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Читы для Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

Чит-файл для Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

Shivers 2:
Harvest of Souls

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / Logic

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
I call the following information concerning SHIVERS II: HARVEST OF SOULS
a methodology of solving parts of the game. I've solved some of the
puzzles; but they're more intuitive than the previous SHIVERS. So I
think I'd be insulting you if I provided actual solutions to them.
Rather, I'll give you my analytical method used to solve some of the
puzzles on your own (I wish other walkthroughs gave this sort of help,
rather than simply giving away a possible solution. That way we can all
benefit from these thinking tools, and thereby increase our own IQs


You enter the game by renting Room 5 in Cylcone Motel. There, you take
and operate everything in the room to get information. The TV sets in
each building will guide you fairly poorly. Essentially, you need to
collect about a dozen indian magic spears, which are called bathos.
Each time you collect one, you gotta go into the canyon and find the
symbol that you saw on the device/puzzle box that you had to operate to
get the bathos. The symbol can be found crudely drawn on the rock
walls. Click on that symbol and solve a cool geometric puzzle of that
particular symbol. After solving this geometric puzzle, go to the end
of the canyon and up a cave tunnel; turn left at the T-intersection of
the ancient Indian ruins and enter the crapped out plaza. Click on
symbol panel to your right, then on glowing blue skull; having solved
the geometric puzzle, the skull should rotate to unlock the temple door
(a rather ordinary door, if you ask me -- methinks Sierra got really
cheapo here). Go to the crapped out altar where there's a
spear-chucker's stand with the dozen holes that are supposed to hold
each bathos spear. Look for the symbol that you remember belonging to
the bathos (Remember the shape of the puzzle?) and click on that. Exit
temple, ruins and canyon; and continue exploring the crapcrapty little town
for more puzzles, clues -- and, of course, the remaining bathos. Repeat
sequence above for each bathos found: canyon search for symbol puzzle on
stone walls, temple, then back out again.

Make sure to SAVE game before entering canyon. If you die in canyon
from the Boom-Boom symbols, you gotta play an OLD GAME. So make sure
that OLD GAME puts you right back at the entrance of the canyon with the
correct bathos in your hand. You might have to explore and die in the
canyon two or three times before finding the symbol. But that's okay,
since you SAVED your game before entering the canyon.

I don't have a solution to the egg tray in the filthy freezer that's in
the general store. If you got one, I don't want to know, thank you.

Sheriff's Office: find the combo to the jail cell in a book in the
sheriff's locked desk drawer. The key to that drawer is hidden in a
horn on the steer skull hanging on the sheriff's office wall. However,
you find anything wirth a damn in the jail cell; but the lock puzzle is
its own reward for you puzzle freaks out there (like me). Hint to
solving the playing card machine, so that you can get another bathos
(again, make a note of the symbol on the playing card machine so you can
find it drawn on the canyon wall), is to take pen and paper for
recording where you will position the nine cards on the nine-card grid.
Now position the first eight cards on the nine-card grid, so that the
ninth card can then be removed from the machine and placed in its proper
position. Make sure you've recorded on paper where you've initially
placed these first eight cards by drawing a nine-card grid on paper and
recording the ninth card position before moving the ninth card. Now ...
AT A TIME, FOR A TOTAL OF FIVE TIMES. Make a notation of these FIVE
pair shifts on your diagram of the nine-card matrix by drawing straight
lines connecting each pair of cards that have exchanged places with each
other. Now ... You're gonna have to concentrate intently on the
shifting of these five pairs of cards, so you can immediately draw the
five lines a split second after one or two of the five pair shifts
occur. Also, make sure you label each line with either a number or a
smaller case letter (e.g., a,b,c,,d, and e), so you know the order of
each pair shift. That way you can successfully reproduce each of the
five pair shifts on paper. Now redraw the nine-card grid five more
times, showing at each stage which pair of cards were transposed. When
that's accomplished, it becomes a matter CONCENTRATION for you,
whereupon the hidden bathos will be revealed for your retrieval after
you have successfully turned over the last card.

I found another bathos hidden inside the church, within the rear
rectory, and inside the Bingo Ball Puzzle; which is a snap to solve.

That's as far as I've gotten with the game so far. I hope this synopsis
of the game leaves you with better thinking tools to work with.

Good luck with the game!
Mikey V.

Go to the cafe and pick the rose from the vase. Take it to the statue of the
angel in the cemetary. Put it in the holding place and click her toes from
left to right. Get what is in the compartment.

Go to the General Store and go inside. Go to the window and on the far left
side lift the tile and retrieve the token. Put it in the coke machine and get
the "thing". Open the snake cage, walk outside, and then come back in. Look at
the snake's bowl. Write down what you see. Walk to the cash register an
dfigure it out.

Many thanks to Kristyn Smith for supplying these cheats!

A clue on the egg puzzle - try going backwards from the end of the puzzle.

Many thanks to Heidi Wagner for supplying these cheats!

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