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Читы для Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession

Чит-файл для Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession

Strahd's Possession

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:DreamForge Intertainment
Издатель:Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Жанры:RPG / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This walkthrough assumes you have read the Strahd's Possession manual and are
familiar with operating the game's user interface. You should also have a
reasonable knowledge of how best to equip your party of characters and how and
when to use spells.

This is not a detailed step by step set of instructions. The walkthrough does
provide general hints and instructs you in what items to seek, and in which
general locations. This will help you progress efficiently without spoiling
the general experience of exploration and the adventure of finding the
unexpected. There will be many buttons to push and locks to open. I have
rarely mentioned these explicitly. And, the walkthrough virtually ignores the
ever present monsters in every location that you will have to clear out before
safely exploring most locations. Everywhere you go you will find useful
scrolls, weapons, health improving items, clothes, armor, etc. Collecting and
using such items will be essential to progressing, but I only mention picking
up especially significant items which will be absolutely necessary to complete
the game successfully.

Strahd's Possession is not a linear game, so this walkthrough is only one
order of events while many others will also lead to a successful game
completion. Some quests are optional, and have no direct influence on
completing the game. I have included them here as I think they add interest
and challenge to the game as well as gain your characters more experience.

You may still get stuck trying to follow these instructions. If you need
further help, I have downloaded a set of maps from CompuServe Gamers forum and
made them available here. This set of maps have several more details marked
than those above, such as locations of buttons. These maps were created using
the IBM character set and can be displayed and printed by a DOS text editor
such as EDIT or a DOS listing utility such as LIST. Note that the following
(very straightforward) areas are not included: Forgotten Realms Forest and
Wizard's Dwelling



  1. This walkthrough assumes you either use the quick start party or create
    your own two characters: a fighter/mage and a fighter/cleric.
  2. The little round green containers hold a yellow salve which when
    ingested cures poisoned or diseased characters. It is called Keoghtams
    Ointment. It also can be used as a wound healing agent but it is better to
    use the more available healing potions that do not cure poisoning or
  3. The most indispensable spells are the Invisibility spells and the
    Negative Plane Protection spell. There are many undead creatures in this
    game. Many of the undead creatures can cause you to lose experience and
    levels. It is imperative to protect your front two characters during
    combat with such creatures. Have the cleric cast Negative Plane Protection
    on them. (You must read about the limitations of this spell in the rule
    book.) Hence it is important to keep your cleric alive at all costs, at
    least until you meet the NPC Cleric, at the Old Church.
  4. Where possible use range weapons at a distance to avoid physical
    contact with your enemies.
  5. Use the Improved Detection spell to identify your best weapons.
  6. Look carefully for all the buttons. They will all do something
  7. There are several NPCs (non-player characters) available who can join
    you on your adventure. Most NPCs can be dismissed from the party and can
    be collected later from where you originally found them, provided they are
    not dismissed when dead. You will only be able to dismiss an NPC when you
    invite a fifth character to join your party. Your maximum party size is
    four. The NPCs are listed here in the order you will probably encounter
    them together with the location they can be found and their initial level.
    In brackets are any NPC specific exceptions to the above rules.
      * Human Fighter Svalich Woods Level 5 (if rescued then invited to join
        later can be found in his home in Barovia)
      * Half-Elf Fighter/Mage/Thief Svalich Road South Level 4/4/5 (will
        also find a home in Barovia where she can be picked up later)
      * Half-Elf Fighter Village of Barovia Level 4
      * Elf Mage Burgomaster's Mansion Level 5 (if invited to join then
        dismissed later, can be found at the Blood on the Vine tavern in
      * Human Mage Woods West of Barovia Level 6
      * Half-Elf Cleric Caves West of Barovia Level 6 (must be invited to
        join the party. Will automatically leave when you complete the Caves
        West of Barovia quest and will not be available again)
      * Half-Elf Fighter Caves West of Barovia Level 7 (must be invited to
        join the party. Will automatically leave when you complete the Caves
        West of Barovia quest and will not be available again)
      * Human Thief Cemetery Level 7
      * Human Fighter Castle Ravenloft Primary Tower Level 6 (can be found
        in the Wooded Area West of Barovia after you rescue him)
      * Human Cleric Old Church Lower Level 1 Level 4 (if not invited to
        join you when you first meet him, you will not get another opportunity
        to do so and if you dismiss him, he will not be available again)



Lord Dhelt of Elturel has been attacked and robbed by an unknown assassin who
has escaped with the incredibly important Holy Symbol of Helm. It must be
recovered and returned. Your party must catch the assailant and return with
the amulet.


You take control as your two member party watches the assassin in the distance
to the south. Catch up with him, kill him and pick up all the items. Suddenly,
you will be surrounded in mists and transported to an unknown place.


You find your party in a spooky wood. There is a building nearby. Make for it.
Enter and read the note. Push the button to open an entrance below. Go
downstairs and equip yourself from the supplies here.

If you have strong characters you can fight both the worg wolves and goblyns.
You can then rescue the NPC fighter. If you are not strong enough to do this,
return later after you have built up some experience.


Head north. You will be attacked by brigands. Kill them. One of them will beg
for mercy. Spare his life and he will tell you the location of their lair. Go
further north. By the big rock, pull the hidden lever on the wall to open a
secret entrance to the lair. Kill all the darklings, and pick up more
supplies. Continue north. Talk to the Vistani gypsy. He will tell you to meet
him in a tavern in Barovia. Continue north. Have the Fighter/Mage/Thief join
your party. Continue north and enter the village of Barovia


Find the Burgomaster's Mansion. Explore thoroughly and pick up more useful
supplies. Find the burgomaster. First talk to the elven magic user NPC and
have her join your party if you have a slot available at this point. Then talk
to the burgomaster and you will receive an invitation to Castle Ravenloft to
meet Count Strahd. Accept the invitation.


Enter the dining room through the only door that will open, to the south-west.
Strahd will give you a Seal of Entry for the Caves West of Barovia.


Go the wooded area west of Barovia. At the entrance to the caves, talk to the
NPC cleric and have her join the party. Drop one of your other NPCs. Enter the

Use the Entry Seal by the first portal. An NPC fighter will not let you pass
unless he joins your party. Drop the other NPC (not the cleric). Find the four
jade keys to make your way to the Church Vestibule Key. Pick it up. You will
not be able to pass though the last barrier unless you have the NPC cleric
with you. Find the portal and go through it. Both NPC party members will take
off. The wizard in the building in the woods west of Barovia is quite a strong
magic user, so you he may be a good choice as a party member. Return to
Barovia and pick up NPCs to make a party of four again. Take the easternmost
exit on the northern wall of Barovia and enter the church grounds.


Enter the church. Use the Vestibule Key on the circular lock by the first
door. Kill the hell hounds. Pick up the Instruction to the Catalogue, Special
Scroll of Cure Disease and Tome of Cursed Items. Read the Instruction to the
Catalogue. You need the following items to return home:
  * The Catalogue from the Old Church
  * The red gem from the ghost's house
  * The crown from the dead elven warrior
  * The feather from the Wereraven
  * The Tarot card from Castle Ravenloft, and
  * The Holy Symbol of Helm

Collecting these items are the minimum you have to do to complete the game.
Try talking to the mirror. Go downstairs.


Find the Gold Church Key which will open some doors on this level. Find the
four fragments and insert them into the Tome of Cursed Items. Find the Special
Scrolls of Remove Curse and Atonement, and the Trimia Catalogue. Return to the
main floor. Read the Tome by the mirror and to free the soul of the old
cleric. Talk to the cleric. Ask him for the key to the cemetery.


Leave and return to Barovia. Go to the house with the ghost. He will possess
one of your characters, but it will not hinder you in any way unless you stray
from the task which the ghost assigned you. Pick up the Bone Vault key then
leave. Return to the church grounds and open the cemetery doors in the
northeast corner with the key from the old cleric. Enter the cemetery.

Go to the tomb of the Ghoul Lord. Kill him. Get the Rod of Rebirth off the
ground. When you exit the tomb, the ghost will leave you and give you a key
which will open the door in the ghost's house. Wait to collect the gem until
you next visit the village.

Get the two pouches of Golden Dust. Go to the mausoleum in the southeastern
corner. Use a pouch of golden dust by one of the statues standing outside the
door of the mausoleum. Talk to her and ask her to bless you. She will not do
so yet, so go to the other statue on the other side of the door and use the
other pouch of dust. Talk to the second spirit and ask her to bless you. Talk
again to the first spirit and ask her to bless you. The banshee inside the
mausoleum will now be gone. Enter the Elven Warrior's Crypt.


Talk to the ghost of the elven lord. He needs his signet in order to be free
of the curse. Take the teleport which is open now. Push the button in this
area to open the next teleport. Enter the second teleport and push the button
to open the third teleport. Enter the third teleport and get the Vault Key.
Use it to open the door west of the three teleports. Go downstairs.


Get the Green Vault Key. Push all the buttons on this level. Then go to the
series of doors which will be open when all the buttons are pushed. Go through
and get the signet for the elven lord. Go back up to lower level 1. Talk to
the Elven Lord again. Give him the signet, and he will disappear, leaving a
crown, sword, and suit of armor. Take all these items. Leave and go back to
the church.


Go down to lower level 1 and find Misha's Bones. Use the Rod of Rebirth you
got from the cemetery on the bones to resurrect Misha. Talk to him and he
gives you the key to enter Castle Ravenloft. Have him join your party if you
feel you need another cleric. Go back to Barovia.


Go to the ghost's house again. Use the key the ghost gave you to unlock the
interior door. Get the red gem.

This is a good time to perform the optional quests and build up some more


Find the old Paladin's house in Barovia and talk to him. Leave and go to the
Paladin's hut to find the pick. Go north to the tree stump and dig here. You
will find a key.

Find the house with the entrance to the lesser catacombs. Enter the lesser
catacombs. Find the Star Key and open the Star Locks. Find the Moon Key and
open the Moon Locks. Take the Paladin's Holy Symbol and return it to him.
Check out the Paladin's treasure.

Go to the wooded area west of Barovia.


Go to the cave entrance north of the Caves West of Barovia entrance. Enter and
talk to the werewolf. Tell him you will help save him. Wait for night to fall
and hunt for the progenitor, a white albino, and kill him. Return to the
werewolf. In the old church you collected three special scrolls. Use the three
special scrolls in succession: Atonement, Cure Disease and Remove Curse. The
werewolf will then give you a key to his treasure trove in the village. Return
to Barovia and look through the treasure. The Regeneration Ring is useful.


Leave Barovia and take the Svalich Road North to Castle Ravenloft. Use Misha's
key on the lock and enter.


There is nothing in the cellars except monsters to fight. Only spend time here
if you feel you need to fight more undead! Find the Tower Key and the Blood
Bat key. Both keys are on the ground floor. However, you will need to go to
the upper levels to reach areas on the main floor. At the top of the primary
tower is an NPC fighter. I needed a thief here, to pick the locks in the
primary tower. Go up the secondary tower and use the Tower Key on the lock. Go
up to the top and kill the Inquisitor. Rescue the Wereraven. He will give you
a Wereraven feather and instructions to contact his people.


Go back to Barovia and go to the Blood on the Vine tavern. Talk to the inn
keeper according to the Wereraven's instructions. He will tell you to go the
Merchant's Pride warehouse and talk to another contact. Go the warehouse and
talk to the brigands. Allow them to take you to the Greater Catacombs beneath


Talk to the Raven Lord. He will tell you that the only item capable of
banishing Strahd is the Symbol of Ravenkind. He will give you a key which
opens a door in the Old Church. He will also tell you that the symbol was
hidden by Sasha, and he only left some clues to its location. He will give you
a magic glass which will allow you to decode these clues once you get them.
Get the chest from the ground and get the first of four catacomb keys. You
will need to get all four keys. Make sure you press all the buttons, as some
will open up hidden doorways. There are also 15 Barovian Coins in these
catacombs. You need all the coins in order to purchase a special potion from
the gypsy. Once you have 15 coins, leave using the ladder in the north eastern
corner of the catacombs.


Go to the old church and go down to lower level 1. Go to the locked door with
the gold lock. Use the key the Raven Lord gave you to open it. Find Sasha's
pages and read them with the magic glass.


Go to the Blood on the Vine inn. Talk to the gypsy, and purchase the potion.
Use the potion. You can now walk through the mist anywhere you want.


Leave Barovia and find the nearest barrier of mist. Walk through the mist and
you will find the Undead Forest. Here you must find two Seeds of Morninglord.
You can avoid the treants by walking in and out of the mist. Once you have
picked up the seeds, go to the eastern most teleport, and enter it. You will
be transported to a second part of the forest. Find two more seeds. Now go to
a large circle of stones with four small circles within it. It has a tree in
the middle. Place a seed in each of the four small circles. Lathander will
give you the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, the only weapon capable of harming


Return to Castle Ravenloft.

Go up to the Rooms of Weeping level. Find the library and push a button to
open a secret door. Open the lock with the Blood Bat key. Enter and pick up
the Tarot Card. Go downstairs and find the large room with lightning bolts.

Go to the north stairs, and push the button in the room here. Go to the
eastern stairs, and do the same. Now you will be able to enter the center most
small room and teleport past the south stairs. Save. Head south, and you will
encounter Count Strahd. He will attack, so use the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind
against him. When he is dead, pick up the Holy Symbol of Helm, and use the
Catalogue to return home.


This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1995 by Diana Griffiths (email:
ggriffit@icons.net). All rights reserved.

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