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Читы для Ravenloft: Stone Prophet

Чит-файл для Ravenloft: Stone Prophet

Stone Prophet

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:DreamForge Intertainment
Издатель:Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Жанры:RPG / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для


This walkthrough assumes you have read the Stone Prophet manual and are
familiar with operating the game's user interface. You should also have a
reasonable knowledge of how best to equip your party of characters and how and
when to use spells.

This is not a detailed step by step set of instructions. The walkthrough does
provide general hints and instruct you in what items to seek, and in which
general locations. This will help you progress efficiently without spoiling
the general experience of exploration and the adventure of finding the
unexpected. There will be many buttons to push, pressure plates to step on and
locks to open. I have rarely mentioned these explicitly. And, the walkthrough
virtually ignores the ever present monsters in every location that you will
have to clear out before safely exploring most locations. Everywhere you go
you will find useful scrolls, weapons, health improving items, clothes, armor,
etc. Collecting and using such items will be essential to progressing, but I
only mention picking up especially significant items which will be absolutely
necessary to complete the game successfully.

Stone Prophet is not a linear game, so this walkthrough is only one order of
events while many others will also lead to a successful game completion.

You may still get stuck trying to follow these instructions. If you need
further help, I have downloaded a set of maps from CompuServe Gamers forum and
made them available here. This set of maps has many more details marked than
those above, such as buttons, clues and pressure plates. These maps were
created using the IBM character set and can be displayed and printed by a DOS
text editor such as EDIT or a DOS listing utility such as LIST. Note that two
areas are not included: Temple of Set: Dungeon and Burial Halls: Lower Crypts.


  1. This walkthrough assumes you either use the quick start party or create
    your own two characters: a magic user/fighter and a cleric/ranger.
  2. If you run low on water, clerics should cast the create water spell. It
    is a good idea to pray for the create water spell. Alternatively, there is
    a well to the north of Muhar.

  3. The little round green containers hold a yellow salve which when
    ingested cures poisoned or diseased characters. It is called Keoghtams

  4. The periapts will slow harmful effects on your party members if you
    keep them in your inventory slots rather than in a sack or chest.

  5. There are several NPCs (non-player characters) available who can join
    you on your adventure. NPCs can be dismissed from the party and can be
    collected later from where you originally found them, provided they are
    not dismissed when dead. You will only be able to dismiss an NPC when you
    invite a fifth character to join your party. Your maximum party size is

    The Undead Paladin is a special case. She will leave of her own accord
    when you complete her particular quest. So I have left it to the end of
    the game to complete her quest. You can complete her quest at any time
    earlier once you have the skill, knowledge and equipment to do so.

    The available NPCs are listed here in my order of preference together with
    the location they can be found.

      * Undead Paladin - north-west of Burial Catacombs: Ground Floor
      * Jackalwere Cleric - north-center of Sphinx: Hall of Insight (V1.1
      * Wemic Fighter - north-east of Obelisk in the desert
      * Troll Fighter - on the way to the far north of the desert
      * Ranger/Cleric - east of Neferti and north west of Set in the desert
      * Piotra the Thief - south-east of Muhar

  6. I found the cleric spell, Flame Blade, was incredibly useful and I used
    it almost constantly against all monsters. This works if you keep your
    cleric at the front of the party. I also found Summon Insects very useful,
    but they can hurt your party too.
  7. Pyre elementals can be easily killed using Lightning spells or, if you
    are protected against fire, just hack at them with conventional weapons.

  8. Use the Improved Detection spell to identify your best weapons.

  9. Magic users will not be able to cast spells if they wear non elven
    armor. There are some powerful cloaks of protection and elven chain mail
    to be found.

  10. Use the teleport tiles to travel quickly from place to place. They can
    usually be found at the entrance or just inside each location. Use the
    teleport spell (once you have found it) to travel quickly within a region
    or between regions. I found the teleport spell particularly useful in
    getting around awkward places.

  11. Wear the Helmet of True Seeing as much as possible once you have found
    it. This will enable you to detect illusionary walls and other illusions.

  12. Combine the pieces of the Seals in your inventory by clicking one
    piece on another. You need four pieces to complete each seal.



Sent to investigate a problem in the hither to unknown land of Har'Akur, your
party of adventurers encounters a dying woman. She speaks of her brother
Poitra and the importance of her dagger to her family. As she dies, you become
aware of a wall of fiery heat trapping you inside the desert of Har'Akar.


Pick up the dead woman's Vistani dagger. Head north-east to the lone tent, go
inside and speak with the woman (Min Deir). She draws a diagram indicating you
should travel east to a well. Do so and enter the well.


Talk to the injured woman (Sennef) near the entrance. Sennef wants you to take
her to her village of Muhar. Accept her request and she will join your party.
Leave the Forgotten Shrine of Neferti and go north to Muhar.

Enter the village. Visit the old beggar, the hostile village leader, the
hostile family, the friendly boy and Piotra. Give Piotra the Vistani dagger
and have him join your party. If you find the attributes of a thief character
useful, you may keep him for a while. However, he is a limited character
compared with the other NPCs. Also visit the woman whose husband has left her
and taken all their supplies. You will find supplies, spells and clues in the
other tents.


Now you need to get build up some experience and/or get some help before you
can easily cope with exploring further the Forgotten Shrine of Neferti. Wander
extensively around the desert, killing desert zombies and giant vultures with
regular weapons and dust devils with flame and fire spells. It is probably
better to avoid any other monsters at this stage, so run away if anything else
approaches you. You should also meet some non-player characters (NPCs). Invite
the Troll and/or the Wemic to join you. Find the dying man, north of Muhar,
and take the sack of supplies back to his wife in Muhar.

Now you should return south to the Forgotten Shrine of Neferti.


Pick up the key in the north-east area. Get the eye in the south-east area.
You may need to click a button to close the pit so you can get to the eye. Get
the key in the south-west area. Collect the Seal piece in the south-west
corner. Get the second eye in the north-west area. Fall through a pit further
north and collect the Helm of Telepathy. Return up the stairs to the north and
push the button to close the pit. Pick up the Helm of Brilliance. Wear this
helm instead of casting light spells. Return to Min Deir. wear the Helm of
Telepathy and make sure the eyes are in the inventory slots, not inside a
container. Talk to Min Deir. She will join your party. (Drop Piotra if you
need to, otherwise drop the Wemic or Troll.) Go to the Obelisk in the central
part of the desert.


The main objective here is to find all eight scraps of paper (four blue edged
and four red edged) so that you can read the inscription on the first level.
This is a translation of the inscription:

"Hot gales the sands arise. Flesh corrupts and falls away. These are the signs
of their coming. The wrath of Ankhepot burns the land. Who hopes to rule must
lure the evil to him. In the Ancient Burial Hall the Guardian of the Gate of
the Dead awaits. She shall judge them by deeds both good and bad. Her son the
sweet lute did play. This gentle music the ghost awaits. To the priest, the
mystic urn is given. The Temple of Harvest shall be restored. Beyond the Gate
of the Dead, he awaits. The soul of the stranger knows the way. Master of the
Winged Wind. Three signals the whistle sounds, summoning forth the falcon. The
eight tears shall fall. Ra weeps and the stone shatters, a fragment of the seal
revealed. They capture the sun and in a coffer hold the might of Ra. By its
light, the soul and the seal are freed. Two seals, each in four pieces lie.
to piece, the seals rejoined two gates are opened. Into conflict, the foes are
led: Ankhepot and the other. When falls the wall of Ra, two gates be opened.
The way home."

You must also find a Seal piece on lower level 3. Just east of the center of
this level is a rectangular room, with three entrances from the north, running
east to west. The Seal piece is in this room.

Leave the Obelisk and go to the Temple of Set to the south-east.


Go upstairs. Get six snake idols from upper level 1. Go upstairs. Get the Helm
of True Seeing from upper level 2. Have one of your party wear it. Get another
three snake idols from upper level 2. Go down to the temple grounds. Use the
snake idols to open the locked rooms. Get the Magic Watering Urn and the Seal

Leave the Temple of Set and go north-west to the Ruined Temple of Harvest.


Get the Mask of Hathor and have a member of your party wear it. Go to the
kitten and speak with him. Take the key, then use it to enter the nearby area.
Take the feline figurine. Use the key to open the doors that run through the
center of the temple northwards to the old man. Talk with him then hand over
the Magic Watering Urn.

The old man should have with him the small child who ran away when you visited
the hostile family in Muhar. Have the child accompany you (drop the Troll or
Wemic and pick him up again later, if necessary) and return to Muhar.


Visit the hostile family's tent to return the child to her parents. Talk to
the father. Visit the hostile leader's tent. Return to the Ruined Temple of


Return to the area where you met the old man and child. Pick up all the air
pores you can. Press the button on the other side of the wall behind the old
man (to the south) and find the steps to the level below. Offer the feline
statue to the statue with the gray markings. Go through the door that opened
and get the Secret of the Sphinx scroll, the lioness and jackal figurines.
Continue as follows:

Give the jackal to the statue with red markings and get the falcon from the
new area. Give the lioness to the statue with beige markings and get the
Coffer of Ra and large chain from the new area. Give the falcon to the statue
with pink markings and get the scroll of retirement from the new area.

Go to the south-east area, step on two pressure plates to open the far
south-east corner and collect the vulture figurine. Offer the vulture figurine
to the statue with turquoise markings. Have each party member ingest an air
spore then enter the green area. Find the golden statue. Talk to him then use
the Coffer of Ra. Pick up the Seal piece. Collect the scorpion figurine.

Offer the scorpion to the statue with green markings. Ingest more air spores,
if necessary, and before entering this green area.


Your party should now have enough skill and experience to tackle some of the
more difficult monsters. Leave the Ruined Temple of Harvest and head to the
far north where you will encounter the friendly Troll, if he isn't in your
party already. Have the troll join you in place of Piotra the thief, if

Keep traveling north until you reach the face carved into the wall.


Enter the mouth and go down the corridor immediately to the left and find a
Fly spell scroll behind an illusionary wall. Leave through the mouth, then
cast Jump or Fly and enter the eye on the right. Get the Calcite Wishing Cup,
then leave. Jump or fly into the other eye. Get the Gold Circle Key. Leave and
enter the mouth again. Get the Silver Circle Key and Telchen's Lute. Get the
Wemic and Troll suits of armor for the Wemic and Troll if you plan to use them
in your party now or later. Have the Undead Paladin join your party. Go
downstairs and get the Seal piece from the lower excavation. Leave the Burial

Go south to the Sphinx.


Read the scroll 'The Secret of the Sphinx'. Then approach the Sphinx carved
into the wall.

Keep following the stairways until you find the laughing statue. Refer to the
map if necessary. Click the Calcite Wishing Cup on the statue. I recommend
picking fire resistance.

Go downstairs to the Labyrinth of the Magi.

Get the crocodile figurine. Offer it to the statue with gold markings. Get the
ram and frog figurines.

Offer the ram figurine to the statue with purple markings. Offer the frog
figurine to the statue with beige markings and get the scarab figurine.

Give the scarab figurine to the statue with blue markings. Get the Teleport
spell scroll and the gold key with a black gem. Open the doors with the gold
key with the black gem and get the Gold Whistle. Get the Knock spell scroll.
The Knock spell can be used to open most locked doors and will save you having
to find many keys from now on.

Head upstairs to the Hall of Insight. Explore thoroughly. Have the Jackalwere
join your party.

Leave the Ancient Sphinx.


Find the ghost just north of Muhar and use Telchen's Lute. Talk to the ghost.

Go east to the stone statue of a man and use the large chain. Enter the Royal
Burial Hall.


There are four teleports on each wall, north, south, east and west.

Take the north teleport and get the Iron Circle Key.

Take the south teleport and get the Demon Key.

Take the west teleport and get the Dragon Tooth Key.

Take the east teleport and get the Thorn Key. Make sure you pick up a Seal
piece in the south-center of the north-west quadrant.

Use the Thorn Key to open the lock opposite the stairs. Walk into the picture
of the Guardian of the Dead and enter the world of the dead.

Leave the Burial Hall of the Dead.


Go south until you reach the pair of hands reaching out of the sand. Walk
through the hands going south to the rock. Turn east at the rock and walk
toward another rock. Then turn south and walk into the Temple of Ra.


Find the eight tears of Ra (five on the upper level and three on the lower).
Find the pictures of the hand maidens in the west central area of the Temple
Grounds. Place one tear on each of the pictures of the hand maidens. Get the
Seal piece. You should now have the complete Heirophant Seal. Place the seal
in the circle of the pattern on the wall near Heirophant's mummy. Leave the
temple of Ra.

Travel to Pharaoh's Rest in the far north-east of the desert.


First it is a good idea to become invisible to avoid being attacked by the
Stone Golems. Use the dust of disappearance so you can attack the Stone Golems
without them attacking you. They can be destroyed by +3 weapons.
Alternatively, use the Fly spell to avoid the Stone Golems

Very carefully, as you must do this in exactly the right order, locate seven
pressure plates on the floor. Step on them in this order: south-west, west,
north-west, north-east, north-east-east, east, south-east, or in other words
clockwise starting from 7 o'clock. On the map of Pharaoh's Rest: Tomb of
Ankepot I have numbered the locations of the pressure plates in the order they
should be stepped on.

When you do this correctly, the way north will open. Go north and head
downstairs and fetch the Mallet and Iron Shield Key. Return upstairs.

Return south and go upstairs (the stairs are toward the north-west of the
southern area). Open all the doors with the Iron Shield Key or the Knock
spell. Get the Gold Ankh Key. Wear the Mask of Hathor. Use the Gold Whistle on
the picture of the falcon. Put the heart in the inventory. Return downstairs.
Make your way further north, opening the door to the north with the Gold Ankh
Key. Keep going north until you find a picture of a man on the doors to the
north. Put the heart in the hole in this picture. Get the last Seal piece.

After combining all the Seal pieces, you should now have the complete Ankhepot
Seal in your inventory. Return south and place the Ankhepot Seal on the
circular pattern on the wall. There should now be a one-way teleport between
Pharaoh's Rest and the Temple of Ra. Don't go through the teleport yet.

You need to create a safe and easy between the north area and the one-way
teleport. I recommend opening all the doors in the corridor on the west side
by pushing all the buttons and/or using the Knock spell. Alternatively,
preferably if you are fire resistant, plan on using the east most corridor.

Return to the Gong and hit it with the Mallet. Go south then west or east
toward your safe corridor making sure Ankhepot is following you. He must be
three or four squares behind your party or he will stop following. This will
make it very easy for him to attack and kill your entire party, so you will
probably have to quick save and restore several times during this sequence.
Also you may have to cast Fly if the stone golems get in your way as your
invisibility spell will keep failing. If you lose Ankhepot by getting too far
ahead of him, use a wand of enemy detection to locate him again and retrace
your steps accordingly. Once you have led Ankhepot down the north-south
corridor, head east (or west) then south toward the one-way Temple of Ra
teleport. If you are flying you must come down to the ground before you can
enter the teleport. Make sure Ankhepot is behind you, then enter the teleport.


If you were successful, the scene should change to a fight between Ankhepot
and Heirophant. Leave the Temple of Ra as soon as you can.

Return to the Temple of Set.


Go down to the Dungeon of Set via a pit or the stairs down. When you encounter
Senmet, kill him then use the Scroll of Retirement.

The Undead Paladin will leave permanently now, so you can collect one of the
other NPCs to join your party.


Return to the area above the Temple of Ra and go east into the now safe Wall
of Ra. Explore the red zone until you find a red scroll, the Scroll of Return.
It will appear as a yellow dot on the automap. Use the Scroll of Return. Enjoy
the closing sequences!

This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1995 by Diana Griffiths. All rights

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