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Читы для Runaway City

Чит-файл для Runaway City

Runaway City

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

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вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)


Информация актуальна для
Runaway City FAQ v3.0(edited)
created and updated by: kLavLer@aol.com (Industrial Boie)

v1.0: Took out a few offensive words (no comment!)
v2.0: Since I really like Gamefaqs.com I took out offensive and suggestive
v1.0 is available elsewhere or by emailing me.
v3.0: Added Homepage URL

NOTE:I've covered almost every aspect of the game except the story. I consider
that spoiling.
If I missed anything email me.
System Requirements: WIN95, MS DOS, 16MB RAM, KEYBOARD AND/OR MOUSE
01. Controls
02. Characters
03. Hentai Scenes
04. Ending
05. Extras
06. Credtis
07. Locations
01. Controls
    The Controls for RC are basically the same as other DOS based Hentai games.
keys, Return or Enter button.

   Enter/Left Mouse Click: Select an action or option
   Escape/Right Mouse Click: Cancel action/load/save game or quit
   Arrow Keys/Mouse: Navigate through actions/options

NOTE: The Arrow Keys are a lot more accurate than the Mouse.
02. Characters (In order of Appereance)
    These are the Characters you will run into during the game.

 A. Katsuhiko
    Katsuhiko is your father. He runs a video game company that makes the ultra
Virtual Ninja game. Your father hasn't had a woman in the house since your
away. You meet Choko through Katsuhiko and one of your favorite pornstars.

 B. Rin Watanabe
    Also known as "Akihabara no Hondala". Rin is a master in the art of Virtual
Ninja. She is
trying to beat 100 opponents in a row. With your help she does that and a whole
lot more.
Rin is also in Seasons of the Sakura, but she only makes a couple of
Rin wants to run a Arcade when she graduates from college.

 C. Megumi Fujisawa
    The bright and energic flake of sorts. She loves to show off. She's also a
real snob at
times. The regular guy doesn't have a chance with a brat like her. But someone
with good
luck might just have what it takes...

 D. Sayaka Suga
    Timid describes Sayaka. She is always carrying around her writting tools
everywhere she
goes. Her dream is to write poetry books and publish them for the whole world to
Sayaka always seems to be hiding something. Maybe she is.

 E. Yume Togawa
    Yume is a little bit too outgoing. She has recently aquired a taste for S/M
or Submission
and Domination.

 F. Nene Togawa
    Yume's sister. She has become so afraid of people, because of her
sisters "experiments"
, that she freaks out the first day you talk to her. When you help her she
to open
up and trust her sister a little more.

 G. Yuki Aizawa
    Yuki is a very rude woman. At least that's what you get out of her during
most of the
game. Yuki later tells you how she knows you and that Kana wants her to help you
find mariko.
Yuki later reveals the secret behind your good luck.

 H. Fujiko
    Fujiko is your lover. Notice I said LOVER not girlfriend. That's because
is all
you two do; make love. Fujiko lives off of her "lovers". She gets money and
many men. She used to black mail men into money. You notice a change in Fujiko
early in
the game.

 I. Mariko Iijima
    The rebel. Mariko hangs out in the alley and backstreets of town. Her mother
you to find her and try to convince her to come back home. Mariko puts out
on "I'm tough"
acts but You see right through that. Mariko is really insecure when it comes
right down
to it.

 J. Kana Kurimida
    Kana is a classmate of yours. Much to your suprise she works at Soapland as
alias Kurimi. She is a very smart woman and convinces you to help people achieve
goals with your luck. She is also how Yuki knows what kind of person you are.

 K. Choko Iijima
    The mysterious multi-millionaire. She seems to be in love with your father
at first but it soon becomes apparent that she wants to use your good luck to
a lot of money. (What's the point!?)

 L. Hiromi Sasaki
    Owner of the bar. She attracts a lot of men to her bar with her looks and
that she is single. Hiromi is in a word a blunt woman. She helps you out during
the game
if you give her something.

 M. Yumirin Kroda
    Your favorite porn star. Yumirin is the woman on the video Kenta lent you
he went to india. She is a Gaijin (foreigner) from the Phillipines. She knows

 N. Kiri
    The S&M author that doesn't write her own stories. She has recently aquired
the work
of her neice Sayaka. You must teach her a lesson.

 O. The Legendary Tree God
    Gave you your power. Whatever you need seems to appear. The Tree saved you
and your father's life but couldn't save your mother. You must choose to keep
your powers or risk death and get rid of them.
03. Hentai Scenes
    The only two scenes you can miss are with Fujiko.
    If you go to her house the first day you can get one and if you think about
    her the first night you'll be treated to a flashback.
NOTE: You can't really miss any.
04. Ending
    When you finally find the Tree that gave you your power you will ask it to
take your
power away. Afterwards you start to see visions. Here is a step by step
walkthrough to get
the Good and Bad Endings.

 A. Bad Ending
    To get the bad ending simply choose to keep your powers.

 B. Good Ending
    To get the good ending follow this EXACTLY.

    Choice 01:
    Do it
    Choice 02:
    Think; Fujiko
    Choice 03:
    Think; Fujiko
    Choice 04:
    Think; Myself
    Choice 05:
    Look; Fujiko
    Choice 06:
    Look (until it repeats)
    Choice 07:
    Think; Fujiko (until you ask yourself if you want the powers)
    Choice 08:
    Think; Myself (do you want the powers?)
    Choice 09:
    Choice 10:
    Look; Woman (until your thoughts repeat)
    Choice 11:
    Talk and Think (you should think "time for justice")
    Choice 12:
    Talk (you should say okay I'll pay the fee)
    Choice 13:
    Choice 14:
    Choice 15:
    Watch (until you say to yourself "now's my chance")
    Choice 16:
    Whistle (to confuse the bad guys)
    Choice 17:
    Choice 18:
    Choice 19:
    Knockout Move (you'll change them into good guys)
    Choice 20:
    No, that's wrong
    Choice 21:
    Do it, Stop and Refuse (when Kanto askes if he can finish it)
    Choice 22:
    Choice 23:
    Let Me Do It!
    Choice 24:
    Choice 25:
    Where is Sister?
    Choice 26:
    Let Me Do It!
    Choice 27:
    Choice 28:
    Choice 29:
    Make Them Stop (until an assasin shows up)
    Choice 30:
    Don't touch her
    Choice 31:
    Ask (until USE; Executioners, appears)
    Choice 32:
    Choice 33:
    Stop, Stop, Save Her (you should contemplate dying to lose your power)

  If you wake up in the Park you got the Good Ending. Remember this if you
wake up in the Park; Do bad but then good when you can and your sure to get it.
05. Extras
    Extra things or characters you should know or take notice of.

 A. To find Mariko simply choose every place besides the Overpass/Underail until
you leave
Yuki with Hiromi.

 B. There is a picture of Rei from Evangelion in your room!

 C. People at the main intersection talk about Aki, Mio, Reiko, and Kiyomi from
Seasons of the Sakura (I did a FAQ on this game too!).

 D. Desert Eagle from Seasons of the Sakura is somewhere in this game.

 E. Fatal Fury, and Samuri Showdown are in the game...somewhere.

 F. Virtual Ninja's sequel is talked about in Seasons of the Sakura.

 G. Zero One seems to be a very popular store for Hentai Games.

 H. There's a poster of Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series in the

 I. Rin makes a cameo appereance in Seasons of the Sakura.
06. Credits
    FAQ AUTHOR: Industrial Boie (kLavLer@aol.com)

    AUTHOR'S HOMEPAGE: http://geocities.com/cantbel/ib


    THANK YOU: Hentai Otaku, Artists, and Fans.
07. Locations
    To download the latest versions of this FAQ visit the following locations;

    Gamefaqs.com - http://www.gamefaqs.com

    If you want to offer this FAQ on your site Email me at: kLavLer@aol.com

Runaway City and all related characters are Copyright © Jast Usa
This FAQ is the property and Copyright of Industrial Boie (kLavLer@aol.com).

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