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Читы для Quest for Glory 3: The Wages of War

Чит-файл для Quest for Glory 3: The Wages of War

Quest for Glory 3:
The Wages of War

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / RPG

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This walkthrough gives explicit instructions for playing Quest for Glory III
that lead to a successful conclusion. It provides, where necessary, separate
directions for each of three different characters (Fighter, Magic User &
Thief). The fourth character type (Paladin) is also supported, although
separate directions are not normally supplied nor required.

The information given here assumes that the player has read the game
documentation included in the Quest for Glory III game box. This documentation
comprises the 'Sierra Game Manual', the 'Quest for Glory III Technical Manual'
and the 'Famous Explorers' Correspondence Course'.


Before you can start playing you must either import a character from a
previous QUEST FOR GLORY game or create a new character. This walkthru assumes
you are creating a new character. So the first thing is to do so!

Three different characters will be displayed: Fighter, Magic User and Thief.
Select whichever appeals to you. Note, however that the Fighter is a somewhat
easier character to play. Then allocate points. You will have default settings
but you may assign an extra 50 points to any attributes which you feel need
boosting. Don't forget to give your character a name.


1. Sleeping

There are several places where you may sleep safely: Your room at the Inn in
Tarna, your hut in Simbani village, the Pool of Peace, the Heart of the World,
the Jungle and the Savanna (with caution) or beside a camp fire, lit using the
Tinderbox, via the map.

2. Eating

Meat rations can be obtained dirt cheap, so offer outrageously little for
them! And stock up! When you go into the Jungle make sure you are not hungry
or short of rations, or you will just wander around endlessly looking for food
that can not be found.

3. Monsters

Watch out for monsters in the Savanna and the Jungle.

If you see a Rhinoceros approaching step to one side!

When you encounter a monster run away if you are not a Fighter. If you defeat
a monster, see if it has any treasure on it. There are some particularly nasty
monsters in the Jungle. You may need to take a Cure Pill if you get bitten by
a Flying Cobra.
4. Money

You will likely need to find extra cash to spend on pills and potions, and
other supplies. The green crocodiles carry a few Royals each which you should
pick up whenever you kill one. When desperate for cash stroll along the river
bank seeking out the Crocs!

5. Fighting

Fighting is essential in order to be able to obtain extra money. (See point 4
above.) But unless you are a Fighter, it is better to put off fighting until
you have increased your ability in your character's particular fighting

6. Paladin Character

You may import or become a Paladin character. For the most part a Paladin
should follow the same instructions as a Fighter. Paladins should not be so
aggressive toward other creatures. So to build up his fighting skill points, a
Paladin should seek out Demon Worms.


Your character and your friend, a liontaur called Rakeesh, have been summoned
by a colleague of Kreesha, the enchantress Aziza. Aziza retells the attempt of
Ad Avis to summon the Iblis, and your intervention which prevented this
catastrophe. She also tells you that are now Prince of Shapeir. She has
received a message from Kreesha of Tarna, recalling Rakeesh and asking that
you accompany him. She wishes you both to help prevent a war between two
tribes. Kreesha believe the unrest is really caused by Demons, perhaps
unleashed by Ad Avis' magic which was released at his death.

Three days later you leave Shapeir for Tarna via a magic portal. You are
accompanied by Rakeesh, and Uhura and her son Simba of the Simbani village.
Kreesha greets you as you all arrive in her home in Tarna.

Uhura and her son depart for the Simbani village.


You may talk to the two liontaurs to recap and/or glean more information on
the situation. When you are ready, leave the house via the top left of the
screen. As you go, Kreesha informs you that she has reserved a room for you at
the Inn. And Rakeesh asks that you meet him in two days to stand before the
Council of Judgment and then journey with him to the Simbani village.


Walk down the stairs to the left and enter the Bazaar. Now go to the left and
witness a dispute. As the thief makes off your action depends on your
character selection.

Fighter: Chase the thief. Magic user: Cast a Calm spell on the thief. Thief:
Throw a dagger at the thief.

A guard asks you to accompany the thief and himself to the Hall of Judgment.
Here the thief is decl a false knight.

Day 13

Go to swamp. Wear the water ring. Talk to water spirit. They'll bring you a
boat. Use boat. Follow the water spirit to go through the fog.

At the tower where the knight is held. Get the ivy (this let you exit the
boat). Use the hand language to show GORT (the druid name for ivy). This make
the ivy grows so that you can climb up. Climb up to the window and talk to
knight. Show him the password. Climb down carefully, watch out for falling

Once you have climbed down and reached the boat, everything will be automatic.
So, sit back and watch the end game. If you have gain enough support from the
folks, you'll win the game or else that's the end of you.

That's it. You have finished the game !

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