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Читы для Princess Maker 2

Чит-файл для Princess Maker 2

Princess Maker 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в Японии:プリンセスメーカー2
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Virtual pets

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2004 г.
вышла в 1997 г.
вышла 16 декабря 1993 г.


Информация актуальна для
Princess Maker 2 FAQ

Version History:
v1.4 6/23/99  Format to 66 characters per line so Notepad will
   print properly.
v1.3 7/05/98  Use words from English version, add info from
   cheats, some play, websites listed in Credits.
Now mail corrections/questions to:
Pete the Hentai Helper

v1.2.2 5/04/94  Last version found on the net, for Japanese
   release only
doki@netcom.com [Pro Student Mii]

	We all know of Gainax as being the wonderful company that
brought us Wings of Honneamise, Otaku no Video as well as
multitudes of garage kits and other paraphenelia.  However with
the release of Princess Maker 2, one might think that their true
calling is in computer software!
This band of self described otakus which managed to lose almost
all their profits in the anime business have come back by
releasing several computer games (some of which were on display
at Anime Con).  While some of them were rather boring (quiz
games, like the one seen in "Otaku no Video", Princess Maker 2
has been in the best selling 10 for about half a year.  In
December, a version was released for Dos/V, a japanese variant of
PC-DOS meant to run on IBM 386 machines with VGA and 4MB of RAM.
At 14,800 yen, Princess Maker 2 is expensive (even for the
Japanese computer game market) but it will provide many hours of
gameplay.  Here we have a quick guide so those of you who don't
read Japanese to get you on your way, I can't guarantee the
accuracy though ^^;;;

That Japanese version was released in 1993.  There is an English
beta release floating around which has recently gotten out into
the H game trading community. There may be more than one version,
my copy is labeled with somebody's name and company, but is very
stable and playable once properly set up. Nuriko says that it was
never released to the public because some said it was sexist
(duh!). [Did they see the Siren Robe? or the Un-dress?!] A review
from July 1997 implies that the English version from SoftEgg was
intended for a UK release, not the USA.

In either version, you (presumably male) are a hero who saved a
capital from a demon, so you get a pension that works out to $500
per year. One day a deity drops a 10 year old girl on you, and
you have to raise her.
Buy her dresses, presents, armor, and weapons, pay for feeding
her and occasional pocket money or vacations, and any schooling.
She can make money by working, adventuring, getting gifts from
suitors, or winning a contest at the annual Harvest Festival. On
her 18th birthday, she goes on to some destiny depending on how
you've raised her. There are over 50 different endings,
supposedly the best is that she becomes a Princess.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is a "child-rearing"
Graphics are anime, with a lot of super-deformed (SD) animations
for the school and job sequences, and more SD graphics for the
adventure mode. Only H if you cheat, or push her into a sinful
occupation enough to get certain endings.

Dos/V version Requirements:
	386 or better processor
	13MB hard disk space
	Mouse (highly recommended)(Microsoft Mouse 100%
		compatible driver)
	EMS (optional)
	Sound Blaster, MT32, General MIDI supported
	Japanese version only: Dos/V 4.0 or 5.0, or jinit.exe
		(with jinit, some kanji fonts are missing)

There was a Japanese Windows release on CD-ROM:
	Windows 3.1J or later
	640*480 256 colors graphics
	2x CD-ROM
	20MB hard disk space
	PCM sound card for voice playback

And a Windows 3.1/95 release too! (still Japanese?):
	16-bit application for Windows 95 and 3.1
	16MB RAM for Windows 95, 8MB for Windows 3.1
	640*480 256 colors graphics minimum
	2x or faster CD-ROM
	25MB hard disk space Windows 95, 20MB for Windows 3.1
	Windows 3.1J or later for Windows 3.1
	Voice playback requires PCM soundboard

English version requirements:
	The English beta seems to be for DOS with both a Windows
	and DOS installers. Supports EMS by loading files into
	memory during startup.
	DOS, Parenthood simulation, SoftEgg
	SVGA 640*400 256 colors
	SoundBlaster or 100% compatible
	minimum 486, recommend 486-66
	minimum 8MB memory
	6MB hard disk space
	2x CD-ROM [not needed with this copy]

May be able to purchase English version:
	$151.85 (!), release 09 December 1997, from Graphix Zone
	CD-ROM for Windows

    Mouse - Left button = select, accept, drag
                (click and hold on to top part of any message
		box to drag)
            Right button = cancel, deselect
		(Japanese version may have had these reversed)
    Keyboard - spacebar, enter = select, accept
               x = cancel, deselect
               F3 = speed up game speed

Installation and Starting
My copy of the English version acted like it had been installed
from a CD. There was a Windows installer that only let you change
the sound method. I was only able to get "Sound Blaster" or
"None" to work, everything else would lock up the machine once
the game started.

When starting a new game, you pick your family name, her given
name, your age and birthday, her birthday and blood type. I'm
sure that everything except the names is significant, and that
the average Japanese knows exactly what a type AB born on July
23rd will turn out like at age 18 [but Mr. Gaijin here doesn't!].

This works for the English beta, it may not work for anything
When you get to type in your daughter's name, just press a bunch
of keys at once until the window is all filled up. Suddenly, it
should jump past the rest of the screens and start you with a
daughter named "Olive Oyl" born on April 2, very good at fighting
but lousy at magic.

Main screen elements
	On the upper left is the current date and year. The game
	starts play with your daughter at 10 years old in year
	1210. You play until her 18th birthday.
Main Status:
The upper right hand corner shows the basic status of your
daughter. Starting from the top is her first name, (her last name
is the name you chose for yourself) and under that her AGE and
her STAR (sort of astrology).
On the right is the amount of gold ($) you have, and below those
you'll see 2 red boxes plus 3 blue boxes.  The red boxes will
show the weapon and armor that she's using and blue boxes will
show the symbols sick, degrade, and love. You may never see those
light up at all in a game, if you're lucky.
Underneath is a line for her current DIET setting.
Under that is her height, weight and 3 sizes.

Main Menu

This consists of 8 buttons under the Main Status, left to right,
top to bottom.
	#1 shows the Status Menu
	#2 shows the Discussion Menu
	#3 shows the Diet Menu
	#4 shows the Profile Menu
	#5 shows the City Menu
	#6 shows the Castle Menu
	#7 shows the Equip Menu
	#8 shows the File Menu
	A large horizontal buton for the Schedule Menu is under
	the 8 square icons/buttons.

Status Menu

Just displays many of your daughter's statistics, taking into
account items equipped (weapon, armor, dress) and misc. items

	Upper left box: (maximum on these is 999)
	#1 Constitution
	#2 Strength
	#3 Intelligence
	#4 Refinement
	#5 Charisma
	#6 Morality
	#7 Faith
	#8 Sin    (usually considered bad to have this high)
	#9 Sensitivity
	#10 Stress  (always bad to have this high)

	Lower left box: (normal maximum on these is 100)
	#1 Combat Skill
	#2 Combat Attack
	#3 Combat Defense
	#4 Magical Skill
	#5 Magical Attack
	#6 Magical Defense

	Top right box: (normal maximum on these is 999)
	#1 Fighter Reputation
	#2 Magical Reputation
	#3 Social Reputation
	#4 Housework Reputation

	Lower right box: (normal maximum on these is 100)
	#1 Decorum
	#2 Art
	#3 Conversation
	#4 Cooking
	#5 Cleaning
	#6 Temperament

I say "normal" maximum because there are many situations where
the game will boost her stats above the normal limit. These are
sometimes over and above what you can raise the stat to through
work or training! Some deductions act the same way - you can
never raise the stat back up afterward!

Discussion Menu

            -Action-                            -Result-

	#1 Talk to Daughter          She sometimes will tell you
	   - How are things?         she wants to go somewhere,
	   - Your studies?           do something, take certain
	   - Anything else?          classes, etc.

	#2 Give pocket money         If her Stress is >0 it will
	   - amount=[(age-8)*10]     go down 20.

	#3 Scold                     Increases Morality under
	                             certain conditions (?)

Diet Menu
	  -Setting-     -Cost-      -Result-
	#1 Normal         30       Maintain weight or small gain
	#2 Robust         80       Weight & Constitution gain
	#3 Slim down      10       Weight & Constitution loss
	#4 Diet            5       Weight & Constitution loss

* If she's too heavy she won't be able to fit into many dresses.
With the "Un-dress" on, you can actually see the graphics change
between a "thin" and "not thin" version at some weight value.
There seems to be no "too thin" in this game - once I had her at
4'10", 36-28-31, and 65 pounds! She did complain that her bust
was too big, but the Dragon liked it and called her "Bosom
Girl" :)

Profile Menu
	Upper left box
	#1 Name
	#2 Family (your) Name
	#3 Blood Type
	#4 Age
	#5 Birthday
	#6 Astrology
	#7 Birth Star (star of your protector)

	Lower Left Box
	#1 Sickness
	#2 Delinquency
	#3 Popularity
	#4 Health Status
	#5 Moral Status (personality)
	#6 Current Diet

	Upper Right Box
	#1 Height
	#2 Weight
	#3 Bust ^-^ (above some amount, this gets visibly bigger
		if the "Un-Dress" is used)
	#4 Waist
	#5 Hips

	Lower Right Box
	#1 Weapon equipped
	#2 Armor equipped

City Menu
* A high Charisma will lower the price actually paid at a store.
About 400 gets you 1/2 off!

	#1 Weapons Store
	   Weapons              Result                     Price
	   #1 Club              Attack+3                      15
	   #2 Bronze Sword      Attack+6                      40
	   #3 Iron Sword        Attack+9                     130
	   #4 Iron Long Sword   Attack+12/Defense-2          250
	   #5 2-H Sword         Attack+18/Defense-4          500
	   #6 Mithril Sword     Attack+20                   1200
	   #7 Katana            Attack+20/Combat+10         2000
	   #1 Silk Armor        Defense+2/Charisma+50       4480
	   #2 Mithril Armor     Defense+22/Antimagic+15     2980
	   #3 Iron Armor        Defense+18/Combat-15         980
	   #4 Padded Armor      Defense+14/Combat-3          498
	   #5 Leather Armor     Defense+8                     98

	                 Min. Age
	#2 Dress Store     ----
	   #1 Summer Dress  10  Prevent sickness in Summer    70
	   #2 Winter Dress  10  Prevent sickness in Winter   120
	   #3 Cotton Dress  10  Refinement+15                500
	   #4 Silk Dress    13  *Refinement+40              2000
	   #5 Leather Dress 14  *Charisma+50, Morals-20     3000
	   #6 Spikey Dress  13  *Sensitivity+40, Morals-30  2800
	Dresses with a "*" in effects can't be worn until certain
	ages, and her weight must be low enough to show "thin"

	#3 Restaurant
	   #1 Cake               Stress-50/Weight+2.2         80
	   #2 Fish               Stress-30/Weight+.7         120
	   #3 Meat               Constitution+15/Weight+2.6  200

	#4 Pawn Shop
	   #1 Doll               Sensitivity+5/Stress-40     120
	   #2 Teacup             Refinement+10               500
	   #3 Book               Intelligence+8              120
	   #4 Poems              Sensitivity+12              400
	   #5 Healing Pill       Restore some HP              30
	   #6 Grenade            Attack opponent             100
	This place also buys items, at 1/2 list price - the only
	way to get rid of some things!  Selling the Royal Sword
	will get you some penalties - its a scandal!

	#5 Temple
	   Donate                Sin-10                      100

	#6 Hospital
	Only works for stress illness, not neccesary for combat
	wounds and such.  After treatment rest is still
	I've never used it, so no idea of prices.

Castle Menu
                          Min.                             Max.
   Visit The...         Decorum    Favorite attribute      Pop.
   ------------------	   --	   ------------------       ---
   #1 Palace Guard        10+?     Refinement/5              40
   #2 Royal Knight       >29,<=38  Decorum&Refinement? (+50) 90
   #3 General            >47,<=55  Charisma/5         (+100)190
   #4 Minister of State  >66,<=75  Intelligence/10    (+120)310
   #5 Archbishop         >75,<=89  Faith/10           (+120)430
   #6 Royal Concubine      <=89    Conversation/10    (+120)999
   #7 Queen             >89,<=101  Temperament/10     (+160)880
   #8 King                 90+     Fighter Rep./10    (+290)720
   #9 Jester              <=103    ***
   #10 Young Officer       *?      ***

   Can visit the Castle/Palace only once per month. The only
reason to go is to see the Prince or raise Popularity, unless you
really want Sensitivity from the Jester...
   The Palace Guard will talk to you immediately, he mentions
that you can learn lots from the nobles, then you get to choose
the person to talk to.  The higher their ranking (from top to
bottom) the more Decorum you need.  But the Jester looks for more
than that (Conversation?). If they are willing to talk to you,
their favorite attribute of yours, divided by 5 or 10, will be
granted as a Popularity increase.  Each person has a maximum
Popularity increase you can get by talking to them, nothing more
happens once you reach that limit.
   Maximum you can get in a month from the Minister is 60 (600
Intelligence), King is 50 (500 Fighter Reputation).
   The Minister is the judge at the Dance contest, and if you've
been shmoozing him, he will help you win it.
   Similarly, the Archbishop is the judge at the Art contest...
   The King may also give you a bonus for high Combat skills?
   The Jester will move 15 points from Social Reputation to
   Because you can get more points from the King at once with a
high Fighter Reputation, and Conversation is a tough one to
raise, go to King, Queen, then Concubine.
   The Young Prince, er Officer, shows up only in January. I
think that if you never miss a meeting, and do some other things
right, she marries him and gets the Princess ending. You can't be
a really kick-ass hero though (max Fighter Rep) and get him...
Don't know what happens if you refuse to meet him, or skip more
than one meeting.

Equip Menu
   Here you just choose what you want to equip/use by clicking on
it.  The two buttons on the left allow removal of armor and
removal of weapon.  If you have too many items for one screen,
there will be two buttons for page down and page up. There is a
limit on items, I think 50. Drop or sell things to free up space.

File Menu
	#1 save (10 slots)
	#2 load (10 slots)
	#3 quit

Schedule Menu
	#1 Education Menu
	#2 Work Menu
	#3 Adventure Menu
	#4 Vacation Menu

Education Menu
   Course        Increases                           Decreases
   #1 Science    Intelligence/Magic Defense          Faith
   #2 Poetry     Sensitivity/Intelligence/Refinement/Art
   #3 Theology   Faith/Magic Defense/Intelligence
   #4 Strategy   Intelligence/Combat Skill           Sensitivity
   #5 Fencing    Combat Skill/Combat Attack
   #6 Fighting   Combat Skill/(Combat Defense)
   #7 Magic      Magical Skill/Magical Attack
   #8 Protocol   Decorum/Refinement
   #9 Painting   Art/Sensitivity
   #10 Dancing   Art/Charisma/Constitution

   Go to 6 classes at the Novice level, then ? at Adept level, ?
at Expert level, then Master level from then on. Prices rise at
each level.
   There is a possible random event at Fencing school, where she
can fight somebody with Attack or Magic. Get +15 to Magical
Reputation if you win using Magic. Lose and the school closes for
a few weeks.
   Does Science increase or decrease Magic Defense?
   Taking Poetry even once, with a decent Intelligence, can
easily lead to her ending up as a writer.
   The Fighting course has a very slim chance of raising Combat
Defense. It may also raise Strength and not show it.
   After taking a few Art classes, you may get the opportunity to
paint a picture for $100. This is the only way to get something
to enter in the Art contest! The best is "The Advent of the
Angels", but any picture she paints will be hung behind her.
   Dance class also secretly works on raising Strength.

Work Menu
   Job                 Increases                     Decreases
(available at start, age 10)
   #1 Household        Cleaning/Cooking/Temperament  Sensitivity
   #2 Babysitting      Sensitivity                   Charisma
      Babysitting is the only way to raise "Maternal Instinct",
      not shown anywhere except at the end.
   #3 Inn              Cleaning                      Combat Skill
   #4 Farm             Strength/Constitution         Refinement
   #5 Church           Morality/Faith                Sin
   #6 Restaurant       Cooking                       Combat Skill
(available at age 11)
   #7 Lumberjack       Constitution(Strength?)       Refinement
   #8 Salon            Sensitivity                   Strength
(available at age 12)
   #9 Masonry          Strength(Constitution?)       Charisma
   #10 Hunter          Strength/Combat/Sin           Refinement
(available at age 13)
   #11 Graveyard       Magical Defense/Sensitivity   Charisma
      If the keeper tells her about an undead knight, she will
      probably have to fight it that week. Wasn't too tough,
      worth $2359 for me.
(available at age 14)
   #12 Tutoring        Morality                      Charisma
      Tutoring probably requires good Morality and Intelligence
      to do well.
   #13 Bar             Cooking/Conversation          Intelligence
(available at age 15)
   #14 Sleazy Bar      Charisma/Sin               Morality/Faith/
(available at age 16)
   #15 Cabaret         Charisma/Sin                 Intelligence/
      Supposedly if she works at the Cabaret enough, she will
      move up from waitress to dancer.

Adventure Menu
	#1 East  (Forest) Elves, Fairies, Pseudo-Dragon
	#2 West  (Desert) Demons, Skeletons, Sand Raider, Dragon
	#3 South (Lake)  Fishmen, Black Mermaid, Naga, Kidnapper
	#4 North (Glacier) Wolves, Ice Balls, War God

   A Reputation (Magical or Combat) rises if she returns early
voluntarily, 1 point per day remaining, if the area is "tough
enough" (not sure how this is determined).
   Attacking humans will lower Morality and Faith, and increase
Sin, but some have lots of Gold.
   Other monsters will only raise Sin if you Fight them.
   Most monsters will run away if you lower their Morale to 0
while they still have HP.
   Yes, I need to put in some help for Adventure mode... but all
you need to know are the 4 arrow keys or movement buttons, and
the other one for Camp. Wander around and kill things, or not,
open chests by moving into them.

Combat booty: (~20% chance per kill)
Batman         Healing Pill
Condor         ?
Mantis         ?
Wildcat        Cats Eye (haven't seen one myself though)
Pseudo-Dragon  ?
Amoeba         ?
Kidnapper      Healing Pill
Fishman        Mermaid Tear
Black mermaid  Black Scale (Combat Defense+3)
Naga           ?
Troll          ?
Amoeba         ?
Ice Ball       Ice Shard
Kidnapper      ?
Wolf           ?
Snow Orc       ?
White Wolf     Silver Pelt
War God        War God Sword (ALWAYS, but only once!)
Giant Scorpion ?
Goblin         ?
Demon          ?
Harpy          ?
Giant Crow     ?
Skeleton       ?
Sand Raider    ?

   There are 3 tough bandits in the game, which you may find
during adventuring.
   In the Forest area, you can get to a special area with 2
chests through the "deep pit" bog. The first bandit, Venezaro,
MAY be here, just keep coming back through the hole until he
shows up. He will attempt to bribe with $80, accept to get the
money and increase Sin. Refuse and you have to fight. If you
lose, he will do nasty things to her, and she will end up
marrying Cube when he rescues her afterward. Defeat him to get
Leather Armor, $30, and some Fighter or Magical Reputation when
you return home.
   The second criminal is in the Lakes area: Bloodrose Vanesta.
There's a sign about her at the far south edge, near the island
that you have to walk through the water to get to. Just wander
around the island until she shows up, I've always met her on the
east side near the middle. Her bribe is $200. Defeat her to get
$286 and Chain Mail.
   The third bandit is in the Glacier area, named Hurricane
Castio, tougher than the other two. Go to the house with the eye
on it, just keep trying to get in. His bribe is $500, defeat him
for $386 and a Mithril Armor.
   Is there a fourth bandit in the Desert?
   Seems like you have to kill them in order, or they just don't
show up!

   In the Desert area, camp near the demon's cave, and she will
wake to face a demon party, and the Prince of Darkness (Lucifon)
will offer her the chance to raise something (Strength,
Refinement, or several others). Refuse and nothing happens.
Accept, and she gets her choice, Sin increases a lot, and Faith
decreases a lot too.

   Rumor that if you camp in the Desert with the Unicorn Horn,
someone will approach you and ask about it. Didn't happen to

   Rarely, she will find items just while walking around. Usually
it's $, but I've seen a Black Scale, and Ice Shard, and a Healing
Pill show up this way. Sensitivity might make this happen more

Vacation Menu
	#1 Rest		-Stress
	You'll be asked to give her $ or not. If you choose to,
	more Stress will be relieved.

	#2 Vacation (some stress relief, but not as much as #1)
	      Winter:   -Stress, +Sensitivity
	      Spring:   -Stress, +Sensitivity
	      Summer:   -Stress, +Sensitivity
	      Autumn:   -Stress, +Sensitivity, +Weight
	      Winter:   --Stress
	      Spring:   --Stress
	      Summer:   --Stress, -Weight
	      Autumn:   --Stress

   A "--" means a bigger reduction than a "-".
List of Events (This is not a complete list)

Annual Competition/Fair
   At the end of August you get your annual $500.
   At the Fair, you can choose to send your daughter to the fair
   (she can't work or learn because everybody's there) or rest
   Once there, you can compete in one of 4 contests.
   If the inventory is full (50 items), then even if she wins,
   she doesn't get the item, just the money, and there is no
   message telling you what you missed. But this is one way to
   avoid getting unnecessary Royal Swords...

   Self explanatory, if you have high overall weapon skills, you
   will do fine, the victor is either the one left standing, or
   the one with most hitpoints after ~10 rounds.  However, some
   opponents have lots of hitpoints, so even if he cannot touch
   you, you have to hurt him enough within those 10 turns to win.
   Grand prize is $3000, some + to the Reputation she used more
   (Magic or Combat), and a Royal Sword (Combat Attack+12,
   Refinement+50). Do NOT sell this sword since it is a royal
   gift, and it will cause a scandal event.
   Note that the Royal Sword's stats on the screen are incorrect:
   it raises Attack and not Defense.
   If you win any combat, you also get $ equal to higher of
   Magical or Fighter Reputation, maximum $300.
   It can be a real pain to collect 5 or 6 of those useless
   swords, since they clutter inventory and can't be disposed of
   without a scandal.

   Art drawn in Art class can be placed in competition.  Art
   Skill and Sensitivity are important. The grand prize is $4000,
   Social Reputation+30, and a Master Brush ($2100, Art+50).

   You need a dress, make sure you try it out before you attend
   since she easily becomes overweight. Art Skill, Charisma, and
   Constitution are important.  Grand prize is $3000, Social
   Reputation+40, and the Lady's Ring ($2500, Refinement+25).
   Trying on dresses at the contest is the only known way to find
   out their minimum ages.

   There are no prerequisites, required skills are Sensitivity
   and Cooking.  Grand prize is $3000, Housework Reputation+40,
   and an egg (Egg of the Bird of Paradise, Paradise Egg) that
   increases Constitution by 50 if cooked, but you can choose not
   to cook it, wait for the egg to hatch the next month and get a
   100 increase in Sensitivity! Or you could just sell it (list
   price $1400).

   After the competition, if you do well, your daughter may get a
   rival. Your daughter will decrease her stress by a lot due to
   the determination to defeat the rival after meeting him/her
   (I would think it would go the other way, but...), but
   subsequently she will only want to compete in the competition
   with that rival at the next Annual Fair.  Refusing, going to
   another event instead, will increase her stress by 10.
   The rival should appear after her 14th birthday.
   The rivals are the girls that work as assistants at the shops,
   except for Patricia (Dance) who may show up at Art class, and
   they are supposed to get better each year. But once you can
   beat the "rest" consistently, they should be easy.

   During the first few years, if your money reaches over around
   1000, the wandering salesman (Chinese Orc) will appear.
   #1 Spirit Ring ($1000) - Accept at the Desert spring for
      Refinement+50. To refuse is BAD! One year later, you get
      $2000 and Sensitivity+100 too.
   #2 Unicorn Flute ($1000) - Camp in the Forest, Use Items,
      click on it, then Rest. Unicorn will appear. Accept for
      Sensitivity+50, refuse for BIG Refinement loss. (It WILL
      return if you camp again)
   #3 Demon Pendant ($1200) - If you give this to the demon in
      the Desert you get: Magical Attack+10, Refinement+100,
      Charisma+100, Morality to zero; or you can take $1000, or
      hold out for $1500.
   #4 Buxomize Pill ($1200) - If you use this (click on item),
      your daughter's Bust Size increases 3/4" (^_^) If she is
      wearing the Un-dress at the time, at some point they
      visibly get bigger.
   #5 Venus Jewels ($1500) - Charisma+20, Refinement+20, and
      Venus visits her each birthday for +(age) to Charisma,
      Refinement & Sensitivity.
   #6 Siren Robe ($4000) - *Charisma+40, min. age 15

   During every January, the Prince can be found on the palace
   grounds, he will ask you to meet him again the same time next
   year.  You can only become a princess by marrying a prince...

Spirits, Valkrie, Venus Angel etc.
   There are various powers who watch the progress of your
   daughter very carefully. They usually show up if she has a
   large jump in a certain stat at the end of a month.  Say her
   Decorum increases by a lot within one month, "Paimon" might
   show up and grant her a increase of Decorum by 3 if she's 10,
   4 if she's 11, etc. - he also does Art.
   Domovai is for Cleaning and Cooking, Valkrie for Combat Skill,
   Fay for Magic Skill and Magic Attack.
   Any bonus you get is above the normal limit, e.g. Fay gives
   her 3 points in Magic Skill, so the maximum becomes 103
   instead of 100.
   Some special items may only come from doing this several
   times, e.g. Perfect Flour, Valkrie Sword, others?
   If she goes to Magic school all 3 times in a month, after
   raising all 3 skills to maximum already, Fay will show up and
   let you raise one of the 3 some more. You can do this twice.


   Rich Guy
   If her insensitivity (Sin?) is high, she may be solicited by
   a rich guy who offers her $$$ each month for her ^^;;; If she
   accepts, every month when the money arrives, you have an
   option of accepting it or scolding her.  If you accept it, her
   Refinement declines, but if you refuse it decreases somewhat
   less.  Three refusals and she breaks off the relationship.
   [Haven't seen this one myself.]

   If your daughter is beautiful and fair, she will have suitors
   with presents ($). Accept their proposal, then she will refuse
   them and take their gift anyway. I saw suitors starting when
   she was 10 and 6 months, after having the Perfume since age
   10. They showed up every 6 months at first, well most of the
   time. As she gets older, the suitors come more often. The
   gifts I saw were $500, $600, $800, $900, or $1000 each.

   In addition to the "Fencing Sign" combats, you can also have
   random challenges during a month, once your reputation is
   high. Since these will raise the appropriate reputation 10
   points if you win, and lower a Reputation by 15 if you
   You can get as many of these random challenges as you want:
   just keep going to the market and cancelling back out. They
   may take a while, just keep trying.

   In the Desert area, there is a dragon who will not let her
   pass without paying $200.  If you pay, you will see and
   then meet a kindly old dragon who tells her to leave.  However
   if you defeat the first dragon, you discover that he is still
   a baby dragon who runs off. The successive times you visit the
   old dragon, he will give her $ equal to Charisma.  He will
   also ask her to approach, if you do so, he kisses her and
   gives her a dress (the Dragon Tights?, Charisma+??, Magic
   Defense+??) and invites her to come back (and gives her $ each
   This brings about a second event later when the the two
   dragons appear in human form and ask for your daughter's hand
   with a $10,000 dowry. Her Morals-30 if you accept, her
   Refinement+5 if you refuse. Accepting will make her marry the
   Dragon Youth, unless one of the other "marrying" endings is
   already preset.
   You will also find the Dragon Fang in a chest outside the old
   dragon's room ($2200, Fighter Reputation+20).
   If she gets to the Dragons when really young, the old dragon
   will tell her to "get lost".
   If her breast size is "large enough", the old dragon will call
   her "Bosom Girl."

   In the Forest, a sensitive person can see the elf next to a
   big tree. The elf needs fighting skill and will exchange 5
   Combat skill for 5 each in all 3 magic skills.  However, make
   sure you don't have a metal weapon ready when you approach the
   first time, or it will just leave (the Club will do). This can
   be repeated, but the deduction from Combat Skill can't be
   undone by training!
   Get there by going through a hole.

   The demon P.D. Karl the 4th can appear when your daughter is
   young and offer to buy her morals for $ ($10 per point of
   Morality). This may actually be a good deal, since she doesn't
   need them that much when she's young... or am I mistaken?

   In the Forest, you'll see a pole with strange writing
   surrounding it.  Camp there, when you wake up you'll meet some
   fairies. They will lower Stress to zero and raise Cooking
   At the waterfalls, make your way to an island where you have
   to walk to it through the water. It has a chest with Fairy
   Nectar ($200, Charisma+10) and a large red flower. Camp there
   (has to be ON the flower?), and when you wake the Fairies (if
   Sensitivity is high) will raise Cooking and lower Stress to
   zero. (same tea party as in the Forest)
   At the tree in the south-east corner of the Forest, camp and
   leave, and the fairies will raise Art, slightly lower
   Constitution, and make Stress zero. (only if you camp at
   Revisit the spring in the Desert without the Spirit Ring to
   get Sensitivity+2 each trip.
   Camp at night on one of the other islands in the Lakes area to
   get the Art+, Con-, Stress zero fairies again.

   At the waterfalls, beating a green fishman (normal type of
   enemy) will sometimes get you the "Mermaid's Tear" ($950).
   With one, the next time you vacation at the beach, she will
   meet a good mermaid who will trade the item for 10 points of
   (I got Charisma+50, Sensitivity+20 the one time I tried this).

   Defeat the War God in the Glacier area to get his sword, which
   is Combat Skill+20, Combat Attack+88! Go up the stairs to meet
   her guardian, who gives her Refinement+100, and then makes the
   stairs disappear forever.
   How did I fight the War God? Don't bother healing, just do
   Magic and hope for a few good hits before he does the same
   back. You only have to win once...
   A list of some of the gods who look over her: Jupiter, Mars,
   Hades, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune. Strangely,
   only Jupiter, Mars, and Hades are male, ALL the rest are

   I guess the best ending is when she marries the Prince. But
   she can also marry: a mild-mannered knight, Cube, Father
   (you!), the young Dragon.

Endings (partial list)
	[General professions]
	Grand Poobah/Queen (the cheat calls it Grand Poobah)
	Prime Minister
	Cabinet Minister
	Church Worker
	Grave Keeper
	Bar Wench
	Cabaret Dancer
	Part-time Nursemaid
	Part-time Innkeeper
	Part-time Church Worker
	Part-time Cook
	Part-time Lumberjack
	Part-time Hairdresser
	Part-time Mason
	Part-time Hunter
	Part-time Grave Keeper
	Part-time Tutor
	Part-time Bartender
	Part-time Bar Wench
	Part-time Cabaret Dancer
	Domestic training
	[Marriage professions]
	House Wife - I got this one once
	Farmer's Wife
	Merchant's Wife
	Rich Man's Wife
	[Artist professions]
	[Fighting professions]
	Fighting Instructor
	Officer of the Royal Guard
	Hero - fighter, I got this one once
	[Concubine professions]
	High-class Prostitute - H picture!
	Rich Landowner's Mistress - H picture!
	Royal Concubine
	[Magic professions]
	Street Performer
	Street Magician
	Fortune Teller
	Magic Teacher
	Royal Magician
	Hero - magical vs. fighter
	[Social professions]
	[Villain professions]
	Bounty Hunter
	Bondage Queen
	Con Artist
	Crime Boss
	Princess of Darkness

Special Items
(Some of these have been seen only in the cheat mode Mad Eddy's
Unicorn Horn    1000  (aka Unicorn Flute from salesman)
Demon Dress     3000  *Charisma+45, Morals-100, from Demon in
Black Scale      500  Combat Defense+3, from waterfall area chest
                      or Black Mermaid (the cheat shop one says
                      "Combat Defense+3", the others just say
                      "Defense+3")(found one once in Glacier
Max. Gain         10  Weight+22.1
Royal Harp       500  Art+50
Un-dress        5000  H!
Ancient Milk     500  Weight-2.0, one of 2 chests in Forest area
Bird's Egg      1400  (same as ? Egg, the Cooking Contest prize?)
Royal Sword     2500  Attack+12, Refinement+50, Combat tournament
                      prize, sell it to get "Selling off the
                      Royal Sword" scandal: Fighter Reputation
                      -30, Social Reputation -30, Popularity -5
Power Ring      1000  Infinite MP (any used replaced
                      immediately), from Fay
Perfume          800  a suitor every month, last gift from Paimon
Perfect Flour     10  always win Cooking Contest, from Domovoi
Dragon Tights   2800  *Charisma+28, Magic Defense+12, min. age 15
Valkria Sword   5000  Attack+85, Defense+10, Skill+18, double
                      normal chance of doing heavy damage, from
Cat's Eye        600  from a Wildcat?, give to Ket Shi at cabin
                      in Desert for a magic effect: raise/lower
                      height, or lower weight. refuse and he
                      takes it anyway. Ket Shi is also at the
                      Igloo in the Glacier.
Ice Shard        600  Stress-10, Constitution+10, from Glacier
                      Iceball monster
Silver Pelt      800  Magical Defense+5, from Glacier Silver Wolf
War God Sword   5000  Combat Attack+88, Combat Skill+20, from
                      Glacier War God

   I've been told that there are 74 unique endings, 15 of which
   correspond to the jobs, so that makes 59 picture endings, not
   So those of you who think you have seen it all, think again!
   (and if you have, how about a list? ^^;)

   Dos/V version has a more balanced play (easier/harder?) and
   provisions to enter kanji names (I'm sure you guys really

   Don't know if they patch the binaries or the data files so
   they might not work on Dos/V version.

   As an alternative, if you replace the d2.lbx and dr.lbx files
   with empty dummy files, all dress information will be gone ^-^

   In the previous Gainax games, there were special key combos
   that make the girl strip down, (PM1 involved pressing a key
   (graph or F10) and choosing change clothes.) and I don't doubt
   there is one in this version.

   What do you do when she runs away? I always restore the saved
   game and send her on a vacation at the end of the month. Seems
   she runs away only if you let her go into town, even with

   A good job for a young child is to work at home at first,
   because it builds up skills for working at the Inn and
   Restaurant and increases Temperament (the only way!?). It
   decreases Sensitivity so it is OK to drive it down while it is

   If you want to win all 4 competitions, raise Cooking first,
   then Sensitivity. Poetry classes and working in the Salon are
   good for that.  Next, you can win the Art contest by taking
   lots of Art classes (since Sensitivity is already high, it is
   easy to do well).  Proceed to Dance lessons partway through
   since Art skill is also gained this way. The gains in
   Constitution will be useful to win in the dancing and fighting

   Your daughter will make you a cake for your birthday if she
   is very happy (stress = 0 all the time, smiling wide) and
   (maybe) if you get her a birthday gift every year?
   [I only got one present, and that was NOT when she was
   deliriously happy every month...]

   A Taurus is introverted.
   A Barbarus (12/29 works) is well-behaved.
   Blood type O is the best.

Install Tricks
   For those of you who want to play Dos/V games (including KISS)
   but don't like the memory hog of JINIT or the problem of a
   Dos/V boot disk, here's a quick solution that will give you
   compatibility with DOS applications.  It is not actually
   neccessary to run $disp.sys and switch into japanese mode to
   use these programs since they run in mode 12h anyway, so place
   country.sys and $font.sys somewhere handy on your system, and
   place all the font files in your primary booting directory
   (you can make them hidden if you want). Then, modify your

   device=himem.sys or device=qemm386.sys or some other driver
   country=081,932,c:\path\country.sys <= the dos/v country.sys
   loadhigh or loadhi.sys c:\path\$font.sys /l=xms


   or for OS/2 users:
   replace the original country= with
	and the original codepage with

   then for a DOS session, set it to full screen DOS, and add to
   the device box:
	c:\path\$font.sys /l=xms

   and voila!

   As for where to get Dos/V, well there was a alpha version of
   an IBM Dos/V 6.2 floating around, and there are also shareware
   (freeware?) specialized $font.sys and $disp.sys compatibles
   out there which can be used.

Omake and Cheats
   Here is the PM2 cheat trick.  Take a text editor and add the
   line "MOPI = 1" to your PM.CNF file.  Now, when choosing "go
   to city" menu, press and hold F10.  Don't do this unless you
   want to spoil a lot of the surprises. There is also a faculty
   that does screen captures: adding the line "CAMERA = 1" will
   let you do a screen capture by pressing F5.  Unfortunately,
   it's not that useful since the output consists of 4 files,
   each one containing one bitplane.

   The F10 press isn't needed in the English version. The
   surprises are two more stores that let you buy special items,
   see flags and graphics, and otherwise cheat. Bwah ha ha!
   Note: "demo" can't be stopped!
   The hentai will want to buy an "Un-dress"...

   A cheat website listed the above cheat as "NOPI", but said
   some gibberish that I eventually figured out to mean that if
   you press and hold down F12, r, n, and q, it will also turn on
   the two cheats in the town menu until you exit the game.
   If you have to select something after the key holding, select

   In the PM2.CNF file, putting a "#" in front of a keyword will
   NOT make it invisible!

English Version
   Some of the changes from the Pro Student Mii translation of
the Japanese version: (Japanese translation -> English version)
Knowledge         -> Intelligence
Sexy / Sex Appeal -> Charisma
Weight in Kilos   -> Weight in Pounds
Appraisal         -> Reputation
Grace             -> Refinement
Religion          -> Faith
Apathy            -> Sin
Politeness        -> Decorum
Chat              -> Conversation
Naughtiness       -> Delinquency
names of diets
titles of Castle people

Unfortunately, most English speakers aren't into the significance
of blood types and birthdays as much as the Japanese, so I have
no idea which choices are good or bad for her.

   Thanks to Artemis, Heretic, John Prenis, Lancer, Nene, and
   others for their contributions. [Pro Student Mii]

   Thanks to Pro Student Mii, Nuriko [Pete the Hentai Helper]

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