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Чит-файл для Shock


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This game requires a little juggling with the interface. You use the arrows at
the bottom of the screen to move and click on doors and objects to open or use
them. There are some exceptions, however, where you can go forward through a
without clicking on it (it opens automatically).

This game has a glut of hardcore pornography, designed to suit all tastes for
perverse. These videos are completely unrelated to the game and easily clicked
through. The serious gamer need not view any of the videos to successfully
complete the game. There are also games at the Shooting Gallery that have no
influence on the game.

The game is a traditional inventory-based one and not without merit if you can
overlook the porn. It is however, very short, taking about two or three hours to
complete, and it has a disappointing, completely expected, ending that doesn't
really make sense.

The game starts after a villain has kidnaped the warden's daughter, Gwen, on a
penal (obvious joke) planet. He is, intriguingly, holding her captive in his
brain! You are sent by the warden into his brain to rescue the girl (and
undoubtedly be carnally rewarded).

You start off underwater. Click on the ladder to exit onto the street. You will
see a badly acted Quicktime video of Gwen begging to be saved. Brace yourself,
it's the first of many.

The street is lined with various adult shops (peepshows, whorehouses, and the
like). If you enter any of these, you will find you need (and don't have) money.
Walk up and down the street until you find an ATM card. Click on the card to
it up.

Go to the Shooting Gallery. Turn right once inside and go to the ATM. Click on
the card to see the transaction sequence. You are given 10 coins. Now, you can
start to get somewhere.

The most useful area to go next is Madame Tarot, a cyber fortuneteller. Each
you use with her gives you a useful hint about how to progress in the game. The
information she gives you is not available anywhere else, so you do need to
listen to what she has to say. The warden's daughter also gives some hints
through the fortuneteller's crystal ball. Information given includes:

You need a rubber glove to pull a power switch (which powers the Internet at
The website at CyberJava is www.shock.com;
The Fat Man is your enemy;
ATM cards are available at one of the tables at the Kit Kat Klub;
The warden's daughter is being held at the Fat Man's;
At a house of ill repute, there is a napkin that should be taken to Malcolm's
Your lucky number with the vending machine at the Smut Shack is 69;
For an enjoyable night at the whorehouse, you will need the right music;
At the Fat Man's, you must turn the power on (lever is on the right);
Fat Man's homepage is best accessed through Malcolm's lair;
Fidel's homepage holds the code for Royd Security.

Go to the House of Whores. The walls are encrusted with skulls. There is a large
rope with a sign telling you to pull it. Behind the rope is a table with a skull
on it. Touch the skull prior to pulling the rope or you fall into a tunnel and
end up back on the street. Touching the skull results in the appearance of a
rubber glove. Pick it up. It and the skull are both placed in your inventory.

Go to the House of Lust. On either side of the room are peepshow windows. Ignore
them and go forward to a door. Open it and go in to the large switch. Click the
glove prior to clicking the switch. Failure to do this results in death.

Go to CyberJava. At left is the Internet interface. Click on it. Type
www.shock.com. You will get eight hits. Go to all eight sites. Get Royd Security
code from Fidel's website: 241972. To access Fat Man's, type in "fats" as both
the name and password. On Malcolm's home page, be sure to listen to the music--
it's the music you need to make the CD. On the Royd Security site, make sure you
switch the Security Locked door to "unlocked." This will allow you into the Fat

Go to the security gate about halfway along the street. Click on 241972 to open
the gate. A new street is available to you.

On the left is the Kit Kat Klub. Go in and down. On the right is the music
machine. Choose the music that matches that you heard on Malcolm's web page.
a CD (this costs money).

In the bar across the way, pick up the cigarettes on the bar.

The next place on the left is the discreet house of ill repute. Go upstairs. The
second door on the left can be accessed with the CD. This is necessary to
complete the game but doesn't actually seem to do anything.

The door at the far end is the Security Door to the Fat Man's. It should be open
now. Go in. Go forward until a gold pyramid appears. It will ask for something:
glove, cigarettes, etc. Give it what it wants. Save now!

Now turn right and proceed to the switch. Put on the glove and pull the switch.
This will reveal three doors that seal your fate. A wrong choice and you are
booted out to start again. Go to the second door.

The end movie runs and you get your "reward" from Gwen, the warden's daughter.

The End


I never did get into Malcolm's, yet I won the game! Why?

What is the code for Malcolm's?

Why is the Fat Man nowhere to be found?

How did I get into this guy's brain?

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