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Читы для Silent Steel

Чит-файл для Silent Steel

Silent Steel

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Tsunami Games
Издатель:Tsunami Games
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Adventure / Int.Movie

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
                               SILENT STEEL
                                            ....A cinematic strategy adventure

Silent Steel is an all-video, interactive strategy adventure in which you direct
the story.  Silent Steel casts
as captain of the nuclear ballistic missile submarine USS Idaho (SSBN 742), on
what is seemingly a routine
peace-time patrol.  As outside forces come into play, you find yourself in the
midst of a life-and-death
struggle to save not only your ship, but to unmask a traitor and reveal a
sinister plot that could start a
devastating global confrontation.

Silent Steel was produced "Hollywood style" in Charleston, South Carolina. 
Character roles are portrayed
by SAG actors, and location shooting and background scenes were shot on-board
ships at Patriot's Point,
the world's largest maritime museum.  Locations filmed on the aircraft carrier
USS Yorktown, submarine
USS Clamagore, destroyer USS Laffey and the Coast Guard cutter Ingham add a
realistic dimension to
action-packed thriller.  This live-action film is digitized into full-motion
video, allowing the player to
interact with real-life characters and scenes.  Digitized speech is featured for
all characters, including a
voice for the player.  An original musical score by Nation Rock Music enhances
the game's blockbuster
movie production values.

This full-length, interactive film was written and produced by Hollywood
screenwriter Chuck Pfarrer, whose
movie credits include "Navy SEALs," "Darkman" and "Hard Target", as well as
Tsunami's first interactive
techno-thriller, "Flash Traffic."

The multiple evolving story-lines and ever-changing game play features of Silent
Steel required Pfarrer to
create a screenplay that was more than three times the length of a normal
feature film script.
Silent Steel features over 200 minutes of full-screen, full-motion video.  The
four CD-ROM set delivers
high-quality, full-color VGA and CD quality sound and is available in two
Windows  versions, MPEG and
INDEO.  The MPEG version requires an additional hardware playback card, such as
Sigma Design's
REALmagic card or MPEG software drivers.

Completing a scenario may be accomplished several ways.  The USS Idaho may be
sunk by either one of
the two hostile submarines, or by the two working together.  She may also be
"done in" by the traitor on
board the USS Idaho.  By making the right choices, the traitor may be
captured...but there's still those
hostile submarines....

Of course, the Idaho doesn't operate alone.  The faithful ASW helicopter,
call-sign "Ice Cream 27," is
working to keep the hostiles off her back.  As a matter of fact, Ice Cream 27 is
working overtime, so he
may need to be rescued!  Then again, perhaps the best decision is to put the
welfare of your ship first... it's
a tough choice.  You might sink one hostile sub, but not the other.  You may
capture the traitor... then
again, you may never see him.  With the help of the following hints you may
complete a session by
choosing all positive choices and surviving.  With Silent Steel, the choices are
endless and they're all up to

Once you have made all your selections and successfully (or unsuccessfully)
completed your Director's Cut,
you may either start a new session or view your Director's Cut as a movie.  By
beginning a new session,
can make different selections and create an entirely new movie.  A session might
reach a previously seen
conclusion, but via a path which reveals different scenes and collects new
information along the way.  No
matter how many times Silent Steel is played, with different choices the
adventure is always new.

The following hints are divided into two sections.  There are general guidelines
and specific hints.
Use the general guidelines for a more challenging run.  Need more guidance?  Use
the specific hints to
complete your "Director's Cut", pay close attention, some are tricky!  Don't
forget to view your final cut as
a movie by selecting the "View Saved as a Movie" in the file menu.

                        FIRST  SCENARIO
                       SILENT STEEL - SPECIFIC HINTS

1.  Have the message from COMSUBLANT brought to you.
2.  Keep the XO up to date.
3.  Brief sonar ASAP.
4.  Put Foster on continual supervision of sonar.
5.  Talk with the Carrier Battle group for any new developments.
6.  Get your officer's input on where the enemy sub may be, and be open with
7.  Remember patrol is 1st priority at this point - but keep your sonar watches
8.  Keep Weps on alert.
9.  In sonar, pursue the strange sound.
10.  Make sure there really is a problem.
11.  Inquire about a hull search and send out a diver.

12.  Have the device checked out by the Chief Engineer.
13.  Focus on possible suspects.
14.  Question everyone.
15.  Interrogate your prime suspect and confine him.

16.  Be aggressive during the battle scenes.  Go to battle stations!
17.  Know where you are in relationship to the target.
18.  Prepare to fight back.
19.  Fire ASAP.
20.  Take measures to counteract the torpedo.
21.  Do all you can to find out who the enemy is, and make sure it's not a
22.  Destroy your torpedo; It may be a friendly.
23.  Contact the Admiral on the SATCOM.
24.  You've got questions at this point - try to get them answered.
25.  Another sub - check with sonar on where all the players are.
26.  Look at the charts and listen to Master Chief.
27.  Don't hide - prepare to fire.
28.  Don't be afraid to fire.
29.  Break contact, and fire again.
30.  Learn from past experience - There is no American sub.
31.  Be specific with your officers.  Follow through with your orders.


32.  Don't take severe measures unless you have strong facts.
33.  Try to talk him out of the gun.
34.  Another battle - be aggressive.
35.  Don't be afraid to shoot.
36.  Find out where you stand with enemies.
37.  They stuck their necks out for you.  It's your turn now.
38.  Fire at the enemy until he goes down.

                             SECOND  SCENARIO
                       SILENT STEEL - Specific Hints

1.  Retrieve the message from COMSUBLANT ASAP.
2.  Keep your XO up to date, share the message with him.
3.  Brief sonar ASAP.
4.  Have Foster supervise sonar.
5.  Keep in contact with the Carrier Battle group for any new developments.
6.  Get your officer's input about enemy sub's possible location - be candid
about the situation.
7.  Be open with your officers.
8.  Remember that the patrol is still the 1st priority at this point - but keep
your sonar watches doubled.
9.  First check the status of the weapons group, then make sure tubes are
10.  In sonar pursue the sources of the strange sound.
11.  Make sure there really is a problem.
12.  Consider a hull search.
13.  The Kilo is the priority, but keep a hull search in mind for the future.

14. Take actions to escape.
15. Silence equals survival for evading enemies.
16. Danger's still out there.  You're still a target.
17. Make sure you know who you are shooting at.
18. He who fights and runs away lets the Battle Group handle it.
19. Inquire about any friendly subs in the area.
20. Focus on the Kilo.
21. Check the charts.

22.  Be aggressive during the battle scenes.  Go to battle stations!
23.  Do what you can to distract the torpedo.
24.  Don't hide; make preparations to fire.
25.  Fire immediately.
26.  Run away!
27.  As you already know, be aggressive.
28.  Be specific with you officers.  Follow through with your orders.
29.  Attempt to find out WHY people are firing at you. Now is the time to do a
hull search.

30.  Have the device checked out right there.
31.  Pursue the suspect angle.
32.  Did anything odd happen before sailing?
33.  Follow through with any questioning and restrain the suspect.
34.  Don't take extreme measures unless you know facts.
35.  Try to talk him out of the gun.
36.  Don't hide out; face any enemies.
37.  Once again; be aggressive.
38.  Know where you stand with your enemies.
39.  Help out your allies.
40.  Fire!
41.  Keep firing!
42.  Save your session and then try all of the different answers to see ending

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