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Читы для Silpheed

Чит-файл для Silpheed


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Информация актуальна для
Silpheed FAQ for the PC
Copyright Ryan Woodwind mxer_ryan@hotmail.com
Version 1.0

A.	Sections

A.	Sections
B.	Versions of FAQ
C.	Game Information
D.	Review
E.	Game Controls
F.	Weapons
G.	Upgrades
H.	Levels
I.	End Bosses
J.	Secrets
K.	Corporate Info

B.	Versions of FAQ

Version 1.0: Beginning of FAQ. This is my first FAQ so please notify me
about any comments that you may have. Today I'm just putting in game
information, my own personal review, the controls, a little of the
weapons, levels 1-4 and end bosses 1-4.

C.	Game Information

Developer: Game Arts of Japan
Producer: Sierra
Players: 1
Genre: Action/Shooter
Platform: PC
Release Date: 1988

D.	Review

OK this is my own personal review and doesn't reflect any else's
opinion of the game in any way. If you disagree with the review
please don't e-mail me as everybody has his or her own personal
opinion. OK when I first picked up this game off the Internet as a
download I thought, it's an oldie but let's give it a chance. I was
very surprised.

Graphics: This part of the review I'll pretend I'm in 1988 when the
game first came out rather than today, just so the game doesn't get
an abysmal rating in graphics. Whoa, this game looks unbelievable.
Where other companies are still dotting away with their 2D engines
this game is actually in pseudo 3D. That means that while you won't
be able to move anywhere than up or down, you can actually see more
than one side of your ship and the enemies. Great detail I feel in
the enemies. More than just two colors really helps, and the variety
I will definitely score points for. Oh, and that transparent head at
the start of the game, very classy. The scrolling backgrounds and
the art of the ship are really well done as well.

Sound: I was amazed by the background sound, but disappointed that
the computer would only play the FX on the in PC speaker. Do you
have any idea how annoying it is to have fairly cool background
music ruined by a terrible in game speaker? ARGGH, sure they
probably never thought of this in 1988, but ARGGH. I've tried all
settings and it seems that ADLIB at the very top is the only one
that will play synthesized music.

Gameplay: Very amazing. The ship controls unbelievably accurate as
well as its hit ratio. The only thing I'm disappointed with is the
bullets. When they come out of the ship you aren't sure if they're
going to hit the enemy at all. They are just random sprites that
seem to have been placed on a screen. Then again it is 1988, but
still I want bullets that when I shoot they look like they hit a
ship and just don't disappear.

E.	Controls

Up Arrow: Move Up
Left Arrow: Move Left
Down Arrow: Move Down
Right Arrow: Move Right
Space: Shoot
Esc: Pause

F.	Weapons

Now to get an upgrade of a weapon I'm pretty sure you have to have a
multiple of 50 000 points which increases by 50 000 every level.

Level 1 – 50 000
Level 2 – 100 000
Level 3 – 150 000

And so on..

Regular: Just your regular straight shooting gun
Phalanx: Shoots in every direction on a certain 90 degree radius. For
example from left to up
V: Shoots two bullets in a v shape direction

G.	Upgrades

To get upgrades you must shoot the asteroids

A – Asteroid Sheild
-	Surrounds you with 3 asteroids that protect you and kills

D – Destroy
-	Kills everything on screen

F – Automatic Fire
-	As name states

R – All Repair
-	Fixes entire ship shields

S – Speed Up
-	Increases speed

W – Weapon Upgrade
-	I think it makes your shots more powerful

H.	Levels

Level 1
----- -

	You start off the game by encountering very easy enemies and
collecting a few upgrades. These are weapon upgrade, automatic fire,

I.	End Bosses

Level 1
----- -

	This little circle ship is surrounded by rock shards and shoots
slow moving bullets. Just shoot away and eventually he will die or run
away. He will come to the bottom of the screen once in a while so watch
out to move to the left or right to avoid the rock shards. Rock shards
will hurt you if they touch you but can be shot and don't deflect
bullets or anything.

Level 2
----- -

	This mid boss looks exactly like the end boss except really easy.
Keep on shooting him and avoiding the bullets as you do. He will swoop
down once so be prepared to move up into the middle of the screen and
across in either direction. If he swoops down from the right he will
move to the left. If he swoops down from the left he will move to the

	This ship sends down those annoying small slow moving bullets and
a lot of them. Avoid these as well as the fast moving sharp bullets
that he shoots out of his ship fins and you will finish him off no

Level 3
----- -

	This end boss looks like the first one except with different
colors. Use the same strategy as before. The only difference is that
you will have to avoid a lot more bullets this time. Be agile and quick
and you will finish him off easily

Level 4
----- -

	This guy looks like the first one but this time spurts out little
homing circles. They will pause for a second and then come at you. You
need the phalanx beam at this time to kill the little homing circles
and hit the end guy. If you just have your regular weapon you won't
fare so well.

J.	Secrets

None yet

K.	Corporate Info

Please do not copyright this FAQ. I Ryan Woodward hereby copyright
it, or something like that.

Silpheed has been created by Game Arts and produced by Sierra.
Please give your respects to them

Watch for Silpheed for the Playstation 2. It should be amazing.

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