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Читы для Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Чит-файл для Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Septerra Core:
Legacy of the Creator

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Valkyrie Studios
Издатель:Monolith Productions
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 28 октября 1999 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть (Открыть русский сайт)
Жанры:RPG (Japanese-style) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy VII

Даты выхода игры

вышла 26 октября 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
Septerra Core FAQ by Lucian Mogosanu < lmogosanu@email.ro >
Version 1.1


3.Principal Charaters
 3.1.Party Members
 3.2.Helpful NPCs
 3.3.Bad Guyz
4.The Walktrough
 4.1.Shell 2:Oasis
 4.2.Shell 3:Wind City
 4.3.Shell 5:Ankara & Jinam
 4.4.Shell 4:World Bazaar
 4.5.Shell 7:Bone Circle Village
 4.6.Shell 6
 4.7.Things to do
 4.8.Shell 1: Saving the emperor
 5.1.Simple Spells

It seems that I missed some things in my earlier version. I advise you to go to
Core's site (www.lith.com/septerra) and download the latest update. I added some
new things
in this version of the FAQ. Visit my web site at www.lucim.go.ro for more FAQs.

-At the beggining of the game you'll buy more breads, but, after your core
 and you will have Grubb and the Kira's Healing fate card, you will need to buy
 core runes (about 20-25 per labirinth).

-Before getting to a quest (e.g.: before going to Shell 7 to stop Doskias) be
sure to have
 a BeforeQuest savegame, because in some quests you will need special

-Always have SafeSaves and BadlandSaves savegames. You will surely need them.

-When you have LOTS of money (aprox. 7000$), spend them on upgrades like Grenade
 Napalm, or armor items.

-Try to talk to everyone around the game, but sometimes, be cautious.

-Visit bars, and other stuff like this, 'cause you'll get good gossip.

-Explore the levels with all your characters. Sometimes you will find cool

-If you find things that you don't need sell them.

-In the Cemetary (Shell 3) hit the Undead enemies with healing spells and

-Read the books in the Library (Shell 3). They give you good information (e.g.
getting the
 Draxx Head. There's a book somewhere that tells how you can get the head).

3.Principal Characters
3.1.Party Members
Maya: Your starting character, it will be helpful all the time.
Grubb:You will get him early in the game, after Maya finds out that Tori's in
      has a very increased capability of casting spells, has ability to fix
Runner:You will get him with Grubb. He charges very hard, but has powerful
Corgan:He's the next character who will come in your party. He will become your
       after Bowman is killed. Has good attacks, fast charge and pretty good
       spells, repairing etc.) skill.
LED:She has been found in the research lab (Shell 5), with Runner. She's a very
    spell caster and also has repair skills.
Selena:You'll find her when attempting to stop the DoomsDay Device. After this,
       enter your party. A pretty good fighter...
Aryam:You will get him into your party after you find him in the Bounty Hunters
      He's a little good at casting spells and very good at hitting inline
Badu:You will find this little fella at the bone circle village after you kill
Hell God
     and light the bone circle. The guys will give him to you because they also
     Doskias dead.
Lobo: A cyborg that is actualy very human. After you get his crew he'll stand at
     service. His attacks are similar to Maya's.

3.2.Helpful NPCs
Azziz:He will be helpful in some parts of the game. He will send you to fight
      and other stuff.
Layla:She will be helpful in various moments of the game.
Gunnar:He's the emperor's right hand, and sometimes very helpful. You'll not
       lots of times in the game.

3.3.Bad Guyz
Mayor:Well, he's not such a bad guy, but sometimes he'll just stay in your
Balcaam:He's one of Doskias' generals.
Kaleb:He's another general, Doskias' right hand.
Doskias:This guy is the leader bad guy. You will fight him at the end of the
Dugan: The president of Wind City (Shell 3). He's planning destroying the city
       beggining, but he'll get killed by Doskias.

4.The Walktrough
This is a real spoiler! It's really more fun exploring the game yourself than
reading this,
but I recommend reding it only when you are really stuck in the game.

4.1.Shell 2:Oasis
You start with your only party member for the beggining. After you finish
to Tori,
talk to Uncle. Go to Azziz's temple (trough the badlands). Uh... this man had
lots to
say... Go back to Uncle. Go to the pumping station. Nasty guys... Go to the
Take the Core Engine, talk to Grubb until he and Runner are in your party. Go
talk to
Azziz, then to Uncle. Go to the Pumping Station. Search for the wire conduits
take them.
Go to the control panel, use the conduits, then the Core Engine, and she blows.
your way is not blocked anymore. Pass trough the desert pipes. Hey! Sorry! I
can't help
you with all those labirinths, but, you have a map (TAB). Go to Galdon and
yourself. Go to the Outlaw Canyons. Find Tori. We'll take the Helgak Mounts to

4.2.Shell 3:Wind City
Umm... That Chosen ship sucked you... Anyway, go to SouthFarm. Buy an Acid Vial.
to the woman with the birds, with Grubb. She'll give you some things to feed the
birds you will find in your way. The first bird can be found in the Graveyard.
Go to the graveyard, and there's smoke somewhere on the ground. Look, and you'll
a zombie. Don't forget to check the container near the bird. Use the acid vial
acid that remained from the zombie. Go to Wind City, in the library. There's
kinda head in there. Use the Acid Vial Full on it. Go to the statue in the
Use the head on it. Preety nasty guy, huh? Hit him with a root and he dies.
Go to the catacombs, find a switch that should open a door. Go trough the door
until you
find another one (it's someplace there, but not far). This door should lead into
cathedral. Run out, and you'll fight Araym and the Duke. Go trough the
you'll come to the Frost Mountains. Talk to Layla. Go to Armstrong. Find the
and give them to Layla. Go to the Helgak Port. Oops... we have no passport.
Go to SouthFarm. Talk to the weapons guy, with Corgan. Go trough the passage.
Talk to the
monk until you get a passport. Go to the helgak port and give the passport to

4.3.Shell 5:Ankara & Jinam
You start in the Gregor city, and Maya is the only one in your party. Talk to
There should be a man who will give you Corgan's sword. You may also want to
search for
a bird, and feed it. Find Corgan and give him the sword. Fight the guards. Exit
City. Go trough the Mesa Canyons (there should be another bird somewhere around
but I haven't found it). Go to the Jinam Battleship. Find Grubb. Go to the
research lab.
Talk to Led. Talk to the Ankaran soldier. He'll give you the tags Use the
holodisc you
found in the Jinam Battleship. He'll give you the Tags, wich you'll use in the
Battleship.  Find the power converter in the Jinam Battleship and give it to
Go trough the underground to get to the research lab.

4.4.Shell 4:World Bazaar
Use LED to get down the explosives (near the bar). Go up in the bar and fight
Blow up the explosives. Use it in the Bounty Hunter district. Before going make
you don't have Selina in your party. Save Araym. Go to the bar, and you'll get
Go to the Transport District and the guy will take you to Shell 7.

4.5.Shell 7:Bone Circle Village
First, go to Shell 3 and buy three EarPlugs from SouthFarm and equip them to all
party, and don't change it until the end of the chapter. Go to the Caves on
and go somewhere in the south of the map. You'll fight HellGod. OK. All you have
to do
is to hit the three arms with Summon Sedna and Pilitak (Water + Summon). They'll
but you have to hit them in order, and you'll surely win. Exit and go north of
caves map. Go to the Mining Ruins. Take the explosives and the Biolum Lantern.
to the
Dark Lake and use the explosives on the water. You should also find another bird
Go trough the map and to the Helgak Cemetary. Take the Helgak Bone. Go to Shell
SouthFarm and give the bone to the Carver. Go to Shell 7, Mold Forest and to the
exit (not down-right). Find the plant and use the helgak flute on it and take
the "thing"
into the biolum lantern. Go to Bone Circle Village and use Biolum Lantern Full
pillars. Talk to Undelost. He'll give you Badu, an Underlost warrior. Take him
your party and drop Araym.
Go to Mold Forest and find a stone door somewhere to the north. Look at it and
use Badu
to open it. Go to the mines. Find Kaleb. You'll fight the Mining Helgak. The
to win is to blast him until the thing on his head opens. When it does, use the
Ouroboros spell (fire + summon). Repeat this four times. He has about 1000 HP.
Luck on killing him!

4.6.Shell 6
Make your way trough the ship until you exit. You will wake at the Lens that
dropped from
the sky. Take the Core material. Go trough the caves and north. Go to Pranno
somewhere to the south). There you'll find your party. Take Araym. You should
also find
another bird. Go to the caves and somewhere east. You'll get to some mountains
and fight
a bird who is guarding her eggs. Take the helgak egg. Go to Scumm Town, Barter
Mall and
buy meat. Go to the shipping docks and steal the shipping manifest. Give it to
the guy
near the door. Go to East Marsh and use the meat on the leeches. You should also
another bird here. Go to South Marsh and talk to Lobo. He says that he needs his
crew wich
are hold captive by Connor. From the shipping docks take the drill. Go to west
swamp. Get
the sleep plant, use the drill on the Helgak Egg. Use the plant on the egg and
to the
creature in the swamp around the map. Use the egg and he'll sleep. Use the
leeches on him.
Go to the barter mall and to the tatoo shop. Make the tatoo. Go to Lobo and
you a key and a flare. Choose Grubb as the other party member, as he has his
repair skill
that is useful on destroying robotic opponents. Anyway, go to the shipping docks
and use the
key. You'll be in Connor's base. Make your way around there until you get to a
secret exit
where you'll use the flares. Find the Blue Isle Key and use it on the blue door
that is there around the maps. You will find the Red Isle Key there and you'll
use it
on the red door lock. Go to the exit and you'll fight Connor, wich can be killed
Grubb' repair skill. You'll get the cell keys. Use them to free the slave girls
and Lobo's
crew. Go trough the secret exit where Lobo's ship is.

4.7.Things to do
Well, there are lots of things to do. Before doing anything you can go to Azziz
and Uncle
and speak to them. Then you can solve some Sub-Quests, that you'll find in this
But before, you will have to solve a quest. The first Quest I wrote here is the
one in
Shell 1. It's up to you!

4.8.Shell 1:Saving the emperor
First, go to the west district, where you'll get the red capitol key. Go to the
District where you'll free all the people and get the Tank Engine. Go to Central
and use the tank engine to the machine that will move outta your way. Get to
Gunnar. You'll
have to save the emperor. This palace is a freaky thing. In this first screen
save as a ReferenceSave. Go to the first corridor to the left and find the Blue
Palace key.
There use it on the pricipal screen on the first door to the right. You'll have
to pull
LOTS of switches until you'll get to the first of the Magi. Before this save.
way to win the fight (the first time you'll fight the Magi, they will not die,
they'll run)
hit the balls that he summons in order until he summons other three balls. This
will happen
about five times and you'll win. You'll get the red palace key and the law card.
Use it on
the red locker in the screen where you found the blue key. Fight the other Mag.
You'll kill
him with the Summon Marduk spell (Law + Summon). You will get the slow card and
the yellow
palace key. Use this key in the principal screen and go trough the labyrinth.
fight the next Mag. Like the second Mag, you'll win by using the Summon Marduk
spell on him
and hitting the balls he summons. You will get the green palace key. Use it in
principal screen. Here you'll fight the mags and will find a core key. Kill them
with the
Summon Marduk spell.

I found various spells in the game.There are four categories, each with its

Water magic works best on fire based enemies
Fire magic works best on plant and insect enemies
Heal magic works best on Undead enemies
Air magic works best on Robotic enemies

5.1.Simple spells
Water Fate Card (Gemma)
Heal Fate Card (Kira)
Rock Fate Card (Gemma)
Barrier Fate Card (Marduk)
Air Fate Card (Gemma)
Summon Fate Card (Marduk)
Fire Fate Card (Gemma)
Cure Fate Card (Kira)
Slow Fate Card (Dogo)
Bless Fate Card (Kira?)
Law Fate Card (Marduk)
Resurrect Fate Card (?)
Affect All Fate Card (?)
Achilles Heel Fate Card (?)
Chaos Fate Card (Gemma)
Cloak Fate Card (?)
Speed Fate Card (?)
Vampire Fate Card (?)
Curse Fate Card (?)
Mirror Fate card (?)
Joker Fate Card (Dogo)

Water + Summon: Summon Sedna & Pilitak
Air + Summon
Fire + Summon: Summon Ouroboros
Rock + Summon
Heal + Summon: Summon Kyra
Law + Summon: Summon Marduk
Chaos + Summon: Summon Gemma
Resurrect + Summon
Joker + Summon: Summon Dogo

Water + Barrier: A barrier againist water attacks
Air + Barrier: Air Attacks Barrier
Fire + Barrier: Fire Attacks Barrier
Rock + Barrier: Rock Attacks Barrier
Slow + Barrier: Slow Attacks Barrier
Chaos + Barrier: Chaos Attacks Barrier

If you add the Affect All spell all the creatures/party members will be


Version 1.0: First version
Version 1.1: Added Spells and History
             Made a few changes and added some new things.

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