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Чит-файл для Saga: Rage of the Vikings

Rage of the Vikings

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Издатель:Cryo Interactive Entertainment
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 14 мая 1999 года
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / Top-down
Похожие игры:Age of Empires, Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, Black Moon Chronicles
Multiplayer:(4) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в мае 1999 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
(Cryo Interactive)



SAGA: Rage of Vikings is published and distributed by Cryo Interactive.
This document or its author is in no way connected in any way with
Cryo or any of its affiliates or parent companies. Use this at your
own risk.


The Viking is a skilled man. He is a farmer who cultivates his land, a craftsman
manufactures his tools, a hunter and a fisherman. His domain is close to the sea
and he
possesses a ship. Sometimes he leaves his land to trade and make war - whatever
takes to make a profit. An accomplished Viking practices physical exercise:
skiing, ball games... He likes horse fights and is a lover of poetry. Lastly, in
circumstances, he shows himself to be very touchy about his honour.
The Vikings are masters of the ocean since they have fine ships and the audacity
to sail
them far away. Their science of the sea leads them to the boundaries of the
The Viking ships are open with no decks. In the case of rough weather, the water
taken on
by the ship is baled out with buckets.
The Vikings are hardly gifted for music and also the their poetry is very rich

The trolls of the sagas are not at all the same as the malicious little goblins
of later
legends; these are creatures of great size and formidable fighters, especially
when they
are in a fury. It is said that they seize travellers to devour them. Some even
get into
menґs houses. Despite their shambling appearance, they are quite capable of
manufacturing weapons and tools. Finally, the trolls know the magic of the
consider the swamps as holy places. The ancient custom of sacrificing a victim
gods by casting it into a swamp is probably of troll origin.

The centaur is master of the steppes as the Viking is king of the sea. The two
meet on the banks of the great rivers that flow into the continental masses.
on circumstances, they fight or trade. The centaurs have precious wares to sell
they hold up the caravans that cross their territory. It is from them that the
Vikings obtain
the spices and silk wares produced in the kingdoms of the Far East. They load
them onto
their ships and sell them in the ports of Europe.The centaurs are savage
excellent archers. Their women fight by their side.

The dwarves live in galleries carved out of the mountains, and in strong towers
built near
their underground quarters. They are good architects and excellent miners.
Instinct guides
them towards the richest deposits. Once at work, they labour unceasingly because
tiredness means nothing to them. They have a passion for precious metals that
for avarice. But, more than this, they have a passion for work well done.

The elves are an astonishing race.They have numerous talents. Hunters from
imitate to perfection the calls of all animals. Their skill with bow and arrow
Of all peoples, the elves are the most gifted for magic. The elves know how to
speak to
plants, rocks and winds. They have bonded with the powers of life. The elves
arouse the
jealousy of other peoples. Their distant attitude, which is often taken for
contributes to poisoning their relationships with their neighbours. This results
in wars,
that are always bloody, since whilst the elves never torture, they do know how
quickly and well.

The giants are a very ancient race.  Their hatred extends to the races created
men and dwarves. The strength of the giants allows them to construct formidable
fortifications in a very short lapse of time. Hardly any other talents are
acknowledged to
them. When speaking to them, tradition has it that they should be addressed as "
wise giant " but most often, this is just a formal way of speaking. For in
general, the giants
are lacking in discernment.

Odin needs an army that he can lead when the Destiny of the Powers arrives. The
are made responsible for gathering this troupe together. They gather heroes who
died in
battle and bring them to Valhalla. The elected ones spend their days fighting.
their wounds heal and they rejoice in a huge hall with a ceiling covered in
gilded shields.
The Valkyrie do however have their dark side. They do not confine themselves to
warriors who have been killed, they designate those who are to die.

All the dead do not go to Valhalla nor to the hell of Ran. Some refuse to leave
the realm of
the living. We have seen some emerge from the ground, go back home and settle
beside the hearth in their usual place. Furthermore, they are dreadfully strong.
It is said
that where their hands seize you, the flesh falls off the bone. The dead person
can knock
on walls, rip off the roof, or hide in the shadows not far from the door.

The monstrous wolf will swallow up the Moon in a single mouthful. Blood will
heaven and earth. Even the dwelling of the gods will be smirched with purple and
the sunґs
rays will darken.

Of all the serpents related in the legends, the greatest is the serpent of
Midgard. He was
spawned by Loki, the god of a thousand tricks. As evil as the serpent of Midgard
Nidhogg, who gnaws the roots of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil. . This towering ash
tree covers
the world with its branches. At the summit an eagle lives between whose eyes
perches a
falcon. Yggdrasil has three wide-set roots: the first touches the realm of the
gods, the
second the realm of the giants, the third plunges down into the realm of
serpent Nidhogg lives beneath this root.


* A Berserkr is a warrior who is possessed by fury before he fights. Foam pours
from his
mouth, he bites his shield, growls, roars, then hurls himself into the attack
worrying about being wounded. The Berserkr gene is present in all races. It is
frequent in the trolls, who have undoubtedly passed it on to humans.

* In the world of sagas, the bow is a prestigious weapon. A bowstring that
can seal
the fate of a man, or even of a kingdom.

* In the world of the sagas, there are no unbelievers. When it is said of a man
that he
does not sacrifice to the gods and counts above all on his own strength ", this
does not
mean that he denies the existence of supernatural forces, but rather that he is
too proud
to accept their help.

* The honour of a Viking is related to his prestige. Whenever he suffers an
affront, he must
take revenge on penalty of losing his dignity, in his own eyes and in those of

* In a world where everyone proclaims himself responsible for his deeds, honour
is mixed
up with reputation. This is the most precious possession a man can have: " Goods
wither, parents may die, and you yourself will die; yet reputation never dies,
you have
acquired a good one. "

* The colour brochure included in the Saga box introduces each people. Consult
and you
will see that there are three types of Viking characters each having their own
- The Viking woman works.
- The Viking warrior works and fights.
- The Valkyrie fights and takes care of everything having to do with religion
She refuses to do everyday tasks.

* If you move the cursor over a character, its characteristics appear in the
Work value: symbolized by a hammer. Determines the speed at which a character
accomplishes the tasks you give it.
Combat value: symbolized by a sword. Determines efficiency of a characterґs
attacks in
hand to hand combat.
Shooting value: symbolized by an arrow. Determines the efficiency of the
projectiles the
character shoots.
Armour value: symbolized by an armour. Determines the characterґs capacity to
Magic value: symbolized by a ball of fire. Determines the characterґs aptitude
pagan magic.
Anti-magic value: symbolized by a Celtic cross. Determines the characterґs
capacity to
counter pagan magic. In the first scenarios, this characteristic doesnґt concern
the pagan
By moving the cursor over the different types of characters, you will notice
they donґt
all have the same values. For instance, only the Valkyrie may have a magic
Viking women and warriors have a work value, but the womenґs is greater.

* In the first scenarios, the non-Viking peoples appear to be either your
or your
enemies. But very quickly, non-Viking characters will come over to join you.
This happens:
- When you by a character of another people;
- When you submit an enemy clan;
- When you follow one of the scenarios which give you control of a non-Viking or

* The Elves are characterized by their skill with the bow and arrow, the Dwarfs
by the
quality of their armour, the Trolls by their brutality, the Centaurs by their
mobility, the
Giants by their terrifying strength, the Vikings by their diversity and the
people by
the brilliance of their shields. All know how to fight in a formation.

* Buildings (classified per clan)
Construction : Number of raw material units needed for the erection of a
Function : A purpose of a completed building. A building can provide many
functions :
- production of a value unit
- generation of creatures
- transformation of creatures
- capital
- source of manna or anti-manna.
Consumption : Quantity of raw material used in the building in order to produce
unit of
value , to create a character or to transform a creature.
Actors : List of creatures able to work in a building.
Efficacity : The higher this parameter, the quicker is the work achieved inside
the building.
The indicated number defines the minimal efficacy of the building. Its value
increases as
the clan wins upgrades in work value.
Resistance to assaults : is equivalent to the creatureґs armor value.

The ships are included in the building class. The following items refer to
Crew : Maximal number of crew memebers. The higher their number, the faster the
can sail.
Passengers : Maximal number of passengers the ship can embark.

* Creatures
Under this heading are listed animals and other creatures not belonging to any
The following characteristics are given :
 : Combatvalue (if the creature enters in approached combat)
 : Shooting value (if the creature launches a remote assault)
 : Natural protection. Is equivalent to the creatureґs armor value.
 : If the creature is edible, this indicates the number of food portions
by its
 : The creature is able to transport goods.

* Ressources
Resistance to work hardships : The higher the value of this parameter, the more
time can
be devoted by the creature to exploit the resource.
Production : Maximal quantity of raw material the resource is able to produce
running out.
Renewal : Time needed for renewal of the depleted resource. The unit used
approximately to a minute. " Seasonal " means that the resource cannot be
exploited in
winter and renews itself at the beginning of summer. " Permanent " means that
resource never runs out.

* Spells
This chapter contains all the spells used in the game ranked in the incremental
Cost in manna : Indicates the number of points deducted from the magicianґs
each time he casts a spell. Lost points can be recovered more or less quickly
to conditions explained in chapter "One player - Managing the Viking clan -
Magic ".
Targets : Defines the targets at which a magician can cast a spell. Here are
examples of
applicable restrictions:
Aliens : only creatures (characters, animals, monstersа) outside your clan may
Friends : creatures from your clan.
Free area : the spell can be cast only in an area zone free from obstacles
(example :
spectrum spell). In action, it is enough to observe the cursor, when it comes to
a target,
to know whether the latter is valid or not.
Projectile : " Yes " means that the spell provokes the creation of a projectile
capable of
either hittinig or missing the target. " No " means taht the magic effect
directly on
the target.
Efficacy : Even when they hit their target, the enemy spells do not
systematically win. One
carries out a test to know whether the assault was effective, and so, how many
points were
made to be lost by it. The assault has the more chances to be effective as the
value of a
magician is important and the spell cast is powerful. It has the more chances to
fail as the
value of the target armor is high.
Duration : In case of some spells (Petrification, for example) it is important
define the
duration of effects. This item is missing when the spell has instant or very
effects (Thunderbolt, Fireballа)

*  No projectile or spell cast by you can affect a character from your clan.

* It is impossible to cast a second spell to a character already being under the
effect of a
spell. For example, you cannot launch a fireball at a person immobilized by the
inertia spell. However, you can pinpoint it with arrows or stab it to death with
the sword.

* All durations indicated are approximate: they vary according to the rapidity
computer and the adjustements you have made in the menu Options - Game speed.


 Bolt of ligthning
Cost in manna : 10
Targets : All except friends
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : The thunderbolt is an offensive polyvalent spell easy to use,
recommend for
runemaster beginners. Experienced magicians will appreciate its low cost in

Cost in manna : 14
Targets : No restrictions
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Automatic
Comments : The lighting flare launched by your magician penetrates gray and
It allows you to spot the enemy before he appears in your charactersґ field of

 Nidhoggґs spine
Cost in mana : 18
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : Two poisoned poles springing up from the soil to impale the targeted
This spellґs name comes from the great snake Nidhogg, who lives underground and
its tail stuffed with poisoned spikes.

Cost in mana : 22
Targets : Non-fighting aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Duration : 1ґ
Comments : This spell provides control over a fighting creature in the game for
period of time. The creature takes your color and submits to you as if it
belonged to your
clan. It can be a character coming from another clan, whom you will make to work
for you.
It can be also a cow or wild beast you will kill for its meat.

 Ice spikes
Cost in mana : 26
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : Ice needles penetrate the legs of the targeted creature.

 Ring of obsession
Cost in mana : 30
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Duration : 20ґґ
Comments : This spell affects the characters you target and those found in their
Two revolving rings appear on the target. The victims of the spell, hypnotized,
start to
dance and cannot do any other action until the looses its effect.

Cost in mana : 34
Targets : All except friends
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : The Fireball spell is a classic that any magician should have at his

Cost in mana : 38
Targets : Free area
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Duration : 1ґ
Comments : This spell should be cast in an obstacle-free area. It provokes the
of a creature randomly chosen among all the non-fighters inthe game. The
your orders as if it were under the effect of the Control spell. Upon expiration
of the spell,
it returns to nothingness.
Note : It is impossible to cast a spell at the creature invoked because it is
already under
the effect of a spell.

 Deadly smoke
Cost in mana : 43
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : A black fume appears under the targeted creature and sucks out its
life through
its feet.

 Deadly inertia
Cost in mana : 48
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Duration : 30ґґ
Comments : The targeted creature lies prostrate on the ground, unable to move.
the end
of spell, it stands back on its feet - if you have not already killed it.

 Tongues of fire
Cost in mana : 53
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : Once again, the danger arises from the ground, this time in the form
of flames
which carbonize the legs of targeted creature.

Cost in mana : 58
Targets : Aliens except magicians, sea serpent and Destiny Warrior.
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Duration : 1ґ 10ґґ
Comments : This spell is a more powerful version of Control. It submits to your
power all
the creatures in the game except the magicians, the sea serpent and the destiny

 Cure wounds
Cost in mana : 63
Targets : Friends
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Comments : This spell restores to a creature of your clan all the life points
that it had lost.

 Fire wheel
Cost in mana : 68
Targets : All except friends
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : Fire balls are being shot simultaneously in all directions. An ideal
spell for a
magician surrounded by enemies.

 Rise dead
Cost in mana : 73
Targets : Dead creatures
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Automatic
Comments : The spell to be cast at the squeleton of a creature. The bones are
together and a living dead arises where his body was lying. The living dead
submits to
your orders and fights for you until it is destroyed.

 Putrid fog
Cost in mana : 80
Targets : Alien creatures and ships
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : A suffocating mist layer swirls around the target.

 Far sight
Cost in mana : 87
Targets : No restrictions
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Duration : 30ґґ
Comments : The magician conjures up a pulsing star which sheds light on the area
expiration of the spell. This spell chases black and grey mists much better than
Lightening flare.

 Awaken Ymir
Cost in mana : 94
Targets : Free area
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Duration : 1ґ 10ґґ
Comments : This spell is a more powerful version of the Invocation spell. The
creature is randomly chosen among warriors in the game, excluding the sea
destiny warrior. However, you have a chance to conjure up a giant - which is why
spell bears the name of Ymir, the father of all the giants.

Cost in mana : 101
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Sunject to test
Duration : 50ґґ
Comments : The targeted creature turns into stone for a limited period of time.
It is unable
to move but remains vulnerable to attacks and may be killed.

Cost in mana : 108
Targets : Aliens except magicians, sea serpent and destiny warrior
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Duration : 1ґ 40ґґ
Comments : This spell is a more powerful version of the Possession spell.

 Devouring fire
Cost in mana : 115
Targets : Aliens
Projectile : Yes
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : A magical fire sticks to the targeted creature and follows it in all
its movements.

 Power shadow
Cost in mana : 125
Targets : Friends except magicians
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Duration : 1ґ 20ґґ
Comments : This spell changes a creature of your clan into a shadow. The shadow
creature is at your service. All its characteristics have been improved, namely
its armor,
which makes it very difficult to kill in combat. At the end of the spell, the
creature returns
to its initial form.

Cost in mana : 135
Targets : Aliens except magicians
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Subject to test
Comments : This spell disintegrates the targeted creatureґs matter and
it into
a highly unstable magma ball.

 Summon Odin
Cost in mana : 240
Targets : Free area
Projectile : No
Efficacy : Automatic
Duration : 40ґґ
Comments : This spell is analogous to " Ymirґs awakening ". It provokes the
appearance of the destiny warrior.

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