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Читы для Radix: Beyond the Void

Чит-файл для Radix: Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Epic MegaGames
Издатель:Epic MegaGames
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(4) модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Cheat-code [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
"Official" post-release FAQ, v4.1
Written by: Greg MacMartin
January 1996

 indicates NEW stuff in this version.

I. Introduction
1. Preliminary Info.
 [1-1] A note from the author

II. General Game Information

[2-1] So, what is it?
[2-2] What is "shareware"?
[2-3] What is the difference between the shareware and the
registered versions?

3. What makes RADIX different than any other "3D shooter"?
[3-1] How does RADIX compare to DESCENT?
[3-2] DOOM? HEXEN???

4. What kind of features does the RADIX engine have?
[4-1] Sloped ceilings and floors.
[4-2] Non-orthogonal walls.
[4-3] Dynamic light shading and effects.
[4-4] Moving Surfaces.
[4-5] Analog movement.
[4-6] Complex event system.
[4-7] Digital music system.

5. What system is needed to run RADIX?
[5-1] REQUIRED hardware.
[5-2] What sound cards are supported?
[5-3] What input devices are supported?
[5-4] How does Radix run under Windows 95?

III. Gameplay strategies, hints and cheats

6. Help me! Please!!??
[6-1] For those who constantly crash into walls...
[6-2] For those who die all the time...
 [6-3] How do I get to the secret hangar bay in 1-2? (Radix 1.1)
 [6-4] How do I get into the security bunker in 1-6 and complete
the secondary objective?

7. How do I cheat in RADIX?
 [7-1] What cheat codes are there?
[7-2] What command line parameters are there?

8. Did you know... (various features and neat things that you
might not have found yet)
[8-1] Game features.
[8-2] Power-ups and other things.

IV. Ordering Info
9. Where can I get RADIX: BEYOND THE VOID?
[9-1] How do I order RADIX?
[9-2] How do I get a copy of the shareware release?

V. Final Thoughts
 10. Game version history.
11. Revision history.


1. Preliminary Info.

 [1-1] A note from the author This version is pretty much the same as 4.0
except that there are a few minor things added that were omitted. There are
also a few questions that were asked after the release of 4.0 answered in
here. The main purpose for writing this FAQ is to help people play the game,
but it is also so that more people can learn about the existance of the game.
It's a game that I really enjoy playing (I know, I know, I'm one of the
developers, but I really DO like playing it!) and I think all gamers should at
least try out the demo. If you have any questions regarding this game or this
FAQ, please dont hesitate to ask them. My E-mail address is:




[2-1] So, what is it? "Radix: Beyond The Void" is a 3-D perspective action
game. The player is the pilot of an experimental fighter, the Radix-class
inter-dimensional star fighter, in the year 2148. The player has complete
control of the plane's movements, including speed, and lateral / horizontal
movement. The ship is heavily armed and has the capability to incorporate new
technologies into it's systems if they are found. Many aliens, alien craft,
missiles, mines and environmental hazards try to hinder your completion of
mission objectives.

Why would one want to put themselves through something like that? Well...

In the 22nd century, after centuries of global strife and tyranny, the people
of Earth united to form a sovereign world government. The United Earth Space
Alliance (UESA) launched a dynamic plan to expand the reaches of the human
race beyond that of our solar system. In the year 2147, this effort resulted
in the launching of the first of two colony ships. These massive vessels were
destined to colonize a huge asteroid, designated Theta-2, on the outskirts of
our solar system. After five months of space travel, the first ship safely
arrived at Theta-2 and initiated the colony. Soon after, the second of the two
ships departed from earth with 10,000 colonists to bring the Theta-2 base into
full operation. Once the colony was fully established, mankind would finally
have the opportunity to leave the confines of the solar system.

It happened on October 24, 2148; While the second vessel approached the
colony, something unnatural occurred. A dark shape began to form out of
nothing, blacking out the starscape and eating away at the very fabric of
reality. The commander of the colony vessel "Salvation" had barely managed to
dispatch an emergency message to Earth confirming that there were multitudes
of alien ships emerging from this "Void." Just after the transmission, the
largest of the alien ships tore the Salvation apart with an immensely powerful
particle beam.

The gigantic alien craft dragged both portions of the Salvation into a huge
hangar bay, sealing the fates of the 10,000 human beings aboard.

According to the information received from the destruct beacon (the "black
box") there were 45 alien vessels in the vicinity of Theta-2. The largest
ship, which captured the Salvation, moved to orbit the asteroid. The remaining
ships started converting the Theta-2 base into a base of their own.

Immediately after the incident, UESA went on level one alert status and began
assembling a fleet to eliminate the alien force. UESA's ships reached the
Theta-2 asteroid and began an intense battle with the alien fleet. UESA's 3
battlecruisers, 10 frigates and 15 destroyers fought well, but their weaponry
was no match against the massive alien dreadnought. The mission was a
devastating failure. The Alliance realized that a large frontal assault was
not the way to defeat the invaders. It was decided that a small, heavily
armed, fast attack ship might be able to make it past the ships in orbit and
reclaim the Theta-2 base.

Back on Earth, scientists combined their knowledge and pooled their ideas, and
concluded that the black space, dubbed "The Void," was some sort of
inter-dimensional portal; a tear in the structure of our universe. Using the
current knowledge of multi-dimensional physics, they were able to develop a
device that would allow a small spacecraft, preferably a fighter of some sort,
to enter The Void and possibly leap into a different universe.

Three months after the invasion of Theta-2, the Radix class inter-dimensional
starfighter was built. Due to the enormous amount of resources required to
build this powerful fighter, only one was built. Although the Radix class had
just barely begun the experimental stage of it's development, there was no
time left. The Radix-class fighter was loaded onto the Defiance, a
battlecruiser, and Operation Vengeance commenced. The Defiance had to leave,
and the Radix, the last desperate hope for humanity, was going with it.

[2-2] What is "Shareware"? Shareware is a popular method of distributing
software in which the possible buyer gets to "try it" before buying it. It the
case of games, the first episode, usually out of three is the one that is
freely distributed for people to try. This game is no exception. RADIX: BEYOND
THE VOID is a shareware game separated into 3 episodes, the first of which can
be distributed freely. This free version is called the "demo" or "shareware"

[2-3] What is the difference between the shareware and the registered
versions? The primary difference between the two versions is that the
shareware version only has the first episode in it. The shareware version also
lacks a large portion of the alien enemies in the game. It is also missing
three main weapon systems. Basically, the shareware version is only a sampling
of the game. If you want to play the entire game, you must purchase the full,
"registered" version of Radix.

3. What makes RADIX different than any other "3D shooter"?

[3-1] How does RADIX compare to DESCENT?

RADIX IS NOT A DESCENT KILLER. Nor is it intended to be. The gameplay is
remarkably different, even if at first glance Radix seems to be some kind of
Descent clone. Radix, first of all, does not have that much exploration. The
game focuses more on your getting to your objectives and surviving, and much
less of exploring mazes. There are some exceptions, like secondary objectives.
While sometimes out in the open and obvious, secondary objectives in Radix
tend to be hidden. Even the exploration that there is much more simple than
Descent's because in Radix you cannot go straight up or straight down.
Basically, the designers of Radix did this purposely to give the game a
DIFFERENT and somewhat easier feel than Descent. The second main difference
between Radix and Descent is the combat. In Descent, a popular way to destroy
enemies is to fire at them, then backup, then move forward and fire again
until they are dead. In Radix you are flying a special atmospheric craft that
always moves forward. The best way to fight is to fire continuously at them
while strafing around them avoiding their shots. The combat is much more fast
and furious and their tend to be explosions going all the time all around you.

[3-2] DOOM? HEXEN??? To be perfectly fair; in Radix you are flying in a
fighter craft, while as in Doom and Hexen you are walking around. That in
itself should be reason enough to put Radix in the "different ballgame"
category. However, combat in the three games is remarkably similar. Shoot,
strafe, shoot, etc. It is especially similar if you play with the mouse (the
best input device for the game, IMHO).

4. What kind of features does the RADIX engine have?

[4-1] Sloped ceilings and floors. Although the Radix engine is one that is
similar to Doom in many ways, a major difference is that Radix has sloped
floors and ceilings. This allows for vastly different level design than Doom
and many other 3D games that do not have slopes. With slopes more realistic
locales can be made. Radix has some neat architecture as well, such as huge
curved support pylons and arches.

[4-2] Non-orthogonal walls. This feature is fast becoming the standard among
3-D games, although there are still some that aren't implementing it.
Basically, this means that the walls can be at any angle to one-another. For
instance, in some 3-D games the walls are at 90 degrees to one another, so
that every locale was rectangular in shape (Rise of the Triad). Radix never
had this problem. Areas can be created that look much more real than before
and increase the feeling of realism and immersion into the gaming world.

[4-3] Dynamic light shading and effects. Radix has 120 some-odd different
shades of lighting built into it's engine. This allows for a more realistic
depiction of light in the game. There are also flickering, pulsating and
moving lights similar to those in Hexen.

[4-4] Moving Surfaces. In Radix entire surfaces can move up or down. This
allows for some neat effects like water and lava lowering and uncovering
architecture underneath.

[4-5] Analog Movement. Analog movement is a kind of movement that
automatically adjusts for the speed of the CPU, which means that the player
will move at the same RATE on a 386-33 as on a 486-DX2 66. Obviously, the
FRAME rate would be significantly slower, but the rate that one MOVES is not

[4-6] Complex events and event system. Radix employs a very complex event
system that allows for the activation of many events at once. Events could be
things such as lighting effects, moving surfaces, teleportation, super speed
boosters, sucking fans, scrolling bitmapped surfaces, among others. For
example, triggers could deactivate one event and activate two others

[4-7] Digital music and sound system. Radix uses a digital sound system that
allows digital sound effects and music. Games like Jazz Jackrabbit and One
Must Fall 2097 have similar sound systems.

5. What system is needed to run RADIX?

[5-1] REQUIRED hardware. RADIX: BEYOND THE VOID has been developed to be
played well on a 486-66 with 8 megs ram, standard VGA. It really flies on a
Pentium. The game will run with 4 megs of ram, but it wont run well.

[5-2] What sound cards are supported? RADIX has native support for the
following: 1) The Sound Blaster family (SB/SBPRO/SB16 and compatibles) 2)
Gravis Ultra Sound

NOTE: There is no support for the original Adlib sound card, as RADIX uses
pure digital music and sound effects which are not possible to reproduce on
the FM synthesis based Adlib card.

[5-3] What input devices are supported? Radix can be played with the keyboard,
mouse and joystick. If you have a joystick with a throttle control, Radix
should support it as well.

[5-4] How does Radix run under Windows 95? Although Radix is a native DOS
application, it runs very well under Win95. The only problem that anyone has
had running the game under Win95 is that the music might occasionally "skip".
This is a memory shortage problem. To fix this problem, get more RAM.


6. Help me! Please!!??

[6-1] For those who constantly crash into walls... SLOW DOWN! The main reason
that many beginners tend to fly around, smacking into walls and becoming
disoriented is because of speed. In Radix you are able to fly at VERY fast
speeds. If you don't believe me you should try punching your afterburners when
you have acquired the maneuvering jets! This great speed can be used to great
advantage in combat but for regular flying around it can be very disorienting,
especially when you are flying in levels you have never been to before.
Disorientation can also be remedied by using the automap. By hitting TAB, you
can bring up a map that overlays itself over the play screen. This should make
it easier to find exits and doors that you might not have noticed before. One
more note: Doors in Radix work very differently than other 3D games. In other
games, you have to open doors by shooting the door or by hitting a key. In
Radix you fly nearby the door and it will open by itself. If you see a door
and crash into it then you know that it must be opened by other means, such as
by destroying a computer console nearby.

[6-2] For those who die all the time... Lower your skill level. This is the
most obvious solution to that problem. The lowest skill level in Radix should
be easy enough for most players to play through the game without much trouble.
Another way to avoid death is to cheat. Look below for some interesting cheat
codes that should make the game MUCH easier to play.

 [6-3] How do I get to the secret hangar bay in 1-2? (Radix 1.1) In order
to complete the secondary objective for this mission, you must find a scret
alien hangar bay and destroy all stationary Skyfire Assault Fighters. This can
be done by following these steps:

1. Complete the Primary Objective 2. Find the Cruncher Room. (The room with
all those pile-drivers) 3. Destroy the computer console in that area. 4. Go
back to the huge outdoor area near the beginning of the level with the huge
energy core. 5. You will notice that a small portion of the force field
surrounding the core is now turned off. You can now fly onto the core pad...

 [6-4] How do I get into the security bunker in 1-6 and complete the
secondary objective?

1. There is a secret room at the bottom of the long, deep shaft in one of the
beginning rooms. You must find this secret and fly around it. 2. Once you have
done that, you must then proceed to the area where the right wall opens to
reveal MANY Skyfires and Bio-Mines. Go through the red phantom wall and into
the "doughnut" secret area. If you completed step 1, there should be a passage
leading from this area. 3. This passage appears to be a dead end, but it is
not. There is ANOTHER phantom wall about half way along the left wall. In
there you will find a small computer terminal. Destroy it. 4. Now, one door of
the security bunker is open. You may fly in and complete your secondary. The
consoles you destroy in the bunker will also deactivate the force field
protecting a bunch of pow-ups elsewhere in the level.

7. How do I cheat in RADIX?

 [7-1] What cheat codes are there? Here are all of the cheat codes in
Radix. Type them in while playing the game. You may pause the game while you
type in codes.

* indicates that the cheat code is only available in Radix version 1.1.

NSOPTA Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, plasma bombs and ammo.

NSBAGWAN Toggle Ultra-Shields. Will remain on until end of level.

* NSE Full energy.

NSBJIPP Toggle maneuevering jets.

NSOPTL Surface illumination.

* NSBLASTER Toggle rapid shield regeneration.

* NSHORSLEY Toggle rapid energy regeneration.

* NSDIEBESTERDS Makes all weapons fire at a MUCH faster rate.

NSOPTS Does absolutely nothing.

* NSFRICOFF Toggles air friction. Pretty neat.

* NSDEATH A hidden skill level that makes all enemies go nuts. If you finish
the game with Death mode on, it will be marked on the Top Ten pilot screen.


NSOPTD Enter the realm of debugging. Real fun.

NSWARP [ep] [lvl] Warp to any level in the game, EXCEPT the secret level. Map
9 (secret) in each episode can be reached by command line, however.

NSOPTM Makes the automap show all of the level.

[7-2] What command line parameters are there?
Here are all the command line parameters for Radix:

* indicates that the parameter is only in Radix version 1.1

-debug Play the game in debug mode.

-nosound Force Radix to disable sound when the game loads.

-file (filename) Used to load an external resource file.

-warp (ep,lvl) Go directly to the specified level.

-skill (#) Sets the skill level to play (0-3). Used in
conjunction with -warp.

-record (filename) Record a demo into the specified file.

-play (filename) Play a recorded demo.

-boom (# players) Initiate a network game from DOS.
The parameters below are to be used in conjunction
with -boom.

* -cheater Gives the player who uses this parameter the very
fast weaponry that is normally gotten by using
the cheat code NSDIEBESTERDS.

-dogfight Set the net game to dogfight.
-cooperative Set the net game to cooperative.
-capture Set the net game to capture the flag.
-noenemies Set the net game to no enemies.
-respawn Set the net game to respawning powerups.
-name (plyr name) Used to give yourself a name for net play.

8. Did you know... (various features and neat things that you
might not have found yet)

[8-1] Game features.

IN-GAME MISSION BRIEFING SCREEN.(F11) This is a useful screen that
shows the primary and secondary objectives for the current mission.

AUTO-LEVELING.(F5) This is a feature that some find useful to keep
themselves orientated. It will automatically level the player out so that the
craft is flying straight. It can also be annoying to some players. Experiment
with this.

CHASE PLANE VIEW.(F2) A neat feature that allows you to see the Radix
craft from behind. Its a little hard to play this way, but it does
look neat. This key also toggles the cockpit instrument panels.

AUTO-DETAIL.(F6) This feature will automatically adjust detail levels
to keep the frame rate high.

MOUSE/JOYSTICK SENSITIVITY. In Radix 1.1 you may adjust the sensitivity
of these input devices in the In-Game menu (ESC).

[8-2] Power-ups and other things.

A.L.D.S. (Automated Laser Defense System). This is a powerup that
is found only in the registered version of the game. There is no cheat code
for it, so you'll have to find it. It will automatically shoot out blue laser
bolts at any enemies nearby.

PLASMA BOMBS. These are powerful weapons that are found even in
the shareware version. The little icon at the top right side of the screen
keeps track of how many you have. The default key for this is the spacebar.
Once activated, a plasma bomb will cause heavy damage to ALL visible enemies.


9. Where can I get RADIX: BEYOND THE VOID?

[9-1] How do I order RADIX?
There are 3 ways to purchase Radix:

1. Call 1-800-972-7434 and you can use your MasterCard or Visa
2. Fill out the order.doc file and fax or E-mail it to Epic.
Fax: (301) 299-3841
E-mail: orders@epicgames.com
3. You can also use snail mail by sending a check or money order
to the following address:

Epic MegaGames
10406 Holbrook Drive
Potomac. MD 20854

[9-2] How do I get a copy of the shareware release?

Internet users:


You can also download Radix from the Epic MegaGames Web site:

Also check out the Neural Storm Web site:

And Jim Lowell's Radix "Homepage"

For those without internet access you can call the EXECPC
BBS at (414) 789-4362 (type FFE at the main menu) and download
Radix from there.


10. Game version history.

RADIX: BEYOND THE VOID 1.0 : This was released November 8th.
It had very few if any technical bugs, but had some gameplay and
control problems.

RADIX: BEYOND THE VOID 1.1 : Released January 4th. A new version
of the shareware version was released as well as a patch that will
update version 1.0 to 1.1. Control was fixed, levels were altered,
inertia was added and more. It is a big improvement over 1.0.

11. Revision history.

Version 1.0 (November 1994) Very old, useless information.
Version 2.0 (Early 1995) Discussion of engine features, slopes
Also very old and not very relevant to the
current Radix.
Version 2.1 Bug fixes, etc.
Version 3.0 (Late 1995) A true pre-release FAQ that is mostly
Version 3.1 Bug fixes, etc.
Version 3.2 (October 1995) More of the game's features were
added. The last pre-release FAQ.
Version 4.0 (January 1996) First post-release FAQ. Completely
rewritten. Very concise and shorter than the
unnecessarily lengthy pre-release versions.
This version was included with Radix 1.1
Version 4.1 Bug fixes. Accidently omitted cheat code NSOPTM
added. Radix version history added. Gameplay
questions answered.

Do what you will with this.

Greg MacMartin - cl662@freenet.carleton.ca

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