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Читы для realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition

Чит-файл для realMyst: Interactive 3D Edition

Interactive 3D Edition

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Cyan и SunSoft
Издатель:Mattel Interactive
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 17 ноября 2000 года
Жанры:Adventure / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Myst

Даты выхода игры

вышла 14 июня 2012 г.
вышла в ноябре 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
realMYST 3D
By Brian Urtz (TempestBreak)

Revision History:

1.0 - First version
1.1 - Added more info on the voltage for the Power Plant, and made some
minor specifications.
1.2 - Corrected some mistakes in the Selenitic and Mechanical Ages. Also
corrected some spelling mistakes.
1.3 - Corrected some mistakes in Channelwood and Rime (submitted by
1.4 - Just a minor change with the Roman Numerals.
1.5 - Due to a couple e-mails concerning the Mechanical Age elevator, I've
added more info on that.
1.6 - A couple more changes brought to light by Ian, also

Table of Contents:

I.        Story
II.       Controls
III.       Basics
IV.      Myst Island
V.       Stoneship Age
VI.      Channelwood Age
VII.     Mechanical Age
VIII.    Selenitic Age
IX.      Rime Age
X.       HELP!
XI.      Extra
XII.     Copyright

I. Story

Myst's story line can be  very confusing if you don't have the basic plot
down correctly. Here is the story line up to the very beginning of the game:
In the Age of Myst Island, Atrus lives with his wife, Catherine (Katrin),
and his two sons, Sirrus and Achenar. Supposedly, one of the two sons has
destroyed all of Atrus's books. These books are actually links to other
worlds, and it took Atrus a very long time to write each of them. The two
sons trapped their father in an Age without a linking book...a book needed
to get back to where he started, which would be Myst Island. Somehow, the
brothers each got trapped in separate books, and pages from those books were
scattered throughout the remaining Ages.
	In order to get out of the Ages they are trapped in, the books must have
every page, and that is where you come in. Here is something found in the
game manual that explains how you got into the story:

	"You have stumbled upon a most intriguing book: a book titled Myst. You
have no idea where it came from, who wrote it, or how old it is. It's pages
contain only a superbly crafted description of an island world. But it's
just a book, isn't it?
	As you open the book, you are startled by a picture of an island. The
picture seems a little too real; in fact, the picture seems to be moving. In
disbelief, you place your hand on the picture. Suddenly...your own world
dissolves into blackness, replaced with the island world the pages
described. Now you're here, wherever here is, with no option but to

To fill in gaps and questions, you can read the following books:

Myst: The Book of Atrus (the best one to read for information, but out of
print, so try the library or a used book store)
Myst: The Book of Ti'ana
Myst: The Book of D'ni

II. Controls

For the most part, the controls for realMYST and the original version of
Myst are very different. The original Myst was a point-and-click game, this
version gives you 360 degrees of movement, the ability to look up and down
whenever you want, and the option to wander of the path and explore areas
previously restricted. For instance, if you go off into the forest on Myst
island, you can find the grave of Ti'ana. I would tell who that was...but it
would ruin "Myst: The Book of Atrus" if you are or will be reading it. The
basic controls are right mouse click to go forward, left to go backward, and
you can use the arrow keys for movement as well...which is much easier in my
opinion, since you don't have to be fast in this game.

III. Basics

This is the section for things that aren't significant enough to have their
own section, but should definitely be mentioned.
First of all, realMYST is an excellent enhancement to the original. Things
like amazing graphics and 360 degree rotation add to the adventure, but the
thing that makes it so different is the night/day and weather conditions.
After walking around a bit, you'll notice that it does get darker, and it
can rain or snow, depending on the Age you're in. Even if you have the
original Myst, this will be a great investment. You won't be disappointed.
The next thing I wanted to mention is how to work the library tower rotator.
All around the island are marker switches. Up is on, and down is off. In the
library you will notice a map of Myst island. If a switch is on anywhere on
the island, that area will be available to view in detail on this map. There
are four special markers, one for each of the first four Ages. On the map,
click on the circle which represents the tower and hold it. This rotates the
tower to face wherever the line is pointing. If the line points to a special
marker, it will turn red. Stop rotating the tower if it turns red. On
another wall in the library, there is a picture of a doorway in the
bookshelf. Click that picture to open the tower entrance. Go to where the
bookcase was and head through the tunnel until you get to an elevator, take
the elevator up to the tower. There will be two ladders. If the line on the
map was red, these ladders will give you a clue on how to get into an Age.
The ladder with the book icon will show you the entrance to the Age. The
ladder with the key icon will lead you to a very important clue, such as the
combination to a safe. To get out of the library, click on the picture of a
doorway. Always remember these steps, it will help you get into each Age.

IV.  Myst Island

This section will help you get to the different Ages in the game. Most
people give up too soon on this game to ever get to an Age. Stay with me
here. I will separate this into sections on how to get into each Age...but,
this walkthrough will not tell you exactly what to do. I will tell you how
to figure out the puzzles, but I will not solve them for you. If you do get
too frustrated, go to the Help section and I will solve the puzzles
there...but I suggest that you use that section only as a last resort. Good

The Video Portal:

In order to view the video in the cauldron in the room on the dock where you
start out, find the letter on the ground by the planetarium. Read it and
enter the number of marker switches in the panel in the cauldron room. When
facing the cauldron, turn around and you will see the panel. Hit the green
button to open it. Enter the number here, then hit the button. Go to the
cauldron again and turn it on. Watch the video.

Stoneship Age:

This is definitely the most difficult Age to get into, but pretty easy once
you get there. First of all, point the library tower so that it is pointing
to the sunken ship where you first started. Go to the tower and go up the
book, or locator ladder and make sure you can see the dock. Then go up the
key, or clue ladder. You should see three dates engraved on a plate. Write
them down. Next, head to the planetarium, the round building next to the
library. Go inside and turn out the lights. The light switch is by the door.
Sit down in the chair and put on the "star-finder". This is not a time
machine, it just tells you what the stars look like on that specific date.
Enter in the three dates and sketch the star patterns you see in the view
screen. Head back to the library and find the Stoneship book in the
bookcase. Find the patterns you sketched from the specific dates and
memorize, or draw, the accompanying icons. Go outside and walk to the pillar
yard. The pillars are at the entrance to the forest, around the sunken boat
model. This boat represents the real boat at the dock. Light up the three
pillar icons that accompanied the star patterns and there will be a draining
sound. Look at the model ship, it should be surfaced. If not, make sure you
copied the dates, star patterns, and icons correctly. Now go to the dock. If
the model ship was resurfaced, so should the real one. Get on the ship and
enter the cabin. There will be a book on a chair. Save your game, because
once you enter an Age, you can't come back out until you've beaten it. Open
the book and click on the portal.

Channelwood Age:

Getting into this Age can be very frustrating if not done exactly right.
First line up the tower with the big tree in the middle of the forest. Go to
the tower and go up the locator ladder to make sure you can see the tree.
Then go to the clue ladder and write down the three digit number. In the
forest is a log cabin. Go inside, and by the door is a safe. Enter the three
digit number from the library tower into the safe and open it to find a
match box. Strike a match against the box o light it, then light the
furnace. Next to the furnace is a wheel. Turn the wheel all the way to the
right and there will be a series of clanking sounds. Once the sounds stop,
and I mean once all the clanks stop, not just one, turn the wheel back all
the way to the left. Head out to the big tree. This is the only part in the
game where you need to go fast, you have about ten seconds though, which is
more than enough time. To get to the big tree fast, once out the door turn
left and head to the back of the house. You should see it then. At the tree
look up and you should see an elevator coming down. If you don't see the
elevator, do the whole furnace thing again. You don't need a match though, I
think it always stays lit from now on unless it is off, and it will light by
itself when you turn it on again. Once on the elevator, it should keep going
down. At the bottom is a small room with a book on the table. This book
links to the Channelwood Age. Open the book and hop in! The wheel in the
small room is just like the other one. Turn it left to bring it to the
bottom, and right to bring it to the top. I suggest you don't touch the
wheel in the small room, only in the log cabin. If there is no elevator when
you are in the underground room though, turn the wheel all the way to the
left. The button in the elevator will bring you to the surface, I think.

Mechanical Age:

This Age presents no problems whatsoever when trying to get in. First, point
the library tower towards the giant gears by the dock. Go up the locator
ladder to make sure you can see the gears, then go up the clue ladder and
copy down the given time. Next head through the forest to the two wheels in
front of the clock tower island. Figure out how the wheels work the clock
(this is very simple) and set the clock to the correct time, the time you
found in the library tower. Take the new bridge to the clock tower. Notice
that there is one remaining switch here that was not accessible before. Hit
this switch, and if you've hit all of the switches on the main island, the
map in the library will now be complete. Inside the clock tower is a lever
contraption. I don't remember where exactly you get the correct number to
enter, maybe in the Mechanical book in the library, but mess around a little
and you will find it. Figure out how the levers work the weight contraption
and keep messing around with it until it drags both weights to the ground by
it's self. Now head to the giant gears by the dock and go inside to find the
Mechanical Age book.

Selenitic Age:

First off, line up the library tower with the spaceship on the far end of
the island. As always, head up both ladders and mark down the number at the
top of the clue ladder. Now go to the forest one more time. In the middle,
take a right and go inside a brick building. Go all the way down to the
bottom and wait for the lights to turn on, they will do this by themselves.
Whatever you do, don't touch the buttons yet. Beside the door is a piece of
paper that tells you the voltage value of each button. Figure out how to
combine the buttons to equal the number you found in the library tower. If
you accidentally go over the correct number, go outside behind the brick
building and there is a ladder. Go up the ladder and hit the breaker switch
to reset the voltage to 0. There is also a breaker switch to the left of the
bridge leading to the spaceship. You may have to hit both breakers. Try one,
and if it doesn't set back to zero, hit the other one as well. Once the
voltage equals the right number, you can go inside the spaceship. But first
go to the library and find the Selenitic book in the bookcase. Find the
diagram of a piano and write down the order of keys to play. Once you have
the right keys and the right order, go inside the spaceship. To the left are
five meters. Now play the correct tunes on the piano on the right and match
the meters to sound like the tune. To play the meters, pull the switch on
the right. If you match the tunes perfectly, the Selenitic Age book will
appear. Remember this is VERY hard, so if you get frustrated, just take a
break. It's good to hold the note for a while and burn it into your mind.

Rime Age:

First, I think you should try to figure this out by yourself, it's not that
hard. But if you are really lazy or just can't find out what to do next, by
all means, read on. First of all, you must beat this game the "correct" way.
Once you have done that, The Rime age book will be lying on the floor of the
library. Go to the very last page for some added information (in blue ink).
Write down what is in blue, and also quickly write down what the pictures
"tell you". Go to the video portal room, the big cauldron in the room by the
dock, and open the number panel on the wall (see the Video Portal section).
Enter the number shown in the Rime book (also the hologram test number which
is shown on the front of the number panel when it's closed). When you have
entered this, a mountain should appear in the cauldron. Now press the button
that was circled in blue in the Rime book. Go back to the panel and there
should be a new screen. Rotate the bridge joint. Now go to the area where
the joint now points and go inside. Enter the "blue" number and press the
red button. Go back to the library and voila! The Age is now before you!

V. Stoneship Age

This is, in my opinion, the first Age you should go to, but any order is
fine. The point of each Age is to find the page of the whichever brother you
want. Achenar is the crazy, "blue" one, with all the freaky contraptions.
Sirrus is the rich "red" one with all the fancy furniture. The brothers each
have a room in every Age. Their page will be in their room. First of,
explore the area and get to know the place. It has been a while since I
played this Age, so I don't completely remember everything. First of all, go
to the surveillance scope and find the lighthouse. Write down the degree you
find it at. Next go to the umbrella boat. Find the switch that drains the
lighthouse. Also note what the other switches do. One drains/fills the
lighthouse, one drains/fills the cave, and the other drains/fills the ship.
Drain the light house and go inside it. Go downstairs and flip the lever on
the chest to empty all the water. Flip the lever again to close the valve
back up to prevent water from getting back in. Go back to the umbrella boat
and fill the lighthouse up again (by pressing a different button). At the
lighthouse, the chest should be floating, now within reach of the chained
key. Open the chest with the key to get another key, the key to the attic.
Go to the attic and crank the battery up all the way. You should drain the
cave now. As fast as you can, go to the cave outside before the generator
runs out of energy. If the lights are still off, go back and do it again.
Once the lights are on, go to each of the brother's rooms and look around.
Copy the torn note in one of Achenar's drawers, actually the one second to
the bottom, and get the page of whichever brother you chose. In the middle
of the tunnel is a passage with a compass. Enter the direction closest to
the number of degrees the lighthouse was at from the surveillance scope.
This passage might also take you from one brother's room to the other's. Now
once you have a page (choose carefully, this will be the brother you now
"work for") and the compass is set right, drain the ship and go inside. Go
to the bottom of the ship's cabin and the returning, or "Linking" book
should be there. If not, the compass is set wrong. Once you get the linking
book, take the page home with you and place it in the appropriate book in
the library.

VI. Channelwood Age

Ah, the Channelwood Age. This place was really worked on when they made
realMYST. Take the time to look around while you're here, go exploring. Once
you're done, let's start our adventure.
	First thing's first. This entire level is run by hydroelectricity, so
you're going to need water. First, you should start building a
windmill...wait, that's already done for you (thank God), but you do have to
turn the windmill on. Go to the windmill and turn on the valve, then hit the
switch on the generator. No you should hear the sound of water going through
the pipes. Follow the sound to figure out where the water is going. Hit the
switches at the junctions to direct the water to the elevator generator
(hey, it rhymes!). Take the elevator to the second floor (if you don't close
the elevator door, like me, you'll be going no where fast). This is, in my
opinion (and since I'm writing this guide my opinion counts), this is the
hardest part of the game if you are to lazy to sketch the picture of the
second floor back at Myst. If you're like me you'll be looking around for
about a half-hour before you find the switch, but it's somewhere on a post
in a round room. This opens the stair door. Takes the stairs and have the
water directed to the elevator by the stairs. Now take the stairs back up
and take the elevator to the THIRD floor (skydiving anyone?). Find the "page
of your choice" and rest in the treetops for a while (my favorite place in
the game). Before you go, check Sirrus's room. In the second bed drawer, the
one on the right, is the second half of the note. Write this down. Sirrus's
page is in the desk drawer and Achenar's is on the floor in the "recording"
room. Now go back down to ground...or in this case water level and direct
the water toward the "lone generator". Go across the steps and turn the
crank to extend the pipe. Now direct the water, for the last time, toward
the new extended pipe. Go back across to the other side of the pipe and go
to the final elevator. Take the elevator to the linking book room and back
to Myst.

VII. Mechanical Age

This Age is very small and short, all you have to do is learn how to use the
dome rotation device, which is hard at first, but with practice it gets
easier. OK, head to the dome and grab one of the brother's page. Sirrus's
page is in a hidden room to the right of the throne, behind the bottom left
corner of the hanging quilt. In Achenar's room there is a simulator with two
levers. This is the dome rotation simulator. Start it up and you will se a
diagram of the dome. The left lever has several settings, which sets the
speed of the rotation, the right level must be held in position and rotates
the dome at the speed it is set at. The objective is to get the line to stop
at the different islands, there is one every 90 degrees. Mess around with it
until you are able to make the dome rotate 90 degrees and stop there. Note
that once you let go of the right lever the dome rotates backwards, so you
must be fast. If you can't get it to work, see the Help section to find the
easiest way to rotate the dome 90 degrees. Now to find the REAL dome
rotator. Go to the elevator in the center of the dome. Push the red button
on the wall and go down stairs. Turn the elevator until it is facing you. Go
back outside and push the red button again to get to the elevator. If you
are having trouble with this, like I did, then try lining up the elevator,
and then keep turning it so it's lined up again. Go to the top floor, but do
not leave the elevator. You'll notice that there is a middle button. At the
top floor hit the middle button and get out of the elevator as fast as you
can. Once the elevator goes down, turn around and there is the real dome
rotation device. Use your method that you used at the simulator to turn the
dome 90 degrees(hint: You'll hear a different sound for each direction, try
to remember what each sound for each direction is, you'll need this later.).
Once you think you've rotated 90 degrees, leave the dome. You should see a
very small island. If not try again. Go to the island and write down the
symbols. Now go back and rotate the tower another 90 degrees. Write down the
numbers on this island and rotate the tower two more times. There is no
third island, just return to the main island. Once back, make sure you have
a page and enter the symbols into the...whatever it is. Push the red button
and use the Linking book.

VIII. Selenitic Age

I'm pretty sure this is the final Age, because it is the hardest. First
wander around and turn all the microphones on, there are only five (fire,
water, crystal, wind, clock). Also, the brother's pages are both somewhere
lying around. After you've turned them all on, head to where the wind
microphone is and take the tunnel to the radio tower. Match the sound with
the icon for all five sounds and push the Z button. Write down (or memorize)
the order the sounds play. Go back to the door near the beginning and put
the meters with the sounds in the right order. Go inside and hop into the
earth sub. Once you start it up, you will be in a maze of intersections. At
each intersection you'll hear a sound (push the red button to hear it
again), they are the same sounds used when rotating the dome in Mechanical,
so if you hear the sound that meant you've rotated to the north, point the
sub north. If you hear two sounds at a time, like north and west, point
northwest. If you don't remember, or couldn't figure out the sound-direction
pairs in Mechanical, there is an easy solution. I'm pretty sure that all of
the wrong directions are closed off, so just try not to turn yourself
around. It is still a good idea to figure out what the directions mean
first, just in case I'm wrong. At the end of the maze, get out and head back
to Myst with the Linking book.

Now that you have all the pages, put the two torn pages (that you've copied
down) together and do what this says. Then go to the brother that has all
five pages and he will tell you the correct diagram. The diagram book is the
last book on the second shelf in the library. Find the diagram he told you
about and sketch it down. Go into the fireplace and push the red button. The
fireplace will close. Enter the diagram and push the red button again. If
entered correctly the fireplace will turn around and there will be the two
remaining pages and a green book (Dunny Age). If you have the yellow page,
go into the green book. If not, get the yellow page. If you want to see a
"bad" ending, enter Dunny without the yellow page, or return all 6 pages to
a brother. (Achenar is the coolest...he's just plain crazy.)

IX. Rime Age

Now I'm sure the only reason you'd be reading this instead of a regular Myst
guide is to find information on Rime. Well, there is no real trouble
presented in this Age, but OK, here you go. First, on the side of the house
is a gas valve. Turn this on and go inside to the furnace. Turn on the
furnace, close the door to let the room heat up (thanks to Ian for realizing
that), then go back and close the valve. Go inside and open the stone door.
Enter the elevator and go up. Hit the lever to change the color you want and
the switch to activate the aurora-maker. Once you finish watching that, go
back into the elevator and push the RED button. Now go into the room and
read the book if you want, it's just for extra info on Ages. Take the
elevator down and there is a new room. On the table is a page written by
Catharine. Write down (or memorize) the crystals' shape/color and enter that
on the portal. (Click a crystal to change its shape and wave the mouse/hand
over it to change its color.) Push the button to see a surprise! Well,
sorry, that's it, hope ya had fun though!


So, you don't want to find the answers to the puzzles yourself? Fine, who am
I to stop you?...Well actually I could stop you by not adding this section,
but hey:
Stoneship Age

The three dates/icons are: Oct. 11, 1984 10:04 a.m. (snake); Jan. 17, 2107
5:46 a.m. (leaf); Nov. 23, 9791 6:57 p.m. (bug)
Umbrella boat: Left button: Ship, Middle button: Tunnel, Right button:
Compass Degrees: 135 degrees (the position the Lighthouse is in the
surveying scope)
Channelwood Age

Safe combination: 724
Mechanical Age

Clock Tower time: 2:40
Weight number: 221
The symbols are: 1. The circle with no bottom - 2. Down arrow | Up arrow -
3. Circle over water - 4. Half-Circle
Rotation: The easiest way to rotate the dome is to put the left lever up 1/3
of the way, then hold the right one for 9 sec.
Selenitc Age

Power Plant Volts: 59 This can be added up with buttons 1,2,3,6,7,8,10 or
These are the button voltages:
  1 = 10 volts
  2 = 7 volts
  3 = 8 volts
  4 = 16 volts
  5 = 5 volts
  6 = 1 volt
  7 = 2 volts
  8 = 22 volts
  9 = 19 volts
10 = 9 volts
Frequencies (in order): Crystal - 18.7, Water - 122.1, Wind 196.3, Fire
99.4, Clock - 44.3
Earth-sub Maze:
Rime Age

Hologram number: 40
Button location: Back of cauldron
Device under library number: 2735
Crystal Patterns: Oh come on, it's right there! Oh well - Twin-Red,
Medium-Green, Multi-LightBlue, Short-Yellow, Fork-Purple
Torn Sheet:
            Marker Swit   ch Vault Access
                         Isl    and of Myst

     The vault is locat    ed in very plain view on
           the island of     Myst and access can be
   achieved very eas     ily if the simple
  instructions are fol     lowed. First, locate
  each of the marker    switches on the island.
     Turn every one o     f these switches to the
    "on" position. The     n go to the dock and,
    as a final step, tu     rn the marker switch
              there to th     e "off" position.
This instructs you on how to find the yellow page.

XI. Extra

E-mail me at: cybersurge87@hotmail.com

E-mail that I accept:

Suggestions: If you think there is something I should add/correct, just tell
Compliments: Go ahead, if you think this is good, thanks!
Requests: Still need help? Just e-mail me.
Post: If you want to post this walkthrough on your site, just tell me. You
don't even have to ask, just tell me your websites URL.

E-mail I don't accept:

Insults: If you don't like the guide, make a suggestion or just say so, but
don't insult it.
Major Suggestions: Though there are acceptions, I will not completely redo a
section just because you don't like it.
Technical Help: I know nothing about that stuff, don't even ask, I have no

Well, that's all I can think of. Hope you liked this guide!

Also, I'd like to thank Vincent for showing me a couple errors in the help
page (the Channelwood safe combination and the numbers to enter into the
device under the library), and I'd like to thank Hiryuu for pointing out
that I had some of my Roman Numerals mixed up (doh), and Ian for pointing
out a couple mistakes (like having to close the door in Rime to let the room
heat up and some clarification on how to get the yellow page.)

XII. Copyright

This guide was made completely by me, so please do not take any credit where
credit is not due. Please do not distribute this for money. Do not post this
on your website without notifying me first. Just tell me the URL for the
website, wait for me to add that URL the list, and make sure I get the
credit. DO NOT submit this to a website without my permission.


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