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Чит-файл для Siege


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Mindcraft Software
Издатель:Mindcraft Software
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / Top-down

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
        Tactical Tips To Help Siegers Wage The Good War
                 by Jr. Engineer Chris Lombardi
     Siege, by Mindcraft, is a detailed tactical simulation of
  siege warfare in a fantasy setting. Despite the AI's minor
  quirks, it can wage a challenging offensive and mount a
  stout defense. The following article provides general
  tactics gleaned from too many nights of playing, and
  specific, non-documented numbers provided by Mindcraft, to
  aid fellow Siege players in their campaigns in the land of
                               Bringing People Together

     It's an irritating fact about Siege that when two units
  engage they often do not attack one another in the most
  efficient manner, ie. the two lead creatures of the groups
  engage while the others sit idle. This can be to your
  advantage if you are outmatched and are stalling until
  reinforcements arrive. But if you have the advantage, this
  can be a waste of valuable time. To get more guys in the
  action you will have to 'massage' the groups. One way is to
  split the group between those engaged and those in the back.
  Then order the new group to attack the enemy's flank. You
  can also try moving the group back a few inches.
                                      Slings and Arrows

     Missile units are a major pain for both sides of a Siege.
  On the attack, the computer's first move is almost always to
  roll up its crack missile units and clear the walls. If you
  are outgunned, don't try to fight arrow with arrow. Often,
  the best defense is to draw your troops back out of their
  range and focus catapult fire on the enemy's firing zone.
     A better defensive tact is to have a crack hand-to-hand
  unit stationed discretely outside of the walls. When enemy
  missile units roll up, this group can sally forth and make
  quick work of the poorly armored bowmen.

                                    Heros To The Rescue

     The most important units on the screen are your crack
  troops. Heros, dreadknights, mazemasters, elementals --
   basically, any group that combines a fearsome attack with a
  daunting defense. Judicious and frequent use of these groups
  can win the day. They should be at the spearhead of a wall
  assault and at the hot-points of a castle defense, but WATCH
  THEM CAREFULLY. You usually only have a few of these troops
  and the loss of 2 or 3 can be a major setback. The key is to
  use the Release command liberally whenever any of these
  units have dropped below half strength, sending them back to
  the hospital for rejuvination. Also, see notes on healers.

     Engineers are the key to any siege -- for both sides.
  There's nothing like a few groups of catapulters with
  flaming oil for those pesky, hard-to-reach missile units.
  Don't discount ballistae either -- they shoot 1/3 faster
  than a catapult and are a bit more accurate. Of course,
  ballista bolts don't bounce and they don't explode, but they
  can quietly whittle down the enemy, very quickly.
     When defending a castle, keeping ladders off of your
  walls can be the difference between victory and orcs in your
  privy. Non-engineer units have a 5% chance every turn to
  knock down a ladder if they are standing next to it.
                                 Instant Ladder Removal

     Engineers, on the other hand, remove ladders immediately.
  It's a good idea to have a group of engineers handy, just
  for this purpose. During breaks in the action, this little
  demolition force can run around and clean up the walls, and
  thereby keep the enemy engineers busy.
     Engineers with catapults are a primary target for the
  computer AI. Once breaching a wall, the enemy will often
  make a bee-line for these groups. With this in mind, it may
  be a good idea to have at least 5 soldiers Escort every
  engineer group to protect these fragile units long enough
  for reinforcements to arrive should they be attacked.
                                  Ready, Aim, Attrition

     You may notice that the computer opponent will set up
  'staging grounds' in the country-side when on the attack --
  often piling up a hundred or more units. If you have
  expendible catapult units, these gathering grounds are prime
  targets for boulder attack. And if the enemy's camp is close
  enough, you can even attack his unit-release area next to
  his main tent. In this way, 3 catapult units can inflict
  severe casualties on these groups (especially with burning
  oil) and keep that kill ratio up. Idle catapults can also
  attack enemy bridges at major river/crevice crossings and
  thereby frustrate the enemy's engineers.
                                      The Healing Touch

     Did you know that Purple Wizards and Zorlim heal units
  they are joined with? I've found that rather than sending
  these healers into the fray where their weak defense leads
  to a quick death, it is best to have them hang out around
  the barracks where they can join up with beat-up troops
  returning from battle. This is especially useful with
  important troops like Heros and other crack troops. Rather
  than sending an injured Hero to the hospital for a 4-day
  vacation, have him join up with a healer. Within a few hours
  or less, the unit will be at full strength and ready to
  rejoin the melee.
                                              Hard Data

     The following chart provides the attributes of all
  creatures in Siege. Combined with the discussion of the
  combat mechanics that follows it, player can determine which
  troop to troop match-ups will yield the best results.
     We recommend that you print out this section and keep it
  handy for reference.
     You may notice that these numbers do not match the
  information provided in the game. These numbers combine the
  information made available in the game (Attack and Defense
  Factors) with information not avaiable to the player (Weapon
  and Armor values).
                               Creature Attribute Table

  Name              Temper   Damage  Armor   Attack%
                             Rating  Rating          Defense%
  Arachnid Warrior     4       65      30       55      10
  Behemoth Warrior     3       70      45       50       0
  Blue Wizard          1      195      30       70     -60
  Domug Archer         2       45       5       45     -40
  Domug Warrior        1       45      10       35       0
  Dreadknight          4      110     137       90      30
  Dwarf Axe Thrower    3       15      45       25      10
  Dwarf Elite Warrior  4       75      60       50      15

  Dwarf Engineer       4       40      40       10      10
  Dwarf Hero           4      110     102       90      30
  Dwarf Sergeant       3       50      45       35       5
  Dwarf Warrior        3       40      45       30      15
  Elemental of Air     4       95      85       75      45
  Elemental of Earth   2      125     125       75      10
  Elemental of Fire    4      125      85       75      45
  Elemental of Plant   2       95      85       75      10
  Elemental of Water   2       95      85       75      10
  Elf Archer           1       35      10       60     -35
  Elf Elite Archer     2       50      25       80     -25

  Elf Sergeant         2       40      20       65      -30
  Gnome Engineer       1        5      10       10       15
  Goblin Elite Warrior 2       35      10       50       20
  Goblin Engineer      1        5      10       20       10
  Goblin Sergeant      1       20      15       35       15
  Goblin Rock Thrower  1        5      10       10      -30
  Goblin Warrior       0       15      10       30       10
  Human Archer         2       20      15       30      -40
  Human Berserker      3      100      55       35      -20
  Human Engineer       1       10      20       20       10
  Human Hero           4      110     137       90       30

  Human Sergeant       3       35      40       35       15
  Human Spear Hurler   2       35      20       20       10
  Human Warrior        2       30      35       32       10
  Jerrah               1      195      30       70      -60
  Minotaur Engineer    4       80      15       30       15
  Minotaur Mazemaster  4      120      65      110       30
  Minotaur Sergeant    4      110      40       70       15
  Minotaur Warrior     4      105      25       60       15
  Orc Elite Warrior    2       45      50       45       15
  Orc Engineer         2       25      40       15        5
  Orc Sergeant         2       25      35       30       10

  Orc Spear Hurler     1       35      10       15       10
  Orc Warrior          1       20      25       30        5
  Purple Wizard        1      195      30       70       20
  Skeleton Warrior     4       65      40       50        5
  Tekhir Archer        2       55      15       40      -35
  Tekhir Elite Archer  3       80      30       60      -25
  Tekhir Sergeant      3       70      25       40      -30
  Troll Warrior        2       95      35       40       10
  Zorlim               1      180      20       50       20

                                     Notes on the Chart

  -- The DAMAGE and PROTECT factors are a combination of the
  creature's armor and weapon ratings, and the creature's
  inherent fighting ability.
  -- The TEMPER factor is a general rating of a creature's
  courage. The higher the rating, the more deaths a group of
  creatures will take before retreating.
  -- Spiders and Air Elementals can climb walls.
  -- In general, bow weapons have a minimum range of 5 and a
  maximum range of 15-25. Spears and Throwing Axes have a
  range of 1-8, Rocks 1-10.
  -- All creatures have 15 hit points.
                                    The Combat Formulae

     When two creatures fight, a hit is determined by a random
  number from 1-100. If the attacker's random number is less
  than the Attack% - the Defense% then the attacker hits. For
  example, if a Dwarf Warrior (30%) attacks an Orc Warrior
  (5%) then the Dwarf has a (30-5) = 25% chance to hit.
  Whereas the Orc's counter-attack against the Dwarf would
  have a (30-15) = 15% chance of landing true.
     Damage is assessed by subtracting the defender's Armor
  Rating from the attacker's Damage Rating. For example, if
  the Dwarf above hit the Orc, then the Orc would take
  (40-25) = 15% points of damage from its 15 hit point total.
                                   On 'Negative Damage'

     If we turn the situation around, we find that the Orc
  would do (20-45) = -25% damage. In this case, the 'negative
  damage' would turn into a token 1% damage against the
  dwarf's 15 hit points. Thus, any creature who hits another
  is ensured of at least this 1% damage. This may not seem
  like much, but note that any fractional hit points are
  truncated off, so that fifteen 1% hits will kill a creature.
     A completely rested player (full fatigue bar) will attack
  once per animation frame. At the lowest fatigue levels (no
  fatigue bar) this drops down to one attack every three
  frames. Keep those troops rested!
                              Items Of Mass Destruction

  Item              Damage  Min Range Max Range
  Battering Ram       200%      1          1
  Ballista            200%      2         30
  Catapult            200%      5         40
  Pool of Burning Oil  50%      0          0
  Wizard Attack       300%      2         20

     Note: Burning Oil does 50% damage per animation frame.
  Ballista shoot 1/3 faster than the catapult, are a bit more
  accurate, and can damage equipment.
                                              Good Luck

     In the hands of a wise commander, these numbers and tips
  could turn the tide in even the most unevenly matched
  scenario. May your troops fare well.

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