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Чит-файл для Secret Mission

Secret Mission

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
I played the PC CD-rom game. As it first was a CD-I game, some things might
be a bit different although in general most solutions are  parctically  the
same or at least might give you a hint how it should be done. Good luck!

Waking up in your hotelroom without a clue of what, where and who you  are?
Not the thing I'd like to have before breakfast! Happened  to  me,  though.
And I can tell you, it can happen to too! Already  did,  hey?  Well,  these
lines might get you out of trouble... or in it...


What do you do when you don't know anything? Explore! So get on  your  feet
and do so! Your hotelroom has some valuable stuff  lying  around.  Get  the
bottle of chloroform from the bed.  Get the ashtray from the table. Get the
towel from the wash-basin.  Look at the smallest of the  paintings  on  the
wall; it's some kind of hieroglyphics.  There's some kind of a  motto  too:
"The Nile at high tide"...  During the search the phone will ring. When  it
does, pick it up and talk to the  man  at  reception  desk.  He  tells  you
there's a charming person waiting for you downstairs. Before you run off to
check this babe out, get a hold of yourself and try  at  least  to  examine
your room in an orderly way.  She won't run off at once! You've got  enough
time to pick up all items, even if you do so after the phone call.

Once you're downstairs, you'll meet the lady in white.  No matter what  you
answer her, lunch will still be the outcome! Wishing  real  life  was  that
simple, hey? Better be glad, because this beautiful  high  healed  lady  is
Natasha and she's Russian Intelligence.  She tells you you're Jeff and that
you've arrived by plane last night, here in Opelia.  A traitor knocked  you
out - which caused this amnesia - but he was taken care of  by  some  other
Boris.  She also tells you you're a Russian secret agent and - above all  -
you're a double agent. Natasha herself is your superior. Your mission is to
retrieve some documents.  These documents have information on  the  planned
assassination of the king. Prime Minister Vishaka is the main suspect as he
would be the follow-up of the king.  Your mission, should you accept it, is
to find these documents.

When diner is over, you  return  to  your  hotel.  Natasha  tells  you  the
Americans are also chasing the documents. Last thing; some local agent will
contact you to help you with your mission.  Then she leaves. If  you  might
wonder if you should try the 'nightcap suggestions' trick, don't  bother...
it's morning, hot shot!


The Black Lotus Hotel

Left alone in the hotel, ask yourself why they should give valuable info to
a double agent.  When they know you are one, they also know you're going to
spoil this info to the enemy.  So this makes most  info  have  zero  value!
So...  this double agent thing, is that true? Or are the Russian  just  the
first that got onto you? Truth is out there, so trust no  one!  Spooky!  At
reception desk, there's an envelope for you.  Ask the reception manager for
the mail and go to your room.  There you open the envelop (with "my holiday
in Egypt" written on it) and look  at  the  negatives;  there's  one  of  a
pyramid.  Then leave the hotel. Outside there's a riksja  to  take  you  to
places.  Choose any locations possible, it won't matter at all because  you
will be taken to Hinson Park.

Hinson Park

There you meet an (presumed) American, called Coyote.  He'll tell you about
the plot and the Thugnots.  Some assassin jumps from the bushes but is shot
by Coyote before he damaged any vital bodyparts. Run off but not before you
picked a white rose from the rosebeds. Run off in any direction you like.

Doctor Stone's Office

Go to Stone's office and enter the waiting room. Charm his lovely secretary
and then walk to the table.  Read the newspaper, there's an  article  about
Vishaka, being the son of the barbarian Thugnots. Some holy necklace should
be proof of it.  Hmm, interesting! There's  also  mentioned  that  somebody
called Ingleton has spent some time with these Thugnots.  This  dude  might
have some handy info on the thugs. Look at the sheet of paper that's on the
closet behind the secretary.  It's a list  of  codewords  for  Nicky  Boom,
whoever that might be. Passwords are Medit, Kratty, Mirtes and Arrax... Now
use your inventory; use the chloroform on the white rose (it'll show a rose
with some Z's).  When the doc calls the other patient and the guy has left,
give the secretary the rose.  She'll sniff and pass out. By  the  way;  you
might have examined the vase with red flowers already.  This will tell  you
the girl loves flowers.  When the girl has fainted, check out the things  I
mentioned above if you haven't already.  When the doc calls you, go through
the doorway and to the right.  The doc is sitting behind his desk  and  you
talk to him and tell him his secretary has fainted. He'll leave in a hurry,
leaving you a chance to search  the  office.  Get  the  blue  ink  and  the
stethoscope from his desk.  Then click on  the  picture  of  Penelope,  his
secretary. Then leave.

The Black Lotus Hotel

Go back to your hotelroom.  There use the negatives on the small  painting.
Move the negatives to the upper left side, as far left and up as  possible.
Then move it 12 times down and 12 times to  the  right.  A  hidden  message
appears; "Come to the Dragon Club,  comrade.  Password  is  'Elephant'.  My
answer is 'African or Asian?'" (Note: as I played the Dutch version of  the
game, the message had to be translated and can  differ  slightly  from  the
original English message).

Hinson Park

Go to the brush the assassin used for his ambush and find an  ancient  coin
with a dragon on it. Go to the Dragon Club.

Outside The Dragon Club

Go to the left and talk to the old man.  Buy the necklace, it's  a  Thugnot
one! Might come in handy! Ask about the spear and hear that he'll give  you
the telephone number of Ingleton, the Thugnot specialist,  when  you  bring
him a real Thugnot spear tip.


The Dragon Club

Enter the club and go to the barman, he's your contact.  He'll tell  you  a
guy called Salaam was bribed to let you  in.  Barman  also  tells  you  the
documents are probably in the library, as Vishaka  spends  a  lot  of  time
there and doesn't allow anybody to come there.

The Palace

Go to the palace and talk to the guards near  the  gate.  One  of  them  is
Salaam, but he can't let you in.  Vishaka has  tightened  security  and  it
he'll lose his head when he lets you in.

The Dragon Club

Return to the club and talk to the barman. He is sure rumors got to Vishaka
which made him put more guards on the job.  Ask him to go in your place but
he'll refuse... well, for a measly 500 bucks he'll do so. As you don't have
that much money, go to the guy with the white necklace.  Ask him about  the
room. It's a secret gaming room which not everyone can enter. Go to the big
guy that's guarding the door to the secret  game  room  and  give  him  the
dragon coin. He'll step aside to make room for you. Enter!

The Secret Game Room

Down in the sewers, you can gamble on some kind of rat race.  One bet costs
you $100 but you can win $300. That makes a profit of $200 when you win the
game.  And this is how to win it! The rat has a certain order  in  choosing
it's gate and this sequence won't change; it repeats itself. If we give the
left gate number 1 and the right gate number 4, this is the order in  which
gate the rat appears: 1 - 4 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 1. After this sequence,  it's
starts all over again.  There's one 'but' to this sequence; the  crocodile.
Anytime during the game, a crocodile can appear to eat the  rat.  By  this,
the bank gets all the money. More important is this: every time the rat has
been eaten, you should always choose gate 4 for your next bet!  After  this
'4' you should proceed with the order of gates mentioned  above.  When  you
have enough money (maximum is 'over a thousand  dollars'),  return  to  the
bar.  Talk to the barman and give him the money he wants. He'll be  off  to
the palace to do your job...

The Palace

Enter the building inside the palace walls. At the end of the hallway, turn
left and enter some kind of pool room.  Go to the spears and  get  them;  a
spear tip will break.  Take it. Leave the room and  take  the  other  room,
right at the end of the  hallway.  Examine  the  bookcase  and  the  marble
statue. When you hear Vishaka talk to his colonel, go to the dark corner of
the room (upper right of the room).  Wait for Vishaka to enter the room and
see him put the necklace around the statue to open a secret passage!  Leave
the palace and return to the Dragon Club.  There the barman will  tell  you
all about his adventures in the Palace and give you the spear tip.

Outside The Dragon Club

Lave the bar and go to the old man.  Give him the  spear  tip  and  receive
Ingleton address and his phone number; 212 213. Go to...

The Black Lotus Hotel

Go to your room and use the phone to call Ingleton.


Ingleton's House

Go to the old man and enter the house.  Talk to  him.  Ask  him  about  the
Thugnots.  It's a long story, but him mentioning the Thugnots being  afraid
of worms might be  wise  to  remember.  Ask  him  about  Vishaka.  Ingleton
confirms he's a real Thugnot.  Ask about the necklace. It's made of 50 tiny
human bones and is the Thugnots' symbol of divine protection.  If you  want
the real necklace you have to go to the Thugnots village.  The ones you can
buy in the city are fakes, made by Ingleton  himself...  hum...  Ask  again
about the necklace.  Ingleton tells you need 2 things when you  go  to  the
Thugnot vill; a guide and a map.  He's got a map he will give  you  but  he
hides it safe...  Bang! A red stain spreads over Ingleton's chest while his
eyes turn away. Assassins! Damn! They shot the old man before he could tell
all.  Go to the end of the room, which has  a  garden  view,  and  see  the
killers.  Go back and get the knife from the table. Go to the chest at  the
left side of the room and use it to open  the  chest.  Inside  you'll  find
cartridges.  Close the chest and get the rifle from the wall. Go around the
left corner and get the jungle outfit.  Go to the instrument  and  use  it.
First time you play it, bits of plaster will fall from the ceiling.  Second
time you play it, the tiger head on the wall will move a little. Third time
you play the instrument, the head will fall  down  and  leave  some  broken
teeth on the floor.  Get a tiger tooth. Go back to Ingleton and look at the
small painting.  There's a safe behind  it!  Use  the  stethoscope  on  the
painting.  To open the safe, move the left and right arrow on your keyboard
to reveal the window.  To  change  the  combination,  use  the  space  bar.
Combination from left to right wheel is 3 - 3 - 1. In the safe you'll  find
a map.  Then go back to the garden. Now you have the rifle and  cartridges,
shoot the killers.  Start with the one in the middle, as he  has  the  best
shot at you.  Shoot them while they come up from behind the wall. When  you
shot them all, walk to the house at the upper right part of the garden.

Mansour's House

Enter the house and walk to the right. Get the wooden hammer and go outside
again.  Use the hammer on the gong and  Mansour,  Ingleton's  servant  will
appear.  Talk to him. He only will take you to the jungle when you  have  a
map (show him your map), a decent outfit (show him the jungle outfit) and a
useful talisman.  Give him a tiger tooth. It's broken so it's only good for
anti-gnat purposes.  You should  have  a  tiger  tooth  or  a  blue  parrot

The Black Lotus Hotel

Go to reception desk and  ask  for  your  key.  The  clerk  will  look  for
you...and it will take some time! In the meantime, you  get  the  bird.  It
will loose a feather.  Pick it up. Use the white feather with the blue  ink
and, voila, a blue feather! The clerk will tell you he can't find your key.
Okay, have a nice day! Leave the hotel.

Mansour's Home

Go back to Mansour's. Show him the blue feather and tell him you got al the
stuff  he  asked  you  to  get.  Your  ready  to  go  except  a  means   of
transportation. So find a motorcycle.

The Dragon Club

Enter the club and go to the man in the brown  suit  to  the  left  of  the
entrance.  Talk to him and find out he wants to  sell  his  motorcycle  for
$1000. When you don't have this money, play again in the secret playroom to
win some bucks.  If you have the money, pay him and get the key. Leave  the
club and go to the motorcycle.  Use the key on the  motorcycle.  Watch  the
movie of your motorcycle trip to Mansour.

Note: Now you know what you need before Mansour  will  accompany  you,  you
might as well arrange everything before you go to him.  That's prevents you
from making the boring walk to his home several times.

The Bridge

After you got all dressed up, the both of you  leave.  Then  you  find  the
bridge destroyed.  Go to the wooden stick with the rope and get  the  plank
hanging from it.  Then walk to the palm trees. You'll find a parchment with
sketches under the biggest tree.  You can also find a log  under  the  most
right palm tree that's colored dark green. Use the log on the road, between
the two stakes.  Then use the plank and a beautiful springboard  is  ready!
Get on your bike and jump! As you nearly make it, Mansour saves  his  bones
by hanging from the cliff. Go to the edge and talk to him. There's no other
option for him than to go back by a path which leads down  in  the  ravine.
You're on your own again.


The Jungle

>From the motorcycle walk east.  Pass the totem and the skeleton  and  walk
into the jungle.  It's same maze construction in which you should look  for
the following screen; a sandy clearing with pale green palm  trees  on  the
far and of the clearing.  If you look north, you will see  that  the  brown
sandy part is divided in two by some strip of green vegetation.  The  sandy
piece above this green strip is smaller.  You should  go  to  this  smaller
brown strip and walk west.  It might take some time, but this is  the  best
way I can describe it. When you have taken the right passage, you'll end up
on a beach or sand strip with a plane.  Walk north, away from the plane and
reach a waterfall.  Go west and go past the waterfall.  Notice  some  rocks
falling down.  You can't go all the way west, so you return and again cross
the waterfall.  You almost fall but when you stay close t the right side of
the waterfall, you will fall down after a while...

Under Water

When you fell down, you'll be floating in the river itself.  To  swim,  you
first have to dive (arrow down). Dive a little and swim to the right of the
screen (arrow right).  Go up again to inhale and dive  all  the  way  down.
You'll go through a secret passage to the right and enter  some  underwater
building.  Swim to the right and go up through the broken floor.  Go  right
again and inhale at the compartment containing air  above  you.  Than  swim
back to the broken floor, go down and go right till you reach some kind  of
coffin.  Hover above it and swim down till you hear 'klonk' and see bubbles
of air escape from the trunk.  Swim back to the place where  you  got  some
breathes of air. Leave again and swim all the way to the left on this floor
(don't go up or down) till you reach the gate. It'll open and you must swim
to the top of your screen. Now you're in a cave.

Cave And Tunnels

In the cave, go behind the big stone at the far end of the pool.  There's a
matchbox there.  Get it. Now go to the tight alley  up  north  and  squeeze
yourself through.  Might be a tight fit, but it's possible. In  these  dark
tunnels, first go left and then forward 2 times.  Then turn  right  and  go
forward 2 more times. You should be near the Thugnot village now.

Thugnot Village

Wait till Vishaka (the guy in red) and a guard have  entered  the  village.
Then walk to the remaining guard and talk to him  about  the  tourists  and
Vishaka.  Won't work! Then tell him 'adios' and go back to the cave  again.
The guard will enter the village and when he's out of sight,  go  back  and
enter the village.  The village is divided in three screens. The  one  with
the gate is the middle one.  Walk to the hedge in front of you. Use it  and
get some camouflage.  Then go to the building with the mask on it.  On  the
corner is a banana tree.  Be careful; only walk in front  of  the  building
when the guard walks away from it.  Get a banana from the tree. Enter  this
cabin and examine the statue.  Notice the signs on it. leave the hut.  Then
walk to the right and get behind the building  with  the  waving  guard  in
front of it.  Walk towards the walls and hear Vishaka talk to  his  people.
Leave and go to the hut that to the upper left of  this  screen.  Give  the
gorilla the banana and he'll climb the statue.  Look at the  signs  on  the
statue.  Leave the cabin and go to the cabin on the upper right. Enter  and
examine again the signs on the statue. Leave the hut. Now go all the way to
the right to enter another part of the village.  Enter the big building  in
the middle, it's a school.  Examine the blackboard. You see again the signs
you already saw on the statues.  Notice that the word CEKI is explained  in
signs.  KIMA is a  word  with  only  the  first  signs  shown.  There's  no
explanation of the word MACE...  Now the Thugnots have  3  word-parts  from
which they create words; CE, KI, MA and TA.  By deducting you noticed  that
the word CEKI is written by 2 symbols; a kind of W and some kind of V  with
a small stripe.  From here I'll mention these signs as 'W' and  'V-stripe'.
As KIMA ends on MA, the third sign you know should stand for  MA;  this  is
the crossing between T and W, or the  anchor  like  sign.  From  here  I'll
mention this one as 'Anchor'.  As you now know what CE, KI and MA  have  as
symbols, you can write MACE yourself; 'Anchor'  and  'W'!  Last  thing  you
should notice is the slogan on top of the blackboard:  'KICEKITAMACE'.  Now
go to the most right part of the village, to the Big Blue Statue.

Big Blue Statue

The statue has a lock of 6 buttons to  the  right  of  the  door.  These  6
buttons are represented by the slogan you saw on the blackboard, which  has
6 parts: KI CE KI TA MA CE.  But there's a problem; you don't know the sign
for TA.  That is the 4th sign on the lock; some kind of V with a dot to the
right of it.  From here, I'll mention this one as 'V-dot' Now open the door
by entering the signs for KI, CE, KI, TA, MA and CE.  That's: V-stripe,  W,
V-stripe, V-dot, Anchor and
W. You're the greatest!

Secret Room, Caves And Tunnels Again

Go to the statue and get the Thugnot necklace; the real one! See and hear a
gate open to your left.  Go to the crate with the pamphlets  and  take  one
out.  Now go to the barrel with the hole in it, just beside the crate  with
pamphlets.  Use the pamphlet on the barrel. Then use  the  matches  on  the
pamphlet.  It will explode in a minute! Go towards the gate, in the hallway
left of the statue and just  behind  the  left  torch,  ad  enter  it.  The
gunpowder will blow the room to pieces.  If you don't blow up the room  and
enter the hallway, you can see how a guard enters the room; there's no  way
back then! In the tunnels, go forward and turn right at the first crossing.
You're now in a clearing.  Pull the shortest of the red roots and a  wooden
club falls down.  Get it. Walk to the right and enter the tunnels again. Go
left, right and two times forward to get to...

The Cave Of The Hermit

Talk to Nawi the hermit.  Always choose the first answer sentence  in  this
conversation.  After a long debate, he chooses to give you the canoe.  Give
him the keys to the motorcycle and he will call the dog (now you can get to
the canoe).  Give him the wooden stick you found in the cave and he'll give
you his paddle (now you can use the canoe).  Exit  the  cave  and  use  the
canoe. Enjoy the paddle into town.

Back In Town; Your Hotel

Go to your hotel and ask reception desk for messages. There's something for
you! Go to you room and read the message,  it  says:  "Miami  beats  Dallas
37-18".  This is a secret code. There's also a message from Coyote,  asking
you to come to the park.  Use the telephone and dial  1837,  being  another
order of 37-18. Natasha will take it and she asks you to meet  her  at  the
restaurant Virtuous Way.

Restaurant 'The Virtuous Way'

An auto-dialogue part is up for you. Natasha urges you to go to the palace.
There should be a secret passage, according  to  information  the  Russians
have received.  You run off but first want to pay a visit to the doctor  as
memory still isn't what it used to be. Sorry, he closed his surgery!


Hinson Park

In the Hinson Park you meet  Coyote  again.  He  tells  you  to  bring  the
documents to the US embassy as soon as you got them.  You also receive 1000
bucks. You also see the Doctor's secretary sitting on a bank. Of course you
would like to know why the doctor left.  Argue with  the  secretary  before
exiting the park.  She says that the doctor is going  to  see  a  beautiful
Russian woman.  So Doctor Stone knows Natasha! Of course you are very  keen
now to visit the doctor.  But the secretary has the keys. Use the rose  and
chloroform together again.  Roses can still be picked  from  the  rosebeds.
Give her the rose and, as she has fainted, search her  body  and  take  the
keys. Leave the park.

The Doctor's Office

Go to the doc's room.  Read the  telegram  on  the  desk.  It  says:  "Jeff
Memonium Reaction Positive - Total Success. The telegram proves that doctor
Stone drugged you. Open the drawer on the left of the chair using the bunch
of keys.  The drawer contains the formula for the antidote (4 red - 2  blue
-1yellow).  Note the formula on the cover of the magazine in colored balls!
Have a look at the laboratory against the wall behind the screen. You see a
red and a blue fluid. You can't prepare an antidote yet, because the yellow
fluid is missing. Time to get it!

Looking For The Yellow Fluid

You remember that Natasha said there should be an  underground  passage  to
the palace.  The game room in the dragon club is located in the sewers.  Go
to the dragon club.

The Dragon Club

Enter the club.  Go to the play room. Talk to the Thug. He tells you to get
out.  You push him into the water, where he's torn up by the crocodile. Use
the canoe.

The Palace

You arrive at he left room of the palace  (where  you  took  the  spearhead
before).  Leave the room through the corridor. Go to the library.  Use  the
necklace on the statue to open the secret passage.  Go through the  passage
into the secret room.

The Secret Room

You see a papa-goyo barrel.  This is the liquid you need  to  restore  your
memory.  Take it. Try to take the statue on the desk. The organ plays.  Use
the organ in the room to reproduce the music that is heard when  you  tried
to take the statue on the desk (respectively buttons 3, 7, 8 and 6 from the
left to the right).  Listen to the music before one of the pipes  opens  to
reveal a secret parchment with assassination plans.  Leave the secret  room
and go back to the room with the pool and the secret passage to go back  to
the playroom and the club.

The Doctor's Office

After you left the club, go to the doc's office.  Get back to the mini lab.
Use the barrel of papa-goyo on the mini laboratory against the wall  behind
the screen. Now you can mix all three ingredients. The proportions are: - 4
drops of red liquid, 2 drops of blue liquid and 1 drop of papa-goyo.

Follow the exact order. Move the tube under the different potions and click
as many times as drops you need. Pour the mix in the glass on the right and
drink (take) it.  If you mixed wrong; dump it to the left. Your  memory  is
coming back. You see doctor Stone who gives you an injection, while Natasha
is just watching.  Now you understand the Russian plan. The  Russians  knew
that you were sent by the Americans to prevent the coup d'etat. They caused
your amnesia, so that they could convince that you  were  a  double  agent.
Once that you would have found the  documents  and  the  King  was  killed,
Moscow could get hold of Vishaka.  Before you leave, have  a  look  at  the
secret  documents  that  you  found  in  Vishaka's  palace.  They  say:  'A
bomb...the Kings elephant...1500...1200...1900." Must be times.  Leave  the
doctor's room.

Grand Finale & Great Fiesta!

Go to the United States embassy.  The ambassador asks if you managed to get
hold of the documents.  Answer (yes). You  hand  over  the  documents.  The
ambassador orders  you  to  neutralize  the  bomb.  The  driver  takes  you
automatically  to  the  royal  elephants.  When  arriving  near  the  royal
elephants, pay attention to the way in which the  elephants  react  to  the
orders of the elephant keeper.  Wait for  the  departure  of  the  elephant
keeper.  Now consult  the  secret  documents  again:  "A  bomb...the  Kings

Approach the elephant on the left. This is the elephant with the bomb. Tell
him, in this order: 'Houngawa Timba' and  "Hunka  Kapa.'  You'll  find  the
To defuse the bomb, the wires that have to be disconnected.  The wire color
must correspond with the color of the bar the seconds counter is in.
1. Pull the 1200 hours pin (with green wire) when  the  needle  is  on  the
green bar.
2. Pull the 1500 hours pin (with yellow wire) when the  needle  is  on  the
yellow bar.
3. Pull the 1900 hours pin (with red wire) when the needle is  on  the  red

You defused the bomb, saved the day and festivities can start! Congrats!


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