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Читы для Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Чит-файл для Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Realms of Arkania:
Blade of Destiny

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Attic Entertainment Software
Издатель:UIG Entertainment
Модель распространения:цифровая доставка

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

At the beginning of the game you should stay in Thorwal and equip
yourself.  The best arms merchant is Grollo, the best merchant is
Stoerrebrandt-Grassberg and Minna Musporeiken for Herbs.  Wand spell #2
is very useful.  As soon as you hear Hetman's announcement, head over to
his office to accept the mission.  Just ask the Hetman about payment and
he gives you a writ for entry to Thorwal's armoury.

In the evenings, an extended visit to the "Four Winds" tavern would be
useful.  You might hear the story of the Ship of the Dead.

In the south west section of Thorwal, look for the fortress.  To enter,
bark at the young warrior guarding the gate and insist to see Master

After beating the bandits in Thorwal, travel to Felstyn.  There you meet
the man Hetman recommended, Isleif Olgardson.  On the way to Felstyn
you'll pass Angobodirtal, visit Beorn Hjallason.  After meeting with
Beorn and Isleif you may choose to follow the leads you get.

        Carry a sufficient supply of rope, you may need to build a bridge.
On the road from Rovamund to Nordvest you will come upon a body carrying
and amulet guarding against the spell Ignifaxus.

The marshes along the Bodir river are dangerous, you may lose equipment
and you might catch "blue cough".

Walking from Phexcaer to Hermits lake there is a possibility of an ambush
 by Orcs.  The orc leader is wearing an amulet guarding against
Transformation magic.  Along the same route, some Gryphons will bar the
way.  The solution to their riddle is WHEEL.

The march from Daspota to Rybon is interrupted by a meeting, a dying
adventuress tells you the location of the Daspota treasure.  It is on the
 road from Rybon to Thoss.  Following the road further, you will meet
harpies and they give you information about some abandoned ruins
inhabited by the Dark Mage who is in possession of a segment of the Map.

There is an abandoned Inn by the road from daspota to Ottarje, where you
can pause to rest, be prepared for a fight as the cellars are inhabited
by the undead.

There is a path branching off the road between Ottarje and Skjal, leading
 towards a cave inhabited by spiders, plus followers of the Spider demon
On the route from Ottarje to Orvil, explore the Wolf's Lair, also on this
 route is the Druid Gorah's forest clearing (Umbrik Sevenstones in Orvil
tells you about this).  When you arrive Gorah is in the middle of
summoning a creature.  Don't bother attacking with missiles.  You will
have to melee with the wolves.  The faster the victory the better, his
forces are reinforced by Harpies and a sabre toothed tiger if you don't
make quick work of it and if that is not enough he summons a demon.  Once
 you have won, search his cabin.  Seek out the rune-bone Umbrik
Sevenstones desires, get the rest of the treasure.

On the riverwalk from Thoss to Liskor your characters will notice an
Orcish monolith on the opposite bank of the river.  Cross over by raft
and destroy the idol.  The gods will look favourably upon this and it
will increase your chances of a miracle.

The mountain path from Felsteyn to Orkanger is dangerous, your characters
 are attacked by brigands.  You do however, have a chance to turn the
situation around and ambush the brigands in their camp as well.  Near the
 end of the road is a cave occupied by Goblins.

There is a route not shown on the map between Skellen to Phexcaer.  There
 isn't a path branching of the route, so you are forced to keep going
until the end.  There isn't a sign of human civilisation beside a Temple
of Firun, but you are compensated for by an any amount of breakneck
climbs, opportunities to get lost and a vast highland moor offering ample
 opportunity to lose valuable pieces of equipment.  The highlight is the
meeting with an elf woman who leaves your characters with the recipe for
a healing potion.  Along the way, you will stumble upon a cave housing an
 Orcish scouting party.  The cave contains important information.  Also,
the route to Hyggelik's ruins start along this way, but until the
characters find enough map pieces, they won't be aware of its existence.
Along the road from Orvil to Rovik, you come upon a wolf pack attacking a
 flock of sheep, and find evidence of the dark druid Gorah.

Passing by Hermit's lake, you will walk into a dangerous swamp, where you
 may lose time and equipment.  On the bright side, this route gives you
the chance to meet the Unicorn and to climb to the top of a rock needle
where a vision grants tremendous amount of information.  Beware this is a
 dangerous climb.


The first map piece you should look for is in Angobodirtal.  Abusive
treatment of Beorn Hjallasson will result in a map fragment.

Isleif Olgardson lives in Felstyn and will give you a map piece.

Ragna Firunjasdotter in Vidsland will aprt with a map piece only after a
polite request to look at it.

Yasma Thinmarsdotter used to live in Clanegh, but has since moved to
Thoss.  She once owned a map fragment, but it was stolen by a dark mage.
 She will tell your characters the exact location of his fortress.0C
Umbrik Sevenstones is a Druid from Orvil.  He will send the characters on
 a quest and upon completion, will present the characters with a letter
of introduction to Tiomar Swafnildson in Brendhil.  Presenting Tiolmar
with this letter will result in your characters receiving a map fragment.

Eliane Windenbek lives in Varnhome and will send the characters on a
quest.  When you complete the quest you'll get a map fragment.

Jurge Thorfinson is a resident of Skjal.  When you visit him, he will
send you to Thorwal to ge a letter of introduction from the Hetman.  When
 you give him the letter he gives you a map fragment.

Treborn Kollberg is a travelling merchant willing to sell a map fragment.
  Should the characters decline to purchase it they can visit him in

The Unicorn can be found near Hermit's Lake.  Upon meeting this creature,
 keep calm and under no circumstances draw your weapons.  The Unicorn may
 reappear after one week, delivering a randomly chosen map fragment.

After you collect all the map fragments, you should travel from Skelellen
 to Phexcaer because along the way you will discover and Orc's cave.
Inside you will find an important document.  After receiving the
document, travel from Vilnhome to Phexcaer and your characters will lead
directly to the ruins housing the sword.

The final part of the mission requires the team to return to Phexcaer and
 march north to Hermit's Lake.  About halfway along the route, they will
come across a gigantic Orcish army camp.  Here they have to choose a
champion and hope the gods are smiling on them this day.

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