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Читы для Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to Be a Hero

Чит-файл для Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to Be a Hero

Quest for Glory 1:
So You Want to Be a Hero

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / RPG

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
			by Istanbul (istanbul@airmail.net)

This fantastic roleplaying game gives you the choice of creating a
fighter, a mage, or a thief with which to get through the game. A
fighter will tend to rely on his brute strength to get through the
various puzzles, and as such will get injured a lot; I don't recommend a
fighter to any but the most experienced roleplayers. A thief has more
potent weapon, his guile and stealth, but lacks much of the direct
combat prowess that the fighter has. A mage isn't much good in a
fistfight, but with his spells, he has the most options open to him, as
his mind is his only limit.

In general, I suggest that if you want the most flexibility, you create
a Thief character class and give him the abilities of Magic and Parry.
Why? Simple. Only a character with Parry can practice with the Weapon
Master in
the Castle. Only a mage can learn magical spells. And the Thief is the
only character class with enough starting skills to be able to learn
both other characters' skills.

Save frequently. In a number of places, one wrong move could find you
skewered, melted, zapped, or otherwise dead.
Talk to everybody. Everyone who has things to say says them for a
Think hard. Most puzzles have a logical solution.

You find yourself in a small town in the land of Spielburg. Speak to the
Sheriff. On the same screen as the sheriff is the Inn, in which you can
stay safely and meet the Kattas and Abdulla Doo.

To the west, enter the Adventurer's Guild. Speak to the Guildmaster,
read the bulletin board and guildbook, and sign the latter. Take a look
at the trophies; you're going to end up fighting some of those things
before you're done.

Next, explore the Magic Guild. Speak to Zara about everything she'll
tell you about, and buy the Fetch spell. Head back to the main area, and
leave to the south. Go north from the first outside screen, and cast
Fetch on the nest to get the Healer's Ring. Knock on the Healer's door
and give it back to her for some healing potions, and more money!

Go back into the Magic Guild, and purchase the Open scroll. You'll need
it. (In fact, you'll need every spell you can get your hands on.) Go
back to the screen with the Healer's Hut, head West, and introduce
yourself to the centaur. Go as far north from that screen as you can,
running from any monsters, then east, then north again. You'll find
yourself in a beautiful garden that sports a massive tree, flowers, and
a stone. This is Erana's Peace.

While in Erana's Peace, eat one of the fruits that grows on the tree to
satisfy your hunger for an entire day. Pluck three batches of flowers,
and cast Open on the stone to get the Calm scroll inside. That's right,
another spell! Not only that, but you can sleep here at night safely,
making it one of the three places you can do that.

Go back into the healer's hut, and give her the flowers for some cash.
Once you have that cash, go and buy the Flame Dart spell, one of the
BEST things you can do for your combat ability. Even the Brigands,
who'll defend against your stabs, will suffer from a Flame Dart hit. And
the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

Now that you're suitably protected, go south of the Healer's hut until
you hit a screen with a large log. Climb the cliff, or pick up some
rocks and throw them at the door. Once you knock, or three rocks
connect, you can enter. Just stand clear of the door! Go in and speak to
'Enry, talking to him until he offers you a scroll. Say yes...now you
have the Trigger spell, too! Don't take him up on his offer of sleep,
though...the poor sleep you get isn't worth the food you have to give

Now comes the interesting part. Do a bit of exploring, and fight some
monsters. If you get low on stamina, click 'Rest for 60 minutes'. This
refreshes some magic and health, too. Fighting monsters builds up
Strength, Agility, Vitality, Weapon Use, Magic, and your wallet. :)

During your explorations, head west from the room with the large log in
it, and you should find a white stag. Follow it to meet the Dryad. If
you've fired Flame Darts around for no good reason or attacked spitting
plants, you won't live through the encounter, but if you make friends,
she'll offer to help you if you help her.

Go back to Erana's Peace, and go south, west, south, and west again.
You'll find yourself in a room with several plants tossing a seed
around. You need that seed for the dryad. Now is a wonderful time to
practice that Fetch spell. (In fact, now is one of the ONLY times to
practice that Fetch spell.) Bring the seed back to the Dryad, and she'll
give you the ingredient list for a Dispel Potion (which you need to win
the game), and one of the ingredients will fall from her branches.

A little north of the Dryad and to the west, you'll find the Meeps,
little creatures that live under rocks. Talk to one when it pops up, and
ask for a scroll and some fur. You'll get the fur...and the Detect Magic
spell! Now, go back to 'Enry's place, and use one of the empty flasks
you should have remaining from a Healing Potion, and fill it with water
from the Waterfall. That's Flying Water for you!

Now you just need one final ingredient. If you have another empty flask,
great...if not, buy one. Find a mushroom ring a little bit north and
east of the Dryad, and visit it at night. The faeries just want to
dance...so dance! You'll get some Faerie Dust for your troubles. Just
don't step into the ring if you ever want to stop dancing.

Take all the ingredients to the Healer, and she'll start making the
Dispel Potion for you. If it's night by the time you collect the
ingredients, just go to Erana's Peace, sleep, and give her the
ingredients in the morning. Go back to Erana's Peace, head south, then
east. You'll find an Ogre. DO NOT FIGHT THIS GUY! He's mean, and he'll
do very unpleasant things to you. Instead, cast Calm just as soon as you
can, then fry him with as many Flame Darts as he'll hold still for.
Here's a little trick...once you run out of magic points? Leave! When
you come back, he's still hurt! Do this until he keels over.

Inside the cave, you'll find a bear. Wanna fight him? Guess what! You
don't get the chance. Get close enough, and you're bear food. You need
to Calm him down before you can get past, and you DO need to get past.
Deeper inside the cave, you'll find the sleeping Kobold Mage. Now, there
are a couple of things you can do at this point. If you cast Trigger,
there's a fair chunk of change in an invisible chest. That'll wake him
up, though. So will taking his key. And you NEED the key. I recommend
sneaking in, taking the key, sneaking out, and coming back later for the
Once you have the key, use it on the bear's shackles. Congrats! He's a
bit rude, but the Baronet is now free, and you have a LARGE reward, an
audience with the Baron, and a good night's sleep waiting for you back
at the castle. Speaking of the castle...

Go back to the screen with the Healer's Hut, and head north. You'll
immediately be led to see the Baron, who'll have an audience with you.
Chat with him as much as you like, then get some rest and you'll be back
outside the baron's hall.

Head south, and you may find a man swordfighting with...nothing! Speak
to him, ignore the attitude, and pay him to practice. (Note: If you
don't have the Parry skill, he won't practice with you.) This is a great
way to get pumped up. Also, to the east, there's a place where you can
earn a few silver and do some solid work.

Leave the castle again, but speak to the castle guard. This guy is the
best- informed person in the whole game! He can tell you something about
everything. Once you're done chewing the fat, go back to the Healer's
Hut and get that Dispel Potion. Now, go west young man, several screens
west of the Centaur Farmer, until you find some bushes with some goblins
hiding in them. If you wait around, you'll fight one. Leave, come back,
fight two. Again, fight three. You can fight up to eight goblins; it's a
great way to build up your combat skills, and you can get some serious
cash out of it.

Head back to town, but go north instead of west once you get inside. You
should find a centauress selling food, a store, and a house. Go into the
store and buy the armor and a few spare daggers, but make sure you have
enough money to buy some apples from the centauress. As for the
house...at night, in the town, you can break into the old lady's house
to the west of town square if you're a thief. But that's easy; the house
next to the general store is the true challenge.

Go outside and fight some monsters, but make sure you're back in town by
nightfall. Head west of the screen with the general store in it, and you
should see a flashing in the back alley. Head towards it, and you'll be
accosted by two thieves! You'd be in trouble...if you weren't a thief
yourself! Make the thief sign, and they'll give you the password to the
Thieves' Guild. Write it down and go into the bar next door. Tell the
Goon the password, and you'll be allowed downstairs. There's the guild!

Inside the guild, the Chief Thief will tell you what he thinks of
you...ignore that. You can clean his clock at darts for some serious
cash (he throws like he has his eyes closed!) and get a Thieves' Guild
license so that you can fence stolen items.

Go back out of town, go east once, north three times, and east twice.
You'll find yourself at the castle of the wizard Erasmus. Head up the
path to the castle, and you'll be asked three questions. Just remember:
Erasmus doesn't like thieves! Go on in, play by his rules, and chat. If
you can beat him at a game of Mage's Maze, you can win the Dazzle spell!

Go back to just outside town, but this time, head east twice, then
north, then east. You'll find yourself face-to-face with Brauggi, a
frost giant you do NOT want to knock heads with. All he wants is some
apples, anyway, and he'll give you something you need in return.

Now that you have the gem, go to the Healer's Hut and buy some Undead
Unguent. You're about to need it. Then go to the far northwest corner of
Spielburg, and you should find a creepy-looking hut, and a skull with an
attitude. He wants some eyes...that gem you have should provide that
healthy glow a skull's eyes should have. He'll let you in, and once you
get the hut to sit (by telling it what he tells you to), you can go on

Once inside, Baba Yaga will freeze you and turn you into a frog. Things
look grim...but she offers you a chance at redemption. You're going to
need to get her some Mandrake Root by tomorrow, or you're toast! In the
cemetary, one screen west and one screen south of the Centaur farmer,
you'll find it. You need to pick it at PRECISELY midnight, though. Use
the time feature...when it says 'It's the middle of the night on day
(whatever)', pick it FAST. You need to use the Undead Unguent on
yourself before you go for it, though, as the graveyard is riddle with
undead. Take it back to Baba Yaga stat, and you should survive to see
the NEXT night.

Depending on how fast you've done the above, you may have some time
before this happens, but in time, the guy who's been hanging out just
outside the town won't be there. (By the way, don't buy any info from
him.) He'll be at the archery range just south and west of the outside
of town, talking to a Brigand! Wait until he leaves, then kill the
brigand with a well-placed Flame Dart. Leave the screen and come back to
get the key off of the Brigand's body. You'll need it.

First of all, you need to have done some things before you begin the
1. You need to have rescued the Baronet.
2. You need to have listened in on the Brigade, and gotten his key.
3. You need to have the Dispel Potion.
4. You need to have practiced every skill you can, as much as you can
   Try to have a score of 100 in as many skills as you can, or close to

As you explore the southern side of Spielburg, you may find a spot where
you can go further south than anywhere else, and find a bouncing blob.
Don't worry, it won't attack you if you don't attack it. Use the key you
found to unlock the door it's hiding (it blends in with the rocks) and
use the words you learned to get the ogres to back away. Head through
the cave, and you'll find a minotaur. DON'T KILL HIM! He's a good guy.
Cast Calm, and climb over the door.

The Gauntlet:
This place is riddled with traps. Take the right hand path past the
barricades, as the middle path is a trap. Now you're faced with two
bridges. Remember that good thieves always mark the safe paths, and you
should be fun. Now, this one is tricky: there are two last barricades,
and a TINY tripwire between them. You have to look at it before you can
step over it safely. Do so, and go into the dining hall.

Dining Hall:
First things first. Close and lock the door behind you. The brigands
will come up to the door and look stupid for a second. Push the chair on
the right to cover the door, ONLY after the brigands have left. SAVE!
Some familiar-looking brigands will come from the door to the left. You
need to push the candelabra into their path, but you have to wait till
the right time. Keep trying till you get it. They're not as dumb as they
look, though, and they'll start to go around the other side. You have to
climb up onto the table and grab the rope, but again, it has to be timed
just right. This could take some real practice; don't get discouraged.
Once you get through, exit through the door to the north.

Yorick's Room:
This place is a madhouse! Talk to Yorick as much as you can, then work
your way through here. I'm not going to tell you how, as this is a fun
room, and I don't want to ruin it for you. I'll only tell you two
things: one, if you start to tumble, click on yourself to slide to a
halt. And you're aiming for the left door on the north wall.

Brigand Leader's Room:
Now, you're face to face with the Brigand Leader. Don't try to fight
him, he'll slice you to ribbons. One of the items in your inventory will
put a stop to his leadership once and for all. (Some of you may have
read this far without playing through...so I won't say what happens.
Shame on you.) Once Yorick and the Brigand Leader escape, pick up the
healing potion and magic mirror fast, and beat a hasty retreat.

Now, your natural instinct is to head back to the castle. And to be
honest, if you do that, you WILL win. But there's still one task you
have to complete for things to truly pan out.

Baba Yaga's Hut II:
Head back to Baba Yaga's place, and go on in. If you've spoken to
Erasmus and/or 'Enry, you should know that you hold an item to bounce
Baba Yaga's spells back on her. Use it, and you'll get her to leave...in
fact, she'll hop right to it!

Thus does the game end.

Send any suggestions, imprecations, obligations, persecutions,
interpretations, fabrications, emulations, or $100 bills to

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