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Queen of Heart '99: Dream Match Never Ends, The

- Queen of Heart '99: Dream Match Never Ends, The

Queen of Heart '99:
Dream Match Never Ends, The

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:Watanabe Seisakusho
:Watanabe Seisakusho
:Arcade (Fighting)

24 1999 .


The Queen of Heart'99 SE Faq. V1.00  23/05/2001
Writen by Yunari
    Hi everyone thank you for reading my faq. Either data in this usefull
or useless. I still thankyou for reading. This is my first faq too so i excuse
for something that would be wrong.

Table of Contents
1. Disclaimer
2. Setting
3. Character
   3.1 Character Name
   3.2 Hidden Character
4. Ingame Button
5. Move
   4.1 Basic Move
   4.2 Advance Move
   4.3 Combo System
6. Network game
7. Trouble shooting
8. Misc
   8.1 Hidden Greeting
   8.2 Related Game Info
   8.3 Question
9. Referrence
10.Special thank

1. Disclaimer
      This document is copyright 2001 by yunari. Feel free to distribute to
   with giving my credit. Feel free to post to your page but please don't
   change something on this faq.

2. Setting
   Before you start game run config.exe in game directory to config something
before running these game.
   in page 1
      - Run in windows mode
           Some system will run faster in fullscreen mode.
      - Use 640x480 resolution
           Usefull if your system doesn't support 320x480 resolution or want
        larger windows. Since it's slow i not recommend this. But if you use
        this resolution you should 8 bit color instead to keep framerate at
      - Use 320x240 windows
         Game will use 640x480 resolutin but will not stretch image.
      - Use 16 bit mode
         Will have better background and have some transperent effect in SE.
   in page 2
      - Player 1 setting
      - Player 2 setting
      - Player 3 setting
      - Player 4 setting
         Config for direction and button to use.
         Note: Under win2k you can't config button for keyboard.
         button 1 = weak attack
         button 2 = medium attack
         button 3 = strong attack
         button 4 = stand button
       - Test
          Test button that configurated. Press ESC to quit.
       - Restore Default

After run game you will see option these are.
   - Game round
   - Diffuculty
   - BG
        In realistic closer object will move faster while you move. This
    option will enable this
        - 2 BG
        - 1 BG
          not used this function to increase speed on some system.
    - Ground moving
      As same as above
      -not use
    - Frame
       -enable frame skip
       -Disable frame skip
    - Bgm
       - wav
       - midi
    - Album
       - see album
          these data are
             Maxhit             Best time cleared story mode
                                % Selected (random is excluded)
             Max damage         % win
       - See maxhit
       - Delete Album
       - Return to option

3 Character
   3.1 Character Select
      note that H row mean that row is hidden

   3.2 Secret Character
      There Have some seacret character the way to select are.
         - Hold stand button and select character they are.
            - Akari    -> young version Akari
            - Shiho    ->
            - Kotone   ->
            - Serika   -> Comede Serika
            - Ayaka    -> Rapeed Ayaka   (SE only)
            - Multi    -> HM-12
            - Hatsune  ->
            - Chitsuru -> Ani Chitsuru
            - Mizuho   -> Kanako
            - Aoi      -> LF'97 Aoi
         - Move curser to most right row and move right again you can see
           they have hidden row. You can select Corin(SE1126),Tiria(SE),
           Yoshie(SE) If you can't reach this rule you may not clear some rule
           which i don't know.
      Way to get Hidden Character
           I got these information from japanese web site and not confirmed.
         Since game i had already have save file that have all character
         already and it's unable to wipe data too.
            - Young version of akari
               Clear Akari First (confirmed)
            - Tiria
                 Clear game without continue in level hard or nightmare. She
               will Fight with you in stage 9. (confirmed) Then go to character
               select screen move to

4. Ingame Button
   - F1 Switch between windows mode and full screen mode.
   - F4 Training mode Can use only when all character are human and not
        network game
   - F12 Pause Game
           Pause screen is To Heart (win95) alike screen. Only menu that
         useble is last one to quit game. Press F12 again to resume game.
   - ESC,ALT-F4 Exit game

5. Move
         In command number is related to direction on Numpad on keyboard.
      And Abbriviete are.
        L = Light Attack
        M = Medium Attack
        H = Strong Attack
        S = Stand Button
        F = Front
        B = Back
        D = Down
        J = Jump
   5.1 Basic move
      FF = Dash
      BB = Back Step
           When you do back step you will not hit by opponent attack. Usefull
         Aginst who rely on Jump Cancel too much.
      B+H = Throw
           You can evade that throw by press B+H.
      FF+A = Dash Attack
         Use with each button had driffrent usage. Try to figue out since they
       really usefull move.
   5.2 Advance Move
      - Jump Cancel
           While your attack hit opponent press jump immidiatly you can jump
        away from opponent instead freeze in front of opponent. This also able
        evade from almost opponent counter attack. Try mastering it you will
        less vulnuable
      - Attack Cancel
           While attack hit press another attack button will continue to that
        attack. Rule is you can't do same attack twice until you jump. You can
        Cancel attack to another special attack. And you can cancel almost move
        to ex .
      - Guard Cancel
           While Guarding enter command will guard cancel and attack opponent
        with that command. Same System as Justice Gaguen (Rival school)
      - Blocking
           Some character can blocking by press F+A while get hit. Usage?
        Still unknown.
      - Faultless Defence
           Some Character can use faultless defence by press A While Guarding.
        This can push opponent out a bit. Usefull to reduce pressure from
      - Fall Recovery
           If you get flop by opponent attack you can fall recover by press
        direction twice opposite way you flopped when you reach screen. If
        you lose balance with opponent attace keep guarding character will
        recover as fast as she can.

   5.3 Command List
       Still Uncompleted i will add translation later.All japanese text is
    encoded in S-JIS.And sorry about some spelling form katakana that would be
    (close) mean you must close opponent (throwing range) to use this move.
    (air)   mean this move must execute in air.
    (air+)  mean this move can execute both ground and air.

    ΂̋ʃXpCN                                         22+A
    NCbNhCo[        Quick Driver                 234+A
    ubLO              Blocking
    t@C[        Saorin Fire                  (air) F+H
    󒆓                  Mid air throw                (Close)(air)B+A
    nCp[^bN          Hyper Takkle                 41236+A

    ގqɂi                                 236+A
    ގqɂ                                 214+A
    ^fA^bN                                       214+S
    tHgXfBtFX                               A while guard
    (While control Kanako)
    ގqɂ\                                 41236+H
    ގqɂ\y                               41236+MH

    - Use S button to control Kanako. Both can take damage so be carefull.

Ruriko Kirishima
    dgEFu                Electrical Web                236+A
    dgrbg                Electrical Bit                214+A
    tHgXfBtFX  Faultless Defence             A While Guard
    Z̑z                                            41236+A

    ܓ                                              236+A
    J                                              214+A
    tCԂA^bN                                      (air)
    ₩ŃS                                            F+H
    [Nɂ肢                                          63214+H

    S̒                                                  623+A
    ŐLEI                                    236+A
    ŐLEw̕                                    214+A
    tHgXfBtFX  Faultless Defence             A While Guard
    ^fA^bN          Tandem Attack                 214+S
    i{̎j؂̑M                                      41236+H

    - use 4 button to enable/disable god of ??. Same system as jojo.

    Š                                                  236+A
    Ӂ@c@UQR{U                                  623+A
    ́@c@QPS{U                                  214+A
    ̌E                                            After  F+H
    ̌ES                                            After  D+H
    ubLO                                            F+A When get
                                                            Oppenent attack
    KE                                                    41236+H

    ؂                                                623+A
    S̒                                                  214+A (no ex)
    SJ                                                41236+A

Ani Chitsuru
    ؂                                                623+A
    S̒                                                  214+A (no ex)
     ȂE܂                                        41236+A

Akari Kamishigi
    ܓ                                              236+A
    瓊                                                  214+A (air+)
    P~̓CpNg        Chemical Impact               22+A
    }bnWu              Mach Yap                      A repeatly
    tbJ[Wu          Flicker Yap                   B+A
    F                    Bear Throw                    41236+H

Young Akari
    ܓ                                              236+A
    瓊                                                  214+A (air+)
    P~̓CpNg        Chemical Impact               22+A
    tbJ[Wu          Flicker Yap                   B+A
    tFmmhCu      Phenomenent Drive             41236+A

Serika Kurosogawa
                            Thunder                       236+A(air+)
                            Wind                          214+A
    覐                                                    41236+A

    -Able to use air dash

R[h肩 Komode Serika
    n̋Ɖ                                               236+A
    fXTCY                 Deathsyte                     623+A
    [OTCY           RollingSyth                   (air)214+A

    - Able to use air dash

Tomoko Hoshina
    Ďa                                                  623+A
    fbh[CYia) Deadhly rise                  214+A
    ̃cbR~                                            236+H
    r                                                  22+A (air)
    ⁛LbN                                            F+A
    Abp[XCO                                        F+H
    ^ẼcbR~ł                                41236+H

    Character comment
      - Able to use air dash

Shiho Nagaoka
    uۂhCo[      Shiho Chan Driver             623+A
    uۂ񗳊                                          214+A
    ́Al ߂Z                                    426+H
    ̂тLbN                                            F+H
    nr                                                  D+H(air)
    S܂                                                B+M(air)
    ˂                                              F+L(air)
    ^E                                              236236+A

    Π                                                 236+A
    uۂ񗳊                                          214+A(air+)
    ̂тLbN                                            F+H
    nr                                                  D+H(air)
    S܂                                                B+M(air)
    ˂                                              F+L(air)
    ^E                                              236236+A

    ̋󒆂QiR                                        236+A
    {fBÂł                                        214+A
    XyV                                            (623+H)x3
    ubLO                                            F+A While get hit
                                                            by opponent
    - Aoi Special when enter command enter in same direction.

LF'97 Aoi
    ̋󒆂QiR                                        236+A
    󂯂ĉÃu[                                214+A
    XyV                                            (623+H)x3
    ubLO                                            F+A While get hit
                                                            by opponent
    - Aoi Special when enter command enter in same direction.

    }`R_[            Multi Coreder                 236+A
    g ChE{          Mitriod Bomb                  214+A
    ~TCPUA          Missile 16 Shot               41236+A

    same as multi

Kotone Himekawa
    sKȗ\m                                              236+A
    TCR_N              Phycho Dunk                   (close) 623+A
    TCRoA              Phycho Barrier                214+A
    TCRn}[            Phycho Hammer                 F+A
    uE                                                  41236+A

    - Able to use air dash (teleport)
    - To Evade ex Misfortune running and throw her

True Heroine Kotone Himekawa
    sKȗ\m                                              236+A
    TCR_N              Phycho Dunk                   (close) 623+A
    TCRoA              Phycho Barrier                214+A
    TCRn}[            Phycho Hammer                 F+A
    uE                                                  41236+A

    - Able to use air dash (teleport)
    - To Evade ex Misfortune running and throw her

Remy Minauchi
    |                      Arrow Shoot                   236+A
    WCAg{          Giant Bomb                    214+A
    {oX^[              Minauchi Buster               623+A
    T}[\gLbN        Summersault Kick              7+H (air+)
    dw|MXW            EX Arrow Shoot'98             236236+H
    bc{[            Let's Bowling                 41236+H
    bc{[i\j    Let's Bowling(back direction) 41236+MH

    ֎g                                                  236+A
    Sѐj                  Needle hair attack 100 times  A repeatly
    hLbN              Drill Kick                    (air) D+H
    nR_                                                  41236+A

Ayaka Kurosokawa
    gl[hLbN          Tornedo kick                  236+A
    T}[\gLbN        Summersault Kick              623+A
    n}[q[            Hammer Heel                   (air) D+H
    ubLO              Blocking                      F+A while get
                                                            opponent attack
    M                                                    41236+H

s[h  Rapeed Ayaka
    ċr                                                   (air) 236+A
    S_                                                 214+A
    T}[\gLbN         Summersault kick              623+A
    c[u[             One Two Blow                  F+A
    GNXg[EXgCN Exthreme Strike               41236+H

    - Able to use air dash

Yuki Morikawa
    bc                      CD                             236+A
    o܂bc                                             214+A
    AChT}[            Idol Summer                    623+A
    K[hLbN              Guard Kick                     F+H
    Ԃ׃LbN                                           (air) F+H
    ACh_uAbp[    Idol Double Upper              F+M
    iENbV          Rina Crash                     41236+H

    ZIibN            Serio Knuckkle                 214+A
    [U[hEX}bV    Rezard Smash                   22+A
    h                    Drill                          (air) D+H
    kC                                                   3+M
    ~TCPOA          Missle 10 shot                 41236+A

    - EX  is unblockable crought to evade this.

    bc                       CD                            236+A
    o܂bc                                             214+A
    AChT}[\gVF Idol Summersault Shell        623+A
    AChq[             Idol Heel                     (air)214+A
    ANoeBbNLbN     Acrobatic Kick                F+H
    TEhEIuE           Sound of Destiny              41236+H

    S􂳁[                                               236+A
    ԗƂ                                               22+A
    u                 V Attack                      214+A
    EBfB[I             Windy!                        41236+H

Tiria Fray
    Cg{E                 Light Bow                     236+A
    tBX\[h             Fils Sword                    623+A
    XsjOV[g         Spinning Shoot                (air) F+A
    󒆓                   During air throw              (close)(air)B+H
    VCNX             Shinning Guls                 41236+H

    ͂                                                 236+A
    イ                                             22+A
    ƂтЂƗƂ                                     214+A
    񂭂Ƃё                                         (air) 22+A
    ƗƂ                                             F+H
    󒆃JE^[            During Air Counter             (air)F+H
    炢イ傤g                                   41236+H

    GWF_Xg          Angle Dust                     236+A(air+)
    z[[t@O          Holy Fang                      623+A
    n[hGbW              Hard Edge                      214+A
    }VKR{          Macine Gun Combo               (close)41236+M
    oEfBOvX      Bounding Press                 F+H
    ^󓊂                                                 222+H
    GWFbNn[L[Angelic Hacury                 41236+A

4.4 Combo
   This still not managed sorry.
   - Before play a new character i recommend to use training mode a while
     (Press F4 while all player are human) to see which atttack do what and
     which attack can lift opponent up for air combo.
   - Try to discover which dash attack used for since all of them has it use.
     Especially which can cancel to continue whith combo and which can lift
     opponent up for air combo. Some dash attack has more than one usage ie.
     Serio's dash+H if cancel to attack immidiatly you can continue with
     ground combo and if you jump cancel in middle of hit you can continue
     with air combo.
   - Air combo
     Basic are
     1. lift opponent up->jump cancel
     2. do basic attack->jump cancel->do basic attack
     3. Finish attack
     1. Lift opponent up
        Most character work with D+H->H some may not. Some character can lift
        with dash attack. Another way is to attack while opponent in air or
        skip this and go air combat with opponent.
     2. Do Basic Attack->jump cancel->do basic attack.
        Basic is L->M->H->jump->L->M->H. You may omit low to increase accuracy
        or reverse order to H->M->Jump->H->M->L this is depend on character
        you use and yourself.
     3. Finish attack
        Either use special move that character have or use L repeatly.
     ie. Tiria M->D+M->D+H->H->jump->H->M->jump->H->M->F+H
         Ruriko D+M->D+H->H->Dash+H->Jump->H->Jump->H->M->L repeatly.
   - More number of hit mean less damage can get.
        Same H attack canget 800 in first attack but will get around 100-200
     damage in 10+ hit so use L at least as you can.
   - Invaild Combo
      That mean opponent can evade from that combo ie. She could fall recover
    before get that hit. But there still have invalid combo that can't evade.

6. Netgame Function (se only)
   Run "qoh99.exe net" Then game will ask for connection type There are.
   - Dial up modem
   - tcp/ip
   - ipx/spx
   - Serial
   Forgot about Dial up modem and tcp/ip it's too slow.For ipx/spx when you
Act as server enter game name and game will start and it will reset when
someone join your game. For client once you see game name enter game name and
your name then connect that's all.

7.Trouble shooting
   These problem that i had got and way to resolve.
   - When I switch to windows mode game crash.
        Did you set desktop color depth to 24 or 32 bit? this game did not
     suppore that resolution and will crash like that. If you want to play in
     windows mode make sure you set color depth to 8 or 16 bir.
   - I get massage tir_mes1.img incorrect version and can't run game.
        Try ro replace this file with update version 0428. It work for me.
     Unfortunately this update is not available from watanabe production's HP.
     But if you want mail to me i will send that file back to you.
8.1 Hidden Greetion
     If you run game in x'mas and in new year game will show greetion image
   before game start.
8.2 Referred game information
      This information i got from my friends while chating and e-mail and from
    Leaf HP.It still not complete yet. More information is welcome.

       games              port    Released year     gerne    Character in game

  Filsnown            pc-98,win95 1998(win95)   Rpg          Tiria

  Leaf Visual Novel   pc-98,win95 1996(win95)   Visual Novel Ruriko,Mizuho,
  Vol.1 Shizuku                                              Kanako

  Leaf Visual Novel   pc-98,win95 1996(win95)   Visual Novel Chitsuru,hatsune
  Vol.2 Kisuato                                              Kaede,Saori

  Leaf Visual Novel   win95,psx   1997(win95),  Visual Novel Akari,Shiho,Remy,
  Vol.3 To Heart                  1999(psx)                  Multi,Serio,

  Leaf Fight'97       n/a         n/a           n/a          LF'97 Aoi

  Inagawa de Ikou     win95       2000(win95)   Variety      Corin

  White Album         win95       1998(win95)   Visual Novel Yuki,Rina

  Comic Party         win95,dc    1999(win95),  Visual Novel Mizuki

  Go To Heart         n/a         n/a           Doujin Manga Comode Serika,
                                                             Rapeed Ayaka

9. Reference
   - Qoh99se Manual that come with update v.1124 for command list.
   - http://www1.neweb.ne.jp/wb/isagian/qoh/qoh-top.htm for addition move list.
   - Leaf HP for game release date.

10. Contact me
    Question,suggestion are welcome at yunari3@otakumail.com

11. Special Thank
    Farewell For information about Filsnown and Pc-98 Port.
    Angel12th For help until I Made qoh99se working and testing net and
              Dial up connection game with me.
    Someone   On his QOH99SE page that I used as reference.



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