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Читы для Sentient

Чит-файл для Sentient


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Visual Sciences
Жанры:Adventure / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Teleport Access
Throughout the long winding corridors on many of the decks, you'll
come across certain teleports which only provide access to the first
level of each type of work category (Engineering, Research etc).
To reach Research Levels 2 & 3, you'll need to find other teleports.

"What's Happening?"
It always pays to find out from other members of the crew "What's
happening?" This way you can keep up to date with the latest
events. You won't always find out what's actually happening, but
whether it be the engineering crew unhappy about human experiments,
or the medical crew fighting against the latest radiation victims,
at least you'll know something. Remember, knowledge is power.

The Need To Know
Once you've spoken to various people aboard the Icarus station,
"Special Information" will become available to you. This
means: - You'll gain access to other levels on the ship,
-You'll become involved in other plots,
-Earn respect from other crew members.
Let's face it, we need to know everything that's happening, it's
human nature. Of course, other natural acts certainly become appealing,
especially when you take a shower with Hamie Lucis in her quarters
(just remember to bring a paper bag - Teri Hatcher she's not!).

Different Strokes
Each member of the crew has one of four basic character types: Dominant,
Submissive, Silly and Serious. Handling the individual should be
done carefully, so insulting them is not a good idea. Even a little
charm can prove disastrous. And yes, I know what you're thinking,
"Maybe if I used a little charm on a young lady I'd get a little
action." I'm afraid not, I already tried it. Well I suppose
you'll save yourself a few seconds there (what, twice!). If the character
seems submissive (Malichek), you should issue a command, eg "
Give me the Radiation Report". However, if the character is
quite dominant (Dr Luvey), rather than being forceful and sounding
like an arrogant prat, you should talk in a friendly manner.

The Cliques
There are 62 people aboard the ship. Not only do they fall into four
mood types, they also fall into four job categories: Engineers, Scientists,
Medics, Security. As you'd expect, being stuck on a bucket of bolts
that's heading for certain death (always the optimistic!), there's
bound to be a little friction. The Engineers basically don't like
the Scientists due to a major difference of opinion. So when you
help an Engineer, those stuck-up smartipants Scientists are usually
a little less likely to lend assistance later on.

S.U.Z.I.E. Terminals
In order to access information on members of the crew or for a glance
at the plans of the station, just log onto this impressive database
and let your fingers do the work.


Deck 1 - 282 - Computer override device and the hand scanner
Deck 1 - 263 - Atmosphere node
Deck 1 - 284 - Star Lab
Deck 1 - 271 - Azzira
Deck 2 - 243 - Azzira's report
Deck 2 - 284 - Kenyon report
Deck 2 - 283 - Science dossier
Deck 2 - 141 - Radiation report
Deck 2 - 181 - Thryst's quarters (where you get shot)
Deck 3 - 242 - Hamie Lucis (Shower)

Deck 1 - 181 - Telemetry control
Deck 1 - 312 - Garrilac's quarters
Deck 1 - 223 - Garrilac is sometimes found here
Deck 1 - 141 - Garrilac is sometimes found here
Deck 1 - 372 - Aztik's quarters

Deck 1 - 262 - Pesticide
Deck 1 - 211 - Senator's quarters
Deck 1 - 161 - Yorry the gardener's quarters
Deck 1 - 251 - Navigator's quarters (Braille book)
Deck 2 - 363 - Gunny is found here
Deck 2 - 364 - Or here
Deck 3 - 262 - The Captain's office (orbital disk machine)
Deck 3 - 141 - Suzie the floating head
Deck 3 - 263 - The screensaver database screen
Deck 3 - 242 - The room with the glass floor

1. You start off in the docking bay. Before checking the injured
engineer (don't worry, he won't die), examine the rubble to find
the clothing and pick it up.

2. Now use the first-aid kit on the injured man. He'll eventually
get up and thank you. Walk over to the inactive override panel (yes,
while he's still wittering on). Wait for him to come over and give
you the activation key. Use the key on the panel.

3. Put the clothing on, then walk over to the man. The engineer will
open the door and walk through. You must stick to him like glue,
otherwise the door will close. Follow him through the zigzag corridor.
You'll then come across two guards (neither particularly friendly),
then one of the buggers stuns you with his weapon!

4. You'll come around and find yourself in dream maze one. Follow
this route to reach the middle: Second Left, Right, Left, Right,
Left, First Left, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left. When you exit from
the dream state, you'll be in sick-bay.

5. You're greeted by Camik Seral - the geeky chap who looks like
a future victim of the fashion police. After he tells you about your
lucky escape, he'll ask what your name is. Give him your credentials.
He'll carry on about having a special guest aboard (this will appear
in your special questions listing). Before he gets called to the
bay by Suzie (the red speech bubble), ask him who the special guest
is (this will appear in your special statements listing).

6. As soon as Camik leaves, talk to the engineer lying down (the
one you saved). He'll thank you and mention, "We turn to the
skies", which now appears in your special statements listing.

7. Stay in sick-bay until the lovely Dr Luvey arrives. You'll know
who she is: the one with the big, er, um, eyes! After she's given
you clearance from quarantine, she'll ask you to get the radiation
report. She'll also hand you a medical pass.

8. After the doc goes, leave sick-bay and go down the corridor to
the right. Enter room #243 and pickup Azzira's report - which is
in his shower. Examine then read it. You now have an extra statement
in your special statements listing.

9. Exit Azzira's quarters and head back the way you came. Continue
past sick-bay until you reach room #284. Enter the room, where there
are two engineers working. Pick up the document, examine and read
it (you now have another special statement).

10. Leave the room and enter the room opposite (#283). Pick up the
document on the floor, examine and read it (for another special statement).

11. Exit the room and head to the inner ring (rooms numbers beginning
with 1). Enter room #141. Give a command to Malichek: "Give
me the radiation report." Once the bearded wonder gives you
the report, he says it should be compared with the Kenyon Report
(which, lo and behold, you've already got).

12. Now exit the room in search of Dr Luvey. You'll find her in room
#122. Give her the radiation report, then give her the Kenyon report.
She informs you that she's altered your pass, giving you more freedom
to roam the station. She invites you to follow her to compare the
results, so don't disappoint the woman.

13. You follow her to the Star Lab on Research Deck 1, room #284.
Stand next to her whilst she's getting the results. The machine deciphers
the information and gives out the code G... S... G... S... Dr Luvey
tells you she's off to see Azzira about this bizarre code and exits
the room.

14. Exit the lab and enter the room next door (#282). Pickup both
items lying on the floor and examine them.

15. By this time you should have been informed that Garrilac wishes
to see you, either by himself or one of the engineers in room #284
earlier. If you have, go to room #181 on Research Deck 2. If you
haven't, go back to room #284 (Research Deck 2 for those with short
memories). If the engineers are still around, they may tell you that
they need more privacy. If this happens wait until Garrilac turns
up. However, if they're not around, they'll most probably be wandering
around the Research decks looking for you. If so, walk around until
they find you.

16. As soon as you've been informed of Garrilac's imperative request,
go to room #181 on Research Deck 2 (bear with me on this one, it
may not be Garrilac's quarters but it's important you go here first).
This is where you'll get shot... Don't worry, it's only a stun gun.
We wouldn't put our readers lives in danger now, would we?

17. You'll now enter the dream maze for a second time. Use the same
route as before to find the centre.

18. When you come to, the engineer will apologise for his rash decision
(damn straight he should). He'll explain about how some members of
the medical staff are performing experiments on engineers, him being
one of them. Once he's finished talking, it'll be time to pay that
visit to Garrilac.

Engineering Tasks
19. You'll find Garrilac in his quarters (Engineering Deck 1, room
#312). As you enter, Garrilac will ask for your help to uncover the
various plots taking place on the station. He'll then ask you if
you know anything... By using "Make a statement", reel
off all of your special statements, the most important being "
Scientists reducing orbit and Ships orbit decaying". This in
turn will add a further two new special statements: "Garrilac
knows plan" and "Sure enough".

20. He'll then tell you about blackmailing Azzira. However, he needs
evidence (always a problem, look at OJ). Give him Azzira's report.
"Thanks..." or a little something like that. Garrilac tells
you to use the report to blackmail Azzira, then gives it back to
you. Once you've finished talking with him, use the special statement
"We turn to the skies." It's a little profound sentence
that the engineers like to hear. If he tries to leave, knee-cap him,
ONLY joking! Just continue talking instead.

21. You'll find this bizarre-looking bald psycho scientist (Azzira,
that is) on Research Deck 1, room #271. Ask him the question "
What's happening?" He'll talk about the Anamnesis Cradle (his
mind control experiment). You now have another new special statement:
"Azzira has a mind control experiment".

22. Using a special statement, tell him that "Garrilac knows
Kenyon plan." He'll then ask you to produce proof with these
allegations. With a smug grin, tell him "I have Azzira's report."
(Your speech bubble will say "I have your report.") His
once-cheeky smile turns into a displeased frown. "You're very
clever," he replies. He then gives you the instructions to correct
the decreasing orbit, along with an unformatted disk.

23. With the disk in your inventory, make your way to Engineering
Deck 1, room #181. Use the unformatted disk on the Telemetry Control
Board. The disk will then be ejected, but now called the orbital
disk if examined.

24. Next stop, the Captain's office. But don't worry about the Captain,
he's already dead! His office lies on Geodome Deck 3, room #262.
Use the disk on the Captain's terminal (far left). The terminal will
eject the disk with data on it, which is now called the correction
plan disk when examined.

25. You've got the disk, the disk holds the data, and the data can
save the station. So go and find Garrilac. He's located on Engineering
Deck 1, in either room #141, #223 or somewhere in between. He may
also be in his quarters, room #312. Once you've found him, give him
the correction plan disk.

26. Once he's thanked you he'll say, "Now lets see if Azzira
is as smart as he thinks." Or something along those lines. He'll
then toddle off to room #141 (unless you found him there, then he'll
stay), so follow him. Once he's inputted the data to change the station's
orbit, he thanks you and advises you to see Aztik for more information.
Before Garrilac dashes off, say "We turn to the skies"
- for one of those friendly moments!

27. You'll find Aztik in his quarters, (if not, he's on his way)
which is on this deck in room #372. Aztik's got the 411 (information),
so ask him the question "What is happening?" He tells you
about a woman called Hamie Lucis who got injured in the Tree Growth
Room on Geodome Deck 2. Ask Aztik about the chief of security: "
What do you think about Ramin Jurell?" Then ask about the senator:
"What do you think about Tamorin Aidan-Edgill?" Two very
dodgy people indeed - a cop and a politician, surely not! Tell Aztik
to "Turn to the skies" and then go off in search of Hamie.

Geodome Tasks
28. You'll find Hamie Lucis in the shower in her quarters, which
is on Research Deck 3, room #242. Now although Hamie is in the shower,
she's still fully dressed - nuts! But even more bizarre, to talk
to her you too must get IN the shower (yes fully dressed!), otherwise
she won't tell you anything. Ask her "What is happening?"
She'll talk about the situation on Geodome 2, whilst asking you to
go and see Gunny and Yorry. Now ask her "What is the status
of the Tree Growth?" The words "bad" and "state"
soon follow. Before she finishes speaking, she advises you to take
her environment suit. You'll find the suit in the corner of the shower,
so pick it up.

29. Exit Hamie's quarters and go to Geodome Deck 1, room #161 and
speak to the gardener Yorry. He'll ask about the status of his plants.
Make a statement that the tree growth room has been "irradiated"
. Yorry will suggest to you that pesticide should be used on the
botany control board.

30. Leave Yorry and make your way to room #262. This is where you'll
find the pesticide (just don't try sniffing it, otherwise; HeY mAn,
LoOk At ThE pReTtY cOlOuRs On ThE waLL! Pickup the pesticide and
examine it - otherwise you won't have the special statement advising
you that it works better in a cold environment.

31. Although you need to go to Geodome Deck 2, it's restricted access
at the moment. So go to Geodome Deck 3 first. Wait by the teleport
until you spot a female security guard. Before she reaches you, put
on the environment suit that you picked up from Hamie's quarters.
As soon as the guard sees you in the suit, she'll give you access
to Geodome Deck 2. Don't waste any time getting there, as the access
doesn't last for too long.

32. OPTIONAL: No sooner than beaming down to Geodome Deck 2, you'll
notice that there is very little lighting. If you take a gander down
the second ring (rooms starting with a 2), you should come across
a switch on the wall called the 'Utilities Node'. Stand directly
in front of it and press 5, then Right on the D-pad to move it all
the way up. And then the Lord said... "I need a bloody break,
I'm knackered!" Er, I mean, "Let there be light."

33. Now to take care of that tree-growth problem. But you'll need
help from Gunny (one of the guys Hamie mentioned). This sad and depressed
individual can be found wondering between two rooms on the outer
ring (rooms beginning with a 3). Incredibly ugly, he even makes the
Elephant Man look attractive. When you find him he'll be pleased
to see you (one of the few crew members who are!). Give him the pesticide,
then give the command, "Use pesticide on botany control board."
Then make the special statement: "Pesticide works better in
a cold environment." He tells you he'll wait until he feels
the temperature drop before using the pesticide.

34. It's up to you to change the room temperature in order for Gunny
to inject the pesticide. The ATMOSPHERE NODE for the Geodome decks
can be found on Research Deck 1, room #263. En route you should get
a message from Suzie (the big floating head), that Gunny is in position
and waiting. As you enter the room you'll find the node directly
in front of you on the back wall. Stand facing it and press 5, then
use Left on the D-pad to move it all the way to the bottom. Suzie
will inform you that radiation has decreased and teleport access
restrictions no longer apply.

Note: The above is the basis for most of the really good, high-scoring
endings. This would be a great time to save your game, as loads of
endings spring from this point.

35. Now to obtain a hard copy of Jurell's very dodgy file. But before
you can get to the file you'll need authorisation from Suzie (the
floating head). So go to the main Suzie room on Geodome Deck 3, room
#141. Ask Suzie "Where can I find a locked security file"
, or words to that effect. She'll tell you that the file is being
restricted. So make the special statement "Sure Enough"
. And, sure enough, using Jurell's password you'll gain access to
the locked file.

Note: After coming out of the Main Suzie room, wait next to the teleporter
(on your right as you exit the Suzie room) for Djinn. He'll ask you
to "Meet with Senator", "Come with Djinn." Just
ignore him and continue - the relevance of this meeting becomes apparent
in step 39.

36. You now need to make your way to the nearest large screen-saver-
Suzie screen (what a mouthful). This is on the bridge (same deck,
room #263).

37. As you enter the room you may find Jurell already in here. You
can try sending him away, but it's usually best just to wait for
him to leave (it doesn't take long anyway). Once he's gone, press
5 to access the database.

38. Select the following pathway, pressing 5 to continue. "Database
Access, Icarus Station, Base Personnel, Command Section, Ramin Jurell,
File Number, Play film." You'll then view a short movie, showing
proof of the Captain's assassination at the hands of Jurell, aided
by the Captain's adulterous wife - Dana Luvey (that bitch!). Once
the movie has finished, a hard copy is produced and lies on the floor
in front of you. Pick it up.

39. Next stop: visit the senator. However, this is only possible
if you have completed the above steps before he leaves the station.
(If you fail to reach him before he goes, you'll need to pursue a
different ending.) Between steps 35 & 36 you should have met with
the Senator's guard - Djinn (a complete arse of a man). If not, wait
by a teleporter (usually #13) for him to find you. Now that you have
a hard copy of Jurell's crime, you can go and find the Senator. So
make your way to the Senator's quarters on Geodome Deck 1, room #211.
(If he's not there, command someone to lead you to him.)

40. When you eventually come face-to-face with the Senator, he'll
babble on about not hesitating to tell him things. Before he wanders
off, tell him the special statement "The ship's orbit is decreasing."
Then, make the special statement "Azzira has a mind control
experiment." If Djinn is in the room, the Senator will order
Djinn to bring that psychotic doctor to him. If he's not, the Senator
will go and find him. But before the Senator leaves, give him the
Evidence Recording. This will trigger the Senator into a speech about
you being somewhat of a detective, then asks you to leave this in
his capable hands. (Amazingly enough, entrusting vital information
to a politician is the right thing to do!)

41. After your meeting with the Senator, make your way to the Star
Lab - Research Deck 1, room #284. When you enter the room (depending
on how quick you've been so far), you may hear Suzie witter on about
messages from the sun (something about rings within rings or fire,
flesh, water. However, if you enter, and she doesn't say anything,
just trundle across to the room opposite (#283). In the far left
corner there should be a piece of paper - the message printout. Pick
up and examine the printout. If neither of these have occurred, wait
around in the Star Lab (#284) for the messages. You now have the
special question "Is the sun trying to communicate?"

42. Once you've got the special question, you need to go and see
Suzie (yes, the big shiny head!). The Suzie head room is on Geodome
Deck 3, room #141. When you get there ask her the special question,
"Is the sun trying to communicate?" Suzie will reply that
she thinks so, but needs more information and time. After waiting
for a short time, prompt her with the question, "What is happening?"
(You may need to do this a couple of times.) Suzie will reply that
she thinks there is sentient life on the sun (hence the name of the
game), but she is not able to decode the messages. Ask the question,
"What should I do now?" Suzie advises you to go and see
Navigator Ta. Although this is not strictly necessary, it does provide
the clue to the next step.

43. You'll find the Navigator's quarters on Geodome Deck 1, room
#251. There you'll find a book of Braille lying in the middle of
the floor. Examine it, then scan it using your mobile scanner. You
can pick up the book if you wish, but it's not necessary as you already
have what you came for (the information now in the mobile scanner).

44. With the newly gained information, make your way to Geodome Deck
3, room #242 (the room with the glass floor). Use the mobile scanner
on the machine to your left. Suzie can now decode the information,
although this will take a little while. If you want, you can always
have a little gander around the decks until Suzie's finished. As
she'll call you back when she's finished: she'll request you to return
to the main Suzie room (Geodome Deck 3, room #141).

45. As you move hastily through the door, Suzie informs you that
she's decoded the messages. There are beings on the sun and, furthermore,
they are trying to help save the station. She tells you to go to
the Main Science Lab on Research Deck 1, room #161, as someone must
be present there. Ignore this for the purpose of a maximum-score
ending. She then tells you that she has some important information
which you should know. So she sends Beemin (the bearded guy) out
of the room. Wait for Camik (the spectacled fashion victim from the
very beginning). When he arrives you find out some very disturbing
facts (almost as disturbing as his clothes). You're NOT Garrit Sherova
(your character name), but actually a man-made robot called 'The
Digital Messiah' - as if this game isn't weird enough! He then tells
you that your destiny is to pilot a spaceship into the sun and become
one with nature. Yeah! Right! And Camik's destiny is to get smacked
the hell out! He then leaves.

46. As I'm sure you'll agree this is not, I repeat NOT a good idea!
Because if you did pilot a ship, then you'd be dead - which can't
be good for you! The next step is to work on a way around this insane
plan. So turn to Suzie and make the special statement "Azzira
has a mind control experiment." You and Suzie then talk about
using the experiment to download your mind onto a disk, and send
that in your place (cool plan!). She says that in order for this
to work, you must override Azzira's main computer and obtain his
hard disk.

47. To receive a few more points, stop off on Geodome Deck 1, room
#161 (Yorry the gardener's room) and he'll tell you that he's heard
the good news about his plants, and thanks you. Make the statement,
"The Tree growth room has the status of clear", then tell
him to "Turn to the skies."

48. Stay on this deck, and make your way to the high-security cell
in room #121. You should find Azzira already in there. When you enter
the room, try to speak with him. He'll start off by telling you the
Orbit Correction Data which he gave you earlier (after you blackmailed
him) is fake. He tells you to warn Garrilac before we all die. Just
for good measure, insult him before leaving.

49. Now you must find Garrilac. You'll find him on Engineering Deck
1, in rooms #141 or #223, or somewhere in between. If you can't find
him, try his quarters (#312). When you find him, make the special
statement, "The orbit correction plan is bogus." He'll
say, "WHAT!", and then thank you for telling him. He also
says, "It's lucky that he hadn't implemented the spurious data
yet." Tell him to "Turn to the skies", and leave.

50. From here you should make your way to Research Deck 1, room #271
(Azzira's office). It should be empty (because that crazy wacko is
behind bars). Go over to the machine to the left of the entrance
and use the Computer Override device in your inventory. A fire should
start, then stop, leaving a small device on the floor in front of
you. Pick it up and examine. This is the hard disk.

Note: You can find maps to the dream mazes above the computer.

51. Now take the hard disk to Suzie (Geodome Deck 3, room #141).
As you enter the room, use the hard disk on the first computer on
your left. Suzie will say something, then you'll view the end sequence.
You've completed the game with a maximum score!


Alien Communication Ending

1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and including step 34 (see
Total Solution).

2. You must now return to the Star Lab on Research Deck 1, room #284.
When you arrive Suzie should be wittering on about messages from
the sun (if you're quick enough getting there). There are three messages
in all, including "Rings with rings" and "Fire, flesh
or water". If you don't hear Suzie when you enter the room,
go to the room opposite (#283) and pick up the piece of paper on
the floor ('message printout' when examined). If the paper is missing,
then Suzie hasn't printed it yet, so just go back into room #284
and wait for her to read the messages out. When you've either heard
Suzie or read the printout, you'll receive the special question:
"Is the sun trying to communicate?"

3. Now that you have this special question, you need to go and see
Suzie (well, her head anyway!). The Suzie head room is on Geodome
Deck 3, room #141. When you get there you'll see a big silver head
(yep, that's our Suzie). Ask her the special question, "Is the
Sun trying to communicate?" Suzie will tell you that she thinks
so, but needs more information and time. After waiting a little while,
prompt her with the question, "What is happening?" (You
may need to do this a couple of times.) Suzie will reply that she
thinks there is sentient life on the sun (hence the name of the game),
but she cannot decode the messages. Ask the question, "What
should I do now?" Suzie advises you to go and see Navigator

4. The Navigator's quarters are located on Geodome Deck 1, room #251.
You'll find a book of Braille lying in the middle of the floor. Examine
it, then scan it using your mobile scanner. You can pick up the book
if you wish, but it's not necessary as you already have what you
came for (the information now in the mobile scanner).

5. With the newly gained information, make your way to Geodome Deck
3, room #242. This room has a glass floor, so there should be no
mistaking your location. Use the mobile scanner on the machine to
your left. Suzie can now decode the information, although this will
take a little while. If you want you can have a nose around. Suzie
will call you back when she's finished: she'll request you to return
to the main Suzie room (room #141).

6. As you go barging through the door, Suzie informs you that she's
decoded the messages. There are beings on the sun and, furthermore,
they are trying to help save the station. She tells you to go to
the Main Science Lab on Research Deck 1, room #161, as someone must
be present there.

7. So like a shot, get your worthless hide down there, and pronto!
Now just use the big machine in the middle of the room.

The end sequence is now triggered... Alien Communication.

Game Over - Alien Communication "It's life Jim, but not as we
know it!" - Dr McCoy, USS Enterprise. In a world where corruption,
scandal, murder, mad scientists and showering fully dressed are commonplace,
there was one thing that wasn't expected: Alien Communication. With
the help of these beings, Garrit was able to save the Icarus Mining
Station from total destruction; whilst making a few new friends,
and enemies... But is everything quite what it seems?

Mutiny One

1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and including step 38 (see
Total Solution). You now have the Evidence Recording.

2. Give the Evidence Recording to an engineer. He'll go on about
what a bad thing it is. Now just wait around for an engineer to summon
you to Garrilac. If you've given the Evidence Recording to Garrilac,
you may still have to wait until Garrilac summons you.

3. Once summoned, you can either follow the engineer, or you can
make your way to Engineering Deck 1, room #141. If he's not there
try #223, then #312.

4. When you meet with Garrilac, he'll tell of his plan to get off
this doomed station, or something along those lines. He then asks
you to get the yacht beacon from the Senator's quarters and bring
it to him - no problem!

5. Now go to the Senator's quarters. Djinn should be standing outside
the locked room. Go behind the Senator's quarters. To get there you'll
need to go through a garden room (the ones with pillars and two doors).
The back of his quarters is represented by a big black square wall
with the usual circular design. Now use the panel on the wall.

6. After using the panel (either the far wall panel earlier in his
quarters, or just a minute ago behind his quarters), open and enter
through the door.

7. The Senator's quarters should be empty. The yacht beacon is in
the shower. Pick it up. If the room has people in it, take the beacon
and get out of there fast.

8. Return to Engineering Deck 1 and look for Garrilac. Try the rooms
in this order: #141, #223 or #312. Now give him the beacon: he'll
be overjoyed and will give you a launch key - to activate an escape
pod for you and all the engineers.

9. Now go to Auxiliary Control, room #131 or #231 (depending on which
ring you enter). Enter the room's cubby hole on the left (or right,
depending on the door you entered from), and use the launch key on
the panel in front of you. End sequence is now initiated.

Mutiny Two

Note: This can only be used before the Senator has left the station.
1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and including step 38 (see
Total Solution). You now have the Evidence Recording.

2. Complete the 'Mutiny One' walkthrough up to and including step
7. You now have the yacht beacon.

3. Now go to a teleporter that can take you to the dock. Access will
be denied. Use the yacht beacon and wait for a while. Ha! "Access

4. Enter the dock and go down the long red corridor to the purple
helmet room (I beg your pardon!). Now simply use the green panel
on your left to trigger the end sequence.

Death And Glory Ending 1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and
including step 45. You now know your true identity and your destiny
to die in the sun. 2. Go to Engineering 3, room #212. This is the
Web Runner Bay. Use the machine on the far wall to activate the end

Navigator Ending

1. Wander around until the Senator has left the station, or is just
about to leave. At some point during the game (if you've been pretty
slow), Navigator Ta comes looking for you. She'll tell you that Jacomo
(her mate), is missing. Now go to Geodome 2, room #141. You should
find Jacomo inside, under a golden shower (ahem... you need to ask
Jacomo the name of the room while you're in it). Mandana should be
outside. Ask her what you should do now.

2. Remember the Utilities Node on the second ring of Geodome Deck
2. This is the control panel you used to turn the lights up before.
This time turn all the power off by moving the lights down, instead
of up.

3. You now need the Flow Inhibitor, which can be found on Engineering
Deck 3, room #263.

4. Take it to room #161 on Geodome Deck 2 (next door to Jacomo).
Use the Flow Inhibitor on the Outbound Water Pump Disk. Now go back
and see Jacomo.

5. Mandana should open the room and enter. Follow her. Jacomo will
now ask you to tell Ta where she is.

6. You should find Ta on Geodome Deck 1, room #271 (a two-doored
Pillar Garden). Tell her that Jacomo is in Geodome Deck 2, room #141
(this only works if you've already asked Jacomo the name of the room
- step 1 above).

7. Wait for a little while until Ta finds you and informs you that
Jacomo is now meditating. Then, after another short wait, Jacomo
should come and ask you to help pilot the station to safety.

8. Go to the Navigator Chamber (via teleport) with Jacomo. You now
have the final end sequence.

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