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Читы для Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire

Чит-файл для Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire

Quest for Glory 5:
Dragon Fire

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Yosemite Entertainment и SierraFX
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 10 декабря 1998 года
Жанры:Adventure / RPG

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Here's how players are paired: Fighter = Elsa, Thief = Nawar, Paladin =
Erana, Wizard = Katarina. But anyone can marry anyone else except the
thief and Erana, cos she is a goodie goodie.. hehe.

To marry Nawar, just flirt with her and give her chocolates, flowers,
jewels ... tell her you love her and then offer her the ring at near the
end of the game (I think quest 6 or start of quest 7). She will ask you to
do her 2 favours.а Go outside and whack the fat guard silly. Favour 2 is
to show up Ferrari; this means get Ann's deed. Look below for more info on
Ann's deeds.

To get Elsa you have to give her the Hydra's teeth, an amulet, and
flowers. Then tell her you love her. Offer her the ring.

To get Erana you have to save her first, give her seeds, flowers,
chocolate, and then tell her you love her and ask for her to marry you.
Just try to give her items and complete the mini quests like returning
basket, giving FA his water from pegasus and doing Ann's deed. You can
flirt with other girls, but don't show them the ring or tell other gals
you love them. If you do, she will tell you your heart belongs to another
and refuse you. So don't do it! Just look at her in that cute cute mini
skirt ... heheh.

Katarina is a bugged one. Can't marry her. There's a patch coming out.

BTW, Nawar is the best. Just choose her, win Chief Thief & you'll see.

Pegasus place:

The Pegasus place is located on the top of the map. You can get feathers
and the special water from here. Jump on the seesaw, throw spells or rocks
on big rock, and off you go flying! Get back using magnets. Magicians, use
spells; thieves, use your hook. Further explanation is not necessary.а
Make sure you have more than 1 amphora to fill with Hippocrene water here.

Thieves Guild:

Show Thief signs to people in Dead Parrot Inn, some of them will tell you
where it is. It's under the bridge. Disarm trap, do not open or push or
anything or it blows up! Enter Chief Thief competition when you have
money. Join the guild. Buy pick-pocket knife if you want, I say don't
bother with it. Pick pocketing doesn't get you a lot of money anyway.
Useless skill ... but that is my opinion and it's a democratic society!

Robbing bank:

From the healer's place, head up the stairs ... when you get halfway over,
use stealth and sneak behind the guard. Blackjack him, dispose of body,
then use lockpicks on bank. Disarm trap, take money. Woo hoo! Easy money!

Funny things:

Drink lots of stuff from Dead Parrot Inn, and watch what happens. Try to
drink "Dragon's Breath" from there when you can ... save first, though.
Also, if you wander around town after midnight, Nawar will be on her
balcony, kinda like Romeo and Juliet.

Thieving places:

You can break into the house near the arena, you need a torch. Look around
and you will find goodies to loot. Feraris's place can be entered later in
game. Mess around and you will get it right. Try getting on top of his
house from the house near arena. Thieves can only rob him if you give him
the black bird so you replace it for a fake to win Chief Thief contest.
Other than this, thieves dont have much to do here.
Some honour-boosting acts:

  * Give money to Cat musician (forgot name)

  * Give flowers and candy to Nawar or other women repeatedly

  * Find basket for Sarra

  * Sneak into Atlantis without killing a soul (stealthlike) and tell
Queen of paladin way.

  * Help Ann with her inn. Blackbird quest

  * Tell Ann about Wolfie after you show her picture of balloon

  * Ring of Truth

  * Catch bank robber and ask healer to heal back arm. Then tell him about
doing good deeds.

  * Don't kill the General!!!

  * Heal everyone that the assassin hits with a dagger.

  * Arrest the scientists for drugging the wizards

  * If you want, you could give Elsa credit for killing the hydra

Chief Thief:

Show thief signs to Elsa. Late in the game (Peace Rite) when you sleep at
inn, she will enter and talk to you about stealing it. Go to Minos and
steal the bird; just burst right in and kill everyhing or be stealthy if
you prefer. You can climb up walls as a thief and blackjack them, use
gropel. Go to top left door, enter and pick lock from the top right bar
door that seems empty. Then take any other stuff you can. Exit the place,
show bird to Arestes and win.

Arrest the Thief:

Go to Erasmus and show him lockpicks found at bank. Go to Dead Parrot Inn,
then follow guy without hand (Arestes) and accuse him of being a thief,
then call for guards. He will follow you out if you tell him how you
busted his ugly butt! BTW, do talk to him when you pass the prison

Save Ann's inn:

You can get the papers for her inn from Ferrari's late in the game ...
give him the peace statue from rite 6 or the fake black bird. Give Ann her
papers. The fake one can be found in Ferrari's Mansion ... just mess
around and you will be able to rob it. Besides, thieves are clever so I
won't help here. :)

Ring of Truth:

Go to dragon pool and dip ring in dragon's blood pool. Use ring on
yourself.а Dip ring on river in Styx River in Hades. I think that's it,
but if you need Paladin blood then you might have to be wounded ...

Cure poisoned people:

Get water from Lethe river in Hades and give it to the healer. You can
also talk to them once you talk to the arrested thief and ask them to help
him. BTW, you can cure Rakeesh and Ugarte by giving them poison from
healers. Give poisoned chocolate to them for hints and info. You can also
give the lotus from oracle to healers to make cure.

Dragon Fire spell, Whirlwind, and other spells:

Can be obtained from Katarina if you save her from Hades. Visit her on the
small island east of town. Use balloon to get there (only if you are a
Wizard). Whirlwind can be obtained from FA if you give him Hippocrene
water. Augment can be found from the centaur mage in rite two ... just
kill him for it. Shrink is in the box in the Hydra's cave.


Do not use magnets when you are on the hot air balloon unless you can pick
it up later ... I had to reload cos I left it in the middle of the sea

Help Ann & Wolfie paint her inn:

Talk to Ann after showing her the balloon drawing from Wolfie, and then
come back later. The Inn will be different.

Saving Kokeeno and Magnus:

There is no way to save them ... the game wouldn't work. These are just
myths. You can find Kokeeno's body after freeing Naxos; alert the guards
for points.

Hints for Newbies:

  * Buy stamina pills and go to adv. guild and exercise, then take pills
and do more exercising. If you run strength will increase faster than if
you walk Vitality will increase faster. Shadow punching and kicking will
increase your stats, do everyday before you sleep and before you take a

  * Buy lots of magic pills and practice throwing spells around to
increase strength. I suggest rasing Boom, Protection, Zap to around 400
and frosbite to more than 300, it will make the game easier later. High
level boom can kill in one shot, and most of the time it can kill more
than one guy at a time!

  * Don't bother practicing swimming once you learn it ... if you want,
it's by the pier next to the boats. Click on water to swim.

  * You can learn Thermonuclear from FA if you give him water from pegasus
stream, but only if you are a wizard.

  * Minimum install works fine, don't bother with bigger ones.

  * Get a map to make locations easier.

  * To get back to Erasmus, kick the portal or use trigger on it. Note:
You cannot get back there when Erasmus is sick later in game, only once.

  * Be careful, stamina is needed for spell casting too! And talk to
everyone, at least buy everything from people except weapons. You can gain
weapons and stuff easy in this game during the quests.

  * Finally, whatever you do.. don't get addicted to this game!

Another thing that is funny. If you are a thief, go to your room around
day 18, 6:30 P.M. Ann will ask you to perform the belly dance for the
angry crowd.

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