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Читы для Sam & Max Hit the Road

Чит-файл для Sam & Max Hit the Road

Sam & Max Hit the Road

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:LucasArts Entertainment
Похожие игры:Maniac Mansion, Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
			Walkthrough and general Spoiler

			        by Derek Waite


			}}}}}}}}SPOILERS AHEAD{{{{{{{{

This file contains the complete solution to LucasArts Sam & Max Hit the Road.
Only read it if your totally stuck, totally bored or totally stupid. After
all it's your money and if you want to waste it by buying expensive computer
games that you can't solve then that's your business.

This walkthrough takes you through the game step by step but only tells
you to do the stuff necessary to complete the game. There is plenty more
that you can do. For example, in many locations it seems unnecessary to talk to
anyone, but often talking will provide a valuable clue for anyone who has not
got this walkthrough. Sometimes talking to people will even bring about a
moment of humour (after all this is supposed to be funny, right!)

If you really don't want to cheat that much, each section has a list of
items that are up for grabs. If you know what you want just look up the
item and read the text for that section.

Happy Cheating!!!!!!!!!


At the office Take the Money from the Mouse Hole on the back wall. Walk over
to the far right and Pick up the Black Light that Max uses to light up his
rare sixties posters. Leave the office by the only door and make your way down
stairs only stopping to allow Max to help someone go down.
On the street Use Max on the Hypercephalic Cat and get your assignment Orders
(the Cat is the Bonded City Courier Sam mentions in the Intro). 'Use' the Car
and you'll be placed on the main map. Click on the Carnival on the North East

Items:	Money
	Black Light
	Assignment Orders


Give the orders to Flambe the Fire-Belcher to get into the FREAK SHOW where
you'll meet the Kushman Bros.


The Kushman's will outline your quest and give you a Day Pass for the rest of
the Carnival. Pick up the Bigfoot hair just in front of the Ice Block and also
take Jesse Jame's severed Hand. Go back out the back and walk all the way to
the left to the CONE OF TRADEGY.

Items: 	Jesse James severed Hand
	Bruno the Bigfoot's hair


Talk to the operator about Bruno and Trixie, he'll give you a clue about the
TUNNEL OF LOVE.  Ask him for a ride on the Cone.

After the ride Check out your inventory and talk to the operator about your
missing stuff, he'll give you a Claim Ticket for the Lost and Found.

Walk over to the Wak-a-rat game and have a go, you need to score over 20 to win
a bulbless Torch. Also get the Fishbowl Magnifying lens from the attraction to
the right of the Wak-a-Rat. Go to the far right past Trixie's Trailer to the

Items:	Claim Ticket
	Fishbowl Magnifying Lens
	Bulbless Torch


Just walk in, provided you have the Claim Ticket you'll get all your stuff
back plus a Refrigerator magnet from the WORLD OF FISH. Looking in your
inventory will make WORLD OF FISH appear on the Map. Go left, round the Freak
show tent and down the other side to the TUNNEL OF LOVE.

Items:	Refrigerator Magnet


In your inventory use the Black Light with the Torch and then 'use' the torch
(allows it to be accessed by the right mouse button). Now use the Swan to ride
the T.O.L. When you get inside select the torch with the right Mouse Button and
point the cursor at the unlit areas of the ride. You can now select the normal
'Look' and 'Use' icons (Right Mouse button) and use the torch at the same time.
Look into the third darkened area until you register the FuseBox. Well before
the ride draws level to it, select Max from your Inventory and use him on the
FuseBox. If you don't make it in time you will have to get off and try it
again. If you try too early Sam will say so and you can try again when the ride
has moved on a bit.

CAUTION: Make sure Sam has stopped walking before you try to move Sam yourself.
It is possible to get him stuck next to the secret door (Well I did).

Look at Henry VIII and Sam will operate the switch that opens the door to the
Secret passage.  Walk into the secret passage to find Dougie the Mole Man.
He'll tell you about his Uncle Shuv-Oohl and mention the largest BALL of TWINE
on the earth which will appear on the Map.  Dougie wants some Pecan Flavoured
Candy for More Info and the Key to Trixie's trailer.  Use the T.O.L reset
switch to enable you to get out of the ride. Leave via the door you came in and
you'll be back outside. Walk off to the left and out to the exit. Drive to your
nearest SNUCKEY'S (represented by the Large Hamburger's on the Map).


Outside Snuckey's walk to the right and pick up the Cup then go inside. Inside
Snuckey's pick up the box of Pecan Flavoured Candy from the top front of the
left set of shelve's.  You can also get a Sam and Max game from the Rack
(different game in each of the Snuckey's).  Talk to the assistant and buy the
Candy (and the game). Talk to him about his time at Snuckey U and he'll tell
you about the stuff he learned (including Pickle Jar opening), now talk about
Jesse Jame's Severed Hand and he'll open the Jar for you. Next ask about the
Toilet facilities and he'll give Max the Key (with Rasp attached). When Max has
gone,quickly say goodbye and walk outside. When your out use the Car before Max
goes back inside.  Now talk to Max about the Key. Drive away with the key.
Return to the CARNIVAL.

Items:	Pecan Flavoured Candy
	Key (with Rasp)


Go back through the TUNNEL OF LOVE (easy this time) and talk to Dougie. Offer
him the Pecan Flavoured Candy. He'll give you the Key to Trixie's trailer and
tell you the story of how Trixie freed Bruno and ran off with him. Leave Dougie
and the T.O.L. Go right, past the Cone of Tradegy and right again to Trixie's
Trailer. Use the 'Key' on the door of the Trailer.  Inside, use the Hope Chest
and get the StiltWalker's costume. Open the closet, on the door you'll see a
Gator Golf Scorecard. Take it (or just look at it). GATOR GOLF appears on the

Items:	Key to Trixie's trailer
	Stiltwalker's costume
	Gator Golf Scorecard

Now the trail gets cold. Leave the Carnival and go to the Largest BALL OF TWINE
in the World.

BALL OF TWINE (the quest for string)

At the BALL of TWINE, visit the museum and talk to the attendant. He'll give
you some information (not much though). Next go back to the cable car station
and take the Cable Car up to the revolving Restaurant. You'll see a cut
sequence that reveals the loose end of the Ball of Twine (and the fact that you
need to get on the other side of the restaurant to get it). Enter the
Restaurant by walking left from the Cable Car.

Only thing to do here for now is to talk to the mystic at the table (far
right). Ask about the bent spanners and he'll give you a free sample. Leave the
restaurant ('use' the lift).  Now go back down on the Cable Car and head for

Items:	Bent Spanner


At the WORLD OF FISH take the left hand bucket of fish under the Fish Feed
sign. Watch the Helicopter take the net of fish. To the left of the FisherMan
is a large fibreglass Fish standing in the stream. Use the bent spanner with
the loose bolt attaching the Fish to its stand. Now use the Fish and then use
Max with the Fish. You should both end up in the Fish. After a long Cut
sequence you will arrive at the left side of the Revolving Restaurant on the

Items:	Bucket of Fish


Once at the restaurant note the loose end of the Twine and use Max on it.
Another cut sequence results in Sam and Max back at the bottom of the Ball of
Twine with 91 yards of Twine and miraculously still with a car. All that for a
piece of string. Head for the GATOR GOLF emporium.

Items: 91 yards of Twine


While idly chatting with the owner of Gator Golf you'll notice the broken Golf
Ball retriever in the waste basket, take it. Go down the walkway to the Golf
where you'll meet with Conroy and his henchman. Max end's up in the Dunk the
Beast pen and Sam end's up with the Golf Club. Replace the bucket of Golf balls
with the Bucket of fish acquired earlier. The idea is to hit the fish in front
of each gator such that the gators form a line of stepping stones. This should
be easy but seems unpredictable, the best way seems to be to place the flag at
a position directly between Sam and the place where Max is, then hit two fish
(without re-siting the flag). Repeat this for each Gator that you need to move.
Max will tell you when you've got it right. Once Sam and Max stop arguing 'Use'
the Plexiglass door to free Max. Max will give Sam another sample of Bigfoot
hair.  You'll now see another door on the base of the pen, 'Use' it and 'Look'
inside, you'll get a Sno-Globe from the MYSTERY VORTEX which will then appear
on the Map. Leave GATOR GOLF and go to the MYSTERY VORTEX to find Shuv-Oohl.

Items:	Bigfoot Hair
	Golf Ball Retriever


Walk to the right into the main hallway, Sam is either too big or too small to
fit through any of the coloured doors. To remedy this Use the Large Mirror, it
takes you to an underground chamber. Each of the three magnets that you find
will produce a different colour when operated. The colours are from right to
left RED, BLUE and YELLOW. Setting the magnets for the appropriate colour will
allow Sam to enter a particular door. To start with all Magnets are off (levers
down). To operate/disable a magnet 'Use' it's lever.

			RED(Left)	BLUE(Middle)	YELLOW(Right)
Red door:		on 		off	 	off
Mustard door:		on 		off		on
Purple (Magenta) door:	on		on		off
Yellow door:		off		off		on
Blue door:		off		on		off
Green door:		off		on		on
White door:		on		on		on

NOTE: The colours of the doors varies in each individual game that's played. I
have not seen a Blue or Green door but imagine they probably occur. The only
other combination is all off which will probably  produce black. So if you see
a Black door try that.

Shuv-Oohl is behind one of the doors, which one again varies with each game.
You'll have to try them all. Once you find him talk to him (what else?). He
will tell you to look for FROG ROCK between two places. The places will be any
two from the following:

The inexplicable valley of lights
The Enchanted Argyle forest
The Eternal Plane of Acid Rain
The Largest Stump in the World
Mount Badrich

Make a note of which ones he says. He will also ask you to find his mood ring
- which he lost building the Largest BALL OF TWINE in the world - in exchange
for information.  Leave Shuv-Oohl and go through the curtains at the back of
the hall. Talk to the woman and get a clue about the Sno-Globe. While your
there pick up (down) the Bigfoot hair near the melted ice block (saves you
going back too often). Leave the Vortex and head for the BALL OF TWINE.

Items:	Bigfoot hair


In your inventory use Jesse Jame's severed Hand with the broken Golf ball
retriever and then use the Refrigerator magnet with the Golf ball retriever. Go
down into the Museum and use the Golf ball retriever with the Ball of Twine.
You end up with Shuv's mood ring.  Now leave the museum and take the Cable Car
up to the Restaurant. In there use the fishbowl magnifying lens with the
Binoculars then pick up the exposed wires that come from the base of the
Elevator. The icon will change to a pair of wires. Now click the icon on the
Binoculars. You now have control of the restaurant. 'Use' the Binoculars, you
can make the restaurant go fast or slow in either direction or stop it
altogether using the mouse buttons (if you still can't handle it read the
manual). You identify a landmark by stopping at it, once you have identified
the two places Shuv-Oohl mentioned find the rock that lies directly between
them, Sam will realise that this must be FROG ROCK. FROG ROCK now appears on
the map. Now leave the restaurant and return to Shuv-Oohl.

Items:	Mood Ring


Go straight to Shuv-Oohl and talk to him about the Mood Ring, he'll ask you if
you've found FROG ROCK and tell you what to do when you get there. He'll also
give you some Mystic Mole Man Powder. Leave and head for FROG ROCK.

Items:	Mystic Mole Man Powder


Go right, to the rock and use all three lots of bigfoot hair and the Mystic
Mole Man Powder on it. Watch and Read. BUMPUSVILLE appears on the map.


'Use' the front door and then go left down the hall. When you get to the place
with the trophies find and take the portrait of John Muir (far wall). Go to the
room on the left and watch Conroy perform. Leave the room and go back down the
hallway as far as you can.  Enter the room on the right and go up onto Conroy's
bed, 'Use' the Golf Ball retriever on the large blue book on the bookshelf
above the door. When you've finished reading go back up and get the Pillow with
the Hair Tonic on it. Go back to hall. Find the Maintenance droid (you may have
to search around a bit) and 'Use' the book on it. Once Sam has exposed it's
inner workings, plug the blue (far-left) Jackplug in by clicking on it. The
droid will now get Lee-Harvey out of the room you haven't been in yet. Wherever
you are make your way to the right wing of the house and go into the room on
the back wall. 'Use' the Virtual Reality machine. Take the sword from the stone
and then walk forward. Use the Sword to kill the dragon. Take the Dragons Heart
and you'll get a 'real' key. It is possible to get eaten by the dragon. In
which case just repeat from where you use the book with the droid.
Go back to the room where you saw Conroy perform and Use the key on the alarm
to the right of the doorway. Bruno tell's you about the Bigfoot party at Evelyn
Morrison's SAVAGE JUNGLE INN, which appears on the map.

Items:	Book on droid maintenance
	Portrait of John Muir
	Pillow with Hair Tonic


Go into the Inn and talk to Evelyn Morrison, you don't learn much but at the
end of the conversation she'll give you some brochures. At this point you could
try on the Stiltwalker's costume (just go into your inventory and Use it). If
you first give the Rasp (with attached Key) to the Bigfoot bouncer he'll be
friendly and will offer constructive criticism. Next look in your inventory and
Look at the brochures, the "DINOSAUR TARPIT and Bungee jumping national Park"
and the "CELEBRITY VEGETABLE MUSEUM" will appear on the map. Leave the Inn and

Items:	Brochures


Go to the right until you get to the counter. In the foreground just to the
right is a box of Remaindered Conroy Eggplant's, take one and then talk to the
Woman. She gives a clue about growing likeness's from pictures. Now give her
the Portrait of John Muir and she'll make a likeness of him for you. You'll
have to go back later on to collect it. For now head for the DINOSAUR TARPIT.

Items:	Conroy Eggplant


Walk down the path to where the Tyrannosaurus and the Mammoth are. Use Max with
the Mammoth and Max will chomp off some hair for you.  Next Select the Twine
from your inventory and then Use the button on the speaker at the bottom of
T.Rex.  When the T.Rex has it's jaw wide open, click the right mouse button.
The T.Rex's Jaw should remain open and the icon should be the length of twine.
Now click the twine on the Jaw of T.Rex. Once Sam has finished, Use Max with
the now dangling Twine. After the Cut sequence you'll have a genuine imitation
dinosaur tooth. Walk off to the left and then down to the tarpit (Under George
Washington's head). At the tarpit walk off to the right and walk into the
elevator. At the top, open up your inventory and Use the Cup from Snuckey's
with the Golf Ball Retriever. Select the Golf Ball Retriever so that it's ready
to use with the right mouse button. Now Use the changing screens and then Use
the Bungee rope. Select the Golf Ball Retriever and Use it on the tarpit.
You'll now have some Tar.  Use the changing screens again and walk back to the
elevator, you can talk to the girl, but it ain't necessary. Leave the Tarpit
and Dinosaur park and head back to the CELEBRITY VEGETABLE MUSEUM.

Items:	Dinosaur tooth
	Mammoth Hair


Go back to the woman at the counter and talk to her. Ask her about the John
Muir squash and she'll give it to you. Head back to the car and go to

Items:	John Muir Squash


Go back into the mansion and go to Conroy's bedroom. Use the Conroy eggplant
with Conroy's Toupee. You get thrown out but keep the Toupee. Go to the SAVAGE

Items:	Toupee


Enter the Inn and then make a Bigfoot costume. In the Inventory Use the Tar
with the Mammoth hair then use the result with the Stiltwalker's costume.
Finally Use Conroy's Toupee with the now Hairy costume. Use the Bigfoot costume
and the bouncer will let you into the BIGFOOT PARTY.

Take the bottle of wine from off the Banquet table. Then go through the door
to the right of the stage. (You can't use the left hand one yet). In the next
room take the Ice Pick and then try to walk out using either door. Conroy will
appear and will try to capture you. Reveal yourself by opening your inventory
and Using the Bigfoot costume.  When Conroy and Lee-Harvey are in the Freezer
Use the Freezer, Max will shut the door.  You'll now be made Honorary Bigfoot
chiefs and can come and go at will. After all the chat has finished you'll end
up outside with Bruno and the Four Totem poles. You can now discuss the world
and his uncle with Bruno and get his opinions on the Poles. Or better still
you can walk round to the HOT TUB (walk to the bottom right hand corner to get

Items:	Bottle of wine
	Ice pick


Talk to the Bigfoot leader and get his opinions on the Totem Poles. Give him
the Three items that you have already acquired: The John Muir Squash, The
Dinosaur Tooth and the Pillow with Hair Tonic on it. After this you'll be left
with one Totem Pole to deal with. Find your way back to the car and head for
the BALL OF TWINE (again).


Go back up to the Restaurant and give the Ice Pick to the Spanner Bender. He'll
bend it for you and turn it into a handy Cork Screw. Use the Cork Screw to
uncork the wine bottle. You'll be left with a Cork. Use the Cork with the
Sno-Globe. Leave the Restaurant and the BALL OF TWINE and go back to the

Items:	Cork Screw


Go into the main Hall and through the Curtained Door. Use the Mini Vortex and
while Sam and Max are in there select the Sno-Globe and use it on the Mini
Vortex. The Sno-Globe will suck up the Vortex and the Cork will prevent it from
escaping.  Leave the MYSTERY VORTEX and return to the Bigfoot Leader at the HOT


Back at the HOT TUB, give the Sno-Globe to the Bigfoot Leader and watch the

CONGRATULATIONS, you've just finished Sam and Max hit the Road.

Derek Waite - 4th January 1993
E-mail:	djw@raster.kodak.com

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