or is she something else in my eyes.

I looked at Grace, who was silent. She seemed to be studying Ravel intently, as
if looking for weaknesses.

Ravel turned back to me and told me to speak. I said truly that I liked her and
considered Grace to be a friend. I said I'd had enough of these games, but she
turned to Annah, asking what was she to me.

I said truly I could fall in love with her. Ravel said so be it. Again I said
had enough, but she had more questions.

She asked why I waited so long to return to her. She said she grew lonely

That's me, chick magnet. I said that the way to this place was difficult.
had been made to insure that she had little company and many were the trials I
was forced to undertake, yet I was glad to see her again.

She said my answers were soothing and had not been heard in such a time. No
matter where my memories be, my charms remained. I said nay it was her charms
that persisted. She said of charms, enchantments and beguilements ... all these
she had mastered, yet there was much it seemed I could teach her.

I said perhaps. Had she another question? She said yes, the third and last. As
she opened her mouth to speak it I was gripped with the terrible realization
this final question had murdered many others to whom it had been asked. I felt
welling up within me and asked it myself:

What can change the nature of a man?

She said she could see I had not forgotten. What was my answer?

I said love. She asked if that was my answer and be certain before I said. I
that it might not be her answer, but it was my answer.

She said that that was all she wished for. A simple answer and in the end, many
were the men she had laid low while they sought her answer.

I asked if that was it. She said countless times had the question been asked and
not once did the pathetic shells to come a-fore her answer with their answer,
always sought to creep inside her mind and find what she thought. There was no
truth in that.

I said I did not believe her. I said that I didn't think they ever could have
answered her true, even if it was true to them. She became silent and watched me

I said that she never cared about any answer other than mine, did she? Yet still
she asked the question, knowing that no matter what the answer they gave they
would die.

She said of course my answer was the only one she sought, for I was the only
reason she asked the question. Did I think she cared for them? Did I think she
cared even a fraction of the amount for them that she cared for me?

I said I was through answering her questions. Now she would answer mine. She
of course.

I asked why she made me immortal. She said it was what I wanted. It was my
solution. I asked why. She said she didn't know. I asked if she had any idea why
I'd asked her to do it. She said that death was a thing I needed to dodge. An
easy thing to say, but to do was not. I said yet ...

She said that lead was not easily changed to gold, but it is possible. I said so
she pulled it off?

She said the gulf between man and unman was great. I traveled the distance. She
provided the means, but I crossed on my own. She said that mortals were too
flawed to be made to last. They must be dragged kicking and screaming into an
unhealthy new mold.

I said so the ritual was flawed? She said that shortcuts had to be made and they
could break the mold. Force something into a shape it was not meant to be and it
breaks. She thought I was of stronger stuff, but I had been broken.

I said but I was immortal, surely that was a success?

She said I had survived long, but I had become the prey of life. The body was
a hut for the soul, but now no one dwelt in my hut. I asked what went wrong with
the ritual.

She said the ritual gave me what I wanted, but ... I said but?

She said the costs were great. The casting of shadows, the quiet, violent deaths
of the mind and the pain-taking emptiness. These things were dangerous in such a
fragile vessel, no matter how strong a mortal man.

I asked, in turn, about the casting of Shadows, the violent death of the mind
the pain-taking emptiness.

Then we talked of the flaws of the ritual and I asked to have my mortality back.
She said that what was undone cannot be done. I asked why not. She said she
not give such a thing to me for she had nothing to give. She never possessed my
mortality or me.

Again I asked why not. This caused a discussion among Grace, Annah and Ravel. At
last I said I wanted to know if she didn't have my mortality, where was it. She
said she didn't know.

I asked if she knew someone who did know where it was. She said clever, clever,
clever I was. Yes, there was another who might know. I asked who.

Her eyes dimmed and her voice slowed. She said I must ask an angel, a diva. He
lay within another cage, in another prison. Ask him my questions. Listen to his
answers and use them as guides. I asked where I could find this angel. (180000)

She said in leaving this prison to another cursed prison I would arrive.

I said I had other questions for her and asked about HER, Ravel, and we talked
about her for a time. When we talked about what she was she asked me of the many
things that were said about the gray ladies; what would one such as I call one
such as her.

I said truly that I found her beautiful. Not, perhaps, to the eye, but her mind.
She asked if I thought her ugly. I said she was not ugly. She said her shape was
but water to her will. I started to ask what she meant when she ... melted into
the perfect mirror of Fall-From-Grace. She said come to her. I said very well.

As I touched her lips I felt a sharp pinprick. I exclaimed that she'd bit me.

She said I had bit her so long ago. I felt that I would pay for this with Grace
and Annah. I told her to resume her normal shape.

She twisted back into her original form. I asked what other shapes had she
herself into.

She said so many things it was hard to pick them out, but I heard Mebbeth and
Vene and Marta, so I asked her about them.

When we spoke of Mebbeth I asked her if she could teach me more of the Art. She
said she was but a midwife. I said I didn't think so. I said I thought she had
much more to teach me.

She asked why I wanted to learn the Art. I said as if in an echo that I might
need it to solve the mystery of who I was. After a moment she nodded and said if
I wanted to know, then listen. I listened ... (Wisdom +1, 90000)

She said something to me that I should not know, that no one should know and my
mind closed around it.

As we spoke about Ei-Vene she reached out to me and I let her work on me. (+3

When we spoke of Marta I stood there and let her take out my intestines. I'm not
sure what I'll do with them.

I asked why she was imprisoned. She said she tried to help the Lady who did not
take to it. She said she tried to set the Lady free. I told her to go on. She
said that before she could finish she found herself here.

I asked why she tried to free the Lady of Pain. She said she resented anyone
being imprisoned. I asked if she was trying to set me free so long ago when we

She said quite possibly. I asked if I was chained or caged somehow. She said yes
and tightened her grip on her hair. I asked if she had any idea what held me.

She looked confused and said she had forgotten, mayhap a promise. Then there was
a snap as she tore the hair from her head. (90000)

She said she would say no more. She did not know. She said to take her hair and
leave the past where it lies.

We also spoke of the legends that claimed she was a powerful mage. I asked her
teach me some of the art. She said she would not be sharing. I said that I asked
only that she teach me some of her ways- nothing more than a glimpse into the
vast well of knowledge that she possessed.

She called me a flatterer, but said my words warmed her. She began humming and
said to listen; the branches will speak of it. I closed my eyes and listened.

A trembling passed through me as if dozens of barbed snakes were burrowing
beneath my flesh. As the pain became unbearable I began humming the same tune
Ravel did and the pain ebbed. I continued to hum.

She watched me and said such power it touches all that hear it. One day even the
Planes might bend to my will. I said that I did not wish such a thing. Many
walk that path, but not I.

She nodded and nodded at my hand, which held a number of black-barbed seeds. She
said I should use them as I will and to this she would grant an additional boon.
Taking some of the seeds and a hair from her head she crushed the seeds,
a necklace. I took the seeds and the barbed charm.

I thanked her for her information and said I had to leave now. She said I had
asked the most important question. I said I needed to know how to leave.

She said she knew the branchings of this place. Though there were no leaves
one may take their leave when they wish it. I asked if she did know how to

She told me and said to take heed that I had what I needed before I took that
step. I asked which of the edges of the maze did I leave by. She said one of the
edges knows, not she. The rememberings of which had failed her.

I said if she'd known how to leave all this time, why hadn't she. She said the
answer lay not in the staying or leaving, but in the causes and reasons. I asked
if she didn't want to leave.

She said it was a want, a once-want, but not a now-want.

I said she had done me a service and I thanked her. She said it was she who
thanked me and wished to grant me a boon. I said I would gladly accept any gifts
she wished to give.

She said I should listen to her and close my eyes. I did so. (Wisdom +1, 90000)

I felt a sharp, stabbing pain and opened my eye to see that she had one of my
eyeballs impaled on a talon. I asked what she did. She said she had granted a
boon, a piece of herself. She took a seed and my eyeball in one hand. There was
wet crunch.

I told her to give it back. She said of course and showed me an eyeball that
looked untouched. Before I could react she stabbed it into my socket. I hope I
forget this memory. Really I do. Erhhkkkk.

She said when I saw the Planes through that eye I would understand more than I
once did. I thanked her and said farewell.

As I started to speak I felt a crawling in my skull. I said she wasn't going to
let me leave, was she. She said that was a perceptive question, yet not the real
question. The question was did I wish to leave her.

I said that she helped me when I came to her so long ago and had done so again.
would not forget what she had done, but now I must leave.

There was a shimmering in the air around Ravel and the sound of snapping tree
limbs. I exclaimed ...

She said what did I know of knowing? She said I would stay here until the end of
days never to leave and I would love her as I was meant, as I promised.

I said I would be poor company. She said she would not let me leave. I asked her
not to do this, that I would return to visit.

She said I claimed I would so long ago, but I would not lie to her twice. I said
she should calm herself, there was no need for this.

She said that I'd forgotten my place. I asked again that she not do this.

She moved off a space and conjured Trigits from the ground. I conjured some of
own and we fought. It was an unequal fight. I had Morte send her a mob of skulls
and Dak'kon showed her his anger. We quickly slew all her Trigits, then her.

[I should say here that there is no way to avoid a fight with Ravel. She just
isn't going to take your leaving well at all no matter what you say to her.
if you kill Ravel before killing the Trigits the program seems to get confused
and end up hanging the game. ]

As soon as she was dead many Greater Shadows sprang up and attacked us. In fact,
everything attacked us. All the remaining Trigits and at least a dozen shadows.
Eventually the killing was done. We sustained a few cuts and bruises, but
otherwise nothing serious.

Eventually we found that there were three portals, one in each "corner" of the
maze along the outer "ring" of paths except to the southeast. It turned out the
portals in the southwest and northwest sent us to the real exit portal in the

While searching the area around Ravel's body after the battle, Nordom detected a
portal under the overhanging branch to the south. It apparently responded to
Ravel's hair. Using it, we went through into a secret area where some odd
branches were still growing in one patch. Using one of the Black-Barbed Seeds I
was able to make three branches grow. They twined themselves together and I took
them with me and exited through another portal under the branch to the north.

We found ourselves in an odd desert fortress with inhabitants even uglier and
stranger than we had met before.

Curst Guard
From talking to a guard I found the location of the head man and the reason the
gates were locked. They were locked in fear of the plague.

A middle-aged woman was wandering about apparently looking for someone near the
blacksmith. I walked up and greeted her. She asked who I was and I told her I
didn't remember my name.

She asked if I was a petitioner. I asked what a petitioner was. She thought for
moment and then said that petitioners were those who had died and had their
bodies reform on the Plane that most closely reflects their beliefs in life.

I said possibly I am and asked how many times this can happen. She said it was
her understanding that it happens but once. I said in any case I had no name to
give her.

She offered me her hand. I took her hand, bowed and said well-met Lady Roberta.

Before speaking of matters in Curst I asked her if there was something amiss,
she seemed upset.

She said her husband, Carl Parfidor, was not where he told her he would be. This
was not the first time he had lied to her and she was beginning to think he was
with another woman. A harlot.

I asked why she would think that. She said he was quite a ladies' man before
wed. If the rumors she heard were true then she had a surprise for him.

I asked what surprise. She lifted her skirt exposing a sheathed dagger strapped
to her leg. She said that finding this protruding from his back would constitute
a surprise.

I asked if she intended to kill him. Her smile faded. She said she would if she
could, but no, she and Carl were no longer ... intimate. She could never get
close enough to deliver such a blow. Only one of his women could.

Traitor's Gate Tavern
Feeling a mighty thirst coming on we entered the local tavern. It was as dingy
and dismal on the inside as Curst was on the outside.

I saw a pleasant-faced man at a table along the right wall of the tavern and
to greet him. He gave me a friendly hi. We spoke for a bit about the tavern and
its patrons, but he didn't have much to say for now. He did hint at more tales

Tainted Barse
I went to speak to the bartender. He looked as if he hadn't had much sleep of
late. He welcomed me to his bar. I asked what was wrong.

He said that his daughter got herself kidnapped by slavers and now the place was
going to fall behind on its bills and he might lose the tavern. He looked at me
again and said if I wanted to know about the Deva that if I helped him he could
help me.

I asked what he knew about the Deva. He said he knew that the Deva was hidden
beneath the prison and Barse knew how to get there. I asked what I had to do for
that. He said to talk to Marquez. He said that Marquez held the first part of
key that'd put me on the path of the Deva. He said there were five parts to the
key, but it isn't a physical key. I said I'd do it.

I went to the large fellow in Harmonium armor that Barse had pointed out and
hello. He said he would tell me where to find Barse's daughter. When I'd killed
the slavers I should report back to Marquez and he'd help me find the Deva. He
would even teach me weapons. I agreed.

He told me they could be found to the east in Inner Curst. I said farewell.

Chek'ka Plute
There was a large, formidable-looking fellow at the bar. I went up to talk to
him. I asked what he was doing here. He said he was watching Barse. He'd heard
that Barse had a tunnel here and he wanted to see him use it to see if it was

In a raised section of the tavern, past a large, stuffed, sea creature I saw a
striking woman who looked lost in thought. I greeted her.

She asked if I always talked to strangers. I said if I needed to ask them
questions I did. She said she was busy and insisted on being left alone.

Walking upstairs we saw a small man pacing back and forth, hiding in the shadows
of a decorative column. He pleaded for us not to hurt him and said they'd kill
him if they found him.

I asked who would kill him. He said the guards were after him. He said he
he said something he shouldn't.

I asked who he was. He gave his name and said he was a thief, but he preferred
call himself an engineer. He said he only used his skills for good ends.

I asked what he was doing here. He said that he came to Curst because he'd heard
that there was a Deva trapped here and he thought he could be of assistance.

I asked about Mount Celestia. He said that all things had their place there and
all things were beautiful. He said he needed to get home. I suggested he go,

He said thanks, that I wouldn't see him again and left.

There were a few trinkets in the various tables and wardrobes on this floor, but
in a locked room was a thug (quickly dealt with) and a set of magical punch

I thought it wise to look and see what the smith might have for sale. He had a
large selection of most potent weapons. After much examination I decided to
a purchase for now and come back after completing my new quest.

Small Dwelling
In a small hut next to the smithy Annah found a silver-headed hammer.

Inner Curst
In a trunk behind a cone-shaped hut to the left of the gate I found a perfume
bottle amongst a collection of junk. The bottle would let me invoke Acid Storm.

I saw a githyanki pacing deliberately. I could almost smell his rage. As I came
up he snarled at me, asking what I wanted.

Dak'kon was wroth asking why we would help a githyanki. An'izius' eyes narrowed.
He said that he had cast aside the hatred he bore Dak'kon's people. For this he
had been exiled, but in his heart he had bested them. Could Dak'kon say the

I told them to cut it out so I could ask some questions. I was wasting my
No matter what I asked he insisted he had important matters of state to attend
and left.

Near the Warehouse were an immense number of boxes. Annah looked through many of
them and found three bronze rings, a copper earring, a silver earring, two
rings, a Greater Dustman Embalming Charm, a gold ring, a Serpent Ring and a Ring
of the Traveler.

Inside the Warehouse were numerous barrels and crates. In one Annah found an
earring, bracelet and ring all made of gold. She also struggled to drag off a
gold ingot. In another barrel she found a piece of chalk.

Just to the north of the warehouse I saw a crowd of Harmonium slavers. I walked
up to their officer who immediately asked what I wanted. I said I was here to
Barse's daughter back. He said what would I do if he killed her, then drew his
blade and attacked me.

There were six of them and it wasn't a very fair fight so they went down
We were careful to keep the slavers near Barse's daughter busy dodging spells
blows. Instead of ganging up on one officer, we split our attack, each of us
taking a different slaver. They carried little loot, a few coppers, a nice axe,
Blood Charm and two spells.

She thanked me several times and then left.

We went back to get the next piece of the puzzle from Marquez.

Traitor's Gate Tavern
He asked if I were here about Jasilya and I said she was free and should be back
here shortly. (65000) He gave me the first part of the key to get under Curst
told me to go talk to Kitla to get the second part of the key.

She said that she had a use for me after all. I asked what I had to do.

She said that there were two men, Crumplepunch and Kester. They both owed her a
lot of money. One of them owed the other as well, so they weren't paying her.
wanted the legacies they were arguing over so she could bargain with them.
Failing that, if I could get them to settle their problems or kill them she
give me the second part of the key. I said I would do it.

[Buy whatever you need from Crumplepunch before completing this quest if you
decide to take this solution. Once you give the legacies to Kitla you can't buy
from him. Also, you get 150k for doing it this way. If you work it out without
the legacies in Crumplepunch's favor you get 132k experience, but then, you can
still buy from him. He has a couple of relatively worthless magic weapons in the
locked chest in his shop and will fight if you take them.]

By the reservation desk for the tavern I saw Jasilya. She thanked me again and
asked what she could do for me. I said I was looking for a place to spend the
night. She said I would have to talk to her father.

Tainted Barse
I went to see him about rooms. We rested to recover from the various nicks and
cuts we got over the last few days.

I told him I'd heard there was trouble between him and his brother. He asked if
his brother was spreading stories against him. I said I was actually interested
in clearing the matter up.

He told me the difficulty. His father had left them the smithy and distillery
now his brother was trying to cut him out of the distillery, which always made
more. Crumple said he had a legacy to prove his claim. But he didn't trust
in the town to help him. I said I would need his legacy to look it over.

Inner Curst
I told him his brother sent me and that he wanted a negotiation between them and
their father. He said if I could get his brothers legacy from him and decide in
his favor I'd get a nice reward. I said I would need his copy of the legacy to
look over. He was suspicious for a moment then passed the document to me. I said
farewell and went to see Kitla.

Traitor's Gate Tavern
She asked if I had anything for her and I told her I had both of their legacies.
She said give them to me and she'd give me the second part of the key. I said
here you go. (150000) She tucked the legacies away and asked me if I was ready
for the second part of the key. I said yes tell me. She said for the third part
of the key I should talk to Nabat. She also offered mage training.

He told me to see Kyse, the caretaker of the dump and prevent a gang of thugs
from robbing him of a large quantity of gold Kyse kept hidden underneath his
floorboards. I said all right and left.

Dump Caretaker/Kyse
We talked of several things and when I asked about the dump he told me of a
secret entrance into the undercity.

Then I told him I'd heard he was having trouble with a group of thugs. He said
Wernet was their leader and insisted that Kyse give him all of his money. Kyse
had told him that his wealth lay solely in his heart and faith, but he thought
Wernet did not believe him. Kyse told me where to find Wernet and asked me to
convince him there was no gold. I said sure.

Inner Curst
I found him over by the wagons as Kyse had directed me. He was a heavily
burly thug. I told him that I'd come to talk to him about Kyse and he said to go
back and tell him he to give it up or he'd be a dead man. So I left.

Dump Caretaker/Kyse
We got there just in time to prevent three thugs from killing Kyse. They died
quickly and only had a Blood Charm and a stiletto. Kyse thanked me for saving
life and could receive healing from him anytime.

Traitor's Gate Tavern
Nabat gave me the third part of the key and told me the next was with Dallan,
another patron in the bar. Nabat also offered to teach me about thieving.

I asked why he wanted me to save the old man. He said they used to be his gang
and they ran him out for stealing even though he was framed. Nabat planted the
rumors about Kyse himself so that the gang would be killed or caught by the

I found him in the lounge near the kitchen. He knew I was looking for a key. I
said that's right, what do I have to do for it. He said I should go talk to
An'izius near the gate to Carceri about his political difficulties. I asked him
if An'izius was a friend of his and was he looking for a particular outcome. He
said he would trust to my discretion. I said very well, I would be back.

Inner Curst
I told him a friend told me he was in need of help. He grew more intense, if
was possible, and asked me what I had heard. I said simply that he was having
difficulties with a political enemy. He asked if I was going to help him. I said
it depended on what he needed from me.

He said it was of a delicate nature. A rival required education. I said I would
do it. He said I needed to humiliate Siabha who had been undercutting his
position with the Burgher. He told me to tell the captain of the guard that she
attempted to hire me to attack him. He said I could find her, if I desired, near
the Administration building.

I told her that An'izius had an interesting proposition. She guessed what it was
and offered me double what he was paying. I said he sent his regards. She said
I'm sure he did and I took my leave.

Guard Captain
I found him standing near the gate to outer Curst. I told him that one of the
officials of this town had asked me to murder another. He asked who was planning
what. I said that An'izius had asked me to frame Siabha who asked me to do the
same to An'izius. (200000)

Traitor's Gate Tavern
He was happy with my little turn around and gave me the next part of the key. He
told me to see Dona Quisho for the final part of the key. (87500) I asked why he
wanted the matter taken care of. He said well, because he was a power hungry
mongrel and she a self-aggrandizing whore.

Dona Quisho
She told me there was a fiend locked up in town and she wanted him freed; I
why. She said because it was hers. I asked how did I know it wouldn't go on a
rampage. She said that didn't concern her, I should cut my own deal with the
fiend. She just wanted him freed.

I asked what I had to do. She told me to find the grain silo and to use the
scroll she'd given me.

Grain Silo
I went upstairs to the second level of the silo and stood inside the pentagram.
felt a great evil. I examined the scroll. (60000) A foul wind went through my
head and heart and a fiend stood before me. He was huge, over fifteen feet and
had four arms. He stared at me and I said hello.

I felt a voice speaking in my head. He gave me his name, Agril-Shanak and asked
why I was here. I said that Dona Quisho had sent me to free him and asked what
was in it for me if I did.

He said that his gratitude would know no bounds. I said that I needed something
more concrete than words. His eyes drilled into me and then he said that he
grant me a magical weapon of great power: Heartgrinder.

I asked what it was. He said it was a weapon dear to him. Would I free him for
it? I said yes if he would tell me how. He told me to break the pentagram and I
did. He gave me the axe and then said out of gratitude he would not slay me, but
know that if we ever met again I would rue the day. Then, he was gone.

Traitor's Gate Tavern
Dona Quisho
She asked where the fiend was. I said I was sure he'd be around shortly. She
cackled as she left talking about her traps and plans. On her way out she gave
the last part of the key and a thousand coppers.

Tainted Barse
He told me it would be a one-way trip, but I said I was ready.

Curst Underground
In a moment we found ourselves under Curst in some dank dungeon.

[You can either go all the way through the quest of the five-part key or you can
go down the rat-hole that Kyse talks of. Of course, you get a great deal of
experience going through the whole key-thing.]

Two Trelon pounced on us as we were getting our bearings, but we slew them
easily. Someone must have rung the dinner bell, for it seemed every Trelon in
this fetid place came running. We killed them all.

The cavern we were in split as we walked west, forking northwest and southwest.
We took the southwest passage. This section meandered on for a bit, and then
there was an intersection with passages running northwest, west, south and
southeast. We went southeast.

This section went southeast, then southwest. After the turning we saw a man in
desert dress walking away from us. I ran to catch up to him and said my

The conversation became interesting when I asked what he was doing here. He
seemed evasive, though he admitted to being a trader and said this was his
storage area. I asked what he stored. He said that wasn't my concern.

I said I was just curious. He said he kept ale, mead ... other goods. I asked
what he was so nervous about. He said nothing and asked if we could change the
subject. I said no I thought he was up to something. He said he was bringing
stuff in through alternate channels.

I said he was a smuggler. He said he was a bootlegger and asked how would I like
to help him. I asked what kind of help. He said there was a gehreleth that was
trying to kill him. I asked what a gehreleth was. He said it was just a creature
intent to eat everything it saw.

I asked why he didn't deal with it himself. He said that he wasn't a warrior. I
asked what I would get if I took care of it. He said he could use a partner and
we'd split the profits down the middle. I said sure why not.

Beyond him in the passage were a number of crates and a cart. Searching we found
4 Blood Charms, a Blood Fly Charm, a Whispering Flask and scrolls of Ice Knife,
Remove Curse and Hold Undead.

Following the windings of this cave we eventually found ourselves back at the
intersection. We tried to go west, but our passage was blocked by rubble, so we
turned northwest.

We found an odd creature with lots of fangs. Or rather, it found us. It
approached and said that we might be tasty, though we looked tough. He was
willing to engage in some conversation before dining and we talked of many
things. It turned out he was looking for the Deva, too. The Deva was to be his
main entre at lunch. Oh yes, he was the gehreleth I was looking for.

Then I told him that Voorsha wanted him dead, which fazed him not at all. I
if he was going to eat me. He said he would when I finished my questions. I
why, since I meant him no harm. He said that I was in the wrong or right place
the wrong or right time, depending on how I looked at it.

I said I was hard to kill, but he could try if he wanted. Then I attacked the
creature. He went down after only a few blows. (14000) He had a scroll of Horror
on him, which I was happy to take. We then went back to find Voorsha.

I told him I'd killed the gehreleth. He looked surprised, but was remarkably
unenthusiastic. I said he'd promised to make me his partner. He said yes, he did
say that. I said that he didn't think I could kill the gehreleth, did he?

He stared at me a moment, then said no, he didn't. He was hoping the gehreleth
would deal with me and save him the trouble. He said now he'd have to take care
of me himself, drew a weapon and attacked. Foolish mortal. I defended myself.

I took him myself; he died with two blows. All he carried was a silver ring.

Monster Jug
I thought it time to see what was in the jug I had been carrying around. It
turned out to be another gehreleth. He died too and had a few score copper on

We moved north again from the same intersection. As we came to a turn to the
in the cavern I saw an aged dirty man. As he saw me his fingers began moving
through arcane patterns. I waited to see what would happen.

He said I scared him half to death and these tunnels were no place for a casual
spring walk. It turned out he was trying to free his god who was being held in
Carceri. He let us rest to recover from our few nicks and cuts.

Coming to the end of the twisting cave, we found an enchanted golden ring in
sort of machine to the south. To the west was an exit.

We made our way all the way back to our first intersection where we entered and
turned north.

There was a chamber on the left. As soon as we entered we found a nest of
Just to see how effective it was I cast Cloudkill. It killed two of them
and the rest died quickly.

Moving north we found a cart in between two very odd chambers. The cart held
almost four hundred coppers and a Ring of the Traveler. One chamber held ten
Nupperibos while the other held ten Lemures.

Both groups fell easily to our spells and did not need to lay weapons on them.

After resting to recover our spells, we went back and explored the rest of the
area. We went east past where the Nupperibos were and found that the passage
curved back in on itself to the west.

I saw three fiends and chose to address the one that looked the most senior, or
should I say, grotesque. We spoke about a number of things and I always felt he
reserved comment. That there was something hidden. Even when I asked about the
Godmen's secret project. So we left by the exit we found and entered the prison.

At the entrance several Trelons greeted us. They died. We followed the passage
it went north. I encountered a number of guards. They gave a good account of

Choosing to go right at the first fork we found a cell, which unfortunately
not be opened without a special key. So we went back and took the left fork
west. We moved north through this area and encountered yet more guards. At the
next intersection we turned north.

I eventually came to a large chamber housing that held a mining machine. In one
of many barrels in the lower left of the room were an Adder's Tear, a scroll of
Greater Embalming and five hundred coppers.

There was another barred door to the south of this room. It too required a key I
did not possess. So we retraced our steps and went south at the intersection
instead of north. In a barrel along the eastern wall we found ninety coppers, a
scroll of Friends and a gold bracelet. At the end of this passage we found a
barred door, but unlike the others, this one opened.

I saw a gaunt Deva held in chains. I told him Ravel told me to seek him. He said
her name struck sparks in his memory but these chains were like the waters of
Styx, the longer they remain, the less he remembered her. He said should he be
freed he could answer my questions.

I asked how he could be freed. He said an act of kindness and told me that I
needed to fetch his sword. He said it was kept somewhere in this prison in a
guarded chamber. He also said he knew the combination of the entrance which he
then told me. He said free him and perhaps he could aid me in what I sought.

I asked what he knew about what I sought. He said I wore the marks of it upon my
face and carried it within my heart. I said very well I would find his sword.

I tried the gate to the north and west to his cell first which proved to be
correct. There were a host of guards one of whom carried a peculiar key made
a human finger bone.

We proceeded by layers. Layers of guards, that is. There were dozens in this
of the prison and they took much killing. We dug into our reserves of healing
charms and cast many spells at them. We passed through a second part of the ring
of cells and saw Siabha once more.

It turned out she had been imprisoned here and she was not pleased to see me.
There were several smaller doors that Annah could not pick.

He was no more pleased to see us than Siabha was. Imagine that.

Eventually we came to the central chamber where a very corpulent being stood
before a large platform. He said that he held the true essence of Trias sword
that I must defeat him to reach it.

I asked who he was. He told me his name and said that he was the greatest weapon
of a dead Abyssal Lord. I asked if he was a weapon. He said he was the most
effective weapon in the entire Abyss and could take the form of any creature's

I asked why he left. He said his master sank into the heart of the Abyss while
was out slaying. None of his master's heirs could tame Cassius, so he left.

I asked if he could slay me and he said yes though it would be a dear fight. Did
I wish him to slay me. I said I'd like him to try. He said to tell him that I
come for the blade and he would destroy me.

I said I'd come for the blade. He said that the sword powered the Prison of
Curst. Removing it would free all the prisoners. He was charged with preventing
this. Did I still wish the blade, I said yes.

He said I must choose between three contests: strength, wits or speed. I said I
choose strength. He said should I win I may have the blade. Should I lose he
feast on my bones. I said very well.

It was a terrible struggle. Only by using a great number of charms was I able to
best him. (10000) On his person I found Celestial Fire.

When I left Cassius' chamber the prisoners and guards were fighting everywhere.
weighed in on the prisoners side. Most of the prisoners died but a few made it.

We searched the cells thoroughly and found nothing.

I asked if this was his sword. He was shocked and after a moment asked if I
free him by striking a blow against the chain. Which I did. (306250) He thanked
me for freeing him and asked what I would have of him. I said I had many
questions. He asked if I sought power, wealth, souls to torment or wishes to be
granted. I said I sought knowledge.

He said then speak your desire. I said my mortality had been stolen from me and
wished to reclaim it. He said there was one who might be able to help me. A
named Fhjull Forked-Tongue. He said the fiend was obliged to do charity.

I asked how do I reach him. He said there was a portal to the north of the
prison. It's key is a broken chain link. I gave him my thanks and left.

We moved to the other large gate to the east that we were unable to penetrate
earlier. It turned out to be a portal.

[There are consequences to taking Vhailor onto the party, so you may want to
leave him behind. The first is that the character that is replaced by Vhailor is
gone for good. You cannot get them back because you can never return to Curst
Prison once you leave it. The second is that he will kill Trias and there is
nothing you can do to stop that short of leaving him behind when you talk to

Opening the portal also opened the gate. The cell was much larger than the
and held what I thought was a man, at first. As we drew closer I realized it was
a suit of armor, which looked empty. But if it was empty, how did it stand ... ?

I walked closer and examined the armor and the very impressive axe the
armor "held." It was all of an age ... an age long ago. I had no clue how the
armor was supporting itself or the immense axe.

Something stirred within my mind and I called a name, Vhailor ...

I felt a memory come upon me. I relaxed and tried to bring it to the surface.
(60000) As I stared at the armor the shadows began to take shape, becoming a
powerful, ebony-skinned man. He seemed so familiar ... both the suit and the

I called for him to awaken. Brilliant red light flashed from the helm. I threw
hands up to shield my eyes. When I looked again two red coals burned where eyes
should be. He said he had AWAKENED.

I asked who he was. He said he was Vhailor. I asked what he was. He said he was
Mercykiller. I asked how he served justice. He said that justice used
Mercykillers as her eyes and will. When sentence was passed she lent them her

I asked how. He said that the strength of justice depended on the harm the
injustice had caused.

I said so then the greater the injustice, the greater the crime, the more
strength justice lent him? He said that when the injustice was great enough,
justice would lend him the strength needed to correct it ...

As he spoke I felt that familiar crawling of my scalp. I knew I'd heard those
words before. He said know that for all who betrayed justice, he was their fate
and fate carried an executioner's axe. I said that I see. He said no, I did not.

I asked how did he know when to dispense justice. He said that justice saw
through his eyes. In seeing, he knew the guilty. I asked what he saw when he
looked at another. He said that all he saw were judged.

I asked about each of my companions. Then I asked him to look at himself through
justice's eyes. He resisted, at first, but I continued to press him. I asked if
he was beyond justice. He said that nothing was beyond justice.

I said then he should look at himself. I asked what the eyes of justice saw when
they looked at their servant. His eyes went black and there was silence for a
long time. As I was beginning to think that his eyes would not rekindle, the
brilliant red flare flashed again.

I spoke his name. He said again that his actions spoke his heart. I asked what
saw, even though I felt it might be dangerous to do so. I asked the question

He was wroth, saying he was not found wanting. Where liars and betrayers of
fostered lies, he would answer their lies with justice's blade. I said but what
I'd asked was ... He interrupted me, asking who was I to question a servant of
justice. He said he would now search my heart.

I started to say something, but felt his eyes upon me, tearing at my skin,
blistering it and peeling it back, but then there was no pain. As his eyes
into me I felt a memory return. I succumbed to it.

His eyes became brighter, then I was facing him, but where there had been hollow
space there was now flesh. A MAN glared at me from beneath the helmet. His face
was locked in fury. He had come for me.

I said he had found me and traveled a long way. He said that justice led him to
me. He said he would see me brought before the courts and punished. If I denied
it, then speak and he would judge me.

I said I did deny it and that he should judge me. Then I would judge him. He
I had no right to judge him.

I said yes I did, for I knew his heart, but I would not judge him now. I said
that he must rest within this cage until the day I could set him free to walk
Planes once more.

As I spoke the word "cage" his eyes turned from me to the surrounding walls, the
walls of the Curst prison cell where I found him, so long in the past. I said
that I'd eluded him up to this point, why did he think I agreed to meet him
Did he think I was surrendering?

I said this was the gate town of Curst that bordered the prison Plane of
where even gods were held prisoner. He turned back to me, but some of the fire
was gone from his eyes. He said this was treachery.

I said that treachery ran through this place like veins and it was that
that lent me the strength for this enchantment. I said that I could leave this
cell, but until I came for him, he could not.

He said that I went beyond denying myself justice, but I was denying his
I said that I knew of his mission, but that would have to wait until I was done
with my mission and this was the second time he had found me and attempted to
judge me. I would not allow it to happen a third time.

He said nothing. My voice had the finality of death. I was pronouncing a
judgment on him, a judgment that carried no justice at all. I said I was
immortal, but he was a strange one. Justice had touched him and it may be more
powerful than what had sustained me. Still, he should take heart. I did not wish
him dead. Perhaps I would have need of someone who had the power to kill me. So
here he would remain until I came for him. (90000)

My vision blackened. When my eyes could see again it was the spectral Vhailor
they regarded. I called his name.

He said I would be judged. I said very well. As his gaze burned into me I felt
detached, as if I was stepping outside of my body. There was a whisper crawling
in my skull that said that no matter what he claimed to see, he would only see
what I wished him to see. I was a closed book to him.

He asked if I had murdered another. Truly I said that I had. I said it was my
hand, but not my mind. I told him that in one of my previous incarnations I had
murdered a man named Fin Andlye.

He said that I had admitted the crime and the guilty would be punished. I
out that I had already been punished. He said he would hear of my punishment.

I said that every time I died I lost my memories. I had no sense of self, no
sense of who I am or was and I bear thousands of scars in mind and body from
wounds I could not remember. Death rejected me and I feared I would never be
to be at peace.

He stared at me and my vision faded into a drowning blackness. He said that I
been punished. He could see the mark of justice in my flesh. I said then ...

He said that there was much that could not be seen in me. He would watch me. I
had been punished, but it would not save me from future punishments. I said very
well then, we would consider this settled for the moment. I still had
questions ...

I said truly that we could use his help. Would he join us? He asked if my heart
sought justice or was my journey without purpose. I said that I sought knowledge
of myself and if there was justice in the knowing of it, then I would find that,
as well.

He looked at me with silent embers for a moment, and then said he would, but
my will was an inconstant thing. He would teach me of justice and the slaying of
mercy. I said very well. (90000)

It troubled me, but I asked Grace to stay behind, knowing how much it had vexed
Annah to have her in the party.

We walked through the portal and were greeted by several Gronk; huge odd-looking
beasts that appeared to be part frog, part warthog and all ugly. They died quick
enough, though.

No sooner had they departed the Plane of the living than a host of Grilligs came
calling. The Grillig were just as ugly, but much harder to kill. They hurt
Vhailor gravely. As we explored the area we continued to encounter groups of

We had been fighting in and around a large and intricate formation of rocks.
During a pause in the fighting I realized it was, in fact, not stone at all, but
the skeleton of some great animal or beast. The skeleton was huge. Its finger
bones were longer than I was tall. Near the head Nordom detected a portal, so we
searched the entire skeleton for anything unusual.

House of Fhjull
Fhjull Forked-Tongue
Entering the first portal we'd found we met Fhjull, whose house was filled with
all the equipment of an apothecary. We talked a great deal, for I found it
entertaining in a perverse way to compel the fellow to give me information.

At last I said that I had been told that he would know of my mortality, which
been stolen from me. He said that if he recalled correctly he had heard of such
case as mine. He asked if it made me immortal. I said yes.

He complained much at this, saying that mortals used to know their place and how
much easier it would be if we just had a gathering and offered everyone across
the Planes a contract.

I said be that as it may, he should tell me what he knew of my mortality. He
he recalled hearing about a place called the Fortress of Regrets. I asked how
would I get there.

He smiled and said he was pleased to inform me that he did not know. He was much
pleased by this and prattled on so about how glad he was to say those words ...
Until I asked him if he knew someone who did. (350000)

He said crossly that he knew someone who might know. On Baator was a pillar of
betrayers, liars and sages whose knowledge was considerable. I asked how I get

Morte put in his oar, saying that Baator was bad news and that even if there was
a Pillar of Skulls we could probably find somebody else who knew how to reach it
without going to one of the most dangerous Planes in the multiverse.

I asked why he didn't want to go there. He said it was dangerous, he'd already
been there and it wasn't pretty. Was that all right? I said that we'd talk about
this more later and told Fhjull that I had more questions.

When I asked for aid he said he had a few items and spells that were precious to
him, but I should help myself. I did, liberally, picking up several spells and a
number of unique items including Hatred's Gift, an axe Vhailor would certainly
never use.

Though we had found nothing else, save foul creatures in our first search of the
skeleton, we searched again once we left Fhjull. In the creature's chest Nordom
discovered another portal. Girding ourselves, we stepped through ...

... Into Hell. Well, one of them, at least. Dry, red and full of fiends. A
of Black and Red Abishai came towards us ... and died. Though they seemed to
me and after a few tumbles with the Red Abishai I wasn't feeling too well and my
headache was back.

The further we went into hell the worse it got. We encountered more and more Red
Abishai, and then a Cornugen. Walking down a trail to the west we came to a
Abishai attacking a damsel. She turned out to be another Green Abishai. From the
rocks a number of Lemures jumped us too.

In the southwest corner I saw a small crevice in the rocks. It looked like I
might be able to squeeze through, but it didn't seem to go anywhere. The ground
was littered with shards of obsidian. I noted this for later and went on to seek
the entrance to the Pillar of Skulls.

Pillar of Skulls
To the far southeast we found the passage to the Pillar of Skulls. As we drew
near, the cacophony of countless skulls all speaking at once was deafening. I
their attention.

Morte became very agitated and said he did not want to go near it. I told him to
forget it; I was going to speak to it. Initially they ignored me and spoke only
to Morte, insisting that he return. I said that he had not come back to them,
I had some questions.

Then they complained about Annah's smell, her musk. They said the scent would
carry and attract Baatezu. Their Lord, Bel would be angry.

Then before I could ask questions another skull emerged from the mass. I saw it
was Pharod. He wanted Annah to rescue him. Before anything could be done his
sank back into the Pillar's core.

Annah was staring fixedly at the Pillar, her fists were clenched and her tail
rigid. I said truly that I wished we could help him. She smirked, spat and
away from rotting skulls saying no matter.

I asked if she loved Pharod. She turned on me, eyes blazing. She said he was her
Da, but she hated him. He only saw in her a way to get more jink to line his
vault. Then her voice lowered and she said but he was the only one ever to show
her a scrap of kindness.

The skulls said enough and demanded to know my business with them. I said I had
questions. They said I would have to render unto them a service for my answer. I
asked how to reach the Fortress of Regrets.

They said they would answer that for a service and I asked what their demand
They said they wanted the skull. Morte pleaded not to go back. They told Morte
the decision was not his. They said if I were to return him they would be most
well disposed towards such a gift.

I asked what other gifts they would accept. They said if I would tell them where
the fiend Fhjull Forked-Tongue resided they would answer my question. I told
the true answer.

I asked for my answer. They said I already possessed the key and only needed the
location of the portal. They said they knew not where the portal lay, but its
was regret.

I asked what they meant by regret. They said that I must have experienced regret
to breach the Fortress. I said what of the portal. They said only three have
known the way. The first was me, though I had forgotten. The second lay beyond
the portal and would not emerge and the third ...

I asked, the third? They said the third one I had already met, but they would
help me. I must do battle with them. I asked who it was. They said I had met the
liar and not for the first time. The liar knew but did not tell me.

I asked, Trias? They said oh yes. I asked why he would lie to me. They said the
answer was not theirs to give, I must ask him.

I asked how he came to know of this. They said that Trias exchanged words with
once, long ago, when I knew the way. I spoke my heart and Trias, in the way of
all great betrayers, listened well to build my trust.

I said that was all I wished to know and turned to leave. They told me to stop
and insisted I give them Morte. I told them to forget it. They howled and
bellowed an alarm and I left, running.

It was like kicking over an anthill. Fiends of all kinds came at us in waves.
Black, Red and Green Abishai were everywhere. It began to wear on us. Though we
could put any one fiend down quickly, it took time to kill the dozen or so that
would attack at one time. We were getting nibbled to death.

Finding a host of Green Abishai I hit upon a plan. Dak'kon cast Swarm while I
cast Fire and Ice. It worked beautifully. The fiends stood in confusion under
Swarm spell long enough to be hit and killed by the fire- and ice-balls.

We fought our way southwest to the portal. I cut myself with a piece of
the portal formed and we stepped through into the Outlands.

Fhjull Forked-Tongue
We hacked through the Grilligs and Gronks and went to see Fhjull. He was just
delighted to see us. I asked him how to get out of the crater. He told me there
was another portal under the arse end of the creature, leading to Curst.

As I took my leave the repo-fiends arrived. Fhjull called me a few more names
we had a grand free-for-all fight. We whacked on fiend after fiend until only we
were left standing. It turns out Fhjull was holding out on us after all. We
an enchanted hammer on his body.

After loading up with what loot we could carry we set out to find the portal
to Curst, killing many more Grilligs and Gronks on the way. As it turned out,
portal was actually under the beast's right femur, not his arse.

Curst Gone
Fiend from Moridor's Box
I couldn't tell where we were and it occurred to me that Fhjull could have found
some way to trick us, even with the contract. Some great cataclysm had struck
this place. Hardly one stone was standing upon another. As we explored to the
west we saw a huge creature approach. It was nearly twice as tall as I and had
four arms. It attacked us on sight.

It was a terrific fight. Some of our weapons could not harm the creature at all
and we used up many charms. The creature struck puissant blows that did great
damage. After what seemed like a small eternity, the beast died.

On the body we found a thousand coppers and the Aegis of Torment, a most useful

Dak'kon and Vhailor were sorely wounded, so we rested.

Gate Heads
Finally, a sign of where we were: the gate to Carceri. The heads were talking,
chanting to form sentences. I asked what happened to the town. They said it was
gone on the wind, swept on a tide of evil. Through the gate. The town lost to
own hatred into the prison Plane, Carceri.

I asked about Carceri and they gave me another set of odd phrases, so I asked if
they couldn't speak normally. They said that beyond the veil all is shadowed.
Nothing translates, nothing easy, no.

I asked what happened to them. They said they were betrayed, despised, framed.
Hung there by enemies. I asked if it was just me or were there far too many
talking disembodied heads around these days. (3000)

They paused and then looked at me. Then they hung shamefully from the gate.

I asked if they had any idea how to get to Carceri or to get Curst back here.
They said through the gate, into the prison. No return. They said my destiny
awaited me there.

I asked what they knew about my destiny. They said that the deva awaited me.
After that, they remained silent.

In a locked crate near what must have been the Warehouse we found a Cockroach
Charm and a few coppers. In another nearby were some coppers and a Corpse Fly

As we walking through the portal I had a feeling it wasn't going to get any
easier ...

He was trapped underneath a wagon, which was slowly crushing him. He asked me to
get the wagon off of him and I said all right, I'd get it off.

Before I could do so, he asked if someone was still trapped on the other side. I
said he was still there. He said that I would have to find a way to save him,
too. He also said it was better to free the other man as Berrog thought the
man was the mayor or something.

Tovus Giljaf
He heard us and said he was the Burgher. He said if I freed him the guards could
help against the tide of monsters between the deva and me but if I freed Berrog
would gain nothing.

Berrog said that was true, but surely the tide of good would swing if I saved
without thought of gain. Better still to save them both.

I said that I thought my companions and I could lift the wagon off of both of
them. We gathered around the cart and lifted it such that both men could escape.

Tovus gave us his thanks and a scroll of Deathbolt. Berrog thanked me and said
would return to Mount Celestia.

Dump Caretaker
I was about to leave when the caretaker hailed me and told me what had happened
to the town. He also told me of places I could rest and gave me a scroll of
Meteor Bombardment.

Moving west we found two Gehreleth that were killing the townsfolk. We ran to
slay them before more were killed. (14000, 225000)

To the north we saw Jasilya running from several thugs. We went to her aid and
killed them.

I went to see if she was alright. She moved to embrace me in thanks and I
her to put her arms around me. She thanked me and said she would not forget my
kindness. (75000)

Going north we saw a group of men gathered before the doors of a warehouse. I
went up to their leader and spoke to him. I asked what was going on.

He said they were about to loot the warehouse and offered to let me join in. I
suggested that if we calmed things down it would help the town slide back onto
the Outlands. I asked him how long he thought he'd live to enjoy the spoils of
his looting once Curst was wholly overrun with monsters.

He said I was right, told the looters to pike off and thanked me. (150000)

There were a number of Anarchists inside, as well as Ebb Creakknees

Ebb Creakknees
He was going to lead the rabble collected here in a revolt against the town
leaders. I said that the town was in chaos and I was seeking allies in stomping
it out. He said they sought to increase the chaos, overthrow the old order to
ensure that the old schemes did not rise again.

I asked why they would want to increase the chaos, since the town was already in
Carceri and the citizens were being devoured.

He said that when the people saw that their leaders had failed them chances were
good they'd crush the power structures that had repressed them and make
new, something beautiful. They were going to help them.

I said so they were going to help fight the fiends, then? He asked what I meant.
I said that while they'd been plotting the overthrow of the city government,
had come to Curst and was destroying what was left of the city.

He said they must do something and gave me a scroll of Desert Hell. He rallied
his troops and went off. I wished him good luck.

Inside the warehouse in a crate I found several hundred coppers, a Charcoal
and a Magus Shield bracelet. In another crate I found scrolls of Cure Critical
Wounds, Ice Knife and Ball Lightning.

On the right of the door as we entered the warehouse, in a pile of lumber was a
scroll of wishes.

[This is at x395, y285. If you give the scroll to a non-magic user you can use
the scroll again and again.]

There were several thugs attacking Kester, so we killed them. He thanked us for
our help. I said good luck and left.

He looked desperate and asked me for help to convince the judge that his crimes
were not crimes at all. I said I would try.

I approached the judge. He was an arrogant little sot, all puffed up with self-
importance. I said that if he executed An'izius it would add to the chaos that
threw the town into Carceri.

He looked at me, then An'izius, then me again. He said my words were both clever
and wise and he thanked me. He said there would be no more executions and told
the guards to release An'izius. (225000)

There was an endless stream of monsters of all sorts near the Administration
building, including two wizards. The fighting was confused. Packs of guards and
monsters chased each other back and forth. At least the guards weren't attacking

Nearby, to the east, were a group of Thokola and a wizard surrounding a man. We
went to investigate.

The wizard was yelling at his subordinates that they only had so much time to
make a sacrifice. When we attracted his attention he said he was capitalizing on
the chaos.

I told him it was this sort of behavior that brought the town to the fix it was
in. I asked him to join me. He called out to his men, telling them to stop what
they were doing. He asked if I was saying we wouldn't need a sacrifice to the

I said no, the entire town would be a sacrifice unless he worked with the other
citizens. (150000) He said it was just his luck, but he told his men to let
everyone go and thanked me for the tip. I said good luck.

Administration Building
We entered the building and were immediately attacked by Sohmien and the
We searched all the many shelves and bookcases and found a number of healing
charms, bandages and needles. In a room to the southeast, almost hidden, was a
Heart Charm. As we searched the room we had to kill a large number of looters.

When we started up the stairs, a great number of Sohmien and looters attacked
We killed them and made our way up the stairs. In some filing cabinets in a room
to the northeast, we found 3000 coppers, Thrice Blind Charm, 2 Heart Charms and
an Adder's Tear.

In what appeared to be the meeting hall, a fierce battle was going on between
slavers and Gehreleth. We weighed in slaying both sides equally. In a small room
southeast off a corridor, leading away from the meeting hall, we found a
bookshelf that has a 2 Heart Charms and a Scroll of Deathbolt.

Going upstairs, a guard, breathing his last, warned us to be ready for the deva.
In a desk nearby we found a host of magicked weapons. There were 3 enchanted
axes, 3 enchanted hammers, the Vrock Club, the Edge of Oblivion and Porphatys

I chose to leave Vhailor behind while I spoke to Trias. Trias was now his true
self, arrogant and condescending. We talked a great deal about the whys and
wherefores of his actions. He was recruiting a host to assail the higher Planes.
Suffice it to say, he was justified in his own mind and insisted on fighting.

After a great struggle, he yielded saying in his weakened state he was no match
for me. I said even in his full glory he would be no match and demanded what I
needed to know. He said if I truly wished the knowledge, I must spare his life.
said that I vowed to spare his life if he gave me the knowledge I sought.

He told me the portal was in the mortuary. I asked what was the key. He said
I passed near the portal I should keep regret in my mind. I said and? He said
while the chill of regret bathed me, I must tear off a piece of my own skin and
write a regret upon it with blood from my left index finger.

I asked how he knew this. He said he had sought many alliances and once he went
to the fortress. I asked what he could tell me of the keeper. He said he was
powerful and I would not best him. I was on an errand only undertaken by fools.

I said I might be foolish, but I would know more about this keeper. He said my
adversary knew more about me than I would ever know. I asked what he would do
when I had left. He said he would once again try to levy a host against the
of paradise. He said they would not have him back and there was no other purpose
to his existence.

I asked if he had forgotten the face of his father. He asked what I meant. I
that the Upper Planes were the home of justice, beauty and goodness. They were
also home of forgiveness. I told him to go home, admit his error and beg

He bowed his head and said I spoke convincing words. He handed me a scroll of
Celestial Host, saying take this and bid me farewell. I wished him luck and he

[You will have to fight him the first time. If you want a radical change to the
chaotic, vow to let him go and then join in when Vhailor wants to slay him AFTER
you've finished the first fight. You get 375000 for killing him. And if you have
Vhailor in your party there is no way to stop Vhailor from killing him at the

After dusting ourselves off we walked through the portal back to the Hive ...

Player's Maze
I had been looking at the child's doll of the Lady off and on for some time and
curiosity overcame me. I took the doll out and called many times truly for her
aid. After some time the doll changed in appearance. I continued to call but
nothing happened ... until I left the southwest Hive to go to the market.

I found myself alone and elsewhere. I wandered about the maze for some time
I came to a burnt out fire and old campsite in the northeast. I searched the
and found the Brimstone Hammer and a journal made of skin and bones, I suspected
my skin and bones.

Once I found the key to the journal I started working my way through the portals
entering each one twice before entering another. There were two portals on one
section of the maze in the southeast. The one furthest east, when I entered a
second time, took me straight to another portal. I walked through the portal I
had just appeared from and I returned to my companions.

I asked them to join me once more, and then we went off to shop at Fell's. We
went shopping everywhere. We all could sense that this would be the last fight
and we wanted to be ready.

Lower Ward
Siege Tower
I thought to visit Old Rusty one last time before heading in to see if he had
anything useful on hand or if he had any further advice about the Fortress. He
did have a little to say about the Fortress, but not much else.

As I was about to leave he said there was something I must do. I asked what.


I asked, "How could I free you?"


"Alright, here you are."

The next thing I knew we were outside in the Lower Ward and in place of the
Modron Cube I had something called the Entropic Blade.

[The Entropic Blade is a marvelous weapon and if you do not talk to it you can
use it as a mage even though it says you can't. Once you talk to it ONLY a
fighter can use it.

When you enter the Fortress you will be split up. Put ALL your healing charms,
etc. with Nameless. Put all the weapons for your other characters (like Ingress'
teeth for Morte) and all the equipment they can wear in Nameless' inventory that
you can carry. You will be glad you did later. Trust me.]

Northeast Hive
I returned to the room I first woke up in, thinking to start my search from
there. Walking to the northeast of that room, Nordom detected a portal.

[You will not be able to return and only you are going on this trip. So make
you have everything you need on you when you go, including the Negative Token,
the Blade of the Immortal and the Bronze Sphere.]

I grit my teeth and peeled off skin to write a regret. Then I pricked my left
index finger and inscribed a regret. I wrote that I regretted what happened to

The thought echoed through my mind, "I regretted all my companions had to suffer
for me to reach here." I watched the blood dry ... (250000)

I felt a terrible cold. As I looked around, the room changed: the black pillars
to either side of the arch glowed and motes of blue light drifted from their
sides to form a curtain. Beyond the curtain was a stone causeway leading into

I asked if everyone was ready. Each of my companions replied in their fashion.
Morte, of course, had something else to say. He told me there was something I
needed to know. I asked what it was. He said it was about where we were going or
actually, where we been.

I asked what are you talking about? He said this wasn't the first time we'd been
through this. He said we'd been to the Fortress before, though he didn't know it
then. I asked how it was possible that he didn't know. He said it was hard to
explain until you been there.

He said he knew I was looking for some place, but he didn't know why, where or
what it was. So he couldn't say anything to me cause he didn't know anything. He
just knew what happened when we got there.

I asked what happened. He said when they went into the Fortress they were all
split up, fighting for their lives. He said the thing is, even split up they
might be my only hope.

I asked why do you say that. He said because whatever was waiting in the
had already defeated me once. He said if I fell again I was going to need
to pull me out.

I told him I needed him to tell me everything he could about the Fortress. He
said the Fortress stretched on for leagues and everywhere shadows. I asked what
happened when we first went there. He said he didn't know what happened to me
he spent his time running from vault to vault with shadows crawling all over
Then suddenly we were out like someone had pulled us back.

I said that when he said 'us' it didn't sound like it meant just him and me. He
was silent. Dak'kon said that he had walked my path many times. A portion of my
path was known to him. Five walked the path to the Fortress. Each died their own

Oh yes. Ever cheerful, that Dak'kon. I asked who were they and how did they die?

He said he died the death of faith; the skull died the death of courage; the
woman died the death of grief; the blind archer died the final and most merciful
death, the death of the body. And I died the death of memory.

I asked who these people were. Morte said the skull was him; the woman was
Deionarra; he never knew the archer ... Dak'kon said that the archer was the one
who knew his targets without seeing them. He said that many shadows fell beneath
his rain of arrows.

Morte rattled and said there were shadows everywhere. Dak'kon said there was
darkness there and every shadow was Shra'kt'lor. He said they were tormented
creatures that knew my wounds and would attack me through them.

Morte said they spoke to him like the Pillar of Skulls. He whispered that they
knew ...

I told them I needed to know all they knew about the Fortress. He said that the
shadows suffer. They know how to torture me, with that which had wounded my
heart. When I faced them I would face that which had killed me before.

I asked what happened to the archer and Deionarra. He said the archer died the
death of the body; the woman died the death of the spirit. He said he could not
save the woman because it was not my will that she be saved. Her grave was dry
tears for no one know to mourn her passing.

I asked why I did not want her saved. He said my will was known only to me. I
said I still needed to know all I could about the Fortress.

Morte said he couldn't tell me anymore except it was a huge place, crawling with
shadows and somewhere in that Fortress was something more powerful than any of

Dak'kon said nothing lives there. The walls were darkness.

I asked if there was anything else that might help. Morte said that the me that
led them there wasn't like me at all.

Oh, I AM getting another headache. I asked what he meant. He said the other me
didn't care much for anybody. They would have all died in the Fortress and I
wouldn't have blinked. He said he wanted me to hold on to my differences,
he liked this me a lot better.

I said that wasn't all he wanted to say, was it. He said no, there was one other
thing. He said that he might not have liked that other me, but he was one smart
basher. He always had every angle covered. If he died at that Fortress ...
well ...

I asked didn't he think I could succeed? He said no, it wasn't that. Because
not always who's smartest or the most powerful or the toughest. Sometimes it
down to who you were and what you really wanted. He said be sure of what I want
this time.

I said that was fair enough. I asked him if he knew that he didn't have to come
with me to this place. I said I'd understand if he didn't want to.

He said he knew and he couldn't lie to me; he didn't want to go, but he would. I
should also know that once we went through that portal it wouldn't be just about
me anymore. It would be their lives and they don't get up when they die.

I said then why was he ... He said it was as Ravel had spoken: that I drew
who suffer to me, like a lodestone. He said maybe it was because I'd been
suffering all that time. Maybe when I ended up settling things they'd know a bit
of peace too.

I said maybe so. Was he with me? He asked why not? He said they'd gone to every
other horrible Plane in the multiverse he could think of. Why not take that
step over the cliff. Was I ready?

I said I was ready. There was nothing more I could do. Was he with me?

He said sure, let's go. Anywhere else has got to be better than rattling our
box in the Mortuary.

I said all right, then ... and the portal formed. We held our breath and took a
step ...

Fortress of Regret
I was alone ... It felt more final, this time. Around me, this huge structure,
like a cage, floating in the air ... if it was air.

Fortress Entrance
Before entering the Fortress itself I explored the series of catwalks I was
standing on. At one dead end in the southeast was perhaps my deepest regret ...

I called her name. She said I should not be here, I should leave at once. I
if this was the Fortress. She said it was. It was the place that held the moment
of her death prisoner and she may not stray far from its halls. If I could find
way back I must. If I stayed there, I would die.

I said I was immortal; I didn't think I had much to worry about, even here. She
shook her head and said no, there was something about this Fortress. The shell
that surrounded it cut it off from the rest of the Planes. It was that shell
acted as a barrier to my immortality.

I asked how this shell could act as an obstacle. She said as she had maintained
her vigil in that place she had come to learn the nature of my immortality. It
was a thing which hungered for the lives of others. At the moment of my death it
claimed another living thing in my place, allowing me to live. The soul that
in my place was brought there, to the Fortress, as a shadow. She believed that
the shell prevented my immortality from finding another victim.

I said so, when I died, another died in my place and if there wasn't another
living thing to die for me ... She said then if I died in this place it would be
the end.

I told her that my allies were here and that meant they were inside this shell.
What would happen to them if I died?

She said that if I'd brought anything that lived with me to this place, then it
was in terrible danger, both from the shadows and me. Should I die there my
immortality would hunt for the closest living thing in the Fortress and that
would be the one that would die in my place. I must leave there, now.

I said that I couldn't go back. Could she tell me anything else that might be
helpful? She said there was no natural darkness within the Fortress, only the
shades of those who had died in my place. The energies of this Plane fed them
their hatred for me was beyond all reason. She begged me not to leave her.

Soul or not, I felt torn inside. I told her that my allies were in there and I
could not leave them. Did she know where they might be?

She said if there were others, then they were cast from me when I arrived. It
the nature of this place to divide living things, and then kill them. The
Fortress was a thing of many miles; finding my friends there would be difficult.

I said that I had to find them. There was no choice in the matter. She said if I
intended to go on I should know that past the entrance to the Fortress was a
great antechamber with countless shadows. I would have to move swiftly and not
let them gather about me or I would surely be slain.

One thing more ... Within the chamber were great clocks, which I spoke of once
having been the key to my escaping that chamber when I was trapped there before.
She said she would watch for me and help me if she could.

Ever faithful to the faithless, she was. I told her that I'd brought her ring;
that I had found her legacy to me.

She said the ring still held a part of her within it. She closed her eyes for a
moment and I felt a warmth pass through me. Startling, it was, in this cold,
heartless place. She smiled and said that she knew I would return to her with
ring in my keeping. Through it she would defend me.

I told her she had my thanks, but I must go.

I reached the gate ... immense shutters ground open, and then the whole door
retracted into the wall. I walked through ...

Fortress Interior
In front of me was a murky pool. Around me was a vast structure of which I could
see only the smallest part. To the east I saw my first Greater Shadow. I rushed
toward it and struck it down.

Near where the thing fell was an odd clock. I examined it and found something
crudely scratched on the clock face and I knew that it was a message to me, from

I examined my writing, which looked to have been carved by a dagger: Run. Doors
are lies. Use Cannons, then portal.

Moving in the direction opposite the hand I encountered an ancient war relic. I
examined the panel of levers. One was marked with an X. Trusting me, I pulled

I was suddenly elsewhere in the Fortress, surrounded by four shadows. Using the
Entropic Blade they did not take many strokes to kill. There were four of them
and while they did not hit me often, I was struck a fierce blow. However,
of my tattoos and ring, I healed almost as the blow fell.

Walking back toward where I thought I had been, to the east, down the middle of
three staircases, I found balcony that overlooked the larger part of the
interior. There was another war relic near a large pillar. I examined that one,
also. I looked for the lever marked with an X.

And faded again ... This time I had a vision of that strange, green specter I'd
seen before when "he" attacked Ravel. Now I saw Annah ... No. Please no. So many
times he threw Fire and Ice at her. And she died. Was death all I ever brought?
She told him what she could not tell me; that I was more to her than her life
he told her she was nothing to me. Who or what he was I did not know, but he
would die for this. He would die.

This time I was in a small balcony to the west. I went north and east, slaying
I went. There were shadows and more shadows and I killed them as I ran. My
for them and their Master now as pure as theirs for me.

Walking up a wide, steep staircase that ran north I found another clock. This
had no writing. To the east of the clock, almost obscured by a pillar was
relic. I paused, wandering who I would kill next. Another lever, another X. I
threw it ...

And saw Nordom. Confused as always, but full of fight for my sake. Even he,
and gears animate, defied the Green One. Then, Nordom was full of death, if such
as he could live or die.

I was back where I started, near the entrance. I walked north, toward the
and largest section of this great Fortress. Near one of two great pillars was
another relic. One more war relic, one more X. One more trip to? ...

Nowhere, apparently. No dizzying drop, no vision. This time I heard a great
rushing as if a god had opened a window. The rushing became wind. The wind
me or I the wind ... Now what?

This time the Green One ... No, the Green Murderer spoke to Dak'kon and offered
him terms. Dak'kon refused and was swallowed up in shadows. Was he killed? Did I
hear his death? Had I caused all this death by pulling the lever? Too many
questions ...

I was on the east balcony. The rushing seemed louder as I went towards the wide
staircase I'd been up before. Now a portal stood in the arch between the clock
and the relic. If my companions could die with such valor, so could I. I stepped

Trial of Impulse
I was in a diamond-shaped chamber with a large opening in the center. In the
opening was a crystal, floating. Around the chamber were several statues that
seemed to be of me. To my left as I walked into the chamber I saw Ignus. Having
seen him recruited by the Green Murderer I knew that that part, at least, of my
visions had been true.

If magic was what he desired, then magic he would have. We threw spell after
spell, each trying to be first and disrupt the other. If I was not close to
completing a spell and saw him start, I would take the spell, counting on my
regenerative powers to heal me. I caught him with Elysium's Tears, then threw
Chromatic Orb, after Orb at him. Then Adder's Kiss, Fire and Ice and finally
Force Missiles just as he gathered himself to cast something evil at me. With
that, he was dead.

Searching the room I found a strange stone by a statue to the northeast. It
contained instructions to my companions from the last venture here. In the
southwest, hidden in the base of a statue I found 3 Heart Charms, 2 Charcoal
Charms, a Blood Fly and a Bone Charm.

Then I went to the crystal and touched it. I felt tearing, cutting, shearing ...
then blackness.

Maze of Reflections
I woke up in a room that might have been carved from obsidian surrounded by
myself ... all three of me.

The good me spoke first. Then the practical and last the paranoid. Of course,
they started to argue. At last, the practical me overruled the others and spoke.
He refused to answer my questions and cut through to the essence. He said there
was no time for questions. I had wondered how I could be beside myself, but with
the headache that was forming in my frontal lobe I was beginning not to care. My
explanations would likely only make it worse.

Practical Incarnation
From here on I will use "he" or call my other selves by their outlook to avoid
confusion ... and another headache.

After his long instructions I asked if he intended to possess me. He said yes,
that we could not leave this place in pieces. Only one of us could leave. I
how we would become one.

He said I would have to surrender to his will. There were so many questions. I
insisted that he answer them all. It got interesting when I asked him if he was
responsible for the directions on my back. He said he did that because he knew
there was a chance that he might fail and lose his memories.

He had the directions stitched on his back since such things like journals tend
to be lost. I said that the directions were kind of vague. He said they needed
be vague. What would have happened if a Dustman had read them? How quickly would
we have been buried alive or cremated?

I asked what about sending me to seek out Pharod? Why him? He said he struck a
bargain with Pharod. Pharod would see to it that if his men found him they would
take him to the Mortuary and, of course, he needed the eyes and hands of
men to scour the catacombs beneath Sigil.

I asked what for. He said a sphere ... I completed his sentence ... made of
bronze. Ugly. Felt like an egg to the touch and smelled of rotten custard,

He said yes, he told Pharod it was the only thing that would save his life.
Pharod knew he was destined to end up on the Pillar or Skulls when he died and
was trying to weasel out of it. So he told Pharod that there was an item beneath
Sigil that would save him.

I said that it wouldn't save him; it was just something he wanted Pharod to
He said of course, but nothing motivated a man faster than telling him what he
seeks would save his soul. He had intended to take the sphere from Pharod after
he found it. Searching for it himself would have taken too long. Why should he
it when he could have someone else hunt for it?

I said that Pharod ended up tricking me into finding it for him. I asked why it
was so important. He said didn't I know? Did I have it with me?

I said yes, I brought it with me. He said then my life had some use after all.
When we merged he would see about finding a means to unlock it. I asked what it
was and why it was important. (96000)

He said it was a dead sensory stone that contained the last experiences of the
first of us. When we were one man, not a string of incarnations. If he could
unlock it, he would be able to see inside our first self's mind.

I asked to see why this all happened? He said yes, it was the answer he had
always sought. Why this happened and why we became immortal.

All other questions exhausted, I told him that I would not merge with him, he
would merge with me. He smiled incredulously and said he surrendered to no man,
that I would be absorbed by him.

I said I doubted it. He asked if I intended to fight him, saying I was no match
for him. I said try me. He said so be it. We locked gazes and his eyes started
drag me down.

I locked gazes with him and tried to force him to merge with me. As I swam in
corridors of his mind, the first emotion I encountered was surprise. He was not
absorbing me. My will was stronger and was consuming him. He fought back,
desperately, but he could not. I told him that this was the last time we would
ever speak, that he should return to death, where he belonged.

He looked incredulous a moment longer, then disintegrates and I felt a rush of
knowledge pouring through me. So much knowledge, so many experiences ... (96000,
wisdom and intelligence +1) as quickly as it occurred, the rush subsided and I
steadied myself.

While knowing swirled in my head, one thing was clear: he had not known how to
leave this place. He had lied to trick me into surrendering.

Good Incarnation
I asked who he was. He said I should know that he was my ally. He was a figment,
all that remained after he died in my mind. Again I asked who he was. He said he
was one of my incarnations.

I asked how that was possible. He said he did not know, but whatever I'd touched
within the Fortress had brought pieces of myself to the surface.

I said that if he was part of me, there were things I must know. He told me to
ask. We talked a great deal. He was obviously trying to help as much as he

I asked him why there were only three incarnations here when I had had countless
lives. He said he did not know, but said that perhaps we were the three pieces
that were somehow still present in my mind.

I asked how they were present. He said he did not know for sure, but would guess
that when we died traces of the former personality may remain in my mind. He
that sometimes they could make themselves felt.

I asked how. He said when I was about to place myself in danger or was close to
realization, he found that he could stir to help prod me in the right direction.
I said so he was the crawling sensation I kept feeling in the back of my skull?
He said it was possible, yes.

To confirm what he said I asked if when we died traces were left in the mind
caused them all to emerge, right? He said that his understanding might not be
complete, but yes, that seemed to be the case.

I asked was it possible that the first of us, the real one, before all the
incarnations, might still be buried somewhere in my mind. (96000)

The expression on his face flickered for just a moment, but it was like a
I suddenly realized who I was speaking to. I said he was the first of us.

His eyes took on a haunted look and his gaze turned away from mine. He said that
he knew what I was thinking, but it was not the case. He said I was thinking
knowing the mind of the first of us would somehow help me here. It would not.

I asked why? I had some many questions that only he could answer. I asked why we
became immortal. He said because if we died, truly died ... As his voice trailed
off, his eyes were like steel. He said Death's kingdom would not be paradise for
us. The evil of the other's lives was but a drop of water compared to the evil
his. His life, even without the thousands of others, had given us a seat in the
Lower Planes for eternity.

I was surprised at his statement. I said that he seemed so much calmer and well
intentioned. He said he became that way. For him it was regret that might change
the nature of a man, but it was too late. He was already damned.

He said he found that changing his nature was not enough. He needed more time
he needed more life. So he went to the greatest of the Gray Sisters and asked
for a boon: to make me immortal.

I said but when she killed him he forgot everything. He looked bereft. He said
the Planes had been dying ever since. The crime was great and the blame was his.

I said there were so many questions I had for him ... He shook his head, cutting
me off and said when he became no more, when he merged with me, I would have the
answers I sought.

I said very well, then. Was he ready? He said one last thing. Before he returned
to oblivion there was something he would know. I said I could spare a little
for this, what did he wish to know?

He asked if I lived my life, the brief one I'd had? In the end was it worth it?

I said it had seemed so short, but what little I had experienced, I had enjoyed
and I did not wish to forget it. (Wisdom +1, 32000) He nodded and then
his life flowing into me. I felt that familiar crawling sensation in the back of
my skull and knew he was no more.

Paranoid Incarnation
This must have been the lunatic that nearly trapped me in the sensory stone. He
watched me like a hunted animal, hissing as I approached him. I asked who he

He said I would not last long in this place, calling me a thief. Mazes and
regrets and death were all that were here. I asked what he meant.

He said I was a thief, that he would feel the bones of my neck snap beneath his
fingers. I wore his body like a cloak and shamed him. I said I was no thief and
had stolen nothing from him.

He said that I had stolen everything. He awoke on the streets of the ring city
and all who saw him knew him. All I had done, all that I had harmed, they were
waiting for him, blaming him, hurting him until he couldn't take the voices
anymore and had to make them silent.

I warily asked him questions about his actions, but was careful not to insult
him. At last I spoke to him in the language of the Uyo, thinking that that might
relax his fears somewhat.

I said let us speak in private, just the two of us. His eyes drew wide as I
and he replied in the same language, saying only he knew the language of the
How did I know it?

I said he was correct, only HE knew the language. Thus if I knew the language of
the Uyo, I must be him. I was beginning to understand him. Oh, my aching head.

He was silent, staring at me. I said it was these others who were not him, for
they did not know the language of the Uyo. He said that he heard me. I said that
this place confused one's perceptions, that we were both he and now we must
become as one.

This frightened him, like a child afraid of the dark. He reverted to normal
speech. His voice was inflectionless, calm and level. He said he no longer
to live like this.

I found emotions within me I did not expect. I felt sorrow for this man/child
for what he had suffered. I felt more enmity for the Practical One, who had done
his evil for convenience and expedience alone, like a blade that cares not for
what it cleaves.

I told him he had suffered much. He was born into a world where nothing made
sense, where strangers claimed they knew him, blamed him for things he knew
nothing of and they tried to hurt him.

He looked at me and I saw the mad gleam gradually leave his eyes. He said yes

I told him I would protect him now. He would know peace, for that was all he had
ever wanted, wasn't it?

He relaxed at my words, his eyes dimming as he locked gazes with me. There was a
faint whisper, and then he fell to the black stones. As he fell there was a
prickling, crawling sensation in the back of my skull. (Strength and
+1, 64000)

There were a flood of memories and emotions. I steadied myself, dizzy for a
moment, then my vision cleared and I was myself once more.

In going through my possessions to decide what to take and what to leave I
pondered the Bronze Sphere, knowing what I now knew about what was contained
inside. I used the sphere ...

I felt the memories of the first of us stir in my mind. Calm, like the air after
a storm. I felt my last moments, before I met Ravel on the Gray Waste and asked
the impossible of her.

I knew why. And I knew that I could touch the surface of the sphere and feel
regret and the stone would open itself to me. I clasped the stone and thought of
Deionarra ...

The skin of the sphere wrinkled away into tears, turning into a rain of bronze
that encircled me. Each droplet that entered me was a new memory: a lost love, a
forgotten pain, an ache of loss. With the memories came a great wave of regret,
the pressure of careless actions, suffering, war, death and I felt my mind begin
to buckle from the pressure. Too much, all at once ... so much damage done to
others ... so much an entire Fortress could be built from such pain.

I tried to focus and keep my center. Then, through the torrent of regrets, I
the fist incarnation again. His hand was on my shoulder, steadying me. He did
speak, but with his touch I remembered my name ... (2000000)

... and it was such a simple thing, not at all what I thought it might have been
and I felt comforted. Knowing my name, my true name I knew that I had gained
the most important part of myself, my identity. Knowing my name I knew myself
knew now there was very little I could not do. I could feel my first self
while he watched.

I said that was my name all along? He held his finger to his lips and nodded at
the symbol on my arm as if I should make use of it. I examined my arm. I pulled
the symbol of Torment from my arm. It gave slight resistance, like pulling off a
scab. Looking at it, I knew I could harness its power, that it no longer ruled

I said that I no longer wore the symbol. Did that mean ...

But as I spoke, I knew there was no one to hear my answer. There was only the
sound of my own thoughts. He was gone. I took the symbol of Torment.

[Before talking to Deionarra, level up and rest. You cannot rest in the next
section at all. Also, save the game here under a couple of different names. You
can save at the beginning of the next section, but that's it.]

Coming to myself, I looked around the room and saw that I was not alone.
Deionarra was there, waiting as always. I approached her and called her name.

She said she had searched for me after I was divided by the crystal, but the
Fortress spanned hundreds of miles and she feared I was lost to her. Her eyes
took me in, searching my body for new wounds. She asked if I was well.

I said I thought so. The crystal had divided me, but I was one again. Now I was
trapped here, however.

She said she thought that trapping me here was the crystal's true purpose, but
posed no barrier for one such as she. She said she would see to it I was set
and asked where I wished to go.

I said that I wished to speak to her for a moment to tell her how she died and
why. She asked what I was speaking of. I said truly that when I brought her to
this Fortress it was my intention that she die here. I told her I needed someone
to remain behind so that they would serve as a link to this place. I knew that
because she loved me so much that her love would stave off death and allow her
become a spirit, which was why she suffered now.

Her face became a mask as I spoke. I told her truly that I was sorry. She asked
if I loved her and said that if I said yes, then nothing that had happened

I felt a strange sensation at the corners of my eyes. I put up my hands to my
face and they came away wet ... and I knew my answer: I said truly that though I
did not know her at first, I had come to love her. Her suffering had become mine
and I had found that I would do what I could to help her.

She said she would aid me. Only tell her how she could help me and she would do
it. I said I was trapped here. Could she help me escape?

She said if I was trapped she would set me free. Where did I wish to go? I said
wished to go to where my mortality was and recover it. She said as I wished and
stretched out her hand. She told me to touch her hand and the walls of this
Fortress would be walls no more. I touched her hand ...

Fortress Roof
... And found myself standing on a high parapet. It must have been the roof of
part of this immense structure. As I looked about, I saw my companions ... what
should have given me relief, did not, for they were dead. All dead.

I walked forward, thinking to revive them, but could not. I could see no one
living here. Was I to stay here for eternity, with only my dead companions for

[Be sure and save before proceeding. You will not get another chance in the
You should also take moment to make sure you have the weapons for your
like Morte and Annah and as much of their trinkets. You will not have a chance
equip them once they are alive.

Also, there is more than one ending to the game. More than one of the main
choices with The Transcendent One leads to an end. In playing this part a second
time to see how much Dak'kon and Vhailor's stats were boosted I found a peaceful
ending. I leave those discoveries to you.]

The Transcendent One
I then moved past them to the northwest and the vile one appeared: the Green
Murderer. I ran toward him, expecting to fight, but he spoke to me in the rich,
deep voice I had only heard in visions, saying that I was unwelcome here.

I asked what he had done to my friends. He said they died for me as they always
have. It was the fate of all who followed me.

I asked why he did it. He said they tried to harm him. Here, of all places. He
defended himself. In so doing, mortality claimed them. Their deaths were by
own hand.

He said that he gave them the opportunity to depart, but they seemed determined
to help me.

I said so you killed them. He said the tiefling girl was especially fierce in my
defense. Her feelings for me burned brighter than Elysium's fires. He said he
took no pleasure in their deaths.

I asked why he did it, then. He said it was not his will, not he that brought
them there. All had a choice and they chose to die for me. He said it had always
been the way of all that followed me for they were tormented souls, seeking a
release, who knew not why. He said I had forgotten this and would again.

With dawning horror I knew the riddle of his identity. I told him I knew him for
what he was, my mortality. His armor was twisted like tree branches. Such signs
spoke of Ravel's magicks.

He said yes, he was that which was split from me by the Hag's power. He was that
which walked with all life. His voice was a death rattle, a last breath in the
throat, the whisper of a dying man. He said he had been freed from the prison of
my flesh.

I asked, freed from me? He said the moment he was split from my cancerous shell,
he knew life, freedom, and he would not surrender it to me.

I said that we were not meant to be separated and the Planes had suffered
of our separation. He said I knew nothing of meaning and separation. Before my
memory died again, know that we were never meant to be as one.

Angry as I was, I was still brought up short by this. He said this would be the
last time he and I spoke.

I said then there was something I would know. I had traveled far and there were
many questions only he could answer. He said he would indulge me this one last
time, then the Fortress would be silent again.

I said then my questions were these ...

He said to ask my questions, but know I would never remember the answers.

I told him that I wanted my friends' lives returned to them and I wanted them to
have free passage from this place. He said no. They were dead and dead they

I asked why, didn't he have the power? He said I should not question his power
here, in this place. There was nothing he could not do. Now that he was free of

I suppose I should send a candygram to Baator and Celestia to let them know. He
said it was not his will that they be saved. They challenged him in his home and
their deaths would be reminders to all that challenge him.

I said he couldn't resurrect them, could he. He said that in the span of my
forgotten lifetimes he had observed, learned and gathered power within the
of his body.

When I fought in the Black Decade War, all my military knowledge was carved in
his mind. When I danced sorceries with Lum the Mad, He learned with me. All I
forgotten, he had not. The power over life and death was but a minor display of
his power.

I said when he said he learned with me, what I experienced, was he saying we
shared a link?

He said it was a small thing, of no consequence. I told him that Deionarra had
said that I could reverse death only when the victim had died close to me, but
what she awakened in me - was he saying that was only a fraction of my power of
life and death?

He said my mind was a broken stone, its edges dull from misuse and neglect. Even
if I knew power, I would not know how to harness it.

I said if he claimed he had the power, then I must have the power too, even if I
wasn't there at the moment of death. He said I did not have the years needed to
learn the arts of life and death.

I felt a stirring in my mind and I knew that I did possess the years needed to
learn, for I knew it all once, across my incarnations. But the process would
time and I knew my mortality would not allow me the time I needed. I might have
time to resurrect one companion, but no more than that.

I told him that as I had made my way here I had opened the inner vault. The
Greater Shadows were running free in the Fortress, no longer locked in that

He said that I lied. I told him to see for himself, if he didn't believe me.

He said he would return and then take my measure. If I had freed the Shadows he
would feed me to them. I said I'd be here ... IF he made it back.

As soon as the Murderer left I reached out to revive Morte. But as I did he told
me to hold up, that there were a few things he needed to tell me.

I was stunned. He wasn't dead?

He said yeah, when you've been dead as long as he had, you learn to fake it
really well. He'd been listening to our whole conversation. I should use that
power on someone else; he didn't need it.

I asked if he was going to lie there while I had my ass handed to me. He said
yeah, it wasn't like I'd die. If I failed I'd need someone to remember for me.
Plus, I should know how worthless he was in a fight, when he wasn't taunting
mage. I said that maybe that was what I'd need him to do.

I then brought Dak'kon back. He looked up, weakly, barely clinging to life.

I told him that once he had made the Pronouncement of Two Deaths as One. It was
that time.

His eyes closed for a moment, then they opened and his eyes were no longer the
dead black I knew. Instead, they carried the metal texture of his blade and I
knew that Dak'kon had become something else, something much more powerful.

(Strength +1, dexterity and constitution +3, 2000000) He took a breath to steady
himself, his blade sharpened as I watched. He said this blade was mine. I said
very well.

[This 2000000 award and the stat boost you get here and the one you can get
shortly with Vhailor is their bonus. You don't get anything. By the way, you CAN
level up while in combat.]

Then I woke Annah from eternal sleep. I told her that I'd found my mortality and
he didn't like me much. I needed her help.

Her eyes took on a steely glint and she nodded, saying she was going to stand by
me. I said let's do it, then.

Then it was Vhailor's turn. He took little of my power, but rose instantly. I
called his name. He said he had awakened.

I told him that a great injustice had been done. When I died, someone else
the Planes died in my place. It had happened hundreds, thousands, perhaps
hundreds of thousands of times. The multiverse dies that I might live. (Strength
+3, dexterity and constitution +25, 2000000)

He swelled as I spoke, becoming greater, more a force than armor. I told him
I knew my crime and I was trying to prevent it from ever happening again, but
one creature that could put an end to this injustice refuses to allow it for his
own selfish reasons.

He said I was now among the condemned, as was this other. He would see both our
souls split upon justice's blade.

I said very well, but I need to attend to the other one first. He said he would,
and then he would return for me.

I drew him back from ... where would such as he go when, if, he died? I told him
I needed his help. I had found my killer and it was my mortality.

He said awaiting order. Good, old Nordom. I told him to get ready, he'd have a
target for his crossbows soon enough.

As soon as I spoke my last to Nordom the Green Murderer appeared. No talking or
tricking now, he was wrath incarnate ... but so was I.

As my companions ran for their equipment, I ran to slay. The Green One cast a
shielding spell as I ran towards him. I held the Entropic Blade. I struck blow
blow, he cast spells. He threw some great, yellow demon at me, which brought
yellow fire and laid it upon me. It hurt me grievously.

My companions had reached their equipment. All save Vhailor. He knew nothing but
JUSTICE and came to slay the Green One. His axe struck slowly, but with each
the Green Murderer gave the bellow of a dead god slain.

Nordom fired until his quivers were empty, while Morte sent in the skulls and
threw insults for good measure.

Annah flew at the Green One in a fury, fists flying. Her blows were light, but
each one pricked a soft spot upon the creature.

Dak'kon ... Dak'kon, no longer lost, ran silently to his target. His blade moved
faster than eyes could see and everywhere the blade passed a new wound gaped.

More spells from the Green One, every one at me. I would have died many times
my powers not grown so. More blows from us. No more spells or magics ... no more
tricks ... just anger and pain.

A last cry from the Green Murderer and he was gone. I looked up from the body to
see Dak'kon pull his will from the corpse ...

It was done ... in a moment I was swallowed up in flames ... Ow, my head ... I
blinked and looked about me. In the distance, I could see carnage and fighting.
As I walked towards the conflict I saw a weapon, lodged between stones ...

Oh well. Another life, another body ...

[For those who have read this entire document, a deep thank you. For those at
Stratos Group who made my work look so polished and professional, thank you for
your support as I struggled through this.

And to the people at Interplay and Black Isle, I salute you. I have never felt
such emotion and involvement with the characters and plot of a game. I will
freely admit that I shed tears at the end for Deionarra's devotion and the
tragedy of the Paranoid Incarnation. Torment is the finest computer role-playing
game I have ever played. Thank you for creating a game I could still love after
hundred-thousand-plus words and I don't know how many hours. Ed note: 132,000+

I'd like to thank my sister Dorothy for always believing.

Finally, I'd like to thank Debby for her love, support and knowing when to grab
the silly string.]



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