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Читы для Screamer 2

Чит-файл для Screamer 2

Screamer 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.


Информация актуальна для
Unofficial FAQ ver 2.0
Dated 21 July 1998.
Written and kept by Edwin Lim (docfreeze@usa.net)
Updated by Proteus (proteus@biosys.net)
Copyright 1997,1998 Edwin Lim. You may duplicate or print as many copies of this
document as you like, as long as my name stays in this FAQ and I get informed
of any modifications applied to this document. This FAQ is distributed freely
and should not be sold for profit.

Table of contents
Game stuff
   Playing the game
Cars stuff
   Basic cars
   Hidden cars
Tracks stuff
Miscellaneous stuff
   Car settings
   Replays/Camera views
   Cheat codes
What I want for... Screamer 3


Hi everyone! I finally got this update out! First of all, lemme thank m'man
Proteus for inspiring me to really update and send this out... and secondly
I'd like to say thanks to Sony Entertainment - why? Because of GRAN TURISMO!
It re-ignited my burning desire to get behind the wheel... And that great
game also helped me learn about tuning cars! :)

Description Thingies
A real rockin' fun game, Screamer 2 improves both visually and in gameplay
from its equally-successful predecessor. More noticable improvements are:

1. Even more detailed and eye-catching scenery zip pass as you race across
   every track. The detail for each track (at HIGH detail) is astounding...
   but you need real Pentium Power to run it at HIGH detail AND resolution.

2. The crash engine is refined and no longer do you mysteriously bounce off
   other cars or walls if you hit them... instead you hear a krash (or glass
   -shattering krang!) when you hit and slowly you have to drag yourself out!

3. Computer AI is smarter and tougher... but they don't cheat like in the
   previous game where the COM players "warps" forward when reaching the
   finish line, taking the gold from you. And they don't stick together
   that much, therefore it's slightly easier to overtake.

4. More realistic engine sounds, sfx and MAJOR PLUS : No more commentary!!!
   It's bout time they fired that annoying announcer (esp. when he goes,

5. More cars! 4 normal cars, plus 4 secret cars. And each car is really
   cool... Pity that they only brought back the Porsche... I really liked
   the Diablo (SHADOW) and the Corvette (YANKEE.. New Yorker?)... sigh.

The Game stuff
* Playing the game = Loads of thingys to say

  Take note, if you are already into the game and haven't got much trouble
with the basics, you might wanna skip this part:

  Okay, it's a racing game... nothing much to say... just drive and finish
the race at the top of the grid. Big deal. Ah... but that's where the hard
part is... you see, Screamer 2 is now more like Ridge Racer... you might
think you're doing fine on road tracks, wait till you see the other tracks.

   You really slip and slide in sand and snow (that will take some getting
used to) and BIG ADVICE: Get yourself a gamepad! Playing with the keyboard
can bring moderate gaming pleasure, but nothing controls better than a
gamepad (I used a Gravis Gamepad and also tested with my Thrustmaster T2,
though the latter produced less-than-satisfactory results).

  Start off with one of the slower cars first... get used to the loose
control (esp. if you're used to the road-grip in Screamer 1) and after
awhile, you can proceed on to the faster cars. I played Screamer 1 like,
dozens of times and I was a real fan of it.

  There are four views, similar to SCREAMER 1 (plus an EXTERNAL for replays)
and the cars look much better (Play with 65k colours! Forget 256 colours!).
I greatly suggest against driving with the outside view, though it's great
in replays.

  When Screamer 2 was released, I immediately grabbed a copy and tried it.
It was frustrating at first with the T2 wheel, coz I used the T2 with
Screamer 1 and it rocked. So, giving up on the wheel, I dug out my gamepad
from underneath my the closet and tried it. Hey! Now this is entertainment!
This is a pure arcade driving sim and it really reminds me of a mix between
SEGA RALLY PC, RAGE RACER and of course, SCREAMER 1. So, play it like a
console game... get yourself a Gamepad Pro! ;-)

  Good luck though, League 5 onwards is tough... don't even think on power-
sliding too much. Take it easy on the slides and go for more quick good
ol' fashioned turns. Remember: Faster recovery over more flashy turns.

The Cars stuff
* Basic cars avaliable:

Name          Top Speed       Drive    Car clone of...
RADIANCE        122mph          RWD     Porsche 911. (Obviously.. ^_^)
SPARK           121mph          FWD     Mazda Miata (MX-5).
NEBULA          120mph          4WD     Honda NSX.
HORIZON         120mph          4WD     Toyota Supra.

* Some ratings and description of cars stuff:
NOTE: These driving reviews are based on STANDARD configurations

The fastest of the starting line-up, but sacrifices handling for a better
top speed. Boasts the highest speed and the worst over-steering. The tail
tends to swing out too much during high speed turns and its turning radius
isn't that hot either. Take turns early and don't underestimate even the
most gentle of turns.

A close second of the contenders, this baby is smooth on acceleration and
has an average handling. Still, taking this car too fast into a turn can
cause it to flip out and spin. Hit the brakes and skid into the turn. This
is the car most of the records are set with, and, if properly configured,
it can even be better than the bonus cars.

This car and the HORIZON are similar in the sense of controls. But after
trying out both for 2 days each, NEBULA seem to have slightly better
acceleration, but slacks a little on turning.

Although... someone has informed me that this car is actually better at
cornering, weaker in acceleration than the HORIZON. Any takers?

At the bottom of the pack is this sleek vehicle. After the above comparison
I'd guess you already know much about this car. What it lacks in top speed
and acceleration, it makes up with real good control.

See above for the arguement between NEBULA and HORIZON...

* Hidden cars avaliable:
This cars are released each time you complete the Championship with the
respective teams. Of course, you might wanna cheat...

NOTE: These driving reviews are based on STANDARD configurations

Name          Top Speed       Drive    Car Description
BLACK CLAW      131mph          RWD     Mix between a Hot Rod & a Stock Car.
APHRODITE       129mph          FWD     ItalDesign Cala (also in NFS 2).
THUNDER         129mph          4WD     Sports truck with a BIG rear engine.
HORNET          123mph          4WD     Mitsubishi Shogun. (You can see the
                                        Mitsubishi logo on the front)

As its name suggests, this monster is pure power. It is THE fastest car,
second to none (if one can consider it a car). Drive it on a straight and
all scenery become a blur. But take a turn at THAT speed, and all you see
is a brick wall (BANG!). It has the worst turning radius of the pack, and
it doesn't take too long to discover that... Power-slides are OK for this
rocket on wheels, but take them REAL early!

Ah, such a serene name... but underneath this beautiful concept car, hides
raw power and surprisingly good handling. This has got to be the car at the
top of my list. Though the turning is just average, this baby can take turns
better than other vehicles at top speeds. Smooth rides is quite common for
this car, but no matter what, steep turns can occasionally give you trouble.
Brilliant on tarmac (as in, like, Switzerland and California)

Thunder should be the word to describe the noise level of this rugged
powerhouse. The best thing on driving this truck is the attention! The
rumble of its engine revving can be easily be heard from afar. This truck
basically has better acceleration than APHRODITE, similar to the comparison
between NEBULA and HORIZON.

Okay, this 4x4 may seem weak (only 123mph? Sucks!) in speed, but like the
HORIZON, take a turn with this cosy off-roader and WOW! this truck hugs the
turn like no other vehicle! Grip and turn radius is tops for this truck,
and the track for it is definately the Colombia Mud Track. Hairpins and
chicanes are seldom a problem... but sometimes it does oversteer.

The Tracks stuff
So which Track rocks and which one sux? Read this section to find out!
Included are brief descriptions from the game, some tips on driving the
tracks and recommended cars (based on STANDARD configs).

England          Terrain: Wet Asphalt and Grass          Difficulty: Easy

A road track, not too much problems, one lap and I guess you can remember
all the turns. Just don't get tricked by the first left hairpin... I still
turn too early now and then... darn warning arrows. Look for the helicopter!
Best cars: Any basic car, Aphrodite.

Egypt           Terrain: Sand & Earth                   Difficulty: Medium

I HATE this track! Even now with the HORNET, I still can't drive thru this
track without ever hitting a wall... Grrrr... A slippery track, with many
bottlenecks and 2 split roads. You have to watch for the tunnel turn (the
exit is a bottleneck) plus the entrance to the town (another bottleneck)
and also the entrances after the split roads (more bottlenecks). I suggest
you take the left side in the first split and the right side in the second
split, to minimise the time needed when the roads merge.
Best car: Nebula, Hornet/Thunder.

California      Terrain: Asphalt and Dirt Road          Difficulty: Medium

This is easy, though the number of hairpins put the difficulty of this
slightly higher than the England track. Also, be careful of the scenery
as it can easily distract you from the sudden turns in this track. Watch
out, especially that last dirt road turn in the track.
Best car: Radiance, Aphrodite

Finland         Terrain: Snow and Ice                   Difficulty: Medium

Another slip'n'slide track, this track should be given a Hard rating. Why?
Use the RADIANCE or BLACK CLAW here, you'll know why! The icy roads and
steep turns (even the gentle turns seem steep!) can often cause you car
to oversteer and skid (spinning round and round...). Even HORNET drivers
must be cautious of the turns... take them slow!
Best car: Horizon, Hornet/Thunder

Switzerland     Terrain: Asphalt and Cobbles            Difficulty: Hard

Though it may seem tough during you first say, 10 runs, but after that,
this track shouldn't prove too much for you. Just remember to watch for
the turns yourself more than waiting for the stupid warning arrow to
appear (cos' it always appear late!).
Best car: Any basic car, Aphrodite

Colombia        Terrain: Dirt Road and Broken Tracks    Difficulty: Hard

Hairpin city! I used a HORIZON and THUNDER for this, and the HORIZON won
4 out of 5 times. Hairpins and chicanes pile up and as before, the arrow
appears usually after the turn starts, so better memorise the turns!
Best car: Nebula/Horizon, Hornet/Thunder

The Tunnel      Terrain: Asphalt                        Difficulty: Hard

I wonder why there isn't a Super Hard difficulty (depending on the car
you drive) ... I tried this track with many cars, but I'll just write on
the APHRODITE and BLACK CLAW. APHRODITE had little trouble with the turns,
though the bumpy straights had a habit of tossing my car around and I
often underestimated the length of the double hairpin. The BLACK CLAW?
Well... simply stated, I'm glad this game is not reality... coz this track
tears the BLACK CLAW apart. Most of the time I let my speed stay at 120
to 125 because CLAW's turning is really wide, and so, the hairpins must
be taken by powersliding just as you enter it and regaining grip when you
exit. Whacking walls and flying across the bumps is quite common. Use the
CLAW only if you crave for a challenge. The Nebula may not offer all the
speed you want, but it is far superior in hadling, something you can't
get too much of on this track.
Best car: Nebula, Aphrodite

Miscellaneous Thingies
* Car Settings
This game isn't too focus on the real thing, these settings are just to
make your gaming life easier (esp. the Egypt track)... So, let us get into
the technical car settings (which I took the NASCAR RACING manual and the
GRAN TURISMO game as references):

Lower handling setting means the car takes longer to turn. But if set too
high, the car will tend to oversteer (the tail-end spins out) and set to
low it understeers (car turns slowly).

I finally understood what major effect brakes have on the car (other than
slowing down the car), with hard brakes - the car will stop faster but tend
to lose control if you SLAM the brakes... remember ABS don't apply here!
Therefore, use harder brake settings in conjunction with lower tire pressures
and higher handling.

  Tire Pressure
Simply stated, lower pressures mean better grip but reduced speed, while
higher pressures mean faster speeds (acceleration) but less grip and maybe
increase more shock when you land from jumps.

Stiffer suspensions (I wonder is this suspensions or shocks?) usually mean
the car is more responsive on the side you adjusted, but can cause the
driver to overreact and spin the car. Softer suspensions mean the car
is less responsive on that side, but provides more body roll, giving you
an overall smoother drive.

  Tire Type
This should be pretty obvious, use Dry for normal roads or gravel, use Wet
for mud/sand tracks and Snow is self-explanatory.

  Recommended settings:
        England         Nebula  4 3 B 3 3 3
        Egypt           Nebula  5 3 B 2 2 2
        California      Spark   4 3 A 3 2 2
        Finland         Nebula  3 3 C 4 4 4
        Switzerland     Spark   4 3 A 4 2 2
        Colombia        Horizon 3 3 B 2 5 5
        The Tunnel      Spark   5 3 A 5 4 3

* Replays and Camera Views

As before, the in-game views have an uncanny similarity to Daytona's views!

At least now VIRGIN made the replay more interesting! The new EXTERNAL
camera (press F9) for replay mode is much more fun to view your race with,
as it switches between many different views (I like the TV view, from the
NASCAR and INDYCAR Racing games, esp. when you are flying in the England
track) while the race is on.

The views keys are:
F1      Bumper view
F2      In car view
F3      Windscreen view
F4      Chase car view
F9      External Camera (REPLAY ONLY)
F11     Switch Team (REPLAY ONLY)

"M" gives you a rear-view mirror in the race, unfortunately not available
in replay mode :-(

* Cheaters never prosper... but they survive. ;)

Type these at the main menu (after entering your name) to activate them,
but no indication is given (Bummer! Where's the "YOU WANNA PLAY DIRTY?

  CHMPA         Unlocks all championships
  MRTRK         Unlocks all tracks
  TACAR         The BLACK CLAW (Team A) is avaliable
  TBCAR         The APHRODITE (Team B) is avaliable
  TCCAR         The HORNET (Team C) is avaliable
  TDCAR         The THUNDER (Team D) is avaliable
  APHRODITE     Increase game speed

> Unfortunately, it is confirmed: THERE ARE NO MORE CODES for S2... :(
Too bad people! No cute cute special effects or funny sounds... :p

What I like for... Screamer 3
* Some things I just have to gripe about and want corrected:

1. Screamer 3 should include the Slalom and Cone Attack... I thought they
   were fun... okay, maybe the Cone Attack occasionally got me fed up.
2. More grip for the Egypt track! Com'on, driving the track feels like I was
   skating on a layer of ice! After so many plays, I still think it's hard!
   If they are gonna include a similar track, try adding some gravel!
3. Use engine sounds with more "URMMPHHH!"... some of the engine sounds are
   plain wimpy! Let's hear more roar (i.e. Thunder)!
4. Let us paint our cars! Or design a team logo.
5. Of course, S3 MUST be software/hardware accelerated! ;)

Heheh... no so many now... thanks to the wonderful 3Dfx patch I got from
the Screamer Rally CD, the game plays "BEAAAUUUTIFULL!!!" - quote from
Lethal Weapon 4... yeeeee haaawwwww! :>

Hey y'all... it's been too long since my last FAQ release. I'm sorry I didn't
send this out faster... I'd would have but due to heavy school workload
(my site haven't been updated for quite a while too), I was all tied up.
Nevertheless, it's a new semester and I decided to take this opportunity to
quickly give this FAQ a refresher (again thanx to Proteus for adding the
tidbits here and there!)... :)

And just to make a point - Gran Turismo is the greatest console racing game
ever created! (This excludes the PC... only consoles) If you own a Playstation
and you like racing games, BUY IT!!!

All games mentioned in this FAQ is copyrighted under their respective
makers and companies. Most of the views stated here are, as far as
possible, in a unbiased manner and my views do not speak for others.

Thanks for reading! :D

Screamer 2. Developed by Milestone.
Copyright 1997 (C) Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

Original FAQ Writer........................ Edwin Lim aka Doc Freeze
FAQ Writer & S2 Enthusiast................. Proteus
S2 Enthusiast.............................. Roberto Angelucci
For the League 5 thingy.................... GILES COPNELL
For APHRODITE code......................... Joe Waho
For making arcade racing on PC FUN!!!...... VIE and Milestone!

And lots of other people who wrote to me last time! Too many to name!
I'm sorry! My old e-mailbox crashed and I lost y'all names! SORRY!!! :O

Doc Freeze's Street Fighter Domain

Proteus Psychotronic website

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