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Читы для Sid Meier's Civilization

Чит-файл для Sid Meier's Civilization

Sid Meier's Civilization

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:MPS Labs
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based / Grand strategy)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Let wheels be your first objective so as to be able to acquire the chariot!

Use  the above tip then press f7 f8 f9 and f10 to see: A listing of everyone's
advances and status' A showing of the powergraph and the oppurtunity to replay
A  display of everyones attackpower/defensepower/# of  cities A display of the
entire map **This will only work with version 1

To reveal the entire map all you have to is hold down Shift-5,6 and then click
on the map with the mouse.

to get a sum of money, just press shift $. do it for as many as u like !

If  you  play  EARTH  the best is  use  the  more  agressive cultures like the
Russians  or the Zulus to avoid one strong enemy and with the same concept the
first  objective  is  destroy  these cultures.  For  these  obtain  as soon as
possible  the  wheel  (for  chariots), mapmaking  (for  trireme  if you are in
America) and send diplomats to your closest enemies to obtain their technology

If  you are playing earth - you may wish to be America since you then have N &
S.America to expand into in isolation as other nations fight it out in Europe.

On  earth,  build the Suez canal and  the  Panama canal. How? Build two cities
next  to each other, one on each coast. You  can move a ship from city to city
even if the city is land-locked. (The Trans-Siberia canal is fun, but not very

On  earth,  build the Suez canal and  the  Panama canal. How? Build two cities
next  to each other, one on each coast. You  can move a ship from city to city
even if the city is land-locked. (The Trans-Siberia canal is fun, but not very

To randomize the leaders personalities, press Alt-R

For  the canals you dont have to put down  2 cities for each. There is a place
in each area that will allow one city to act as a canal.

When  you  start get bronze working and  then the wheel. It sometimes helps to
use  your settlers to capture nearby cities before they can build defenders if
you are the romans, gemmans, french or russians.

When  you start on three civilisations you use the babylonians to defeat other
enemies easier.

Start  with  a  custom world with a  dry  and  arid landscape then choose your
capital site very carefully. Quickly start two cites close to each other.

Put  a  Settler on a ship and build  road and railways. You get more trade and
the ships get unlimited goes.

Do  you  have a hex-editor? If so, then  here's  how you can edit your, or the
computer's  treasury:  1. Look for hex address  13A, this and the next byte is
white's  treasury.  All treasuries are two bytes  long.  2. Look for yours and
type  in "FF7F." 3. Next time you load in a game, you should have 30,000 coins
in  your  treasury. WARNING: Be sure to save  the  game in a file that you can
screw up before you hack in!!!!!!!

On  earlyer versions of the game you can  reveal the entire world map and mess
around    with   your   enemys   by   holding   down   [shift]   and   typing:

Are  you  sad 'cause the dialogues with  other  nations aren't any funny? Just
edit the KING.TXT file. You'll find out how to change the sentences if you are
looking at line 50. Have fun!

When  irrigating the landscape around a city,  do like this; Irrigate with the
settler;  Select the settler unit, and  activate it again. Continue doing this
and  you  can fully develop a square in  one  row, if you have the appropriate
amount of settlers. OK, and fusion power should be developed before 100 BC; By
the way Ender, was it fun to use the Little Doctor ?

When  playing  a  campaign  or armada game  against  the  computer (or a human
opponent,  come  to think of it), build  your  heavy fighters first. Also, the
light fighters on your carriers and transports make good scouts.

To  make those settlers more efficient, first,  put the settler where you want
him,  and  then  push  the letter corresponding  the  action  you  wish him to
perform. Immediat- ely stop him, and push the letter again. Do this repeatidly
After  the equivalent number of turns it would normally take the settler to do
this, the settler will have done it. For example, to build a mine in one turn.
Put the settler where you want it, push M, click on the settler, push M, click
on the settler, etc, until he builds it.

Using  a hacker program(my favorite is Hacker10)  I look for the money, usally
at byte 280-320, and change it to 30k, the limit in the Windoze version. Also,
the  year  can  be changed, positive for AD  and  negative for BC. I have made
about 58% when using these cheats.

In  the game Civilization (Dos Version) Any of the text files can be edited to
change  text  in the game. Some of  which are BLURB(#).txt and STORY.txt. Near
the  beginning  of BLURB files don't mess with  the top of the file unless you
are  a programmer. KING, PRODUCE, and INTRO  files are also files you can mess
with.  They  are  pretty much self explanatory,  but  KING can change the news
papers you get every once and awile.

If  you  want to be able to see the  whole world, go into the enemy's city and
sell  things,  and  find  out everyhting  thing  about  everyone  just type in
shift-5-6 (all at once)

To make your settlers work quickly, just hit "r" (or "I" or "m"). Then go back
and  click  on him, wake him up and  tell  him to do that function again. Keep
doing this until it is built.

IN  the  early  versions of Civ., you can  hold  down the Left Sift key. Then,
press the keys, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Then, click on the small world map.
You  should  now be able to see all  cities and look inside them. You can even
sell off their improvements!

During  the game, hold SHIFT and press 12345678 Keep playing the game, and the
map will reveal everything in the world
While  it is your turn Press Shift 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0, and do not press

When  using settler units for  anything(except movement),e.g. mining, click on
the  unit  after the appropriate action and  a  window should appear. Click on
this  window,  this will release the unit  (it  will flash). Repeat this cycle
until the unit is no longer selectable. The task has now been completed in one
turn instead of many!

Hold  down  shift and press the function  keys  1 through 12. Then release the
shift key and move your mouse. You should be able to see the entire world map.

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