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Читы для Sanitarium

Чит-файл для Sanitarium


в России известна как


 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Шизариум
Разработчик:DreamForge Intertainment
Издатель:ASC Games
Локализатор в России:Логрус
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Adventure / Isometric

Даты выхода игры

вышла 29 октября 2015 г.
вышла 19 апреля 1999 г.
вышла 21 октября 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
FAQ                                        Version 1.0
By: Mystery Moogle               E-Mail Address: mysterymoogle@yahoo.com
Created On: November 26, 1999

This was a interesting game.  Well, maybe not interesting- just
different.  I liked it!  I'm not really sure what kind of replay factor
it has- I played it enough to write this walkthrough, and haven't
touched it since.  So, with that said, sit back and take a peek at my
FAQ for Sanitarium!

1) Updates
2) Characters
3) Walkthrough List
4) Tough Spots
5) Item List And What Each Is Used For
6) Cinematics
7) Odds And Ends
8) Author's Notes
9) Credits

1) Updates
Created On: November 26, 1999- No Updates

2) Characters:
*Antonio Baldini- He is the man at your feet at the beginning of the
"Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He is the owner of the Baldini Brothers
Amzing Traveling Circus.  When you tell hom you have no money, he gives
you a pass to play the Squid Squash Game.
*Arthur Patrick- He is the old man you find trapped in one of the
sliding body holds (#005) in the morgue of the "Morgue And Cemetary"
Episode once you turn the heat on.  He had been taking a nap in the
courtyard- and then he was taken to some strange laboratory.  Doctor
Morgan was there and said that Arthur was too old for his purposes-
Morgan was holding a human head!  They must have thought that Arthur was
dead when he fainted- the next thing he remembers is waking up in the
drawer.  Morgan was yelling about a patient escaping.
*Billy- The child with two mouths.  He should be the first child you
speak to in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  He tells you that
"Mother" doesn't allow them to talk to strangers, and "Mother" only
talks to children.  He likes to tell disgusting stories- he tells you
one: He used to have a goldfish named Max, that was until his cat ate
it.  The cat pooped orange for a week.  "Mother", according to him, is
going to make him handysome, he notes your bandages and wonders if
"Mother" is going to make you handysome too.  He plays Tic-Tac-Toe.
*Bruce Chambers- One of the other ordelies in the "Courtyard And Chapel"
Episode.  He is the guy to the left of the square fountain- he tells you
that you took one of the nurse's car on a joyride.
*Carl Rice- He is the Squid Squash Game Opertaor in the "Circus Of
Fools" Episode.  He likes to be called Ishmael!  He is reading Moby Dick
*Carol- She can be found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  She is
Dennis' Secret Weapon.  She just happens to be dead and burried.
*Centeotl- He is one of the fallen warriors in the "Lost Village"
Episode.  He was the fierce warrior of the Shaven Head Otonmis- they
were savage destroyers.  He was younger that Tepictoc but younger than
*Chalchihut- The fisherman's (Tepictoc) widow in the "Lost Village"
Episode.  She tells you that Tepictoc spent much time at the Water
Temple- Quetzalcoatl called down a wave to destroy the Water Temple, it
still stands but it is flooded with water.
*Chit-Tok- Found in the "Hive" Episode.  He is the drone that will
eventually (With some trickery) upgrade your ID Harness so that you may
complete the Episode.  His job is to integrate cybernetic enhancements
to the flesh (that's what he tells you).
*Coatlicue- The Stone Mason's daughter in the "Lost Village" Episode.
She tells you about the gongs in the Temple you rescue her in.
*Collin O'Leary- The father of Sean O'Leary and husband of Marthat
O'Leary in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He tells you that the flood
was caused when the Prospect Dam burst- it was in need of repair.  And
that the squid had grown to 3 times it's normal size.
*Crag- The hooded woman's freind that is in the fountain in the
"Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.  He used to visit the hooded woman on
sunny days.
*Dennis O'Toole-  Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  He seems
to be the leader of the children here.  He will challenge you to a game
of Hide and Seek- but you'll have to find his Secret Weapon to win- he
says that makes them the best at Hide And Seek.  His father was the
Pastor in this town and his brother is the Fishing Boy, Timmothy.  He
tells you to watch your step- "Mother" took care of all of the adults.
The prize for winning the game is the key to the General Store.
*Derek- His is the boy sitting in front of the tombstone with the blue
cross on it in the "innocent Abandoned" Episode.  Derek looks like a
baby and says that Dennis tells them to be in the cemetary.
*Diane- Max and Sarah's mother.  She can be found in the "Mansion"
*Doctor Morgan- He is the person that seems responsible for your mental
decline.  You apparently used to work with him, and learned too much and
refused to see his side of things.  He is trying to find a cure for the
mental decline of the elderly usning bizarre methods- even murder!  He
has developed something called the "Hope Drug" that should cure mental
decline.  But you later find out that you worked with the doctor, and
had developed a cure of your own.  The "kind" doctor can't let you
release your cure- it would destroy his cure.  He is greedy, and to keep
his cure popular- he must keep you quiet.
*Don- He can be found in the Tower Cells Episode, near the man banging
his head to the left of the angel statue.  Don hears voices and wonders
if you are a spirit.  The spirits are fallen warriors that demand
vengance for the fallen temples.  This is your first real exposure to
talk of Doctor Morgan.  He tells you that Dr. Morgan tells him that only
lucky people are here- and that you must be lucky!
*Eileen Daily- She is the little girl sitting on the bench in the
cemetary in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode- she has roots for legs.
Dennis is their leader according to her, and he likes to play hide and
seek here.  She likes to plant pumpkins and had beaten Jessie 7 times at
*Evelyn- Skippy's wife in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.  You don't
actually see her, he just speaks of her.
*Flipper- The stinky clown to the left of Simon in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  The only prop he has is a fish- the audience used to give him
props- but now their is no audience.
*Geraldo- Inferno's husband in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He and
some others from the circus had been trying to reach the other island
when they were attacked by the squid- he and the others never made it
back.  Geraldo wanted he and Inferno to live in the mansion on the other
*Gravin- The "Handsome Cyclops" found in the "Hive" Episode.  In
different points in this level, he helps you out.  He tells you about
who you are.  He is a member of a team sent to study the hive- lead by
*Grella- She is the cyclops/bug on the 3rd level of the Queen's Chamber
of the "Hive" Episode.  She seems to know you.  She is from the research
team lead by Gromna.  Once the research team was captured the Queen was
set to execute all of them.  But Gromna convinced her not to.  Gromna
performed surgeries on the team- he wants to live forevery and has
realized that the insectoids have a higher metabolism.  So his plan so
that he may live forever is to merge the two species- cyclops and
insectoid- and then use cybernetics to achieve immortality.  She tells
you that the "merger" of the two species has made her loyal to the Queen
(the bug part is always loyal to the Queen)- and that one terrible side
effect of the "merger" is dimensia- all of the "merged" beings go mad.
She tends to the Clones- she tries to make their short lives less
painful.  Once they near then end they are sent to the furnace.
*Grimwall- One of Max's other alter egos.  Here you are a cyclops.  You
seem to have lost your memory.  But Gravin tells you of who you are.
You Grimwall are the hero of the War Of The One- theis was a war against
the insectoids.  You destroyed nearly 1/3 of the enemy troops yourself.
*Gritza- She is the female bug/cyclops at the entrance to the Queen's
Chamber in the "Hive" Episode.  She was a member of Gromna's team to
study the hive.  She is unhappy being half bug and half cyclops- she
says that she is a freak.  She also tells you that Gromna wants to be
immortal and that the insectoids are the answer.  Her job is to tend the
young ones for the Queen- the beings in the bottles are children.
*Gromna- Found in the "Hive" Episode.
*Grundle- He is the male bug/cyclops on level 2 of the Queen's Chamber
of the "Hive" Episode.  He was part of Gromna's research team.  They
were sent by the Council Of Peace.  He tells you that the insectoids
plan to attack the city during the signing of the Peace Treaty between
the cyclops and the insectoids.  Gromna did this to the cyclops
("merged" them) so that they couln not run away and warn them.  His job
is to feed the clones- they are food for the Queen.
*Huitzilop- The is one of the fallen warriors in the "Lost Village"
Episode.  He is the bearer of war- son of Tezacoatl, younger brother of
Mixacoatl.  He is shamed because he couldn't defeat one man.
*Inferno- Found in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  She is a Fire
Breather, and will teach you the art of it once you bring her some
Rubbing Alcohol.  Her real name is Jennifer Lang.  She tells you that
you are like the daughter she always wanted- but she and her husband
never got the chance to start a family.  Her husband (Geraldo) and some
of the other performers were trying to reach the other island- but they
never made it.  The squid got them- he never came back for her.
*Jessie Hatcher- The girl next to Billy with the deformed hands and face
in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  She is the self proclaimed Tic-
Tac-Toe Champion.  She tells you that they can't talk about their
parents- or they will get put in the patch.    The patch is bad she
tells, only bad kids like go there, like Maria.  Jessie tells you that
"Mother" did this to her face, and she looks beautiful.  If you beat her
(which isn't all that hard) at Tic-Tac-Toe, she will tell you she let
you win because you're new in town- but girls are smarter than boys.
The only people to have beaten her are her best friends: Meg and Eileen.
*John Whitefoot- He is the ordely to the right of the square fountain in
the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.  He gives you quite a bit of
information.  He tells you that they had to evacuate the Tower Cells
because of the explosion, so they brought you here.  The generator was
supposed to be repaired, but they got to it too late.  All of the other
patients died- you were the only one that survived.  15 or so died up in
the Tower Cells- there were two explosions.  He thinks that you survived
because your mind couldn't handle the thought of leaving all of those
people behind to die- so you created a world in your mind.  When you
felt it was safe to return- you came back and were alive.  His theory is
that the twon represented the Tower Cells, the children represented the
patients that couldn't be saved, and the parents represented the
authority figures that weren't around to help.  The guards couldn't get
to the Tower cells after the second explosion.
*Lady Ivanna- She is the Fortune Teller near the exit of the Fun House
in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  She tells you that you are far from
home and not who you appear to be.  You are easily three times of the
age you look.
*Laughin' Larry- He is the clown with the megaphone near the exit of the
Fun House of the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He calls you a leprechaun.
He also tells you that the food is running out, they might have about
enough for one more month.  But if the squid continues to eat all of the
fish, to quote him, "We're screwed".  He tells you that the squid eats
them (humans) alive.
*Lefty- He is the juggler in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He tells
you that he can juggle anything- but lately he has been bored.  Give him
the Bowling Pin and he will give you a ball in return.
*Lenny- He can be found in the Tower Cells Episode.  When you ask Lenny
where you are, he says that you are in his house, in his room.  He is
here because he has been bad.  He ate some Pumpkin Pie.  And that was
bad because it came from the Pumpkin Patch (Hmmm... Now that's
strange... Where else do pumpkins come from?)  He tells you that
everyone is gone- Mother made them all go away- she sent them to school.
*Lumpy- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  He will come and
take Carol from you once you dig her up and he will put her in a wagon.
He is the chubby boy next to the mausoleum.  His real name is Larry.
*Malus Ioensis- This is the tree's name in the "Morgue And Cemetary"
Episode.  It tells you that it is the protector of the grove and
guardian of the light.  The light is housed in the hearts of warriors.
The grove needs to be protected from greed, pride, and evil- these
aspects of humanity threaten all.  Only one may pass by him- the
creator.  Only the name of the creator will make the tree move from it's
place.  The creator is Paul Starke- he planted the tree's seed.
*Marcus Williams- He is the boy next to the shed in the cemetaryin the
"Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  He likes toy boats.  And he tells you
that "Mother" is going to make him into a Lily Pad so that he can be
with his boats.
*Maria Santiago- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  She is a
young girl that was punished by "Mother".  Once you defeat "Mother", she
will lead you through the portal to the next level.  She is on the other
side of the broken bridge, near the pumpkin patch.  She has no eyes and
is part worm.  She tells you that there is no town anymore- things were
fine until "Mother" came.  She was curious about where the adults went-
to punish her, the other children (upon "Mother's" request) dragged her
into the Pumpkin Patch.  She was told that she had to be punished- to be
taught a lesson.  When she was put in the Patch, the birds pecked out
her eyes.  She also tells you that God was mad about the Pumpkins and
that God would punish them for taking advantage of the land.  "Mother"
told them that the Comet was a sign of her coming.  At the end of your
talk- "Mother" takes control of Maria and speaks through her.
*Martha O'Leary- The mother of Sean O'Leary in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  She thinks that everyone is a sinner- especially the circus
folk.  Beelzebub have the ability to change form- she thinks that you
are one.  She also thinks that you are in league with the squid monster.
*Martin- He can be found in the "Tower Cells" Episode.  He is wondering,
when you first speak to him, how you can stand all of the buzzing.  When
you ask where you are- he tells you the Nut House, Loony Bin, Funny
Farm... And that the bugs are driving him crazy.  He tells you that
Doctor Morgan will find their hive and squash them all.  Doctor Morgan
is an exterminator according to Martin.  Doc Morgan gets rid of them,
but the always come back.  He also lets you in on the reason why
everyone left- when the alarm sounded, they all went.
*Marty Johns- He is the boy sitting on the porch behind where you get
"Spring Pig" in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  His face looks like
it is melting.  He relates that he has a cousin named Max.
*Max- This is you.  The character you really are when you haven't been
switched into one of your other forms (Sarah, Cyclops, Aztec Warrior).
*Meeno Geno- The Strong Man in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He tells
you that he has really let himself go since the flood.  He is the one
writing the love poems to Inferno- he wants to tell her how he feels but
can't.  You tell him to get a tottoo to prove his feelings.
*Meggan Johns- She si the little girl to the left of the entrance (on
the sidewalk) that has 2 peglegs and is jummpling rope in the "Innocent
Abandoned" Episode.  The kids all call her "peglegs".  She tells you
what all of the other children tell you- they are not allowed to talk
about the adults.
*Mixcoatl- He is one of the fallen warriors in the "Lost Village"
Episode.  He is the eldest war chief, the elder brother of Huitzilop.
He is the eldest warrior- leader of the clan.  He tells toy that he has
no honor- he failed the village- he was defeated by one man.
*"Mother"- The boss of the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  She is
mutating the childern here in the name of love- so she says.  She
thought she had weeded out "your kind" (the adults) before sleep
overtook her.  She is amazed that you made it to her at all.  She is
more of a mother to the "seedlings" (children) than the adults were.
She says the children's bodies are inferior to hold their spirits.  The
children were in danger she continues- that Jeddah and the Preacher
showerd her how evil your kind are.  She tells you that Jeddah preyed
upon his own child- Carol, and that the town turned a deaf ear to the
plight of poor Carol.  The town ignoring Carol- causes her death.  Carol
was "Mother's" favorite- Carol talked to her and her voice was like
music.  The Preacher told the town that Carol was in no danger and Carol
died.  "Mother" spared the children because they are still somewhat
innocent.  She says that when they are transformed into plants they will
remain with her forever- and that is their salvation.
*Norman- He can be found praying in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.
He is in Preacher Bob's Chapel and loves all things Bob.  He tells you
of the theft in the church.
*Olmec- One of your other alter egos.  Change into this and you become
an Aztec Warrior.
*Oliver Tweed- He is the Fun House Operator in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  He tells you that the clown sign is missing a nose, a kid in
the last town stole it.
*Ometoch- He is one of the fallen warriors in the "Lost Village"
Episode.  He was the fearless one, he fought like a wild jaguar in
battle.  He was new blood- young to the tribe- but not as young as
Xilonen.  He feels that they ran too quickly to battle- too quickly to
*Ometotl- The Stone Mason's wife in the "Lost Village" Episode.  Her
husband became the chieftan after the defeat of the warriors.  Her
husband, Taloc, had been praying at the Jaguar Temple when Quetzalcoatl
attacked.  Quetzalcoatl was supposed to be King of the people- but
sought to destroy them all with black magic.  Quetzalcoatl's attack
caused the death of her daughter, Coatlicue- she was caught under the
wall to the village when it collapsed.  But Ometotl beleves her to still
be alive.
*Paul Starke- It is his name that can be found on the unreadable
tombstone in the "Morgue and Cemetary" Episode.  He planted the talking
tree in the cemetary.
*Preacher Bob- He can be found in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode in
his chapel.  He tells you that his Cross has been taken.  Once you
return it to him, he will reward you with a broom.  He preaches to a
wooden congregation- but he tells you that they are not wooden, they are
just deep in prayer.
*Pretzool- The bendy man in the Freak Show of the "Circus Of Fools"
*Quetzalcoatl- The being that was to have been King in the "Lost
Village" Episode.  He destroys the village instead of leading it. He
gets his power from the Death Mask.
*Sarah- One of your alter egos.  You change into her in the "Circus Of
Fools" , "Mansion", and "Gauntlet" Episodes.  She really is your sister.
*Sean O'Leary- The little boy that is sitting near his parents near the
circus in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He says that his mother told
him that the circus brought the flood with their sinning ways.  He says
that there used to be more families here but they disappeared- a monster
did it- a squid thing.  His father says that it is just a matter of time
before it eats them all.
*Simon- This is Trixie's brother in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He
is sitting in the middle- Trixie is throwing pies at him.  He tells you
that Trixie got meaner after her dog died.
*Skippy- He is the man in the tutu in the "Courtyard And Chapel"
Episode.  He says that your head looks like a Q-Tip.
*Stan Dumbrowski- One of the ordelies (guards) in the "Courtyard And
Chapel" Episode.  He's dressed in white and is a bully.
*Steve- He is Max and Sarah's father.  He can be seen in the "Mansion"
*Strong Man- He can be found in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He
writes poetry and is in love with Inferno, the Fire Breather.  Upon your
advise, he will get a tattoo of Inferno's name to prove his love to her.
*Stuart Limpkin- He is the Oddities Keeper in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  He was the one that brought Iggy, the squid to the circus- but
Iggy escaped.
*Taloc- The Stone Mason in the "Lost Village" Episode.  He is a stone
mason like his father before him.  He was praying at the Jaguar Temple
at the time of Quetzalcoatl's attack.  When the rest of the warriors
fell- he became chieftan.  He is the huband of Ometotl and the father of
Coatlicue.  He tells you that your arrival is too late- he prayed for
you to come and now you come: after the fall of the warriors and the
death of his daughter.
*Tepictoc- The ghostly guardian of the Totem of the Wind Temple.  He can
be found in the "Lost Village" Episode.  He was a fisherman, husband and
a warrior.  He stands where he fell- at the base of the temple of wind.
He will protect it even in death.  He says that you lie about who you
are- and asks that you get a necklace to his wife.  He tells you that he
is young, but not as young as Ometoch.
*Teteo- She is the old woman (the Oracle) who summoned you in the "Lost
Village" Episode.  She tells you that Quetzalcoatl is summoning his
magic to kill all of the villagers.   Quetzalcoatl wants to destroy all
of the temples.  Quetzalcoatl slaughterted the Shaven Head Otonmi
Warriors, their shades roam the village. Quetzalcoatl's magic keeps them
*Tezacatl- He is the Witch Doctor in the "Lost Village" Episode.  He
plans to fight Quetzalcoatl on his own.  When you meet him, he tells you
that he is the village's last hope.  He asks you to get the Pod Of Might
for him.  He needs the seeds inside to fisish the spell he is working
on.  He tells you of the Rite Of The Warrior ceremony.  This ceremony
will make you immune to the elements.  He hopes with the spell he is
working on, that he may anger Quetzalcoatl enough to destract him so
that you may defeat him.  The spell he is preparing is called Spirit
Fire.  He also tells you that Quetzalcoatl seeks to destroy the totems-
he fears them because the posess the purity of the Gods.
*The "King"- The man near the entrance to the "Courtyard and Chapel"
Episode, wearing bear slippers thinks he's Elvis!  He says he faked his
death to sober up.  These people here, he tells you, aren't patients,
they are his fans!
*The Man With The Fish- The man sitting outside of Doctor Morgan's
office in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.
*Timbrrr- The Dog/Man in the Freak Show of the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  He wants you to release him so he can get bones.
*Timmothy O'Toole- He is the boy that is fishing by the crashed car in
the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  He tells you that God made the
parents go away and that "Mother" was sent to care for them because they
are God's Special Children.  "Mother" was sent to save them from the
disease- the disease of meat.  He only goes to town for Mass because his
brother, Dennis, is mean to him.  He used to go to Mass, but the bell to
the church calling him to Mass hasn't rung in a long time.  The Reverend
O'Toole was Timmothy and Dennis' father.  "Mother" tells Timmothy that
he will turn him into a Lily Pad so that he can be with the fish.
*Trixie- She is the nasty female clown on the right in the tent of the
"Circus Of Fools" Episode.  She tells you that she likes to throw pies
at her brother.  The Squid Monster ate her dog, Mr. Poopers.
*Vera- The woman licking her lips near the fountain in the "Courtyard
And Chapel" Episode.  She says that her name sounds nice, she ate her
husband with carrots and rice (I like this woman!  Heee, just kidding).
She likes to rhyme.  Then she tells you that the patients here would be
yummy in her tummy.
*Wilbur Smith- The Tattoo Man in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  He's
very mean.
*Xilonen- One of the fallen warriors in the "Lost Village" Episode.  He
is the youngest warrior of the clan.  This battle is his first and last-
he was fierce , but died just like the rest.  He is cursed for eternity.
*Zippy- He is thr fortune telling clown on the beach in the "Circus Of
Fools" Episode.  He tells you that the fates are against you- your
demise id pending.

3) Walkthrough List
2.   Wake up and wonder where you are
3.   Make friends- talk to EVERYONE!
4.   Pick up Towel
5.   Walk past the Angel Statue- use the Towel to slide down the High
Voltage wire
6.   Control Tower- Open the door
7.   Watch the TV/VCR
8.   The above action will open the safe- read the contents
9.   Collect the key on top of the Cabinet
10.  Go out the door- use the switch to extend bridge
11.  Go to the Angel Statue- use the key in the base
13.  Speak to ALL Childern!
14.  Talk to the children on the sidewalk next to you
15.  Talk to the girl jumping rope
16.  Church- read the papers
17.  City Hall- read the papers
18.  House (next to Barn)
19.  Find Dennis, Accept his challenge to play Hide and Seek
20.  Find 5 Children + 1 Secret Weapon (See the Tough Spots Section for
21.  Win the game and get the Key to the General Store from Dennis
22.  General Store
23.  Collect Gas Can
24.  Take "Spring Pig" outside by riding it and breaking it.
25.  Throw it in the creek- where the bridge is broken
26.  Use "Spring Pig" to hop to the other side
27.  Mee Maria
28.  Use the combination 451 to open the gate to the Pumpkin Patch
29.  Take Scythe
30.  Kill birds as they attack
31.  Kill glowing pumpkins surrounding Scarecrow and then...
32.  Kill Scarecrow
33.  Collect Jumper Cables from Tractor
34.  Barn- chat with "Mother"
35.  Collect Wrench from Barn floor
36.  City Hall Water Fountain
37.  Use the Wrench to loosen and take Hose
38.  Fishing Place (Where Fishing Boy and Crashed Car are)
39.  Use Hose and Gas Tank to take gas out of Crashed Car
40.  Go to the front of the Church
41.  Pick up Stones
42.  Throw them at the bell
43.  After the Fishing Boy comes to worship, go get his Fishing Pole
from where he was sitting
44.  Bring the Fishing Pole to the Complete Bridge
45.  Fish out the Lightning Rod
46.  Back to the Barn and the Comet
47.  Stick the Lightning Rod into the Comet
48.  Connect the Lightning Rod to the Genenerator using the Jumper
49.  Put the Gas in the Generator and throw the switch!
50.  FRY MOMMY... FRY!
51.  Find Maria- she will lead you to the portal
53.  Talk to the woman wearing a hood
54.  Chapel- Talk to Norm (the one with the chains)
55.  Talk to Preacher Bob
56.  Doctor Morgan's Office
57.  Take Records
58.  Play the one titled "Belladonna In A Flat"
59.  The man in the tutu will dance
60.  Go over to the place the man in the tutu was sitting and collect
the cross he was sitting on.
61.  Return the Cross to Preacher Bob
62.  He rewards you with the Broom!   Yippie!
63.  Take the Broom and use it to pry the cover off of the Control
64.  Water Pressure Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for solution)
65.  Once the puzzle is completed properly, the fountain in the center
will fill.
66.  Look into the bottom of the fountain
68.  This will be your first character change- you are Sarah, your
69.  The first man you meet, on the ground by your feet, will give you a
pass to play the Squid Squash Game.
70.  Play the Squid Squash game until you get about 15 tickets
71.  Play the Pin Knockdown Game
72.  Take the Bowling Pin that falls out of the booth
73.  Talk to the boy and his parents
74.  Take Oil Can
75.  Visit the Big  Top Tent
76.  Talk to Inferno, the Fire Breather- She will teach the art of Fire
Breathing if you get fuel
77.  Talk to the Strong Man, tell him to get a tattoo of Inferno's name
on his arm
78.  Talk to the Juggler
79.  Give him the Bowling Pin and get a ball in return
80.  Tattoo Hut
81.  Take the Needle while the Tattoo Man is working on the Strong Man's
82.  Ask the tattoo man for some Rubbing Alcohol
83.  Go to see Inferno again.  She will give you one of her old Batons,
and will teach you to Breathe Fire!
84.  Go see the Freak Show in the beach  (This requires 5 tickets)
85.  Talk to the Dog/man.  Release him using the Needle
86.  Pull the lever next to the carousel (You will need to use the Oil
Can to do so)
87.  Go to the Fun House (5 tickets required) and put the ball into the
space where the clown's nose is missing.
88.  Inside the Fun House, a mirror will break- take the shard
89.  Fun House exit- see the Fortune Teller
90.  Go back to the place you met the boy and his parents
91.  Look down into the hole Timbrrr (the man/dog) dug
92.  Jump in
94.  Use the mirror you got in the Fun House to ignite the pile of twigs
95.  Stick the baton that Inferno gave you into the fire to light it
96.  Walk to the left, and STAY ON THE UPPER PATH!  BEWARE of falling
97.  Use the Fire Breathing Technique to kill the Squid Monster  Bake
him 3 times and he's toast!
99.  Walk upstairs and watch the ghosts
100. Note the clock near the kitchen
101. In a room off of the Living Room- take the Brass Key
102. Go back to the Kitchen, use the key to unlock the clock and set it
to 6 o'clock
103. The Study- take the Silver Key and the Videotape
104. Watch the Videotape in the Living Room
105. The Attic, open the door with the Silver Key- the Teddy Bear holds
a Gold Key
106. Set the Trampoline next to the boxes so you can jump over them
107. The Chest- use the Gold Key to open it and take the Clown Doll
inside- the ghost of Max will lead you to Sarah's room where she waits
for you
109. The Study- the painting has a Pipe Key in it
110. Walk all the way to the left and use the Pipe Key to activate the
device holding a round boulder
111. Boulder Holder Device Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for
112. Lab- Read each Chalkboard
113. Click on the 1st letter of each sentence
114. Chalkboard/Electric Lock Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for
115. Complete the puzzle properly and the way to the next episode opens
117. This is your second transformation- you are now the cyclops,
118. Kill the bug and take his ID Harness
119. Fing Gravin in a hut to the left
120. He gives you the password to his hut.  It is GRENASIR
121. Take the pincher before you leave
122. Also talk to Chit-Tok before you leave and ask to him to upgrade
your ID Harness
123. Go to Gravin's Hut
124. Take the Tools
125. Take the Sledgehammer
126. Furnace Room
127. Use the Sledgehammer to break the patch on the pipe
128. A nearby drone will melt- take his metal arm
129. Bug Machine Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for solution)
130. Gravin's Hut- ask about upgrading your harness
131. See Chit-Tok again- When he asks about proof of your age, put in
the metal arm of the incinerated drone in the scanner
132. Queen's Chamber
133. Use the pincher on the bottles
134. Gravin's Hut revisited
135. Gravin will take you to Gromna's hut
136. When Gromna leaves, take the key from his pillow
137. Use the key to open the safe underneath the bed
138. Take the Sound Generator
139. Queen's Chamber revisited
140. Use the Sound Generator on the oozing tentacle thing to the right
141. Use the Control Panel to try to recreate the sounds made by the
baby cyclops (see Tough Spot Section for solution)
142. 2nd level- use the tools on the machine part and throw it to the
143. Climb the rope to the left, near the female bug/cyclops
144. 3rd level- take the machine off the Queen
145. Jump through the portal behind her
147. Locked Door Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for solution)
148. Once the puzzle is sloved, the door opens
149. Doctor Morgan's Office (this guy certainly has lots of offices!
150. Fallen Bookshelf- read papers, take the Matches, Urn, and Bust
151. Throw the Bust at the wall behind the Fallen Bookshelf
152. Take the Pipe (U Pipe)
153. Turn on the Gas
154. Boiler Room
155. Take Tools
156. Take the Tools to the 2 paralell pipes- remove parts from both and
replace them with the U-Pipe
157. Boiler Room revisited- turn on the furnace by using the Control
158. Open the door, put in Body #7 (How impersonal... Body #7....)
159. It should turn to dust in about 1 minute
160. Collect the ashes using the Urn
161. Take the Glass Eye from the Slab
162. Morgue (Through the defrosted door)
163. The scratching you are hearing is coming from the drawers (the top
right one to be exact)
164. Take the drawers out and set them on the slab so you can look at
them.  The Glass Eye can be used to decipher what the scratches say
165. Garden- look for the fallen Tombstone
166. The fallen Tombstone is unreadable- use the Ashes to read it
167. Find and speak to the tree that is moving.  It will move aside
after your conversation- and it will reveal a statue
168. Remove the Prism from the Statue
169. Place the Prism in the sunlight.  This will cause a door to open in
the round building
170. Doctor Morgan's Office #2- Chat with him- MAKE SURE TO READ THE
this information later
172. Talk to EVERYONE! The old woman, the ghosts.....
173. Volcano- talk to Quetzalcoatl
174. Knock over the statue (on the right)- this will cause lava to flow
and create a bridge
175. Talk to the Tepictoc ghost guarding the totem of the Wind Temple
176. Find the old woman in the village- collect the Copper Bowel
177. Seek out the Mason- Talk to him and his wife
178. Seek out the crying woman- ask of her husband.  She will expalin
the Fisherman's Creed to you
179. Speek to Tepictoc again, mention the necklace to him and he will
step aside
180. Push over the totem pole to get over to the Wind Temple
181. You will find the missing daughter by pushing the boulders aside
182. Take the daughter back to her family
183. Return to the Wind Temple.  To break the crystal, you must bang the
gongs in order- from largest to smallest.  This will shatter the crystal
184. Collect the Wind Totem
185. Water Temple
186. Fisherman's Creed Puzzle (See the Tough Spots Section for solution)
187. Correctly solving this puzzle will give you access to the Water
188. Behind the Jaguar Temple- Find the elderly Witch Doctor.  He will
tell you of the Pod of Might and of the Rite of the Warrior.  He asks
you to re-seek out the Mason
189. To be able to go through the ritual to make you impervious to the
elements- the Mason will make you recite the names of the 6 warriors
that have preceeded you from the  youngest to the oldest (See the Tough
Spots Section for solution)
190. Element Resistance Ritual
191. Walk into the lava- take the pod from the tree and take it to the
Witch Doctor
192. He will sacrafice himself- ask him about a mask
193. Collect his blood after his death in the Copper Bowel- he will fall
from the stairs and onto the sacrafice table at the base of the stairs-
you must speak to him before you can collect his blood.
194. Go to the Witch Doctor's Hut and collect the Heart made of crystal
195. Jaguar Temple
196. Put the Blood into the left statue
197. Put the Heart into the right statue
198. Enter the Jaguar Temple
199. There are dials along the back of the temple
200. The Dial Puzzle  (See the Tough Spots Section for solution)
201. Solving this puzzle will allow you to take the Jaguar Totem
202. Go back to where the statue of Quetzalcoatl once stood
203. Place the statues in the places that represent the places the
Temples stand (you will understand this when you actually see it) The
Jaguar Totem in the bottom single hole- the Water Totem in the right
hand hole- and the Wind Totem in the left hole
204. Hop down the hole that appears
207. Pay attention to the patterns of the bridges and time your walking
208. The 1st and 3rd circles should be lit on the control pannel to the
209. Pull the lever
210. This will cause a bridge to lift up and a block to move out of your
211. Walk until you came to a statue with both of it's arms up in the
air- push one of his arms down
212. This will cause the path before you to become unblocked
213. Walk further to a lever and pull it this will open the gate above
214. Pull the lever next to the newly opened gate BEFORE GOING THROUGH
215. Take the Mask inside
217. Read the Tombstones and wait for Jeddah's ghost (he's headless) to
218. Make your way to the wall of pumpkins with the chiuldren behind it
singing "Ring Around The Rosy" Use the wall of pumpkins (the center two
rows) to recreate the song.  Once you do, the pumpkins and the children
will disappear.  This will give you access to the Skull.  Give it to
Jeddah  (See the Tough Spots Section for solution) This will cause a
coffin to rise from the ground
219. Use the Comic Book in your inventory to change into Grimwall, The
220. Open the Coffin and take the Angel's Head
221. Use the Aztec Statue in your inventory to become the warrior Olmec
so that you can cross the thorny path safely
222. Turn back into Grimwall once you are across and click on the
carnival game This will give you the order in which to press the Clown's
223. Change back into the warrior and click on the lighted, flashing
teeth in this order: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue (This can be tricky- just
a hint- the actual red tooth is on the left- not on the right where it
looks like it is: you'll understand when you see it.)
224. Change into Sarah and climb up the Clown's nose to collect the
first Wing outside of his ear- then climb back down again
225. Go to the Tower, climb the stairs, and cross the spider's web
226. Change into the warrior and stomp on the floor pannels (from top to
bottom) in this order: 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and 4th.  This will cause the
tall statue to disappear- change into Grimwall and push the fat round
statue back into the second round slot behind this one- this will cause
the crystal to rise
227. The Impaled Corpses- Click on each one to further impale them.  The
spirits that are screaming above each corpse will scream louder as you
impale the corpses.  Continue to do this until their screams shatter the
crystal allowing you access to the 2nd Wing
228. Use Sarah to cross over to the Hive
229. Punch the honeycombs until you find a pincher  (The left hand set-
the far right one)
230. Change into Grimwall to use the Control Pannel
231. Use the Sound Generator on the Maggots
232. Open the grate on the floor and use Sarah to climb inside
233. Now, change into the warrior and walk safely up the thorny path-
use the pnicher to cut the cord up on the top- the one holding the Torso
inside the Hive.  Go back inside and collect the Torso you just cut down
234. Go back to the Tower and assemble the Angel on it's base
235. A portal will open- enter it!
237. This End Game is just another puzzle
238. You must move around in a moving black goo on the floor to get to
the statue holding a lighted orb (the first statue is of the Aztec
warrior) When you reach the square in front of the Warrior, so will your
doppelganger- you both pick up the crystal balls and smash them to the
239. Now, you must get to the Grimwall statues- once you get to the
square in front of Grimwall- your doppelganger will as well.  You pick
up the crystal balls and smash them to the floor.
240. Now you must get to the Sarah statues- once you get to the square
in front of Sarah- your doppelganger will as well.  You pick up the
crystal ball she is holding and smash it to the floor.
241. If you get to each statue before the green stuff gets into your
blood stream (Check this by looking at the large arm off the
checkerboard area to the left- it has a tube in it- if it gets all the
way to your arm- game over!
239. Get to all three statues (The Warrior, Grimwall, and Sarah) and
smash the crystal balls before the green sludge gets into your body and
you win!

4) Tough Spots
(TV/VCR Hookup): Hook up the wires (Left to Right) in this order- Red,
Yellow, and Black.  Press the Power Button and then the Play Button.
(Hide And Seek- Children Locations): CHILD #1- Locked Schoolhouse, CHILD
#2- Red Herring Building, In The Barrell, CHILD #3- Driscoll House,
Under The Bed, CHILD #4- Church, Front Pew, CHILD #5- Between The City
HAll And The Church, In A Tree, SECRET WEAPON- Carol, Burried In C.
Driscoll's Grave
(Water Pressure Puzzle)
To solve this puzzle, you must get all of the water pressure to the
Square Fountain.  The gauge at the bottom shows your progress.  This is
a numbered diagram showing the pieces of pipe that rotate.  The N means
there is No rotating piece.
1       4       7       10       N       15      N        19
2       5       8       11      13       16     18        20
3       6       9       12       N       17      N        21
You should put them into the following positions:
1: 7
2: L
3: L
4: Backwards 7
5: L
6: A T pointing upwards
7: Backwards 7
8: A T pointing to the right
9: A T pointing upwards
10: A T pointing upwards
11: L
13: A T pointing to the left
14: A T pointing upwards
15: A L pointing backwards
16: A T pointing to the left
17: A L pointing backwards
18: A minus sign (-)
19: A L pointing backwards
20: A L pointing backwards
21: A L pointing backwards
(Boulder Device Puzzle)
To solve this puzzle, you must get all of the clasps to release the huge
round boulder-
-Pull the lever to the right
-Turn the wheel to the right four times
-Pull the lever to the right
-Turn the wheel to the right once
-Pull the lever
-Continue this pattern until the boulder is released
(Chalkboard/Electric Lock Puzzle)
To solve this puzzle, you must click on the first letter in each
sentence, they will spell out:
In the voice lock (near the elevator looking thing) repeat these words:
(The Bug Puzzle- Furnace Room)
Note: The buttons to the left with the shapes on them are labeled in
this walkthrough by letters- from top to bottom from a-f (a is the 1st
button, b the second, etc...) and the buttons on the back ofhe fly are
numbered from top to bottom 1-3. The big dials are used to change the
color that shines through the fly's wings (Red, Green, or Blue).  There
are also two buttons that look like (for lack of a better term) boils.
Either the left or the right one will need to be pushed at certain
times.  To reset the machine you will need to push the button you find
above the fly's head.
Step 1:  Make sure the color RED is shining though the wings
Step 2:  The 1st and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever down
to the letter "f"
Step 3:  Push the left button that looks like (for lack of a better
term) a boil
Step 4:  Now, the 2nd and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever
up to the letter "a"
Step 5:  Push both "boil" buttons
Step 6:  Reset the machine
Step 7:  Make sure the color GREEN is shining through the wings
Step 8:  The 1st and the 2nd wings should be extended, pull the lever to
the letter "e"
Step 9:  Push the left "boil" button
Step 10: Now, the 1st and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever
to the letter "c"
Step 11: Push both "Boil" buttons
Step 12: Now, the 2nd and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever
to the letter "d"
Step 13: Push the right "boil" button
Step 14: Reset the machine
Step 15: Make suer the color BLUE is shining through the wings
Step 16: The 1st and 2nd wings should be extended, pull the lever to the
letter "b"
Step 17: Push both "boil" buttons
Step 18: Now, the 1st and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever
to the letter "f"
Step 19: Push the right "boil" button
Step 20: Now, the 2nd and 3rd wings should be extended, pull the lever
to the letter "d"
Step 21: Push the left "boil" button
Step 22: This should complete the puzzle and shut the furnace down
(Recreating The Sound Of The Baby Cyclops)
Use the console to the left of the Baby Cyclops to try to recreate the
The buttons should be numbered (clockwise- starting in the 12 o'clock
position) from 1-5-
The combination that should be used is- 5,2,2,4,1,3
(Locked Door Puzzle)
Step 1: Take the Upper Wheel and turn it 3 times
Step 2: Pull the right hand lever
Step 3: Take the Upper Wheel and turn it 3 times
Step 4: Pull the right hand lever
Step 5: Take the Upper Wheel and turn it 3 times
Step 6: Pull the right hand lever
Step 7: Take the Large Wheel in the Middle and turn it counterclockwise
Step 8: The door should open
(The Fisherman's Creed Puzzle)
The code that corresponds to the Fisherman's Creed is as follows:
Push them in this order (from Left to Right) 5,3,1,2,6,4
This will give you access to the Water Totem
(The Warrior's Ages Puzzle)
The Youngest is: Xilonen
Followed By: Ometoch
And Then: Tepictoc
And...: Centeotl
And Then: Huitzilop
And The Oldest Is: Mixcoatl
(The Dial Puzzle)
The dials should be turned so that they are in this order (from the
bottom up)
1. Bull's Head
2. Crescent Moon
3. Infinity Sign
4. Face
5. Star
6. Fish
7. Circle With the Additon Sign In It (+)
8. This will give you access to the Jaguar Totem
(The Pumpkin Puzzle)
The pumpkins sit in sticks- in the numerical order below-
Pumpkin 1            Pumpkin 4
Pumpkin 2            Pumpkin 5
Pumpkin 3            Pumpkin 6
The correct order to touch the pumpkins is- Pumpkin 5, 3, 4, 1, 2, 6
This should recreate the song "Ring Around The Rosy" the children sre
singing in a circle behind the wall of pumpkins- the pumpkins will
dissappear and so will the children- giving you access to the Skull for

5) Item List And What Each Is Used For
*Angel's Head- This is found in the "Gauntlet" Episode- in the coffin
that rises after you give Jeddah the Skull.  This is part of the Angel
you need to reassemble to end the Episode.  Change into Grimwall to open
the coffin.
*Ashes- This can be found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode (and is
also the name of my Siamese cat who will be 15 in January- but I
digress) after you incinerate Body #7. Use these to read the fallen,
unreadable tombstone (the ashes of body #7, not my cat!)
*Ball- This is given to you by the Juggler in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode for a Bowling Pin.  Put this in the Clown's nose in front of the
Fun House to lower the height requirement to enter it.
*Baton- This is given to you by Inferno in the "Circus Of Fools"
Episode.  Use it in the "Maze" Episode to kill the Squid Monster.
*Belladonna In A Flat Record- Found in the "Courtyard And Chapel"
Episode.  You find this and two other records in Doctor Morgan's Office.
This particular record, if you play it will canuse the old man in the
tutu (Skippy) to get up and dance- he has the Cross missing from the
Chapel under his keester- getting him to dance will get him off it so
you can take it back to Preacher Bob.
*Body #7- This it the body you incinerate in the "Morge And Cemetary"
Episode.  You take the body's ashes and collect them in an urn- and also
take the Glass Eye.  For uses of the Glass Eye and the Ashes, see the
appropriate items below.  The body is found hanging to the left of the
*Bowling Pin-  Received in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  Once you get
enought tickets (wich isn't hard, you only need one) play the game where
you knock bowling pins over.  Play once and when you are done, a bowling
pin falls out of the booth.  Take it to the Juggler in the Big Top Tent
and he'll give you a red ball in return.
*Broom- Found in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.  See the Cross
below to find out how to get it- and take it back to Preacher Bob.  Once
you give the cross to Bob, he will give the broom to you in return.
*Bust- Found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode in Doctor Morgan's
office. It is sitting on his desk- pick it up and throw it at the weak
wall behind the fallen bookcase.  You than can walk through the hole you
made outside to get the U-Pipe.
*Clown Doll- This is the doll you find in the attic of the "Mansion"
Episode.  This is the doll Sarah asked you to find in one of the
cinematics.  Later, it will be in your inventory- you can use it change
into Sarah.
*Copper Bowel- Found outside of the only hut in the "Lost Village" hut-
where you find the Witch Doctor's wife.  Take this and after the Witch
Doctor dies after challenging Quetzalcoatl and falls to the sacrafice
platform (talk to him first- don't be rude) collect his blood so that
you may use it to gain access to the Jaguar Temple.
*Cross- This is found in the "Courtyard and Chapel" Episode.  You will
find this under Skippy's butt (He's sitting on it in other words)- if
you play the correct record (Belladonna In A Flat) he will get up and
dance.  Take the cross back to Preacher Bob and he will give you a broom
in return.
*Crowbar- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode, in the shead in the
Cemetary.  Use this to pry the doors open to the Locked Schoolhouse.
*Cyclops Baby In A Bottle- You get this in the Queen's Chamber (1st
Level) of the "Hive" Episode.  You must take this to Gravin to prove
what is going on around this Episode.
*Death Mask- Found in the "Maze" Episode.  Find this- this is the key to
defeating Quetzalcoatl- once you find it you will be taken to a
cinematic where you defeat Quetzalcoatl- and this will make you
invincible to Quetzalcoatl's magic and end both Episodes- the "Lost
Village" Episode and the "Maze" Episode.
*Drone's Metal Arm- Found in the "Hive" Episode in the Furnace Room.
Once you  break the patch on the pipe and the bugs move away from the
bellows, push the bellows, and a bug will incinerate- leaving his metal
arm behind.  Take it to Chit-Tok as proof of your age.  Put the arm in
the scanner in his room and he will upgrade your harness to Royal Guard.
*Fishing Pole- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  You must lure
the boy holding it (Timmothy O'Toole) to Church for Mass by using a rock
to ring the bell.  Once he comes to Church, go to the area near the
Crashed Car and take his pole.  Use it to fish the Lightning Rod out of
the water near the Complete Brudge.
*Gas Can- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode inside the General
Store.  Use this with the Hose to syphon gas out of the Crashed Car.
*Glass Eye- This is found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode after you
incinerate Body #7.  Pick this up out of the Ashes and use it to read
the scratches inside Body Drawer #007.
*Heart- Found in the Witch Doctor's Hut in the "Lost Village" Episode.
It is made of crystal.  Use it at the entrance of the Jaguar Temple to
gain access to the Jaguar Totem.
*Hose- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode near City Hall (you
need the Wrench to get it).  Use it with the Gas Can to syphon gas out
of the Crashed Car.
*ID Harness- This is found in the "Hive" Episode.  This is used to gain
access to different areas of the Episode.  You get this off the bug you
kill at the start of the Episode.  But it doesn't get you far.  You will
need to visit Chit-Tok to get it upgraded to access the Queen's chamber.
*Jaguar Totem- This is found in the "Lost Village" Episode in the Jaguar
Temple. Use this later to end the Episode by placing this totem with the
Wind and the Water Totems in the base of the destroyed statue of
*Jumper Cables- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode, in the
Tractor near "Mother" in the Patch.  Use them (Once you get the
Lightning Rod and Gas) to connect the Lightning Rod (that should be
stuck into the Comet) to the Generator so that you can toast "Mother".
*Key #1- Found in the "Tower Cells" Episode in the Control Tower, on top
of the cabinet.  It is used in the base of the Angel Stature to open the
way to the next Episode.
*Key #2- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  Dennis gives it you
(reluctantly I might add) after you win the game of Hide And Seek (that
includes finding his Secret Weapon"). The key opens the General Store.
*Key #3- This is the first key you find in the "Mansion" Episode- it is
a brass key.  It goes to the clock.  Once you get the key, go back to
the clock and set it to 6 O'clock- this will give you access to the
*Key #4- This is the second key you find in the "Mansion" Episode.  This
is a silver key and is in the study.  This will open the door to the
*Key #5- This is the third key you find in the "Mansion" Episode.  This
one is gold and is found in the attic, in a teddy bear.  Use this to
open the chest in the attic to find Sarah's doll.
*Key #6- This is found in the "Hive" Episode in Gromna's Hut.  Use it to
open the locked cabinet on the wall and gain access to the Sound
*Lightning Rod- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode in the river
near the Complete Bridge.  Use the boy's Fishing Pole to fish it out.
Place it into the Comet to fry "Mother".
*Matches- Found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode on Doctor Morgan's
desk.  Use these to look at the scratches inside of body drawer #007
after you thaw out the morgue.
*Mirror- You get this in the Fun House of the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.
You need not search for it or do anything special to get it- during the
cinematic in the Fun House (See SHATTERED MIRROR Cinematic) a mirror
will shatter and you will pick up the fragment automatically.
*Monkey Wrench- This is found in the tool box next to the furnace of the
"Morgue And Cemetary" Episode.  Use this to remove the pipes in the
hallway between the funace room and the morgue so that you may replace
the pipes with a U-Pipe.
*Needle- This is found in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode- in the Tattoo
Man's hut.  When he is working on the Strong Man's tattoo- before you
talk to him, just take the needle, and then ask for the Rubbing Alcohol.
Use this in the Freak Show to release Timbrrr (The Man/Dog) from his
cage.  You need to do this to complete the Episode.
*Oil Can- You get this in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode- near the boy
(Sean) and his parents.  Use this on the beach (on the lever for the
Carousel) to ride the Carousel.
*Pipe Valve- This can be found behind the painting of Doctor Morgan's
father in his office of the "Laboratory" Episode.  Use this to activate
the Boulder Device Puzzle.  Place it on the railing to the right of the
*Pincher #1- Found in the "Hive" Episode where you meet Gravin for the
first time (in the room with Chit-Tok).  Use this in the first level of
the Queen's Chamber to get one of the green bottles on the wall to bring
proof to Gravin of the evil plots of Gromna.
*Pincher #2- You find this in the "Gauntlet" Episode- in the honeycomb
looking thing inside the hive- it is in the left hand set in the top
right single comb (I know it sounds confusing when reading it on paper-
but when you see the honeycomb- you will understand) take the pincher
and use it on the top of the hive (after you exit it using Sarah to go
through the drain hole under the maggots) to cut the string holding the
Torso in place inside the hive.  You need this (the Torso) to reassemble
the angel and complete the Episode.
*Pod Of Might- This is found in the "Lost Village" Episode in the lava
on a magical tree. Take this off the tree and take it to the Witch
Doctor so that he can finish his spell.
*Prism- This is found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode- it is in the
statue behind the moving and talking tree.  Once he lets you pass (by
saying the name Paul Starke) collect the prism and put it in the bright
light to the right of the round building to open the door to the round
*Rock- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode in front of the Church.
Use the rock to hit the bell on top of the Church to call Timmothy
O'Toole (the boy fishing) to Mass so that you can borrow his pole.
*Rockability Swing Record- Found in the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.
You find this record and two others in Doctor Morgan's Office.
*Rubbing Alcohol- Received in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode- in the
Tattoo hut.  Just go in and ask the nam for it when he is doing the
Strong Man's tatoo. Take this back to Inferno and she will teach you to
breathe fire.
*Scythe- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode.  You come across
this after you open the gate leading into the Pumpkin Patch.  You don't
have it for very long- just long enough to kill the birds in the Patch
and the Scarecrow with the Pumpkins at the end of the Patch just before
you meet "Mother" for the first time.
*Shovel- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode- the girl planting
pumpking next to the Angel Statue has it.  Use it to dig up the grave of
"C. Driscoll" in the cemetary.
*Skull- Found in the "Gauntlet" Episode.  It is surrounded by children
singing "Ring Around The Rosy" and also by a row of pumpkins (See the
Tough Spots Section for the solution to the Pumpkin Wall Puzzle)-
recreate the song using the pumpkins and the children and the wall will
disappear.  Take the Skull to Jeddah's ghost- and a coffin will rise out
of the ground.
*Sledgehammer- Found in the "Hive" Episode in Gravin's hut.  Use the
sledgehammer in the Furnace room to break the patch on one of the pipes.
*Sound Generator- This is found in the "Hive" Episode in Gromna's Hut in
the locked cabinet.  Use it in the Queen's Chamber to gain access to the
second level from level one- or the first level from the second level
(it works both ways and is required to pass betewwn floors).  You also
get a second one in the "Gauntlet" Episode- use it there to move the
maggots on the floor to gain acces to the drain underneath.
*Spring Pig- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode in from of the
General Store with the ugly duck and the sickly horse.  It is the green
one in the middle.  Ride on it and it will break.  Take it and throw it
in between the broken spans of the bridge nearby to the right.  This
will allow you to leap across.
*Squid Squash Pass-  You will get this in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.
When you frist enter the episode, talk to the man at your feet- when you
tell him you have no money, he will give this to you.  Use this to win
tickets at the Squid Squash Game.
*The Ballad Of Captain Dick Record- This is found in the "Courtyard And
Chapel" Episode in Doctor Morgan's Office- it is one of the records
found next to the Record Player.
*Tickets- Found in the "Circus Of Fools" Episode.  You gain them by
plaing the Squid Squash game and other games near it.
*Tools- Found in the "Hive" Episode in Gravin's hut.  Use the tools to
get one of the Great Machine parts for Gravin.
*Torso- This is found in the "Gauntlet" Episode inside the hive.  First
you need to use the Pincher (#2) to cut it down from the top of the hive
(see Pincher # 2 abouve for further clarification). take the Torso after
cutting it loose. You need this to reassemble the angel and complete the
*Towel- Found in the "Tower Cells" Episode in the room next to yours.
It is used to slide down the High Voltage wire to the Control Tower.
*U-Pipe- This is found outside of the broken wall behind the fallen
bookcase.  Use this to replace the two straight pipes outside and to the
left of the furnace room.  This will heat up the Morgue and give you
access to the body drawers.
*Urn- This is found in the "Morgue And Cemetary" Episode- right next to
the entrance to the office- on a small stand to the left of the door.
Ose this to collect the Ashes of Body #7 after you incenerate it- use
these to read the fallen tombstone outside.
*Videotape- This is found in the Study of the "Mansion" Episode.  Play
it upstairs in the family room to gain some background.
*Water Totem- Found in the "Lost Village" Episode in the Water Temple.
Use this later to end the Episode by placing this totem with the Jaguar
and the Wind Totems in the base of the destroyed statue of Quetzalcoatl.
*Wind Totem- Found in the "Lost Village" Episode in the Wind Temple.
Use this later to end the Episode by placing this totem with the Jaguar
and the Water Totems in the base of the destroyed statue of
*Wing # 1- This first wing is found in the "Gauntlet" Episode.  You get
it by having Sarah climb up the Clown's nose (after you solve the
flashing color puzzle- it's easy press the clown's teeth in the right
order- see the walkthrough for that) after it springs apart- you climb
up the spring and out his ear- the wing is outside the clown's ear.  You
need this to reassemble the angel and complete the Episode.
*Wing # 2- This is found in the "Gauntlet" Episode after solving the
Implaled Bodies puzzle- it is so easy- see the Walkthrough to see how.
Just shatter the crystal using the impaled bodies to gain access to the
second wing.  You need this to reassemble the angel and complete the
*Witch Doctor's Blood- Found after the death of the Witch Doctor at the
base of the staris leading to Quetzalcoatl.  After toy speak to the
Doctor, take his blood and collect it in the Copper Bowel.
*Wrench- Found in the "Innocent Abandoned" Episode on the floor of the
Barn where you encounter "Mother".  Use this to loosen the Hose in front
of City Hall.

6) Cinematics
This is a listing of all the cinematics you can see from the main menu-
(CD #1)
1. ASC LOGO- Game intro to the Sanitarium logo
2. OPENING CINEMATICS- A man walking to a car, he starts it and calls
someone.  He tells this person that he has found the answer and that
he'll tell you about it when he gets home.  He plays a CD, the car goes
out of control and goes over a cliff.
3. PATIENT PROFILE- You and Dr. Morgan- he tells you that your delusions
almost took your life.  Your face is in bandages.  Dr. Morgan tells you
that you stole a car and your face was damaged badly in an accident.  He
tells you that you will talk more later- but first you must rest.
4. ANGEL- This is at the Angel statue in the Tower Cells.  You put the
key in the base and she comes to life- her tears are blood.  Her home
was the tower- she tells you of the cries of the children and tells you
(well demands) you not to be selfish.  Seek the truth!
5. TIC TAC TOE- You come up to two children playing Tic-Tac-Toe and they
tell you to get out of their light.  The children are odd shapen.  One
is named Billy.
6. WEDDING PART 1- A priest with a blindfold over his eyes speaks and a
woman lifts up her veil to reveal a skull head.
7. CHILD FUNERAL- The Cemetary- WTXY News.  A newscaster talks about the
many deaths of children and that scientists are baffled.
8. NAME PART 1- A woman in heels walking down a hallway.
9. NAME PART 2- A woman in heels walking down a hallway to a room with a
boy on a bed, reading a Grimwall Comic Book.
10. NAME PART 3- A woman in heels walking down a hallway to a room with
a boy on a bed, reading a Grimwall Comic Book- The woman says, "Max,
Sarah would like to see you now."
11. GRAVE- It is you (Max) with a shovel, digging up a grave.
12. ALIEN MOTHER- You open the barn doors to see the alien plant the
children call "Mother".
13. DR MAX LAUGHTON- Dr. Morgan and Max walking down a hallway talking.
He welcomes you back to the states and is happy you accepted his offer.
14. SARAH DEATH- You see the spirit in the fountain: he asks what you
wish.  You wish that you could see your sister again.  A woman in heels
is walking down a hallway to a room with a boy on a bed, reading a
Grimwall Comic Book- The woman says, "Max, Sarah would like to see you
now."  You go to her room- she is bald.  She tells you that she doesn't
think that she can go to the circus this year- you tell her that you'll
go next year.  She asks if you can get her doll, "Mr. Clown" that Dad
won for her last year at the fair.  While you are rummaging through the
toy box Sarah's arm falls limp- your sister is dead.
(CD #2)
15. VIEW FINDER- You (Sarah) look through the binoculars and see a
mansion on the other side of the water.
16. WEDDING PART 2- "Do you Jennifer take Max to be your lawfully wedded
husband?" She says "I do"- but her voice then changes to Inferno's voice
saying "I do breathe fire".
17. CLOWN SIGN PART 2- (I seem to be missing part 1)  Sarah steps up to
the sign and puts the red ball into the hole where the clown's nose
should have been.  It moves it's arm down so Sarah meets the height
requirement to go into the Fun House.
18. SHATTERED MIRROR- In the Fun House you look into a mirror, and then
touch it. It is almost liquid and wiggly.  Then you see Max on the other
side of the mirror and he is pounding against it.  The glass shatters
and you pick up a broken piece of it.
19. DOG HOLE- Timbrrr is down in a hole with a large pile of bones.  He
tells you he smells something rotten- like death.  You call for him as
something grabs him from behind.
20. SECRET HIDING PLACE- Home video of Sarah in her Secret Hiding Place.
Her father is video taping this.  He tells Sarah that he'll turn off the
camera if Sarah gives him a big hug.  She says ok- just don't tell Max
about this place.
21. MORGAN'S FATHER- The painting of the stern old man is Dr. Morgan's
father.  He tells Morgan that he needs to study harder and that he must
not waste time- strive harder and don't be like everyone else.
22. MAX AND MORGAN'S FRIENDSHIP- The lab from hell turns into a clean
lab.  Max is having trouble with an experiment.  Morgan helps with it
and tells you must hang in there.  He also tells you that you are his
brightest student- the one with the most potential.
23. HIDDEN RESEARCH- Max walks into a room, works at a computer station,
and then walks into yet another room.  This room contains alien looking
bodies incased in glass and green fluid.  Something hits you over the
head.  Dr. Morgan has you again- he tells you that you have been
wandering again, and that his drugs will help many.  He injects you with
something.  You then turn into Grimwall.
24. WORLD HISTORY PART 1- (Again, I seem to be missing something)  WTXY
Channel 6 News.  A large hive has been discovered near Mount Cyteria.
In an attempt to stop the growth of the hive, Gromna will go to study
the hive.  Word from Gromna has reached the city- the team is alive and
will continue to study the hive from nearby.  A cyclops woman leaves a
message for Gravin- she misses him and hopes he comes home soon.
25. GROMNA AND HIS CHILDREN- Grimwall comes up to this level via a donut
shaped thing.  He witnesses Gromna walking past a bunch of caged
Cyclops- the all scream "Father" to him.
26. THE HOPE TREATMENT- A tent- Max and his wife speak about a DNAV
treatment called "Hope".  Max's wife talks about a Doctor Morgan who
created the treatment.  Max tells his wife that he used to study with a
Doctor Morgan.  The "Hope" treatment, Max's wife continues, is said to
decelerate the growth of DNAV and to double the life span of effected
children.  Max tells his wife that maybe Morgan could use and extra set
of hands- maybe they need to go home.
27. MAX'S DISCOVERY PART 1- This starts off with a computer screen, "DNA
test sequence initiated- Molecular Cohesion Negative" Max screams
28. MAX'S DISCOVERY PART 2- Max is at the computer again- he says this
is it: the answer has been right before him all along.
(CD # 3)
29. MORGAN'S GREED- A meeting- Doctor Morgan and Max are in attendance.
Max asks Dr. Morgan what in the hell he is doing cutting his funding.
Morgan tells Max that he needs to concentrate on making the Hope
Treatment better- not on a new treatment, and reminds you that the Mercy
Foundation's success is based on his treatment.  Max accused Morgan of
being greedy- that he is more interested in his own prestige than a real
cure.  Morgan tells you that he'll work something out so that you may
continue your research when you threaten to take your research somewhere
30. LOST GIRL- You, as the Aztec Warrior, walk into a temple- you tell
the little girl inside, that you presume to be the Stome Mason's
daughter, that her parent's miss her and that you'll take her home.
31. WITCH DOCTOR'S DEATH- You see a man in a white mask (the Witch Dr.)
climbing up a set of stairs.  A white charge (energy of some sort) comes
from his hands as he chants.  The energy is released from his hands and
goes flying toward the man at the top of the stairs (Quetzalcoatl).
Quetzalcoatl laughs as the white energy hits him.  He releases some
energy of his own (it is green) as he chants.  The energy hits the Witch
Doctor and he falls backward down to the base of the stairs, bleeding.
32. MAX'S DISCOVERY PART 3- Max falls down a hole, gets up, and smacks
his flashlight a few times to get it working.  He then walks a bit and
shines his light on two enormous doors- they have Aztec markings on
them- he presses the eyes of one of the markings and the doors open.
You next see a enormous statue with it's mouth open and you walk through
some cobwebs.  Then suddenly Max is back in front of the computer.  He
is working on something- Molecular Cohesion Achieved, files are being
dowloaded to DVD- Computer Shutdown Activated.  Then Max gets into a car
and drives away around a curve, but his car skids off the road, over a
33. VOLCANO TO HOUSE- You see Quetzalcoatl at the top of the stairs- in
a cocoon of electrical energy.  You, as the Aztec Warrior, are climbing
up the stairs to him. Quetzalcoatl tosses a bolt of energy your way- it
bounces off and you attack him.  Quetzalcoatl and you fall backwards-
into the lava.  On your way down into the lava- it changes into a
cavern- and you change back into Max.  Once you reach the bottom, a
woman welcomes you home- she tells you that you are confused from
falling down the chimney, you hit your head.  She tells you that she and
sarah have been waiting for you when you start to remember the car
crash.  The woman (your mother) calls for Sarah- she floats in.  At
first you are happy to see Sarah- but then you realize Sarah is still
dead- Sarah and your mother mutate- Doctor Morgan's face thenm appears
in a pool of black gooey stuff.  He tells you that he was assured that
you would have died in the car wreck.  But you didn't and are too smart.
He then says goodbye, old friend.
34. END GAME PART 1- Max walks through a blue portal and up a black and
white checkerboard path.  Along the way, you lose the items that change
you into other things (the Clown Doll that changes you into Sarah, the
Aztec Statue that changes you into the Warrior, and the Comic Book that
chnages you into Grimwall).  Morgan tells you that you have failed
everyone- even your sister.  A black doppelganger of you arises out of
the black gooey stuff on the floor.  Morgan tells you that you are your
own worst enemy.
35. END GAME PART 2- Morgans face is still in the black gooey stuff- he
tells you this is the end- you will be lost to your wife and your son.
You flash to another scene briefly, you are in bed with an IV in your
arm filled with green fluid.  You pull it out of your arm, Morgan
dissappears- you warp through a portal and sit up in bed.  Morgan is
around the corner, he simply says, "it's over".  You are still in bed
and say, "I'm back, it's over."
36. MYSTIC TEMPLES- First you look up at the Jaguar Temple- it has a
purple glow above it.  It changes to red and then the beam (the glow)
races it's way to the othet two temples and back again.  Quetzalcoatl's
Statue is caught in the middle of the beams of light (glow) connecting
the Temples- it creates an electrical energy around the Statue, it
(CD #2 Again)
37. DESTRUCTION OF THE HIVE- You see a lage hive, with white balls of
energy hitting it.  It blows up.  Once it is destroyed- you see the
numbers 008 on a door looking thing.

7) Odds And Ends
*You can squish the bugs that are crawling near the Water Pipe Puzzle in
the "Courtyard And Chapel" Episode.

8) Author's Notes
I have written this walkthrough completely on my own..... I have had no
help with it.  I have spend many a hour in front of my (well, my
husband's and my) computer playing this game and creating this
walkthrough.  I take pride in knowing that there is no other walkthrough
like mine out there- with the item lists, cinematics lists, and
character lists- I will not tolerate copying my walkthrough- and neither
will GameFaqs- the only place to find my walkthroughs!  I'd think hard
before copying any part of it without my permission- I will take steps
against anyone who does copy any part of it.  I have no problem suing
someone who does.

Well, now with that said- I hope you do read and enjoy my walkthrough.
I worked hard on it and I hope it helps anyone who needs it.  If you
require further help- feel free to E-Mail me at:
mysterymoogle@yahoo.com.  This E-Mail is strictly for my FAQ's and I
check it about once a week- every Monday.  So if I don't get back to you
right away- I haven't forgotten about you- but I do have to go to work
now and then!

9) Credits
I'd  like to thank a few people- not for helping me write this
walkthrough- but for putting up with me writing this walkthrough:
These people are:
My husband, Jason
My Mother, Bonnie and My Father Kenneth
and My Grandmother, Leonora
The above people are speical to me and helped me by putting up with me
and allowing me to read my walkthrough to them to check for errors in my
spelling and grammar- there may stell be a few in here, but I think most
were caught.  Thank you all!

This walkthrough is copyright MysteryMoogle 1999

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