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Читы для Project I.G.I.

Чит-файл для Project I.G.I.

Project I.G.I.

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Innerloop Studios и Vision Park
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 6 декабря 2000 года
Жанры:Action (Tactical / Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / Stealth
Похожие игры:Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Delta Force: Land Warrior, Hitman: Codename 47, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
Project IGI Walkthrough 0.6

Written by Patrick Dawson
Copyright © 2001 by Patrick Dawson

E-Mail: nasarius@hotmail.com
Last Updated: February 10, 2001
Version: 0.6

Main Site: http://www.gamefaqs.com

Table of Contents

1 Intro

2 Weapons

3 Hints & Tips

4 The Missions
   4.01 Trainyard
   4.02 SAM Base
   4.03 Military Airbase
   4.04 GOD
   4.05 Radar Base
   4.06 Get Priboi
   4.07 Border Crossing
   4.08 Re-supply
   4.09 Missile Trainyard
   4.10 Defend Priboi
   4.11 Eagle's Nest I

5 Credits

1. Intro

I wrote this FAQ simply because I got the game, had difficulty with it, and
couldn't find any FAQs/Walkthrus/Guides for it! It's a decent game - if you
liked Goldeneye (for N64), you'll probably have some fun with Project IGI.

Feel free to distribute this guide, just keep it intact - don't change this
file at all. No need to e-mail me requesting permission.

Also, please e-mail me with your own tips and suggestions. If it's good,
I'll be sure to include it in the next version and credit you.

NOTE: All the mission walkthroughs have been successfully
tested on HARD difficulty.

2. Weapons

(1) Knife

	Not a very good weapon - the only time I used it was in Border Crossing
	where it's the only weapon you have. It has three different animations,
	and it's silent.

(2) Pistols

	Basically worthless. It uses up valuable MP5 ammo and it's loud.

	Desert Eagle
	I can't really tell if it's any better than the Glock.

(3) Submachine Guns

	Mp5 SD3
	You almost always start out with this one. It's fast, accurate, and
	silent. Only downside is that you almost never get any more ammo for it.

	Like the Mp5, but louder.

(4) Assault Rifles

	Extremely common and not bad.

	M16 A2
	More accurate than the AK-47.
	ALTERNATE FIRE: Grenade Launcher

(5) Shotguns

	Spas 12
	Powerful but slow.

	Powerful but much faster than the Spas 12.

(6) Sniper Rifle

	The sniper rifle is really nice - who doesn't like thinning out the
	enemies from a distance?

(7) Grenades

	Hand Grenades
	Limited use.


	Proximity Mines
	Limited use.
	ALTERNATE FIRE: Plant without proximity detector (?)

(8) LAW

	Light anti-tank weapon, good for (you guessed it) taking out tanks.

(9) Medipak

	Press and hold the fire button to heal yourself.

3. Hints & Tips

	- Reload often. There's nothing worse than facing three enemies with
	  only two rounds left in your AK-47.

	- Slide down ladders. Press [Right Shift] once you've climbed on to the
	  ladder to make your journey down much faster. It won't hurt you no
	  matter the height. Just don't try this when climbing up.

	- Don't stand in front of security cameras for too long. Once the alarm
	  is set off, the enemies get a lot of reinforcements.

	- You can destroy a security camera by shooting it, but if another
	  camera spots a destroyed one, the alarm will go off

	- If the alarm sounds, you can press a red alarm button to turn it off.
	  There are usually several of these buttons throughout each mission.

	- When crouching behind cover, quickly popping up and back down will
	  trigger your enemy to fire. Shoot him while he's reloading.

	- Use "Peek" - hit [Numpad 1] then [Step Left] or [Step Right]. Now you
	  can see where you're going without getting shot.

4. The Missions

	4.01 Trainyard

	Turn right and run along the building until you come to a ladder.
	Climb it and head straight and stop a few meters from the ladder going
	down. Look slightly up and to the right, and you'll notice a big water
	tower or something and a sniper standing on it. Pull out your MP5, zoom
	in, and take him out - aim low and make sure he's dead before climbing
	down the ladder. Take the Uzi and ammo on your right and change weapons
	to the Uzi. Open the door and shoot the guy - aim for the stomach and
	you'll kill him in a few shots. Now quickly spin left and take out the
	other guy running towards you. Run over each of their bodies to pick up
	two AK-47's.

	Go out the other door and head left into the computer room. Use either
	computer to disable the security cameras for two minutes. Go back out
	and take the door to your left. Head left, run to the tower, and climb
	up. Take the Dragunov from the first guy you killed. Use your
	binoculars to spot enemies and take them out with your newly acquired
	sniper rifle (use alternate fire and aim for their chests). There are
	five enemies in all that you can kill this way.

	Switch back to your Uzi, and look up. You should see a grey wire
	connecting the tower you're in to another tower. Use the wire (hold
	[Right Shift]). Once you're in the other tower, pick up the AK-47 and
	slide down the ladder. Head right and stay up against the crates to
	your left, crouching to avoid the camera in front of you. Take a left
	around the crates and keep going forward, taking cover whenever you hear
	the security cameras beeping. Once you get a message about climbing the
	fence, look for a section of fence without barbed wire. Stand as close
	as you can get to the camera and climb the fence.

	Now, duck inside the building to your right and take out the Dragunov.
	Get your scope ready and look at the gap in the wall. Once the
	patroller comes by, shoot him in the chest and switch to one of your
	automatic weapons. Now run straight, towards the dead body and make a
	quick right. Enter the office building and navigate your way through,
	picking up the two pieces of ammo on a table in one of the rooms. Once
	you've reached the other door to the outside, turn left and run to the

	4.02 SAM Base

	Go left around the crates, Mp5 drawn. Stay left and head up towards the
	tower, shooting the guy and the top of the hill. If you get hit,
	restart. Walk to the ladder, but don't climb it. Walking backwards,
	look at the top of the tower. You'll see an enemy on top of the tower,
	probably to the right of the ladder. Kill him but don't bother climbing
	up. Reload and run back towards the SAM launcher. Kill the guy near the
	truck and two near the SAM. Then take out the one in the stone shelter
	with your zoomed-in Mp5. After collecting the AK47's and equipping one,
	start towards the building area. Stand next to the big grey building
	on your right and shoot the guy in front of you, then move forward and
	look right - another enemy to the left of the blue barrels. Now enter
	the aforementioned large building (it has a sign with "EKSPLOSIVA!" on
	it). The C4 is right in front of you, but you can turn left and get
	some Proximity Mines, Hand Grenades, and Flashbangs.

	Leave the building and go left towards the SAM launcher. Use your AK47
	to kill the two enemies, then walk up to the SAM launcher and plant the
	C4 with the "Activate" key. Back to the other SAM launcher and plant C4
	on it. Head towards the last SAM vehicle and take out two guys at the
	bottom of the hill. Keep going and kill a third guy. Four more: in
	front of the building, next to the Jeep, in the shelter, and next to
	the crates (in that order). One or two more might come at you. Now go
	to the SAM, plant C4, and use your map to find the helipad.

	4.03 Military Airbase

	Run forward towards the right of the dome, Glock drawn. Kill the guy,
	take his AK47, and switch to your Mp5. Keep heading forward, veering
	right towards the base. Kill the guy in front, then move next to the
	chain-link fence and shoot the enemy in front of the garage. Now
	quickly run into the base, shooting two more: next to the truck and in
	the booth. Head towards the sunken building and use the keypad to the
	left of the door. Once you're inside, turn left and shoot another guy
	through the windshield. Move around the truck and get another in front
	of the EXIT door. Open the door, go up the ladder, and out the second
	EXIT door. Move along the building, and take out an enemy to your right.
	Then, using the Mp5, shoot the sniper on the tower and another on the
	balcony slightly to your right (use binoculars if you can't see him).
	Kill another one walking around near the gap in the wall, because he
	will sometimes start shooting you as you climb the ladder. Now go up the
	tower and use the Dragunov and binoculars to first destroy the camera
	on the brown two-storey building and then anyone else blocking your
	BUILDING! There's one guy who patrols around the Power Building, and if
	he's to the right of that building when you kill him, a security camera
	will spot his body and sound the alarm.

	Go down the ladder and through the gap in the wall. Hug the building
	to your right and kill the guy who's either in front of you or to your
	left. Keep following the wall of the building to your right until
	you come to the door. Go in, up the elevator, kill the other sniper and
	collect two shiny new Dragunovs. Get out and head towards the
	two-storey Security Building, but don't go in - kill the three
	reinforcements in the barracks to the right first. There's a good
	chance that one or two more guards will come at you from the Security
	Building. Now go into the building and through the red door to your left.

	Run to the last prison cell and get the message from Anya, then go into
	the other room and grab the medipack. Head back the way you came, all
	the way to the front of the base. Now run towards the airfield and
	snipe the guy in the tower to your right, then shoot the two cameras -
	top camera first. Go the long way around the building, so you pass the
	closed front door, and use your Dragunov to take out the three
	guards. Use the keypad in the booth then go into the building behind
	you and fight your way to the tower. Go up the elevator and use the
	computer, then leave the area the way you came in and run to the jet
	on your right.

	4.04 GOD

	Move right and shoot the guy in the window (behind the trees) with your
	Dragunov. Now switch to the Mp5 and kill the two guys behind the truck,
	and two more as you run to the water tower. Climb up the tower and kill
	as many enemies as you can before the friendlies get there. As always,
	use your binoculars to easily find enemies. After your team lands,
	watch the area to your left to get one guy who comes out of a building
	and two more out of the garage. Then switch to the right area and get
	two who come out of the garage and three who come out of a red/brown
	building. Back to the left to kill two guys in the corner who are
	shooting at you, then kill the snipers on the grey building's balcony
	until you get the cutscene.

	4.05 Radar Base

	Take out your Glock and kill one guard at the gate and another one
	who is patrolling, probably to your left. Get their weapons and switch
	to the AK-47. Enter the building and take the elevator down - crouch
	in the left corner (against the door) and aim right - kill the guard
	when the door opens, then strafe right and aim left to kill another.
	Get the medipack and Desert Eagle, then take the elevator up. Shoot the
	guard on your left, then open the door to the left and quickly kill the
	guard there and go back down the elevator. Go into the booth, hack the
	computer, then press the button. Switch back to the M16.

	Go through the gate and strafe right until you're up against the
	building. Look left and shoot the enemy, then get close to the tower
	on your right. Aim for the inside roof of the tower and hit alternate
	fire. Go to the next gate (directly across from the one you opened in
	the booth), switch to the AK-47, and kill as many guards as you can
	through the fence. Use the large green objects for cover. Open the gate
	and run into the building on the left. Once you're out, turn right,
	destroy the camera, and switch to the M16. Then enter the building to
	your left. When you open the door to the computer room (right after the
	one with two brown couches), step back and use your M16 to lob an
	explosive into the center of the room. Switch back to the AK-47 and
	check the desk to your left to get the keycard. Go through the rest
	of the building - watch out for the guy on your left immediately after
	the soda machine room. Head left and clear the area; be sure to kill
	the two guards next to the dome (with the M16).

	Go back through the two buildings, and go to the building to the left
	of the tower. Get the Minimi there, leave, turn left, and go through
	the gate to your right, keep turning right and watch for an opening in
	the fence to your left. Run to the dome, open the door, climb up the
	ladder, and use the computer. Don't worry about encountering any guards
	here. Leave the building and use your map to find the helipad. Equip
	the Minimi and run towards the barracks (on the left), killing the two
	guards in that area. Then use the barracks for cover to kill the three
	guards near the grey building. Once they're dead, run to the helipad.

	4.06 Get Priboi

	Turn left and walk, keeping the hills between you and the building,
	until you reach a large grey patch of land. Turn right, run past the
	camera, and shoot both guards through the window. If the first one
	manages to hit the alarm, restart and try again. Enter the building,
	open the second door and kill the guard, then go into the next room
	(where you shot the first two guards). Pick up the AK-47's and get the
	LAW on the green crates. If you do set off the alarm later on, you'll
	need it to destroy the tank. Open the next door. If the guard is
	standing next to the window (to your left), back off and wait until he
	walks over to the right. Killing him next to the window will set off
	the alarm. When you're out of the building, turn right and shoot the
	guard if he's there. Now run through the green boxes. When you hit the
	wall, follow it to the right until you come to the opening. Go in and
	run towards the building with the "red cross" symbol on it. Shoot the
	camera, pick the lock on the door, and kill the guy on your left.

	Get the medipack and Spas 12, then open the other door and run straight
	forward until you hit a green object. Use these as cover as you kill
	everyone in the garage with the AK-47 and/or Spas 12. Watch out for the
	guy behind the green crates. He's easy enough to kill, but if you run
	out to collect the weapons and forget about him, he can cause some major
	damage. Collect all the weapons, then jump into the truck and collect
	some Proximitymines and some ammo. Pick up the C4 and leave the way
	you entered. Equip the Dragunov and hack the computer. At the entrance
	to the walled-in area, turn left and run to the barracks. Plant one or two
	Proximitymines; I've found that one just to the right of the door works
	very well. Now turn around and head to to the left of the jet. Take out
	your Jackhammer and kill the guard through the gate. Turn around and kill
	the guy who comes running at you. Kill the other three people for good
	measure. Use the keypad, enter the building, go down the ladder, use the
	computer, then leave the area. Turn right and follow the wall to the
	large grey pylon. Climb up and use the wire to your right.

	As soon as you land, turn right and shoot the guy standing there. Switch
	to the Dragunov for a moment and kill two people in the fenced-in area.
	Slide down the ladder and run towards the helipad. Enter the barracks
	and kill the two guards inside. Run towards your next objective, climb
	the fence, and plant the C4 charges. Climb the fence directly to your
	left (to avoid the cameras), then run to the area with the limo and
	climb the fence there. Run towards the building and shoot the guard
	through the window. Now open the door and kill another standing next
	to the green crates. Turn right and open the door. Search the file
	cabinets, then leave and head right, towards another door. Open that
	kill everyone, then run up the stairs and search the file cabinets

	4.07 Border Crossing

	Run straight past the helicopter and stab the guy in the back. Take his
	Dragunov, hop over the wall to your left, and run to the far side. Turn
	right and keep jumping over walls until you reach a sign that says
	"MINE!". Stand in front of it and turn right. Use binoculars and
	Dragunov to find and kill five enemies. Wait for the tank to pass, then
	run straight forward to the two-storey building. Open the door and wait
	for the guard to run out from behind the crates. Shoot him with your
	Dragunov. Take the Spas 12, equip it, run up the stairs, turn left,
	kill the gunner, and take his Desert Eagle. Now turn around and walk
	straight out the gaping hole in the wall. Enter the building right in
	front of you, kill the guard, and get a hand grenade. Leave, turn right
	and go through another hole in the wall, turn left, run out the door.
	Follow the road to your right until you reach a medical building. Get
	the medipack and continue on the road. Go into the house with smoke
	coming out of it. Up the ladder and get another clip of Dragunov ammo.
	Switch to the Dragunov and reload. Leave the building and follow the
	road - keep left. NEVER STOP RUNNING! Snipe two guys next to the jeep
	(don't stop running!). When the road curves, cut across the area to
	your left (the area without all the "MINE!" signs). Back on the road,
	kill as many as you can (while running!) - snipers first. Hop the wall
	to your left and run into the building. Open the door and take out your
	hand grenade. When you get the room withe the green crates, crouch,
	turn right, and throw it in the gap between green crate and wall. RUN!
	Climb up the ladder, get the Dragunov, and kill any enemies that you
	missed. Switch to the Spas 12.

	Once the helicopter sounds have died down, leave the building and turn
	right. Climb the leftmost fence, crouch down and run. Once you've
	reached the end of the barracks, take out the Dragunov and kill two or
	three guards. Now follow the road - and run like hell! Follow the fence
	to the left until you reach a truck. You'll find a section of fence
	without barbed wire close by. Climb it, and run past the tower on your
	left. Turn left, run to the booth, use the computer, and press the
	button. Go through the gate and run to the truck on the road.

	4.08 Re-supply

	Take out your Dragunov and run forward. Turn left at the entrance to
	the garage and shoot the sniper in the tower. It takes a bit of practice,
	but he misses on the first shot 99% of the time. If you get hit, restart
	and try again. Tip: If you haven't noticed by now, you can hold alt.
	fire to zoom in. No need for PgUp or whatever. Turn right and shoot the
	camera, then shoot the guy who has tried to take cover by falling on
	the ground. Turn left and run to those brown crates. Turn right and run
	to the end of the wall. Shoot the truck  with your Desert Eagle until
	it explodes - it should take 6-7 rounds. Occasionally, the alarm will
	go off at this point on Hard difficulty. If it does, you may want to
	restart and do this again.

	Open the gate to your right and pick up the AK-47. Leave, turn right,
	and run to the next gate. Use the keypad, turn right, jump onto the wall,
	then jump past the camera so you land right in front of the door. It's
	hard to describe, but you'll get it. This way, you avoid the gunner who
	has popped up on the roof. Open the door and shoot the guard with your
	AK-47. Switch to his Spas 12, open the door to the right, kill the guy,
	get his gun, and go up the elevator. There are three enemies you have
	to worry about when the door opens. There's one to the right who is
	standing at a gun outside. Shoot him first, then turn left and wait for
	another guard to come running. Kill him, then use peek to look out of
	the elevator to your left. Note his location, step out of the elevator,
	and kill him. There are two more enemies - one on each balcony. Kill
	them and collect all the weapons. Press the button at the far end of
	the room and go back down the elevator. There's nothing worthwhile in
	the basement, so just push the button again when you arrive there.
	Shoot the camera on your way out, go through the gate, past the booth,
	and follow the wall to the main gate.

	Once you're out, turn right and snipe the guy in the tower. Run towards
	that tower, climb up, and get the Dragunov. While you're up here, kill
	three enemies in the next area. Slide down, switch to the Spas 12, and
	run to the garage on the right. Climb up the ladder, jump on the barrel,
	then jump on the roof. Shoot the skylight to your left, then crouch and
	drop down. Press the button next to the rightmost garage door and run
	to the tower. Climb up, shoot the guy, collect the weapons, and slide
	back down. To your left is another garage, and to the right of that
	is a building with a "yellow arrow" sign on it. Run to this building
	and peek around the corner. Once the camera is facing away from you,
	pick the lock on the door and hack the computer inside. Leave and run
	to the medical building right in front of you. Pick that lock and get
	the medipack inside. Leave and turn right. Follow the fence to the gate.
	Open it, follow the wall to your left, enter the building, shoot the
	guard, go down the ladder, use the computer. Back to the gate, run past
	the tower to the sunken-in building. Shoot the camera, then shoot the
	guy in the window. Open the (small) door, press the button inside, and
	go through the big doors. Kill two guards, and get your map computer,
	homing beacon, and two LAW's in the areas to your left.

	Leave the same way you came and turn right-ish to leave the base. Use
	your map computer to find objective 4 to the north. After this
	unnecessarily long walk, plant the beacon and run to objective 5. Kill
	a couple guards thru the gates, then make your way to the dome building.
	Press the button right in front of you, leave the area, and run to the
	last objective (pretty pink smoke).

	4.09 Missile Trainyard

	Slide down the ladder and equip your M16. Run to the right, shoot the
	guy on the tower, turn left onto the bridge, shoot the guy in the tower
	to your left. Shoot the guard on your left before he presses the alarm,
	then run to the right - behind the green crates. At the last crate, use
	Peek to vertically line up a shot on the sniper. As long as the other
	guard is a good distance away (or not in view at all), strafe right and
	shoot the sniper. It's not easy, but I can usually kill this guy without
	him hitting me. Run towards the next bridge, kill the guy behind the
	truck to the left, pick up his weapon, and keep running. Cross the
	train tracks, shoot the guy through the window, enter the building. The
	alarm button is in the room with one desk and two windows. Once you've
	cleared the area, hack the computer, and leave through the door to your
	right - watch out for another guard as soon as you open the door. Wait
	for the train to get fairly close (now is a good time to use the medipack
	you started with), then follow the tracks. Once you're close enough to
	the tower, equip your M16 and fire an explosive round or two in order
	to kill the guards up there. Once the train has passed, go through the
	gates and use the explosive rounds to kill the guards on your right.
	Go up the platform to the left and run along the train. Enter the last
	car through the door on the left, kill the guy right in front of you,
	and run to Jach.

	4.10 Defend Priboi

	Follow Jach, let him kill the guard at the gate. Take the Uzi and jump
	over the wall to your left. Kill two guys in this area, two on the
	raised platform, and one in the garage. Follow Priboi back into the
	area with the short wall. When you get a message from him, jump over
	the wall in front of you and run to the warehouse on the right. Kill
	the guard in there and take the proximity mines. Run back to Priboi and
	follow him to the booth. Before you go in, kill three guards who come
	out of the building to your right. Now press the button in the booth
	and follow Jach out the gate.

	Equip your M16 and stay just behind Jach. Once you get into the town,
	watch to your left for a few soldiers. Shoot them with the M16's alt.
	fire. Follow Priboi into the building on the right and plant a proximity
	mine just to the left of the doorway. Now go to the room where Priboi
	is hiding and watch through the windows until you see a truck pull up
	on the left. Now equip the Uzi and go back to the entrance. Keeping
	your distance, fire some shots at the building in front of you, then
	run back to Jach and reload. Wait until you hear the explosion, then
	finish off the rest of the troops. Jach will come out and start running
	to the next building. Follow him and plant another mine on the doorway
	to this building. Defend Jach until you get the message from Anya about
	the tank. Run up the stairs and grab the LAW's. Plant a few proximity
	mines at different places as you run to the roof. Defend yourself until
	you see the tank. Destroy it with a LAW, then wait for the helicopter.

	4.11 Eagle's Nest I

	Equip the MP5, run down the hill, kill the guy in the tower and the
	guard walking around near the tower. Run past the tower, kill the guy
	shooting at you through the window, and run to the ladder. Toss a
	grenade inside the second floor of the building and climb up. Clear the
	room then use the crates to climb up to the roof. Grab the Dragunov and
	use the wire. Turn right, crouch, and shoot the guard, then use the
	next wire. Kill the guard below you to the left, then take out your
	Dragunov. Kill the people in the following places:
		- green tower to the right of the booth
		- both towers to the left of the booth
		- green tower on the far left
		- gray tower in the middle

	Now snipe the camera to the left of the booth and slide down the
	ladder. Kill the guard in the booth and shoot two more through the
	fence. Enter the base, run straight, turn left, go in the door, use the
	computer, leave, use the keypad, and run through this building.
	Once you're out, turn right - don't kill the guard here! Wait until he's
	not facing your direction (use peek), then run to the building. Go in,
	down the ladder, use the computer, and get out of the base the way you
	came in. Turn right and go around the base to the next objective - STAY

	Use the rest of your sniper ammo to clear the entrance of the base. Go
	into the booth and press the button. Run through the gate, turn left,
	and follow the wall of the building. Enter the door, use the computer
	inside, and make your way through the rest of the building. Turn right,
	go up the platform and pick the lock on the door. Use the big computer
	inside and board the car.

5. Credits

Writing: Patrick Dawson
Testing: Patrick Dawson

Copyright © 2001 by Patrick Dawson

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