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Читы для Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

Чит-файл для Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

Shivers 2:
Harvest of Souls

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / Logic

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
                           Game Solutions and FAQ

                       Version 2.0 (updated 97/04/27)

                                 by Mark Fox

                               The Cheat Zone


             "More cheats than you can shake a prayer stick at!"

         Shivers two - Harvest of Souls « 1997 Sierra On-Line, Inc.


Shivers Two is a dynamic, epic adventure game which is full of some of the
most challenging and creative puzzles to hit this medium since Myst.
However, unlike its predecessors, shivers Two offers a near 360 degree game
environment, smooth game play, a user-friendly menu interface, Internet
connection and a rockin' sound track. Couple all this with a unique story
line and smoothly integrated video clips and the result is one of the best
PC games to come into existence.

Shivers Two is not a strict, linear game (although some actions must be
taken before others you are generally free to solve the puzzles in any
order). The path which is described in this document is only one of many.
Feel free to explore on your ownрyou'll always be able to go back to find
missed items.

Many thanks go out to Willie Eide (for developing this game) and for all his
on-line help to us gamers. I'd also like to thank all the great game
enthusiasts out there who have helped me work out some of the bugs and
errors in the previous version of this documentрThank you all for your

Further on-line information on this game can be obtained from The Cheat Zone
at http://www.cheatzone.com and from Sierra at http://www.sierra.com.


For this game, I have chosen to provide solutions to most of the more
difficult puzzles you will encounter. This is not a step by step
walk-through. Most likely, such a document would become redundant and
unwelcome. To sum up the smaller details, please do the following:

   * Always listen to and save every telephone message
   * pick up everything possible (notes, items, objects etc.)
   * use common sense

One of the best tips I can offer on this game is to READ THE MANUAL!
Everyone hates doing this but, in this case, it is very importantр.so do it.
Please also keep in mind that the music videos (which are discussed later)
contain exclusive clues to some of the game's puzzles. I strongly suggest
that you watch these videos a few times (at least).

I'm in the Motel LobbyрWhat do I do?

   * Get your 1st bahos stick from the "jack in the box" by ringing the bell
     (see below).
   * Read the note in the #6 mail slot behind the desk and note Pearl's
     phone number

(555-6312). Call the number.

   * Read the insurance letter on the desk
   * Read the bible in the desk drawer
   * notice the razor (you can't take it) in another drawer
   * purchase some batteries from the vending machine (after you find a
     quarter in Phil's Market-See question below)
   * Take the odd shaped object from the bottom, right drawer. You'll need
     this piece in the library (see that section for more information).
   * take the used chewing gum from the ash tray
   * stick some gum over the red light on the TV (see below for reason)
   * This is also a good time to watch the music videos on the TV (use gum

What do I do in the Motel Rooms?

In Room #5

   * Listen to all your phone messages
   * Listen to the radio stations
   * use your key to open your locked truck. Get the video cassette from the
     trunk and look at the various papers in there too.
   * Watch the video cassette in the VCR
   * You will find a bahos stick in one of the dresser drawers (It appears
     their later in the game so check it often.
   * Notice the picture of the griffin over the dresser (this is a clue to a
   * Get the bahos stick from the bottom dresser drawer (It's not there at
     the beginning of the game. You must first call Dark Cloud on the phone
     before it will show up here. Refer to the section below on the Caf-).
     Here is the corresponding petroglyph puzzle solution for this bahos

In Room #6

   * Get the crow bar from the floor
   * Listen to the phone messages
   * look through the wallet on the dresser
   * You might find a chess piece in one of the dresser drawers. These chess
     pieces are used on a puzzle in the gas station. There are four pieces
     to find and the appear to be scattered randomly throughout Cyclone
   * You can NOT do anything with the camera on the floor.

Every time I click on a TV, I get "transported" someplace! Why?

Every television set in Cyclone (except in the two motel rooms) has a red
light on its upper left corner. This light is hypnotizing and should be
avoided. Use the used chewing gum from the motel lobby to cover these
lights. You'll then be able to watch Trip Cyclone music videos etc. and get
important hints.

What are all these numbers I keep seeing on papers?

Numbers such as 1-9-18-8-3 are actually codes. You'll see these numbers in
several location in the game such as on the letter from your trunk in the
motel and in Wendy's notebook. The code is a variation of the alphabet. Each
code number represents its alpha equivalent LESS FOUR. For example: The
number 18 would translate to the letter N. 18-4=14. N is the 14th letter in
the alphabet. The following chart is the completed code listing.

  A  B C D E  F  G  H  I   J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q   R  S  T  U  V  W X Y  Z
  5  6 7 8 9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25  26 1 2 3  4

Therefore, the above code (1-9-18-8-3) would translate to "WENDY"

Where do I find these Bahos Sticks and how many are there?

The sticks are located all over the town of Cyclone (usually hidden by
puzzles). You'll get your first stick from the front desk of the motel. Ring
the bell on the counter! Get the stick and take it to the canyon. Don't
forget to notice the shape of the symbol on the box which the bahos was in.
You'll need to find the same shape inside the canyon.

There are a total of 12 Bahos sticks to find.

I've got a Bahos Stick but I don't know what to do with it.

You must bring your stick into Devil's Mouth Canyon. You can see the
location of the canyon from your map.

I keep getting killed in the Canyonр.Help!

Each of the 12 Bahos sticks has a corresponding symbol. The symbol for each
stick is always displayed close to the location of where you found the
stick. When you get to the Canyon with your stick, find the same (or
similar) symbol (called a "petroglyph") on one of the canyon's walls. A
puzzle will appear whenever you click on a corresponding petroglyph. The
following is a picture of the solution for your first petroglyph (for the
bahos you found in the lobby of the motel office).

Once you solve the petroglyph puzzle, proceed through the canyon until you
find a locked, wooden door (blue in color). Click on the box to the right of
the door to reveal a skull. Clicking on the skull will open the door to the
altar. If you fail to solve the petroglyph puzzles, the skull will not allow
you access to the altar room.

Always try to save your game at the mouth of the canyon because the
petroglyphs will try to steal your life essence. This makes it important for
you to quickly find and click on the petroglyph you're looking for.

These music videos don't seem to tell me anything.

Pay close attention to the actors. Their body language can show a lot. You
may also want to turn on the captioning feature so that you can see the

I need help opening the warehouse door.

You will notice that there is one bar missing from the center of the puzzle.
You must find this bar before you can open the door (see above). Put the bar
from the CD case in its place on the door puzzle. Move the sliders to match
the position which were displayed to you on the paper from the CD. If you
forgot what they were, you can use the "flashback" feature on your menu bar.
Each of the bars in the puzzle will turn when you click on them.

What do I do in the warehouse?

There is a cassette tape hidden inside the cymbals. The tape has a recording
of Dark Cloud's chant. Use it with the cassette tape player (see Pearl's
House section for more information).

Go into the recording room and look through Olivia's notebook. Pay attention
to the chess board layout. This image will also be stored in your
"flashback" inventory.

Look inside the van. Now you must solve the puzzle in the crate to get
another Bahos stick. Here is the solution to the marble puzzle inside the
crate. This solution was provided by Mona on the Sierra message boardрMany
thanks to her!:

Number along the top, left to right, one through seven. And letters A
through G down the side, top to bottom. Move the marbles in the following

6G-3G, 1F-1C, 2A-5A, 7F-7G, 7G-6G, 7B-7F, 6E-7E (FREE), 7E-7B, 2C-2D (FREE),
2D-1D, 1D-1F, 5D-5E, 5E-7E (FREE), 2B-2D (FREE), 3B-3C (FREE), 5B-2B, 2B-2A,
5F-5B, 5B-2B, 4C-4B, 3F-5F, 6F-6D, 6D-5D, 6C-6E, 3C-6C, 3D-3B, 2D-3D, 2E-2C,
4E-4F (FREE), 6E-1E, 6C-6F, 6B-6E, 6E-4E, 4B-6B, 5A-5B, 2C-6C, 2F-2C, 2C-4C,
4F-2F, 3G-3F, 1E-2E, 1C-2C,


Here is the solution to the corresponding petroglyph puzzle:

What do I do with this $2.50 change I have?

You need to buy some batteries for your cassette player. You can buy the
batteries from the vending machine in the motel lobby. However, they cost
$2.75. You can find that extra quarter on the floor in the market store by
the cola machine. Once you get that extra quarter, add it to your other
$2.50 by viewing the change with the eye on your menu bar. Add the extra
quarter to Your $2.50 using this close-up view.

What do I do in Phil's Market Store?

   * You need to get the 25 cent piece from the floor by the cola machine
     (see above).
   * Click on one of the tiles on the windowsill to reveal a hidden token.
     Take the token and insert it into the vending machine. Press the cola
     buttons to get a mechanical, letter decoder. You will use the letter
     decoder on information you get from the computer in the Safari Savings
     and Loans building.
   * Solve the egg puzzle in the cooler to get a Bahos stick. The following
     is the egg puzzle solution and the corresponding petroglyph puzzle
     solution for this bahos stick:

The white dots on each openings indicate how many spaces the egg will be
tossed. Your objective is to get the egg into the bottom, right opening. Use
these moves to solve the puzzle:

 1        13       14
 6        7             8    5

 2   3                       4
     16   12       15   9    17

          11            10   18

   * If there is a rattle snake in a terrarium on the counter, come back to
     the store later and it will be gone. Look inside the terrarium at the
     yellow dish. Use the code on the dish to open the cash register on the
     counter. Get the "S" piece from inside the cash register. This piece
     will be used in the library later.

I'm in the Gas StationрWhat do I do?

   * Look at the paper on the wall which talks "black is the warrior from
     the lands above." You must locate 4 various chess pieces from around
     Cyclone. Collect them in your inventory until you have all four.
     Suggested places to look are in the jail cell at the sheriff's office,
     in the card catalogue at the library, in the mouth of the wooden bird
     in Pearl's house and in the dresser drawers of the motel rooms.
   * There is a chess board located in a drawer in the main part of the gas
     station. Examine your chess pieces using the eye on your menu bar.
     Notice that each piece is labeled with a position. Place the pieces on
     the board according to the diagram in Olivia's notebook.

The drawer below this one will pop open. Read the note and take the screw

   * Use the screwdriver to pry open the locked desk drawer
   * Take the gas can from the desk drawer
   * Click your gas can on the gas pump hose outside the gas station. It
     will fill with diesel fuel. You will use this fuel in the mines.
   * Click on the compressor unit in the garage part of the station. This
     compressor is used to lift the car. Start the compressor by flipping up
     the switch to the left of the gauge. You may then spin the handle until
     the pressure reaches 230 (you can spin the wheel in both directions to
     get the proper setting). This compressor will NOT work until you
     complete the chess puzzle in the other part of the gas station. Once
     you have the proper pressure set, you may then pull the control lever
     at the opposite side of the room to raise the car. You will find Dave's
     notebook under the car. Read it and take the key for the church's
     donation box. Note: You MUST watch the music videos for any of this to
     work. The number 230 was displayed in one of the videos on a car's
     license plate.

I'm in the BakeryрWhat do I do?

   * Listen to the phone messages
   * Take the music box from the counter (its beside the telephone). Examine
     the music box with the eye on your menu bar.
   * Solve the donut puzzle in the large oven for a bahos stick. Pull the
     red lever on the oven an then open the oven door to activate the
     puzzle. Here is the solution for the donut puzzle and the corresponding
     petroglyph puzzle:

Move the donut which is in position # 4 to position # 1

Move the donut which is in position # 6 to position # 9

Move the donut which is in position # 8 to position # 3

Move the donut which is in position # 2 to position # 5

Move the donut which is in position # 10 to position # 7

I'm in the ChurchрWhat do I do here?

   * Look at the donation boxрIt's locked. Use the key which you found in
     Dave's notebook under the car in the garage (see the Gas Station
     section for more information). Read the note in the donation back, The
     note will be saved in your "flashback."

The picture is the solution for the locked door puzzle in the library (see
the Library section for more information).

   * Click on the altar's pulpit to watch a Dark Cloud movie
   * Look at the shoes in the office
   * look at the check book in the desk drawer (it will be saved in
   * Notice the dynamite in the desk drawer
   * Listen to the phone messages
   * Take the cross symbol from the desk drawer (this will be used in the
   * Look at the picture on the wall
   * Complete the bingo ball puzzle to get a bahos stick. Simply move the
     balls around in their paths until you have them in numeric order
     (1,2,3,4р). Completing this puzzle will give you a bahos stick. Here is
     the corresponding petroglyph puzzle solution:

I'm in the Caf-рWhat do I?

   * Take the flower from the vase on the counter
   * Look at the menu and get the computer disk (5.25"рhahahaha!)
   * One of the pictures on the wall is "hot." Click on the picture and look
     at Olivia's drawing which is hidden under the back matting of the
     picture (drawing will be saved in your "flashback"). This drawing is
     the solution to a puzzle in the cemetery.
   * Get the small piece of finger-printed paper off the weird figure on the
   * Light the candle on one of the dinning tables with one of your matches
     (found in Burt's trailer behind the paining of Norah). Hold the
     finger-printed piece of paper up to the flame to reveal Dark Cloud's
     phone number (hay, everybody has a phone!). Get to a phone and call
     Dark Cloud (the number is 555-9547)
   * Get the "flamingo" keys which are hanging on the wall across from the
     stove. These keys are to Pearl's house.
   * In the office, read the ledger and the note from Burt inside the
     ledger. Listen to the phone messages (if any). Look at the photos in
     the draw and the satellite TV contract.

I found a flower in the caf-. What do I do with it?

This is described in one of the music videos. Go to the cemetery and place
the flower in its place on the statue (with wings). Now click on each one of
her toes from left to right. The toes will bend when you click on them. If
they do not bend when click, then you have not watched all the videos! Go to
your nearest TV and watch the videos again. An opening will appear at the
base of the statue after you click the toes. Take the bar from the CD case
and make note of the paper diagram on the CD case. These items will be used
at the warehouse.

I'm in the CemeteryрWhat do I do?

   * Use the flower from the Caf- as described above
   * Read the headstones (two of them can be clicked on)
   * Go to the Mausoleum at the far end of the cemetery. Pay close attention
     to the inscription on the "head stone." The date of death is important
     to solve another puzzle.
   * Complete the picture puzzle by rotating and moving the pieces around.
     The end result should look like Olivia's drawing which you can find in
     the caf-. This is what it looks like:

I found this puzzle to be difficult even with knowing what it should look
like. After you finish the puzzle, a door at the bottom of the mausoleum
will open. Inside you will find the rock covered body of Norah. Read the
inscription. Nothing else can be done in this room (seems like a lot of work
for nothing! However, near the end of the game, the key to Max's INSIDE door
(not the front gate or front door) will be placed in this mausoleum for you
to retrieve (see the section on Max's Cave for more information).

I'm at the Barber ShopрWhat do I?

   * Click on the spinning barber shop pole. Look the coded message from the
     base of the pole. The note will be saved in your "flashback." The
     decryption key can be found in Wendy's notebook which is inside Pearl's
     house (See section on Pearl's House for more information)Translated,
     this note reads: "LYLES CYMBALS." See the above section on the
     Warehouse for more information.
   * Solve the sliding door puzzle to get access to the barber shop. This
     puzzle is exactly the same as the one on the bakery door.
   * Click on the barber's chair and listen to Dark Cloud's message.
   * Notice the pictures on the walls and the TV contract on the counter.
   * Notice the silver coin and the button on the floor by the statue.
   * Solve the spider puzzle in the sink by first turning on the taps.
     Notice how one of the spiders drops down into the sink. You objective
     is to get your little fellow safely to her egg sack at the top of the
     screen. This puzzle seems to get reconfigured with each new game. This
     makes an all-out solution VERY difficult. However, you should be able
     to get through this puzzle with most of your sanity intact if you get a
     little practice. Here is one possible solution which was provided to me
     by W. BeasleyрMany thanks for his efforts!:

Cross blue bridge, turn left, go over green button, at first crossroads,
right, go 14 squares, turn right go over yellow bridge, go straight over
blue bridge, take first left (up), go up 3 squares, 1

right, 3 squares (up), (stop before going over red bridge) left over other
red bridge, 1 square after red bridge, go down 3 squares, right 1 square, go
down 3 squares, right 6 squares, down 3 squares, over red button, 9 squares
to crossroad, up 3 squares right over blue bridge,

second square after blue bridge go up 3 squares, left 8 squares, right (up)
6 squares, right 3 squares over yellow bridge, down 4 squares, left over
blue bridge to wall, down 4 squares, left 3 squares, down 3 squares over
blue button, straight to red button, straight to yellow button, 3

squares over, turn down go 3 squares, 3 squares right, right take blue
bridge to egg.

   * Get your bahos stick. Here is the solution to the corresponding
     petroglyph puzzle:
I'm at Pearl Larson's houseрWhat do I?

   * The door to get in will be locked when you first get here. You must use
     the keys from the caf- (see the notes on the Caf- for instructions) to
     unlock the door.
   * Read Wendy's notebook carefullyрits in the oven. Notice the character
     decoder sketches. These sketches will allow you to decode the image
     from the base of the barbershop pole (see barber shop section for me
   * In Pearl's bedrrom, take the chess piece from the mouth of the wooden
     toucan on the dresser (see section on the Gas Station for more
     information on the chess pieces).
   * Read the letter and look at the photo in the dresser drawer.
   * In Pearl's basement, look at the photo on the end-table.
   * Take the cassette tape player from the blue suitcase. Insert the
     cassette tape (from the warehouse) into the tape player. Insert the
     batteries from the vending machine in the motel lobby and listen to the
     recording (its Dark Cloud's chant). Read your game manal to learn how
     to combine items.
   * Play the bat puzzle by clicking on the hanging, green, bat-like object.

I'm at Burt's TrailerрWhat do I?

   * Just before you go in the door, stop and click on the area under the
     trailer to the right of the door. User the crow bar which you picked up
     in room #6 of the motel room to pry the metal plate open. Take the key
     to the safe deposit box (this was mentioned in a letter from Burt to
     Pearl in the Caf-'s ledge).
   * Look at the dart board, read the note by the grocery bag on the
     counter, read the letter under the can with the paint brushes in it,
     look at the three items under the door's mail slot.
   * Take the safe combination template from the "recipe" box in the
     cupboard. You will use this in the Savings and Loans building.
   * Take the false, half piece of Ianyi from the top shelf of the cupboard
     by the fridge.
   * Look at the painting of Norah Wharton (if its still there) and take the
     match book from the back side of the painting.
   * Opening the wardrobe will cause you to lose some life essence as you
     get attacked by a swarm of bees. Use the torch you found in the mine
     tunnel (see Mine Tunnel section for more information) to smoke the bees
     awayрdon't forget to light the torch with your match first! (click on
     the wardrobe WITH the torch).
   * Solve the rolling cube puzzle to get a bahos stick. Here is the
     solution for the corresponding petroglyph puzzle:

I'm in the Sheriff's OfficeрWhat do I?

   * Read the two missing person's reports in the basket on the desk and
     look at the attached items.
   * Listen to the phone messages.
   * Click on the broken radio
   * Look the accident report from the file cabinet (notice the date of
     death). This is saved in your "flashback."
   * Read the bulletin board items.
   * Get the desk drawer key from the horn of the bull's skull in the card
   * Look at the jail cell door. Notice the number in the center of the
     puzzle. Use the book in the upper, right drawer of the desk to solve
     the puzzle (use the key from the skull to open the drawer). The number
     on the cell door corresponds to the page number in the book. Use the
     same positions as illustrated on that page on the cell door.
   * Look at the message Burt left on the cell wall. Notice the bucket and
     the magazine on the bed.
   * You may find a chess piece in the cell (refer to the section on the Gas
     Station for more information on the chess pieces).
   * Play the card puzzle. It has been suggested that players videotape this
     part of the game. In this manner, you can replay the card shuffle on
     your camcorder until you are sure where the cards have been placed. I
     simply suggest that you place the cards on the table in order like

      A            K            Q
      J           10            8
      6            5            2

Write the same thing on a piece of paper and hold your paper up to the
monitor. As the cards are shuffled, there is enough time to quickly place a
connecting line to the cards which are switched. Of course, you can always
use your own memory! (yeah right!).

   * Get your bahos stick after you finish the card puzzle. Here is the
     solution to the corresponding petroglyph puzzle:

I got a message from Norah's ghost about choosing my enemyрWhat do I do now?

   * You must choose the correct symbol from the ones which she displays to
     you. The correct one is shaped like an "open book." The symbol
     corresponds to Max Wharton. You must go to Max's cave (see your map).
     There is a small, odd-colored rock in front of Max's Cave gate. Click
     on the rock and take the key from inside (you must first get the
     message from the ghost or there will be no key in the rock).

I'm at Max's CaveрWhat do I do here?

   * Get the key from the rock as described above.
   * Use the key to open the front gate
   * Now you must solve the puzzle on Max's front door. Arrange the sticks
     so that they represent the date of Norah's death BACKWARDS which was
     August 22, 1992. Hear is my the solution:

The first tile is 2

The second and third tiles are 9

The fourth tile is 1

The fifth and sixth tiles are 2

The seventh tile is 8

   * Look at the books on the shelf
   * Look at all the pictures etc. in the work area.
   * Place the music box (which is found in the bakery) on the table to the
     right of the computer keyboard. Once it's in place, click on it.
   * Now click on the computer and you will type out Norah's message to Max
   * The other door in Max's cave is locked. Once you type in Norah's
     message on the computer, go to the cemetery and she will speak to you
   * Go to the mausoleum in the cemetery and pick up the key to Max's inside
   * Open Max's inside door with the key from the mausoleum.
   * In the now-unlocked room, look at all the stuff on the table and take
     the broken half of Ianyi. This half is the real thing. The one in your
     inventory (from Burt's trailer) is a fake.

I'm in the LibraryрWhat do I do here?

   * There may be a chess piece in one of the card catalogue drawers. You
     need the chess pieces to complete the puzzle in the gas station (see
     that section for more information).
   * Upstairs, look at all the neat stuff in the display cases and read the
     newspapers on the table and on the floor. You will find TWO books on
     the shelves in this section of the library. One is a useless book
     entitles "Strange and Unusual Facts about the American South West" and
     the other book is entitled "Symbols and Masks." This second book is
     important for one of the final puzzles in the game.
   * Go downstairs in the library and click on the bookshelves. They will
     topple down on you. Read the book which gets dropped on the floor by
     the stairs. It is entitled "The Ianyi Stone."
   * Back up the stairs, walk over to the small area to the right of the
     locked door. Find the hole in the wall and look through.
   * Go to the locked door in the center of the library and insert the four
     pieces which you obtain from the Church, Phil's Market, Safari Saving
     and Loan, and the Cyclone Motel lobby.
   * In the this room you will find the second key to Burt's safe deposit
     box. It's on the floor.
   * Look that the picture on the wallрnotice the hole?

I'm at Safari Davings and LoansрWhat do I do here?

   * You must unlock the door. Once again, the solution can be found in one
     of the videos. You need to enter 3 sets of 3 numbers. Each set of three
     numbers you enter will be totaled. Your first three numbers should be:
     8, 1, 2. Your second set of numbers should be: 7, 5, 0. Your third set
     of numbers should be: 6, 4, 3. These numbers add up to 11, 12 and 13
     respectively (as seen in the video).
   * There is a puzzle to the left of the main door. You need to flip the
     tiles over to reproduce the same picture in color. You will be awarded
     an ancient hammer. Use the hammer to smash the clay pot on the counter
     (beside the computer). Your bahos stick is inside the pot. Here is the
     solution for the corresponding petroglyph puzzle:

   * Look at the 2 papers on the floor (one from a newspaper and another one
     about "projected earnings").
   * Listen to any phone messages.
   * Go to the garbage can behind the counter and piece together the torn up

   * Pay close attention to the small, animal pictures on the walls. Note
     that, in the pictures, there are: 5 hyenas, 4 elephants, 1 tiger, 5
     zebras and 3 impalas.
   * There is small, wall safe behind the counter under a framed newspaper
     clipping. Click on the "picture" and unlock the safe by entering the
     number of each animal depicted in the pictures around the business. The
     animals are represented by their footprints. From top to bottom they
     are: tiger, hyena, elephant, impala, zebra. Enter the number of each of
     the animals as indicated above and then turn the handle to open the
   * In the safe get the small, gray object (this is for the locked door in
     the library), read the note and look at the combination book.
   * Go to the large vault and note the two character code which is
     displayed on the dial (for example: my code was "7E"). Now go back to
     the small, wall safe and open the combination book. Place your
     combination decoder (which you picked up from the recipe box in Burt's
     trailer) on the page which was indicated on the vault's dial (page 7 in
     my case). The letter following the page number represents the direction
     you should turn your decoder card (East in my case). Using the 7E
     example, I would place my decoder card on page 7 of the code book and I
     would then turn the decoder card so that the notch in the card is
     facing to the east (or right). Click on the small picture of the zebra
     to turn the card. The numbers which appear in the opening of the
     decoder card represent the vault's combination!
   * Use the combination from the combination book to open the vault.
   * Go into the vault and find safe box number 32B. Insert your two keys to
     open Burt's safe deposit box. One of the keys was found under Burt's
     trailer and the other was found in the library's locked room.
   * Take the bottle of sand and the video tape. Watch the video tape in
     your room at the motel.
   * Insert the computer disk (which was found inside the menu at the Caf-)
     into the computer (duh!). If you watched the videos closely you will be
     able to enter the user name and password. However, I'll spell it out
     for you: The user name is "LYLE" and the password is: "AIVILO". AIVILO
     spelled backwards is Olivia. At the end of the video, the band members
     spelled out the word "Lyle" with their bodies (and Lyle was pointing at
   * You are provided with the following string of letters from the computer


Use the decoder which you obtained from the pop vending machine in Phil's
market to decode these letters (see the section of Phil's market for more
information). However (if you're too lazy) the translated message is: DAY OF
HER ACCIDENT REVERSED (Special thanks to Kat Schlottach for correcting an
error I made on this solution in the previous version of this document).
This refers to the date of Norah's death which can be seen on her head stone
in the cemetery and on the accident report from the cop shop (August 22,
1992). You'll need this date to get into Max's cave (see the section on
Max's cave for more information).

I'm at MineрWhat do I do here?

   * Pour your gas into the elevator motor / generator (see the section of
     the Gas Station for more information.
   * Get the bahos stick from inside the elevator car. Here is the
     corresponding petroglyph puzzle solution:
   * Take the elevator down into the mine and get the unlit torchрit's down
     there, trust me. You use the torch in the wardrobe in Burt's trailer
     (see that section for details).
   * For further information on the mines, please see the section below
     regarding the ending of the game.

I've put all the bahos in place but now the spirit wants to hear the words!

Play the tape recording of the chant into the black hole in front of the

Please help me with the ending of the game!

Once you have all the prayer sticks (bahos) in place and you have one real
half and one fake half of Ianyi you may proceed back into the canyon towards
the altar. When you get to the skull, you'll find it has been destroyed.
However, there is another way to get to the altar (you can see it on the
map!). Pay close attention to the symbols which Norah's ghost offers you.
They should be:

                      STAR, SPIDER, BREATH, RAIN CLOUD

Refer to your symbols chart in "flashback" to see what each of this symbols
looks like.

Go down in the mine. You will find a large, open area with a ladder in it.
Go up the ladder and solve the symbols puzzle. Press the symbols which Norah
told you in the same order (should be as above). You will be carted across
the mine to the back entrance to the altar.

Once you get to the altar, SAVE YOUR GAME. Shivers 2 has three different
endings. Saving your game here is the best way to experience all three
endings without too much trouble.

   * Talk to the spirit using the cassette over the black hole in the floor.
   * Pour your sand on the sand paining on the floor

Now you must decide what you think you should do. The following is the most
correct path to take. Notice that Dark Cloud has the other true half of
Ianyi around his neck.

   * Insert your FAKE half of Ianyi into its place in the altar. Dark Cloud
     will put his half in too.
   * When Dark Cloud bends over the hole to talk to the spirit, grab your
     fake half of Ianyi back and replace it with the real half (the real one
     is the half with the white markings).
   * You must now complete one final puzzleрthe Ianyi puzzle. You life
     essence gets drained as you are trying to solve this puzzle so you must
     act quickly.
   * The object of the puzzle is to direct the beam of light through all of
     the diamond shaped crystals and back into the other receptacle by
     repositioning the / shaped mirrors.

If you need more life essence, you may look around the cavern and mine for
special petroglyphs. These special petroglyphs are shaped like simple
swirls. Clicking on them will give you a big boost of life. Don't use these
swirls until you really need them (like at the end of the game).

The other two ending involve giving your Ianyi half to either Dark Cloud or
Norah's ghost.

Authors Note:

I hope you have found this document useful and informative. I always welcome
your feedback, suggestions, corrections, questions and comments. Please feel
free to send email to me at: webmaster@cheatzone.com

And hay, if you want to do something really cool (and really nice), why not
consider sending in a post card from your neck-of-the-woodsрI'd love to hear
from you! My mailing address is:

Mark Fox

2376 Eglinton Avenue East

PO Box 44523

Scarborough, Ontario

M1K 2P0


                                   The End

           This FAQ and hint file is another Cheat Zone original!

                     Please visit us on the Internet at:


This document is copyright 1997 by Mark Fox

You are free to redistribute this document by any means as long as the
original text is not changed in any way, including this notice. Any other
use of this document requires the written approval of the author.

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