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Читы для Sid Meier's Civilization

Чит-файл для Sid Meier's Civilization

Sid Meier's Civilization

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:MPS Labs
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based / Grand strategy)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
It is important to found your cities on a solid base. With your first settler
irrigate and mine an area around a river or estuary before you found your first
city. This way the city's production is much greater throughout the game. Build
roads to increase trade but on on terrain such as mountains where there is no
It's a good idea to keep the Civilization Advances Chart to hand at all times
because it's essential you have a plan for the development you're going to
develop next. In the early years reduce tax to increase the science rate.
Develop Alphabet Masonry and Mathematics which enables you to produce catapults.
These have high attack factors and it's unlikely enemy civilisations have had
a chance to develop a defence against them. The earliest units you build should
be selected for offensive and defensive as well as mobility factors. Defend your
capital city first and use mobile units to open the frontiers of your
civilisation. Fortify militia units directly on your city because that way they
can only be destroyed one at a time. If you explore new lands with a trireme
remember to end a turn near a land mass or the boat sinks. Always carry a
settler and a military unit or a diplomat. If you have a sail you can carry all
three and end the turn in the middle of the sea.
When a unit becomes old as a result of new technologies being developed always
replace it with a more capable one. Don't pay out to maintain an old unit when
better ones are available. Move on to minor tribes to uncover minerals or money
or advanced tribes but only use a military unit in case you unleash a horde of
Change the type of government when you have made the necessary advances but be
sure to account for the number of happy and unhappy people. Trade and production
are much greater under a democracy but be careful to maintain happiness by
increasing the luxuries rate and by employing entertainers. Consider disbanding
military units that aren't in their home town.

To nuke or not to nuke:
What a dilemma: use nuclear weapons and you lose Civilisation points but enemies
with nuclear capability can use the threat 'Our words are backed by nuclear
weapons.' Even though an enemy is unlikely to use nukes it's a good idea to
build an SDI on your capital city and other important cities. Use of nuclear
weapons hastens the world's decline towards global warming and polar melting. If
you use them have plenty of settlers ready to clean up the mess. As in real life
nuclear warheads are best used as deterrents.

Research and destroy:
The ultimate aim in Civilisation is to win the space race. However you are bound
to encounter hostile civisations along the way. One way to win the race is to
destroy all the opposition but you need to formulate a proper military strategy.
The game enables you to play defensively or offensively but it's best to use a
combination of both.
Start by building up defensives and technologies and make peace treaties with
other civilisations. If you do this you can put more effort into new technology
and building more military units. When a neighbouring civilisation becomes a
threat or problem it's best to open hostilites sooner rather than later. But
before you do this you need to know the enemy's technology level. Use a diplomat
to establish an embassy in an enemy city and if the enemy is more advanced than
you consider postponing your agression until you are more evenly matched.
There are four ways to catch up:
(1) Concentrate on research. Build libraries and universities and devote a large
proportion of your revenue to scientific research.
(2) Exchange technologies with friendly civilisations but preferably one you're
not about to go to war with.
(3) Build the Great Library wonder and when two other civilisations achieve the
same advance it becomes yours as well.
(4) Steal technology with a diplomat.

When at war - rest or you exhaust your resources and morale. Sometimes enemies
offer peace - accept using the time to rebuild combat forces replenish your
treasury and increase morale. Put ships on sentry outside enemy harbours post
sentries along land borders and fortify units round enemy cities. Have diplomats
ready to sabotage and spy when war resumes.

The race into space:
To win the game you've either got to win the race to Alpha Centauri or wipe out
all the other civilisations. To win the space race you must complete the Apollo
Program wonder after which you can build parts for your spaceships - SS
structure SS module and SS component. Your goal is to build a spaceship that can
hold as many colonists as possible yet travel at a reasonable speed with a
reasonable probability of success. All characteristics of construction should be
kept as close to 100% as possible.

(1) The more propulsion units your starship has the faster it reaches Alpha
Centauri the more colonists you deliver the higher the ship's weight. Try to
install two propulsion units for every complete colonist package you intend to
(2) Guard your capital. If you lose it your space shot is lost.
(3) Watch the clock - you must reach Alpha Centauri before your reign expires
(4) If another civilisation launches before you make a mad dash for its capital
and hope you capture it before their space shot reaches its destination.
(5) Don't launch unless your arrival time is under 20 years. If it's more
increase the number of fuel and propulsion units.

When you make a settler unit create a road and an 'R' appears on the unit. Click
on the unit and the 'R' disappears then hit the [R] key to make the unit
start making a road again. Repeat this several times and the road is built in
the space of one turn when it would normally take several. This also works
for the settlers' other functions such as irrigation and mining. Roads come
in handy later when you want to build railroads on top of them. Railroads are
important because units that move along them do not use up any movement
points. This means that large areas can be defended by a few military units.

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