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Читы для Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch

Чит-файл для Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch

Revenge of the Patriarch

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Tsunami Games
Издатель:Tsunami Games

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Walkthrough for RingWorld: Revenge of the Patriarch
Typed by Rifleman - [FLT/TRWS]  [2.8.93]

Installation:  The trick to installing is to follow the directions by RAZOR.
Delete all extra files from disk 7 and the game will work great.  Also copy
over the cracked RING.EXE and you'll be set to go.

General notes about the game:  This game was quite fun, but mainly because I
am a big Niven fan and was interested in the story more than anything.  The
game play and animation was marginal.  There could have been a lot of
improvements to the game to make it more enjoyable, but I got my monies worth
out of it so no complaints here.

Dialogue: I'm not sure if what you choose as dialogue has any affect on game
play.  The choices I made worked fine and I solved the game.  You may be able
to select different choices and still have the same outcome.

Actions: Most of the time you will be using the finger to select things.
Keep that in mind while you are playing the game.

Anyway, here's the solve.

Kzin Palace:

Select the finger icon and click on the light beam.  You are greeted by a
Kzin and will demand proof of your story.  Give him the signet ring.  You
will enter the palace, which is under attack.  When the enemy Kzin enters
the room, shoot him.  Collect his disk which is on the ground in front of his
face.  Go south.  Select the flycycle in back, click on slave, and exit.
Click on the front cycle and insert the disk.  Click on master, and read the
messages.  Now click on the blinking red light on the handle.

Space Port:

Let the Kzin take care of the guard.  Shoot the Kzin who follow you on board
the ship.

In Space:

After you make a clean getaway, Miranda will try and sabotage your ship up.
Select 'I'll find her.'  Then select 'No, please you'll have to listen to
me.'  Stun the whore.  In the infirmary, select, 'We have to get her on our
side.  We need to show her some proof.'  Insert the disk into the side of the
chamber and Miranda will be persuaded to join you.  Now you are on your way
to Ringworld.


This is a perfect example of the shitty animation, and the slowness of it.
It takes you a good 30 seconds just to land your stupid ship.  The panning
sucks, but anyway, you should be landed by now.  If not, you're a slow
reader. :)
People of the Canyon:

Your first stop on Ringworld brings you to The People in the Canyon.  Speaker
is sent on a mission do kill this devil.  You are brought to speak with a
priest.  He will talk to you, and respond, 'The secret of the Tech is a great
mystery.'  Then select, 'Taking us to see the Sky-Mother's egg would make us
happy.'  The guy wants get drunk.  You need to go back to your ship on the
2nd level and get some Ale for him.  Go to the middle of the docking bay and
take the elevator to the 2nd level.  The food replicator is to the left on a
column.  Select it and choose ale.  Now go back to the dude.  This is the
best part of the whole game.  You get to get buck nasty naked with the
chief's daughter and to the wild thang.  Too bad she's ugly as sin.  Before
you leave that bitch, get the rope from the wall.  Get the ladder from the
chief's room.  He's passed out by now, so no worries.  Exit the hut, and
climb to the roof with the ladder.  Use the rope on the stone and climb down
the shaft to the left.  The one with the least amount of smoke.  Check out
the map on the far wall, right behind the rope.  Make note of this.  Walk to
the south.  Steal the dudes necklace on the post right in front of you as you
walk in the room.  Climb out of the pit.  Climb down and Seeker will return
with the slain devil.  Get the pieces from the thing at the right of the
other thing and place them in the same position as the map indicated.  The forc
field will lower and Seeker will return.  Use your scanner on the ship and
you'll find out you can't do anything yet.  You're back in your ship and on
your way to the next part.


You're at a new area.  Speak with Seeker.  Select, 'Why is it so difficult
for you to accept my help?'  Seeker will get caught by a fucked up lookin'
dude.  You gotta save him.  Go to the 2nd floor and get a med-kit.  It's in a
room to the right.  Green door surrounded by orange.  Get the medkit and go
to the loading bay.  Exit the lander and enter the cave.  Walk west.
Oops, you fell.  After talking to the ugly dude, you'll be put in a pit with
Seeker.  Give him the medicine and get the bone from the back of the pit.
Now exit the pit through the hole in the upper left portion of the screen.
Now go and cut the rope, with the sharp bone from the pit, that's holding
the bird trapped.  Be careful not to fall in the pit in the upper part of the
screen, so stay close to the bottom.  Now fall in the pit again, and exit
again.  The bird dude will give you potion to protect you from the Eater's
nasty stank.  Follow the bird to the left and shoot one of the blue dudes as
they enter the screen.  Now push a loose stone on the big pillar just to the
left of the fallen eater.  It is on the right side, 2nd stone up.  Enter the
secret hole and get the stasis box from the room.  It's bright blue and pink.
Now push the big rock that is directly at your feet and you'll enter the
hole.  Give seeker the remainder of the potion and you'll be finished with
this part.  A puppeteer will appear and select, 'I don't know.  You go on
ahead, I'll check the computer files and then join you in the lander bay.
Now go to the computer with the blue screen in the upper left part of the
screen.  Select stasis fields, and you will discover how to deactivate them.
Take the elevator to the landing bay.  Speak to Miranda.


You'll return to the bridge with Seeker.  Select, 'Launch the probe.  I can
fly anything you can put in the air.'  You'll do a pathetic arcade
sequence.  The mouse is far easier to use than the keyboard.  If you can't do
it, let Seeker do it.  Either way, you'll get the probe back on the ship.

Sea People:

You will go to the beach and speak to the dude in the water.  You need to go
back to the ship, get your space suit so you can go swimming.  The suit is in
the same room as the medkit was.  Use the airlock and exit the ship.  Speak
to the guy and enter the water.  After a long boring swim, you'll talk to
Lord Poria.  He'll tell you to get a translator box so he can talk to the
dolphins.  You'll return to your ship and go to the landing bay.  In the
landing bay, press the lower white button with red dots on it, on the console
directly to the left on the screen.  You'll fly to the city and talk to the
guy.  The guy will say you'll have to shoot him, and he'll sit on the device
for ever.  Shoot the guy.  Get the jar from his desk, the key inside the
transfer tube, on the left wall, and a scrap of paper from a novel on the
shelf.  Now click on the stool.  It's a pad lock.  Click on the left side 2,
right 4, and left 3.  Use the key and get the translator.  Now click on the
cork on the barrel, lower left screen.  Use the glass jar and get the green
goop.  Now leave.  Go to the right part of the landing bay, use the computer
and you'll dismantle the probe.  You'll get some arms.  Exit the lander and
talk to the guy again.  Give him the device, arms, and green stuff.  He'll
give you a stasis box.

Map of Earth:

You'll land at a new area where Kzin are ruling the slaves.  Talk to the
green guy, and take some clothes.  Go west.  You'll put on the clothes.  Keep
goin' west until you reach the palace.  You'll speak to the slave master.
Pick up some dry straw on the ground and go north.  Go north east and south
east.  The Patriarch will be eating.  Speak to the Patriarch, and you'll get
him a new tunic.  Go North west and north east.  Enter his chambers.  Show
the guard the tunic, and enter again. Enter his closet in the north.  There's
a statue on a pillar.  Pull the left most arrow and get the two swords.  Go
south into the bedroom.  Put the small sword in the impression on the pillar
just to the right of the door to the closet.  Get the head piece.  Put the
straw on the bed, and grab a candle from the candle holder and light the
straw.  Now go south.  The guard will enter the room, and go north to the
balcony.  Use your scanner comm unit and call Seeker.
Back to People of the Canyon:

Use the stasis field negator on the sky silver.  Click on the ship, and
select the access panel to the left.  You'll need to make the combination.
Mine was:  3 5 1
           2 4 6
Click on the creature.  Give him the helmet and he'll give you a magnetic
key.  Use it on the maintenance cover.  Use the stasis field on the glowing
anti-matter.  And take the anti-matter.  Take the two modules next to the
dangling wires.  The creature will try and take control of your minds.  Use
the neural wave nullifier on him.  Scoop the guy back in the sky silver and
you'll return back to the ship.


When the ship starts shooting at you, select the modules taken from the Sky
Silver and use them on your ship.  Watch the ending.

Special Thanks to Max Sterling for helping me on several parts of the game.

Greets to: Max Sterling, Patch, Conroy, VenoM, Butcher, Lestat, Ben Jammin,
Flash, Black Knight, Cyberchrist, Der Schatten, Syntax Error, and Warchild.

I strongly recommend reading Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers by Larry
Niven.  His whole series of Known Space is excellent.  The Wing Commander
series was taken from the Man-Kzin Wars created by Larry Niven.

Also be sure to call The Manhattan Project - [503] PRI.VATE - 16.8k

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