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Читы для Princess Maker 2

Чит-файл для Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в Японии:プリンセスメーカー2
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Virtual pets

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2004 г.
вышла в 1997 г.
вышла 16 декабря 1993 г.


Информация актуальна для
Princess Maker 2 FAQ & Strategy Guide by beaglehead_2
v2.0 (?), 17-Mar-2001
E-mail me at: yahoo.com, beaglehead_2@
This FAQ can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/beaglehead_2/pm2faq.txt
This is a strategy guide; not "how do I make my sound card work" FAQ. For that
kind of questions and more general info, first I recommend you to read another
FAQ by Pete the Hentai Helper before reading mine:


It will make more sense out of my FAQ and saves me from having to write them.
But if I do write something Pete mentioned, that's to emphasize a point, not
to plagiarize. I've independently discovered many things Pete discovered too,
so I'm above plagiarizing. But do read his excellent FAQ. :)

My FAQ contains additions, answers to pressing questions not found in Pete's
FAQ, and an in-depth solution (pretty much a walkthrough) on how you can get
your daughter to become the ruling Queen (and a link for the proof of this

The last part was an addition mailed to me by a kind soul named David
I don't care much for copyrights but only on one condition: You must credit me
properly if you incorporate my ideas.
Most frequently-asked question:

How to be a princess (definition: Marry the Prince):

Refinement >250
Charisma > 200
Morals > 30
Sin < 100

Maybe social reputation/popularity too.

Never miss a meeting with him in the palace every January! No excuses!

There are two ways you end up a Queen. One is to marry the old king (but then
you can't get the prince). The other, which is what I'm talking about here, is
to have the king abdicate voluntarily and give you the throne (you still can
get the prince then). Then you can become a Queenmaker!

Here's my example protegee (at her 18th birthday). I had a better one but I
lost the save file for that one. Doh! No cheating, except the only legal kind
(reloading save game sometimes).

Serra Angel: Ruling Queen of the Kingdom, wife of the Prince.

October 1, 1200, Libra Divinus

5'2", 94 lbs, 33-22-33, A

Constitution 325   Combat skill 103   Decorum 103
Strength 92        Cmbt atk 114       Art 115
Intelligence 275   Cmbt def 123       Conversation 105
Refinement 839     Magic skill 103    Cooking 136
Charisma 305       Magic atk 123      Cleaning 104
Morality 345       Magic def 81       Temper 100
Faith 382          Fighter rep 414    Mat. Instinct 102
Sin 0              Magic rep 431      Rel. to Prince 96
Sensitivity 647    Social rep 463     Rel. to Father 96
Stress 67          Housework 420      Final score 1201

Note: Keep all her equipment configuration the same to keep her stats the
same; her ending result may vary if you change her equipment and then press
"Schedule" to end the game. For example, if she has the War God Sword and is
wearing it at the end, she'll become a Warrior Hero instead.

Weapon: Royal Sword
Armor: Mithril Armor
Dress: Dragon Tights
Other notable items: Venus Jewels, Fairy Nectar

She did 2 art competitions, 2 cooking competitions, 1 combat competition, and
2 dance competitions (in that order). She had won more items at the
competitions but I sold them. Those Protocol trainings aren't cheap!
How to be a ruling Queen:


But then again if you don't care about it you wouldn't be reading this FAQ
would you?

OK, you need:
* Refinement > 800.
* All 4 reputations > 420 but < 460 (to be on the safe side). Change equipment
if you have to at her 18th birthday.
* Low Sin rating.
* Morality around 100.

Marrying the prince and being a ruling Queen are compatible goals.

And at her 18th birthday, don't forget to sell all art-enhancing stuff (e.g.
Master Brush). Unless you want her to be a skilled dancer that is!
Diary of Serra Angel, ruling Queen of the Kingdom:

If you download my savegames in a ZIP file, make sure you back up your own

http://www.geocities.com/beaglehead_2/queen.bmp (convert the .bmp to .zip; and
then unzip it).

I saved her progress throughout the years so that you can see how her stats
change year by year. Here's the diary section so you can retrace step-by-step
her path from just another 10-yr old girl who became a great queen. Sometimes
you will see a pattern of what I'm doing, like "Gee, I wonder why she took
Protocol classes for 4 months…." I also added commentaries to help you
understand my reasoning why I did what I did.

- 2 Farm work means "2 weeks of farming work"....
- She visited the Prince every January, so I won't mention this again.

- Have a painting worth over 90 points by the festival on Oct 1211
- Get free money
- Increase her constitution & strength
- Increase her domestic skills and household reputation

Oct: Adventure Desert: Pay $200 to little dragon, get dragon fang, get 2 boxes
worth $950. Sell dragon fang for $1k. One mistake: I forgot to get the box
with $800. Then 2 Farm Work.

Nov: Art School, Rest (cheapskate, :)), Art School.

Dec: 2 Farm Work + Rest.

Jan: See Prince. 2 Farm Work + Rest.

Feb: 2 Art School + Domestic Work.

Mar: Farm Work + Domestic Work + Rest.

Apr: 2 Farm Work + Domestic Work.

May: 2 Domestic Work + Rest.

Jun: 2 Farm Work + Domestic Work.

Jul: 2 Domestic Work + Vacation at sea (stress reduction over 70 points!)

Aug: 2 Farm Work + Forest Adventure. Ancient Milk sold for $250, $420 in cash.
Got home safely.

Sep: Farm Work first. Then 2 Art Schools. Art raised to 95. Filkins offered
her to paint for $100, and she painted "Advent of Angels"... mwahahahaha!

Oct: Bought doll for her birthday, stress -40. Bought "Spirit Ring", sold
Master Brush for $1050. Money is now at $4,420.

Nov-Dec: 6 Fighting Classes. C. Skill is 39 and C. Attack is 66. Blessing from
Valkyra +3 combat skill. Bought Demon Pendant.

New Objectives:
- Increase fighting-related skills
- Increase maternal instinct
- Increase cooking skill and sensitivity to win cooking contest in Oct. 1213

Jan: 1 Fighting + 1 Fencing Class + Rest.

Feb: 2 Farm Work + 1 Domestic Work. Scold.

Mar: 1 Farm + 2 Domestic Work. Scold.

Apr: Fencing, Fighting, Domestic Work. Scold.

May: Farming, Fighting, Domestic. Scold.

Jun: Farming, Fighting, Desert Adventure. Gave Spirit Ring to the Fairy; and
Demon Pendant to the Desert Demon. Slept in front of Demon's cave, resisted
drinking liquor, get +43 constitution bonus, 25 sin, and lower morality.
Accepted Circe's Charm for Demon's Pendant in the cave; +100 refinement &
charm, +10 magic attack, morality down to 3. Scold.

Note: I estimated that my money will run out by June 1213, so that's why I
went to the desert now. And when June 1213 comes around and I'm low on cash as
predicted, I get infusion of $2,000 from the desert fairy. :)

Jul: 3 Church work to atone for her sin.

Aug: 2 Farm Work + Domestic Work. Scold.

Sep: 3 Domestic Work.

Oct: Art Contest at the festival. Guess who won again.

Nov: Bought Venus Jewels. Money is at 3,897. 3 Domestic Work.

Dec: 2 Fencing, 1 Farming.

Jan: 2 Babysitting, 1 Church.

Feb: Farming, 2 Hairstyling. Stress at 88 though.

Mar: Vacation mountains, 2 Hairstyling. Scold

Apr: 2 Hairstyling + Church. Scold.

May: 2 Hairstyling + Mountain vacation.

June: 3 Babysitting. End of month: Visit from Desert Spring Fairy: +100
sensitivity and $2000. :)

Jul: 2 Hairstyling + Beach vacation (to reduce lots of stress + weight)

Aug: 3 Babysitting.

Sep: 2 Farming + Forest Adventure. Met Fairy under the stone-monument type
thing. Cooking is now 126 points (reduces lots of stress). Stalked out
Venezaro…. Beat the crap out of him bare-handed, without a scratch. Fighter
rep +4 and +30, got leather armor, and $500.

Oct: Festival. Deviled Crab au Gratin for 444 points! $3000 and Egg of the
Bird of Paradise.

Nov: Venus Jewel bonus. Her age is 13; Refinement, Charisma and sensitivity
goes up [her age] on every birthday; so I won't mention this again. Fencing +
2 Fighting.

Dec: 3 Babysitting. Challenged for a fight twice. Won twice, barehanded too.
+20 fighter rep. Valkyra bonus +4 attack.

Jan: 3 Fighting.

Feb. 3 Fighting. +10 fighter rep. Valkyra bonus +5 defense.

Mar: 3 Fighting. +10 fighter rep.

Apr: 2 Fighting and Rest with money. +10 fighter rep.

May: 3 Fighting.

Jun: 3 Babysitting.

Jul: 2 Babysitting + sea vacation.

Aug: 2 Babysitting + rest with money.

Sep: 3 Babysitting. Scold.

Oct: Festival. Chicken and seasoned vegetables for 813 points!

Nov: Same prize as last time, except this time I ate the egg for +50
constitution. Venus jewel bonus too. +50 constitution does a lot when you're

Dec: 2 Fighting + Babysitting.

New objectives:
- Increase fighting skill
- Increase magic skill
- Increase intelligence (just for the fighting contest, before I run her
intelligence to the ground again by working in her in a bar)

Jan: 2 Fighting, 1 Dancing. Refused fight challenge.

Feb: Rest, with money. Graveyard. Beat skeleton knight and get $2539. Bar job.

Mar: 2 Magic + Rest with money. Fay bonus +3 magic attack.

Apr: 3 Bar. Scold.

May: 2 Bar + Magic.

Jun: 2 Bar + Adventure Lake. Visited fairy ball, Art +15, const –6, stress is
0. Another Fairy party, stress is 0, cooking +7. Killed a few things, got 2
healing pills. Captured Bloodrose Vanesta, get chain mail, black scale, about
$800. $1,500 in prize money. Fighter rep +30.

Jul: Sold 3 dolls + leather armor. 3 Science classes.

Aug: 2 Science classes + vacation sea.

Sep: 2 magic, 1 rest with money.

Oct: Festival. Fighting. Won Royal Sword & $3000. Magic rep +20

Science; glacier adventure. Got some money, healing pills. Free Katana +
defeated Hurricane Castio for the Mithril Armor.

Nov: 2 Bar job + rest with money.

Dec: 2 Bar job + rest with money.


New Objectives:
- Increase conversation skill
- After she's through with working in bars, increase her intelligence
- Increase refinement (grooming her to queen-hood)
- Get free Mithril Armor and free Katana

Jan: 3 Bar job.

Feb: 1 Bar + 1 rest with money + 1 sea vacation.

Mar: 2 Magic + Science. Fay bonus +4 magic attack.

Apr: 2 Science + Theology.

May: 2 Science + Theology.

Jun: 2 Protocol + sea vacation.

Jul: 2 Protocol + sea vacation.

Aug: 2 Protocol + sea vacation. Paimon bonus Art +4

Sep: 2 Dance + Glacier adventure. Got free katana, $400, ice shard, beat
Hurricane Castio for Mithril armor & reward of $3,500 and +30 magic rep. Beat
Silver Wolf for Silver pelt. Beat War God, get his War God Sword. Get +100
charisma from Venus. Sold silver pelt, chain mail, katana, ice shard, healing
pills, black scale (who's going to hurt me now?)

Oct: Festival. Won dance competition, 419 points. Won $2500 and lady's ring.
Sold Lady's Ring for $1250. Money at $11158!

Nov: 3 Protocol.

Dec: 2 Theology + 1 Science.

New Objectives:
- Increase refinement to over 800 (no easy task!)
- Increase Father-Daughter Relationship

Jan: 3 Protocol.

Feb: 3 Protocol.

Mar: Theology + Rest with money + Protocol.

Apr: 3 Protocol.

May: 2 Protocol + Desert Adventure. Beat little dragon. Get dragon tights. Get
+24 refinement from Lucifon.

June: 2 Protocol + sea vacation. Paimon bonus +5 conversation.

Jul: 3 Protocol.

Aug: Church + Hairstyling + sea vacation.

Sep: Hairstyling + Protocol + sea vacation.

October: Festival. Won Dance again. Sold Lady's Ring. Also sold Mithril armor,
bought leather armor substitute. As if she needs the armor now. :) Money at

Nov: 3 Protocol.

Dec: 3 Protocol.


Jan: 3 Protocol.

Feb: No, not 3 protocol again. Just one. Her refinement is over 800 with Royal

Mar: Theology + Church + sea vacation.

Apr: Church + Hairstyling+ sea vacation. Sold War God Sword.

May: Babysitting + 2 sea vacations.

June: 2 Babysitting + 1 sea vacation.

July-Sep: Does it matter? I'm only killing time here…. But I still tried to
pick fights to increase fighting and magical reputation.

Oct: Off to her coronation!
In-Depth Strategic Discussion:
Birthday: Ideally, you want to choose 10/1. Reasons:
This makes her a Libra girl. Then Venus is her patron and after beating the
War God she will get +100 charisma (essential to win over the prince, and
winning those dance competitions). It's also good to have a birthday just
right after the festival because that means she has one full year to train
before her first festival. Also, choosing a birthdate in October (the festival
month) gives her an extra full month to work with that no other birthdate can
give you. And of all the October births, October 1st is the best because that
gives you the most days.

For example, you chose a Leo girl. Not bad choice, Sol is her patron, for +100
refinement and she starts with a strong constitution. But since she will only
have 2 months for her first festival, this means in her life she can only
realistically win 7 festivals; whereas the Libra-girl above can win all 8.
This may seem a trivial subject, but I showed you that it makes a big
difference if you choose 10/1, in the magnitude of about $5000.
Jobs & Schooling: A general principle to remember is antagonistic effects.
Here's an example. You need to raise refinements to 800 to be the ruling

Farming job pays a lot early on; it increases constitution & strength but
lowers refinement. Protocol classes increase refinements. Obviously, if your
refinement is only about 50; don't farm a lot and then take protocol classes;
you're just wasting your money. What you should do is plan a schedule on how
much you think you'll have to do farming; destroy your refinements down to 0,
it's OK. Once you're pretty sure that you won't farm at all or that much
anymore, then you can start taking protocol classes.

What is the best first-job?
Farming is the first-choice, paying job early in the game. No arguments. This
pays 10/day and easier to perform well; so you actually stand a good chance
getting the 50% bonus. Farming is also great because if you increase
constitution and strength early on, she can take on more stress without
becoming sick as she grows up. And trust me, you will need to stress her more
the older she gets. Lastly, farming + dance classes will actually help to make
her a great fighter (lots of constitution = lots of HP; lots of strength = her
attacks hit harder). Of course farming lower refinements but that's exactly
the point; if it's 0 early on, who cares.

And when stress gets high, do domestic work instead before resting and farming

If you worry about missing out on talking to people in palaces, remember that
you also need decorum, and that you don't want to farm and then take Protocol
classes. Besides, you can increase popularity at much later stage in the game.
The only use for popularity is discount on buying items from the market.
Though that's not much use to me, I only ever buy items if they're only
available at the market.

Some baby-sitting is good for maternal instinct too when her charisma is still
low. Once you're done with baby-sitting, then you can start increasing
charisma. It is estimated that every 3 days of baby-sitting raises maternal
instinct by 2.

You must also do enough of housework to increase all 3 housework-reputation-
enhancing stats. Remember you can get cooking skill bonus from fairies when
you're out adventuring (2 possible cooking bonuses, one in the forest, one in
the lake). After all your house-hold attributes are maxed out, the only way to
increase housework reputation is by winning cooking contest. So learn to cook
you must.

Once you've done "basic training", go to the desert for $$$. Get the $800 from
the first chest. Pay the dragon $200, get the Dragon's Fang (sold later for
$1100). Travel around the desert and if she's lucky (like I did once) she gets
all $600 and $350 from the chest in the western desert "hell" and returned
safely home. Spend this money immediately on classes so that the traveling
salesman doesn't come yet. (You do not want the salesman to come before you
win a festival anyway, trust me). When money runs low sell the dragon's fang.

The first classes to take, no matter what profession your daughter will be in,
is Art. This is so you can win the Art competition as quickly as possible. Art
is the easiest to win since
1) It pays the most with $4000
2) It gives you Master Brush (Art +50) which is also useful for the dance
competition, or to be sold for $1,100. I sell the first one, and then keep the
second one for the dance competition.
3) All you need is to max out one attribute (Art) whereas the other
competitions you need to have 2 good attributes and
4) If your painting is 95 or over you're pretty much guaranteed victory every

Sometimes you may want to combine Art with Dance classes (which also raise
Art). Sometimes you must save/reload to find out when Filkins offer her to
paint a picture. You don't want to waste money, so you want to make sure that
when Filkins offer her to paint after her next art class:

- You have enough money to paint the picture.
- Art is >90.

What I mean: If you know that after taking one more Art classes Filkins will
offer her to paint, make sure her Art is already in the high 78-80, then take
the Art class. Then, her Art skill increases to >90, then she paints a
painting that will win at every art competition. Don't worry, you can get
another one, if you plan ahead and enter an art competition BEFORE entering a
dance competition.

You should be able to win Art by the time of the second festival at the
latest. My incredible daughter Serra Angel won her first festival competition!
(Partly because of her advantage of being born 10/1). After you win, buy the
Spirit Ring and "deposit" it in the Desert spring for $2000 return the year
after. Do two-birds-one stone: If you also bought the Demon's Pendant, deposit
the Spirit Ring first, then go for Circe's Charm while her Morality is still
low anyway. Work in the church if you have to get her morality around 100 (so
she's safe from those predatory rich guys) and reduce her sin rating.

Then using some more farm work, fencing & fighting training, increase
constitution & combat skills & attack. So when she's 13, she can go to the
graveyard, kill the skeleton knight, get $2539. Save game before working at
graveyard in case the knight runs away, you don't want to repeat working in
graveyards (reduces charisma). In fact every game I only work in the graveyard
just once, to get my $2539.

Get that $2539, and get the $2000 from the fairy spirit from the desert. Spend
this money on protocol, and also fighting to get her combat defense to around
80-90. When she comes to the War God she should have fighting and magic stats
more or less like Serra had at the end game. Kick the War God's ass and get
your +100 bonus (on whatever skill that your patron god bestows).
Effects of classes:

Science classes decrease both Faith & Magical Defense only at Adept level or

Poetry classes do not automatically lead to writing as a career. High
intelligence, sensitivity, and art (which of course what poetry classes add
to) lead to a writing career.

Fighting classes only raises Combat Defense at Adept level or above, and it
does it slowly. Combat & magic defense are the hardest stats to raise.
Rich guy offering $$$:

The morality rating improves the chance of your daughter ignoring him. If she
has morality above 100 she is usually safe from most forms of temptations.

Also note that if her morals is still low after she broke it off the first
time; he'll try again.
Gods & Birthdates:

The +100 stat bonus depends on your daughter's patron god. Hades gives you
+100 sensitivity. My favorite is Venus (for Taurus & Libra girls) because she
gives +100 charisma.
Running away:

She runs away sometimes in certain month. I used the MOPI=1 cheating to
monitor different parameters to pinpoint the possible causes. One time, after
3 reloads and different combination of activities, she still ran away even
after all 3 tries using vacations anyway at the end of the month. And this
despite her stress = 0 for the last few months!

Possible causes:
1. Low father-daughter relationship
2. High % of delinquency (after a stressful month)
3. Random factor

It seems that #2 is the most important factor. A high father-daughter
relationship factor can prevent running away even if her % of delinquency is
pretty high. But there are no guarantees in life, so she may run away even
though it doesn't make sense (0 delinquency and 0 stress). See next topic:
Father-daughter relationship:

Ways to increase father-daughter relationship:
1. Vacation (5-6 points)
2. Scolding (I know, ironic). Increases 5 points of "father l" if she's
3. Chatting (1 point)

Note on scolding: Also, if her stress is 50, and after scolding it goes down
to 10, then that means your "father l" is (50 - 10 = 40). This is one way to
check what "father l" is without the MOPI=1 cheat. If stress is 50, and
scolding makes it down to 0, "father l" is 50 or over.

Secret: Letting her do what she wants will not increase your "father l"
points. If she says she wants to take art classes, and I made her take art
classes, it doesn't change "father l". Remember, concentrate on doing
work/classes that needs to be done according to your schedule, not what she
wants. Increase "father l" using the 3 methods above.

The nice thing about having a high "father l" in the range of >50 over the
whole game is that scolding offers free stress reduction (although delinquency
stays the same).

"father l" declines by 5-6 if you end the month by sending her off to town,
even if she comes back happy and stress=0.
Stress management;

As you see above, stress = 0 is not the way to go! I'll leave this to you for
your own experimentation (hey can't tell you everything). Good stress
management is what separates the "Dancer-makers" from the "Princess-makers" or
Traveling Salesman:

Only comes 3 times regardless of your money and regardless whether you bought
something when he came or not.

The first item you should get from the traveling salesman is the demon's
pendant. Then spirit ring. With both, kill 2 birds w/one stone by going to the
desert. Visit the spring and get your stat bonuses, and $2000 the next year.
Then go to the demon cave and get Circe's Charm (works better if morals are
low in the first place when she's still young. Losing 15 morals won't hurt if
she's still young and no scumbags will approach her anyway because she has low
charisma then).
How to get a few great equipment for free: Kill the bandits, they also give
you fighter rep, much $$$, and armors! See the main FAQ on how to beat them.
Just make sure you have max combat skills and combat attack; defense will take
care of itself. With that in mind, you can beat up these bandits bare-handed
(I tried, and won every time bare-handed).

Of course the nice bonus of beating the glacier bandit is his Mithril Armor
(that means you get $2,980 that you could spend somewhere else!). While you're
in the glacier area, you can also get a free Katana. Thus, why buy
weapons/armors when you can rob it off someone else, or even better, who needs
weapons most of the time anyway?

A very good sword for free: You must beat the Glacier War God. This is one
tough Mama. You want to beat the War God with mostly magic. You need: Katana,
Mithril Armor, max combat skill, max combat attack 80-90 combat defense, HP >
200, Intelligence > 200, max magic skill and magic attack (War God has no
magic so you don't need magic defense). In short, all the firepower and
defensive stops you can muster against him.

Buy about 6 healing pills before you go. Pound the War God with magic attacks
(easier to hit him than normal attack) and if he's not done with, your normal
combat will finish him off. Use healing pills once your HP touches 100 (you
don't want him to K.O. you with an extra heavy damage). Sell the War God Sword
for $2,500 unless you're desperate for a higher fighter rep. I usually carry
the Royal Sword at the end game anyway (for its +50 refinement).

The War God sword is only +30 attack +20 skills, not +88 attack. The +88
attack War God Sword can only be obtained through the MOPI cheating.
Increasing stats:

Again I cannot overemphasize: Study all the effects of jobs and schooling.
There are rare occasions that you have to use the antagonistic effect to a
good purpose; though most of the time that just means you're wasting time and

To increase refinement, take protocol classes and win dance competitions.
Should be easy since by now she has obscenely high Art, Consitution &
Charisma. Her rivals weren't even close....

To increase fighter & magic rep: See the original FAQ above on how to pick a
fight. As you see you do not need all fighter stats and all magic stats > 100
go get reputations > 400. If you have high fighter skill at 100 and low
fighter defense at 20, the only one who really can hurt you is the War God or
the rare, nasty fighters.

These are the "musts", what you do for the rest is up to you to figure out.
Perhaps you can even find other ways to do the same thing, and I'm sure
someone has done that (without cheating of course). I could've easily made
other career choices, but I went for the ultimate ending.
End of beaglehead_2's part.
Addition by David Johnston 

One thing that seems to be missing from everyone's list of hints is an obvious
one.  If a modifier to a stat takes it "below 0" that actually adjusts its
base value upwards.  For example, if you have fighting skill of 17 or less you
can repeatedly visit the elf to trade fighting skill for magic, then put on a
suit of platemail and a longsword and you'll lose nothing.  If you have a
defense of 0, you can don a two handed sword and no armour and get a
unarmoured defense value of 4 without any training.  Most importantly, you can
buy the spiky dress and get 30 points of morality after you trade the amulet
to the demon and
lose all your morality.  If you could get the Demon Dress, you could get 100
points of morality, but I've only ever managed to get the Demon Dress once
since it requires killing a demon and having it drop one.

Type A blood causes her morality to increase every month, but also causes you
to get 2 points of stress, so she is never entirely happy and runs away more

Type B blood causes causes your stress to go down by 2 points per month.

Scold does not increase morality. (Tim's addition: But it does raise
Relationship with Father by 5 and lowers her stress equal to the amount of her
Relationship with Father).

You can see her face become more rounded when she goes over the overweight
line for her height.

High popularity, not charisma, gets you discounts at the stores.

You can avoid becoming a writer (or housewife) as long as you make sure that
your Art (and cooking) skill is lower than your attack damage with weapon or

You get a reputation bonus in the adventure areas if you leave by the way you
didn't come in.  This is tricky in the forest area since there's a sink hole
in one of the mires that sends you back.

There is no fourth bandit.

The unicorn horn summons the unicorn if you play it in the Forest while
camped.  You must use it to play it.  (Tim's addition: Although the $1000 you
need to get the horn is not worth it).

Sensitivity makes you more alert.  This lets you find stuff on the ground, and
lets you hide from monsters more successfully, as well as talking to them

Things that monsters/creatures drop besides money:
- Giant Crows drop old milk when defeated (on occasion)
- Harpies drop faerie nectar.
- Demons drop demon dresses
- Skeletons drop longswords
- Kidnappers drop healing pills

The bandits will not assault her if her Charisma is lower than 100.

The Rich Guy (and the wanna-be boyfriend) will approach her if her Charisma is
in excess of 800 and she doesn't happen to be doing anything associated with

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