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Читы для Shadow Warrior

Чит-файл для Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:3D Realms Entertainment
Издатель:GT Interactive Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/условно-бесплатная/цифровая доставка
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 1 октября 1997 г.
вышла 13 мая 1997 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
I like to say that the full version secrets are not as difficult
to find as the shareware levels but sometimes do require you to
have the reflexes of "a hyper-active two-year-old" (Whatever that is!!?).

Anyway, the following is ALL, yes ALL of the secrets for ALL the levels
and I made sure that I didn't miss out any. So be sure that the secret
you are looking for is in here. I took 3 days to find all of them. Whew!

I more or less wrote them down in the order in which I found them.
Although you might walk a different direction from the way I went but its
hard to say which one you should have to stumble on first.

For most of the secrets -- you will go, "DUH? You call that a secret?"
Yes, some of them are quite obvious and give you ordinary items and in
other words "are NO BIG DEAL!!!". Nevertheless they are considered secrets
by the game so there you have it. The purpose of the secret listing is for
the cheap thrill of having a perfect score in your "SECRETS found"

I assume that you know what to do when you actually can see the secret
so I won't go into boring details like: go forward, pick up this and that,
kill the fish that is guarding it, etc. Also note I only mention the more
important items that you find in a secret like weapons 5 to 0 or nukes,
I don't mention clips or medikits, etc.

Terminology & Abbreviations (just in case)
Verbs are capitalized, eg. JUMP, SINK, STEP ON, etc.

USE - going up against target and pressing (default: SPACEBAR).

SINK - when in water "crouch to dive into the water and keep going!
       (just kidding!)

SHOOT - Use weapons 2 to 6 or 8 and pull the trigger when target is in

BLOW - Use weapons 5 to 9 and pull the trigger when target is in
       crosshairs. Or SHOOT air tank or barrels.

STAND - sounds easy but what I mean is that I assume you should know
        how to reach it by yourself without any difficulty.

SQUAT - "crouch" down and hold (walk around like a toad!)
JUMP - GO against something and press the "JUMP" key. Sometimes a
        running start is needed.

CLIMB - Walk up to or JUMP up to and walk/move forward against,
        eg. ladder, vines, etc.

"house with red key" - This refers to a "house" like structure that
                        needs a red key in order to open its door.
                     Similarly, door with blue pass key, etc..

cookie- fortune cookie (the one that +50 to your health)

armour- ordinary, "run-of-the-mill" type +50 armour (black)

kevlar armour - The +100 armour (red).

medikit - the medical kit that you can carry with you.

nuke - nuclear missile.

heart - ripper heart

dojo - martial arts training school.

corridor - long stretch of road/route with no objects like chairs and
           tables, etc.

ledge - step or protrusion of floor that can be stepped on.

waterfall - water flowing down steps from top source.

river - long stretch of water flowing across gradual or no slope.

gong - round circular metal thing whose sole purpose in game is to get
        hit and give off a "woooong" sound. (you better believe it!)

"old shield" - circular, rusty metal-looking disc, looks like a gong but
               doesn't make any sound when used. (what would you call

level end symbol - the thing that you USE to end the level.

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST - actual compass directions.

Level 5 - Rising Sun (7 secrets)

1.       JUMP off boat. GO to "door/gate" or roughly where the boat
        started from in the first place (face West) and SINK to the
        bottom. You should see a hole in the base of the wall leading
        to a tunnel. (hole in wall). GO through tunnel onto other side.
        Get cookie.
2.       In room where there is a firepit, STEP ON table picture in the
        next room will open. Get flashbomb, grenade launcher.
3.      Behind waterfall, SHOOT gong, panel on side opens. Get missile
4.       In corridor with cobwebs hanging down, SHOOT one of the 2
        dragon lamps/torches and you should see a "wooden" panel. USE
        it and get night vision goggles.
5.       STAND on top of waterfall, SQUAT and GO towards wall.
        Get...drumroll please....suspense....A RAIL GUN!!! Prepare to
        get ERASED!! Now you can test out your waterbottle..I mean rail
6.       In room with cobwebs and a painting. There also should be an
        irritating statue shooting fireballs at you when you leave this
        room. JUMP into painting. Get missiles.
7.       In room with statue in the middle of some water. STAND ON
        statue's base. Door opens. Get nuke. (Note: If there is another
        door blocking your way, then Sorry I forgot to mention that
        BOTH "Buddha" statues (See below notes for location of second
        one) need to be SUNKEN down, so go step on the base of both
        statues and make sure they are down when you leave them.

Non-secret things to note:
*       In the corner where is a pagoda with a "buddha statue" in the
        STAND ON the statue's base it should sink a little. then get off
        STAND ON its base again. It should rise back. Then  stand on the
        statue, yes I mean ON the statue's head! (Balance  on one foot
        the karate kid...Oops! sorry, got carried away.) Anyway you should
        able to see a kevlar armour as well as something that looks like
        overgrown waterbottle backpack! (sorry, its rail gun rods! no
        to the artists, that's what I though it was when I first saw it.
        WHOOOO WANTA SUM WAAATER??? HA! HA! Eh, ehm, enough of that!)

*       Corridor near cheat #4, has a crack in it, BLOW it open to get
        a cookie.
*       Stand on stairs next to waterfall and JUMP on opposite ledge to
       get uzi, cookie, medikit.

Level 6 - Killing Fields (5 secrets)

1.       Fall from waterfall, take a left (go around), get armour.
2.       Corridor behind house with fan over the door. BLOW open crack
        in wall to get heart.
3.       On the left side of the "buddha statue", SHOOT the gong above.
        Get missiles, grenade shells.
4.       Hallway with darts, centre of room to the right, there is a
        nuke. To get to this all you have to do is JUMP with your face
        rubbing against the wall and you should be able to get it. Easy
        when you know how.
5.      Next to second waterfall (not the one mentioned in secret #1),
        its by itself in a corner of the map. STAND on green
        (supposedly moss) platforms/steps and JUMP into open chamber.
        Get Kevlar armour.

Level 7  - Hara-Kiri Harbor (5 secrets)

1.       Neat boat with a red "lantern" on it. STAND on the boat or to
        be precise stand ON the red "lantern" and JUMP onto the ledge.
        Get missiles, etc.
2.       Far edge of large lake (hole in wall). Just walk up to it on
        water! Who needs a boat! The entrance to this chamber is facing
        EAST. Get sticky bombs, nuke, etc.
3.      Far edge of large lake (under/through waterfall). Its along the
        same edge of the cliff as secret #2. Get grenade shells, etc.
4.       Wall west of "house with red key". BLOW up crack in wall. Get
        sticky bombs, caltrops, uzi, etc.
5.       This is in the centre of your map. South of the "door with
        yellow/gold key). BLOW open crack. Get uzi, missiles, rail gun
        rods, gas bomb, etc.

Non-secret things to note:
*       The fence behind the "wooden house" has got ammo as well as a
        fortune cookie tucked in one corner. Its along the same "wall"
        as the one with little green "lanterns" on it. This just a
        garden inside with a few trees and light green grass.

Level 8 - Zilla's Villa (6 secrets)

1.       South of platform infront of water with blue banner. BLOW up
        crack in wall. Get guardian head.
2.       Infront of "door with bronze key" STAND on statue's head
        (standing on its base does nothing), column comes down. Get
                cookie, ammo, etc.
3.       SHOOT gong with "ying yang" symbol on floor. Wall panel opens
4.       Picture on left (facing North) of big fireplace. JUMP IN!
        "...you fill my touch....jump! if you want to get.." "WAHH, you
        don't like music?"
5.       Room (facing North) of big fireplace. USE "old shield". red
        panel opens. Get cookie, etc.
6.       Through "door with silver key", GO through painting. (talk
        about abstract art!)

Non-secret things to note:
Please note that in this level, there are 2 "fireplaces" at least that's
what they look like. I differentiated between the two by calling one
"big fireplace" and "dragon fireplace". The "dragon fireplace" is the one
with the dragon picture over it. This fireplace is no wider than you
(Lo Wang) and HAS...get this.... a ladder, YES I said ladder INSIDE
which you need to know in order to solve the level, so I am telling you
Walk in and turn around and look up. JUMP and run against ladder to go up.
You need to climb ladders like this most of the time so stay alert.
The "big fireplace" is much wider and hence I called is "big".
Don't mix up the two.

*       Next to the "dragon fireplace", USE "old shield". Bookcase
        slides open. Get rail rods.
*       Gong next to well will reveal a ripper heart when hit. I assume
        you know which one is the well, you know the hollow circular
        stone cylinder that's stuck in the ground holding water.
        (check the dictionary! Just kidding!)
*       Oh yes, you DO know that if your health is currently less than
        100 then you can PUNCH the mannequin or wooden thingy (you know
        the wooden pole with smaller rods sticking out that Bruce Lee
        sometimes strikes, also seen in kick boxer and karate kid) in a
        dojo to raise it to 100 if your health is currently greater
        then you can PUNCH the same things to raise it to 200! But you
        knew that didn't you!!
*       But in this PARTICULAR dojo, you can JUMP ON the mannequin and
        JUMP up to get the kevlar armour suspended above.

Level 9 - Monastery (5 secrets)

1.       First painting on the left (2 horsemen). JUMP into painting.
2.       Crack in wall facing West. When you are standing infront
        of it there should be a "bridge" above you that enemies were
        shoot at you before. This secret doesn't have much of a landmark
        but there not that many cracks found in this level.
3.       This one is near the centre of your map. Its next to a statue.
        BLOW open this crack. Get rail gun.
4.       "Door with gold key". Through this door, USE the painting of
        the "Archer" (Japanese guy holding a bow in his hand).
5.       Before the "level end symbol", on its right, BLOW up crack. Get
        uzi and flashbomb.

Non-secret things to note:
When you start this level don't freak out when you see the slicing thing
infront of you. It can only kill you! Hey...wait a minute...that's not
..hence avoid idling near it.

*       If you stand on the "safe" side of the slicing thing, (if you
        don't know where that is then its sad) you will notice one of
        the paintings across the room is of a guy wearing a green
        "kimono"-a kind of Japanese robe (you know, its a pretty
        standard picture that you've seen before.) Now, opposite that,
        (the side that you are hopefully standing on), is a secret "door".
        Open (USE) it and go behind the waterfall and get the red key.
*       Gong in this level opens 2 panels, get some ammo.
*       The seemingly redundant pillars with shurikens stuck to them
        have a purpose. They are there so that you can reach the armour
        suspended in the middle. What you do is JUMP onto the shurikens,
        yes, OUCH! Not my Reeboks! then JUMP in the middle to get the
        kevlar armour.
*       sewer tunnels. The Northeast corner no doubt does not have a
        "crack", it also didn't do anything to you but BLOW IT TO PIECES!!
        Get rail rods.

Level 10 - Raider of the Lost Wang (6 secrets)

1.       This is near the centre of your map. Facing East you should be
        able to find a ripper's "cave" halfway up a "tree trunk". The
        reason why I call it a ripper's cave is because a ripper came
        out of it and attacked me. (Note this fact may vary, but I'm
        still calling it a ripper's cave, so there!)
2.       If you see this hall with 6 alcoves and a pillar in the centre,
        the centre alcove (North of central pillar) can be opened. USE
        it and get a grenade launcher.
3.       West of secret #1. Up a slope. BLOW up crack (IMPORTANT: make
        sure you are far away from it when it blows because the ceiling
        will come down on you.
4.       After throwing a switch, Lo Wang will say, "something filing
        up, or dinosaur taking a piss.", go back to where you saw a
        hole in the ground with crate with a medikit on top of it. Dive
        in and swim under towards the North. Get missiles, riot gun,
5.       GO to "Large door with bronze key" with water next to it. JUMP
        onto half pillar on left. Panel opens, JUMP in. Get teleported.
6.       **SECRET LEVEL SYMBOL** (Goes to Level 21 - Shanghai Shipwreck)
       Step 1:
       GO through "door With gold key", face picture (North), turn
        left (West) and SQUAT, hit button. Its just next to the stairs.
        The difficulty in finding the switch is that its not noticeable
        but once you stumble on it you will know of the secret level and
        then your blood pressure will shoot up when you find that it is
        blocked so go to step 2 before you pass out.
       Step 2:
        GO to normal level end symbol. Follow shadow of pink tree. To the
        right is a bunch of vines. Climb these vines, Get head, heat
        opens the grills blocking the secret level symbol (Goes to Level
        - Shanghai Shipwreck).

Non-secret things to note:
*       Go behind shredding thing, (If you dare!) Hit Button. This creates
        waterfalls behind you. JUMP in, GO up tube, CLIMB ladder. GO
        and CLIMB down or fall down other side, get gold key, etc.
*       In room with 2 waterfalls, both waterfalls can be entered (SINK
        in). Get armour.

Level 21 - Shanghai Shipwreck (5 secrets) **SECRET LEVEL**

1.       Inside "door with red key". USE switch over firepit, "Snake
        Face" wall opens. Get armour.
2.       Where the waterfall and lava meet. (a place where water
        from a waterfall touches some lava. JUMP on "stairs" leading up
        to left of waterfall. Get missile launcher.
3.       Ladder leading to a single cookie. keep on GOing forward
        through the wall. Get rail gun, gas bomb, etc.
4.      Gong in Semi-circular corridor room opens chamber a top (centre
        of top corridor, directly opposite gong). Get missile, riot
        gun, kevlar armour.
5.       This is in the centre of your map. When in tree with switch
        inside, with roots in water. Face due West and JUMP. Get ripper
        heart and shotshells.

Non-secret things to note:
*       In final stage, although there are 3 level end symbols, only
        the rightmost (facing South) one is the correct one the rest
        will release guardians on you.

Level 11  - Sumo Sky Palace (5 secrets)

1.       Left side of "door with gold key". Open panel. Get riot gun.
2.       USE the red "chair/bench" between the 2 slicing things. It will
        sink. GO through passage and hit switch on other side to bypass
        other slicing thing. Get sticky bombs.
3.       Opposite secret #2, the other side of wither slicing thing,
        there are panels that can be opened when USEd. The trick is to
        do it, and live through it. Just JUMP on the "safe" section of
        the slicing thing and USE the panel when you revolve round to it.
        Get guardian head.
4.      Lava place with columns moving up and down. JUMP, NOT on columns
        but on outer perimeter wall and GO around to other side of large
        rock. Get a lot of stuff.
5.      When you CLIMB up a ladder somewhere and there is something
        shooting fireballs in your face, GO Southwest and BLOW up the
        Get missiles, sticky bombs, nuke.

Non-secret things to note:
*       There is a bookcase in the same room as a "pool/Jacuzzi" of green
        "liquid/acid" that contains a rail gun.

Level 12 - Bath House (5 secrets)

1.       (IMPORTANT: Make sure you read this first!)
        When you approach the green "propane" truck, yes, HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE
        PROPANE tanks. Make sure you don't hit the tanks or   everything
        be destroyed and the secret will be inaccessible. (This is the
        secret that has this limitation.)
       Get rid of all the enemies on top of the truck without hitting
        the tanks. Then go behind the truck to a wall panel marked
        "Janitor". USE the wall get the medikit. After that you can
        BLOW up the tanks.
2.       In the bathroom, flush (USE switch) the toilet in the centre
        cubicle. Door on right opens. Get riot gun.
3.       Where girl is bathing, USE the "blue towel" (If the "towel" is
        BLOWN off, and you can't find it, use the coat hanger on the
        wall furthest away from the girl or if she is BLOWN away too,
        Sheech! you must be violent! Follow description below.)
       After going through doorway with sign "Gold Card Members Only"
        go up stairs. Turn around and face the "door with yellow pass key"
        you came through (South). Then turn left to the East. You should
        see 2 coat hangers on a black marble wall use the one on  the
4.       Opposite doorway with sign "Gold Card Members Only", BLOW up
        statue, etc. Get medikit.(you'll have to go all the way in for
        the game to say you actually "found" this secret.
5.       In "red" room, on North wall, BLOW the crack in wall, GO in.
        Get night vision goggles, rail gun.

Level 13 - Unfriendly Skies (7 secrets)

1.       GO into baggage claim, JUMP on the track, and JUMP off when you
        see a red button on the right.  (Note: this thing is a press, a
        squishing thing made for you!). So, USE the button, then JUMP in
        and run into the open panel before...you know.
2.       Go upstairs of "IMPULSE GIFTS". USE the cash register. A panel
        infront of you opens. Get cookie.
3.      Room with 3 phones, 3 Pachinko machines, a black and a blue
        machine. JUMP on the Pachinko machines, then JUMP onto black
        dispenser machine and GO into open panel. Now you might say,
        forgot to mention you need to get the red pass key from inside the
        airplane cabin, USE it on the elevator door and call the lift by
        USING the button. Only after you've doing ALL that will the panel
        above the black dispenser machine open.
4.       In control room, JUMP on blue "drink/soda" machine. JUMP west
        onto the dispenser machine, face East and SHOOT button. Get
        ripper heart (to the west).
5.       GO to place with lots of Pachinko machines and an airplane
        cabin stuck inside it (next door to secret #3). Face West and
        button on eastern side of the 3 Pachinko machines by themselves.
        JUMP on the machines, GO in open panel. Get missile launcher.
6.      In room with plane's engine, JUMP and USE, Calligraphy (Japanese
        writing). Panel opens. Get rail gun.
7.      GO to elevator door, the one with signs "GATE 21A" and "GATE 21B"
        above it. Then follow the following steps:
       Step 1:
       Push button so that lift arrives and the door opens.
       Step 2:
       Quickly PUSH/USE button outside lift again and then rush/run
        into lift, you should be standing on the top frame of the lift.
       Step 3:
       JUMP and USE button above. GO into shaft.
       Get nuke and **SECRET LEVEL** (Goes to Level 22 - Auto Maul)

Non-secret things to note:
*       In the room with the level end symbol, there are 2 "pillars" on
        either side with sloping ledges. JUMP on these ledges then JUMP
        NOT walk, JUMP against wall. Get nuke.

Level 22 - Auto Maul (6 secrets) **SECRET LEVEL**

1.       In "Showroom", JUMP in water behind red car with one tree. Get
        clips, etc.
2.      Near secret #1. USE PC, filing cabinet sinks down. Get caltrops,
3.       Near red "mitsubishi" truck with 2 trees on either side, BLOW
        up crack. Get gas bomb, etc.
4.       Next to secret #3, at the back of red "mitsubishi" truck, USE
        blue wall (facing West). Get missiles, smoke bomb, etc.
5.       Place with garage door with no key required, 4 phones and a
        blue "drink/soda" dispenser, USE third phone counting from the
        left, blue "drink/soda" dispenser opens.
6.       In repair workshop "office" NOT the workshop itself. Switch off
        the lights, yup...this is dumb..USE the light switch. Bookcase
        will sink. Get grenade launcher, etc.

Level 14 - Crude Oil (3 secrets)

1.       Place with 2 PCs and mainframes. USE the "Shadow Warrior" PC.
        Mainframe next door sinks.
2.       Inside "door with red pass key", GO into office, in corridor
        behind desk (or small sloping ramp) there is and airvent
        (facing South). Well you know the procedure...SHOOT..JUMP
3.      Office with "fish tank". USE PC monitor. Panel behind opens. Get
        rail gun.

Level 15 - Coolie Mines (5 secrets)

1.       Place where blue key is found. To the East a crack will blowup
        by itself when you approach. GO into lava crack.
2.      In corridor after "runaway" drill, BLOW up crack. Get armour, etc.
3.       In Eastern corridor of outer "mini volcano" (the crack in the
        ground that erupts slightly upward) there is a small chamber
        where apparently lava is flowing from. USE it. Get cookie.
4.      Drill that has crates near it and a control station infront of it.
        BLOW up the crack behind the drill and GO in and around to locked
        chamber. Get rail gun, etc.
5.      After being blown (get it? Blown?) sky-high (literally) by fan,
        into other fan's "chimney" and BLOW up fan from the back of it to
        get back out.

Level 16 - Subpen 7 (5 secrets)

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