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Читы для Runaway City

Чит-файл для Runaway City

Runaway City

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
=====================  spanish ->
- = R u n a w a y = -  german ->
  a Road Adventure     english
=====================  edition

Chapter #1

Gina lies sleeping in the patient bed. On the table beside it a glass as well as
an empty tablet packing stand. Both can be looked at (magnifying glass cursors)
and if one switches the cursor with the right mouse button into a hand symbol,
in the very clear inventory to stow away. On the cabinet lies Ginas bag, which
must down-take to it. As soon as it into the inventory put it, can you it
through-root and a packing matches finds to her. On the neighbour bed lies a
sheet, which likewise enriches the inventory in the Nu. The door right leads
into the bathroom. The sign outside at the bathroom door shows a hospital plan,
which one must absolutely regard. Inside in the bath I find a black felt-tip pen
in the garbage pail and on the file under the mirror a bottle alcohol. Back in
Ginas sick-room I try to climb from the window. I do that however only, if the
plan at the bathroom door studied it before! In swindle-exciting height I
balance outside at the hauswand along to the Abstellkaemmerchen. Between the
shelves at the left wall one finds two cushions, in the shelf equal beside the
window a sprayflasche, on the soil as well as a shelf subject under it a
cardboard with syringes (Jeringuilla). One of it moves in the luggage. On the
other side of the room the head of the display model can be put in. On the
filing cabinet right beside the window a book lies. From the halfopened drawer a
blank form hangs out. Pull with the syringe something alcohol from the bottle
and this into the empty felt-tip pen fill. Now mark the blank form with the
felt-tip pen and back in Ginas sick-room marked record sheet with the map at
Ginas bed exchange. A view in Ginas bag brings a peruecke to light. This
peruecke on the head of the display model platzieren and this in the bed put. I
put cushions and sheets automatically in addition. Now Ginas patient map into
the free space of the bed put and afterwards withdraw themselves I briefly into
the bath. In the following intermediate sequence one sees, how one of the rogues
storms in the room and shoots at Ginas double in the neighbour bed. Frightened I
storm from the bath and try Gina to wake, but the many sleeping pills prevent
that she wakes up. A view in the medical book instructs me that only a cold
shower can help here. Hold and release the sprayflasche from the inventory I by
the fire-alarm box at the ceiling with it the fire sprinkler. The empty bed
catches fire, God is thanks awakes to Gina in time. We both pile up, before the
fire-brigade arrives. In a very long intermediate sequence schmieden we in the
car of plans, how we could proceed now further.

Chapter #2

While we find both us on the way in the museum, in order to find something out
over a small cross, hedges some rogues dark plans out. Gina makes a walk with
the museum leader Clive around the museum and I tries Dr. Olivaw working in the
laboratory to persuade that she restores the small cross immediately. But it is
in such a manner overloaded and with work ueberschuettet that it is added at the
earliest in three days. For some mysteries it is absolutely necessary to lead
the correct dialogues! This is naturally made more difficult by the Spanish
acoustic output very much ;) (it harms that this wonderful Adventure has not at
least English sub-titles!) Should not get ahead you despite solution times, then
tries as the first, with all people again too plaudern. Cunningly I exchange my
Crucifix for an article, which lies in the shelf beside Dr. Olivaw. Mayan Object
' moves thereby into my inventory. On the partition in the laboratory one, for
strand Brush ', is appropriate in the middle which emerges as container for
talcum powders. From the bag (Briefcase), which in the right part of the area on
a Schraenkchen is located, mopse I me a flaeschchen lacquer (Varnish). In the
office of Clive I snatch the books, those on the desk lie and discover under it
a keyhole. On the left and on the right the corridor stairs lead downward. There
sits a gutgelaunter employee, who lets itself be sprinkled from its Walkman.
When I address Willy, he presents friendly his visiting card to me. I would
resume the discussion gladly, but in this moment its Handy exactly interrupts
us. He gets an order and saunters comfortably upward to the well secured door,
which can be opened only with appropriate combination of keys. I disappear
briefly in the showroom for Maya works of art. When I come back into the
entrance hall, Willy sits long again at its place. I go upward and paint the
keys beside the door. From the telephone in the upper corridor out I call Willy
and give him a new order. My voice comes it admits forwards, but it makes itself
well-behaved on the way to the secured area. Hasty I hide around the corner and
disappear myself afterwards in a room or in the showroom, so that I do not come
Willy into the traverse. Now I recognize types of dust the keys beside the door
with the talcum powder and that Willy had pressed the keys 1, 3, 7 and 8. By
hearing I determine the correct code: 8137 and operate the enter key. I arrive
into a daemmrigen area. Here is the important scanner, with which the cross is
to be examined. Directly beside the door lies a golden object, which emerges as
key. A mask is kept well secured in a glass showcase, which opens only if one is
authorized by its voice. Unfortunately does not apply to me! That must find out
you however only, by pressing the button at the showcase. (Usar Boton) I put the
strange golden key into the opening of Clive's desk. From the geheimfach I bring
a Kassettenrekorder to light (DEVICES). Before I leave the office, I lock the
geheimfach again properly with the key. In laboratory take I Dr. Olivaw's voice
on (Kassettenrekorder with Susan use). I dare myself into the normally surely
locked area and let before the glass showcase (Thermal Chamber) the volume with
Dr. Susan Olivaw's name run off. (tape recorders with showcase button use). But
oh fright, which is battery too weakly and its voice not accepted. The battery
moves now loosely in the inventory. At the other end of the area is a container
with liquid nitrogen, besides a bar (Ladel) hangs. I connect the battery in the
inventory with the bar, dip her into the nitrogen and set her afterwards again
into the Kassettenrekorder. Now the voice is recognized by Dr. Olivaw, the glass
door opens and I packs fast the mask, before the door closes again. With the
strange Maya article, which reminds of a bottle opener, I remove the red ruby
from the mask. I set this valuable jewel into the laser equipment in the
laboratory. Dr. Olivaw hurries immediately into the other part of the area. The
laser has now a piercing effect and it is unable before frightening to continue
working. Perhaps you could help a strong coffee again on the legs. The coffee
automat is out of operation, experiences it, if their regards it. I talk with
Willy. If the discussion cannot be steered on the coffee, must before regard you
in the showroom the Maya objects, also the coffee automat again test and now
Willy again address. In the Maya showroom I find now reminded with the middle
statue a toepfchen with contents, to that strongly of kaffeebohnen (see the
magnifying glass symbol in the screen SHOT, exactly here stood the bowl with
kaffeebohnen!). I show Willy the beans, but he needs gemahlenen coffee. With the
drill (Electric Lathe) on the workbench, at which itself before Dr. Olivaw busy,
I grind the kaffeebohnen, show her again Willy. That would like however genuine
coffee powder. Now only the empty coffee package from the garbage pail can be
taken. The coffee powder moves into the empty packing and I assigns Willy the
coffee automat to fill. I bring the smelling Gebraeu, after she geschluerft it,
to Susan recover it in the Nu and make myself to the work, in order to restore
the cross. Meanwhile dark shapes approach... When I would like to fetch the
cross, the employee lies ohnmaechtig on her desk. Perhaps should the coffee have
been too strong? Now the exciting moment comes: I the scanne cross. Straight one
am I completely, there opens the door and Clive calls me outside. Surprised if I
follow it, but when I register, who expects me outside, am already too late it.
Around me everything becomes dark.

Chapter #3

Nanu, where has one me kidnapped? By a hole in the door erspaehe I that Gina
sits bound on a chair and is threatened by the dark types. Poor Gina! From the
shelf board at the rear wall I carry the sprayflasche forward. Chamois and stick
as well as wood foot, right beside the cabinet move likewise into my luggage,
also the blasebalg in the left Geruempelecke of the area. The chamois is
moistened with the spray and with it cleans I the window over the freezing
peace. The gefrierschrank can be opened and one must also the plug of the
freezing peace pull out. Now the sunbeams can thaw the gefriergut out. One
screws the expiration on of the freezing peace and the water runs off. Now one
pushes the chest to the side and a secret door becomes visible. With the crash
tow bar it lets open and I arrives itself in the free into a wonderful
landscape. When exploring the area three friendly ladies welcome me. I stand
before the camping bus of the Ladies and consider. Completely spontaneously me
an idea comes, as we can take Gina out there. My inventory enriches itself
automatically with a small puzzle, in which 1 part of 4 possible parts is used.
Lula, which dances before the camping bus to the passionately loved Runaway
Soundtrack, can be responded. In the crate, which stands behind it, is a red
ball, to which unfortunately air is missing. Mariola, the lady on the
kuehlerhaube, permits it not to take the sun means, which stands beside it. In
the bus, behind the driver's seat one finds a lippenstift and sun glasses. Under
the bed bunk is a hand Auger. In the rear part of the bus the korpulente Carla
lies and rests themselves. For detailed dialogue with the hand Auger a tablet
from the soil lattice is fished. On the small table behind Carla, beside the
boots a role yarn lies. blows up with the blasebalg and the ball is again
welfare repairs the red part, which one found outside in the crate, with the
yarn. If one leaves the place, at which the ladies with their camping bus rest,
to the right, one comes to a general map. Under the shed of the rogues (Cabana
de loosely matones) an old sheet metal bucket stands (see magnifying glass
symbol in the Sreenshot). On the general map left down, one arrives at a scrap
iron place with a military aircraft in ruins (late Cementerio de aviones). On
the front broken off wing of the airplane a helmet lies, somewhat further left
hangs an empty ammunition belt over the edge of the airplane. Because of the
left edge of screen a refinery (Pozo de petroleo) is to the general map. Here
the sun glasses are getunkt into the oil puddle. For instance in the center of
the landscape overview is a large barn (hangar). With the Hineinspaehen I
discover a helicopter. To the left I cannot run, since a man sits here on a tire
pile and around box beer empties box. I creep behind the barn and observe the
man by the lattice. There me the idea comes to throw the sleeping pill from my
inventory into its beer box which he turned off straight on the barrel. However
me that is now still too risky, since he could notice me. Perhaps can Lula me be
helpful? If one runs to the location, which is drawn in on the general map on
the top right (Viejo vagon abandonado), one arrives at a mini shed, farther back
stands a purged truck. Inside the railroad car one finds a screw in the bucket
at the lower edge of screen. This screw is moveable into the wood button, for
that inside the dwelling of the rogues at the cabinet down was appropriate and
one receives a twist drill. One can place the old sheet metal bucket from the
inventory under the barrel, which stands on a crate in the rear range of the
railroad car. (buckets on barrel click) with the twist drill the barrel can be
drilled and the contents of, gun powder, rieselt into the bucket. Do not forget
to carry the bucket forward again. Dip the lippenstift in the Schiesspuler and
receive one an improvised machine gun cartridge. One of the three barrels in the
old railroad car can be opened with the Brechstange. In it are peanuts. If one
throws Lula the blown up ball, she comes also to the hangar. While she diverts
the beer drunkard, I throw fast the tablet into its beer box. The tablet shows
its effect in the Nu and now can one with it talk. I open the hangar and explain
to you the plan, whereby a further puzzle particle the inventory is added.
Interested I look beside the tire pile again and put myself the glass in, which
stands on the rusty oelfass. With the crash tow bar must you on the motorcycle
strike and a crank-similar thing falls down. Mariola, the lady on the hood
always puts its eyeglasses on, in order to test whether it is brown enough.
After one exchanged its eyeglasses against the oil-smeared from the inventory,
one can take afterwards the Braeunungsmittel, which stands beside it. The
Braeunungsmittel is used as grease with the machine gun of the military aircraft
at the old scrap iron place, after one tried in vain before to move it. Inside
in the camping bus of the three ladies the crank with the center console is
used. One turns and the bus door closes. A taeschchen is fastened to the inside
of the door, of this contains a small key. With the key the refrigerator in the
rear part of the bus can be opened and therein is a bowl butter. This is filled
immediately into the helmet and the peanuts to the butter is pressed. Again back
into the shed, in which I was kept imprisoned first. (arrow under the house to
arrive over again inward). There the helmet is set plus butter peanut mixture to
the cooling peace. I agitate and the sun do its remaining, so that a leckere
peanut butter develops. The mini shed in the proximity of the railway truck
thrown with the peanut butter and immediately to come whole crowds by termites
from the nearby building greedy to eat it the little house up, back remains only
one explosive device with dynamite, which one carries in the inventory. Back in
the camper of the three ladies immediately the whole lip pin subject is
eliminated and dipped into the gun powder. Subsequently, one must use the
improvised   cartridges equal into the ammunition belt. Completely in the back
with the refinery the dynamite explosive device is platziert. I look for
covering and the third puzzle particle behind the large rock would be solved. At
the airplane scrap iron place into the machine gun insert the cartridge belt, is
complete now my plan. I hurry of it around the ladies to inform. I explain to
them mean ingenious plan and convert we him together into the act and release
Gina. Oh one, which for an exciting adventure! Isn't Lula convincing? And also
Carla (right) exceeds itself as a helicopter female pilot!

Chapter #4

Our new friends bring us reliably into a desert region. We run by a ravine. I
notion briefly, in order mean shoe to bind, there hear I Ginas cry. Frightened I
state that she was fallen into an old mine pit and literally swallowed by the
ground. Straight one as I the despair very close and short vorm giving up is,
appears an Hopi Indian and awards to me courage. I will receive Oh fright, when
entering the idyllischen Westerndoerfchens Douglasville with shots! But fast I
can clarify the misunderstanding and make the acquaintance with the friendly
Sushi Douglas, which live in the hotel. Directly beside the hotel the office of
the Sheriffs lies. Right beside the prison cell lie a few Holzscheite, which one
can take oneself. If one enters the bank, one is located in a building
disintegrated totally in the open air. For instance in the center of the screen
the remnants of a desk stand and on it find one a stamp with the initials,BD '.
The blue metallic object behind the tresen emerges as antiker Tucker (hand
symbol). It can be taken at the current time not yet, one needs it only later.
Opposite the hotel is the Saloon. In the backyard is a miracle-pretty garden.
Under the stairs a flower pot stands. The small inconspicuous door on the right
of the stairs leads in a Kaemmerchen, in which I find a gartenschere. With the
heavybusy man, he is called himself Saturno, which works in the upper floor
straight on a sculpture, maintenance I lively. In the middle in the studio a
catapult with a farbeimer stands. On the lever pull (Mirar Palanca) and the
color is hurled direction bank. In the midst of the demolierten bank now the
farbeimer lies. If one keeps running beside the bank, one comes to a tilted,
easily laedierte locomotive. The inside the red cab one can in-climb and fill in
there the firewood from the prison into the large boiler. If one leaves the city
general map downward left, one can grasp and to further locations change the
wonderful area. Before the house of mummy Dorita I speak with the awkward
however friendly chap, Oskar mentioned. The small container under the leaders is
put in. Before the well (exact at the lower edge of screen) I collect a
strangely formed stone in. In the general map on the top right one arrives at a
large krater. I admire the gigantic prospect and keep running directly. Here a
moved inventor, who waits for extraterrestial ones, broke his camp and his
research station open. At the mine I find an oil can, which leans at a stone at
the left edge of screen. Sadly I state that an enormous felsbrocken blocks the
mine entrance. When I return after Douglasville, Sushi in the hotel has to tell
me much. At the water tank of the destroyed locomotive (Boca del Deposito de
Agua) it tries to tighten the oil can over that one needs water. Over the
Saloon, at which wall beside Saturno is, looks at a water tank. Talk with
Saturno and afterwards the oil can at the water tank fill. The water in the oil
can into the water tank of the locomotive fill. Fill and again to the locomotive
again back into the Saloon, again carry water in the oil can. The procedure
altogether 5 or 6 times repeat, until sufficient water is in the tank. You
notice whether the tank is full to the fact that I to it-fill no more water ;)
While many and Herlat can throw also directly a view to it into the small
Kaemmerchen, beside the Saloon garden, because now some tabakblaetter lie there.
Just as can do you also directly of the car in ruins (Carro), which between
hotel and office of the Sheriffs in Douglasville is deposited, with the
gartenschere a belt to cut off. If the blue Tucker, which is kept in the bank,
yet did not in-collect it, it becomes now also time for it. With OSCAR, which
stands before mummy Doritas entrance, one gequatscht in detail. It rejects the
offered tabakblaetter thanking, since it would like only kautabak. At Joshuas
lay-by with the krater, one uses the belt with the motorcycle, but he does not
fit. With the antiken Tucker, which lay before in the bank, it is repaired and
put now on the motorcycle. Maintain in detail there now back after Douglasville
and with Saturno. Subsequently, back to the krater move and I change for the
lay-by of the inventor with Joshua to talk over there automatically.  I hurry
after Douglasville to Saturno back and regard the tools, which hang on the wall.
But first I must ask Saturno for permission. Generously it that I through-root
its werkzeugregal independently, approves but is unfortunately missing the
looked for part, because Saturno uses it straight. He throws the wrench to me,
but missed its goal and flies to the opened balcony door outside. Awkward way
lands it exactly in the Dreckbruehe the watering place vorm Saloon. To Saturno
go again upward and from the balcony the flower pot, which already is in the
inventory and which before under the stairs in the Saloon, on the road pfeffern.
Thus the bruehe squirts out and down can one the fork wrench from the empty
watering place take itself. On Saturnos balcony one finds a block with emery
paper between the two doors on the soil. Now I bring the fork wrench to the
ausgeflippten Joshua. I leave briefly the Krater screen, when I return, am
already the belt strained, but Joshua regrets much that he does not have
gasoline. Again I trouble Saturno and ask him for something gasoline. It does
not move anything voluntary raus, it asks for an article of exchange. The
strangely formed stone, which lay with mummy Doritas well, provokes it, is
however not not by hundred percent suitable. With the emery paper the stone is
offered polished and again Saturno, but rejects still thanking. Now the amber
from the inventory into the article of exchange insert and Saturno again offer.
It is finite content and moves the gasoline concentrate as well as some
containers out for mixing. In the inventory one fills 30 C.C. Container with
gasoline and tilts it into empty 50 C.C. Container. Again 30 C.C. And in 50 C.C
fill container with gasoline. Container to it-tilt. Thus 30 C.C remain in.
Container 10 C.C. remaining. Full 50 C.C. Container again back into the gasoline
can empty. Now the 10 C.C. from that 30 C.C. Container in empty 50 C.C.
Container tilt. Again 30 C.C. Container and to it-tilt in 50 C.C. fill the
container. Now are 40 C.C. Gasoline in 50 C.C. Container contain. Now the
1-Liter water bottle with the oil can, which already contains water, fills and
the 40 C.C. Gasoline to it-pour. With this mixture Joshuas machine is refuelled.
Joshua hurries of it around its motorcycle to start and for it stands now before
a music mystery. With the correct combination DO SOL MI SI LA, succeeds making
the connection into space, who would have that thought. Joshua rises by means of
a bright jet into the sky. At the krater only its inventor head decoration
stays, which one in-collects afterwards. Above at the stock pile Joshuas tent is
scanned and one finds a rope and a head lantern. Saturno is lightup
enthusiastically of the helmet of the inventor, he lets everything lie and runs
of it. Its welding set, which it turned off on the soil, moves also directly in
the inventory. Now gehts to the tilted locomotive and there the inside the red
cab. If their not already settled it, must throw the firewood now to it into the
boiler. With the welding set the wood is ignited. At the handwheel it turns and
now the lever under it surrounds and the video insertion shows us that something
is out-spat from the large fire-place of the locomotive. When a collecting it
emerges as key for the cell in the office of the Sheriffs. Knarrend opens the
cell door, the sight is thatful! With the Durchwuehlen of the bag, which stands
beside the bed, one finds a flat man. In Saturns studio one serves the red
button at the middle post, thereby we a statue on catapult let down. The statue
is hurled by a course at the lever of the catapult into the bank and tears a
hole into the soil. By this hole one climbs downward into the cellar of the
bank. There stands an age-old safe deposit, which cannot be opened momentarily.
In the bag of the corpse in the prison cell is a stethoskop. This is used
immediately at the safe deposit. Turn only to the right, until one hears a
cracking (85), then to the left to 29 and now to the right to 54. In the safe
deposit the plans of the old mine are kept. By OSCAR, which stands before mummy
Doritas house, we know long that it would like gladly kautabak. Now the
tabakblaetter soak with the alcohol from the flat man, whom one found in the
prison cell. Are the stamp in the inventory into the empty bowl. Into this
provisional mortar the alcohol-soaked tabakblaetter are added and one receive a
lump kautabak. OSCAR is pleased enormous about the kautabak. After renewed
responding it is also immediately ready to be helpful us by moving the enormous
felsbrocken before the mine entrance to the side. Courageously I occur.

Chapter #5

Unite from you will this chapter already from the Spanish demo version admits to
be. Oh assistance, which pursues, is me there that bats? I storm from the mine
entrance and fall before loud momentum nearly into the ravine. Because of the
lower edge of screen a board is on the soil, which can be put in, among them
finds one a broken off metal tool. A bone is taken from the skeleton. This can
be combined with the metallic article and one receives a hammer. So that the
nail out pull, which is at the mine entrance in the wood. The nail is in-struck
right at the abyss in rock. The rope from the inventory fastened to the nail and
slowly slide I into the depth. I trust my eyes hardly, down in the ruin city sit
Gina completely lost. It is overjoyed that I found it, but unfortunately cannot
it me not accompany, since their leg is broken and it must be geschient only. I
explore the environment. If one leaves the screen to the left down, then a
magnificent Canyon extends forwards means eyes. I arrive automatically at a
monolith in form of a statue. Into their opened mouth I try to be the small
cross from my inventory, but it fits not quite. A few sheets, which one picks
from the left shrubs, can be begun as brush, thus the mouth opening one
geschrubbt. Subsequently, again into the mouth put the cross and pushes
themselves the monolith to the side. In the dark inside the spirit of the Hopi
Indians appears to me. They entrust to me a glass, which contains a finger in
preservatives. In the cave right behind Gina one finds an axe, it right beside
the enormous statue leans nearly invisibly at a stone (see hand cursors). Left
beside Gina one runs by the ruins and can enter a house completely in the back.
In the next floor one goes through the right door, then through the left and
then right beside the leaders through the door. Now one is located directly in
the walls over Gina, can go the down-hanging rope with the axe caps and again
downward, back to Gina. With the axe the board is divided in the inventory and
geschient with the two unique pieces Ginas leg (board on Gina to click).
Carefully I help Gina on the legs and we humpeln to mummy Dorita.

Chapter #6

OSCAR permits me to enter the house of mummy Dorita. In the dialogue with him I
can select whether I would like to speak with mummy Dorita or with Gina. Mummy
Dorita is bound to the wheelchair. It looks for a medium. In the course of the
maintenance it looks me deeply into the eyes, in order to test whether I am
suitable for it. During the discussion I can ask mummy Dorita whether I may
visit Gina. This sits with geschienten leg in the adjoining room. Back in
Douglasville I Sushi in the hotel an attendance off. I am not astonished myself
badly, as I above in its High Tech office umschaue. On the wall also a poster
hangs of the ingenious, but in this country few admitted Spanish Comic Adventure
' Hollywood of monster ' the Pendulo of studios. One considers also Sushis
Bildschirmschoner, which does not have to do exactly like the poster, anything
with the solution method. Within the lower range of the hotel one finds
fire-place a Schuerhaken right open beside that. In the Saloon under the stairs
Rutger a cosy Plaetzchen furnished itself. I chat in detail with him. To
terminated discussion automatically the screen changes. I pack the Indian axe
from the inventory and click her on the trommelnden Rutger. The Indian axe
emerges as whistle. Rutger ignites it and lets me a strong course take. I am
located automatically immediately thereafter in mummy Doritas room. It looks to
me into the eyes and states that I not yet when medium is suitable. Disappointed
I return to Rutger and describe to him the problem. I need something stronger!
The African brings me on an ingenious idea. The plant, which I picked before the
crypt and which already in my inventory stores, contains Samenschoten, which are
to have a berauschende effect. Completely alone, without your assistance, I pick
the Samenschoten of the branch and stow her away likewise in the inventory. In
the doctor's bag, which is located in the prison cell, one finds now a skalpell.
I try to open the schoten but they are stone hard. In the open chimney fire of
the hotel the skalpell is heated up and thus the schoten is opened. Rutger brews
a beverage for me with these grains now particularly. When I cost it, I hurry to
mummy Dorita and the ritual is carried out. I bend myself before the altar and
must the sentences repeat, the mummy Dorita pronounce. (at the best to the way
of writing of the sub-titles pay attention.) Subsequently, we go into the
cellar. Mummy Dorita shifts me into a Trancezustand. The spirit of the deceased
Johnny takes possession of my body and Gina asks it to the terrible atrocity.
How geraedert I awake in Ginas room and it reports to me, what could experience
it during my Hypnosesitzung, and/or which she can still remember. Subsequently,
I march after Douglasville around Sushi the pieces of news to report. She
guesses/advises me to ask Rutger and Saturno. First quatsche I in detail with
Rutger, then I visit Saturno in its studio. The head coverage of the
Alienforschers inspired it clearly, which one recognizes by its sculptures
immediately. Saturno knows also, where Johnny had its camp. I follow its
description of way, by leaving Douglasville and selecting on the general map '
Jonnys caravan ' left above. Johnnys of zerbeulter camping cars is locked. With
the Schuerhaken the door is opened. Inside it looks devastatingly. If one leaves
the camper, one finds some bank papers at the inside of the opened door. Sushi
bring I mean find, the bank papers from Johnnys camper. I examine again the
camping car, in order to return afterwards directly again to the hotel. Now
Sushi already expects me, it stands above at the stairs of the hotel and calls
after me, when I occur. Excited it reports of its investigations.  I return to
Johnnys camper and snatch myself its jacket, which hangs right beside the door.
Straight one as I the campers leaves, hears I a car approach. Frightened I hide
myself behind the only tree and the belausche bad ones.  Back in the city steam
from the fire-place of the locomotive is left again (in the red cab on the lever
to pull) and a Sheriffstern is herausgepustet. I put the Sheriffsstern for the
strong OSCAR to the Shirt and appoint him the Sheriff of Douglasville. In a long
intermediate sequence, in which I visit among other things Sushi and from the
hotel window spaehe, see I that the dark types with their black sedan rush into
the city. After a discussion with Sushi I leave the hotel and associated
automatically with OSCAR, which takes its job very exactly as Sheriff. It stands
before the office of the Sheriffs and the two strangers already surely behind
lock and latch plate brought. I go into the office of the Sheriffs and seize
myself the pouch with the belongings of Gustav and Feodor, which stand on the
table. Sushi examines contents of the bag, while I leave the hotel briefly. In
the following dialogue with Sushi selects one, Woody everything ' and...
Manhattan '. From Sushi's desk I snatch the dictating machine. Thus Gustavs and
Feodors maintenance are taken up in the prison. Subsequently, I visit Gina,
which stays still with mummy Dorita. It is afflicted by hallucinations and
frightens before me. I weihe it into the plan and her discusses a part of the
volume on the dictating machine. As the latter I bring the dictating machine to
Sushi...   and now may do you you at exciting, breath-robbing beautiful and
unusually long remove please. If you watch out exactly, experience you in a
dialogue between Brian and Sushi, after the delivery of the dictating machine,
Sushis E-Mail address. (ready put pin!) And the mad, really gives it!!! I
conveyed directly my (English) congratulations to Sushi over the successful
Adventure. It answered me and very much about it was pleased! Procured look to
us our again-won friends, Rutger, Sushi and Saturno (v.l.n.r.) after, when we
leave the straight small town Douglasville. We facilitate the gauner around a
few Millioenchen. Now gehts off in the pleasure.

- = THE END = -

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